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File: 1627840244303.jpg (254.65 KB, 900x900, 9bda24b86d3f31850843732060….jpg)


How's your game going anon?
Don't tell me you're not working on it


File: 1317095306536.jpg (253.76 KB, 800x563, tumblr_lqv5ylOFxe1qgomego2_…)

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【lcd dem】
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So anyways the old Koronba threat was locked, not that big of a deal really theres no much to say about koronba anymore but imma drip this for educational purposes. https://uboachan.net/fg/res/7735.html At least it looks like it wont get deleted lol, fucking new fags who just learned about Koronba.


File: 1626498576351.png (715.49 KB, 1080x1077, 6sLAt03.png)

>fucking new fags
>pastes link to thread


Can you fuck off already? You've complained about that thread for over 6 months now. 6 months. What the hell are you doing with your life? Move on and stop letting some supposedly dead guy live rent free in your head.
>imma drip this
Back to discord, underageshitter.


you have wurms in your head



File: 1516061655985.jpg (27.73 KB, 546x520, 1441244359256.jpg)


Do you think our society likes to glorify mental illness/depression/anxiety? I sometimes think they do because I've seen normalfags really like to talk about their crippling anxiety and depression (although it could also be the noted rise of depression and mental illness among the newer generations). Not only that, but people's interest in things like outsider artists and the tortured artist stereotype. Is it just normal people wanting their boring lives to be more interesting?
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No. Anyone who does has never suffered horrible anxiety or depression. Try going on an alcoholic binge and then glorifying the after effects. Anyone can do it and it sucks.


You can't /thread yourself


File: 1604831180621.jpg (78.77 KB, 707x682, sg5.jpg)

LIFT and make your mind as strong as your body.


File: 1627453972113-0.jpg (119.49 KB, 1080x1080, 20210822.jpg)

File: 1627453972113-1.jpg (40.44 KB, 900x1000, 20210815.jpg)

Be strong like Brigitte Goudz & Yuanherong.


File: 1627818415048.jpg (288.72 KB, 1440x1800, atlz.jpg)

Mayling Ng


File: 1319312710120.png (564.94 KB, 886x768, looks like Dave.png)

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File: 1486647896324.png (385.68 KB, 1280x1440, gristlebone.png)

These are nice points! I'm excited to see what the final updates of 2kki will be.


File: 1571234258332.png (422.08 KB, 977x1500, tumblr_olaixcynLU1r252who2….png)

Does anyone have a working DL link for the latest update in english?


File: 1622934988051.png (122.1 KB, 640x480, y screen do dis.png)

playing the 0.035 edition and whenever i have it full screen it does this thing. is there a way to fix it?


update: it works fine in the japanese one. might be something the translator did then?


if you play fangames with EasyRPG player, it plays it in hd so you shouldnt have that problem.


File: 1627783524731.png (59.37 KB, 184x184, fuuf.png)


I've been posting actively here for more than a year now and I feel like i'm walking through the ruins of a fallen kingdom, everyone talks about how great this site used to be, and how bad and empty it has gotten over the years. And I can feel it too, it looks like seisatsu just hates this site.
Which sucks, because this looked like the perfect imageboard for me, I feel like i'm just wasting my time here, hoping it'll get better someday.
Should i just move on to somewhere else and forget this place completely?


Why should you? This place can never recover if people keep coming and leaving.
There are a lot of great threads on hikki and a lot of people still lurk but almost never post.


I don't hate the site, I am frustrated. If I didn't still love this place I would have deleted it years ago. I need to rebuild a staff because it's a little much to manage by myself sometimes.


File: 1627793067331.png (37.48 KB, 237x206, edgy rpgmaker nagito.png)

it was always vomitive shithole anon just stay here
alts and chans in general are dying off, and yume nikki's popularity is dated, its natural that this place gets less active.
YN and some of the mental folders here (hikkidom, rpgmaker/"art" games) attract communities that can clash easily (wizards, 4chan, tumblr/twitter, etc and their topics) and cause drama, which spreads easily due to the small userbase and "serious" tone; you have this happen at least once every year. It's happened more frequently recently due to a variety of reasons; one being the general climate surrounding IBs (and the internet in general), everyone's angrier nowadays. and its a shaky thing to solve since IB's have an unwritten agreement of being unmoderated places where you can say anything you want. honestly I cannot blame sei for getting frustrated. sei has been alone as sole active staff, since like, 2016? I was a mod circa 2019 but I left w/out explanation
having to deal with drama CD's on your own for years takes a toll on you, especially since a lot of the OG userbase left, a lot of them on their 30s now.

