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this week i had


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You're fucked.


Gender dysphoria is not real, go outside(Spammed gore in later posts?... (VPN))


Yes it is, don't listen to the uncomfy poster OP. That said it takes a tad longer than a week to figure out in my experience and that of other trans people I know.


You cannot understand what you will never experience. Don't make it worse for OP just because you don't know what it feels like


not him but OP's thread is so shitposty and low effort it should be made fun of. if I said "i fele sad cuz im fat" then walk away should I get free hugs? yeah i dont think so


I agree the post is shit but it doesn't give 6668 the right to ignore OP's disorder and tell them they're faking it because they're fortunate enough to not experience it


If OP is seriously experiencing thoughts of this kind, they're never going to get a proper response on an imageboard like this and neither should they expect one. Not suggesting they go for a tumblr hugbox, but they should definitely contact the relevant services for their country or, hell, go to somewhere like /lgbt/ at the very least. Not trying to be offensive to OP, but I think this is the wrong place.


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Me too, OP. I wish you good feels and whatever resolution is possible in the future. Please try to open your threads outside of /ot/ with a higher quality post body.

It makes me sad that I can't seem to make this place trans-friendly like it used to be in its heyday. Maybe I need to start enforcing Rule 7 more heavily. I think people with these kinds of problems have given up on talking about them because of the reception they will get. I wonder if it is too late to improve this a little. /hikki/ is ideally supposed to be a helpful place, but I sat on my hands about various problems for a long time.



File: 1627090075815.jpg (58.38 KB, 1238x1384, 20210712_112435.jpg)

Same anon as >>6674 and embarrassingly >>6662 here

I'm all for this being a welcoming space for whoever. I'm a "possibly" gay person and I usually have a "don't know, don't care" approach to this kind of stuff. But I've used the Internet long enough to know that certain identities and topics sometimes need their own spaces to actually get the right help and feedback from strangers online, otherwise you end up having to deal with shit like >>6668 instead of people who actually know what they're talking about and can be constructive about it.

But you're the admin, so you know best. Good luck in trying to steer /hikki/'s (or ubuu's in general?) board culture.


lol I wish I knew best. Being admin just means that everyone has to go along with whatever I think is best at the time, and I've been wrong more times than I can count. This used to be a welcoming space and maybe it can be steered in that direction a little, but it'll never be what it once was. YNDD was our last big chance (so far anyway) to refresh the userbase, but we chased away just about everyone who came here by not being welcoming at all. So, I don't know. All I can do is my best.

All of my mods gave up a while ago and are only working on Discord now, so it's just me in charge of everything and that makes it very difficult to steer anything. Maybe I should start building a new staff.

Edit: Thanks, this thread inspired me to do a couple of things with the site.


I'm pretty sure this site is already trans-friendly, a good piece of out userbase is trans and that's a well known fact around here, random non regulars visiting the boards to be hateful will always be there and it doesn't change ubuu's overall opinion.

Mixed feelings about the new board, /hikki/ was always the place to talk about this kinda stuff, and all the site should be the right place to post for LGBT users, not caging them into a "safe space" which already sounds like we have bones of glass.

On the other hand, having the board tells outsiders where we stand in this, and that's a good thing that may discourage bigoted people to even bother browsing the site.

The best of luck.


Your second point is part of my intention, though the first is a valid concern. I am hoping that whatever activity I might cultivate in /q/ will both serve to show regulars and visitors where we stand, as well as balloon out to the rest of the site as a consequence of deflecting some negative sentiment by its presence. But, it is an experiment, so much luck is needed.

Also, /hikki/ by design tends to be very NEET-oriented, so I wanted an advice/discussion board more specific to LGBT discussion without necessarily having the NEET qualifier.


File: 1627152901434.jpg (216.14 KB, 1200x1080, wVFqoPb.jpg)

Agreed with the other anon above. I know my posts seem overly negative about the idea of having the topic be freely accessible across all baords, but that's probably just my 4chan/edgy social media-poisoned brain wrongly assuming it'll cause shitstorm after shitstorm. Good luck.


