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File: 1504712462329.jpg (123.24 KB, 1200x900, ClUvjg9VAAApEu8.jpg)


Why are people proud of being neet? Why do they boast about being neet?

I've been neet for 7 years and have never been proud of it or thought it was worth telling others about.


Because japanese otaku media keeps on glorifying NEET image. So people think unconsciously that's a cool thing to be a freeter by choice.


File: 1504788926191.png (140.74 KB, 992x1856, FdZtiXM.png)

Maybe it's a form of coping. You're telling yourself that it's alright or even better to have no job so you don't blame yourself.
Pictures like this really tick me off


It's not just with real people, some creators make their characters hiki or NEET just for the fashions.

>Learn language
I can confirm the author of that file never interacted with a NEET.


Why are people proud of supporting a society that promotes suffering?

Different morals.


Because most neets feel rejected by normal people or, "normies". This transforms into bitterness which transforms into a false sense of superiority. I'm not like them, I'm better. The neets who don't have a bloated ego due to their lack of normalcy are usually the suicidal ones. It's all just a mental cop-out to feel better.
>Why are people proud of supporting a society that promotes suffering?
Because without that society we would still be out in the woods hunting for animals. People are proud to contribute to what allows everybody's lives to be more decent. A society of neets would crumble. People hating neets is less to do with feeling better than them, and more to do with a feeling that their efforts are being wasted on those who would not do the same for them.


>that whole pic

What a retarded strawman of both sides. That said, I do envy the extra time that NEETs have but being part time and having family support is the next best thing. Oh, and being really frugal.

But to answer you OP, it's easy to feel superior when you are "different". It's really funny because for all of my complaining about work and shit, I do enjoy reaching out and helping people at my job. Yet NEETs just assume that all "wageslaves" are just retarded sheep who chase after the new shiny things. It's stupid.


File: 1505469122527.jpg (172.34 KB, 1280x720, 1504572080113.jpg)

>Because japanese otaku media keeps on glorifying NEET image.

Not really being a NEET or Hikikomori in Japan means you are the lowest of the low to society also anime like Welcome To The NHK encourage NEETS and hikkis to come out and make something of themselves.


Only anime in recent times I actually remember that even came close to glorifying NEETs and hikkis was No Game No Life. Yea, Japanese culture is pretty big on conformity and image, and even anime that big otaku enjoy seem to paint NEETs and general outcasts in a pretty negative light. There was that whole chunnibyou fad too, where the bulk of the jokes where, "LOL, this person is an aspie dumbass!!"

And maybe since we don't really have a perspective from a native Japanese NEET, at best we just have the opinion of weeaboo NEETs who decided to worship a culture that would shun them for being different. American culture for whatever reason seems to eat up stories about outcasts and weirdos being the underdog and succeeding. Not saying Japan doesn't have those too, however.


I watched the first season of that and kind of liked it, but the ending pissed me off so much. Didn't even bother with the second season after reading reviews of it.


Yes, the ending to that anime's first season was really laughable. I mean, really? You could just make it a good light hearted comedy about "that girl" but no, you just had to give her some retarded backstory.

And you'd think once she got over her issues she'd at least go back to being a normal girl without the autistic shit which would have been okay but NOPE, gotta keep that status quo, yo.


File: 1505541745240.png (420.32 KB, 324x996, Untitled.png)

The thing that pissed me off the most was the old man's speech at the end as the mcs rode a bike into the distance about how acting autistic isn't so bad or some shit. The same guy gave a speech at the beginning of the show about how important it is to abandon middle school obsessions and move one so you can be a complete person. The whole show was building up to how obsessing over a delusion like that is unhealthy and people just do it to fill a void in their hearts. I was getting psyched to see the characters gradually facing reality more and more and progressing forward. It was a little like NHK. I was getting pumped up from the seeing the illusion be shattered. That ending speech was the show spitting in my face.
>Watching this for the first time
>"Indeed, we carry eighth-grader syndrome throughout all of our lives
>Read what season two is about…
>contemplates stabbing self in stomach


>Because without that society we would still be out in the woods hunting for animals. People are proud to contribute to what allows everybody's lives to be more decent. A society of neets would crumble.

False dichotomy, there are other systems out there that can provide for the majority of the planet being neet or on a very low hour per week work schedule without having to revert to a hunter gatherer society.


>there is no reason to have a job in %d
Gee, I sure fucking love when people assume that welfare is a universal thing. Real fucking smart.


