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/mud/ - Dream World MUD

Discussion board for Dennis MUD (the software) and its public test instance, the Uboachan Dream World MUD server.
Password (For file deletion.)

See newspost on Uboachan front page - PHP Developer Wanted to Develop Secret Weapon (to win the spam war)

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This is a general thread for getting help with Dennis MUD.
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just checked and it's still broken, username is gumbo

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Enter the Dream World

This board is for general discussion and troubleshooting of the Dennis MUD software project, and its public test instance, our own Uboachan Dream World MUD server.

Post in this board if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, if you need help with something, or have a bug to report, or if you want to show off your realm.

The original discussion thread is archived here.

Dennis on GitHub

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This thread is for planned features, and updates when new features or bugfixes are introduced, or things are changed.

Currently, I am planning some features for items and exits to finally do some more stuff.

> imbue item <id> <action> <text>

This command, similar to decorate item, will let you set custom text to broadcast when an item is used. The difference is that you will be able to set the broadcast response to a custom command to be used on an item. Any number of imbuements can be added. If the action is "use", then the effect is identical to just using "decorate item".
> Ex. 1: imbue item 4 pull pulled the lever, but nothing happened.
In this example, assuming that item 4 is named "big lever", when a player enters the command "pull big lever", the text "Playername pulled the lever, but nothing happened." will broadcast.
> Ex. 2: imbue item 5 """look into""" looked into the crystal ball.
In this example, a multi-word custom action is set by surrounding it with triple-double quotes. If the item is named "crystal ball", then the custom text will be broadcast when the player runs the command "look into crystal ball".
> This also works with the %player% marker.
> Possible custom commands that can be used on an item will be listed when the item is looked at.

> unimbue item <id> <action>

Removes an imbuement from an item.
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I finally made the first Alpha release! This includes Windows binaries. You can grab it at https://github.com/seisatsu/Dennis/releases/tag/v0.0.1a-alpha


Alpha-0.0.2 - The Ownership Update

This update primarily adds a distinction between primary and secondary ownership of world objects. Primary owners have special permissions, such as being unable to have their ownership removed by another owner, and being the one who receives an item whose parent room is broken. Here is a breakdown of the new features and changes in this release:

* Added the `transfer exit/room/item` commands for transferring primary ownership.
* Added the `give` command, which lets you give an item in your inventory to another player in the same room.
* Added the `set pronouns` command for the player to set their pronouns. This was necessary for the posture text from sit and lay to format with correct grammar in all cases.
* Added the `return item` command which returns an item in your inventory to its primary owner's inventory.
* Added the `return inventory` and `return room` commands, which return all items in your inventory or all items in a room that you own respectively to their primary owners.
* Added rotating backups; the server will keep up to a specified number of backups, rotating them each time it is started.
* Automatically add "the" in front of the names of items in certain various circumstances.
* The `enable/disable chat` commands and the `enable/disable autolook` commands are now `set chat` and `set autolook`.
* The `break room` command now returns items in the room to their primary owners, instead of losing them.
* The `requisition` command was renamed to `requisition item`.
* Improved reporting in the `list exits/items/rooms/users` commands.
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Alpha-0.0.3 - Lots of Stuff!

The biggest features in this release are custom actions upon entering a room, partial name matching for many commands, more command aliases to better match what users expect, command line arguments for the singleuser and server programs, tags for properly formatting action grammar taking pronouns into account, a recovery code system for recovering lost passwords, config file validation, and lots of restructuring and minor bugfixes.

* Added the (un)decorate entrance commands for custom actions upon entering a room.
* Added partial name matching for help, look, go, drop, get, give, and use.
* Added lots of useful / generally expected command aliases.
* Added command line arguments for the server and singleuser mode.
* Added %noaction%, %they%, %them%, %their%, %theirs%, %themselves%, and %s% tags for action/pronoun formatting.
* Added an optional "seconds" argument to the shutdown command.
* Added a recovery code system (`recover`) for resetting lost passwords.
* Added brute force protection for logins.
* Tell users in exitless rooms how to use xyzzy to return to room 0.
* Replaced Twisted's logging facilities with our own.
* Validate configuration files with jsonschema.
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Small but significant: You can now use exits just by typing their name, without having to use the "go" command". So "go north" can just be "north" now. It works with partials as well, so "n" will go north too if no other exit contains the letter "n", as will "no" and "orth", etc. This is a feature a lot of people expected, but took me a while to get to. It ended up being easier than I thought it would be, partly because of other developments in the codebase since the last time I considered it.


