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Anybody else here who used to frequent hikkichan?
It's closed now and I feel like I lost my home.
This is the only other place where I can maybe belong..
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I don't think I can endure it any longer. Life is just too much of a drag for me.

I stopped going to a therapist almost a year ago because he moved into another office, so the reservations were cleared. There are no other therapists in my town and going somewhere else is just too expensive. I've been trying to call him for several months, but he hasn't responded to me once. Maybe he doesn't want to interact with me anymore since I'm so broken.

My social skills are progressively getting worse. It's so severe that I'm even anxious when I talk to a friend on Discord. Most of the time even the simplest messages contain grammar errors, are unfinished, and sometimes even completely unrelated to previous ones.
As for the real life conversations, they share most of the same problems but it's accompanied by stuttering and similar speech impediments.

I have a crush on a Twitter mutual (yeah, I'm that sad) and I fucking regret it. She's an artist and I really look up to her, so I started to practice my drawing skills for a while so I can get noticed by her, but no one ever even noticed them (the way I draw is shit anyway, so I believe didn't have any chances lol). I replied to like 2 of her tweets with my shitty jokes that she for some reason really liked, or maybe she just pretended so I can feel noticed/respected/whatever. I wanna talk to her but I don't know how. Even a simple thought like DMing her saying "hi" makes my heart beat like a nuclear bomb.

I was never diagnosed with it, nor do I want to self diagnose myself, but there's a high chance that I'm on the Autism spectrum. I have a plenty of similar symptoms to Asperger's and PDD-NOS. The thought of that makes me extremely depressed all the time and I don't wanna exist anymore.

I haven't been suicidal for about 9 months, but the wish to end myself has returned about 2-3 days ago. I'm only 18 and I don't see any glimmers of hope in the distance anymore. Every single day since I graduated highschool exactly 5 months ago I've been doing nothing but laying in bed and playing some shit idle game without any sort of changes in daily routine. I don't even know what I should do anymore.

(sorry for the terrible composition and grammar, i havent written anything serious in a long time)
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hey guise
what's the longest period you've been without a bath?
I haven't showered in 5 days, my record is 2 weeks
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Ever consider taking a vow of silence?

Like I get so tired of people calling me stupid or retarded… or just giving me *that* look. It would be so much easier to just shut up forever.
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I do nothing, my routine doesn't change. Waste all of my days sleeping. I'm too paralyzed to try new things due to a combo of apathy and general disinterest. I try to force myself but it never seems to stick. This lifestyle is miserable, I'm long passed the comfortable NEET life phase but I don't have the strength to change. I hope I won:t always be a loser and someday gather the willpower to make myself happy.
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sam hyde here, internet's busiest music nerd

In the past I have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and more specifically social anxiety disorder.
It was so bad I couldn't even look people in the eye and I would start shaking whenever I feel like I am looked at, I would run out of classrooms at university because of anxiety attacks.
I can't remember what I was on back at the time.

I have now started a new course ( which basically guranatees a job ) and it's back. It's more under control because I am more mature and have learned to breathe, try to calm myself and distract myself but it still doesn't let me function as a human being. ( + )

I am too poor to afford therapy but my cousin works as a nurse. I have access to: paroxetine, citalopram, sertraline, venlafaxine, regabalin, tradozone and alprazolam.

( + ) I'm currently anticipating social situations and taking 0.50 of xanax ahead with like half or 3 quarters of an hour but this will not last me long because I'm developing resilience to the drug ( I used to take 0.25 ).

I exercise using the bodyweight fitness app whenever I can. I do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks. I used to drink tea but at some point I realised black tea unsettles me and I kind of stopped.

My concerns are anhedonia and gaining weight because this happened last time.
I plan on informing myself for a few weeks first and I am seeking help.
If you can and want please share this post to communities which you think might me knowledgeable.

< this was crossposted from /ratanon/ and was also posted on lainchan I am op >
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being alone for so long has stunted my ability to talk so much that i can barely construct full sentences in my head, let alone hold a conversation with anyone
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Military Enlistment

What would happen if any of us honestly joined any branch of the military? Assuming we would simply pass any sanity tests (just pretend you cheat past it) and basic physical tests, what would happen?

I'm curious.
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How did YOU ruin your life?

Greetings, Uboachan! Long-time lurker here. Anyway, as today is my birthday, and I don't have anybody to spend it with anymore (see below), I decided to pour my heart out to you all, and listen to your stories and opinions.

So, this is for the ones who weren't always NEET/hikikomori. This is for the ones who had the chance to make it big, and for a while did really well, but then, everything went downhill. How did you manage screw up your life?

As for me: first of all, I dedicated wasted 5 years of my life on studying something that I grown to loathe as time has passed (pic related). This is my last year, the finals are near, I would only have to give it one last push and I would be clear, but I just honestly cannot be bothered. Actually more than that, I'm disgusted every single morning I park my car in front of that school, and just thinking of what I have to face on each day makes my stomach turn. And I keep on asking myself: what am I doing here? And why do I keep doing it?

However, the most painful thing: the girl I was dating for a long time cut me off a few days ago. In the beginning, everything was perfect. We made our intentions clear to each other. I liked her. She liked me. She never had a real boyfriend before, she had no dating experience, yet she felt happy and comfortable with me. We had a wonderful summer together, and we had plans. To make it even more painful, on our last date, she was the one who promised (and insisted) that we will definitely do something on my birthday, as normally I don't celebrate it. She was really determined to make me happy.

Then, since there could be no life for me without drama, out of a sudden she had to cut contact with me. According to her final message, "she doesn't want to ruin my life and my career". Without me even saying or doing anything. And when I say cut contact, I mean completely severing all means of communication with me.

Sure, you'd say: go find another one! But the thing is, I don't "just want a girl". I never had problems with socializing, being around girls, starting relationships and stuff. If I just needed a girl in my life, I could find one. But after many relationships (both long and short), I don't want just another one. I wanted her, and only her.

And here I am. Without anything or anybody to live for. Without any motivation. And due to my age, no chance to start studying something new. There's no way out of this. There's no future for me. There's no hope for me ever finding happiness. I believe I simply don't deserve happiness. What comes natural to (almost) anyone else, I had to fiercely fight for it, only to end up being defeated.

Strictly speaking, I'm aware that at the moment I don't qualify as either a NEET or a hikikomori, but trust me, I'm heading that way. And I always sympathized with you anyway. (Even the girl I'm grieving about is a hardcore otaku and borderline hikikomori.)

Thank you for reading, guys! Now over to you.
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man i just don't like people.

i am not attracted to anyone.

at all.

no one.

not because of their bodies.

but because of people's personalities.

people are incredibly manipulative all the time

man that's just it.

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Post ITT every time you get out of your comfort zone

This thread is for posting when you did something that was uncomfortable for you, but still important to do. It's also for encouraging other people who are getting out of their comfort zone too.

If you're NEET/hikki, I think part of the issue is having a small comfort zone and sticking to what's in that. So let's try to change that.

Tonight, I went to the city today to network with some people. We made plans in advance online and met up in person. Met some new people and talked about work, LinkedIn, mentoring, and stuff like that. Definitely out of my comfort zone. Even though I was super nervous, I still went, and I tried to talk with the other people. I wasn't good at it, but you gotta start somewhere. I will be seeing them again next week.

What about you? What have you done lately, or what are you planning on doing that is outside your comfort zone?
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How does one prevent themselves from becoming hikikomori? Did anyone narrowly avoid it or have any advice for those that they would have liked to give their past selves?

just going to give the tl;dr because nobody would read what I typed
>wasted my time on a degree I don't want a job in
>learned nothing
>no confidence
>no skills
>co-workers hate me
>ugly and self-conscious about it
>living at home is really appealing right now
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Job Interviews

I'm a college student and I'm looking for work. I've lived a lot of my life as a shut-in, so I feel developmentally stunted in some ways. I guess people are impressed enough with my technical skills and software portfolio because I manage to get a decent number of interviews, but I haven't gotten hired for something related to the field I want to be in. I've gotten hired for shitty dead-end jobs in the past, but they have lower standards.

Basically, I think my social anxiety and awkwardness are holding me back. Even though my STEM education is good, people are put off by how awkward I am, so then they choose other applicants who are more confident, charismatic, and generally socially adept. Sometimes I worry that nobody will ever hire me for a good job and I'll be doomed to work minimum wage jobs for the rest of my life.

Any tips for getting better at socialization and job interviews?
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Surgical Help Thread?

Assuming there's not a general for this, I'd like some advice. A bit off topic maybe?

Basically I've had a rough 4 hours when I went into the ER yesterday for back pains, and learned I had a 1.3 millimeter kidney stone they'll have to break up "somehow", either through some weird outpatient procedure with sound waves, or by just going in and spending 2 hours breaking it out manually. The former is what we're trying first though and SHOULD get it.

What I'm worried about is them having to do the latter, as well as them having to place a stint in regardless. I'm terrified of being put under. Done it quite a few times in the past and it's just not gotten easier, so everytime they do it I start getting antsy. Additionally I am pretty protective over manhood. That sounds retarded, but it's a source of fear for me. With luck, they'll just have to put me under and fiddle with me twice to get the stint in and out, and it's all pretty easy and routine, so then why am I freaking out so much? Does anyone have any experience with these issues, or could give me some advice about how to calm down?

Please help me not be so pussy so these next few weeks can blow over smoothly.
R: 2 / I: 1
Hello everyone I have returned to UBOA chan with an important message. The soul of my bearer has become to the king emporer is now the ruler of the world. Pleas to accidentally drop out off all milk cartons and then refrain from crying. We will prepare the world for this takeover. one of my favorite way's to be is to stop dogs from becomeing too weak. a FOX is the spirite animal of the bearer and is the source of Strength that requires the land to submerse. We will not submit to

R: 96 / I: 46 (sticky)

Chats & Communities Thread v2

(The old thread was unstickied because it got bogged down with dead links and is difficult to navigate.)

