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Is that Hikki Inc place still around? URL just redirected me to the discord website.

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Seeing as absolutely everyone misread the /hikki/ rules sticky and used it to draw apocalyptic conclusions about the death of all that was good about /n/, here's a less flippant sticky with less room for ambiguity, in the form of a Q&A. We've also made some concessions based on your feedback in thread >>13, which was moved to /sugg/ for being meta.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?
On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding NEETism, Hikikomoriism, anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living, and things closely related to these topics. If you're content with being a NEET at this stage in your life, that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so. The board's primary focus is self-help and advice regarding these issues, and particularly help in escaping the NEET lifestyle, but this focus is not exclusive. Despite rumors, threads looking for help with suicidal feelings or drug addition are also allowed.

What is not allowed on this board?
* Encouraging others to become NEET.
* Attacking or discouraging others for being NEET.
* Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the NEET lifestyle.
* Encouraging or showcasing drug usage.
* Announcing your planned suicide. Call a hotline or something just don't do it here or it becomes my legal responsibility.
* Helping others to plan or commit suicide.
* Topics not related to the purpose of the board. Such topics will be moved.
* Intentionally breaking these rules or the global rules will still result in a warning or ban.
* Rule 6 is enforced more liberally on /hikki/. Users may be banned from /hikki/ for inflammatory remarks in cases which might not result in a ban on other boards.
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File: 1453047551944.jpg (37.86 KB, 625x470, EJPkDjN.jpg)

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hi /n/, im curious about the NEETdom and wondering if you could answer some questions?

how long have you been a NEET?
was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?
what do you do all day?
what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?
how often do you get outside, if at all?
do you live independently or with parents?
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>how long have you been a NEET?
7 months

>was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?

Severe lack of motivation to do anything and social anxiety. While in high school I couldn't get my grades that high and occasionally ill excel in some shitty way but in the end depression hit and I realized that this wont get me anywhere.

>what do you do all day?

Visit imagebords, watch anime, and play some Video games.
Specifically I like to play Team fortress 2 with friends most of the time.

>what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?

Online: I have online interaction with friends, I have my own group of friends that i get on to hang out with every day. We even have drama but its not shitty drama like normies have. Im a really aggressive person on the internet and Im just one of those trolls and dicks that like to call people names but offline I dont do that.
Offline: Interaction I have with offline people is very limited. Im generally really polite to people at supermarkets, business and ect, but I cant and do not want to converse in actual conversation with people my age. If i try depression will sink in so I just do business and get done with it.

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>how long have you been a NEET?
1 year
>was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?
Don't feel like doing anything
>what do you do all day?
Video games, anime, manga
>what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?
>how often do you get outside, if at all?
Once a month
>do you live independently or with parents?
With parents


Thats really good, post it when you're done please


File: 1490255995204.png (861.76 KB, 1280x720, 313332122132132131321.png)

>how long have you been a NEET?
4 years this year.
>was there a reason for you becoming a NEET?
I've always struggled with anxiety/depression all my life. I was diagnosed bipolar around highschool and it's just gone gradually downhill since then.
>what do you do all day?
Huh, I mostly spend my days with my other NEET friend. We usually play games together and stuff. Music, watching videos or anime strung together in the day, too.
>what form of social interaction do you have, online and offline?
I talk to my mom every now and then. All my interaction is done online. I do enjoy friends, they make my life so much more bearable.
>how often do you get outside, if at all?
Probably once every 2 weeks? Only for chores, if at all.
>do you live independently or with parents?
I live with my mother.



I wish I could get to know you. Shame this post is so old..

File: 1490278034964.png (143.14 KB, 800x1000, idiot.png)


i got very sad/confused/mad at myself tonight and cut my hair because ?????
i know it's retarded and i should have thought of the consequences before i did anything but i am a pathetic creature and i was very upset.
when i was in high school my mom would take me to get haircuts whenever she thought i needed one, but once i turned 18 i could say no, so i haven't had a haircut since 12th grade because salons make me feel like dying.
i'm in my second semester of college away from home at the moment. since my hair is/was pretty long and messy i don't think it looks like shockingly bad, but i can notice it and i think it looks worse than before (and it was pretty bad before).
i guess i can leave it and look sort of goofy, but i'm afraid people will laugh at/judge me for it. there is a haircut place like 2 miles away that i could ride my bike to, but i don't think i have the strength to do that. even if by some miraculous jolt of confidence i could get myself to go to the place, i've never been inside on my own so i would just make a fool of myself in front of everyone.
i don't really care about my appearance, i just don't want people to make fun of me. i just want to be someone they won't remember. am i making the wrong choice by not going to get it fixed?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm a fucking idiot dude


