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M-my hands are w-writing on their own~!
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HELLO THERE. It's your friendly neighborhood Writer, just here to leave a pile of rules to establish a level of standards for those who want to enjoy the board.

  • Division of shit from lit: No flimsy, short, barebones posts that are undeveloped and thoughtless. If you're going to write something, write something. Posting an outline of a story or some ideas and looking for critiques or advice is totally acceptable, though.
  • No smut: I had to think about this for some time. Tasteless fap material is not welcome in /lit/. This isn't your personal jerk-off board. Don't write stories that are sex-centric. Sex is a natural human act so it can enhance a story, but sex itself is never by any means a story. Although, if you must, post it in /ot/. If enough people post their smut there, hell, you might get your own smut board.
  • Content: What is/isn't allowed? The works posted do not have to be related directly to Yume Nikki, although a majority tends to me. I believe as far as writing/literature goes, most anything can find its way here. Talking about books and literature is encouraged, as well!
  • Labeling of NSFW material: Some people don't have strong stomachs or don't like sexual content to your writing. If a post or chapter of a story contains some, please label it as such.
  • Level of maturity: Sure, some writers may not have the technical finesse or prowess of people who have been writing for a while. Still, as long as the fledgling writer is trying their best, don't insult others and instead offer advice. Otherwise, posts will be deleted and you may be banned. Repeated offenses will incur increasing penalties.

That's basically it. Read, write, have fun. :D

File: 1436164313450.gif (228.46 KB, 245x265, Kyoko-0118.gif)


I just finished reading Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre a week or so ago, and I read "The Double" by Fyodor Dostoevsky out of a collection of some of his works that I bought; it seems that the next work of his in the collection is "White Nights," so I'll be reading that soon.

Additionally, I started reading A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn earlier today, as I'm rather ignorant of history in general and wish to learn more about it. I'm only one chapter in and I'm already fascinated.

What about you, Uboachan? What are you reading/have read recently? Recommendations are welcome.
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I tried reading De Sade but got bored. The ye olde prose was annoying and the sex seemed pretty tame compared to what I'm used to. 120 Days of Sodom is a slog of a read and I just ended up quitting. I'm told there's some brilliant philosophical insight in his books but I don't see much beyond some creepy old dude's fap material.


File: 1716155505926-0.jpg (104.85 KB, 605x1000, 71MhAVEaQQL._AC_UF1000,100….jpg)

File: 1716155505926-1.png (109 KB, 570x570, Borgs rogue.png)

Finished reading The Naked Sun recently. I've seen people complain that Asimov "is too dry" or "he doesn't do characterization". The crux of this entire series is based on understanding the characters as people, it's complete nonsense.
Anyway, can't recommend it or Caves of Steel enough, some of my favorites now. Classic novels.


>there's some brilliant philosophical insight
It's likely that you've already heard it before in other forms, as other movies and books and media copied what he came up with. Justine: Good Conduct Properly Chastised is supposed to be his seminal book. I read that one start to finish. I thought it was risque, but then I'm a prude and don't watch anything but softcore porn. And yea, that old style English is fucking hard to read.


ananisikeyimtüccar is the nickname, idk if you still control this thread or not but here goes nothing, we can talk or smth if you answer.


So I went ahead and read Justine and actually liked it a lot. The orgies with the priests were hot. But I still think De Sade is tame compared to other authors, even older ones too. The philosophy he peddles in his books is just garbage. The only redeeming interpretation is to see him as a degenerate troll mocking the bankruptcy of Enlightenment moral philosophy but I'm not entirely convinced by this. I've seen one guy claim De Sade wasn't an atheist but actually a secret Christian gnostic. This is not very believable but probably the most fun and interesting interpretation so let's go with that.

I still think De Sade is overrated and gets more attention than he really deserves.

File: 1708701748424-0.png (306.46 KB, 800x1280, Z06.png)

File: 1708701748424-1.png (285.04 KB, 800x1280, Z08.png)

File: 1708701748424-2.png (413.69 KB, 800x908, vitakp.png)

File: 1708701748424-3.png (649.21 KB, 1080x1080, VitakrosisSquareT.png)


I started uploading my story as a webtoon project and I'm sharing it with you Ubuu.

It's about a princess of an evil empire that exterminates anyone who opposes them or practices a different religion, she sees this as normal as she was raised that way, but one day she meets a girl preaching a different gospel who recklessly challenges her views.
The situation is closely monitored by a powerful spirit of revenge and death who travels through time trying to keep others from becoming like her.

If you think this sounds interesting to you, chapter 1 and 2 are up!



What a deeply Christian clunky story. But yeah funny head spin. Despite the joking, you did good, thanks!




File: 1709400047504.png (1.8 MB, 800x1280, CH3P0.png)

ty both for checking it out! I started production of Chapter 3


Its a bit rough but a fun read anyway. I liked the religious themes. Definitely clunky like that other anon said.


I wish I could do something like this but I can’t draw for shit.

