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This thread is for:

- "What is this game, please help"
- "I just got this game and there is this bug that keeps happening, how do I fix it help"
- "Where can I download this game?"

And any other help that you might need. Please refrain from creating new threads just for a help request, rather than general discussion of a game - use this one instead!

Also: Please be as descriptive as possible when asking for help. Screen caps and error text copy-paste is the best way to get tailored answers.
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File: 1555432320024-0.png (1.08 MB, 766x826, ib.png)

File: 1555432320024-1.png (84.91 KB, 864x571, old ib.png)

Can give the older versions the English translation of Ib (version 1.02)? I can find version 1.04 when the new endings and dialogue were added but anything before that is hard to find with archives of the translation's old webpage is still there, but the download links are dead or the files are gone.

File: 1555025430099.png (367.8 KB, 1920x1080, TheSilverCase-2016-10-07-0….png)


Lately, i have been playing the entire Suda51 backlog. Killer7 is so good that after finishing the final chapter, it became my second favorite game ever, only surpassed by Nier Gestalt.

Playing The Silver Case atm, and it's pretty great, i'm really impressed by how underrated most of his older games are. Maybe these recent Grasshopper meh titles like Lolipop Chainsaw and Killer Is Dead did indeed hurt his reputation, but it's kinda sad that the other titles are kinda underrated.

I would recommend especially No More Heroes, Killer7 or the Kill The Past canon trilogy. Any thoughts about it?
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That does leave me wondering something important though. Do you think Suda is actually a hack?

I love his works a lot too, but that whole "taking credit for other people's works" thing feels a bit iffy. Grasshopper games in general feel like poor imitations of his own works. They're rather senselessly random and silly, like how NMH was and how people will gloss over the symbolism and deeper meanings of Killer7 because of "OMG A GIMP GUY!!!1!1 LOL SO RANDOM JAPANESE GAME XDDD". The best Grasshopper game in my opinion was Lollipop Chainsaw, and I guess that's because there's no apparent attempt made to emulate his works. That's not saying it's amazing or anything, but it's better than Killer Is Dead and the overhyped and monotonous Let It Die, which really overstays its welcome. Pretty disappointing too, since this was meant to be "Suda51's Dark Souls", but ends up a petty critique of pay-to-win games with little other story and repetitive gameplay.

NMH really feels like the black sheep of his work for how light-hearted it is when compared to most of his other stuff. It's also his most popular work, and I can't help but feel that he might've made it exactly to be that way, because all his other games are fairly niche. NMH was primarily a satire however, but again, most people ignore that fact because of the cool guy with a lightsaber (and don't realize he's meant to be a parody of them).

Suda finally returned with TSA, but that feels… eh. It's like a sellout game of some sort. Like NMH was, but worse. It feels like Suda just really wanted Travis in Smash. Of course, there's all the little callbacks and references for fans to get, but then you've got the indie game tie ins for publicity and a teased crossover with Hotline Miami to boot. And looking at the games plot is depressing. It feels like Suda mostly venting his frustrations at people who don't understand his work and at the game industry in general. The writing is definitely his, and so are Travis' disclosures, and Dr. Juvenile is just his self insert who has to become a martyr for the sake of the people's happiness. The worrying part is that we really don't know Suda's experiences all that well, so most of this could be extremely petty. I do have to wonder what the EA CEO guy did to him to make a cameo in the game as an absolute douche bag who beats up Suda's self insert aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I feel like he just wanted to stop directing. Looking through the development of Killer7, Mikami himself forced Suda to write 100% of the game's scenario and he was kinda unconfortable in doing that (even though he did write the whole plot).

I feel like No More Heroes 2, Killer Is Dead and maybe even Lolipop Chainsaw, which is my favorite non SUDA Grasshopper game (still haven'played Contact though), were attempts in passing his title to his co-workers so that he can focus on being a CEO.

