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File: 1494564511232.jpg (239.33 KB, 660x794, Madotsuki.full.257308.jpg)


I'm not quite sure what compelled me to post this or what reminded me of this place, but this is the first time I've been on this imageboard in years, perhaps the last time being 2013-2014 as far as I can even remember my time as a hikki. I didn't post very much, and when I did, I made sure not to make a name for myself. I was a hikki for 3 1/2 years, give or take based on what you consider the cut-off between NEET and hikki status. It's been nearly 3 years now since I left that lifestyle and ostensibly cured myself. Not to say I don't still have some mental abnormalities, but they're undetectable, both to myself and to others. I went back to college, graduated with a STEM degree and great grades. I applied for a job a couple weeks ago and am going in for an interview in a few days. I got a gf and lost my virginity last year, and now have a decently large friend group of very normal people that I blend in with completely, and sometimes don't even feel like an outlier around.

I don't mean to bore you with my life story – I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to get better and escape this lifestyle. I won't lie, I sometimes get brief pangs of nostalgia for the days of sleeping 15+ hours a day eating nothing but ramen and wasting all my time on the computer. But I feel okay now. I don't feel afraid, or anxious, or suicidal, or empty, or confused anymore. I feel healthy, I feel comfortable, I feel almost normal. Things can get better. Not just for me, but for you. It's not easy, and I've learned over the years to not try to offer what worked for me as advice, but I just want you all to know that it is possible to get out of this. The world is beautiful unobscured by depression, anxiety, fear, depersonalization, etc. I care about all of you and I want to see you all do good. I won't be sticking around for long – I don't want to reinforce long-dead habits – but I hope one day you can all join me. I love you all. Good luck my friends.


"subtle" brag thread


>muh humblebrag

I have accomplishments, too, but I'm not going around patting myself on the back about them. You have an ego issue. Your "intended" message would have been equally as effective had the first paragraph been almost entirely eliminated.

The question for yourself is now, "Why am I including such information?" and the honest answer is because you are prideful. There is nothing sinful about it, but there should be shame in such a naked display of lack of self-awareness.


File: 1494613355842.jpg (95.28 KB, 624x624, Ubuu_Patche01.jpg)

While I agree with both of you, I think you're missing the point of the thread. I mean sure, it comes as braggy and I'm pretty sure OP is fucking proud of it, specifically because he was in a shitty position (relatively speaking, the same as the people from here) and managed to come out of it cleanly, but that's the point. Getting angry for that is just silly.
Also, there's no rule here preventing people for saying "hey mate two years ago I barely did anything but sleep and stay on my room playing vidya but now I can be called 'normal'". No idea why anybody would get their tits standing up so hard for it. Imagine if we went around bitching about people talking about sex, we'd become wizchan.


I'm pretty sure that nobody on here was under the impression that it wasn't possible to live a normal, happy, well-adjusted life. People on here either don't have the motivation to fix their lives, or the desire to. Newsflash, normalcy isn't every-bodies' goal in life. To say that one life style is the objective ideal is extremely pig-headed. Plenty of people are perfectly satisfied with their lives as is, even if their lifestyle is abnormal. You probably never had any actual mental-illnesses. Just being awkward isn't a real metal-illness. Paranoid schizophrenia can't be cured with a good attitude. So not, it actually isn't possible for some people. You're preaching to the choir. Nobody here thinks the world is devoid of goodness or the opportunity to be happy. They're more frustrated with themselves than life itself. This is not an incel forum. Also, you're not actually the same person from before. You didn't just fix yourself, but you probably totally changed your personality and preferences to better fit in. What you are is person with somebody else's memories. When was the last time you talked about yn? When was the last time that you played yn? Would your, "fairly large friend group", be interested in the game, or any of the interests that you used to have? What do you talk about with this group of people who you put a mask on for? If you're really happy, then good for you, but don't tell people that you're choice of life is the ideal and that if they, "believe in themselves", they can reach it too. I'd rather be a hermit and live in the woods than have your life.


File: 1494625971928.jpg (37.37 KB, 304x311, 1369429307272.jpg)

>tfw we will never have /n/ back
m-muh tulpas


>What you are is person with somebody else's memories.
In all fairness, you could argue that statement applies to everyone, since humans aren't static creatures and all that.


File: 1494644865863.jpg (45 KB, 600x800, youkilledyourself.jpg)

You know what I mean. I'm talking about identity here. A forced, sudden shift in personality is like killing the person you used to be and stealing their memories.