New Rule: One post per service please! Duplicate ads may be deleted. This especially includes discord links. To make a permanent discord link, click on instant invite, go to advanced settings, and change the expire time to never.

Do you have a neat web community or chat group you'd like to invite people to? Maybe want to drop your messaging handle and strike up some conversations? Do it here.

Chat/community/personal ads are no longer allowed on the rest of the board.

Important Note: This doesn't mean that you can't talk about communities or chat groups. You could, for example, have a thread where you ask people about web communities they visit. You just can't open your thread with an advertisement.


Old thread (bumplocked): >>3
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Someone is making videos about this board

So awhile back I found Infinite Outlaw's video being linked in an interesting links thread on 8chan /hikki/. Since then I've noticed he makes a lot of videos related to the topic and recently has been linking to threads of this board and sometimes using our posts in videos. His most recent video is just a compilation of posts in a thread on here over some music.
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Still feeling like a "NEET"

Hi all

I'm former "NEET", was "NEET" for 2 years in mother's house. I am going to university now. Recently, I'm computer programmer intern several times. None of my programmer jobs pay enough to survive, however, and I have difficult time succeeding socially.

I still feel like I am "NEET" and "NEET" people are the only ones I relate to, what to do?
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Do you guys ever feel too drained and sleepy, even if you just woke up?

hey, /hikki/.
I've been a NEET for 4 years now. I can barely stay awake anymore. I sleep for 8-9 hours and drink a fuckton of coffee and sodas and yet I still feel sleepy and sluggish. I even tried "home exercises" but that only succeeded in making my legs feel like chewed-up gum.
Do you guys have this issue, too? It only started last year.
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Observations About Friendship

From my past experiences and casual observation, I came to a conclusion about why people have friends. There's two reasons: entertainment, and validation. I've seen a lot of this myself from my own friendships. I haven't had many, so I can list them all pretty easily.

Michael 1: I met him on the bus on my first day of kindergarten. He sat next to me and that was all it took to form some kind of bond between us. By some luck, we happened to have the same class for all of the pre-grade years. One time, I saw him talking to a girl for a long time during recess and started running around teasing him about it. At the end of the day I apologized and he started going on about wanting to marry her one day. Okay. As soon as first grade started, we were placed in different classrooms. I was worried about it and rightfully so. We immediately started talking way less. As soon as I moved that was the end of our relationship. There was little to no goodbye and I had no way of keeping in touch. Who knows if he remembers me.

Annie: Annie was another school friend I had before I moved. She's the only girl I have ever been real friends with. She had kind of childish tastes even for that age and made me play ring around the rosy with her. After a bunch of boys who I already didn't like started teasing me about it, I started giving her the cold shoulder and eventually she got pissed off at me. That was how our relationship was left off. There was no real conclusion. I still regret it, but here's the thing. It wouldn't have made any difference if I had left on good note with her. It's not like there's any way we could have stayed in touch. Phone numbers were beyond me at the time. Even then it would fizzle. It's just one of those totally inconsequential things.

Michael 2: Michael 2 is where things start getting more interesting. Michael lived across the street and he was an odd character. He was a blond, classic Americana kind of boy, except he has this weird sadistic/violent streak in him. We would always play soccer together against each other's sisters and we would always win. He would then treat me to Gatorade after every game and the whole deal. He was obsessed with this wrestling game and naturally I wanted to play it with him just because of that. The more sociopathic side of him came out sometimes though. One time while he was riding his bike across the street and passing me, he flipped me off because he was mad about something. Another time he played mind games with me when I wanted to spend time with him. I just wanted to do what Michael was doing. Every I changed my mind to do what he was doing, he would change his mind.
Another time we were playing street hockey while I waited for my dad to get home from a business trip. When he did come, I wanted to go see him but Michael insisted that I keep playing. He started asking me if I cared about him and that kind of stuff and guilted me into playing for another three hours. Him and his sister broke my Hammock and he showed no remorse over it. He told me once that he believed in God, but that doesn't mean he likes him. The worst time though was when he dragged me outside of his house when it pouring outside and started kicking me around while rambling about how his soccer couch makes them practice in the rain and how I should man up. When we got back inside his mom got mad at him and when she was done lecturing, he forced me to play wrestling games with him some more and ordered that I only use special moves. Later on he had a lot of girlfriends one after another who were taller than him, which he was really insecure about. On the last day before I moved, he wanted to say something to me, but my parents pulled me aside to tell me something I already knew. By the time I went back outside, he was gone. Years later, my dad and I were driving around the old neighborhood, when we passed back around to Michael's house before leaving, he was standing there. I made sure to avoid eye contact. My dad told me later that he was wearing a baseball outfit and looked a bit surprised. Short, but totally ripped. Never saw him again.
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What do you do about anxiety?

My mental state has been declining again. I was feeling alright for awhile but now there is just so much I need to worry about every day is filled with anxiety and I don't know how I can keep going like this. Recently I cant even bring myself to enjoy the things i'm passionate about, I just spend my free time under a blanket listening to music and browsing the internet doing nothing productive. As soon as I get home I am so exhausted that I fall asleep so I cant sleep at night. I don't want to live like this, I don't feel like doing anything.
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Back to School Advice

I'm going back to school in a few weeks after having been shut in my room for probably 5 years. I dropped out of high school a while back, and even before then my parents took me out of elementary school in favor of homeschooling, since then I've had trouble and barely kept up. I've taken online classes for most of it, but I'm being encouraged to go out and actually attend classes, most because I do want more opportunities out of the house, and my computer is busted.

I'll be taking a high school equivalency thing first before actual college, but the thing is, I have no idea what to expect. I haven't interacted with anyone my own age in real life since I started being homeschooled, so I have no social skills. Additionally, I lack confidence in my own skills and have always struggled. I slacked off a lot and now I'm so behind. I've been trying to study but I don't have experience with a lot of this. Nobody is really helping me, and I can't help but think that, since this is just high school, college will be harder and leave me more drained and depressed than ever before.

No one has even told me what to expect. It's like they just keep dancing around the issue whenever I ask how bad it will be, which isn't helping my anxiety. And I keep stressing out over how much this'll cut into my time and what to do with my life, and hours and weeks and homework and getting high grades. I don't want to just waste any of my time here, but I guess I have to do this if I want to be a functioning member of society and get money. But I just wish someone would help me.

Is it really as bad as I'm thinking? If So, how do I hold out these next few years wasting my life on things I won't ever need to really know without breaking down and killing myself?
R: 41 / I: 15


post itt if you are sickly as well as NEET

i got CFS/ME/SEID/whatever docs wanna call it, but basically im too tired to leave the house or even bed most of the time, and its not depression or anything mental

also get mad headaches, nausea, and dizziness from just standing up

also relevant is itt NO BULLYING ALLOWED!!
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What have you made?

Post things you've made or things you are proud of. Creating things can feel nice when you have been alone and devoid of accomplishment.
R: 6 / I: 2
Does anyone care to start a trivial relationship with a stranger online?
I want to improve my social skills to make increase my odds of survival out there.
I apologize for this post if it is not allowed, or it is looked negatively, to ask for contact information.
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I hate humans and I don't know how to cope with it

I just really don't like people. There are some individuals I like, but I really loathe humanity. I hate how judgmental and shitty they are to anyone who doesn't meet their narrow standards. I hate how tribal they are, deriding anyone who happens to be outside of their shitty little groups/societies/cults. I hate how dishonest people are, nobody keeps promises even though breaking a promise is one of the worst things you can do. I hate how violent and stupid people are, choosing to beat each other to death over dumb shit instead of working together to make the future better. I hate how hypocritical they are, mocking others for their actions and then turning around and doing the same exact thing. I hate how the internet which used to be a safe haven from the real world has now become the very thing I was running from. And most of all, I hate when people use power as an excuse to ruin others' lives to satisfy their fragile and pathetic egos/feelings.

It's driving me nuts and I don't know what to do. It's years away before I can just put my brain into a computer or just hide away in a bunker with some companionship AIs and just fuck off. I still have the biological desire to socialize which is frustrating. I hate people, but at the same time I need them too. Being around these people exhaust me, and I really wish I could just be alone most of the time outside of the few hours I do work or go to school, which is something I'm only doing because it's impossible for me to be a NEET anymore without dying.

Does anyone else suffer from misanthropy? Have any coping skills or tricks to become at peace with being a loner/outsider?
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Terrible headaches

Hello fellows NEETs I have a very singular problem. My reason for not going outside as much and working is not anxiety or fear of the outside world, though I am indeed very shy and awkward and seldom socialize.
I've been interned into mental hospitals and the like because this kind of living is making me do things that are considered too strange and worrisome, I'ts driving me crazy.
Anyway, I have a strange problem, when I go outside for too long I get very painful headaches and I have to go home early, not normal headaches but something on another whole level. I've been to psychiatrists and psychologist and regular doctor and they find nothing wrong with me, they say it's a psychological reaction.
This problem has prevented me from having a job or just going grocery shopping with the family and I don't know what to do. I'm taking medication for it but it's not working at all.
Do you have any ideas of what I can do or do other NEETs here are NEET because of other particular reasons?
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Japan Stuff

What's the thing with the japanese stuff? A lot people here share their interest here. I mean I know some stuff and like some manga / anime artwork, but I wouldn't call me particular interested in japanese culture, language or media. Anyone who isn't really passionate about this?
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Ayy,ive just started going outside more recently i think i can adapt more to society i try to walk out side 1nce a day
R: 29 / I: 10


Sup everyone. I'm a longtime on and off lurker and recovering hikki/NEET that's nearing thirty. Looking for advice or insights on my current situation, or just shared experiences…

I've started working recently and I don't know what to do to improve my current situation. It's a menial job at a restaurant and busy days can be pretty tough, I don't want to keep doing this forever, but I don't have much in the way of qualifications. Nor am I a very able person, I've been a NEET for more than 50% of my life and lacking in a lot of common life skills, partially due to Aspergers Syndrome and possible mild narcolepsy.