When i think about it, the only major stuff he did between Travis Strikes Again and No More Heroes was Liberation Maiden (which is pretty underrated and i would recommend it anytime if you like arcade stuff). He was stepping away from his director's chair and even Killer Is Dead, which is a throwback to the old Kill The Past games, wasn't really a Suda game when you think about it.

So, i wouldn't call him a hack. I think that, since he directs since the PS1 era, he just wanted to focus in growing Grasshopper as the administrator, not as a dev.

NMH may be more lighthearted, but it's themes were really consistent. It was a pretty good and blod parody of action games and the overall industry. It had this kind of geniality and eccentric choices which i feel that most later Grasshopper games lack.

About Let It Die: it was directed by the same guy that did Killer Is Dead. Not really a very Suda game and some of it's problems are similar to Killer Is Dead's. Lack of interesting themes, repetitiveness… It's a charmy game and i liked it, but sure has lots of wasted potential.

About TSA: i think it's a game made for the Grasshopper fans and the marketing was done wrong. I know the development originally was meant to be a No More Heroes and Devolver crossover but it really derailed because of budget issues. But the problem is: the marketing was done thinking about this concept, not about what the game really is about.
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I am the anon that posted >>5375

Just continuing my text. Reached the character limit.

Overall, i think Travis Strikes Again is the worst Suda game, but i don't think it's a bad game: the gameplay is pretty satisfying at the hardest difficulty (normal is really braindead, i do believe the game is kinda unbalanced), the level design was kinda eh sometimes but had it's sparks of creativity and the bossfights were really fun. Even though the story was really written to appeal to a niche audience, i do think it works fine. I could sure use a better soundtrack, but the graphics were cool enough for me. Loved Travis's redesign. And the main thing: it has lot's of bold decisions, like the inclusion of FMVs, pixel art, the text adventure segments, the trailer itself, reading the old videogame magazines… Damn, that's some classic Suda51 stuff, experimenting with different styles to achieve the desired feeling, and i do think it nailed the feeling of nostalgia very well. Maybe it's not a great game for those that haven't played most of his main games, but i do think it's an important game that shows that he's going to the Yoko Taro direction: keeping his originality and personal mark in his games, but still polishing them more when possible to really make his classic. The next Grasshopper game will probably have a better budget, so: if he keeps directing and continues to stay true to his style, i do think he may get on Killer7 and No More Heroes' level of quality. In my opinion: when he dies, Grasshopper'll probably just close the doors. Grasshopper really depends on his direction.

By the way, Travis Strikes Again was inspired by the indie market, which really made Suda interested in making an indie game (that is why TSA exists). It's funny to see how some japanese cult videogame directors are being inspired by this wave of games. Deadly Premonition's SWERY only came back to the industry because of indie games too. He just released The Missing and i'm actually quite surprised to see that a SWERY indie game resonated that well with the indie audience.


File: 1560465085977.png (321.27 KB, 1104x456, tsa_hlm.png)

The Missing hit a bit of a Goldilock Zone of the western indie game community, I'd argue (LGBT-rep kind of, dealings with mental illness and pop culture, overall the whole american scenery and feeling and physical pain and self harm being huge topics)
I'm not saying he sold out, I don't think SWERY is the kind of guy who thinks about what sells and what doesn't. A bit of luck and success. He deserves it.

Thinking about the western indie scene is kind of frustrating. (Faux-)Originality and art styles and self publishing and what not are praised but it feels as if every game still holds the inherent need to sell well or die forever.
Katana Zero comes to mind.

Going back to Goichi, I assume most know by now that No More Heroes 3 is a thing and it leaves me wondering, why does no one care about 2? I hardly hear about it.

Looking at the wikipedia site, two things stand out:
1: The reviews are good.
2: A quote from an interview with Suda saying he never wanted to make a sequel but oh, there was a demand.
Is it on par with 1 or more like TSA, some extra goodness for the loyal fans?


