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File: 1458840570809.png (21.84 KB, 222x240, perfectamazing.png)


Hey /n/, gotta wonder has anything good happened to y'all lately? Could be as minor as remembering a funny event from a manga or something huge. I'm curious.


File: 1458845156055.gif (1.96 MB, 500x300, giphy.gif)

YO motherfucker I love positive shit, I love positive shit so much that for this post in particular which is super rad in my opinion I am going to be posting a GIF image!!! Holy cow that is some real tight animation there and should get everyone super excited. Animation makes me happy because I like seeing things move. I also like pretty colors like the ones used in the image used for this thread. Anyway, everything good has happened to me recently and I'm feeling great! I keep receiving compliments about what a great programmer, artist, chess player, and teacher I am and it allows me to really ride the ego rollercoaster and feel fucking fantastic about myself. I love myself so much more than three years ago. Actually I basically killed the version of me that existed three years ago BUT I HAD HELP FROM GREAT PEOPLE. Seriously, other people helped me so much in my life and they are great friends and family. I love them all for helping me and I love everyone. I feel like I could just exploded with POSITIVE ENERGY!!!! WOOHOO!! Now I'm DATING and I have a bunch of true friends who I speak to regularly!! I'm in the best shape of my life!! I'm going to visit my parents later today and that makes me so excited!!! How is your day going?????!!!!


dude fuck yeah


This thread made me smile.


I ate a lot of salsa today


File: 1458848968808.gif (1.38 MB, 416x310, iloveyou.gif)


Thats freaking awesome. You're rocking it hardcore.


Salsa is amazing, tonight is Taco Night at my house and I will be stuffing my face with it.


Thanks bro


File: 1458853947027.jpg (1.2 MB, 1439x1352, IMG_20160229_152602.jpg)

I got a duck. I didn’t want one, but one morning she was just there in my garden. I don’t know from where it came from. I’ve waited already almost a month for it to go away, but it is still here. It comes when called, enjoys the company of people, and loves to be petted. Don’t know what to name her though.
There is something funny in waking up grumpy, looking through the window, and seeing some random duck nonchalantly swimming in the pool.


File: 1458854457315.png (2.07 MB, 1699x2197, belladonnaaaa.png)

Well, a few things…I've been drawing a lot lately and I feel a lot better now cause I finally developed an art style. This picture is one of my most recent drawings.

Also, just in the past few days, I finally figured out what my major will be. I've been avoiding it for years while taking my generals because I was so unsure for awhile and it made me really anxious, but know I finally have a path to follow ad I'm excited.

I found out Arizona green tea (my favorite tea) comes in JUICE BOXES and I've already had 6 today.

I love positive posts like this <3


She is so cute! I would love to have an animal!
Good for you! It's good that you are developing artistically! You are becoming better and it looks good.


Thank you so much!


It rained and I would actually smells like spring outside.


File: 1458865616998.gif (698.2 KB, 250x200, HappySadness.gif)

Holy duck thats awesome. Maybe you could ask the board for help? I would suggest Mousse because I'm, a huge weeb.

Ooh so lovely! And its great that you decided on a major- not knowing is rough- I spent 8 years getting my bachelors because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do.



File: 1458866401802.gif (735.47 KB, 500x281, tapioca.gif)

>>983 Tapioca or Ahiru are the true weeb duck name choices i will fight you


File: 1458870597257.jpg (635.03 KB, 650x920, A_1406236313642.jpg)

I woke up, and noticed that the golden leaves are already falling.
The seasons are changing; time is flowing. Soon winter will come, people will go out less and less, and the cold will make things complicated for everyone. I grin at the thought, even under my smile mask. And nobody notices; they never notice.
It's almost midnight now, another day I have to spend here has ended. Soon the year will pass by too, and a new one will come.
I just keep drinking my tea while waiting for the moment to come.


File: 1458879265946.jpg (334.09 KB, 575x394, IMG_20160320_154.jpg)

Yes, she is cute. I didn’t know ducks could be this cool. Thank you for the name suggestions, people, although I’m probably not going to be the one naming her. It has been one of my mother’s dreams to have a pet duck so she will probably insist for a name of her choice. But I’ll still suggest the ones you’ve said. If she was black and white I would propose Uboa as a name.