File: 1494648793099.jpg (68.21 KB, 762x515, you.jpg)

Wait, I'm not done yet. Does your girlfriend know what yn is? Does she, because I don't think she does. What do you talk about with this girl on a day to day basis anyway? You're next date, the baseball game? What do plan on doing with this girl anyway, huh? Are you going to get married? Are you going to have kids? Kids who'll suck the life and money out of you? If you don't get married, then where do you plan for that relationship to go? What if you do marry her and have to go through a divorce because you just can't stand each other anymore? Do you love her? Would you die for her? Would she die for you? You're gonna die op. Do you know that? Because I think that sense of self-awareness got washed away and drowned by a sea of pride and egotism at some point. You're going to remember this place. You're going to think about it every single day. It'll be like a worm in you're brain that just wont stop wriggling. You're gonna think about when you have sex op. It's always going to be there. I want you to think about it op. When that heart-beat monitor flat lines, think about it.


File: 1494649183354.png (120.28 KB, 268x309, 1478679235001.png)

Just how butthurt have you to be to make two one-paragraph long posts complaining of somebody's progress on THEIR life and act like a cynical bitch?


I like being cynical. Writing paragraphs relieves my stress. Who's the one really being judgmental here? And why did you emphasis THEIR? They talked about their life, so I have right to talk about it too. This thread was made more for the op's sake than anybody else's after all.


File: 1494651245742.jpg (77.65 KB, 600x416, 70aac1723264babcd30946cbe1….jpg)

>Who's the one really being judgmental here?
Dunno, I'm just laughing.
>And why did you emphasis THEIR?
>This thread was made more for the op's sake than anybody else's after all.
Who was being judgmental again? That's just how you took it, I for one know that I didn't. From the looks of it you sound like you're extremely envious or OP or extremely frustrated at your life and angry other people achieve "their" own happiness, not "your" happiness, or what it seems you consider "happiness". I don't know which, if any of these is the real thing happening here, and I don't care either (I said "from the looks of it", after all). But this is like religion, you don't go around every single christian place preaching about how god doesn't exist, because that's stupid. Life values aren't changeable like that, unless you happen to be extremely doubtful of your own beliefs in the first place. OP considers he's better than what he was, why would your views change it at all? Some people may think OP's life is good and aim for it, why would you think they don't think like that? I don't value sex and thus I see relationships as a burden more than something good, but why would that change somebody's value of a relationship if they aren't me?

My point is, venting about other's doesn't really have any substantial meaning at all (except maybe, just venting, as you seem to be doing), because ultimately every single person is different and bitching about it like a little kid isn't really make any difference other than to spark shitty debates where retards think they are right and hold the truth when there is no truth at all (and yes, this includes me). One should be happy with what makes one happy. OP thinks he's happy; that's what's important. You could be happy and not realize it, and I think that's sadder, because in the blur of your delusions you can not hold gaze the happiness surrounding you, instead concentrating in the negativity of your situation. And that, my friend, is the first and most common cause of depression.

Also, sorry for the double post but I edited the formatting.

Anyway, good night, it's been a shitty day, I shat myself on my way back home. Now, that's a reason to complain and bitch about.


File: 1494652876748.jpg (117.74 KB, 800x521, shoes.jpg)

>Why should you even care?
Why not care? Not everything has to have a purpose to it. I care about everybody. I want to know about everybody. I want to cut open op's head and see what's inside(metaphorically). I love to care. What i'm complaining about has less to do with op's lifestyle, and more to do with his mentality. He never acknowledges that while he found happiness, his source of it might not be shared by everybody. He encouraged people to, "join him". Christianity can be good because it makes people happy, but what's bothersome is when Christians tries to push, even subtly, people into their way of life. I don't go around telling this to people, but on a forum I might. That's what's great about the internet.
>shitty debates
What if I like to debate? What if it gives me satisfaction? I feed off of negative emotions. I like it when the people around me are unhappy because it makes them more relatable. Unhappiness puts everybody on a more even playing field. Happiness is like a wall that separates me from others. I'm happy when others aren't. I've always been that way and I can't help it. It's frustrating to see people who can't put themselves in another's shoes and that's the impression that I get off of op and almost everybody else. Op does not have a perfect life and his ideals shouldn't be shared by everybody. That's the point I was attempting to get across.


>someone being positive and sharing success
>immediately shat upon for reasons even the posters dont seem to believe
I noticed this trend a lot on communities centered around negative lifestyles. Every time someone does good and might get out, they're immediately dogged on by the same people spending all their time bemoaning how bad the lifestyle is. They're treated like a traitor and chastised and alienated completely. there's some interesting psychology behind this phenomenon it seems, but I don't know what it is. Something about sour grapes maybe.


File: 1494665474300.jpg (209.63 KB, 990x553, 1494091603643.jpg)

>You're gonna think about when you have sex op.
>You're gonna die op. Do you know that?
>Does your girlfriend know what yn is?
>When was the last time you talked about yn?
>When that heart-beat monitor flat lines, think about it.
>I feed off of negative emotions. I like it when the people around me are unhappy because it makes them more relatable

>all of this just because a person is happy

I didn't get the deal about YN you made, i love YN but it's not my favorite game nor a "life changing experience", it was just something interesting i played, no need to constantly obsess and lust over an old game.