so yeah, its definitely a different, deader site now, as are *chans in general, but I still think its worth something to people, and it still has an unique blend of subjects.
i agree with what >>21834 says; post moar u fuking skrub.


guess i'll be staying here a bit longer then


File: 1372024867029.jpg (1.09 MB, 2000x2000, 33726637.jpg)

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The following is a list of games I came across by looking around Nicovideo, which are as of yet untranslated. If nobody else will translate them, I will, one-by-one, translate them myself. Do note that since I am regularly busy with other things, that progress will be slow, and I would definitely like some help on how to modify these games to make an English version (I only know about DreaMaker so far, which does not help with translating menu options).

Boy Ichiro's Modesty (いちろ少年忌憚, Ichiro Shounen Kitan)
Paranormal Syndrome (怪異症候群, Kaii Shoukougun)
Sacrifice/Substitute Girl (身代わり少女, Migawari Shoujo)
Infection Nightmare (感染性ナイトメア, Kansensei Nightmare)
Beautiful Ballad (明美譚, Akemi Tan)
Neko Maguro (猫鮪) [Note: named after a well-known let's player on Nicovideo)
Oni Play (オニアソビ, Oni Asobi)
Utahoho Curse (哥欲祟, Utahono Tatari)
It Is Right There (そこにいる, Soko ni Iru)
Rumors of Mr. Kitchen Knife (包丁さんのうわさ, Houchou-san no Uwasa) [A text-reading game]
Memory Girl (記憶少女, Kioku Shoujo)
Forest of Animals (どうぶつ達の森, Doubutsu-tachi no Mori)
Save Meee (スクッテー, Sukuttee)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This community is the best community. ;_;


I'm guessing this translation group is 100% dead by now, isn't it? The main page is gone along with their Tumblr, and the latest post I could find in another site dated back to June of last year.
What a shame, I was really looking forward to several of the projects they were planning to release eventually.


Untranslated? Learn jap and translate it yourself!


i don't understand anyone who would do this for free. its simply such a timesink, that, unless you really, really like the thing you're translating and want more people to see it, comes with little to no reward.
like shit, even the big cheese who do it for free give donation links and shit like that.



Because it's their hobby? I myself like to translate a game and play it after that, because it feels really great when you make a thorough localization to your native language, and are able to experience it all again, but this time with 100% intuitively understanding everything in it. tl;dr I do this solely for my own comfort, nothing more.

But yeah, I also don't understand how can people translate games they don't feel anything to, or didn't even play them before.


File: 1590114451166.jpg (25.27 KB, 500x479, anime-anime-sad-girl-beaut….jpg)


what happened to the discord link? :(
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It's just IRC with pictures. Of course, it's proprietary, has no inter-IRC operability, and keeps logs, but no one who bitches about it ever complains about THAT. It's all just "I don't like fun, shut it down". Sigh.


File: 1619743760249.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, R27501e1d8e5a08e935e29f2b0….png)

>it's proprietary, has no inter-IRC operability, and keeps logs
They are just chat programs bro


File: 1619790272004.jpg (137.37 KB, 1200x840, ter.jpg)

Slack is basically an intracompany irc


File: 1624783974320-0.jpg (647.54 KB, 3665x3664, Amazon.jpg)

File: 1624783974320-1.jpg (1.08 MB, 2500x3017, Ad_Disney.jpg)

Isn't Discord thinking of selling to Microsoft?


File: 1627707415527.png (139.3 KB, 510x600, mtg.png)

Did someone say DISCORD?


File: 1626819334128.jpg (47.25 KB, 941x921, nippah.jpg)


this week i had
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Your second point is part of my intention, though the first is a valid concern. I am hoping that whatever activity I might cultivate in /q/ will both serve to show regulars and visitors where we stand, as well as balloon out to the rest of the site as a consequence of deflecting some negative sentiment by its presence. But, it is an experiment, so much luck is needed.

Also, /hikki/ by design tends to be very NEET-oriented, so I wanted an advice/discussion board more specific to LGBT discussion without necessarily having the NEET qualifier.