I was thinking of going to university but my track record regarding my educational career had been so poor I'm afraid to do so, also I feel I might be too old, and the thing I want to study hardly guarantees a successful career. At least I'm lucky to live in a country where education doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I can afford it without going into debt.

All I do these days is work, eat, sleep, play vidya and study a little Japanese. My shitty work schedule means I can hardly go out to meet my friends. I'm sorry for being incoherent, if you read my gibberish thank you. tldr; my life sucks mildly: what do?? Especially to people that managed to crawl out of their hell holes to improve their lives. How did you do it?
R: 151 / I: 49
How old are you?

ADMIN NOTE: This discussion is OK again since the change to Rule #1.
R: 8 / I: 4

Horrific Bullying

Hey, /hikki/! Needed advice, and you guys are pretty fucking helpful no matter what, so …

You see, I used to have friends and that kinda stuff but i got hit with depression and anxiety so we fell out of touch.

One "friend" in particular is acting like a huge bitch over the fact I can't hang out cause I'm too busy healing and taking care of myself instead of talking about boys and relationships. She keeps talking about me behind my back and acting like I'm just a nuisance in group projects when she barely does any work herself and I have to carry the team.

Yeah, I basically was her personal slave. Now I am too pissed and nervous about everything, I'm free!

Problem is, what do I do with her?
When we get paired, she acts all huffy and shit.

Please help, Ubuu!
R: 27 / I: 10

Pen Pals

I've been considering whether or not getting a pen pal would be worth it or not. I looked at site for that sort of thing and it allowed you to find people from a a specific country. Okay.
I figured they would have the most interesting socially inept people. Rather than some kid, a really old guy, or some creep, I could imagine a Japanese person having a similarly neurotic kind of mind set as me. Maybe that's naive, but the results I got didn't betray me expectations. Almost all women for some reason. One of them really stood out to me, it's kind of depressing actually.

>I have been waiting for my ideal person for so many years

>first i don't want any humans who have friends really
>maybe just talk is actually fine but mostly meaningless plus boring i think
>so it is meaningless to have a communicate with those kind of humans
>i wonder always why they all like to keep having those kind of meaningless humans for their friends
like online friends to something like that
>sometimes there is really a good person is true even on the internet
>but you really can continue to have a communicate with that person until the death
>or you really care about? or
>at least i don't keep anybody and i am keep waiting for my ideal person for myself
>i am very selfish and egoist
>it is for my happiness
>i want to be happy
>other humans told me that you actually not want to be happy or like that things to me
>i want to be happy of course
>but if i say more correctly, i want to feel happy a lot
>for it, i need my ideal person
>my right person, my future person
>i don't know who is that person
>i have many lists for my ideal person, i have a >good place that let you know about myself and about my ideal person
>i usually stay on another website, and waiting for that person always
>my one of dream is pack off from the internet world and just make me and that person's world and feel happy a lot together
>but it seems so hard
>i know
>all are good, and better than me i always feel so
me is the bad that i cannot make others happy really
>even if i tell how i feel always told by others, why you think like that? you should change yourself
>i am serious to interesting person always
>not so serious to not so interesting humans rather not talk so i really not have anybody to talk to mostly and it makes me really lonely
>it is very sad that i have no one who i want to talk to
>you can have anybody, many, a lot of humans to talk to
>so easily, this world, on the internet i think
but i mean, i have no one who i want to talk to
>who i want to talk together with all are same to me even others thinks all are different
>and i think all are different but to me they seem really same
>each persons has their own opinons and thoughts
i have my own strong too, but i am not someone who could tell it to others so strong in the real world
>even not have anybody to tell maybe only to my parents only
>so forgot to write that me is almost hikikomori, i don't do anything, work, study, just a dead one who keep stay in the room and feel lonely everyday
>but still have a hope that i can be happy with that person or like that
R: 31 / I: 8

i just dont know anymore

>Been a hikikomori for 11 years
>Been trying to recover for about 2 years now
>I feel like i want to die

I fucking hate my life can anyone relate??.
R: 20 / I: 6
I'm not too sure this goes on this board but it feels like it'd fit here more than Off-topic.

Anyway, does anyone here have an imaginary friend? Any kind, I think even tulpa sort of count. If so I'd love to hear stories even if it's childhood imaginary friends. More so I'm interested in how many NEETs and Hikkikomori have them and how it affects your day to day life.
R: 43 / I: 6
Any long-term / no experience NEETs want to share their stories? Or just your existence.


>never had a job
>barely got through school
>haven't left the house in 5 months, haven't left the house for an actual reason in over 2 years
>haven't had a social life in 5 years
>No traumatic past
>no medical issues / disabilities
>not rich / privileged enough to justify or explain it
>not poor / struggling enough to be without internet, food, warmth, privacy

I'm in a really weird and shitty place at the moment. I'm constantly guilty, suicidal, apathetic, angry, scared, lonely, antisocial, bored, tired, and in a state of malaise.

I'm physically and mentally able. I can work, I can think, I can deal with people. Yet I'm a parasite.

No matter how much I try and work things out, no matter how obvious it may seem that I have all the tools I need, the only conclusion ends up being suicide. I'm not even a suicidal person, it would be a very difficult thing for me to do, I'm not sure if I even could, and for this reason doctors don't consider me to be suicidal. But it nonetheless feels like the path of least resistance compared to the inexplicably impossible and unmotivating prospect of shaping myself up and getting a job.

What paradoxically seems to make everything worse is that there's no apparent reason for how much of a worthless parasite I turned out to be, it's very dangerous to end up truly feeling like it's my destiny.

So here I am, stuck in this loop, wasting away.
R: 63 / I: 20

My girlfriend is a NEET.

My girlfriend is a NEET.

She has had a few jobs in the past, but she has always had to leave due to mental health problems. She has been struggling with mental health problems ever since her teenage years. Specifically, she has BPD and depression. I can relate with many of her feelings and experiences, because I also struggle with depression. One thing I should mention is that we have only talked online; I will be meeting her in person for the first time very soon. I seek other opinions and perspectives.

If you are in a situation similar to her, how would you want someone to support you?

If you have been in a similar situation, how did it go?
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Fears & Phobias

Post your fears or phobias. They can be a major fear or something minor. The reaction on contact doesn't necessarily have to be one of fear, if it's composed of some form of anxiety or accompanying similar symptoms then it's all game.
As for me, inhaling or otherwise breathing in confined spaces with the absence of noise makes me all dizzy at the sensation of air rippling through my nostrils.
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My mental heath is decreasing

I lurked and posted here on Uboachan once, but on the occult board. Well, I had shared my story on how the house I used to live in had an alleged haunting, but one anon suggested I'd been hallucinating the incidents since I mentioned even if I moved, it wouldn't stop.
It still hasn't, actually.
It actually has only gotten worse.
Being alone in a house, working the whole day and staying inside the house at night alone means it's usually quiet here. Last week, I've noticed whispers and knocking at my windows although I'm on the second floor in my apartment, and lately horrifying images start popping up in my peripheral vision. They're freaking the fuck outta me. It once yelled at me when I tried looking out the window.
A therapist session would mean grocery, rent and bills would kick my ass.
Family out of state, trip would last an entire day so that's outta the question. I also have to mention that they think mental illness is fake.
Fucking great, ain't it?
I had to post here, cause shit at least you people give sound advice.
Please give some advice, this is eating me alive and I feel like my sanity's fucking slipping.
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How would you recommend I start promoting myself so I can make money off selling custom art for people?
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Why is life so hellish when you're not socially adjusted enough for the standards of others?
I'm constantly mistreated and looked down upon for even making the slightest signs of nervousness. It sucks.
Makes me want to halt all potential progress of becoming more in tone with society and revert back to my NEET lifestyle.
Because it's shelter from the hideous personalities the general population tends to have towards someone who comes off as distinct in whichever terms. I'm getting tremendously sick of it..only been a few months since I've stopped being a shut-in. But surrounding myself with this type of hostile environment every single day encourages me that this attempt to adjust is ultimately not worth it. I don't know what to do anymore.
The world is truly a cruel place. I'm not cut out for it.
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The Assessment of Everything

I need to request the help of some fellow NEETs in the investigation of this strange program; the reason being is that it's filled to the brim with self-reflection lingo that I find to be profoundly disturbing. There may be something here that is useful to our shared condition, or it may be complete nonsense; I'll try it once more after sleeping.

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what do you do when you are depressed?

OP cries under the bed
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Curious: Would you describe yourself as more of a NEET, Hikikomori, or a very reclusive Freeter?
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NEET desires

Do you have any unusual aspirations that you did not have outside of NEETdom?

I have been getting some very strange longings to become a street artist. I've even been creating stencils and posters that I will never put up. I guess the optimistic viewpoint is that I've been released from wage slavery and now want to do something real and exciting with my life, but its never going to happen anyway because I'm too scared of the police so I mostly just sleep and kill myself.

I also want to wear a cloak and sword and go on a Hobbit style adventure, but…
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so a little background info

abandoned at 12, picked up by CPS - ran away from group home at 16, never finished high-school, have a criminal record so can't get a job with SSN - tried immigrant labor, the pay was awful and the language barrier even stronger

decent computer literacy, and can sound ok on the phone. can't sell drugs anymore, almost murdered last time

any ideas on what to do for online employment?

pic unrelated
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Story sharing thread

Since the last thread fucking sucked, here’s another attempt at a thread where we can ramble about our day-to-day existance. I’ll start.