I love that so much.


File: 1458973402597.jpg (12.11 KB, 250x200, alphaduck.jpg)

Moooousse tho.


File: 1458973508049.gif (1.13 MB, 352x232, praise.gif)

My Disability got approved/accepted. Holy beans.


File: 1458984906288.gif (1.55 MB, 460x255, VK9VqcM.gif)



Nice, congrats man.


File: 1459003239264.jpg (179.55 KB, 566x800, OboroMuramasa_wii_art001.jpg)

I got to play videogames with my special friend Guineapig for like 6 hours yesterday and it was super fun. Also I remembered that the game Muramasa exists. I forgot how insanely beautiful that game is, really under appreciated.

only complaint: we both agreed that it only felt like 1 or 2 hours


File: 1459158531002.gif (181.32 KB, 319x319, 1381185176083.gif)

I finally feel like I have a real home to call my own, for the first time I can ever remember. I may have bragged a lot in the past about how I got my life back on track but I didnt really have all I thought I did. I still maintain as I always have that I couldnt have gotten started without focusing my attention on things that give me positive energy, however it is I finally realized that was the case.

Also I absolutely love my new MP3 player I got for Christmas from Sei's family. Truly this MP3 player must be the secret because I havent had one in four years (old one was stolen at an anime con). I finally got back into school after years of trying to get my head on straight and I don't think I would be excelling as well as I am without it constantly pumping music into my brain. I mostly listen to hardcore and its various subgenres when at school because even though its simple its the fact that its easy to pay attention to in the background while still thinking of and doing more important things. The faster and more hyperactive the better because it drowns out any negativity with its constant pounding pulse. It's just positive background noise instead of listening to the negativity of the other students and people who set up at the school to complain on a literal soapbox about their political issues like abortion and religion which I don't have time to care about when focusing on my academics.

I also recover from my bad moods sometimes by listening to something that relates with them and taking some time to sit and take it in, than breathe it out, or relax from my panicked moments by listening to something artistic, possibly complex, and chilled out.


Also you seem like just the kind of person who would vibe well with be, do you have a Skype address or get on IRC?


File: 1459201245320.jpg (753.56 KB, 3600x2400, cats_4adda4dd16b44_hires.jpg)

Damn. Good for you!
Mine is still being processed…I feel guilty for being a leech on society, but It'll be a huge relief if it goes through.


File: 1459201609194.jpeg (75.69 KB, 408x960, 1448005072875-4.jpeg)

>The faster and more hyperactive the better because it drowns out any negativity with its constant pounding pulse.

I know this feel
I think it's an ADD thing. I have to be listening to speedcore or something similar if I wanna get anything done. It keeps my mind from wandering.


Yes, and skype is probably the best way to reach me. However, I don't want to post that information where everyone can see it, so please contact me at the email address I created above. Obviously, please be sure that I can tell you are the sender of the email.


That sound so great, I'm excited for you.

I feel guilty too, but I will still look for stable employment that works with my mental health. The DVR in my area is trying to find me work from home that doesn't require talking on the phone jobs.


Izumi, do you still want to contact me? I know you wanted to get in touch with me but I feel like it never really came to fruition for whatever reason nature has decided.


I suddenly had a lot of stuff I was going through, I'm on Skype right now tho so I'll just add you


I just emailed you because I cant figure out which one is you.


Sent request on skype.


my dog died this morning


…and that's a positive thing?


In order to keep my family closer together, I've recently started to enforce a rule that prohibits computers in the bedroom and started to make a family computer room where everyone has their computers at.

I've already moved one of my computers over and so has two other family members. All I know is that kids shouldn't have such unrestricted access to computers (especially the internet) and even adults shouldn't be locked up in their rooms. That much I know I can work on for my own kids if I have them.

Plus my family IT work is massively simplified. I might even just rewire my cables so I can move the router and modem closer to the computer room.

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