File: 1627152901434.jpg (216.14 KB, 1200x1080, wVFqoPb.jpg)

Agreed with the other anon above. I know my posts seem overly negative about the idea of having the topic be freely accessible across all baords, but that's probably just my 4chan/edgy social media-poisoned brain wrongly assuming it'll cause shitstorm after shitstorm. Good luck.


Well, making a whole board for it definitely caused a shitstorm, but I still wish it could be easier to talk about in the existing boards. If someone wants to try I'll do my best to back them up and keep the derailers away, but it's kind of a battle and I am only one Seisatsu. Still you should be able to count on posts like >>6668 getting redtexted when I see them.


File: 1627334080958-0.jpg (30.91 KB, 400x624, photo_2021-07-26_20-07-55.jpg)

File: 1627334080958-1.jpg (60.67 KB, 1280x877, photo_2021-07-26_19-06-21.jpg)

Never lose hope to find another person simular to you who will see how you are beautiful inside. Helped me, couldn't wish better, actually was thinking nothing like this is even possible. Because everybody deserves love, and to love is also to give, no matter how one can not be appealing outside, everyone has god spark inside.

And then you woulnd't feel urge to find validation trying to join the_opressed or to label yourself as whatever you feel like at this point of time. You're living being, you're human, you should value opportunity nature had given to you and its better not getting confused in this rapidly changing world.

The third wonder of the Bodhisattva myth is that the first
wonder (namely, the bisexual form) is symbolical of the second
(the identity of eternity and time). For in the language of the divine pictures, the world of time is the great mother womb. The
life therein, begotten by the father, is compounded of her darkness and his light.131
We are conceived in her and dwell removed from the father, but when we pass from the womb of time at
death {which is our birth to eternity) we are given into his
hands. The wise realize, even within this womb, that they have
come from and are returning to the father; while the very wise
know that she and he are in substance one.
Joseph Campbell - The Hero with a Thousand Faces


File: 1627339150387.png (575.93 KB, 1386x750, mizore 1.png)

I was gonna stick this in the /sugg/ thread but I guess there's no harm doing it here.

>making a whole board for it definitely caused a shitstorm

I hate to say I told you so, but here we are. I feel a bit shitty having given you any support for making this site more overtly LGBTQ-friendly, and maybe even putting the idea of a dedicated space in your head, but hey - I admire that you gave it a go. That takes some reckless confidence I only wish I had. It was admittedly fun watching the shitstorm, though I have no doubt it was hell for you to experience. Sorry.

>Still you should be able to count on posts like 6668 getting redtexted when I see them

That's probably for the best. I think it's clear to everyone that you have your own vision of what you want this place to be like, but you're always going to be beholden to the users themselves and what they specifically want. It's no secret that an imageboard is usually just an imageboard, wherever you go. Such a niche board like this is only going to attract people used to the general culture of places like 4ch, or normals who wander in after playing YN on Steam. Chilled space or not, certain topics will forever be touchy just by their contentious nature. I appreciate your desire to take a more balanced approach, opting to moderate things more, but expect an uphill climb on that front. At least the new rules seem more agreeable.

Honestly, good luck with all of this in the future. All the best.


File: 1454970663673.jpg (24.38 KB, 576x324, kamimemochou06.jpg)

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How old are you?

ADMIN NOTE: This discussion is OK again since the change to Rule #1.
ADMIN NOTE: Fuck sake don't post that you're under 18 in here, rules are different than the Discord.
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Wonder where >>529 is now… I hope you're okay


File: 1626223718442.jpg (107.63 KB, 500x680, 820d81caecaa3196b2612a27ef….jpg)

25 just last month.


File: 1627335167633-0.jpg (249.2 KB, 1440x1920, 16200440913980.jpg)

Everybody at the start of this thread is 5 years older now.


That's scary. I don't want to be 30


File: 1627392226615.jpg (148.39 KB, 1920x1080, 20210616_022009.jpg)

24 going on 12.


