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So awhile back I found Infinite Outlaw's video being linked in an interesting links thread on 8chan /hikki/. Since then I've noticed he makes a lot of videos related to the topic and recently has been linking to threads of this board and sometimes using our posts in videos. His most recent video is just a compilation of posts in a thread on here over some music.


Ah fuck, my retarded posts from yesteryear have been immortalised.


Youtube sera mi arma, y la razón mi barco


I like it


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>check his rym's favorite artist section
>all that fucking memerap
>denzel curry
>a fucking digibro rap collab
at least he like Pat the Bunny, Coheed, Goreshit, and Ween but holy shit taste. why is it that people from chan sites or /mu/ always vomit memerap on their favorite artists alongside actual good artists? it's embarrassing and the ones who do that always come across like they are trying to prove something.


File: 1538076341563.png (434.39 KB, 680x962, __lavinia_whateley_fate_gr….png)



> Infinite Outlaw

That underage trans SJW faggot needs a bullet to his head he is not a hikikomori and never was he is just trying to fit in with something he doesn't understand all trans people need to die.


He's not trans.


>He's not trans.

Oh yes he is when we first met he told me he was and preferred to be called a girl and go by the name Lilly.


He might have been fucking with you.


>He might have been fucking with you.

Nope go back and watch some of his older videos he outright calls himself Lilly and considers himself trans.


I really wonder what god thought when he created the human race.
One would think for someone all-knowing and infallible, he would have created humans without any flaws.
I mean, when an engineer wants to develop a new machine, he usually designs it as flawless as possible, right?

Instead, god somehow ended up creating vile creatures that enjoy the torment of anyone. For mere reasons like "fun". I hope one day a great storm comes that will flush away humanity from the globe completely. We were a mistake from the very beginning…


He also did a video outright saying he's not trans on his second channel???


just who is this again?


>just who is this again?

An underage fag who thinks being a hikikomori is cool.


>He also did a video outright saying he's not trans on his second channel???

He never said he wasn't trans he said that he is fine being a guy and no longer identifies as a girl but the feelings aren't completely gone and that there could be a possibility of him relapsing so yes he is a tranny faggot.


Well he hasn't relapsed and he seems to have actively trying to change himself. Unlike most of these trans SJWS you dont see them actually trying to change who they are. These are just feelings he had. You realize he was raped right? These feelings dont come out of no where. And it's been months since he made that video. It seems pretty set in stone to me. Either way feelings and thoughts are just that. It's how you act that matters dude. And as far as being trans goes, he doesn't seem to be pushy or act weird about it at all. If you watch his new live stream he actually shits on trans people for needing gender in the first place. That he thinks gender in it of itself is a weak thing to cling to. He seems pretty anti trans to me.


File: 1546211985759.png (72.3 KB, 478x187, unknown-14.png)

Oh Tatsuhiro Satou.


well he locked himself out his channel now.



>well he locked himself out his channel now.

Is he dead?


He's still active


Modern frustration and sedentarism can foster the illogical sentiment that is "hating humanity". But, the truth is: there's nothing of fundamentally negative in human animals, intrinsically speaking. The problem is how domesticated we've got. Just look at hunters-gatherers and chimps (our closest relatives) - they very rarely feel like you're feeling right now.

Our biggest problem is that we had the misfortune of being born inside a dystopian zoo (e.i. civilization).





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