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Perhaps it's a stupid question, however having never worked a day in my life I feel this feeling is no different from the existential dread of the inevitability of growing old and dying. Just as if you're severely balding or have some kind of terminal illness, there is quite literally nothing one can do to prevent it. As of now I can only feel numb to the fact.

>Question: How can one manage to survive as a hikkikomori? Answer: Because one's food, clothing, and shelter are often assured regardless of situation. In today's society, as long as you're guaranteed the barest essentials, you can continue to live out your hollow existence indefinitely. I didn't realize it before, but in a way, being able to live as a hikkikomori is a luxury. Without the assurance of food, clothing, and shelter; unless you're prepared to die, there's no other choice but to work.


File: 1654500331031.png (43.89 KB, 500x500, 1643585351527.png)

IKTF. Everyone is an artist until they have bills to pay. I'd love to work exclusively part time or freelance doing what I like to sustain myself but that's wishful thinking, and it won't give me enough money to survive when I'm old. My will to 100% dedicate myself to my craft is simply not there due to the urgency to pay dues. I could embrace a quasi-bohemian lifestyle, but I value solitude and silence too much, don't have friends who are into that (contradicting to the former statement, IK), and I don't have a safety network to bounce back into in the case things go awry. And I'm also simply bad lol

>Question: How can one manage to survive as a hikkikomori?

If this is a literal question, you just mooch off whoever you're mooching for the longest time until you're forced to work at an older age. You better have built up some kind of meaningful skills or some kind of nest egg so you're not forced to work at 60. If you inherit property with no mortgage to pay, its very easy to live a low-cost life working a part time job, especially if you become a r*ntier.
To LIVE, however, you have to truly work. Not work for money or commodities, but work for yourself, do something you will be satisfied with in the future. A personal project, a skill, language, etc.
Work itself isn't bad, all life is work. It's just the forced socialisation, alienation (arbitrarily sticking around even though you're doing nothing, not doing what you minimally have an interest on, etc) and the sheer numbness and staticness it encourages, especially if it's a low skill job, that most people hate. Good luck forming coherent memories and experiences when you're just looking at the wall to clock in hours while listening to unstable people doing community service talking to themselves 50h a week, that kind of thing.


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There's a significant problem with a society where a full time job barely nets enough to pay the bills. しょうがない。



Of course being an hikki is a luxury and it is hypocritical if not achieved at it fullest because you're just leeching on the society that you despise and gives you the bare minimum to survive in it just so they dont have your suicide on their weak consciousness… The only way to be a non hypocritical and still be a neet is by being a chad hybrid hobo/hermit who lives off grid…


I just don't want to go back to that lifestyle of working 10 hours and riding on a bus for 2 hours on 4-6 hours of sleep, every single day.


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I am not sure how are things in your country but in mine a senior office job nets you twice the minimum wage (aka enough for one person to sub exist, not enough for car or house and don't even think about a family). Imagine working for 25 years and your work is worth the same as two 15yo…
It reminds of the guy that works as the gatekeeper here in my building. He starts at 07:00 and goes home at 18:00, he just sits in a plastic stool with a mask on his face and watches the sky… No books, no phone, no dogs, no music, no radio… He is fat and balding and must be 40yo. I doubt he makes twice the minimum wage and he doesn't even live in the apartment complex he watches over. I can only guess but the only way someone living like this didn't suicide must be because of their children because his work condition is nothing sort of inhumane.


fuck that sound so depressing. I wouldnt last a Month


weird kitty i like him



what the kitty ?


What if I told you that an 11 hour shift staring at the sky is easy compared to many jobs?