Did you crawl out of /leftweebpol/ or something? I listened to all twelve minutes of this socialist, environmentalist fuck and he basically said nothing that I haven't heard before. The baseline of his thinking is already shitty. We don't need technology because it doesn't make us happy? Well, what if happiness isn't the end goal? Convenience is. The ultimate goal of society is to make life as easy as possible, not as happy as possible. His cup analogy makes no sense because if they put a stamp on the maximum number of cups they produce and they figure out a way to make those cups twice as quickly, they would still fire half of those employees if they had to work for the same amount of time. Sure, those employees would clock in the same hours and get the same pay, but they would have no reason to keep the other half. The alternative is to keep all of the employees, but cut their time in half. In that situation, why would they pay the workers the same amount? If their hours are half, their pay will be half. Companies exist solely to make money. They're not going to waste it. What this guy doesn't understand is how individual interests are what society is composed of. We are not a hive mind by nature. If one cup company says fuck it and produces twice as many cups, and they make a profit from it, they'll have twice as much money. Twice as much money to advertise more and beat out the competition. As a company, why would I let the other cup people beat me? I want to make as much money as possible, I don't want to be beat down. You need money to make money. There isn't one government run cup company, which is the only way in which this guy's idea would remotely work. The other alternative is to shun technological developed so that everyone can keep their job and pay. In the end, that would be counter intuitive to the goal of society. Make life easier. His second idea is even worse. The entire thing hinges on the moronic assumption that the majority of people aren't lazy fucks. His example of things that people made were all made out of necessity or some kind of reward. Only a few people have the talent and motivation to produce something for no reward. That's how people operate. If I don't get more money for it, why bother doing more work? Look at any old-school Communist society(which my parents came from). Everybody is an unmotivated lazy fuck because they'll just get their pay anyway. Most people opt not to be doctors and scientists because that's more work without more reward. There is no evidence to suggest that people wont just leach off of the system. People already do that. Do the majority of people who are already on welfare, produce anything worthwhile? No. For every Terry A Davis, there's a million slugs. What this guy doesn't understand is that money is only worth as much as the effort it takes to make it. As a farmer, why would I want to sell my goods for a bunch of worthless paper that people had to do nothing to get? What would I even do with that money? The only solution to this would be for the government to set prices. In that case, why even bother farming? If I can't make a better living on it than people who don't work, why not just not do anything? What would the minimum wage even be? Just enough for food and shelter? So that means that those people wouldn't have enough money to buy any of the shit that they would need to produce art or books. If they get more shit than that, that would mean that somebody would have to produce that stuff. What if all of the factory workers said fuck it and decided to not work? I would do that too if I could just not work and still get all of the things I need AND more. People should have the ability to make a billion dollars and buy three hundred yachts. The capacity for upward mobility is beautiful because that means that people will try to make those millions of dollars. The only thing that I agreed with the guy about is that banks shouldn't be able to make money out of thin air. I don't think out system is perfect, but the idea that having a massive chunk of the population parasitizing the rest would work is unbelievably stupid.


tl;dr the only reason for your existence is to generate profit


Nice strawmanning libtard.


I can understand why people don't post here anymore, though I'm surprised that Uboachan got infected with the /v/ virus.


How is disagreeing with a socialist and insulting them when they don't acknowledge your point and just write, "tl;dr the only reason for your existence is to generate profit", the /v/ virus? If anything writing a single sentence response to an argument like that is what the /v/ virus is. Come back when you decide to turn your brain on.


The problem is not that you disagree with him, its that you're jumping at every chance you get to politicise something and get mad over it. I don't know what you think you're achieving here.


File: 1512293394051.jpg (602.42 KB, 1080x1091, 1263617764166.jpg)

I think people will always take pride in who they are and what they do regardless of what it might be.
Especially when it comes to occupation, I have a friend that works at Build a Bear and every day before he goes into work he says "those bears aren't going to build themselves" or my stepbrother, he used to work at Pizza Hut, he would always bragged that he was the best ever at scraping out the giant cans that the tomato sauce came in, that he was the best at what he did, not a single drop of tomato sauce was ever left behind. Or, for a time I did volunteer work at my high school library, I was tasked with data entry for the nonfiction section cataloging and entering data for every single book. And when when I was finished with it thanks the Dewey decimal system I could point out the approximate location of any book in the entire nonfiction section, I thought I was pretty hot shit. One time I actually impressed two girls looking for a book to do a book report on and then I thought I was REALY hot shit.
But anyways I don't think this extends just to occupations, it could just as easily extend to the lack of an occupation, people tend to self glorify their lifestyles just as well. If you're wealthy it's pretty easy to take a sense of pride in that but if you're poor I mean… Have you ever seen two people try to out ghetto each other? Where they will constantly try to one up each other with stories of how poor their living conditions were growing up and how impoverished their life was? People can brag about how shit their computer is, how shit their apartment is, one of my favorite ones is when people brag about how shit their high school was.

or… Maybe that's more just something along the lines of Nietzsche's concept of "master–slave morality" but whatever…

tl;dr neets think they're hot shit but so does everybody


How am I the one politicizing things? I said that you improve yourself for the sake of others and the other guy said that people shouldn't because socialism. Socialism is a political concept while the good of society could apply to multiple, if not most systems of government. I can't stand socialism, so I'm going to tell socialists that they're wrong. I get personal satisfaction from it; isn't that reason enough?
>tl;dr neets think they're hot shit but so does everybody
No, some people are honest with themselves. A lot of people will hate their job and know it's shit, so they find some hobby to get good at and be proud of. Or some people just don't care about personal pride. The problem is that those people don't talk about how not proud they are of themselves. The people trying to emotionally compensate are just the loudest.