Well, making a whole board for it definitely caused a shitstorm, but I still wish it could be easier to talk about in the existing boards. If someone wants to try I'll do my best to back them up and keep the derailers away, but it's kind of a battle and I am only one Seisatsu. Still you should be able to count on posts like >>6668 getting redtexted when I see them.


File: 1627334080958-0.jpg (30.91 KB, 400x624, photo_2021-07-26_20-07-55.jpg)

File: 1627334080958-1.jpg (60.67 KB, 1280x877, photo_2021-07-26_19-06-21.jpg)

Never lose hope to find another person simular to you who will see how you are beautiful inside. Helped me, couldn't wish better, actually was thinking nothing like this is even possible. Because everybody deserves love, and to love is also to give, no matter how one can not be appealing outside, everyone has god spark inside.

And then you woulnd't feel urge to find validation trying to join the_opressed or to label yourself as whatever you feel like at this point of time. You're living being, you're human, you should value opportunity nature had given to you and its better not getting confused in this rapidly changing world.

The third wonder of the Bodhisattva myth is that the first
wonder (namely, the bisexual form) is symbolical of the second
(the identity of eternity and time). For in the language of the divine pictures, the world of time is the great mother womb. The
life therein, begotten by the father, is compounded of her darkness and his light.131
We are conceived in her and dwell removed from the father, but when we pass from the womb of time at
death {which is our birth to eternity) we are given into his
hands. The wise realize, even within this womb, that they have
come from and are returning to the father; while the very wise
know that she and he are in substance one.
Joseph Campbell - The Hero with a Thousand Faces


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I was gonna stick this in the /sugg/ thread but I guess there's no harm doing it here.

>making a whole board for it definitely caused a shitstorm

I hate to say I told you so, but here we are. I feel a bit shitty having given you any support for making this site more overtly LGBTQ-friendly, and maybe even putting the idea of a dedicated space in your head, but hey - I admire that you gave it a go. That takes some reckless confidence I only wish I had. It was admittedly fun watching the shitstorm, though I have no doubt it was hell for you to experience. Sorry.

>Still you should be able to count on posts like 6668 getting redtexted when I see them

That's probably for the best. I think it's clear to everyone that you have your own vision of what you want this place to be like, but you're always going to be beholden to the users themselves and what they specifically want. It's no secret that an imageboard is usually just an imageboard, wherever you go. Such a niche board like this is only going to attract people used to the general culture of places like 4ch, or normals who wander in after playing YN on Steam. Chilled space or not, certain topics will forever be touchy just by their contentious nature. I appreciate your desire to take a more balanced approach, opting to moderate things more, but expect an uphill climb on that front. At least the new rules seem more agreeable.

Honestly, good luck with all of this in the future. All the best.


File: 1627871950185.jpg (406.65 KB, 1632x2048, E38AZf_VEAc5cVM.jpg)

definitely going to miss the lgbt board but i can understand it might have caused some shitstorm. i wish people would be more open to the discussion but given the current social climate it feels hard.


File: 1627976879583.jpg (106.29 KB, 1200x675, EVLbG0eUMAEzDHv.jpg)

I sincerely have no idea why some people here seem to think talking about gay shit is some sort of taboo just because some loser posts hate every now and then, why do you give a shit? that will happen with just about any other opinion in imageboards.

You shouldn't silence yourselves for such a thing, post as much gay shit as you life, the community and staff already picked a side many years ago.

Post your gay shit and stop giving a damn.


File: 1629267582195.jpg (200.22 KB, 1200x900, dissociating242233.jpg)

Mods I accidentally posted this as a topic first because I'm tired. Sorry, when you get the chance please delete it.
Because when you're having the mental health problems caused by the societal alienation imposed by those hateful people and you're an anon on one of the few imageboards that might understand it can be heartbreaking to see a hateful response like that. Uboachan is one of the comfiest places left and we should strive to keep it that way.
This is why >>6668 at minimum violated rule 7 and in my opinion at least rule 6. of the posting guidelines too.
If the moderation capacity ever exists again I hope /lgbt/ comes back. There's only one other comfy board I know of that has a dedicated space.


