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I just found this board and couldn't feel more comfy navigating it. I'm honestly glad I found a semi-active /hikki/ board to scroll through too.

Most NEET boards I find are rlly slow or have gone defunct.

How's your day going anon?
When was the last time you went outside?
>I went outside for the first time in maybe like 5 weeks for the sole reason to get parts to fix my shitty laptop.


My day has gone swell!
The last time I went outside was a few hours for a walk with one of my family members. Earlier I helped change the oil of a car and a bit earlier than that I drove to a few different stores. (Probably not as much of an insider as some people might expect but its the truth!)
Most of the time I like being by myself though.


File: 1653311322161.png (25.76 KB, 483x244, Oekaki.png)

I've been splitting my time between daydreaming and studying. As bad times go it's been pretty good. The last time I went outside was probably 2 or 3 months ago for a night walk. I bought some beer from a store which was a surreal experience. I want to do that again some time.


>Most NEET boards I find are rlly slow or have gone defunct.

Yeah, it's a shame. I sometimes wonder where all the other hikki/neet's are hiding

>How's your day going anon?

About neutral. Had a minor panic attack, but posting online sometimes makes me feel less ruined, so I'm doing some of that today.

>When was the last time you went outside?

A couple of days ago. Got myself some sweet stuff. I still crave sugar like a child, even as a mid-20's neet. I want to go outside again soon and get some alcohol, much like >>7206


Ah yes, nightwalks. Those were the best.
I tend to open my windows at night just so I can feel a nice breeze of fresh air every now and then.


Open window at night is nice but I hope you like moths


Nightwalks are a completely foreign fantasy to me. Are they peaceful? Do they feel like you're in another world? I don't even walk during the day because I feel like I'm going to get killed, I don't think I even live in a too dangerous city. This sedentary lifestyle is going to catch up to me soon.


File: 1653665817268.png (27.96 KB, 153x182, viktor coj mug.png)

Hiding 2 meters underground or just lost the will to talk to people.
You have the world to yourself and are comforted by the night sky like a blanket.


honestly, they don't feel like anything anymore


The few times i've done nightwalks, I was extremely anxious the entire time…

I do this all the time. My window is massive, and it gives me a really nice view of the sky from my bedroom. There's two trees there that I like to watch, and in the evening they always look like weird silhouettes, and when the wind rustles them the silhouettes come to life like some weird vivid abstract story. I also love leaving my window open when it rains, but i've decided to stop doing that because spiders come in.

They're hiding in their bedrooms… offline. That or they're all over the internet and just don't care to announce that they don't go outside, because it's hardly uncommon anyway.

>How's your day going anon?

I don't know.


File: 1653772606309.jpg (393.87 KB, 1920x1080, FAkOoV6XsAMb9Pq.jpg)

>The few times i've done nightwalks, I was extremely anxious the entire time

I suppose it depends on why you're specifically a continued hikki. If the general concept of being outside makes you anxious, you're not going to enjoy any kind of outing, regardless of time. For me, going out at any time is anxiety-inducing, but I find nightwalks easier to manage because there's less people to worry about, it's quiet, and it's not bright at all. I still don't do it all that often, though.


File: 1653859332867.png (197.83 KB, 3840x2160, Luna.png)

I get scared walking outside alone, even during the day. I always look behind me expecting to see a monster at the edge of my vision slowly walking towards me. Also, i'm scared of the dark and sleep with my lights on alot.


File: 1653981380256.jpg (33.19 KB, 500x375, 7cf2726b40e0de0f76b8684c9d….jpg)

My day could be better. I'm lamenting being forever alone and feeling sadly nostalgic over memories of playing nintendo ds with old friends that are long gone when we were kids. Super Mario 64, Wild World, Nintendogs and Cooking Mama.
I go outside pretty regularly to help keep the home with my mom as much as I can, she lets me use the car in return whenever she's not using it. I like driving down to a little creek near my house that has small cascades and cliffs on either side and going for walks on days people aren't about. When it's too hot, or raining, or night time.
The two other neet and hiki boards that are still active I know of are tohnochan and late.city. These three boards uboachan included all have distinct feels.


Tohnochan has some of the shittiest rules I've ever seen on an imageboard. A shame, really.


>When was the last time you went outside?
a month ago

not much reason to go out again anytime soon


Hello /late/r.


File: 1654351846485.jpg (13.42 KB, 569x540, f063f043f4b1f51cc9e010f35c….jpg)

Late.city is pretty cozy, though i've heard others voice their concerns abt the slow traffic.

I highly recommend putting on a comfy podcast as some bg noise, personally helped me alot with my anxiety.

Maybe put it at a lower volume/cover one ear instead of both if you're scared someone might try to cause trouble, and remember, always carry any form of self-defense weapon.


Their rules are pretty restrictive but even so there's a lot of activity and good discussion there. I don't agree with all their rules but they have given the board a unique culture and kept the eternal september of 2016 at bay which I appreciate a lot.
Sup friend, what's your favorite(s) fizzy drink? Mine's venom killer taipan.
/late/ is slow but it's active, and it's culture is the closest I've come to finding another /doomer/ since the great exodus.

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