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jesus fuck i'm stupid. thanks guys


There's two endings.


I think you get the Sun glyph in the settlement- did you give something to the guy in the top right?

Yeah, you'll need the wooden board from the dock train station to hold the door open and the red eye from one of the vines next to the desert puzzle as bait


Is anyone else getting a bug in the Kyu scene where mado walks up and kyu just keeps rubbing the railing forever?



File: 1519425235822.jpg (39.91 KB, 420x388, 1465799486072.jpg)


It finally released Ubuu, what did you think about Kikiyama's seminal release?

Looks pretty bad, to be honest.
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it took mado 11 years to learn how to jump


i like it so far, it's a fresh perspective


File: 1519427441681.jpg (17.8 KB, 500x358, 1455538497311.jpg)

>its only 30% of the game
>a "reimagining" that pretty much meant turning it into a generic horror mess that doesn't know what it wants to be half of the time
>most of the areas are just 2D sidescrollers
>5 """effects"""
>its actually a shitty unity game
I'm surprised people are still thinking this is actually good, maybe it's because they're in denial that they wasted $20 on this shit?


It's atrocious, complete and utter wankery.


File: 1519429143986-0.jpg (168.01 KB, 1366x768, 20180223152715_1.jpg)

File: 1519429143986-1.jpg (201.28 KB, 1366x768, 20180223144851_1.jpg)

>Too many reocurring chase scenes (see: the street where you have to do this over and over again if you want to go further and you will need to)
>too little content for 20 bucks
>the one time things look decent and it's hidden away with the same bs thing you have to do it EVERY TIME you visit
>laggy to the point that in larger maps, it affect how well can you jump, this includes chase and hide scenes
>You can't RETURN TO THE NEXUS AFTER YOU ENTER A DOOR and there's not even an effect to do so, making it a massive chore if you want to go somewhere else.
>WHY THE FUCK IS THERE AN AO ONI REFERENCE HERE? It feels so out of place that I don't doubt it would be akin to product placement. What's next, Mc Donalds in there?
>music's decent.

The only part that is actually nice is the Pink Sea because you can ride balloons and it has more of the original feel than anything which is a shame. If they had more of this, the empty maps where you can take and travel in other ways while just feeling, it would be better. But instead we get something that feels misguided at very best in its attempts with the platforming and chase sections that will wear off rapidly/feel like very half-done concepts whipped up at 2 am. Granted that this was made by relative newcomers in a short time, but still it doesn't hold up as well on itself, much less on Yume Nikki's name.

This game's worth at bare maximum 5, not 20 in any stretch of imagination.


File: 1519400856791.webm (Spoiler Image, 866.99 KB, 900x506, 1519395118094.webm)


The Uboa scene.


Wow its fucking nothing


Good thing nobody even remembers Uboa


You guys told me this game wasn't going to be complete shit.
You lied.


Is this some kind of joke??


Uboa was always sort of a screamer, but this is hot garbage. You were trapped in the room and it created a sense of panic and urgency that you couldn't escape.

What the hell is this crap?


File: 1519403913326.png (736.76 KB, 1280x1280, witch_madotsuki___yume_nik….png)


Does anyone know where the graphics configuration file is located? Iv'e been trying to help a friend start the game, but the only solution would be to get a config file with everything already on the lowest settings, and that's what i'm trying to do, but i cant find it anywhere.


File: 1516334669568.jpg (57.89 KB, 800x599, 1468640308142.jpg)


How about we have a thread where we post neat and/or old stuff we found on the internet?

Website where you can watch TV channel streams from countries all around the world.

Website that has "livestreams" of IP surveillance cameras.
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i posted a political compass thread here a week ago and it got deleted but every other leftist thread is still up


File: 1519342386841.jpg (117.08 KB, 235x663, 1508903089272.jpg)

The fact that you are addessing this in this place, and this board, means you're an outsider that doesn't even know our culture. Politics whatsoever don't really have a place here, and the only other thread with anything minimally related to "lefties" is a cancerous thread about other chans where a few faggots complain about some shitty 8ch board.
Complains go to sugg, politics stay outside, if you don't like it, leave.