>Hikki for 3 years
>Constantly exhausted even though I sleep on averege 12 hours a day, day and night have completely blended together
>Have always been a loner and incapable of understanding basic human communication
>Spiraled down into depression after my dad passed away
>Dropped out of school and started taking online courses instead
>Went from living an already lonely life to being completely isolated, not leaving my house for anything
>The only people in my life was immediate family who were busy grieving
>I literally cannot remember anything I’ve done the past three years apart from staring at screens and walls
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Who else gets social anxiety from buffet tables? Every time my family drags me to a shitty hotel, or a shitty cruise, or a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, or any kind of group event, I always dread the buffet. I just want to get seated at a table, have a guy come to me and ask what I want, bring me what I want and go away. I don't want to stand up, and grab a plate, and worry about looking like I don't know what i'm doing, and spend a bit a of time just looking everything over before put like two tiny portions of bread and pasta just so that I can get it over with as fast as possible. Not only that, but the whole format seems so wasteful to me. Just to save some money on man power they'd be willing to let so much food go cold and go to waste? Never mind if they would dare to warm food up multiple times. Actually good buffets are already bad enough. I'm not alone on this, right?
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Who else has escaped from NEET? I was NEET for over a year but I went to university afterwards and now I am placed as a software engineer. I lost 50 pounds and have a significant other.
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Until a month ago I used to be a neet, now I studying again. I want my neet life back.
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positivity thread

positivity thread. only positivity is allowed in the positivity thread. there are other threads for non-positivity. only positivity in the positivity thread.
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Anyone have major issues with productivity? It's like my mind just rejects doing anything to better myself.

I've attempted timers as a way to limit the ways I waste these precious seconds of my life but I just end up adding ten minutes to them, and pushing whatever needs to get done to a few nights before its due date.

Anyone manage to overcome this? What should I do?

I've also tried telling myself constantly that "I'm a productive human being, I can get X and X done today", but it never works.
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Is there specific things that you deeply want to do but feel held back by your circumstances? I would love to go camping with some buddies, but I have no buddies and also feel too trapped to do so. It kills me a little that if I don't get better I'll miss out on many things
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Making money while being a hikikomori

Any hikkis here figure out a way to make money without leaving your room and going outside??.
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Neet Bucks General Biz ideas

>23 no real experience working, always at home browsing or trying to learn something in order to make things pass by.
How do you keep with your lifestyle as a neet or hikki without leaving the house? Is it true that you can acquire some dough online? If so how do you do it? or if you could suggest some ideas would be really appreciated as someone who mostly is disgusted by other people and just wants to have a feel of fullfillment from doing something by myself and learning in the process.
Hope we can help to nurture each other by having some general ideas.
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Help. I don’t want to live like this.

Alright, so I’ve been lurking subtly on Ubuu for years now, just really becoming active now, desu.

But, I’m currently in a point in my life where I just feel like I’m stuck.
It all started a few months ago.
Everything started to slowly lose interest to me.
I had gotten back into Touhou around then, but trying to 1cc games started feeling boring and tedious.
Days feel like they blend together, life feels like it’s been draining of its color.
About a month in, no game interested me anymore.
As a matter of fact, nothing in life kept me intrigued.
It got to the point where the only thing that gave me solace was talking with my few friends on Discord.
Now, at this point I had started to indulge in a long forgotten passtime of mine; Roleplaying.
It felt rejuvinating, engaging even, to roleplay.
Roleplaying gave me a way to live a life of someone I wasn’t.
So I perfected the craft, making almost everything I did paragraph tier. It wasn’t even ERP, either, just normal, typical RPs.
It became addicting.
It was the one thing that I found interesting.
All the while i started spending more and more time inside.
At this point, the only real thing I’d do is Eat, RP, and Sleep.
Occasionally, I’d just stare at the cieling with my lights off listening to ambient music in the dark.
But as of a few weeks ago, both my fuckin’ computer /and/ phone bricked (lovely coincidence), and now all that I have left is this stupid uni laptop that won’t even run Discord. I tried the site, too.
Ever since then, it’s gotten worse.
I barely eat,
I barely sleep, even.
I just.
Stare at the wall or the ceiling.
I don’t listen to anything anymore, it’s boring now.
I just stare and think.
Think about nothing.
This place is about all I go to anymore.
The reason I say this is because a relative of mine came over to my place to talk about my reclusiveness.
I told him everything, and he told me that I most likely have depression.
If anything, I’d believe him, considering he’s dealt with it for years.
He told me that this amount of apathy is a major sign of depression.
He suggested that I start talking to a shrink, but…
I don’t know.
I don’t know if I’d have the motivation to get out of bed to see the damn shrink.
Whatever, I know you guys aren’t exactly shrinks, but I want some advice.
Please, Everything has lost its charm and I don’t want to live my life as this husk of a person that just stares at the wall because they have no cash to buy a new phone(I was short on funds and got a flip phone, because of course I did.).

Also, If you’re wondering, uni’s not much better, I just stay away from everyone and tey not so sleep through the lectures despite not being tired.

tl;dr: i fucking hate life. how do i stop hating life
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When did dealing with your emotions become so difficult? It seemed like I always dealt with my emotions fine but all of a sudden im smoking a bowl and bullshitting here to run away from real life problems.
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Is there any way for someone like me to make money? Or am I doomed?

Almost 30, severe social anxiety, hikki/NEET for over 10 years, no college or high school (I was homeschooled), no skills, no real job experience. So sheltered and isolated I can't relate to anyone on even the most basic level.

At this point, I'm thinking a lot about suicide, but I don't want to give up before I've at least made a real try of it.

I desperately need money. That's the main thing that needs to be addressed before I can think of anything else. It's not just for me. It's my family. I live with my grandparents, who have supported me my entire life, and they're in really poor health (my grandfather is currently in the hospital). We're pretty much getting by on their social security benefits and food stamps. I've gotten where I at least leave the house to go to the store and run errands for my grandparents, but other than that, my situation is more or less the same as it has been for the past decade or so. If they're were anything I could do online, that would be ideal, but depending on what it is, I'd even be willing to get a real world job, although there are some caveats there. I can't do any cashier type stuff due to my social anxiety and poor people skills. I still don't know how I'm going to explain to any prospective employer that I'm 30 years old and have pretty much never worked a real job in my life. It would be great if there were some organization that helped shut-ins enter the workforce, but I doubt anything like that exists. If I could just find some way to make even minimum wage, it would be life changing. The most important thing is that it would buy me time, and this is what I need more than anything.

Do you guys have any ideas?
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Is anyone here a hikki/neet because of a disability? Mental, physical, whatever.
I've always struggled during my youth due to mood swings + learning disability, and some terrible things happened during my tweens. My mental health was rapidly deteriorating in high school, so I didn't plan ahead for college or anything like that.
I got SSI 2 years ago for my ptsd, anxiety, dysthymia and bpd. I'm able to survive on it and still have money leftover related to my interests, but I feel so useless. Even if I wanted to work, I probably couldn't.
I just want to know if anyone else here has similar struggles. Or if anyone wants to vent about it.
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Is this board helpful?

Has this board ever helped you, or were you only trolled or harassed? Also, should I be doing more to remove destructive users from this board?

Honestly, I hate where this board is going and I want to change something. Whether that's stricter rules, or more trigger-happy per-board bans for hooligans, or shutting down /hikki/ and telling everyone to go somewhere else, or even another board reset, is yet to be decided.

We didn't have a board like this at the beginning of the site; one of the admins added the original NEET board on their own some years back. I wonder if that was a mistake. /hikki/ was an attempt to scrub that board of the problems which are now, again, affecting it. I feel like nothing has really changed.

Is this just a place where depressed people simultaneously insult and validate each other's misery, while keeping each other down? Is it really doing more harm than good? Or, is it just a few bad users being disingenuous and drowning out what could have been a decent atmosphere? I wanted this board to be helpful but I'm not sure if that's what it's doing.

I want to hear what the people here think before I make a decision about the future of /hikki/. But, I can't let things keep going as they are now. Be honest, am I slacking off too much with the bans? Or is the problem with this place deeper than that?
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To be hikkikomori is one of the highest forms of hedonism and selfishness. Especially if you rely on parents or flatmates for financial aid.

Some might contest that being a shut-in need isn't a conscious choice, that it's a result of environmental circumstances and mental illness, yet I still see people here who romanticise the lifestyle.

For a good few years, I have followed the culture of this board and others like it. I have seen the various IRC channels, discords and skype groups that have originated from this place, and I have come to the conclusion that this board ultimately promotes an anti-social attitude instead of discouraging and helping people abstain from it.

Most of you are lazy and are attempting to rationalise a piggish lifestyle.

Whaddaya think?
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What are your MBTI types, /hikki/ ?

I recommend taking a few different tests and understanding what each letter means. I'm also guessing that most people here are INxx

Some people discredit MBTI, but I think if you treat it a a rough guideline, it can offer some good insights to yourself and others.

INTP wasted-potential masterrace reporting in
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How do you deal with the isolation of this lifestyle? When I have nobody to talk to online I lose all motivation to enjoy myself, and the life is basically sucked out of me
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Friend is depressed and suicidal

My friend was making depressive comments and talking about suicide from over three years ago. We thought it was him trying to get attention, but over time he became more and more serious, until I realized that it wasn't an act. Many of the people who surround him still treat it like he's pretending, but exam season is coming in, and the stress and pessimism is really getting to him. He's recently been talking about staying home because he feels ill, but when he's at home, he plays games until he gets depressed about how much time he's wasted. His parents pressure him about grades, and he's grown an inferiority complex and it's all slowly knawing away at him.
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Eating disorders and physical health

Does anyone here struggle with any eating disorders?

I have been extremely thin for most of my life, mostly because I regularly skip meals and don't work out.

Being very thin has hurt my self confidence. Also, the only physical activities I like to do are walking and biking, I think this might also make me thin.