File: 1629511521945.png (69.59 KB, 236x242, 189814916.28499982_E43IKWt….png)

being trans is literally a curse from god himself and it makes life pretty miserable but you can still enjoy yourself
just dont join any weird groups about it i promise it doesn't help 99% of the time, just find supportive friends instead of weird culty ones
never knew u were a chill tranner saysotsoo :) that is cool


Normally a lurker, I've seen most smaller IBs fester in aggressive anti-lgbt sentiment and just general bad vibes. Glad to see this comfy place having a different feel.

anon I don't know if this is helpful, but I'm trying to wear slightly more feminine clothing that I can still pass off as male, or say one piece of jewellery. Eg I wear a women's silver necklace under my shirt some days, that is a lot cheaper than it looks, ordered it online through a department store. Start with cheap stuff in charity shops and the like. I'm still learning to cope with it honestly.


can't even be a shut in and post on smaller boards without this seeping onto the site
it's like watching other people say they want to be just like you and put on clown outfits, it's a fucking joke for both parties
i just want to vent without this following me everywhere
inb4 just go somewhere else they'll tell me to be a normie and get a job there is no space safe anymore


is it really fair to describe it as "seeping in" if it's been here for years


at least it wasn't in your face, i remember some posts in other vent threads but at this point i'm tired of it on every site and i'm sure there's some who stop by who feel similar


File: 1629681890438.jpg (695.29 KB, 1000x928, 1625525327025.jpg)

Autists often have problems relating to their bodies, their identity and other people.

The troon sales pitch offers an easy solution to all of the above, that goes something like: “The reason you don’t feel at home in your own body, and have problems relating to other people, is because you’re transsexual. You were born as the wrong sex, but by becoming your authentic self you can fix that!

It’s the ol’ quick fix sales pitch combined with the kind of “love bombardment” any resepectable cult uses.

(And It sure sounds a lot better than: Sorry: The reason you have problems relating to yourself and to others is because of autism: An incurable condition we don’t know that much about!)

Once you’re in, you might not feel a lot better, but suddenly you have a “community”. And like with any cult, the rabbit hole always goes deeper.

“Coming out” didn’t make you feel better? Well, try to change your name and live as the opposite gender.

Still not feeling like “your true self”? That’s probably transphobia! Or you need to get surgery.


File: 1629731937457.jpg (23.67 KB, 337x481, disgruntled mexican rat.jpg)

>the only reason people do things I don't like is because they've been manipulated into it by wreckers
>"autists" are either deagentized, child-coded, infinitely pathetic victims (if they're doing what I want) or terrorist sex trafficker cult kingpin groomers (if not)


File: 1629739043206.jpg (493.53 KB, 1200x675, clown.jpg)

>Source: Dude trust me
Ah yes, the academy of hikkiNEET at it again.


File: 1629740515094.jpg (58.94 KB, 1200x675, Dr4_i_NUcAEJWkZ.jpg)

Though I agree LGBT circles can and do end up cult-like and hugboxy, the same is true of basically any identity or niche that gets picked up on the internet. It's an extremely illogical leap to assume feelings expressed as "gender dysphoria" is because the person experiencing it is a vague idea of an autist and not because it is it's own issue that needs working out. Though true that a lot of trans people are autistic or end up in nerdy alt-circles, plenty aren't.

I reckon most would rather be "autistic" than "trans" anyway. As another poster said above, being trans is like a curse from god, especially in the current conditions we live in. It's not cool or trendy. It's shite.

Unless we all just took the b8, in which case, you got us man. Nice hook.


Since this turned into a gay thread, I just have to ask why do all trans people on the internet talk the same? They all watch the same anime, all type behind walls of irony, and a good chunk of them are pretty hateful. I know some gay men that are fucking brilliant, and they manage to be chill without butchering the English language, and can talk about topics that aren't about rei ayanami having gender dysphoria


Lots of trans people are chill and original in tastes, met a lot of the good ones here in this site, the annoying ones that look like they're mass produced just happen to be the ones who like to be the moost loud about it, like it's some kind of political party.