Indeed SWERY deserves it. Deadly Premonition had tons of good ideas and even thought it really was a Twin Peaks clone storywise, the story changes a lot in the middle and becomes something really unique in the end. Deadly Premonition's final chapters were a blast.

D4 was also really underrated. I don't mean to say his games are perfect, far from it actually. But he has lots of potential and i can't wait for The Good Life.

Now, talking about Suda again… No More Heroes 2 is a pretty good game, but it misses a lot the point of the first one.

Part of the appeal of the first game for me was how the over the top stuff had a contrast with the grounded setting. Travis' design is literally this concept: he is a regular guy that tries to act all cool with a jacket but it's really visible that he's just some random otaku guy.

No More Heroes 2 goes full bonkers and studio Trigger style, and forgets one of the foundations of the first game. It also makes NMH1's true ending non canon, which is a very controversial decision. The mechanics are better, but they removed the open-world and well: even though it wasn't perfect, it was indeed a key element in the original game.

Although all of these are important things, i think the worst part is the story: while No More Heroes 1 was really ironic, but dark… Somehow, in 2, they decided to make Travis more like a hero. It has lots of drama, epic build-ups and what annoyed me the most: this "revenge" theme that was really the central aspect of the plot. Which even though i do think it was really well done, it seems out of place to the original game's overall themes.

It's a great game and can easily recommend it to any NMH1 fan, but i don't think it's a perfect sequel. It's no Devil May Cry 5, that's for sure.

File: 1352472434729.jpg (311.13 KB, 1001x1012, 23692692.jpg)


Does anyone here know about these games?

Towelket is a series of RPG Maker games inspired by MOTHER, with surreal, philosophical, and horrific themes. Currently, there are six games, and four spin-off titles.

Recently, a few people have started work on translating the series. If you can aide with the translation, feel free to join the IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/towelket

English wiki with more information: http://www49.atwiki.jp/towelketranslation/
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Does anyone have a download link for the 5/6/fury versions of towelket?

So far I managed to get 3,2,1,4 (all from https://www.freem.ne.jp/brand/1039 ) and 0 thanks to


I'll help translate and proofread.



I'm pretty sure this zip includes all the games.


>>5382 The zip has every game that's been taken down by the creator, the rest of the series can be found easily online.

Fyi, 表 is the unfinished version of Fury, 裏 is a previous version of 6, the 3 in the zip file is the pre-rework version.

All the info can be found easily on the Pixiv encyclopedia but you'll need to read Japanese or rely on an online translation.
If you play fury, make sure to read up on how to avoid the gamebreaking bugs.



I downloaded all of these. Somewhere at the end of the month I'll get some vacations so I think I will start then.

File: 1549844344454.png (374.49 KB, 816x510, arumaketera_title.png)


Surprised this wasn't posted here before. This is a shooting game by lol_rust, creator of .flow, Shojo Kidan/Gidan, and Milya.

Here's a gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvXvAscyVWo

And here's where the game can be downloaded from: https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/19074

lol's website, which AruMa KeteRa strangely isn't posted on yet: http://rustlimbo.webcrow.jp/
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Oops, wrong video, this is the one I wanted to show

But the other one isn't bad either. There's also this one if you're interested.


>It looks clunky for a shmup. Bullets feel slow and movement feels off.
I've thought so too at first but I guess I'm just used to it now. After leveling up movement speed everything started to feel a lot less clunky. But sure, it does feel incomplete yet. Still I've liked some concepts and patterns introduced in the game, along with nearly perfect symchronisation with music (and that's my fetish in a bullet hells). So yeah, while I also think that this game needs a bit of rework and polish it's still a great experience at very least.
Also, the way game delivers its story reminded me of Iris Syndrome which was not-so-good-but-cool-as-concept in my opinion. I think AruMa KeteRa handled its story delivery better. Overall it's aesthetically pleasing and interesting game + I think lol is yet to update and fix his creation so, sure, it's clunky a little but the FEELS are real.

