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How do you think male and female neets are perceived differently by society? This can apply to normies' perception, employers perception, authority figure's(government) perception, parent perception, and the perception of the opposite sex to the neet. Also, why do you think these differences exist? What is the basis for any of it? I feel like this discussion was a long time coming and I'm really interested in do seeing what people have to say about it.


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>I feel like this discussion was a long time coming and I'm really interested in do seeing what people have to say about it.
Nah, honestly, it generally attracts drama and whole threads of people projecting their ideas of the other sex onto the matter as a fact, like every discussion ever involving sexes. I've seen it countless times. It generally goes like this:

1)- Wizardchan-tier, "neets", will tell you it's impossible for women to be NEET.
2)- Some so-called female NEETs will tell you they actually exist (on a side note, I personally always see them on relationships/drugs treads, so they APPEAR to be more social, but this could come as a side effect in a relationship you generally specify the sex of your partner so it's not a good meter; can't say the same of the drug retards).
3)- They proceed to bullshit each other ignoring actual points and just discussing for the sake of having the biggest dick.

On the middle of that is people who tell you that sex doesn't really matter as long as you fit the NEET description, and then somebody argues whether housewives aren't actually NEETs or not, which later derives on "NUH DUH SUCKING UR HUSBANDS DICK IS A JOB!!!" memes and so forth until the thread becomes a pile of vomit.

>Also, why do you think these differences exist?

Honestly, I don't understand why people make such a fuss over it. If you are NOT in employment, education, or training, you ARE a NEET REGARDLESS of social skills, situation or position. As to answer that question, it's generally a case of "always greener on the other side". Generally in NEET communities the more miserable you appear to be, the higher your status, so naturally you look for things that you lack in other parties and use that in your favor so you can circlejerk about how poor and sad your life is and why everybody should stroke your dick.

Now, as for society's opinion, as far as I can see, they're both despised (talking on Japan and my country here, can't talk for others) simply because they are leeching money off the government even though they should be capable of being productive. Think of those women who had like 9 kids only to get welfare per each head, that's literally the main argument people again these gov. aid plans use around here, so it's not like women have it easier than men, who also have their fair share of social pressure on not being able to sustain their own lives. As for young women who aren't mothers yet, I haven't read enough about them so I can't say for sure how they're perceived by society (could mean they're either ignored/summed to the total of NEET); but if you told me somebody spends their days away partying/staying in home and not looking for employment even though they're capable of it, I call 'em NEETs regardless of genitals, so I assume it's the same for big sammy up there; could be wrong though (if anybody can provide more info that'd be cool).


Okay, I can definitely see where you're coming from and I was expecting a post like this to pop up, so i'll set a few guidlines for this thread and hope that everyone cooperates.
Topic: Perceptions of Neets(not neets themselves)
Neet - Not in Employment, Education or Training. I'll add to this by saying that this discussion is specifically about neets who are neets because of their lack of social skills. Not their life circumstances.
Assumptions(that will be treated as facts)
1.Female Neets exist
2.Just being socially inept does not make you a neet
3.Neets exist in places other than America and Japan
What this discussion is not about
1.If female neets are real or not
2.Housewives. Society does not see them as neets so they are irrelevant
3.Why people become neets. Let's keep things on topic
I feel like a lot of interesting discussion can be had if these guidelines are followed.


When people think I'm a girl I get flocked with male attention and guys will constantly put themselves out there to take care of me even though I don't want/need it.

I get practically 0 female attention if people think I'm a boy, most women I talk to either a. show no initiative or b. ghost me.


Where did you pretend to be the opposite gender? Please share pics.



I guess you're full of shit then.


and you're just looking to start a fight


You can't expect anybody to believe you without pics. What are trying to do? Contribute? Well, you're not.(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)

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