Also, this thread can be about general physical help too.
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Who here has achieved monk-tier hikkidom?
>i have made myself to be a walking wikipedia
>started working out and actually developed muscle
>my level of doucheness has risen to considerable levels
>Turns out looking down on people cures some of the anxiety
I still dont leave my house though, mainly because i dont have reasons to do so, i lost all my "friends" a long time ago and calling them to hang out now would be awkward (i dont even have money to go drinking) and i still get anxious as fuck when im outside (i was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder)
And getting a job still looks impossible
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Why is it like this?

I was thinking about Youtubers, Twitch streamers and people who get paid for basically being on the internet and doing something that a monkey could.
These people could easily qualify as NEET, right? They spend up to 8 hours or more a day playing videogames or vlogging or something and most of their income comes from their fans.
Yet nobody really bats an eye at them other than the occasional angry dude that gets way too bent out of shape over people getting money from fans rather than employers. But with NEETs there's a higher level of stigma, telling them they're parasites and that they need to work on themselves and conform. Is the difference really as subtle as simply getting money? Or providing a service, even if it has little to no effect on society and the person's community?
What makes the difference in the way a NEET and someone who turns their hobby and cult of personality into a "job"?
Also have any NEETs here attempted this? Would you?
Is it viable? etc etc
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Inner peace

Who here has found inner peace with themselves while being NEET or Hikikomori??.
R: 2 / I: 1

Any NEETs take a sincere attempt at business/self employment, if so, what of it?

TL;DR Have any of you tried business? If so, what obstacles did you go through, and did it turn out in the end?

I am a NEET with bipolar disorder and possibly autism. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. I went to my local community college and placed into calculus 1. However, once my classes were mostly on campus which was after around 3 quarters I couldn't handle being around people and dropped out. Afterwards I've been doing shit jobs that I've managed only to tolerate max 2 months and that is pushing it. I don't even have my drivers license and I'm like 20. It really fucking sucks. I have great difficulty learning motor skills. I remember I didn't know how to tie my fucking shoes until I was in 6th grade. I am however a little more confident behind the wheel, but not yet to a agreeable level.

Needless to say I'm living with my parents. I do feel somewhat guilty, but after large amounts of self reflection I feel that it isn't worth it. No amount of sulking and pitying is going to change anything. I'm not ashamed of being alive and honestly I couldn't care less if I was homeless. I walked alone in the dark in the middle of winter for like 6 hours just reflecting on my own fears and inhibitions. So what if I die within this moment? So what if society is bigoted and repulsed by eccentrics like us? It is better to go off with a bang than a whimper.

During my time working shit jobs I bought an impressive library of books covering everything from FPGAs, how to write a compiler, to even the internals workings of operating systems. I am very interested in computers and I was thinking of taking toastmaster courses to help me with my non existent social skills. Maybe even getting neetbux for a short while. I really want to roll the dice hard on this one. I am planning on becoming a badass technical contractor, so badass they will be uncompetitive if they choose to pass me up. So that even with my flaws, they are fucked without me.

So, any of you had any success with business? I feel like setting up an LLC and putting myself out there to be optimal. Even if it feels scary inside. Even if it is incredibly irritating and annoying. Even if it is harder than doing the shit jobs I was once doing.
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I want to go blind. Everything's too overwhelming at this point. Is there a way to go blind without pain? One that doesn't involve stabbing.
If I don't go blind, or become crippled down the legs, I'll kill myself the new year. I hope there is a good way to do this.
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NEET Finances

I've been a neet for 4 years, and only recently has a family emergency made me terrified of how i've managed money up to this point. I've always lived in the moment and might have fucked myself over.

So, /hikki/:
-How do you split your neetbucks between savings and day to day living?
-How much recreationally spending money do you allow yourself?
-Do you worry about how easily any day an accident could ruin you? Any other advice?
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3 weeks away from returning to a normal life

So I've been a hikki NEET since May 2015 or so, but that's gonna change in about 3 weeks.

I know 2 years isn't that much compared to most of you guys, but I'm scared. My already mediocre social skills have probably taken a hit since then, so I don't know how will I react around people etc.

These 2 years have been fun in the end, even though I've hardly done anything relevant at all. But now's time to be a member of society again and I'm not sure I can handle it.

I'll be studying software engineering if anyone's interested.

Has anyone here gone through something similar?
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Why are people proud of being neet? Why do they boast about being neet?

I've been neet for 7 years and have never been proud of it or thought it was worth telling others about.
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Hi, /hikki/. I've been lurking around on here since about 2013 and I really didn't have too much to ask about since I know my more internal problems suck, but they are also more of something that I can fix myself if I try. More to the point I guess, I decided to finally post because I have had my first paying job in three years. It's in retail, and I've been working there since November last year. At first I was relieved to get a paying job, but I learned soon that I just dislike the work and the environment. It's a department store, and I pretty much guard the fitting room area and I have to count the garments that people want to bring in. I'm not a very extroverted person, and I have a few diagnosed mental disorders. Sometimes people come over to try stuff on and they show clear disdain for what I have to do. I still do my job, but I've had many customers act incredibly finicky and rude about me having to check the items they have. Not only that, but some people will complain about things I won't let them do, like not bringing shopping carts into the fitting room even though there is a very noticeable sign that says people can't. I get along with my coworkers well at least, and most of my bosses are also nice. But I'm just tired of dealing with mostly middle aged women in yoga pants with makeup caked onto their faces, complaining about me doing what I'm supposed to do. I've had a breakdown already at work during the holiday time when some bitch refused to let me hand her each garment as I counted them. I used to work at a summer camp as a counselor, working with elementary to middle school aged kids. I got along with most of them and I used to let them watch me draw and I'd give them advice on school and growing up. The camp itself was kind of poorly run though, and when some of the kids got bullied, no one seemed to report it except me. There were also times when other staff were watching stuff on their phones and not interacting with the kids. Despite all that, I actually liked that job more when I look back on it, because I felt useful and that I was helping to contribute to society by inspiring kids to think about their futures and for them to grow up to be good human beings. Now I just feel that I made a mistake accepting my current job. I'm 19 and I still live with my parents. I've talked to my mother about finding another job at an afterschool program or another camp, and leaving my current job on the best terms that I can. She told me that I should stay for some years so it looks better on my resume, but I'm growing to hate this place more and more every day. Any help would be highly appreciated.
R: 8 / I: 4
I've given up with my life and want to end it but I also want to end it as well for a fuck ton of over people what do?

[spoiler] Thinking about blowing up a crowded subway car or something.
R: 25 / I: 3

Being thrust into the spotlight

tl;dr Former NEET gets dream job and loses it. Debates bringing evidence of inappropriate behavior to the public. Mainly due to freaking out.

At one point in my life I was total NEET for 5+ years. Mental illness, multiple suicide attempts, and an illness in the family led me to moving back home. I existed as a ghost, only leaving the house to take my family member to the hospital for medical treatments. It wasn't fun at all, but I was able to justify the lack of motivation to do anything as 'doing the right thing' by taking care of said family member.

At around the 5 year mark, my family member passed away. It was a serious emotional trauma but I put off dealing with it by choosing that moment to try my hardest to get a job. I hustled despite my fears and anxieties and managed to get a job. It wasn't something I'd ever wanted to do but it gave me the chance to use work as a drug. It lasted a few years and gradually came around to me quitting because of the mental anguish involved. I did the NEET thing for a year and on a whim tried out a new job.

This job was fucking nuts. It was so demanding and chaotic that it completely consumed me. It was a career field I had never even considered doing in the past. Same with the last job, but as it turns out, I was actually really good at this new job. It wasn't the type of place where my being weird stood out. Everyone there was at least a little weird. In under a year I had been promoted to the highest position possible before becoming an executive. People worked under me and I did everything in my power to lookout for them. This led to me working 80+ hours a week. There was a little burning the candle at both ends but for once in my life I finally felt like I'd found my place in the world. I was exposed to things and places I never would have done firsthand if I was still in NEET mode. I regularly partied with celebrities, saw movies and TV shows months before anyone else, and even developed a close-knit group of friends (most of which were incredibly talented or powerful people).

Then it all came crashing down. Two years into my tenure there, past scandals came out to the public and the job suddenly disappeared. People were harassed, assaulted, or worse. In a matter of weeks I lost the family I had come to discover because of inappropriate actions that happened years before my time there. Unbeknownst to me in my time there I'd gathered quite a bit of information without directly witnessing any of the bad stuff. I'm debating whether to go to the press or not. Morally I feel that I have to, but emotionally I'm terrified. All eyes will be on me and that's the last thing I want. That'd send my mental illness into overdrive and I'm afraid of what I might do as a result.

Any advice /hikki/?
R: 7 / I: 1

Autism Dollars in Australia

How can I get autism bux in Australia?
I have been diagnosed with moderate functioning autism professionally. I have the documents that support this that are signed. Not sure what to do from here..
R: 211 / I: 69

How have you guys been doing?

I used to post here before but stopped after living a normal lifestyle, for a while atleast. I got fired and I've been jobless for like months now. My previous motivation to work on my personal projects and illustrations have all since diminished. I feel only apathy when playing games or watching stuff like I used to enjoy. Nowadays I just constantly press f5 on various image boards to pass time and listen to songs I've heard countless of times before already. Then I remembered this place and feel like I should share this here.