I can be pretty self-conscious myself, regardless of how dead or depressed or hateful I am, so I get it. If you have clippers and guide combs buzz your hair real short. It's a nice reset and you can't mess it up, just be thorough and go over everything over and over. If you don't have clippers but have money and don't have to go anywhere you could just order them off amazon and wait for them to arrive. On the off chance you want to do that, and want to get a cheaper set, I've been using this:
Its been kicking ass for me, they do have even cheaper sets but I got the cheaper one that was the go to, that everyone buys and rates well, and it died after two cuts so you get what you pay for I guess. And with the internet you'll be able to figure out how to give yourself other haircuts in the future.

Until you get a haircut or give yourself one you can always wear a hat. And if none of this is helpful at all, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what anyone thinks or if they think it's funny. I mean just think about it, they're not gonna be telling their grandkids about the time they cut someones hair who tried to cut it themselves and left it a bit goofy. That's probably happens for them every other day actually. Just be clean and keep your hair washed well for when you go and tell em you fudged it and they'll straighten you out just like anyone else.


File: 1490309184568.jpg (26.13 KB, 547x441, kkkk.jpg)

A big pet peeve of mine is when somebody who isn't smart, play up their dumbness as some kind of stupid way of compensating. Even if you are an idiot, that doesn't mean that you have to act like one. For instance, your writing. Unless you actually have some kind of disability, there's no reason for you to write so badly other then, "oh, well i'm an idiot so I guess I have to write like one too". If you can help it, try to make yourself seem as not dumb as you can. Also, stop telling yourself and us how dumb you are. It does absolutely nothing to help. If you think you're so dumb, stop flaunting it around and try to fix it. Read books or something. If you really don't think you can help it, at least accept it as a limitation and try to live with it instead using it as a crutch, an excuse. You didn't cut you're own hair because you're dumb. If you did, then you wouldn't know how dumb it is. Stop doing dumb things if you know that they're dumb. You lack confidence. If salons are so horrible then try a barber shop. Go in, ask for a haircut(make my hair shorter) and get it over with. Write a script before hand if you have to. You shouldn't let inhibitions reduce your quality of life. Would you refuse to go into a grocery store out of fear even when starved?




>Would you refuse to go into a grocery store out of fear even when starved?
I mean, it wouldn't be surprising if that happened at some point.

File: 1489837140230.jpg (853.98 KB, 1980x1080, 1398952698994.jpg)


As someone who has no "real" friends, my only source of companionship has been online friends. After 2 years or so I fear this group of my "close" friends have all grown tired of me, just as all of my friends in high-school would. I'm more on the quiet and shy side but I try my best to message my friends online everyday, but recently in the past few months they've seemed disinterested in me, not very receptive to me in group chats or in private messages. Eventually some, who I would message everyday have stopped messaging me and even ignoring me most of the time when I message them.

Maybe it's stupid but I feel so worthless as a person, as if I'm not even worth talking to because this happens every time, with every friend group I join. In school I was friendly with everyone, but then I'd realise the people I thought were my best friends were out partying and would make group chats while excluding me.

I got over this and felt alright cutting everyone off and being a NEET/hikki, but I thought I've actually been able to bond with these people online so it hurts especially when I know that this group of people are still messaging and calling each-other daily to play video games without me. There hasn't been any sort of fight between us or anything, so why is it always me that people get tired of? It's not like I'm spergy/edgy/mean to people or anything, so I just struggle to understand it.

Sorry for the rant, just upset and wanted to be able to write about it. Is there anyone else that has/is going through this?
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File: 1489867554101.jpg (40.35 KB, 580x329, bancho10141257447031.jpg)

I'm really sorry to hear that your so called friends treat you this way, and from your post you don't sound too spergy so I'm just gonna chalk it up to these people being dicks. And bad luck. And maybe having a poor read on these people's feelings regarding yourself? I have to say that there are certainly friends that I never take the initiative with but if they reach out to me I care enough to reply, usually with an apology for being slow about it lol


File: 1489870803319.jpg (2.24 MB, 4003x2668, 1446877975080.jpg)

Feels bad…

I was a funny guy in school which is why pretty much everyone was friendly with me but I found I could never get to the next level with anyone. I never really thought about friends as commodities, always tried to be as caring as possible but I think it would be nice if I could be coldhearted.