I mean here in the boards, don't go to the Discord server, that won't help my case.


>all type behind walls of irony, and a good chunk of them are pretty hateful

I would imagine that it's for similar reasons that some people with fringe political views/nerds stuck in 2006/incels/some NEETs/etc end up the same way: it's easier to cope with the feeling the world is against you if you're a complete dick about it.


File: 1629776369799.png (47.75 KB, 400x400, abc.png)

i notice that a lot from T peep who live exclusively on the internet; posting in an ironic broken english childlike SO RANDUMB way o(^_^)o
i guess they believe acting like a self-absorbed 12yo from MySpace makes them more feminine?

ironically OP posting like that contributed to this thread being gay instead of what they're going through.


it's how you be nonconfrontational on the internet these days
capital letters and complete sentences make you look like an asshole who's trying to win an argument
whereas if you post like you're high you come off as high and who tf gets any satisfaction out of bullying a high person


File: 1629832486088.jpeg (29.97 KB, 768x542, jessicayaniv-e15645902256….jpeg)

>i guess they believe acting like a self-absorbed 12yo from MySpace makes them more feminine?
Yes, and they're always the ones who look like picrel.


Get yourself sorted out first because going trans will not fix you. It will make it worse. Those other trans people are usually immersed in trans communities that are far off and will just repeat mantras to keep same. You don't want to be that weirdo that will lash out at others for not using pronouns. That will just make you look like a ticking time bomb.(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1629868714954.jpg (38 KB, 639x513, Dr9dYjCV4AAN-mL.jpg)

I will like to remind our dear visitors that no one ITT is a psychologist or an expert of any kind and all opinions on the internet are invalid so don't take any of the info ITT as a source for anything regarding what you should do with your mental health.

Thanks, now you can continue.


blatant appeal to authority for one of the memeiest soft sciences isn't any better. this is the internet, anyone can collect good, doctored information to make a concise statement with.


just to clarify I'm not talking about anti-trans, just a more critical lens of psychiatry and psychology. shit like ODD or homosexuality being a mental illness, which is just absolute bullshit. I should make a thread about this now let me kindly leave


File: 1629912766184.jpg (7.8 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Not from this imageboard, let alone from this thread. You cannot decide what is better for your mental health by simply googling shit, that is anti-vaxx levels of stupid, there is serious information yes, but surrounded by a minefield of bullshit and not worth the gamble.

>memeiest soft sciences

So, you know about mental health better than a psychiatrist?
You better respond to this one lol, there is only one right answer.

I get it, you look like the cool kid by going against the norm, but telling people they can rely on the internet to decide for their mental health is the stupidest take ITT so far, and very dangerous to even imply to people who can be feeling very confused due to the nature of dysphoria.

Psychiatrists prescribe medicine and work alongside doctors to determine what you need, in the case of trans people can range from antidepressants all the way to the doctor's office for hormones in a combined effort to make their lives less miserable.

Psychology as science accepts and recognizes transgender people as a real thing and uses its methods to encourage them to pursue their gender identity.

Psychiatrists are taken seriously by the law and help to profile criminals in court in literally every country and help governments make studies to better understand the population for both good and bad reasons.

You have a long VERY long way to even come close to disprove all that, they all have studied for it, you have not.

Here's some read you can make written by professionals of both medicine and psychology:





The problem the critics have, metaphorically, is that they're (rightfully) dissatisfied with the cathedral's answers, but they're totally unequipped and unwilling to go into the forest, which is terrifying. There are questions concerning gender with which they simply cannot reckon. So, instead, they keep treading the same boring paths set out for them by other people, which all go nowhere.

