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I don't know if this is going to be a poor OP for a thread but I just became homeless and I really don't know what to do. I'm scared.


What happened? And where in the world are you located?


I was staying with my parents and we got into an argument and I got kicked out/I left. I'm in the North East US right now. I stayed at a friends house last night and I'm hopefully gonna be able to stay at anothers for a while.

This feels horrible


the worst is yet to come


Thanks I appreciate the helpful and practical advice as well as the general positivity!


Well, i dont know what to do in the US, but if you got access to the Internet, then surely you can look up some government website on shelters/emergency housing? Are you in your early 20s or older? Maybe there's someone you can rent a room from?


It's pretty easy to get internet access in the USA, even when you are homeless. You can go to a library or use a phone or a laptop. This is what I did when I was homeless. Technology is much cheaper than housing.


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Worst case scenario in mind, prepare now for a life in the wilderness. Learn survival skills, learn carpentry. Spend as much time as you can learning things and exploring your options. A woodsman is far more respectable than some dirty, street leech.


>prepare now for a life in the wilderness

so, have you ever been homeless before


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If you haven't already, don't just ask here, this place doesn't get much traffic. Branch out in your search for information and advice.

For starters, it looks like there's a couple subreddits devoted to the issue. There's got to be a couple useful links there at least.

stay in touch when you can!


No. What does it matter? If you can build your own house, then how could you be homeless? That's what i'm getting at.


You know you need to pay for the dirt you're gonna build your house on, right? Unless you want to go the illegal way, that's it.


Downloading movies off of the internet is also illegal. Nobody is checking every inch of public woods for houses.


Law enforcement likely doesn't scrupulously check privately owned property or publicly owned national parks every single day. But it's a hard sell that no one would ever notice an UNDOCUMENTED NEW HOUSE.

Seriously, this is not downloading movies.


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I have a friend who pitched a tent in some deep woods for months when they were homeless. They just walked to town for groceries. It's workable, but turns out there are mountain lions so you don't want to go far from your tent. You also need to really know what you're doing to camp in the wild.

Building a house in the wild is technically possible but it could be discovered eventually. If you're in the US though and want to camp in the woods, look to the Bureau of Land Management's website for a map of areas falling under their jurisdiction. These areas, as I understand, are legal for anyone to camp in at any time as long as they don't build structures.

Really though do your research and do it well before going out deep. You should also do some test runs in less deep areas first to iron out any issues with your plans.

Also since OP has friends they should definitely try staying with friends before staying in the woods.


That's a false analogy. Tell me how many people you've seen going to jail for downloading a movie and how many went for taking over a place and making an illegal house on it.


Ask about it on lainchan, they've got some radical homeless people there.


Yes I've stayed with friends for the past few nights since I originally got kicked out of my place. My parents said I could come back but fuck that place. Right now I am talking to some people who are saying that they will bounce me around rooms at their college. There is also a wooded area nearby that I think I could feasibly sleep in need be, but I will have to check it out to make sure. The location is also PERFECT for finding work as it is literally right next door to a mall, and various other shopping plaza's.

My plan right now is to save up some money to get my own place, all the while looking for ways to make money online or through some sort of trade that would allow me to travel. Who knows if that will actually work though.


I dunno if there are in USA too, but i live in Italy and we have a bunch of left-wing movements that help homeless people (not bums, usually immigrees or "normal" people who lost work or are in a similar situation to yours) to occupy places in cities like unused officies or similar, you can ask them! Sometimes the owner manages to make the police to make occupants leave, but this doesn't happen so often. Living conditions are almost the same as owned house ones, and you can have electricity and water because activists knows how to stealthy interlace with state distibution system. I can confirm cause i have friends living in occupied places. You can occupy houses even without those organisation's help, i know people who did it, but it is more complex and you have to be more than a single person, obviously.

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