Everyone I meet online is kind of far away, there was one guy I played video games with but after we met he started to act really strange and send me dick pics out of nowhere because he thought I was gay.

I think I have a pretty good grasp on people, I like to think that these people have their reasons for not talking to me, maybe they're having a bad time irl or something but I hit my breaking point when it seems like it's just me that is being left out.


File: 1490248439168.png (1.49 MB, 1365x767, 1490071647672.png)

I can also relate to that kind of setiment, the novelty of knowing someone often dissapears as people know other people, like attention munching freaks, also, the reason of how or the "why" is hard for some than others, but hey if ya wanna talk i'm open to it, just hang in there find a distraction, focus on something you'd rather enjoy than giving out joy to others just for a worthwhile amusement, give yourself some importance.


My social skills are probably shit and I feel I can't connect to other people 1 on 1, so omegle conversations end in failure. On the other hand, I get even more anxious on IRC because it seems everyone there already knows each other. I feel I would like friends but I don't know how to make or keep them. I don't really game or watch anime so don't have as many shared topics anyway. Kill me


File: 1490316134098.jpg (422.1 KB, 700x800, 1487585906221.jpg)

I do the same thing, only conversation i have are on omegle, i can't have long lasting relationships of any kind which i kinda don't care since most are just stupid or too trivial to even bother to pay attention, you are not alone.

File: 1486739405172.jpg (216.05 KB, 720x595, 1484025034108.jpg)


I used to post here before but stopped after living a normal lifestyle, for a while atleast. I got fired and I've been jobless for like months now. My previous motivation to work on my personal projects and illustrations have all since diminished. I feel only apathy when playing games or watching stuff like I used to enjoy. Nowadays I just constantly press f5 on various image boards to pass time and listen to songs I've heard countless of times before already. Then I remembered this place and feel like I should share this here.

Please feel free to share your current situation here so we can feel alone togehter or some gay shit.
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File: 1486905125861.jpg (288.81 KB, 600x600, 1485722554266.jpg)

I'd rather be crazy but creative rather than unmotivated and not doing anything.


(literally this)


I started doing qigong in the mornings and evenings, and doing a simple excercise routine after breakfast. The excercise is little more than stretching, but it takes about an hour and it leaves me quite tired (which is good).
But this whole week I've been slacking, I used to do it daily but this week I only did it one day. I felt physically weak and I started spending my whole day at shitty imageboards. I yet have to retake my routines.
On the other hand, today I made a little Ba Gua circle in my yard with some bricks I had laying around, which makes me happy. Let's see how this works out.


File: 1490245217337.jpg (341.19 KB, 663x878, 382247.jpg)

I have a very large room, but for some odd reason I've relocated my mattress into my closet. It's a walk-in closet - small, yet spacious enough to fit a twin-sized mattress while having the door fully open. I feel 'safe' in here. I'm not sure what it is about being in my room or other parts of my house that have made me feel uncomfortable lately, but here I am.

My new medication I've read people describing it giving them more vivid dreams, yet I haven't experienced this. Up until a little over a year ago, I used to have very vivid dreams (had more control over them as well). My sleeping schedule has been all out of sorts since I began trying medications for anxiety and depression again a few months ago. I still try to log my dreams, what little bit I'm able to recall.

I barely talk to my few online friends anymore. I want to create a tulpa, but I currently lack the focus. I feel desperate for some sort of communication within myself. Communicating with other people feels lacking, so the idea of another 'consciousness' existing inside of this body, potentially being able to experience and feel what I am - it brings me comfort.

I took 60mg mirtazapine and 5mg klonopin the other evening. The experience was more annoying than I expected it would be. I was getting constant bright, colorful flashes of imagery from video games I've played and places I've been all the while being unable to stand or walk for a even a moment without collapsing. I slept for about five hours after that. I didn't remember my dreams, nor can I remember much of what I've done since then. All I know is I've barely had anything to eat or drink.

I'm finally seeing a therapist again for the first time in a few years. I think that's in a couple of weeks, I'm not sure, but it's in April at least. I'll need to take enough klonopin beforehand so I don't 'freeze up' due to anxiety. I'm not sure what to expect and I'm not sure what to tell her. Benzos make me cry more often, I've noticed, so maybe 'everything' will come pouring out. I'm curious about what I will say to her.

