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this week i had


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You're fucked.


Gender dysphoria is not real, go outside(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)


Yes it is, don't listen to the uncomfy poster OP. That said it takes a tad longer than a week to figure out in my experience and that of other trans people I know.


You cannot understand what you will never experience. Don't make it worse for OP just because you don't know what it feels like


not him but OP's thread is so shitposty and low effort it should be made fun of. if I said "i fele sad cuz im fat" then walk away should I get free hugs? yeah i dont think so


I agree the post is shit but it doesn't give 6668 the right to ignore OP's disorder and tell them they're faking it because they're fortunate enough to not experience it


If OP is seriously experiencing thoughts of this kind, they're never going to get a proper response on an imageboard like this and neither should they expect one. Not suggesting they go for a tumblr hugbox, but they should definitely contact the relevant services for their country or, hell, go to somewhere like /lgbt/ at the very least. Not trying to be offensive to OP, but I think this is the wrong place.


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Me too, OP. I wish you good feels and whatever resolution is possible in the future. Please try to open your threads outside of /ot/ with a higher quality post body.

It makes me sad that I can't seem to make this place trans-friendly like it used to be in its heyday. Maybe I need to start enforcing Rule 7 more heavily. I think people with these kinds of problems have given up on talking about them because of the reception they will get. I wonder if it is too late to improve this a little. /hikki/ is ideally supposed to be a helpful place, but I sat on my hands about various problems for a long time.



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Same anon as >>6674 and embarrassingly >>6662 here

I'm all for this being a welcoming space for whoever. I'm a "possibly" gay person and I usually have a "don't know, don't care" approach to this kind of stuff. But I've used the Internet long enough to know that certain identities and topics sometimes need their own spaces to actually get the right help and feedback from strangers online, otherwise you end up having to deal with shit like >>6668 instead of people who actually know what they're talking about and can be constructive about it.

But you're the admin, so you know best. Good luck in trying to steer /hikki/'s (or ubuu's in general?) board culture.


lol I wish I knew best. Being admin just means that everyone has to go along with whatever I think is best at the time, and I've been wrong more times than I can count. This used to be a welcoming space and maybe it can be steered in that direction a little, but it'll never be what it once was. YNDD was our last big chance (so far anyway) to refresh the userbase, but we chased away just about everyone who came here by not being welcoming at all. So, I don't know. All I can do is my best.

All of my mods gave up a while ago and are only working on Discord now, so it's just me in charge of everything and that makes it very difficult to steer anything. Maybe I should start building a new staff.

Edit: Thanks, this thread inspired me to do a couple of things with the site.


I'm pretty sure this site is already trans-friendly, a good piece of out userbase is trans and that's a well known fact around here, random non regulars visiting the boards to be hateful will always be there and it doesn't change ubuu's overall opinion.

Mixed feelings about the new board, /hikki/ was always the place to talk about this kinda stuff, and all the site should be the right place to post for LGBT users, not caging them into a "safe space" which already sounds like we have bones of glass.

On the other hand, having the board tells outsiders where we stand in this, and that's a good thing that may discourage bigoted people to even bother browsing the site.

The best of luck.


Your second point is part of my intention, though the first is a valid concern. I am hoping that whatever activity I might cultivate in /q/ will both serve to show regulars and visitors where we stand, as well as balloon out to the rest of the site as a consequence of deflecting some negative sentiment by its presence. But, it is an experiment, so much luck is needed.

Also, /hikki/ by design tends to be very NEET-oriented, so I wanted an advice/discussion board more specific to LGBT discussion without necessarily having the NEET qualifier.


File: 1627152901434.jpg (216.14 KB, 1200x1080, wVFqoPb.jpg)

Agreed with the other anon above. I know my posts seem overly negative about the idea of having the topic be freely accessible across all baords, but that's probably just my 4chan/edgy social media-poisoned brain wrongly assuming it'll cause shitstorm after shitstorm. Good luck.


Well, making a whole board for it definitely caused a shitstorm, but I still wish it could be easier to talk about in the existing boards. If someone wants to try I'll do my best to back them up and keep the derailers away, but it's kind of a battle and I am only one Seisatsu. Still you should be able to count on posts like >>6668 getting redtexted when I see them.


File: 1627334080958-0.jpg (30.91 KB, 400x624, photo_2021-07-26_20-07-55.jpg)

File: 1627334080958-1.jpg (60.67 KB, 1280x877, photo_2021-07-26_19-06-21.jpg)

Never lose hope to find another person simular to you who will see how you are beautiful inside. Helped me, couldn't wish better, actually was thinking nothing like this is even possible. Because everybody deserves love, and to love is also to give, no matter how one can not be appealing outside, everyone has god spark inside.

And then you woulnd't feel urge to find validation trying to join the_opressed or to label yourself as whatever you feel like at this point of time. You're living being, you're human, you should value opportunity nature had given to you and its better not getting confused in this rapidly changing world.

The third wonder of the Bodhisattva myth is that the first
wonder (namely, the bisexual form) is symbolical of the second
(the identity of eternity and time). For in the language of the divine pictures, the world of time is the great mother womb. The
life therein, begotten by the father, is compounded of her darkness and his light.131
We are conceived in her and dwell removed from the father, but when we pass from the womb of time at
death {which is our birth to eternity) we are given into his
hands. The wise realize, even within this womb, that they have
come from and are returning to the father; while the very wise
know that she and he are in substance one.
Joseph Campbell - The Hero with a Thousand Faces


File: 1627339150387.png (575.93 KB, 1386x750, mizore 1.png)

I was gonna stick this in the /sugg/ thread but I guess there's no harm doing it here.

>making a whole board for it definitely caused a shitstorm

I hate to say I told you so, but here we are. I feel a bit shitty having given you any support for making this site more overtly LGBTQ-friendly, and maybe even putting the idea of a dedicated space in your head, but hey - I admire that you gave it a go. That takes some reckless confidence I only wish I had. It was admittedly fun watching the shitstorm, though I have no doubt it was hell for you to experience. Sorry.

>Still you should be able to count on posts like 6668 getting redtexted when I see them

That's probably for the best. I think it's clear to everyone that you have your own vision of what you want this place to be like, but you're always going to be beholden to the users themselves and what they specifically want. It's no secret that an imageboard is usually just an imageboard, wherever you go. Such a niche board like this is only going to attract people used to the general culture of places like 4ch, or normals who wander in after playing YN on Steam. Chilled space or not, certain topics will forever be touchy just by their contentious nature. I appreciate your desire to take a more balanced approach, opting to moderate things more, but expect an uphill climb on that front. At least the new rules seem more agreeable.

Honestly, good luck with all of this in the future. All the best.

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