Don't get b&, don't be a dummy,
Don't post your age if you can't legally party


File: 1472923344797.jpg (1.37 MB, 800x1067, 1442475291682-3.jpg)

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Post random images you like. Photography, art, or anything else that you find appealing or enjoy looking at.
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File: 1627347551982-0.jpg (33.12 KB, 425x475, 164342342364717.jpg)

File: 1627347551982-1.jpg (76.14 KB, 800x600, 165048598960758.jpg)

File: 1627347551982-2.jpg (331.67 KB, 1080x1920, 174212524711032.jpg)

File: 1627347551982-3.jpg (94.87 KB, 640x766, 193056689493282.jpg)


File: 1627347915577-0.jpg (113.68 KB, 477x459, 81021683842491476343565302….jpg)

File: 1627347915577-1.jpg (30.13 KB, 640x425, 78514607805464064012715864….jpg)

File: 1627347915577-2.jpg (21.59 KB, 525x698, 78943879354287942357894237….jpg)

File: 1627347915577-3.jpg (64.98 KB, 563x680, 79302390947258495002703042….jpg)


File: 1627409816512-0.jpg (25.13 KB, 500x335, 08894577528631628951778354….jpg)

File: 1627409816512-1.jpg (90.3 KB, 510x680, 08940606270464582804728945….jpg)

File: 1627409816512-2.jpg (11.82 KB, 200x200, 09003367202060446770791129….jpg)

File: 1627409816512-3.jpg (45.19 KB, 540x387, 08857163426079934726779983….jpg)


File: 1627410032158-0.jpg (8.9 KB, 334x500, 43052837300386628369780154….jpg)

File: 1627410032158-1.jpg (50.25 KB, 500x500, 43293084527224848334930036….jpg)

File: 1627410032158-2.jpg (26.26 KB, 509x509, 43355894193722145153967789….jpg)

File: 1627410032158-3.jpg (73.31 KB, 680x680, 43378802519138309386291185….jpg)


File: 1627776482024-0.jpg (112.93 KB, 800x723, 20210808.jpg)

File: 1627776482024-1.jpg (246.43 KB, 764x1080, 20210905.jpg)

File: 1627776482024-2.jpg (40.44 KB, 900x1000, 20210815.jpg)


File: 1606335892042.jpg (240.9 KB, 602x339, 1580250470097.jpg)


Is anyone else sad when their posts get no replies? I don't mean here but on bigger sites. I'm kinda lonely.
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File: 1626449314845.png (52.9 KB, 400x400, ECHO.png)

i guess yeah. But putting your heart into a post only to get a low quality reply kinda makes me a little irritated but still content with having my post read.
I dislike discord for this exact reason. Also filled with people I feel like I am far past being able to relate to.
Social media in general seems like that though…


File: 1626565340951.jpg (156.13 KB, 818x880, 1074_f9b325dad6dabc0a.jpg)

>putting your heart into a post only to get a low quality reply kinda makes me a little irritated but still content with having my post read.

Yeah same. I'll vent out my entire childhood and it will only get a "shit happens" lol. Not like I'm upset about it, it's kind of on me to put this all on some random anons, but I still appreciate they take the time to reply to my stuff.


Its disheartening but I don't get worked up about it. There's plenty of reasons why a post might not get anyone replying to it and its not a good idea to jump to conclusions.
On boards like this with little activity it can take days, perhaps weeks before you receive a reply.


My empathy has been activated and I feel the need to respond to every post in this thread. This is making me feel actual pain. I must contain it and only reply to what I immediately read, and not read too much, or I won't have the time to do anything before sleeping. Do not apply that logic to me, I understand that people can't reply to everything and aren't always in the mood to do so, and then just forget about it. Please kill me and end my suffering.

Or not enough, since replying to older messages feels kinda weird. Very unbalanced. Either too much, so you can't have a good discussion, or nothing at all to talk about. And how do you start a discussion? Who do you talk to? Everyone? That's kinda weird. And even if you do talk to one person, isn't it awkward to know what everyone can read what you're saying? I don't know, I never liked being around groups of people in real life, and online it's not really better.

My posts tend to be longer and more detailed than most. Most of them are responses to other posts, and I tend to respond to anyone that responds to me as long as I have something to say, so in a way, it's good when I don't get a response, because someone will have to end the discussion and it typically won't be me unless there is really nothing else to be said.

I can pretty much only commonly relate to people on dead imageboards. There are not that many people that I talked to in the past that enjoyed interacting with enough to clearly and fondly remember, but almost all of those have been on imageboards. Occasionally comments somewhere else, but that only happened a couple of times.

Sometimes what people say can be overwhelming, and responding can be difficult. I know that I struggled with that before. Especially when people say a bunch of truly horrible things, I can struggle to even know how to react appropriately. I'm sure that I made other people feel the same in the past. I could tell.