Please feel free to share your current situation here so we can feel alone togehter or some gay shit.
R: 59 / I: 3

I'm too lost to function

Feeling suicidal right now. I have what my doctor calls major clinical depression and I also have some drug addiction. I've been living the neet life this year because I dropped out of school to be on medication. I feel like I'm only going to college in the first place so people don't yell at me.
I don't think I've posted here in years. I'm a wreck right now because one of my friends who has used this site from time to time died of drug overdose recently.
None of my friends seem to like me anymore and everyone I've cared about seems to hate me now. I have no motivation. I feel dead inside. All I want is to not be alone but I can't seem to alleviate that.
I've just been sitting here listening to sad piano music crying for an hour or so. I don't know what to do.
I'm a giant waste of potential no one cares about and I'm only getting older from here.
I can't function without antidepressants anymore. Nonstop suicidal thoughts all day everyday. I got back on them this week because I was going crazy again. I live in constant fear that I'm just going to snap one day. When I'm off my meds I have impulses to kill myself and my brain tells me exactly how to do it. It bothers me that I could end my life in less than a minute at all times.
I really don't know what to do.
I'm probaby never going to kill myself I'm just stuck in a constant state of my mind telling me to.
R: 13 / I: 0

neet money

I feel like I want to become full and proud neet after I finish school this year
I don't want to work or study or anything
how can I earn money easily as a gurl
any sites to sell voice to dubs or something? I can sing pretty ok I guess
or record lewd voices for money or something
any other way?
I would draw too but first I must efford fucking graphic tablet shieeet
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Are there other people here with DPD (Dependent personality disorder)? I'm searching for an other person that has the same problem as me. So we can "depend" on each other and become friends! I'm also autistic and can talk basically all day. I wish the other person could also do that. My timezone is UTC+2.00 (Europe). I'm very sad every day. If you don't know what it is, just look at the picture. If I don't find anyone here I'll repost this on other IBs. My interests are programming, mathematics, animes and mangas.
>Feeling uncomfortable or helpless when alone, because of exaggerated fears of inability to care for oneself.
>Preoccupation with fears of being abandoned by a person with whom one has a close relationship, and of being left to care for oneself.
>Merges with and immersed into another; is engulfed, enshrouded, absorbed, incorporated, willingly giving up own identity; becomes one with or an extension of another.
The last point is very important, that means you should be able to talk to me all day. This describes me very well. I hope that I can find somebody. My email is LambdaCube@protonmail.com
R: 8 / I: 1
How do you think male and female neets are perceived differently by society? This can apply to normies' perception, employers perception, authority figure's(government) perception, parent perception, and the perception of the opposite sex to the neet. Also, why do you think these differences exist? What is the basis for any of it? I feel like this discussion was a long time coming and I'm really interested in do seeing what people have to say about it.
R: 4 / I: 0

Personal Finances

Hello Neet, I am or was Neet. I have always had a social anxiety since school and I still hate going out, but have learned to overcome that and can actually socialize enough to get around and can even enjoy meeting new people. I love the Neet lifestyle, even if I don't intend to totally isolate myself from friends or family. To me the Neet lifestyle is being able to live my life without social obligations and needing to work all my time away while then just doing drugs and shit inbetween shifts because I am either too tired to do anything or just have a few free hours a day. This leave me, just as it does many other, with just the weekends to do anything, to be myself and to relax and unwind. In fact I am not as productive as I wish I was on my days off because I need to rest from working all week. So even when I am not working, my full time job interferes with my personal life.
So now what I want to know is how anyone here gets by financially without depending on family or others. My family will not support me and mooching off friends can only go so far before they get sick of your shit. I can stand working part time, but not full. In fact I hate part time too, but at-least I get some of my time back, but that still means I need to make more per hour to make up for working less. Either that or I need to make income aside from that job.
I really don't make much as it is at my job. Just over minimum wage. So I can make the same wage doing practically anything, with more benefits depending on where I go. If I worked part time then I would make half my current income and would only need to supplement it a few hundred dollars a month to have the same revenue that I currently have.
Now ideas I have had start with
A. working extra hard while I save some money. This isn't a long term thing as I hate working. I could get a job as a call center rep part time and work weekends. I just want to save some money for a camper van and for a certificate program in my states marijuana industry. I would preferably use it to work for myself, but with the mega corporations already opening up I can't imagine that would be to doable. Aside from consulting work for home ops.
B. Sell on ebay. I am looking at some products that I can get in bulk to sell as supplies and materials for various projects. IDK how well they truly sell and will check the recently sold on ebay before committing. Aside from that I would resell things that I know can be flipped like popular cameras, bikes, recent electronics. If the price is right and there's a market for it. I would sell on ebay, craigslist and at flea markets. This of course will take up time. I can pack and ship items before and after work. Perhaps even get someone else to drop them off for me. But meeting people for craigslist sales may be difficult and collecting items from say craigslist free or yard sales would be time consuming too. So it's fare to say that I would need to start slowly while I work full or part time and then slowly reduce my work schedule until I am making enough to just quit.
C. Internet surveys and testing webpages. I know internet surveys aren't very profitable. If I am lucky it would generate $100 or so a month. But I can still sort of do it while Neeting around my room or camper in my underwear smoking weed and watching anime. I see that you can make like $10 per site for testing webpages. And they claim you can do about two sites per hour. That there is better than my hourly pay if I can net 2 surveys an hour. I plan on trying this very soon and seeing how fruitful it really is.
D. I want to do crypto mining. After working extra hard for a few months and saving money, buying my camper van and maybe taking the cannabis certificate I would set up a crypto mining rig and join a mining pool. I would also get into altcoin icos and trading.
Anyways, sorry for the long post. I am sure this has been inquired before, but I am really looking for other suggestions and/or experiences with some of what I listed along with an idea of if it was worth it.
R: 7 / I: 1


Hey anons, I'm conducting a survey on NEET/Hikki/Freeters, I was hoping some of you might be willing to try it. (pic unrelated, art by Tadanori Yokoo)

R: 4 / I: 0
i feel bad for lurking in a thread like this, so i'll post this to feel better about myself
R: 10 / I: 2


Do you ever feel like you're passively observing your life, or that the physical world is no more real than the virtual one or the one in your head? Do you ever forget the meanings of the subjective or abstract, or stop understanding the purpose of normal human actions like saying words or putting food in themselves?
Is there anything specific that caused this for you? How long does it go on for, and how often does it happen? I remember a while back I nearly got hit by a car because it happened when I was in the middle of the road and I just stopped moving.
R: 14 / I: 6


As someone who has no "real" friends, my only source of companionship has been online friends. After 2 years or so I fear this group of my "close" friends have all grown tired of me, just as all of my friends in high-school would. I'm more on the quiet and shy side but I try my best to message my friends online everyday, but recently in the past few months they've seemed disinterested in me, not very receptive to me in group chats or in private messages. Eventually some, who I would message everyday have stopped messaging me and even ignoring me most of the time when I message them.

Maybe it's stupid but I feel so worthless as a person, as if I'm not even worth talking to because this happens every time, with every friend group I join. In school I was friendly with everyone, but then I'd realise the people I thought were my best friends were out partying and would make group chats while excluding me.

I got over this and felt alright cutting everyone off and being a NEET/hikki, but I thought I've actually been able to bond with these people online so it hurts especially when I know that this group of people are still messaging and calling each-other daily to play video games without me. There hasn't been any sort of fight between us or anything, so why is it always me that people get tired of? It's not like I'm spergy/edgy/mean to people or anything, so I just struggle to understand it.

Sorry for the rant, just upset and wanted to be able to write about it. Is there anyone else that has/is going through this?
R: 3 / I: 1

So what are your days like?

I guess I've been a "Hikikomori" since about about December, after having a constant struggle with my anxiety and depression which led to me dropping out of school, I'm currently looking for a job but for the past months have pretty much been a NEET. What I'm wondering are your days usually like? Do you have a schedule? If you have mental issues what helps you cope? Just curious
R: 2 / I: 0
Hi guys, long time neet here, first time poster. I have to say, /hikki/ is a fine board. It's here that I have finally found troubled souls such as myself. In reading these posts, I have realised that I am not alone in my struggle.

It's refreshing to learn that there are other young men and women who enjoy sleeping in until 1pm and sitting on the computer all night. Up until now I thought I was the only person in the world who was so inclined to do this. My therapist kept saying I was being lazy, but I knew that fat sow was wrong.

To kick start a discussion for this thread, I'd like to pose a question: How do you con your local dole centre into giving you cutter for fags and alcohol? My mother is quite keen on that sort of thing, and I would like to secure a steady supply so that I can carry on with my lifestyle. I was thinking of pretending that I had autism or something like that. Seems to be all the rage these days. My mother was watching a show on the netflix related to it.

Anyway please let me know if you have any tactics when dodging the career advisors' interregation techniques.


R: 42 / I: 13

How do you live?

Since the beginning of my NEET status, there's one thing that's always bothered me: the percieved lack of a reason to exist.

I just feel guilty, being such a burden. It wouldn't matter how much those that care of me would be willing to accept it. I really haven't changed since last year, and I'm starting to feel really bad about it.

How do you work through it, fellow NEETs? What do you tell yourself is the reason that you should continue breathing the next day?

I'm not considering suicide, this is simply the most relatable image of Tomoko I found, but I'm definitely not feeling great.
R: 6 / I: 2

Programming Advice


Im a neet too, a neet for many many years

I dont like to whine, not fond of self piety as its painfull and dangerous

Im prety good at avoiding reality with games, animes and random interests I cant keep for longer than a week

Life sucks but I cant fuck my family over with suicide. They arent the best but I cant do that.

Im 36 and despite being intelligent and talented with words , I have no skills, no degrees and no experience.

Nowadays ive been more and more unable to block reality as the rope is slowly tightened around my neck. Despair is starting to settle in and im looking for a way out of this shit.

Good thing is my parents might last for a few years and I can still train myself and try to get a job even when im so old.

I like the idea of learn programming and work at my own leasure apart from all human beings but, sadly, I often lose to my inconsistency and end up playing a game or watching animes he he

Im rly scared

But I wont give up without trying.

People make a living like this so I trust I can manage if I work hard, whichs the main point.

Im sure I will feel better once I start seeing some hope.

Having to deal with all this on my own is rly hard but id rather not worry anyone and pretend to be a happy idiot with this shit life.

Living with shame all my life I know it wont end soon hah

Posting here might be just as useless but if someone have positive and constructive sugestions id welcome them.
R: 3 / I: 1

NEET for years - Wanting to (WANT) to get out of it/the cycle

Hi there. I've been a struggling NEET for years now.