My desktop computer needs a new motherboard and has needed one for the past three months now, but I've been so apathetic that I can't even get myself to buy the darn thing. I have the funds, I know which model and where exactly to buy it from, yet my PC continues to collect dust while I lay inside of my closet, also collecting dust, talking to the walls and hoping at some point thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I have a very large room, but for some odd reason I've relocated my mattress into my closet. It's a walk-in closet - small, yet spacious enough to fit a twin-sized mattress while having the door fully open. I feel 'safe' in here. I'm not sure what it is about being in my room or other parts of my house that have made me feel uncomfortable lately, but here I am.

sounds cool imo

File: 1461645436348.jpg (23.44 KB, 480x360, lastplace.jpg)


Curious: Would you describe yourself as more of a NEET, Hikikomori, or a very reclusive Freeter?
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File: 1486398245042.jpg (143.17 KB, 847x700, 1483584161879.jpg)

I couldn't even tell you the last time I went outside. it's been months by now and before that even longer. Sometimes I got for a walk around my suburban neighborhood but that's barely anything. I stopped though. I don't want to be a NEET or a Hikki but I'm in a shitty position with no one to help me.

NEET is the only iffy kinda statement. I draw for money occasionally but its like $20 once or twice so I don't think it can count as a job.


Formerly a hikikomori, I'm more or less a Freeter with anxiety issues now.


Currently a NEET with a bit of social anxiety around those I don't know

I have, for the longest time, wanted to be a voice actor of some sort. Cartoons, Games, Radio.. Heck, I could be the next Don LaFontaine.


>Went outside, claims being a Hikki
Obvious bait is obvious. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt you are a Neet Top's.


You have a nice voice? Or how do you train for that anon? Also curious on how to do that.

File: 1489270559784.jpg (158.62 KB, 750x644, 445a00eb19abd938ec3ccb7213….jpg)


Hello there, posting here because I kinda need to talk about this with someone, hope this is not a problem.

I have been working for some months, but decided to quit in some days because.. I don't really feel like keep going on.
I always had different kinds of social problems, and I really have more than one emotional problem for the job I have right now, which was pretty much the same for school. Sadly, I never took the courage to tell this to someone, so I'm kinda stuck in a situation where I don't know what to do.

Now that I was able to buy some new consoles for entertainment, and some new equipment for digital drawing, I'd really prefer to stay at home, while I have the opportunity to do so. I still live with my parents, and my mother told me to rethink about my decision, and she pretty much assumed I took the decision just out of lazyness, which I don't think is true..
What is true, however, is that I won't have any more income to buy games/fun things, and it would be hard to find another job, for the situation I'm in.

I really love drawing, but I'm one of those persons who kinda needs time; I can never put myself to drawing after eight hours of work because I just wanna relax.

if you were me, what would you do? what do you think about all of this? Thank you for answering in advance.


File: 1489278761577.jpg (54.06 KB, 600x700, 1482603464574.jpg)

Wow. JKust fucking wow. To be entirely honest, I'm actually in the same boat. Like seriously all the things you mentioned hit me right at home. The way I see it, we have to change ourselves to adapt to our current situation or die being a deadweight. Right now I'm in the middle of applying for another job but so far no luck.

Hopefully for you, you might be able to live as a freelance illustrator or even animator/web designer if you can extend your skill set to that. There are tons of companies looking to hire contracts for the things I mentioned earlier, all you need is a good online portfolio and a good attitude. You will really need to fix how fast you can churn out those designs though. Frankly I never liked this idea and never really want to make my hobby as some sort of means to live.

Good luck to you man.


Dude, I've been working for four years now, I just want to quit because I'm sick of coming home and just wanting to relax rather than do things I want to do.

If I were you, I would keep the job. At least save your money and put yourself in a position where you can either quit or at least reduce your hours like if you are full time, go part time.


File: 1489322178503.jpeg (15.57 KB, 394x382, received_1390859380941630.jpeg)


Thank you for the good luck!
In those months of working, I learned what it means to work and to not have time for yourself, so the first thing I'll try, will be to help with house chores and such (something that I never did before), time is really precious and this could be a little help for my parents.

Of course, this is a risky way, I don't know if I'll be able to become good at drawing, but in that case I wouldn't mind making some money with it. Well, not that I wanna think about that from the start, I was just thinking that it probably wouldn't bother me much, I really love art.