And people can be reluctant to revive old threads or respond to posts that are too old in general. Maybe assume that the poster Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1627749046567.jpg (63.4 KB, 1025x1006, 9ae208a9e65bf6ad6bda1f7a25….jpg)

>Sometimes what people say can be overwhelming, and responding can be difficult. I know that I struggled with that before. Especially when people say a bunch of truly horrible things, I can struggle to even know how to react appropriately. I'm sure that I made other people feel the same in the past. I could tell.
I relate and really feel what you're saying since this just happened to me yesterday. I tried to interact with people outside of what I'd usually browse, on an 8gag spinoff to see if it was any good, but they were pretty hostile. Maybe it was because I tried to make a random rambling post to fit in, but yeah I feel like I am just failing really hard at trying to branch out because deep inside most people on imageboards look down on people who aren't the regular kind that they expect. I wish I understood people, even those who I think would get me. Honestly I wish there was a better alternative besides imageboards but there just isn't.


File: 1602520806488.jpg (118.08 KB, 1301x933, Capture.JPG)


Yall' fixin to get your peckers mashed



File: 1627695248641.jpg (484.46 KB, 2048x1536, GRPB.jpg)

Oh dear.


File: 1627716536355.jpg (303.52 KB, 1644x2428, 1mtg.jpg)

Let's play SMASH.


File: 1593753634290.jpg (283.4 KB, 1149x786, 79de48d79d42c98b805a57141e….jpg)


>The rules have been updated, effective immediately.

>Promote or participate in hate speech, including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. This necessarily includes humor, sarcasm, and slurs, to prevent their use as excuses.

>Post or promote naziism or alt-right imagery or ideology. This includes hitlerposting and magaposting. Everything in #8 leads to everything in #7 as a matter of course. This also includes humor and sarcasm.

What the funk? Where did this come from? Boards of this size typically have a blanket ban on all politics but to flat out say "Side X of opinion spectrum is banned" is just irresponsible. I'm not some free speech junkie and of course private sites can do what they want, but I'm both genuinely curious about what led to this decision and also concerned about just how much info about what offends you that you've given to trolls. This whole addition is almost comically stereotypical of the who "SJWs infiltrate and force accaptence for their sxuality through power not persuasion" oops can't write that here that's an ebil republican meme.

So what gives?
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who cares?


You supposedly do. You're a hypocrite.


Most people with diagnosed aspd also have nothing to do with anything and lead decent lives. Yet it's socially acceptable to demonize them and use outdated terms for their condition as a synonym for anybody that hurts others for their own benefit.


I mean I have [redacted] but I don't get upset when I see people calling shit [redacted] because I understand that it's very annoying to live with

also I've got reservations about the whole ASPD vampire chic thing. Like, I understand being sick of hypertrophied '10s moralism, and I understand being enraged at having to accept bad arguments from smug people in regard to various taboos that aren't even usefully enforced, and I sympathize with having been beaten on enough that other people default to vermin, but we already did this and it resulted in, like, the occurring noetic-historical moment, so


File: 1627757761218.gif (829.78 KB, 240x135, spiderman_stops_train.gif)

Ok I think this thread has seen enough.


File: 1541779659979.gif (122.2 KB, 138x106, chun-li hit stand.gif)


What games in your opinion have the best animation? This is from Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1616677891441.gif (2.63 MB, 478x811, 20210000.gif)

When's 3rd Strike HD Remix?


File: 1619333074792-0.gif (356.96 KB, 132x200, zchunivory.gif)

File: 1619333074792-1.gif (503.48 KB, 170x255, zchunpink.gif)

3rd Strike animation is 60fps.


File: 1619911916485.gif (100.18 KB, 266x150, 20210000.gif)

I'm spinning around


File: 1619929124092.gif (38 KB, 195x141, 20210000.gif)



File: 1627711463482.gif (1.02 MB, 320x188, 20210002.gif)



File: 1627480801741.jpg (218.96 KB, 1920x1440, Staircase of Hands.jpg)


Post some of your favorite YN arts.






File: 1627579925514.jpg (403.92 KB, 1024x768, 48451036_p0.jpg)



File: 1627584418117.png (15.61 KB, 573x498, xnqtw6qkkh521.png)


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