He's a dick, yeah, but he's been here a long time.
Not sure if serious.


Even if he's usually pretty obnoxious, he's not wrong this time.


File: 1518029114662.png (118.75 KB, 715x371, Kikiyama's second cumming.PNG)


Hegllo obaochan, how are you preparing for the Yummy Nicole Double D.?

Imma make a party in my hometown with my homeboys, 24effects and Infinity on the boombox. Some neat treats, snacks and drinks i saw in the ubuuarchive, a pizzaball, and maybe some suprise posts here and there. What will y'all do?
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It depends where are you from.


I'm from Earth.


File: 1518104009132.jpg (17.09 KB, 336x362, 27332716_10214440085532426….jpg)


>not being from mars

im gonna duckface at you all i can


File: 1518178146335.png (86.32 KB, 704x524, tumblr_oupytfGDrY1v2kqdzo1….png)

Remember your consent before having drunken sex


i am do very good right now thanks haha seminal release happen in like 2 days now lmao i cant believe it happen this time here we go!!! Yummy Nigger I can't believe is here


File: 1517957764295.png (31.46 KB, 115x94, kill me please.PNG)


Why do Japanese RPG Maker games have more of a well-known following than say western RPG Maker games?
Is it because western indies are so full of themselves because they think their game is art or something?
Of course there are exceptions (such as OFF or Lisa the Painful, for example), but it just seems that people are more receptive of games like Wadanohara or Towelket instead of games like bleet's games or Sore Losers.


File: 1517963728905.png (15.78 KB, 320x224, panic-10.png)

Because they're exotic, thus "more special". Add this to cute graphics or relatively unique concepts and you quickly garner something. Couple it with a story and certain unexplained elements and there's your thing. Put something people can copy easily and you can get yourself settled.

Add this to people being massive weebs and you get the logical conclusion.

Perhaps, due to certain cultural differences or mindsets or backgrounds, one cannot simply replicate how certain occurences or feels go in these japanese games, which somehow manage to fit within rpg maker's settings.


Their priorities are completely different.
The western dev seems to focus on gameplay and implementing some robust gameplay mechanic, or making the game beautiful and distinct visually.
The jap dev on the other hand, focuses on story and characters. The popular RPG maker games all have story and character as the focus, not anything else. Even if focus was put to make the game appealing visually it's for the sake of characters and not for the sake of the game itself.

I would argue there isn't a correct approach, it's just modern audiences, or at least people who are willing to try RPG maker games lean toward preferring story/characters.


File: 1519376918010.png (28.98 KB, 350x263, Space_Funeral_9768.png)

You forgot Space Funeral which was popular enough to get a fangame.


They're not. Towelket is unknown in the west and Wadanohara got popular because of Tumblr.

Takamo's games, Penpals, Pom Gets Wi-Fi, Dreaming Mary, and Your Star were popular for their time. Fleshchild had a big fanbase too.

Interest in RPG Maker games has simply died in general.


File: 1517900568117.jpg (9.02 KB, 225x225, iloveyou.jpg)


positivity thread. only positivity is allowed in the positivity thread. there are other threads for non-positivity. only positivity in the positivity thread.
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File: 1518261102901.png (187.59 KB, 500x381, toriningen.png)

It's Saturday and I'm more than happy that I can relax for once and just watch stuff and shove candy in my mouth all day, I hope everyone is doing good too!