In the past 6-8 years I have had several entry level jobs lasting between 2-6 months on average.

For 4 years I have been a complete NEET, (aside from a few single courses), because I was hit by a car.

I live with my parents since then, comfortably, but with no hope of meeting new people, finding (and desperately wanting to have) a girlfriend, or feeling a part of any social community that could help me branch out.

I do deal with physical pain (mostly in my back), which can be limiting.

My *MAIN* problem is that I can't think of enough pro's to work myself out of this situation. I'm on Welfare, so I make enough money to feed myself, and I can entertain myself and even learn skills at home comfortably, but I am very alone.

Just wondering if anybody has any advice for working yourself out of the NEET-hold and becoming a social, or "normal" person again.
R: 131 / I: 35

questions for the NEETs

hi /n/, im curious about the NEETdom and wondering if you could answer some questions?

how long have you been a NEET?
was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?
what do you do all day?
what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?
how often do you get outside, if at all?
do you live independently or with parents?
R: 26 / I: 6

Your ideal life

What would your life look like if you lived exactly the way you wanted to? This question is based on something that I recently thought of and I'm interested in seeing people's responses.
R: 66 / I: 7
If I'm successful financially, I think I might create a NEET house, as a safe space where NEETs can move out of their parents house, become a virtuoso of what they're passionate about, and/or be counseled on how to actually succeed at life. Eventually though, they will have to either use what they've learned to get a job and move out, or contribute to the household (I suspect it'd mostly be the later, since it's the safer option).

What do you think? Can someone learn to not be a leech on society in an environment like this, or would this inevitably reinforce their dependence on others? Would you be comfortable moving to such a place full of NEET strangers, even if shit hit the fan?
R: 32 / I: 8

I miss the NEET life...

I miss the NEET life I had…

> Current life in an apartment with girlfriend

> Have a job

But I'm still not happy. I feel I don't have enough free time. If I'm not working I have too little time left to sit down and actually enjoy a game, and when I don't do that I have to invest time in my relationship, and when I'm not even doing that, I have responsibilities to take care of.

Even if I have a job, I do NOT have money for myself, at all. When I was a NEET all my money and time was only for me, myself, and I. I don`t wanna go to work, I wanna sit down on my ass and make games and play games, but this lifestlye is long gone, no longer available. I regret some life decisions I made, I really, really wish I could still be a NEET.

Best scenario would be: Keeping my gf, become a NEET again, but this is clearly impossible.

Have you ever experienced regret from no longer being a NEET?
R: 2 / I: 1
Please help me. I am do gay i cant stop buying male prostitutes but only if they are black.. my bank account is in the red my family hates me. IF ONLY I DIDNT BECOME A MEMBER OF GNAA
R: 12 / I: 5

neet /pol/

Who are neets going to vote for in 2016?

Donald Trump is the meme candidate but Bernie is offering free shit which is good for neets like us.
R: 12 / I: 7

I really need help...

Hello, /hikki/.

For 2 years now, I've only went out the house for school, and even with school I don't hang out with people.

You see, I moved far away from my best friend. We were closer than peas in a pod, practically glued to each other.
We'd explore the city, have trips to the mall and explore abandoned areas in our school district.

Unfortunately, we had a falling out since I was an immature freshman, and took her for granted. I belittled her art skills and made fun of her obsession with a show. We made up, but I always felt guilty, she assured me I was alright, but due to circumstances that I can't share, I had to skip our exams, leave and move upstate, and never see her again.

Now, I've moved from Louisiana to New York, and 3rd-year high school bore no friendships for me, since I had so much regrets with how I treated her.
I couldn't be close to someone else after her, and I'd like some advice from you.
Please leave advice, Ubuu. I desperately need it.
R: 5 / I: 3


Hi all,

I posted a few times on the old board several years ago whilst I was NEET after dropping out of uni.

Just recently been made redundant and I am going to go through the NEET lifestyle again.

Any tips or suggestions for a UK NEET?

R: 20 / I: 10
Hello everybody, I just find this forum. It's been almost a year since I became a NEET. I tried for a few months to go to college but it did not work. I wonder what people like me think about the future. Do you think we can go on like this forever? Well, I have no ambition, and I think things will never change. Do you wanna change?
R: 2 / I: 1
I'm sure many of you know this feel:

>Realize you need to go somewhere with your life or everything will end horribly when you least expect it to

>Attempt to get something done

>If not 5 minutes later, you are eventually hit by a varying intense level of depression while attempting to do whatever task you decided, as if by facing your life, you can no longer not face how you are feeling.

>end up going back to the computer to distract yourself from the pain after only getting 1 thing done if you are lucky.

For any former NEETs here, how the fuck did you get past this? I feel the more I force myself to endure the depression the more depressed I get and the harder it is to get shit done, as fucking pretentious edgelordriffic as that unintentionally sounds.
R: 12 / I: 3

Anybody here with CFS/ME?

Life story time
>Be 7 years ago
>Have pretty OK life in front of me
>Suddenly start losing all motivation and sleeping more and more
>Be NEET for 3 years
>Finally get a part time job (cashier, though boss had me doing everything in the store)
>Start going to doctor thinking I was depressed
>2 years, 8 months of therapy, 25 different medications, $26,000 (after insurance) in doctor bills later
>At this point sleeping 16 hours a day and working the rest
>Occasionally dozing off during work and even while driving
>Doctor finally gives me CFS/ME diagnosis
>Tells me there's no treatment
>Gives me prescriptions for Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin & Desoxyn
>They work great for a couple days before losing all effectiveness (even at max dose), takes over a month for tolerance to get back down
>Lose job after getting caught sleeping
>Apply for disability
>Govt says CFS/ME isn't real and I can still work (disability test was picking a pillow up, setting it on the floor, and then putting it back.)
>1 year later
>Still sleeping 16+ hours a day
>Using Desoxyn to get through any events (weddings, etc.)
I honestly have no idea what to do. I'm afraid to drive after having fallen asleep several times on the road. I've tried "resetting" my brain, to no avail. Hopefully, my parents will kick me out soon so I can just disappear.
R: 31 / I: 10
I'm not quite sure what compelled me to post this or what reminded me of this place, but this is the first time I've been on this imageboard in years, perhaps the last time being 2013-2014 as far as I can even remember my time as a hikki. I didn't post very much, and when I did, I made sure not to make a name for myself. I was a hikki for 3 1/2 years, give or take based on what you consider the cut-off between NEET and hikki status. It's been nearly 3 years now since I left that lifestyle and ostensibly cured myself. Not to say I don't still have some mental abnormalities, but they're undetectable, both to myself and to others. I went back to college, graduated with a STEM degree and great grades. I applied for a job a couple weeks ago and am going in for an interview in a few days. I got a gf and lost my virginity last year, and now have a decently large friend group of very normal people that I blend in with completely, and sometimes don't even feel like an outlier around.

I don't mean to bore you with my life story – I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to get better and escape this lifestyle. I won't lie, I sometimes get brief pangs of nostalgia for the days of sleeping 15+ hours a day eating nothing but ramen and wasting all my time on the computer. But I feel okay now. I don't feel afraid, or anxious, or suicidal, or empty, or confused anymore. I feel healthy, I feel comfortable, I feel almost normal. Things can get better. Not just for me, but for you. It's not easy, and I've learned over the years to not try to offer what worked for me as advice, but I just want you all to know that it is possible to get out of this. The world is beautiful unobscured by depression, anxiety, fear, depersonalization, etc. I care about all of you and I want to see you all do good. I won't be sticking around for long – I don't want to reinforce long-dead habits – but I hope one day you can all join me. I love you all. Good luck my friends.
R: 9 / I: 4
Ay /hikki/
15 year old here.
Fuck it I hate everything and I'm tired of everything.
Long story short, I'm gonna become a neet next year.
Any advices?
R: 4 / I: 0
hey so i was 3-months Neet at my mothers house until i got kicked out and now im at my jobs and got my current hours cut to just the weekends, i have going around town looking for any 'now hiring' signs to no luck. so my question for right now is what to do to improve my chances of getting hired/finding a job? Do I go to college and wait 4 years? do i go to vocational school to pick up a skill while i wait at college? do i just keep going at customer service/ retail jobs?
R: 19 / I: 3
I don't know if this is going to be a poor OP for a thread but I just became homeless and I really don't know what to do. I'm scared.
R: 25 / I: 1

I'm losing my goddamn mind, /hikki/

tl;dr turning 20, was a neet starting 2013, got a taste of the good life last year, things fell out; lost job and got arrested, have no good job credentials and I'm losing my mind again living like a hikki in the middle of nowhere

First post here, bear with me. Let me start by saying I turn 20 in three days, and I live a few miles into the countryside next to a big city. Before July of last year, I was a NEET since my parents pulled me out of my junior year of high school. I got a job at Home Depot starting October of 2015 but my life was mostly restricted to work and homelife at that point. I tried networking with my coworkers but alas, it didn't go very far. I still don't have my driver's license, and HS homeschooling failed so no diploma. A bad weed experience and a bad DXM experience coupled with depression lead to some of the worst depersonalization I think I would ever experience and life was generally a depressing, chaotic mindfuck until midsummer last year.
Around July of last year, I started working out. I would also loiter in some public places like vape shops, and met my most recent best friend. I met some more people, some good, some bad like a few methheads and my ex gf, but overall I had a circle going. I was working out here and there still, was around friends and acquaintances, and even had a party here and there. I went over a year without playing any video games, got a tattoo, was meeting new people, unintentionally started NoFap, lost a lot of weight, smoked a lot of kush with good experiences, lost my virginity, got taken places like different cities by my circle, and while I lost my job due to the hecticness of my social life, I was constantly up to something and generally felt better and enjoyed life's adventures.
However, things started to crash around the beginning of the new year. Me and gf broke up, (not exactly anything bad tho kek) had a falling out at that time with my best friend, another good friend moved out of the city, and being jobless, I was left more or less broke. (I'd work temp work for some pocket cash here and there, but it's a pain in the ass to get on location and I was always left with less than $80 on any day.) I tried going back to school to give me something to do, but was arrested 3 weeks later after buying weed from someone there like an idiot, and was sent to alternative HS after I got out of jail on bail. The location was quite too far, and while I opted for a bus, the pickup time was way too early for my irresponsible ass to wake up in time. Needless to say, I missed more than a month of school, was disqualified for any credits, so I was like fuck it and dropped out. I also got a second job but my superiors were complete pricks, the pay sucked and my hours were always cut, and was fired not long after I asked for more hours. Since then, I've at least started talking to my best friend again, been more immersed in Dark Enlightenment (started redpilling in September; my newfound philosophy has me banned from facebook) and have been trying to get another job with no success. I have made progress towards getting my GED but still a ways to go. Otherwise, I'm back in the NEET hole. It's more or less a daily routine of video games, food, and fapping here or there.

