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Hi, /hikki/. I've been lurking around on here since about 2013 and I really didn't have too much to ask about since I know my more internal problems suck, but they are also more of something that I can fix myself if I try. More to the point I guess, I decided to finally post because I have had my first paying job in three years. It's in retail, and I've been working there since November last year. At first I was relieved to get a paying job, but I learned soon that I just dislike the work and the environment. It's a department store, and I pretty much guard the fitting room area and I have to count the garments that people want to bring in. I'm not a very extroverted person, and I have a few diagnosed mental disorders. Sometimes people come over to try stuff on and they show clear disdain for what I have to do. I still do my job, but I've had many customers act incredibly finicky and rude about me having to check the items they have. Not only that, but some people will complain about things I won't let them do, like not bringing shopping carts into the fitting room even though there is a very noticeable sign that says people can't. I get along with my coworkers well at least, and most of my bosses are also nice. But I'm just tired of dealing with mostly middle aged women in yoga pants with makeup caked onto their faces, complaining about me doing what I'm supposed to do. I've had a breakdown already at work during the holiday time when some bitch refused to let me hand her each garment as I counted them. I used to work at a summer camp as a counselor, working with elementary to middle school aged kids. I got along with most of them and I used to let them watch me draw and I'd give them advice on school and growing up. The camp itself was kind of poorly run though, and when some of the kids got bullied, no one seemed to report it except me. There were also times when other staff were watching stuff on their phones and not interacting with the kids. Despite all that, I actually liked that job more when I look back on it, because I felt useful and that I was helping to contribute to society by inspiring kids to think about their futures and for them to grow up to be good human beings. Now I just feel that I made a mistake accepting my current job. I'm 19 and I still live with my parents. I've talked to my mother about finding another job at an afterschool program or another camp, and leaving my current job on the best terms that I can. She told me that I should stay for some years so it looks better on my resume, but I'm growing to hate this place more and more every day. Any help would be highly appreciated.


>a few years
fuck your mom, do what you want


Your mother kinda has a point. But if you really can't stand that work anymore, it probably would a good idea to just quit on the few next months, like on May or something along those lines.


Thanks, Anon. I might do that, but I also don't really know how to properly tell my bosses that I feel that I should leave without making it so that I might have a good chance of being hired again maybe a few years from now if my job circumstances are that dire. They know of my diagnoses, and I've been fairly well accomodated I would think, and I feel like I'm going to sound like a failure no matter how I word it. Then again, I have depression.


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How about talking this out with your bosses/coworkers and hearing their opinions too before quitting?

Also, people are dicks, so get used to it, because it's something you will have to face for the rest of your life, everywhere. It's not nice but it's the truth.
Of course you can just give up if it builds more stress than you can handle, because that will fuck you in a lot of ways. But my advice is to just stop caring about it and going along the flow, if it's possible.


I'm well aware that people are dicks, but I'd rather deal with rudeness from kids who don't know any better than grown adults who should. You're just being honest and not sugar coating anything though, so I can't argue with that. I planned on talking to a few coworkers that I frequently talk with about it, and then when I feel that I'm ready, I plan on telling my boss.


All those despair stories of working in retail aren't just embellishments, anon. Retail is a living hell to work at.

I'd say try to think of what exactly to say to your bosses so as to get your point across without being rude or seeming like a failure. If they don't understand then, that's kind of a shame. You shouldn't have to deal with retail for longer than they have to. If you live in the New England area, I think I've heard of a pretty good summer camp job around there, they'd probably be willing to take you in there.

[spoiler] I also hate to be like this, but that text was pretty hard to read- if you're going to write any more long posts like that, please try to format it a bit better…[/spoiler]


Seconded on retail. I own a retail business. Even though it's not as ubiquitous as a clothing or food place, it's still retail and people still suck major anus to have to tolerate. Fortunately I own the place so I don't have to worry about getting fired for saying what I want, but on the downside my boss is an asshole. ;-)


I actually do live in Massachusetts. There are good number of programs like camps and such here. And sorry about the formatting, you'd think someone who's been here long enough would remember, but I was too busy trying to put my thoughts into words. I'm a college student too and I have an essay to write soon. Damn I feel embarrassed.


I seem permanently stuck in retail / customer service environments and generally I simply cannot take them. People are jerks and seem to want to find any way possible to game "the system" and make your life a living hell. Most jobs aren't terribly interested in multiple years of "stable" work history right now; the fact that you're working already shows a lot about your character. If it were me, I'd start hunting jobs more to my interests while letting my boss know that I'm looking for something more suited to my skillset, and then quit when I had found something better. Just keep everything up front and in the open with everyone is usually the best policy.


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Maybe you could look into working with kids? You sound happiest back when you were a summer camp counselor I think. If this is about money, what about babysitting or something. Ultimately it's up to you.

You do not like retail, maybe get a night shift job doing something like security guarding etc. Like I said, you're to review your options and decide what's best. This is all just something to think about. Gook luck.


File: 1456939618724.jpg (390.86 KB, 1300x1199, 1449549220979.jpg)

>gook luck



File: 1456940766378.jpg (192.39 KB, 988x1290, image.jpg)

Thank you. I've started looking today. I need to be qualified for certain first aid stuff first before I apply for some of the listed jobs I looked at, but why not, it's helpful and I'm certainly willing to do it. I am grateful for your help.


Oh, hey, I live in Massachusetts too.
That summer camp thing I was talking about is this: https://www.clarkeschools.org/summeradventure

I've never actually tried to apply as a staff myself, but I've heard of it and it seems like it'd possibly be your type of thing.


That's wonderful, anon. Best of luck to you.


I wish you the best of luck anon.


Good luck to you as well, I will look into perhaps working here. I live in Salem. My hometown is Danvers, though. I may move back in the future.


Salem? Really? How's it feel to live there, particularly on Halloweens? I almost went last Halloween but decided against it. I just live in one of the bumfuck small towns relatively near Boston.


I live on the outskirts, close to Lynn. I have easy access to downtown via the buses, but around October I typically stay in my house and do stuff by myself. My house and yard are cool I guess, but the surrounding areas are fairly disgusting. I can also see the fucking Walmart sign from my place which doesn't help. The forest areas behind it are nice though. Most of the shops downtown except for the tourist traps are pretty sweet. The harbor is also a nice sight in warmer seasons. People make a big deal out of Halloween because obvious reasons here, but honestly come time for the Fourth it's basically the same but without the costumes. I'd say the best time to go would be the spring or summer.


Oh yeah, and the local comic shop sells some animu stuff but unless you're a basic weeaboo or a hardcore mecha fan, it really could be better. I wish they had Touhou merch, that would be cool.


Th-there's no local comic shop in my town. This place has absolutely nothing except for a decent pizza place.


dump your mom and do what you see best.

if you really want to work, then I suggest you look for a job (literally any kind of job) that would make you happy. there are online jobs, jobs that require no human contact, and jobs that are a living hell. choose one that you enjoy.

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