For instance, why is it that all the object lessons in why "this thing" is bad and should be avoided are drawn from the same meager fistful of people doing it poorly? Why do they always draw from the same tiny, wretched puddle of examples? Why don't they show the best attempts, rather than the worst?
If someone wanted you to avoid a course of action, you'd think they'd steelman their position by first showing you examples of people who have pursued it perfectly and then explaining why it's nevertheless still bad. In other words, for the strongest argument, they'd post pictures of ordinary girls and explain why you shouldn't want to look like one.

Unless, of course, they couldn't.


>that title
Haha me too. I just drink and try to use escapism more. I do think it plays a large part in why I'm hiki. I'm not sure how I can fix it so I dont know how I can fix being hiki.


File: 1632379491856.jpg (110.15 KB, 462x570, a10a0b55d34ce02429b4d357c7….jpg)

Why should I try when I will never be the gender I want to be? 90% of the reason I'm neet. All I do is drink and browse img boards. Dysphoria is a bitch and kills all my drive to do anything.


What have you got to lose? If you can't go all the way you can still go some of the way.


>What have you got to lose?
Most of my family as they are very against it. I really need to move out and get a place/job but my motivation is -200.


>Doctor I'd like to remove my hand
>Are you Insane?

>Doctor I'd like to remove my penis

>Seems perfectly normal.
Start exercising and watching Shonen anime like jojo's and ignore the trans encouragement.
Turn back while you can anon.


For a lot of people, "some of the way" can sometimes be worse than nothing at all. You can easily end up in a shitty middle ground wherein you no longer easily look your original gender, but don't pass in your desired one. It's what the stereotypical visibly-trans stock character is based on. Depending on your living situation/country you're in, you can end up fucking up your mental health even more.

Shit-tier bait. At least the generic "just excercise lmao" advice is good.


File: 1632639907014.jpg (141.53 KB, 413x443, 1622720614063.jpg)

>Start exercising and watching Shonen anime like jojo's
Not them but do you really think this works? Its not like I want to be this way. I dont watch a lot of anime just mostly read manga and its not my fault that I love shoujo manga its just what I like. I used to be fit and it didnt change what I liked nor did it make me want to be a girl any less (if anything more). It would be so much easier to do everything if I didnt have dysphoria/want to be a girl constantly. I wish I could explain it in words how much this feels like hell that I live in.


You're responding to bait, no one in their right mind would talk like that, also Jojo is a garbage show for the Tiktok generation to meme about and force into every conversation because they look funny among themselves while looking like absolute retards to everyone else.


Your probably right but idk some people can be really stupid. I've met people who think like that irl before(granted it was years ago as I've not left my room in years).


File: 1632679186902.jpg (432.54 KB, 850x1511, 160528444724.jpg)

I can relate a lot to this, you are not alone with your suffering.
What does it change if I would aim for the change? My father would kill be with his bare hands if I would do it. Good thing I don't want to though. Why should I?
So many experiences already made, I was born male, went to school male, got my diplomas male, worked male. My upbringing and education is done and everything in connection to it too. If I would change now I would destroy the last bridge I didn't burn yet, my past that leads to now. Sure the spot I am in is shit but there is nothing to gain with a change anyway. For what the change when so many, including the state and the last people that help me, don't even acknowledge it? I wouldn't even be a full-fledged girl anyway, internal organs, you know?
If there would be a button to press that resets everything and causes myself to be born female, anytime.
There is no choice but to life with it, as an introverted and lonely man. Picking things that I like to bring some joy to myself and giving my best to somehow manage.
As somebody said on this board, if you don't want to rope, then you have to cope.


File: 1632708848727.jpeg (161.7 KB, 1280x720, jojo.jpeg)

>shit bait
>still takes it

>Jojo is a garbage

>T. shojo fan

you probably have a bad relationship with your father and have low testosterone in your body.
i would recoment you to fix that.

you haven't always felt dysphoria, right?
transitioning would only create a never healing wound on your body and you would have to take antibiotics and a lot of other pills for the rest of your life and that would be realy expensive.
it wouldn't make you happier and you would just gaslight your self into thinking you are happy.
just look at internet trans people.
they build their entire personalaty around it to cope with their mistake and get/or attention.

even if you are a girl
you can never become a cute anime girl
(in minecraft please don't ban me janny)
and i don't say this to be hateful.


