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🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

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>basically didn't leave my home during middle-school because bullying, depressed

>2~3 year of highschool were the best, actually made some friends and hang out with them

>got into college, was so motivated and happy

>my high school friends stop talking to me

>some only talk to me when they want something and when I try to talk to them they ignore me, so I don't know if they are my friends anymore

>start becoming lonely and depressed

>doesn't even have friends on the internet

>doing well in college but at the expense of my sanity

>my 18 birthday was during quarantine and I realised just 2 of my "friends" said something to me

>I live with my parents because mom and dad overprotective, don't allow me to do anything

>everyday it's getting worse, I just want to go to another world, anything that is better than this

>starts thinking the world is gonna end

>have not left my home in months

>started having social anxiety again

>stop watching/seeing news because whenever I see something about COVID I get a feeling that I'm going to die, so fuck it gonna do whatever… basically self destructive behavior


honestly I just feel awful, I just want some friends to hang out with and some money to live decently, nothing too crazy


File: 1591935393281.png (97.09 KB, 250x250, 1586813226102.png)

>Have friends in elementary
>No friends in middle school
>No friends in high school
>In college no friends
>"It's okay i'll just make friends on the internet"
>no internet friends
making friends is hard and confusing and its worse because of the virus @_@




Very very similar situation to you anon in almost every way, except for doing well in college. I'm just trying to devote the frustration to art as much as I can because I find that the short moments where I'm fully immersed in making things is where I'm happiest.


Same here.
>No friends
>no bf
>a part of my family left the country years ago and the only person I can talk to is one of them.

She doesn't really read my messages so I'm stuck like this until I off myself or recieve a miracle. The latter is not going to happen.
My only chance for a 'social life' was ruined by this shitty attempt to destroy the economy.

So what do I do?

I can't bear this crap anymore, I just want to rest.


Can't you follow that part of the family who left the country? You would be reunited with that person and could have a fresh start.


Sorry to ask, but I'm curious (feel free to ignore the question if you don't want to reply). How are you trying to get friends on the internet? What problems did you face when trying to bond with people?
Perhaps if you explain your situations people can give you some insightful advice.

I've had problems talking with people and making friends IRL but I always had an easier time talking with people online (and made my first friends on the internet). Most of the time it seems to me like people who don't "fit in with others" usually look in the wrong places, but it's not limited to that.

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