File: 1512522333698.jpg (84.21 KB, 637x431, 1506895012445.jpg)

>the other guy said that people shouldn't because socialism
The first instance of the word "socialism" is in >>4047 which I'm guessing is your post.
>I get personal satisfaction from it; isn't that reason enough?
See, this is what I was referring to when I said that uboachan is getting infected by the /v/ rage culture virus. Too many people just see image boards as places to get riled up and post long angry rambling insult-filled screeds that don't actually contribute anything to discussion.
This used to be a comfy board.


File: 1512524368279.jpg (422.8 KB, 2126x1390, 1432415439256.jpg)

>The first instance of the word "socialism" is in…
Actually, there's a small error that not many seem to have noticed. At first I didn't even know why the autism battle started, but just now I realized that >>4047 is miss-quoting >>4045 and that's where the "12 minute socialist video" is. One faggot is arguing that humans aren't human and playing troll, the other arguing that idealism is bullshit and ranting so bad it is derailing the thread.
Figures, I never cared for external links, or stupid politics discussions, at that. They hardly ever bear interesting fruits, most of the time being the same thing said again and again and miss-reading or putting words into your opponent's mouth. Seriously, this place isn't really the best to discuss any politics, not because it's forbidden, but because there are thousand of places better fit to take that conversation and things here should remain comfy. Just my opinion. Have a nice day.


They didn't have to say socialism, the video did for them. I only posted my rant in responses to the video that somebody responded to me with. If somebody responds with a video, I'm going to respond to it in turn. I don't see how my post is the v virus when I wasn't the instigator. I didn't come here with the intent to post a long ramble. If I did, I would just a thread about politics.
I believe that politics are relevant here when they're used to justify neetdom. Neetdom is very much relevant to this board.


Also, /n/ has always been the worst board.


Fucking leftists go back to your campuses.


File: 1512576461061.png (387.21 KB, 415x562, 480dbb0f6d174fd55b145d4f79….png)

nah , its cool here


Shh, you'll wake the posters from the Other Chans thread.


File: 1512595279647.png (537.2 KB, 1478x1076, vomitiveshithole.png)

I'll just leave this here.


File: 1512598170263.jpg (34.15 KB, 604x403, 1510066456398.jpg)

Shit, I knew it. Stop this, no one here cares about your political differences with a board on a different fucking website.


File: 1512600405305.jpg (145.03 KB, 850x749, __gangut_hibiki_and_verniy….jpg)

shame leftyweebpol is so dead rn


Can the outsiders please fuck off with the alien drama?


File: 1512612439133.jpg (20.59 KB, 500x500, e09ba13ad3c88913065d178df0….jpg)


Can we stop discussing politics
Where are these frogs finding this site anyways


God even Uboachan isn't safe from this new age politics fetish. I'm absolutely fucking sick of it. I can't turn anywhere anymore without hearing about it. It's always the same petty, pathetic insult wank session.



File: 1512668547323.jpg (64.24 KB, 610x619, 1381192631209.jpg)

>I believe that politics are relevant here when they're used to justify neetdom. Neetdom is very much relevant to this board.
You would have a point if you were at least discussing politics related to neetdom, but you are just arguing why socialism is shit (and before you shoot me, I agree, it's shit) with other anon who hates the idea that we humans are humans and things never come free. If you are derailing a thread and going completely off topic, and specially with politics, you two would better go discuss this to other place where sperging about the same things again and again ad nauseam isn't a bother the rest of the site (just look at how many people are bitching about it already).
It's not that we don't care about politics, it's that this isn't the best place to discuss them because they're not even in the spirit of this place. Yes, /n/ was always shit, but we had more activity on the past and it didn't matter much. Now, when an autism battle hijacks the front page, it isn't as cool.


I know it sucks that threads are being filled with politics, but its mostly just one guy whos baiting because he got banned from a political board that was linked to from here. The best thing to do wold be to just not respond to him.


File: 1512751728419.jpg (63.71 KB, 426x422, work-is-shit.jpg)

I was never proud of it. Because if i would be someone who insisted on having something to be proud of, then I would not have become a NEET.
If i would be a person that highly values the opinion of other people over his own and therefore prefere to work and to be respektet in society instead of doing what i really want to do, i wouldn't have become a NEET in the first place.


>getting up at half past 7
get on my level, my clock bells at 5 am


You should be proud of how honest you are with yourself. By the way, what do you like to do anon?

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