Jojo is still garbage for tiktok teens though.


File: 1632753790788.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, shiggy.gif)

>creates bait
>people take it
>"wow lad you took bait knowingly you sure are dumb"

>genuinely believes low testosterone or daddy issues mean anything in this context

>is determined to post bullshit to get attention and rile people up
>hides behind a veneer of "I'm not being hateful"

You're right about weird terminally online transtrenders if nothing else. You're still yet to post anything remotely close to genuine advice on the neet/advice board.


It's the anime equivalent of health food. Not actually better for you, sort of gross unless you've persuaded yourself you like it, used by people who don't understand what it is to do shit it wasn't made for (cf. carob), expensive (in this case time, not money), and consumed by people for whom not getting anything out of it is a subtle signifier. People whose lives don't involve carrying heavy things around or visualizing wiring diagrams can afford to eat a diet of kelp and hemp granola. It's the same with emotional stimulation.

I just wish these fucking Californians would lay off the rest of us, though.


File: 1632819035505.png (714.3 KB, 1062x1200, 1631960583544.png)

And fast food is SoL. Shitty chinese takeaway food thats covered in grease is Ghibli movies. VN's are corn cereal with milk. Now what animays are a proper, low calorie, healthy and nutritious meal for 1 adult? Throw me some numbers pussy boy I need a diet.


File: 1632841797341.png (507.41 KB, 1152x648, image.png)

I don't know how severe your gender dysphoria is OP. I only want to be a woman, and an anime girl occassionaly. I don't really care about gender expression, or pronouns or hate my body and I don't really feel any dysphoria like how most trans discuss about feeling disgusted by their bulge and how they lack breasts, but at the same time I also feel happy when I make avatars of myself as a girl.

Any way, you have to choose between encouraging your feelings or to convert these feelings into something else.
If you want to encourage these feelings you can always transition, but if you can't do that, then just start expressing yourself in a healthy way.
Try cross-dressing, read gender bender manga, jack off to yuri or trap hentai, use VR or create a twitter profile with an anime avatar.
I can't afford to encourage these feelings because I sure as hell won't pass, and I also fear being shunned by my family and society.
If you choose to not encourage your feelings, you have to figure out something to explain yourself and to cope with these feelings without encouraging them.
You can go full denial, like the anon above who suggested you to make yourself more masculine and that these feelings would go away. Spoiler alert: it really won't and you only make it worse, based on what I read around. When you see yourself in a mirror, and you see a man with muscles speaking a coarse voice and wanting to be a girl, changes are you're going to break down.
There's a controversial term called autogynephilia which portrays these feelings as a fetish, and you can consider your gender dysphoria as a mental illness and start seeking therapy and medication for it.
Even if you choose to transition, you will continue to experience gender dysphoria which won't go away.
I have read stories about how trans chose God, Army or a loving wife and family to keep their gender dysphoria at bay, but I have also read stories about families that collapse because of coming out.

I think the only way to cope with gender dysphoria is to incorporate it into your life, so each time you get depressive episodes you can confront yourself with it to justify your existence.
I think asking you to choose a job that helps you express your gender variance like acting, cooking, masseur, transgender activist, hentai artist, etc. isn't a practical suggestion in /hikki/.
There's even something that you can do beyond gender expression that doesn't require you to seek transition, therapy, gender expression, a job where you can express yourself, etc. It's to simply accept that it's part of you and to be proud of it because this is you.

It's something difficult and won't really be suitable for every one, especially for those who experience severe gender dysphoria, but for those who can, I think it's possible. I try to do it simply because I have no choice, no job, no supportive family and I live in a conservative country where none of this is even an issue.

Whatever you do, remember that none of what you do really matters because even those who transition experience gender dysphoria, and there's no cure for it unless they develop consciousness transfer that you can upload to an authentic female body, or a cyborg's AI. Research is still in the domain of science-fiction. The only option if not rope, is cope.