File: 1704202861519.jpg (12.98 KB, 250x234, Konata.jpg)


What is some advice or ways I can improve as an amateur poet?(written avlot of Shakespearean sonnets, one Italian styled one, a few haikus and Tankas, one acrostic, limerick, and villanelle) at least quality wise


read rilke


File: 1704269211877.png (3.24 KB, 560x352, Frog love.png)

Post a few so we know what we're working with


ok, here's 3 recent ones(haven't touched poetry for a few months)
Blank Canvas:
Finally a place for my dreams to fit

A close acquaintance is to humbly thank

For the very reason here do I sit

An ancient unopened canvas still blank

Methodic blueprints I think and ponder

As the beloved canvas starts to age

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1713893308690.jpeg (137.49 KB, 733x600, image.jpeg)

Read about sympoiesis and Ursula K Le Guin's poetry in Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet

File: 1376470562797.jpg (6.58 KB, 250x250, 1334693465107.jpg)


Poetry Thread

Find Poem,
Like Poem,
Share Poem,

Write poem:
Long poem,
Short Poem,
Good Poem,
Bad Poem.
Post poem.
Hate Poem,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1704840349350.pdf (172.51 KB, Following the witch.pdf)

Following the Witch. A poem inspired by Yume Nikki.


File: 1708660121117.jpg (617.63 KB, 2016x1426, 2dd26b724e121c1b074bb19a0b….jpg)

everywhere was dark
everything was bright
ten eyes black
the hall was white


oh stone sharp and bright,
melt not by this touch.
oh soul, they smudge you.
how unwrapped is their point!


oh, be forward.
we'll blotch the soul.
oh, cold to the touch,
the jewel shall be mine.


File: 1713629276965.pdf (186.7 KB, Following the witch (Final….pdf)

>Following the Witch. A poem inspired by Yume Nikki.
Finished and much longer version of this.

File: 1705727909715.jpg (57.68 KB, 750x562, Prophecy.jpg)



https://archive.org/details/christian-books-collection-pdf(The anal crusader was banned for this post.)

File: 1626926837493.png (81.76 KB, 551x500, 1534989485311.png)


I am an anon that writes poetry. It's only 2.99 for ebook and 4.99 paperback they are comedy and just my collected thoughts and ramblings about the world. Check me out! Pic unrelated

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Yeah sorry about the cringe, I've gotten better at this sort of thing with practice. Here are free copies




No problem man, you've got to make money. I remember you, people probly just didn't know you were from here. Though posting amazon links on ubuu probably isn't the best monetization strategy lol.


File: 1704717381952.jpg (453.47 KB, 905x693, absoluteconfsuion.jpg)


File: 1704785238871.jpg (135.41 KB, 1080x1347, keep scrolling.jpg)

I'm glad you are understanding of it. A bunch of mods just ban and get all pissy about it. Not everyone has money and can afford to spend money on advertising

Oh I just requested a ban. Was spending way too much time there and need to focus on IRL stuff more. A lot of the oldheads have left there by now, sadly. BasedVamp left the other day :((( he was my favorite poster


File: 1704789358315.png (1.03 MB, 900x900, gothcheck.png)

>Oh I just requested a ban.
RIP, also epic GET.

File: 1701651923298.jpg (269.45 KB, 1275x1650, The Punishment Of My Evil ….jpg)


PROPHECY- The Punishment Of My Evil Elites

"The WEF has got to go, My son. It is evil. I will eradicate it from the Earth. Its leaders are evil; they want to destroy the planet. I will eradicate them. I will destroy them all. The evil elite will be destroyed from off the face of the Earth. I will destroy all who want to destroy humanity. They are evil. Expect their elimination. Tell all they will be destroyed. I will depopulate them from off the planet. They have to go. Tell all that they will fail in their attempt to start World War 3; I will destroy them; they have got to go. A blight they are, destroying humanity with evil drugs, vaccines, and all manner of wickedness. Their technology will not go far; I will destroy them. Their AI machines will fail their objectives; all the works of Satan will fail. They give themselves unto the Devil; destroy them I will. Their wealth will fail them in the end, fail to rescue them from the evil calamities coming. The LORD has spoken. Amen and amen. Distribute far and wide."

File: 1680756207229.png (20.97 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


how to write interesting fic/doujin that will maybe appeal to uh


File: 1519646067370.jpg (26.5 KB, 337x500, 41UqCIu--uL.jpg)


People often talk about how the Yume Nikki manga was horrible but no one seems to talk about the light novel. Is it any good?
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Can anybody give a PDF file of this book.


File: 1637847728358.png (577.82 KB, 800x1234, Yume_Nikki_237.png)

>Poniko is the main protagonist of the novel adaptation of Yume Nikki. At first, she acts solely as the narrator to Madotsuki's progress through the dream world, but soon after she meets up with her, the focus shifts to her quest to discover the reason behind her presence in Madotsuki's dream, as well as how to escape it and to help Madotsuki get over whatever trauma is causing those dreams.

>However, it is revealed later on that Madotsuki isn't the dreamer, but just another dream character in Poniko's own dreams. She takes the central stage in her dreams as she is Poniko's shadow, but the only true being is Poniko. Specifically, Madotsuki is the representation of Poniko's expected child. The true nature of the real world is never seen, but it is implied that Poniko's worry over her child's safety created the dream world she is trapped in.



File: 1638064739597.pdf (8.48 MB, Yume Nikki_ I Am Not in Yo….pdf)


Untranslated version? I do wonder how much of the criticism in this thread is merely as a result of a poor translation or not…


You forget, little exiles of four, that the original video game is also very monotonous and repetitive if you only play it for a couple of minutes, so I see no reason to reject this novel.

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