File: 1519091339093.jpg (373.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171118_191540.jpg)

bless you guys, hoping everyone who sees this has a good week and make sure to treat yourself to something special even if you don't think you deserve it


File: 1519189404333.jpg (203.83 KB, 750x1000, DWZpzwhVMAEZ-Y5.jpg)

thank you, i really needed this right now

let's all take a warm bath and touch something soft


>a warm bath
I do this once a week. I just fill the tub and lay in there for about 2 hours. Sometimes I fall asleep and spend more than 3 hours in there. It is very relaxing and calming.


that feel when I haven't had a warm bath in two years.
feels bad my juggalo sad woop woop


File: 1324905378043.jpg (94.91 KB, 650x195, yumenikki_mor.jpg)

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Hello there.
It's the sequal of Yume Nikki Gensou, atelierizumi's last work.

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File: 1489361116429.png (223.16 KB, 640x480, MoR-Noprogress.png)

In the latest version, has anyone (besides me) gotten to the red head in the tower/palace to the left, only to find that it won't open? I've spent hours–even cleared the following area with the cells platforms and disembodied heads–but it won't let me access the area! Did I sequence break the game irreparably? What gives?


File: 1516218556632.jpg (202.26 KB, 1280x718, MoR.jpg)

I'm not a programmer, I'm just a regular fan who wants to translate the game at least in a basic way to replay it, so, I'm planning to extract the text, Google-translate and make-up the phrases so they can have sense.
Someone knows where can I found the text of the game? I'm using Sothink SWF decompiler but I can't find it.


I have founded it in the "lib_system.swf" file, so, I'll try to translate it, recompile it and make it run.


I actually started working on a translation myself today since I'm pretty solid with Japanese. I just finished my first run of the game and am almost done with Houchou Shoujo Mode. I love this game, so I figured it deserved to be translated. I finished half of the files that need translating today already, so I should be done translating within the next couple of days. From there it'll just be making sure everything transfers to the game properly. I'm hoping to get it done within a week. Work permitting.


Update to my post immediately above this:
I've translated everything now, so not it's just a matter of making sure spacing is good and finding any typos I happened to make. Should be done in maybe a day or two, maybe even tonight as we wait for Dream Diary to release hehe


File: 1514090443034.png (6.45 KB, 354x321, dark room.png)


Any hikkis here figure out a way to make money without leaving your room and going outside??.
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I will have to look into that. I rate your post as very helpful/10


Would you say that job's on its way to being automated, is that a long ways off?


honestly, it's hard to say. i don't know enough about the current state of speech recognition software to answer with any confidence. i will say that a lot of the work i do actually involves editing reports that have already been through speech recognition and whatever the company i work with uses isn't that great. there are people in the industry who seem to think that automation is a very long way off or even not possible for this field, but who knows. i do have a mild fear that one day i'll be replaced by a computer and then i'll have to get a real job or start taking my clothes off for money


I just signed up to work for Rev.com. It's a freelance transcription site where anyone can apply as a contractor; if your language skills are decent enough to pass the application, they assign you audio from customers and you will make between $0.40 to $0.65 per minute ($24 to $36 per hour) of audio you transcribe into text.

Of course, transcription takes time, and it took me like 10 minutes to work through and proofread a 2 minute audio clip for the application exam, so if I get the job I'll probably be making more like $5 an hour of work. You would make more over time if you get really good at it though.

It's definitely enough money to buy myself some food in a pinch.


File: 1519337795552.png (42.83 KB, 659x538, Screenshot from 2018-02-23….png)

and what were your results?

I'd not get my hopes up if you haven't gotten them yet, because I saw your reply and immediately signed up for myself an hour ago and just saw the results, I got rejected

I also signed up and got rejected by maxbounty

and if anyone was wondering I signed up with an upwork and freelancer account and never got any jobs, all these online money making schemes are either heavily oversaturated to the point to where they reject everybody, don't work, don't actually make you any money ($0.00000001 every hour or some shit), and or are scams and fakes


File: 1456635019856.png (121.34 KB, 272x499, sabitsuki.png)


Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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I did a similar thing a couple years ago when I was really into .flow (I still really like it, but haven't really played it or messed with it in a long time). I dug through most of the events and triggers in the game and these are my notes on what I found interesting/potentially relevant for theories. It's worth noting, I used machine translation on these so they might not be accurate (I built a tool at the time to run the original Japanese through a handful of different online translation services and usually accepted whatever most services agreed upon as the translation). Basically what I'm saying is, take all of my notes with a giant grain of salt. It's also worth saying that lol can use whatever names he wants for these triggers, events, etc. so trying to read into their naming is arguably questionable, it's possible nothing in the game has any real meaning behind it.