I fucking hate it. I need money to get a form of transportation since summer is here and walking several miles along the highway, which I've done many times, out of the countryside to get to the nearest bus stop is absolutely brutal if not dangerous in the summer heat. The every day solace and lack of stimulation of a homebody drives me literally insane. I can't handle the depression, I can't handle the lack of achievement or activities. I'd fucking kill myself if I knew I had to live my whole life like this. Even worse, my parents seem oblivious, if not almost supportive of this problem as they condemn most ideas of escaping this lifestyle and do not support me much when it comes to seeing any friends or getting a job most places. Fuck, they don't even want me to get a job or a driver's license. Their idea of successful parenting is priming me to ship me off to college, and that's all. That shit doesn't fucking work! My sister has her HS diploma and now they're not even concerned with her future. Just like me, she doesn't even have her driver's license and she's 21. She at least works though and is in a relationship, and she doesn't have a criminal record like me.
Anyway, I'm not necessarily looking for validation like an emotional pussy. I want to get out. I don't know where to start if I can't get a job. I need advice, /hikki/, whether it's coping advice, dealing with depersonalization, getting a job, or something. I can't stay in rock bottom. I'm not meant for this lifestyle, and if I stay here, I'll only end up taking a knife to my throat.

I need help.
R: 1 / I: 0
I'm no longer a NEET/Hikki after about 2/3 years and time began flowing completely different for me. Everyone said when you're at work and it's busy time flies but that's the opposite. It's like time is in a stand still. What feels like 40 minutes it only 5.

In general time feels so much longer now that I have things I have to do. An hour feels so long while I'm getting ready for work. I'm always early because of it. As a NEET everyday sort of blurred together and time went by extremely fast even when I mostly sat around doing nothing all day.

Does anyone else have something similar happen? It's been jarring for me since I thought I'd have no time to myself but now I can barely get through that time.
R: 1 / I: 0

opening up vs pushing on

i'm looking for some perspective, as i'm not really sure where my life will be going.

i am about to enter for-real neetdom for the first time in my life, but i know my parents will not let that be the case for long. i don't want to get too detailed, mostly because a lot of it isn't relevant, but my relationship with my parents got really fucky when i first hit puberty. i couldn't explain why i was feeling the way i was, so i would lock myself in my room and shut them out. they didn't understand what was happening, some bad stuff happened over time, but after 3 years of constant fighting they gave up on me.

they still don't understand why i am the way i am, which is my fault for never letting them. thanks to something that happened during the years when we were fighting pretty much any sense of trust i had in people in real life was shattered. but i am about to drop out of college, i've never worked before, and i can't drive. they don't understand that i'm not exactly doing the best mentally, they've always thought of me as lazy. because of this they'll want me to get my shit together, but i genuinely don't feel like i can.

i guess my question is whether or not i should show them that i am not well. i don't think a shrink would have anything worthwhile to offer me, but i think going though all the bullshit get better type stuff would be infinitely better than continuing on day to day ready to fucking blow my brains out. i'm not exactly sure how i would muster up the courage/design a situation to show them i am currently not fit to live a "normal" life, and, beyond that, i don't know if they would believe me or care. right before my parents completely gave up on my i told my mom that i wanted to die and that i think seeing someone would be good for me, which was pretty much the only insight i gave her into how i was feeling. she told me to take a shower and "just cheer up."

it's feels like a bit of a miracle that i haven't had a serious break down or anything like that, but i don't think i can keep existing this way.

does your family know how you feel? do they accept it?
R: 41 / I: 11
If you have add or are impulsive and you feel that is holding you back from starting to look for a job, take medication. (I took Concerta personally)

Improve yourself. YOUR GOAL AS A NEET IS TO MAKE YOUR BODY AS HEALTHY LOOKING AS POSSIBLE. The point is that self betterment improves confidence and lessens your social anxiety lessens. Trust what I say.

Keep your skin clean by exfoliating (I use baking soda and water) and then moisturize everyday TWICE.

If you are overweight, eat less (no high calorie foods). Exercise focusing on high repetitions and drink a lot of water to fill your stomach.

If you are underweight and a girl, you are in the clear, it's a good thing. (As long as it isn't anorexia or something, I personally don't have much help for that)

If you are underweight and a guy, like myself, drink whole milk (half a gallon a day, or a full gallon if you are serious about gaining weight) for a couple months on top of your existing diet. And 2-3 full meals a day. I personally recommend getting a big bag of white rice and stock up on chicken breasts. Do pushups and squats everyday and get into lifting.

I focuse here on nutrition because that is that core of your mental health and physical health. It will makes you think better and look healthier. Combine this with exercise and your social anxiety problems will fade away as you notice improvements. Soon you will put your struggles behind you and be laughing as your confidence starts a positive feedback loop.

Get the ball rolling and it will motivate you to continue.

Sorry for soundling like a huge fucking normie but I want to help anyone as much as possible.
R: 34 / I: 15

Positive Things Thread

Hey /n/, gotta wonder has anything good happened to y'all lately? Could be as minor as remembering a funny event from a manga or something huge. I'm curious.
R: 5 / I: 3

I'm confused

Hello there, posting here because I kinda need to talk about this with someone, hope this is not a problem.

I have been working for some months, but decided to quit in some days because.. I don't really feel like keep going on.
I always had different kinds of social problems, and I really have more than one emotional problem for the job I have right now, which was pretty much the same for school. Sadly, I never took the courage to tell this to someone, so I'm kinda stuck in a situation where I don't know what to do.

Now that I was able to buy some new consoles for entertainment, and some new equipment for digital drawing, I'd really prefer to stay at home, while I have the opportunity to do so. I still live with my parents, and my mother told me to rethink about my decision, and she pretty much assumed I took the decision just out of lazyness, which I don't think is true..
What is true, however, is that I won't have any more income to buy games/fun things, and it would be hard to find another job, for the situation I'm in.

I really love drawing, but I'm one of those persons who kinda needs time; I can never put myself to drawing after eight hours of work because I just wanna relax.

if you were me, what would you do? what do you think about all of this? Thank you for answering in advance.
R: 4 / I: 0
31, barely working, living in mothers basement, Constantly sick with an unclassified autoimmune disease, in a state of decline. Spend most of my time laying down while browsing useless things on the net or playing free apps. Considering suicide daily.
R: 0 / I: 0 (sticky)

Welcome to the NHK v2 aka The Rules

Seeing as absolutely everyone misread the /hikki/ rules sticky and used it to draw apocalyptic conclusions about the death of all that was good about /n/, here's a less flippant sticky with less room for ambiguity, in the form of a Q&A. We've also made some concessions based on your feedback in thread >>13, which was moved to /sugg/ for being meta.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?
On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding NEETism, Hikikomoriism, anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living, and things closely related to these topics. If you're content with being a NEET at this stage in your life, that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so. The board's primary focus is self-help and advice regarding these issues, and particularly help in escaping the NEET lifestyle, but this focus is not exclusive. Despite rumors, threads looking for help with suicidal feelings or drug addition are also allowed.

What is not allowed on this board?
* Encouraging others to become NEET.
* Attacking or discouraging others for being NEET.
* Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the NEET lifestyle.
* Encouraging or showcasing drug usage.
* Announcing your planned suicide. Call a hotline or something just don't do it here or it becomes my legal responsibility.
* Helping others to plan or commit suicide.
* Topics not related to the purpose of the board. Such topics will be moved.
* Intentionally breaking these rules or the global rules will still result in a warning or ban.
* Rule 6 is enforced more liberally on /hikki/. Users may be banned from /hikki/ for inflammatory remarks in cases which might not result in a ban on other boards.

Why not make these changes in place on /n/?
Because there were a huge amount of topics and posts on /n/ that didn't fit in with the rules and purpose of /hikki/, and we didn't want sift through all of them and try to move them or make judgments. We also didn't want them staying around as a poor example of what would be allowed under the new rules. A lot of content on /n/ was mean-spirited, off-topic, or patently useless, and we wanted to seal this content in the annex rather than leaving it be or deleting it.

But I liked x thread on /n/!
Then post a link to that thread in the Thread Move Requests sticky on this board, and the staff will look it over. If it belongs here it'll be moved here, otherwise we'll probably move it to /ot/.

What is a NEET anyway? What is a Hikikomori?
NEET is an acronym, which stands for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training." Basically it's someone who is not a part of the work cycle of society. A Hikikomori on the other hand (abbreviated hikki) is someone who seals themselves inside their home and does not leave at all for any reason, generally for 6 months or more in the clinical definition. Some NEETs are hikikomoris, but not all hikikomoris are NEETs – for example, a hikikomori could work or take classes from home. Sometimes "Hikikomori" is used less formally to describe a person who very rarely leaves their home due to social anxieties, and this can go hand in hand with the isolation often brought about by the NEET lifestyle.