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i've never really been accustomed to normal conversation, and i suppose that's why what happened today happened. i was talking to one of my few friends and she sent me a website saying that it was her least favorite site. it was this page where AI makes images of people who don't actually exist, and i asked why didn't she like it, and she began to rant about how i always ask such questions, meaningless inquiries that add nothing to conversation, and i just felt like shit… she told me to stop acting like i didn't understand anything because she "knows i do." i didn't understand why she would hate that website, that's why i asked her. now we're at odds. it'll resolve soon, i'm sure, but i just feel like i did something wrong. i've always done this, and people always seem to get weary, even though i'm asking genuine questions. i feel like i'm trying to be kept down, but i don't want to be.

i just wanted to ask a question.


I don’t know exactly what happened but it’s sounds like you did nothing wrong. Has she ever said anything about air or anything related to the content of the site before?



Perhaps she became friends with you because you looked/behaved like the archetypal "nice guy/girl"? If so, she believes that you are programmed to be always there for her, understand her, reassure her that she's always right, unconditionally agree with her on anything, and basically tell her what she wants to hear, even if she was the one who got herself in a massive shitstorm.

And now she discovered that you are in fact self-aware and have your own views and opinions, you became useless to her and she started to turn against you. It would have happened sooner or later unless you do as per described in the paragraph above, this website was just an excuse.

But don't worry, if this is indeed the case, she will ghost you in the near future. (If that happens, just don't ever try to contact her in an attempt to fix your "friendship". She will claim you've never really been friends, you are an awkward creepy stalker, and you are harassing her.)

TL;DR: if the situation was exactly how you described, you did nothing wrong.


disregard this weird incel drivel, not even sure how to address any of this rambling nonsense

the real answer is that the implications of deep learning and general AI are deeply uncomfortable and perceived as existential threats to a lot of people, your friend was looking to be reassured and hoping you would mirror her reaction, that didn't happen which made her feel insecure in her fear and vulnerable for having shared it with someone who doesn't feel the same way and as a result she lashed out which isn't a reasonable response but people are an unreasonable lot


First you start throwing this "incel" crap for a post that has nothing to do with sexuality/romantic relationships, then in the end, you come to pretty much the same conclusion as the aforementioned post…


you are deeply disturbed w



Could be. To me, the story goes as follows:

-OP has a conversation with their "friend"

-Said friend brings up a ceratin (otherwise tame and non-controversial) website, expressing her dislike for it

-OP has a different opinion, so asks her to elaborate

-"Friend" gets triggered and insults OP

Unless you are white knighting because the "friend" in quesstion happens to be female, or you have been succesfully gaslighted for years, it should be clear that for this "friend", OP was never a real friend. They were merely a utility of reassurance and emotional comfort to her. OP made the unthinkable mistake of having (and expressing) a different opinion, so they had to be taught a lesson.

If you think that this was all OP's fault, and it is perfectly fine to throw a fit and insult a supposed friend over an AI, then I don't know what to say.



OP here. all has been resolved. thanks for all of your input, some of it did help. me and her are on good terms now.

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