Worth noting, when I did this the latest version of the game was .17 (that's how old this is) so I haven't looked at anything beyond that version. Also, I make references in the notes to areas of the game via names, by descriptions, or NPC locations (I think I referenced the wiki at the time for most names)- because of this I actually have a hard time following these notes anymore myself as I don't remember much about the layout/locations/NPCs in .flow.

Gonna put my notes in a pastebin so I don't add a giant wall of text to this post: https://pastebin.com/raw/5WMkt0SQ

I did this because I was really into .flow and it left me with a lot of questions/ideas about what was behind it. I like to think a lot of what I found let me piece together my own theory about the overarching themes of the game, so maybe others will get the same from it. However, as I said, take this all with a grain of salt, the only reason I really did this was simply because almost everything in .flow is such a mystery and (while also being really creepy) leaves you trying to piece together some kind of meaning. This was my way of trying to satisfy my curiosity.


File: 1516860679398.png (577.57 KB, 897x633, unknown.png)


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File: 1517533095928.jpg (21.07 KB, 214x317, WHY.jpg)

I was a fan of the Evil Bong franchise, but then Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong came out and it got stupid.


wow 20 fucks for game


File: 1519233560576.jpg (63.18 KB, 600x600, 1f173da014bc775653a4bd695e….jpg)

What's with this edge anyways?


File: 1519312617432.gif (467.05 KB, 540x304, 1474107628511.gif)

Tomorrow is my birthday

Another Day Another Destiny!


Happy birthday anon! :)


File: 1519327174223.mp3 (4.02 MB, Madotsuki_offVocals.mp3)


So I wrote a song, I've lyrics and riffs, but I can't sing.

Anybody want to lay down a vocal track?


File: 1518918758359.gif (10.11 KB, 389x278, nasu.gif)


This would be pretty interesting
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I still have the android version installed on my phone from the Yume Nikki Project. It used to have a leaderboard, but they removed the app from the store.


You better upload those files here, fucker


File: 1519238658119.jpg (100.87 KB, 732x317, DWkbZyWUMAEeQM0 - Copia.jpg)

First pic of NASU 2



File: 1519325492504.png (104.96 KB, 267x230, 77c6c979e3dfc40a620f95840a….png)

Thank you kind sir


File: 1519184687138-0.jpg (117.64 KB, 1000x750, Bus Stob.jpg)

File: 1519184687138-1.png (15.02 KB, 640x480, Abstract comfy.png)

File: 1519184687138-2.jpg (72.45 KB, 604x453, Car.jpg)

File: 1519184687138-3.jpg (639.05 KB, 1818x1671, Childrens_Book.jpg)


Comfy /gon/dola thread!


File: 1519184719979-0.gif (108.59 KB, 640x360, Comfy Dungeon.gif)

File: 1519184719979-1.png (47.49 KB, 1056x587, City.png)

File: 1519184719979-2.png (251.01 KB, 1024x768, Cirno_Gondola.png)

File: 1519184719979-3.jpg (79.52 KB, 890x1193, Daddy.jpg)


File: 1519185016972-0.png (654.68 KB, 900x719, 140588cae5d8cf37ed8d41e8fb….png)

File: 1519185016972-1.png (7.96 KB, 640x480, 1445271741247-1.png)

File: 1519185016972-2.jpg (11.71 KB, 255x170, gondola tub.jpg)

File: 1519185016972-3.png (59.73 KB, 854x649, stereo.png)


8ch.net tried to have a gondola dedicated board, i think is dead by now

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