>and the "horror" is pretty soft

Well, it may be soft but it works for me anyway. Maybe that's bc stuff lol uses in his aesthetics (rust, desolated surreal landscapes, creamy color scheme, feel of loneliness etc) appeals to me a lot idk.


Thank you for recommendation! It has a completely different feel through but looks interesting.


As you point out, the game feels unfinished/clumsy, not that it's just plain bad. lol is learning how to use unity, and it shows. Give him some more time until he's right at home with it and I'm sure he'll deliver some good stuff. But I really couldn't enjoy the gameplay since I come from many other games where it is very polished (mushihimesama, touohu/seihou, musha, akashikverse, etc) and I just couldn't dig it. I had more fun with Irisu, actually. Let's just hope it improves with the patch.


Can someone post the "customize" stats translation, or at least explain what each of them does?


AK can now be downloaded from lol's new site: http://lolrust.site/game/arumaketera/

File: 1488397378962.png (60.95 KB, 544x416, title.png)


It's finally done. Shoujo Gidan is translated and the english version is released. Many thanks to all the people who helped with the production of this patch.


The game is a sequel to Shoujo Kidan, and works in a similar fashion, albeit slightly differently. Although it's not necessary to have played the previous game, it is recommended. I've included the original hint file made by lol plus a guide I originally made for testers. If any question or problem arises, feel free to post them here.
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So. I stuck the contents of that gibberish Japanese file into Google Translate out of curiosity, and got this out of it:

"There are a couple of creatures in their cities.
The number of liters is equal to the number of liters.
Incomplete design of fuel injection system
The setting value is greater than the set value
The number of entries is less than or equal to the maximum number of entries
If there is more than one of them, the cumulative number is greater than the other."

With the title of the file translating to "Learning from the University of Tsukuba"

I put all this into Bing Translator and got complete gibberish back out, as one would except, so I have no idea how or where Google Translate even got something this coherent, let alone what it even refers to.

I wonder if it's possible to translate this by converting it into another language (not necessarily a language so much as code) and then back to Japanese, or maybe by stringing together and then deciphering the individual sounds of the characters (since there's some katakana and letters scattered in there, and the kanji all appear to be legitimate), or something.


File: 1533526866777.png (61.52 KB, 300x300, 20090703230450f88.png)

>I put all this into Bing Translator and got complete gibberish back out, as one would except, so I have no idea how or where Google Translate even got something this coherent, let alone what it even refers to.
If there really is any hidden message on that, you'd have more luck picking the binary data and opening it with different character encodings until hitting something. Google Translator does that weird thing where incoherent data translates as something else that makes sense (I remember people writting あ and then gradually adding more あ's and the output was longer texts that made sense in english even though they were just the translation of "Aaaaaaaaaaaa" from japanese).

>or maybe by stringing together and then deciphering the individual sounds of the characters (since there's some katakana and letters scattered in there, and the kanji all appear to be legitimate), or something.

That mess of text you see is called mojibake, and it's just random binary data being opened through a special encoding. Your text editor just reads the data literally in the encoding set by default/the encoding of the file, and since it's just random data, it outputs random characters. You only see legitimate kanji because the binary code for that kanji just happens to be there and is interpreted as said kanji in the encoding with which you opened the file. If you changed the encoding to ascii you'd only see latin characters and everything else as boxes because your text editor wouldn't even know how to render them.


I'm trying to play this game on Linux using Wine, but I'm having problems. I've installed the RTP and can open the game and get it to run (albeit a little slowly, but from what I can tell lag is unfortunately normal for VX games run in Wine). However, when I try to do something like open a door, the game gives me an error message saying it can't find the right file (it seems to be the ones with Japanese symbols in the name) and shuts down on me.