(rant below)
→ /n/ was a mistake

i said it over and over again to my friends (not OP, just some random who also happens to have a friend who lurks uboa), this board would be a loophole of toxicity and its starting to show

people are mostly staying here not because they want to improve their general life, but because "at least the other fags on /n/ are worse than me, i'm doing good", like literal circlejerk.

>Look at me i'm depressed

>Hey i'm depressed too man
>We're all depressed
>everyone procceeds to get happy

The status quo is being a NEET / socially awkward person with self diagnosed issues forever. No one tries to improve (not making a generalization, some do but most of the recent activity in /hikki/ is just brooding) because they are already comparatively better off than the others.

Why am i doing some ranting about /hikki/ when i should be studying moon runes


File: 1494696174579.jpg (142.68 KB, 500x369, doctor.jpg)

yn was just an example I was using to represent a number of interests that op probably forfeited in their pursuit of total normalcy. Op may be happy, but they're not the same op as from three years ago. Improving your life, getting a job, finishing your education, and all of that is great, but to sacrifice your real personality in the process isn't. Again, op has a better life than before, but it's not perfect because it's probably devoid of people who understand and appreciate his prior hobbies and interests. He even said his friend group was made up of very normal people. Yn is not liked by normal people. Op is basically saying, "hey, you too can abandon everything that makes you you"! "You can leave this hellhole of a site and live a good, normal life like me"! "Good luck with that"!


You're projecting a lot about what it means to have friends. You can have friends that share one particular interest and not others. You can have genuine fulfilling friendships about some interests that aren't as obscure while still enjoying and being fulfilled by ones you don't share with that particular group of friends. I know people who are complete social butterflies that are still in stuff like obscure art and weird historical books and whatever. The keep that part of themselves and aren't ashamed about it, but they can still have real friendships based on more surface level common ground without having to indulge nor deny that part of themselves.


I have never met anybody like that before in my entire life. Every sociable person I know likes mainstream things only and has mainstream sensibilities. Normal people like Marvel movies, pop/rap music, social media, sharing pictures, sports, social gatherings, dead memes and that's pretty much it. A few outliers may like xbone or wear clothes from hot topic or be really religious. Maybe that's just a reflection of the place that I lived in for most of my life or maybe I just don't know enough about the people around me, but that's going off of what I see and hear.


Pretty sure you just havn't been looking very hard m8. I can find some common ground with pretty much anyone and I despise mainstream pop culture.


Sounds like you stopped looking before high school ended, or just assume social people you see have, more or less, "pleb" taste. If you look around you can find very social normal people with unique interests and depth to their personality. Sure it isn't as common as in more reserved people, but it's not uncommon.


congrats you're now a normalfag
enjoy it


How old are you? I think it might be too late for me.


lol, they are loooooong gone by now.


Please remember not to ask other users how old they are. Rule #1. :)


Do you honestly think every person has the self-confidence to talk about the "weird" things they like?

The really jarring fact about hikki life is that real people are not honest and upfront. Out of security they'll give generalized answers nearby those first impressions, speaking the truth through innuendo and other forms of signalling. You won't easily have conversations like this IRL without "breaking the ice" or, having some path to change to that topic.

You're doing good OP. You're taking the path you chose. However, don't get in the habit of assuming others normalcy so quickly; that first catagorized impression will never be the truth.


The only reason for me to ever leave this lifestyle is something new and interesting happens in the world that changes absolutely everything. But I have no intentions or desire to become a normalfag. Have a good life OP, but don't assume it's what everyone wants.


What's up with this board? It is supposedly made for NEETs but half o the threads are made by non-NEET bragging about how great their non-NEET lives are and wondering how can we live like this. Is being NEET a new meme? Nobody can really recover from this fucked-up mental state. If you did, then chances are you never was an actual hikki in first place. Fuck off, you fake NEET wannabe. Go back to r9k or wherever you came from.


hikki =/= NEET though.


File: 1496511684956.jpg (54.19 KB, 524x479, b89848e027ed0efc8e0a4751d1….jpg)

good for you OP, thanks for remembering us, offering perspective, and letting us share in what for you was victory. i am glad that you achieved your desires.

>no true hikki would ever ____

argumentum ad populum, a purely emotional argument, used in an effort to regulate the hikki/neet community.

>OP's hubris

this deals little with the actual content of the post; given that, according to the sticky, one of the board's primary focuses is advice about "help in escaping the NEET lifestyle," one would think that the input of the ex-NEET/ex-hikki would constitute a valuable contribution to discussion. to the extent that what he wrote is true, his post does offer some degree of perspective on the NEET/hikki experience.

am i wrong?


best post on uboachan [SOURCE: 8 yrs lurker]


I'm a word smith.


I am happy you made it and glad that it turned out so good for you OP. May your happiness be forever for you and your family.

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