File: 1660694001876.jpg (45.55 KB, 465x465, FaSUsoWX0AIOA7Q.jpg)

"easy," sure. but anyone who has worked for some length of time will tell you that the only real lifeline with shift work is having it engage you in some capacity. being isolated in a small space with fuck all to work on and nobody to talk to will wear you down faster than breaking your back picking in a warehouse job, or suffering with the public in a customer relations position. your boredom is your enemy, because you have no quick and easy way out if it's the only job you have.

i say this as someone whose last job before becoming a neet was a cushy office gig where i didn't actually have to do anything much at all, which i reckon would be a dream job for a lot of hikkineets trying to recover. i only had a couple immediate coworkers who kept to themselves, and so i'd travel for two hours, to sit in an office playing with pencils and pretending to use my keyboard for nine hours, before traveling another two hours so i could sleep. i will never recommend that, as i think it was a factor in my neet lifestyle


File: 1660703809595.png (785.57 KB, 625x625, mfw.png)

Yotsuba gets it. Being like that is a tool on the soul. He is being paid to watch himself rot. I had a wagie at an office too and watching myself going nowhere was degrading and made me hopeless for the future.
Trading time of your life that should be used to save yourself for a few bucks… Might as well eat bugs and live in a pod.


Why didn't you use that time to do your own stuff? Working on a project, looking at websites, reading books?


i did slack off on the occassion, to start off with, and thought i'd found a way i'd be content living with for the rest of my life. it wore me down over time, to the extent where i was living life in the numbest, dullest way possible by the end of it. i didn't turn up one day, ghosted my superior the day after, and got laid off by text a week later.

even if your overall output is always low by the (accidental) designs of the job posting, you're still expected to be "working" at your workstation. you don't want to get reprimanded and punished for filling your empty time with anything unrelated to "work," like i was, and in the moment, you may be wrongly weary of asking for more work to do, in case you end up doing more for a boss you hate for the same pay. so you try to look busy doing nothing at all. i can count on one hand how many days there that i can distinguish from the rest, but i have a lot of memories of being spooked that my boss was looking through the glass wall and i hadn't had to do anything for the past three hours. and on those days where you actually have something to work through, or your coworkers actually have something to say, you best hope you actually find it interesting and rewarding.

sorry for the blogposting, anons. maybe some of you will be more cut out for that kind of wageslaving, but it wasn't for me. my main problem was my attitude was all wrong. i saw work as the worst means to an end, and tried to keep it as simple and easy as i could as a result. i avoided taking on larger workloads early on, and it made my mental issues worse because of how isolating and demeaning it felt to exhaust myself that much for nothing. My lack of visible work ethic made promotions a far-flung dream, and my biggest regret was not asking to switch positions in-office when i first noticed what was happening, because i was qualified for some other positions there.

please don't take the easiest option. take the option that's most interesting to you.


And what were you doing all day in that computer


general admin, order inputs, appointment/meeting schedules and some note taking. i had the "special" privilege of not using the phone either, being such a socially awkward sperglord. with no real raise or promotion path, i never thought just typing stuff for an hour a day at most would be so soul crushing.

again, though, it was the isolation of it all that got to me. you can ignore quiet, asocial peers if you're keeping busy, but i was not. though it may be an assumption to say a lot of people here might have similar people issues to me, i think they might, so my advice remains keeping busy with engaging work if you find a job again.


I was in the same position after I graduated from university, until about a year ago when I had a breakdown and became NEET.

I found when I spent so long trying to look busy by doing nothing at all, when real work came along I couldn't see the difference anymore. It all felt so pointless, and then I began to take that poison home with me.

When started my last job the 2-hour commute was the part I hated most, but by the end it was the only enjoyable part of my day.


Work/school doesn't get easier over time, I was miserable for nearly my whole life before I became a NEET
It puts me in this mindset that is impossible to get out of, and I can't ever clear my head even after hours or days of being away from work or school. It's permanently draining and there's no way to cope with it.
Constantly feeling worthless, encounters with other people wont go out of my head, as well as the noise. I can't deal with it, but I'll have to soon. Can't. Whatever


It'll be okay anon. One way or another, the misery will end. That's what I hold onto.

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