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/mud/ - Dream World MUD

Discussion board for Dennis MUD (the software) and its public test instance, the Uboachan Dream World MUD server.
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New board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs, and people with school/work/reintegration issues: Ex-NEET / Recovery

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Enter the Dream World

This board is for general discussion and troubleshooting of the Dennis MUD software project, and its public test instance, our own Uboachan Dream World MUD server.

Post in this board if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, if you need help with something, or have a bug to report, or if you want to show off your realm.

The original discussion thread is archived here.

Dennis on GitHub

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Guys, I just llove the mud. This is me in my mud. Whayts your favourite kind of mud and whuy?

also general mud thread.


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…I'll allow it. But just this thread.


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GOD that's a clean dog.


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My name is Mud


Not to be confused with Billy, Jack, Pete or Denis

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General discussion thread. Talk about things you found, things that happened, and things you made.


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Now available in Hell (Fiery Door)

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Bug reports thread

I found another bug with breaking duplified items.
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i copypasted it to make sure it was the same and then i just backspaced the "register" and replaced it with "login"


Oh, it's a bug. Hang on I'll try to fix it.


Registration should work now. There was a config file I forgot to update after changing something recently.


Try looking at a door in the nexus, I get a traceback.

> look Stone Door


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/www/dream.uboachan.net/Dennis/websocket.py", line 53, in onMessage
File "/var/www/dream.uboachan.net/Dennis/console.py", line 191, in command
File "/var/www/dream.uboachan.net/Dennis/commands/look.py", line 91, in COMMAND
if i["name"].lower() == ' '.join(args).lower():
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable


This is very perplexing, because it's breaking on my laptop with my local test instance as well, which has a separate database, even with older versions of the code. How long has it not been possible to look at things? It might take me a minute to crack this bug.

Edit: I am even more confused about the cause of this after my debugging session. The conditions are very strange. Whatever the root of the problem might be, I may never know, but I headed it off by adding a None check in a place where one should be anyway. The code works again.

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Did a fan art of madotsuki being chased by a toriningen .


Moved to >>>/o/4921.

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This thread is for planned features, and updates when new features or bugfixes are introduced, or things are changed.

Currently, I am planning some features for items and exits to finally do some more stuff.

> imbue item <id> <action> <text>

This command, similar to decorate item, will let you set custom text to broadcast when an item is used. The difference is that you will be able to set the broadcast response to a custom command to be used on an item. Any number of imbuements can be added. If the action is "use", then the effect is identical to just using "decorate item".
> Ex. 1: imbue item 4 pull pulled the lever, but nothing happened.
In this example, assuming that item 4 is named "big lever", when a player enters the command "pull big lever", the text "Playername pulled the lever, but nothing happened." will broadcast.
> Ex. 2: imbue item 5 """look into""" looked into the crystal ball.
In this example, a multi-word custom action is set by surrounding it with triple-double quotes. If the item is named "crystal ball", then the custom text will be broadcast when the player runs the command "look into crystal ball".
> This also works with the %player% marker.
> Possible custom commands that can be used on an item will be listed when the item is looked at.

> unimbue item <id> <action>

Removes an imbuement from an item.
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> Added the "enable autolook" and "disable autolook" commands.

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Woah a new board. Neato!

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