I made a few small updates in the last few days!

* The (un)decorate commands have been renamed to (un)actionate. Though actionate is a sillier word, it's much better at describing what these commands actually do. You can still use the (un)decorate command names via aliases, but looking up the command help requires using the new names.
* Custom pronouns! You can now set custom pronouns for yourself using "set pronouns custom".
* Added more quickstart instructions to the web client page and telnet MOTD to help people get started with building.
* Added helpful hints to the help for some of the building commands which mention other commands you may want to use. I plan to add "See Also" comments to the help for other commands as well.
* Various bugfixes.

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General discussion thread. Talk about things you found, things that happened, and things you made.
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A little off topic but I love this. I first made a few rooms shortly after this came online, probably like 3 years ago. I didn't really have a laptop at the time though so I was typing on a tablet, and I was dealing with a lot, so I stopped contributing.

But now that I am a few years older, with a decent bit of spare time, and have a laptop with full keyboard, I am loving creating things. I extended and reworked the stuff I had built previously, and have made a bunch of unrelated stuff also.

I invited a few people also who I think would find it interesting. They did, but I am not sure if they will ever decide to actually contribute. Either way, I will continue to build edgy and labyrinthian worlds, I hope you all enjoy them.


So you were the one creating items yesterday?

Tow us a line and give a hint to where your stuff is man.


Well its been two or three days since I made anything really but from the nexus go through the rocky opening. Most of it is through there


Your friendly reminder to play the MUD :)


Oh this is cool as hell. Used to be part of one of these in like 2009 or so, old internet stuff. Seeing that there's one for Yume Nikki is like, the perfect outlet for this kind of thing. I saw this and it just clicked. Will definitely be creating stuff once I figure out the nitty gritty

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Ive been trying to register with the mud from the browser interface, but nothing seems to happen when I type any sort of command. Am I just mentally challenged or did i break?
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File: 1646034606851.jpg (26.26 KB, 679x640, 64cbe994f387c79335e2bf3af4….jpg)

I'd suggest to use the domeclient meanwhile if you want something web-based. http://pubclient.sindome.org/player-client/?gh=dream.uboachan.net&gp=37378


Thank you frens, appreciate the help :D


Oops, certs probably expired. Gimme a sec.

Edit: It's fixed.


Same problem is back again.

Also, what is a decent client for something like this? Is a cli program typical or are there nicer versions.



Fuck, I completely missed this and the server's been down for a month or more. It's back now, the issue was firewall rules on our new server.

Better to email me if it stays down for a long time.

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Guys, I just llove the mud. This is me in my mud. Whayts your favourite kind of mud and whuy?

also general mud thread.


File: 1550874272083.jpg (1.17 MB, 1842x1380, Pig-in-Mud.jpg)

…I'll allow it. But just this thread.


File: 1550899268838.jpg (146.39 KB, 500x334, 317339212_af40508e8c.jpg)


File: 1550958842146.jpg (76.66 KB, 450x750, warthog.jpg)

GOD that's a clean dog.


File: 1573592532199.png (196.6 KB, 720x576, Mud.png)

My name is Mud


Not to be confused with Billy, Jack, Pete or Denis

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Bug reports thread

I found another bug with breaking duplified items.
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i copypasted it to make sure it was the same and then i just backspaced the "register" and replaced it with "login"


Oh, it's a bug. Hang on I'll try to fix it.


Registration should work now. There was a config file I forgot to update after changing something recently.


Try looking at a door in the nexus, I get a traceback.

> look Stone Door


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/www/dream.uboachan.net/Dennis/websocket.py", line 53, in onMessage
File "/var/www/dream.uboachan.net/Dennis/console.py", line 191, in command
File "/var/www/dream.uboachan.net/Dennis/commands/look.py", line 91, in COMMAND
if i["name"].lower() == ' '.join(args).lower():
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable


This is very perplexing, because it's breaking on my laptop with my local test instance as well, which has a separate database, even with older versions of the code. How long has it not been possible to look at things? It might take me a minute to crack this bug.

Edit: I am even more confused about the cause of this after my debugging session. The conditions are very strange. Whatever the root of the problem might be, I may never know, but I headed it off by adding a None check in a place where one should be anyway. The code works again.

File: 1550955061446.jpg (928.34 KB, 2127x2351, 20190223_211453-1.jpg)


Did a fan art of madotsuki being chased by a toriningen .


Moved to >>>/o/4921.

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Woah a new board. Neato!

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