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Anybody else here who used to frequent hikkichan?
It's closed now and I feel like I lost my home.
This is the only other place where I can maybe belong..


File: 1520312669629.png (151.98 KB, 1398x154, a6ab064334e0481ebca44a6557….png)

Ehhhh? Never went there. Was it really that great?


I used to lurk on there on the past, but stopped visiting a couple months ago.
Did it die because of lack of activity or did something else happen?


In retrospect, it wasn't incredible. But it was somewhere that shut-ins actually described their daily lives and troubles. I knew I wasn't alone. I won't deny after a while the quality started to go downhill. Now I don't really know where to communicate except here possibly.
It died because of low traffic, there was no point in maintaining it anymore.


I just found this site while googling "is hikkichan down"


File: 1520762782270.jpg (23.15 KB, 564x435, c00d4964b462011fc3bd41a287….jpg)


Yeah it was my home too, I forgot about this place and have suddenly been browsing again. I feel still feel lost though, funds are almost gone, cannabis addiction is strong and I have zero internet friends now. feels bad man.


been trolling on that site for several months till the end
Maybe I contributed to its closing


How do you get addicted to cannabis it's not addictive


Probably because anon feels he must have some sort of addiction to cope with reality.


Some people complain of being prone to become addicted to it. Or as >>4567 said.


On the topic, I never heard of hikkichan, only wizardchan, but haven't been to either. How did hikkichan compare to this board?

I can testify that it can be addictive if you go too hard. You might know if you ever smoked several times every day for several years, like I have. After the first three years I had no energy or motivation to do anything or socialize with anyone except for an hour or two after each smoke, and eventually that went down to half an hour. I used to have tons of energy all the time. I have quit two weeks ago, and I feel like a potato. Everything gets more boring every day. From the reports I've read it'll take anywhere from 1 to 3 months for the energy I had before I ever started to return. It's such a slow and subtle burn that you are likely not to notice anything is wrong for years, in fact you might just increase the frequency of smoking and never notice. But if you run out for an extended time or try to quit, and if you are susceptible (and it seems like not everyone is,) it's going to suck for months or until you smoke again. And after smoking several times daily for that long, you will notice that even if you stop for several days and go back to it, it feels nothing like it did when you first started out. It goes from smoking for fun to smoking to feel normal. The data is there, but you have probably ignored it because it doesn't seem to jive with your personal experience.

Some people do benefit from smoking every day for their entire lives, and some people don't smoke so often and never get addicted, but others get fucked up. Just take it as a friendly warning.


I have been on hikkichan since 2014. It was like a depressions board without all the incel faggotry from r9k and without the usual anti society militantism you would know from wizardchan. All in all it was just a chill place for people to discuss their reclusive existences.

It had threads about depression or any other topics that you could think of. The atmosphere was just chill and there was no hatred there.


hikki/neet discussions are always the best on small boards. well, pretty much all discussion is better on small boards, honestly


forgot to mention.
A few months before hikichan went down, some guy created a backup board on 8ch/hikki/
it has quite some threads already but still slow.


God. After taking just one look at that place, only one word comes to mind: cesspool.


also found this thread while googling after it,

same way people get 'addicted' to alcohol or anything


it can easily become a dependency


cannabis addiction is a joke and internet friends aren't real friends
sorry kiddo


File: 1521844554781.jpg (56.02 KB, 300x450, fran-madaraki-4370.jpg)

Hey everyone… good to see this thread. I've been working on a site that I hope can fill in the void left behind by Hikkichan.com's departure. If you were from hikkichan.com you might recognize that I mentioned my site there before the closure, it was the chat that I advertised there. But now I've created, along with the chat, a text-board.

I've already posted this in the Stickied thread but since this thread is about Hikkichan, I might as well post it here as well. It's unfortunate that HC has closed but the Admin has every right to do it and I wish him the best. I only want to foster a community of reclusive people, I am assuming that everyone here is one to some degree and so you are more than welcome to come visit the site.