Good luck.


>even those who transition experience gender dysphoria
maybe so, maybe no


quality post.

do you speak from experience? most, maybe all, of the transitioned transpeople i know still experience dysphoria sometimes. transitioning certainly helps reduce the severity of those feelings and how often they occur, but - as the anon you're replying to said - they're not something you can permanently solve for most dysphoric people with our current scientific capabilities.

i am curious to any anon reading this, though: if you live in a more liberal area where the trans thing is more socially accepted, do the people around you demonstrably suffer less internally? maybe living in this shithole makes me think all the trans are miserable.


I'm in California which is pretty much as trans-friendly as it gets, and a bunch of my trans friends still talk about experiencing dysphoria. And the ones who don't talk about it may or may not be experiencing it too.

Even the ones who pass perfectly at this point still experience dysphoria sometimes. After all, the one who looks at you the most closely is yourself, and you will tend to look in the mirror and see a bunch of tiny features that no one else will ever notice, that still remind you of your pre-transition appearance.


Excellent post.

The problem with most right-coded discourse is that - protestations about "biological reality" aside - their premises are actually just another reification of the concept of "gender" as a semi-metaphysical entity - only, as befitting the general hypocrisy of all political entities, one with much less room for freedom to it.

Hence you have, instead of organisms and chemicals, Men and Women as utterly reified entities, and "chromosomes" instead of "female brains" as ultimate (yet totally inadequate) backing in reality.

It really is too good. They're dependent on biology, but that very dependence means there's questions they can't ask (not answer, ask) about it! Questions like, what is testosterone, really, and is it good for you? Or, what kinds of faces do people like to look at? Or, what is the nature of high-trust society and is it really all just IQ and rice? Or, more generally, what is the nature of beauty and why do "beautiful men" just look girlfaced, unless you've decided to grit your teeth and make an alliance with the homos?

Having a lot of questions you can't ask (or which have bad, official answers) doesn't exactly bring in the good brains, though, so after a while the whole thing starts to reek of upvotes.

Well, yeah, you'll never be able to go full Terminator on anyone, if only because You Will Never Have Metal Bones, so there's precious little point in lifting. Wait, is that right? Or is that "soy"? And why are we able to make Wojak a universally risible caricature just by adding beard stubble?


insane post, redditor, kill yourself(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)


Either because you saw a few trans people in similar online communities talk about the same things and became a slave to your confirmation bias, or because trans people on the Internet tend to network with each other. Probably a combination of both.


To be fair, the only reason it's not an insane post is that so much insane bullshit has been worked into the general discourse that you can express total lunacy without ever once stepping outside standard consensus.

Like, the "cult" thing. We know what a "cult" is because of the "anti-cult movement", which is a thing from the '70s where prots and feds joined together to exterminate new religious movements because their doctrine was heretical and they didn't pay taxes, and which peaked with a bunch of children being immolated.
And what makes "cult" work, the implied verb, is deprogramming, which is a thing where you pay heavies to abduct people from a religious order until such time as they stop believing in it.

In other words, it's castrating zillenial horseshit not significantly different from a shitlib boomer whining about 'YouTube radicalization'. "We are manifestly correct," so the eternal narrative goes, "so if people choose to do other than We wish, it's because they were illegitimately manipulated in a way that fits precisely a preexisting and murkily quasi-legal category that justifies using the maximum force against them."


Except it's worse than that, because they want the definition of "cult" expanded to the point that there doesn't even need to be any coherent doctrine, any leadership (weaksauce Discord frameups from the '10s aside). In other words, the proper domain of that which polices against cults, its beat, is the totality of human social interaction.


You actually gave that much of your time and effort to respond to a lazy shitpost.


I did. It was worth saying.


Dogshit posts. Back to Reddit.


Funny you mention Reddit when its one of the most troon-infested sites on the entire internet to the point that there's a non-trivial chance your account will be nuked entirely should you say something wrong.

Don't expect people to ignore and enable mental illness or to go along with its fantasies.

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