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so a little background info

abandoned at 12, picked up by CPS - ran away from group home at 16, never finished high-school, have a criminal record so can't get a job with SSN - tried immigrant labor, the pay was awful and the language barrier even stronger

decent computer literacy, and can sound ok on the phone. can't sell drugs anymore, almost murdered last time

any ideas on what to do for online employment?

pic unrelated


Become a daily vlogger, stream fortnite on Twitch, sellout immediately.


Chew some hormones and become a trap streamer



>grow your own dope
>extract the alcaloids
>refine them at home
>sell your own dope via darknet
>go to cash lords site on dankweb and exchange btc for genuine cash (delivered to your home adress) for a fraction of the price
I mean you already seem to be experienced in dope so this is probably what you can do best. This way you would have the entire business process in your own sphere of power and you don't have to deal with shady crooks and lunatic fiends. There is one chemical needed to refine morphine into heroin and it is highly regulated so you cannot produce heoin but you can extract the opiods and brew your own laudanum or produce your own morphine.

Cannabis can be grown at home and with LED lamps you can save money and be less suspective. Ephedra is another plant you can grow at home. Then there are cactuses which produce mescaline but those grow slowly and it is probably easier and less expensive to produce mescaline chemically. You should also read about chemistry. Then if you can get pills prescribed from your doctor and if your health insurrence pays them you can sell those pills on the darknet for a profit as well. Then there is this syrian plant that is also a strong abortivum. You can sell this shit to teenagers who are too fearful to go to doctors for the plan b pill. Good luck OP

I never tried the cash lords but from what I read they are legit. They steal USD bank notes from the central bank that should be crapped and instead they bring them back into circulation. The worst notes they throw away but most of their notes are still decent looking and usable. You pay some USD 5'000$ for an envelope with USD 50'000$ in stolen cream. As I do not live in EU nor US I cannot use their service because if the package gets inspected at customs they will start asking nasty questions and jail me but if I lived in the EU or US, there would be no borders and no customs to be afraid of.

To any of you struggling with cash, give it a try. Worst case is you lose some money, best case is you find a new way of making infinite money:
>buy stolen banknotes
>use half of the banknotes and buy more bitcoins on LBC
>come back to buy more banknotes with new bitcoins from LBC
>buy even more bitcoins
and so on


>Cash Lords
The whole concept is already pretty shady as it is. I did some research and it seems they are mostly scams.


thank you for your clarification. It seems to be a scam site indeed.


You could try getting your life together by getting an education.


That costs money. A lot of money.


if this cashlords thing is a scam then how about running your own scam? I mean you could set up your scam to target people from rich countries while you live in a poor country that does not give a shit about small fish like you. There is an entire scamming industry in nigeria and india. If you scam some american out of 200$ nobody will try to prosecute you for it or extradict you to usa.


Sei, people are literally suggesting illegal advice. Lock this thread.

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