Just creating a thread is not intuitive and requires reading the instructions first. Drop the "minimalism" and add a title field for posts. 90% of your potential users will move on instead of researching the syntax for creating a new thread, and they would be well justified. Ease of use takes priority above all else when you are looking for a userbase from scratch. You don't have any content yet to hook users, so you have to interest them with the elegance of the interface instead so that making new content takes no extra unexpected time or energy. Creating a thread is not elegant on your site. Just my two cents.


They said that they don't want images because they, "distract", them. Nobody will be drawn to this site.


Textboards sometimes have a certain charm though.


Too bad its dead, i used to lurk it a few years ago, it was mostly a nice chan, but some of the topics just got to me too hard and i had to quit when i noticed it made my psyche even wrose.


I like the simplicity. Most sites have an abundance of scripts and weird webdev quirks, this is calming in comparison.
I hope it gets a few more visitors. Like 2 or 3 posts a day would be enough already.


>It's closed now and I feel like I lost my home.

Good rest in piss i am glad its gone that site was cancer and full of people who weren't even real hikikomoris in the first place.


File: 1522278686933.jpg (125.98 KB, 1440x810, 1347808770374.jpg)

Just like here.


>Just like here

I don't post here much however i have realized that most of the people on here aren't even N.E.E.T. or hikki most of the users on here are normalfags giving shitty advice to the actual N.E.E.Ts and hikkis who post here.


Nowhere in this place it's stated we are a shut-in/NEET only community, and neither we do promote ourselves as such. On the other hand, you would expect that a shut-in network was composed of a userbase that was, actually, shut-in or NEET, wouldn't you agree?
You're complaining about the worst board anyway so I am not even going to touch the shitty advice subject.


same here. Iknow this place isnt meant for hikis in the same way, so does anyone know of an alternative? Their discord I joined a while ago is equally as dead or only non hiki posters idk..
Youd think there would be an easier to find community since we all live online
i looked at your site but it was so minimalist i struggled to use it and couldnt see any dates so maybe those lines of text were posted months ago and im speaking into the void and forget to ever return ;_;

why is it so impossibly hard to find a non normie non"incel" community
I see this place has people who claim to be truhikis so can i ask where else you guys go?
hopefully 1 of you will read it.
id make a thread but cbb worrying about checking it and being raged at for looking elitist or breaking the rules or something


You could make a thread and request only NEET/shut-in people's point of view, I'm sure users will respect that since it's fair and common to look for the point of view of a particular kind of people you can relate to.
As long as it stays civil there won't be any problem.


It was alright I guess, but I remember for some reason you couldn't tell people being a NEET was alright or you'd be banned and any encouraging of hikki or neet lifestyles was bannable. I mean, I live on disability for assorted mental and physical disorders, so I don't think it's fair to the non-neurotypical to ban everyone advocating it under the assumption everyone is fit and able.


>mentally ill
>mentally disabled
Regardless of mental illness, people should still avoid the lifestyle if they can. Neetdom shouldn't be encouraged, it should be pitied. It's only an option when there isn't any other.


Just look at the people getting mad at others for not being losers like them, like this post: >>4628

Guess they think it's unique. Or maybe, they think living a lifestyle as bad as that of a NEET separates them from the "normies normalfags" (aka. working members of society) and that's somehow a good thing.


File: 1543765331874.jpg (230.67 KB, 850x1347, __konpaku_youmu_konpaku_yo….jpg)

I don't get why people think something that superficial separates them from normalfags when really the difference is in personality and mentality.


Get out riajuu.


Normie normalfag detected.


File: 1543858193055.jpg (277.3 KB, 1000x761, 5270427_p0_master1200.jpg)



File: 1543865130405.png (1.19 MB, 964x714, hello.png)

Hello anon, I'm a normie and I post here since 2010 and I'm not stopping.


I don't care. This place has always been filled with norms. I only check in like once every two months and see if there's any relatable posts.


Are you the monster girl guy with daddy issues?

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