Sadly, there is no possibility to work part time at my work. My country is in a bit of a job crisis and finding another job is really hard, and the fact that I'm young without experiences, and without a driving license, makes it all worse.


Then I have too ideas, one that is a bit more humorous (can't be all gloom and doom all day) and one more serious.

Are you a cute guy? Maybe if you either go on Twitch, show your face, draw and play some vidya or become a cute cam boy and maybe you could rack in the money.

On a more serious note, unless it's too late, I would just continue to work full time. And instead of spending money on vidya, use that money to make yourself more self-sufficient. Do your local laws allow you to raise chickens? Or do you even have the space for that? (and that's only one example) Any investment that lowers your spending is a good one. Hell, this is my inner PC gamer faggotry talking, but I'd even ditch the consoles and go full PC gaming and only buy games when there is a good deal. I've done this and have saved quite a lot of money doing this, I'm hoping to buy some chickens this year too.


File: 1490229114684.jpg (164.32 KB, 850x1262, 1490068944034.jpg)

I get that feeling, you just want to follow your own paths instead than rather going with the mainstream, is totally fine and reasonable, do it as long as you are happy and enjoy what you are doing that's the whole point actually. I am trying to get a part time job to finance the same reason as OP's, but also i want to play the synth, and im currently finding a way to support that goal. Even if it's a dream you should pursue it and make the best out of it while you can, also getting into desing to also do some freelance and IT, if you want to learn a skill is as easy as wanting to do so, just need some will and minimum resources if you have them i hope for the best for you both, also the anon with the chickens, tried to do that but with home gardening, pretty good just to get some fresh produce, sadly don't have space for chickens.

File: 1489886975217.jpg (10.21 KB, 299x168, 1489883418946.jpg)


>23 no real experience working, always at home browsing or trying to learn something in order to make things pass by.
How do you keep with your lifestyle as a neet or hikki without leaving the house? Is it true that you can acquire some dough online? If so how do you do it? or if you could suggest some ideas would be really appreciated as someone who mostly is disgusted by other people and just wants to have a feel of fullfillment from doing something by myself and learning in the process.
Hope we can help to nurture each other by having some general ideas.
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File: 1490077374322-0.png (354.11 KB, 640x384, 1490076568228.png)

File: 1490077374322-1.png (433.33 KB, 640x384, 1490076560731.png)

For some reason the last picture seems to be a copy of the first one. Here's the original plus an extra shot (hopefully it will work fine now).


Re-read the post you replied to.


File: 1490157051076.png (888.67 KB, 756x715, 1490075142600.png)

Thanks for the specs, don't know when it will 404 so im keeping note as im going, it's good to know there is talent here.
That's some badass thing you got there, does it fire anything yet? if so, you handcraft your own arrows? Also the propulsion system is enforced via some string? I owned one of those before, but it was a cheap one propelled by some rubber band.


File: 1490159578189.png (1.02 MB, 1063x598, ad385db3-7c1a-416a-85a9-8d….png)

Lol thanks, I wrote asking were to SELL these. The supply, I can take care of myself hahahah


Bumping for interest in case the anon from >>2835 is still around.

File: 1489952863162.jpg (1.85 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0003.JPG)


31, barely working, living in mothers basement, Constantly sick with an unclassified autoimmune disease, in a state of decline. Spend most of my time laying down while browsing useless things on the net or playing free apps. Considering suicide daily.


Why do you live in the basement? Just use your old room. Or did you always live there?


I don't really get the vibe that you're asking for advice, so I'm not going to try and give some irrelevant two cents in that regard.

Though, I will say that I'm a wageslave making decent money. However, you and I have something very much in common - neither of us have a reason to be alive.

I am also constantly sick. It has nothing to do with not eating enough, or not eating right, or not getting enough activity. It is my body's natural desire to expend as little energy as possible to achieve a given task, and as of right now, at a physical level, I believe we are both already on our way out. we are not meeting our instinctual mandate.


You could at least play better games on your PC. Why would you settle for shitty free phone apps?


Considering how the term "app" is now a catch all term for software with mainstream desktop OSes having "app stores" and laptops and mobile devices slowly fusing together, it's very likely he could be playing PC games.

But his photo looks like he took a picture with an iPhone and posted it. Some mobile games are good, shame it's mostly Nintendo games.

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