Rules and Guidelines

Please read this page before posting.

Global Rules

These rules apply to all boards. Violations of these rules may result in warnings/bans or thread/post deletion or other actions at the discretion of the moderation staff.

You Must Not:

  1. Be under 18 years of age or ask a particular user about their age. Age-related discussions are fine.
  2. Post or link to content which is illegal in the United States.
  3. Post guro, gore, or shock porn, unless directly relevant to a discussion, spoilered, and clearly marked.
  4. Use automated post or image dump scripts in a disruptive manner.
  5. Start or encourage flame wars, or participate in an inter-board war or raid.
  6. Destructively attack or provoke other users.
  7. Impersonate members of the staff.
  8. Reveal a user's personal information without their consent, aka Doxing.
  9. Start a topic that is similar to an existing active topic.
  10. Start a topic that is irrelevant to its board.
  11. Spam similar text, images, threads, or links.
  12. Advertise other content or services in a manner that doesn't foster discussion useful to the site.
  13. Evade an active ban.
  14. Intentionally derail a thread (drive it off-topic).
  15. Discuss moderator actions and policy or argue with moderators outside of /sugg/ (this tends to derail threads).
  16. Advertise your planned suicide attempt. Just discussing this topic is fine, but only in /hikki/ (preferred) or /ot/ (less preferred).

The /hikki/ board has special rules, read the sticky.

In addition, moderators may act at their discretion to prevent conduct which is destructive to the community. Users are encouraged to discuss and suggest additions or changes to moderation policy in the Suggestions/Help board. This site exists for your benefit, and the staff is committed to provide a friendly and constructive atmosphere for our users.

Posting Guidelines (WIP)

Besides the rules, there are also some things we really wish you wouldn't do. Breaking these guidelines probably won't get you banned, but you might make other users very upset with you. Users who consistently ignore these guidelines may be treated as rule-breakers, however.

Seriously please don't:

  1. Write in shorthand like you're texting someone. We really prefer that you speak in full sentences here, and proper grammar is a huge plus.
  2. Use emotes/emojis in your posts almost ever. Most of our userbase finds this annoying.
  3. Actually put your email in the email field, unless you're trying to share it with someone. On imageboards, this field is traditionally used for other things (like the "sage" flag), and can be left empty.
  4. Make useless posts or meme spam (shitposts), except in /ot/, sometimes. We expect a certain level of quality here, especially outside of /ot/. It's ok once in a while but often it just ruins threads.
  5. Get upset at "bad" words or a little rude language, you silly faggot. Speech is free and our userbase has a dark sense of humor. Deal w/it.
  6. Use slurs (especially racial ones) too frequently or just to be a meanie. Gathering enough slurs in one place is known to summon actual racists, evil wizards, inquisitors, the criminally insane, elder gods, and other unsavory characters we don't want to feel comfortable here. Exercise some restraint. Swearing is like pepper; it can make things spicier, but if you use too much it ruins the flavor.
  7. Be excessively abrasive or be a dick in general.
  8. Bring your silly drama from other sites, communities, or Uboachan services onto the boards. Any serious issues with Uboachan services belong in /sugg/, and any dumb bullshit should stay where it started.

IRC Rules and Tips

Please follow these rules when using the #uboachan chat.

  1. Don't troll me bro.
  2. Avoid extremely violent or sexually explicit discussions.
  3. Do not flood the channel or spam the bots, or repeatedly paste the same link or identical content.
  4. It is under the discretion of the IRC staff which bots may be allowed in the IRC channel. Ask a staff member before bringing your bot into the chat room and inform the staff member of the purpose of the bot, to prevent any confusion.
  5. Keep linking NSFW content to a minimum, and provide a warning.
  6. Keep personal business between yourself and the other party.
  7. Follow all rules and terms outlined in the IRCHighway IRC Network Terms of Service.

Take into account these tips while chatting to improve discussion.

Use proper spelling and grammar when possible (except if being ironic.)

Don't interrupt a topic if it's currently being discussed.

Arguments are fine, just keep them civil and try to make a decent point. Let each other make their points and finish their statements before you start yours.

Not all topics of discussion are fun; talking about politics or religion is just asking for someone's jimmies to get riled. Use a bit of common sense before starting discussion about something.

Pay attention to the staff. If they tell you to stop something, then stop.

Why we almost never talk about Yume Nikki:

The idea of a chat room is to gather persons together that have a similar interest. While we won't bite your head off for talking about Yume Nikki, 2kki, or any other YN related game, we've already discussed most everything that could be discussed. This makes it quite boring to even speak of the subject. Instead of thinking that it's a chat "about" Yume Nikki, realize that it's just a normal chat, with the common denominator in the users being they somehow enjoy something about Yume Nikki. We just like to talk about other things instead of being obsessive over a game for years.

Channel modes: The IRC channel modes and staff generally correspond to the Uboachan board staff.

More information about Uboachan is available in the FAQ.