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There are times you really can't stand the society you live in, you can't help but think most of the people close to you are lazy, evil, backwards, or simply plain retarded while you are the only one still sane.

There is nothing wrong about avoiding the people from your area when you can't stand them, being alone may be the only option when you are surrounded by primitive savages, remember the problem is not with you, it's just that you happen to live in the wrong place.


The people I know who think like this are the most retarded, narcissistic, and incompetent pieces of shit, including someone "close" to me that fucked me up mentally because of negligence. It's a fucked up coping mechanism for losers and I wish all of you who use it die of cancer.


I assume you didn't understand the message I was trying to convey, what I meant is that sometimes your neetdom and mental problems are caused first of all by the society you live in.

You may have entirely different interests from nearly all the most surrounding you and maybe your values makes it too hard to fit in, it's even worse in small rural towns.

I meant it isn't YOUR fault that you can't relate to people, you could be rather socially successful if you lived somewhere else, in some cases you can get better simply by moving to another city where people are more like you, in extreme cases, countries.


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If only there were some sort of promised land where everything made sense and all of my problems would be solved. Somewhere where the good people finally stood up for what is right and exterminated the brutes…


Blaming your surroundings rather than yourself is a key element of someone weak. If you were strong and dominant, you'd be working towards success.

Change is possible so you have no excuse being a sad fuck.


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I am lazy evil, backwards and plain retarded and I'm surrounded by sane people, I think we have a lot in common except I know I am the problem and I need to grow up.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.


File: 1576068253035.jpg (41.36 KB, 768x529, polpot.jpg)

If you're able to move to another city, state or country, your mental health can improve if the people in this new area are better, you can go from feeling 100% awful all the time to feeling 70% awful all the time, for a hikki that's a huge improvement


Even if they move they would say everyone is the same as the people in the old place.


Then said neet has a problem in their head


That's obvious.

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