(Yes, I am running this with the Japanese language command "LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8". I have also tried "LC_ALL=ja_JP.utf8" only to get the same issue.)

I would appreciate the help since I love this game and have no Windows machine to play RPG Maker games on.


Never mind, I found the problem; I hadn't properly installed the language packages for Japanese. (I thought I did, but apparently I missed a few steps.) Now the game works properly–better than other VX games I've tried, actually. Wonder why that is…


I've made packs of Shojo Gidan that have all the RTP files included, so one doesn't need to install another program just to run the game.

English: https://mega.nz/#!eBlzSSaB!4NuslR3fBzqn9Y6rFkbPZxwT_lQWR_GX79xcbtk5KWs

Japanese: https://mega.nz/#!DEsjXKBJ!mxV-3yEkqVvVlZboo8qwTX1ka0n_Hni_yrLbFU1NHtk

I'm confident I got most of the files, but I may have possibly missed a sound file somewhere. Let me know if I have, or if there are any other errors, and I'll upload fixed versions.

File: 1469861143604.png (834.74 KB, 1200x700, 47621496_p0.png)


Shoujo Kidan - A girl's Eerie Story, by lol_rust.

It took my a good while to translate, particularly because I had to deal with a lot of problems related to the engine itself more than the translation. That's why the filesize is sightly bigger than the official japanese download (I had to add some RTP files). Either way, it's finally here.


TL;DR run it, if you see garbage, switch the locale to JP.
Just download the game, and run it. If you see mojibake, you will have to either switch your locale to japanese or use a third party program like applocale (or whatever works for the new windows). There's a way to fix this, and that is to encode all the shift_JIS filenames to Windows-1252, however I currently don't know any way to do this which isn't changing every single filename manually. I suspect some file extractors such as winrar can achieve this when extracting files in a non-japanese environment, however I'm not sure and I haven't tested it myself.

The game has 2 routes and an omake, meaning it has 3 endings. It isn't really hard, but it comes with hints so it's nothing unbeatable. I will reply any question if anybody has problems with it though.

Finally, I want to thank every single person who gave me a hand with this translation, for their effort and input. And although this work is finally published, I still accept input and criticism regarding the translation quality, so feel free to bring anything up in this thread or via mail.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The English translation of the game is missing these RTP files:




I've made bloatless versions of Shojo Kidan in English and Japanese, which will both work without needing to install the RTP. These should include all missing files and exclude all non-essential files. The English version also includes the translation patch.

Bloatless Japanese download: https://mega.nz/#!WU8gGYQa!OOgAFDcqn9wgCZ3B2tUySHbz4MFZc_dkMQdUWz8WMNM

Bloatless English download: https://mega.nz/#!fc1yzSSA!oieA5duRWlJM0hd4_xiMV9RBkXOSykP-GORh0XtN4pI

Please tell me if I missed any RTP files and I'll make new versions including those.


Oh thank you!


I've updated my bloatless packages of Shojo Kidan. The links changed as a result of how MEGA handles files, so here are the new links.

English: https://mega.nz/#!2IVjBCwI!K7tqjj1SWu2kdi1-EQEnwMINrHADpTxOV4DAytC5bYQ

Japanese: https://mega.nz/#!aVUTkSgZ!gIYOE4_kdGr_DGUPUZZVtDL52rCKhGjlTGNyWAokrnE

The main difference is that English version was missing some extra translation notes from the download link in the OP, different to those in >>4455, which I added in.

File: 1358292099931.jpg (123.73 KB, 600x480, 1357174768691.jpg)

 No.1838[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Reviving the thread from ye olde /og/. Share indie games here. Try to keep it to the free ones.

Include the game name, download link, game description, and preferably some footage of the game. Screenshot is fine too.

WANTED: I had a huge list of indie shmups, however I reformatted and no longer have the proper links. If anyone has any shmups they would like to share, do so.

Also I'm missing a few download links for some of these games. However I've updated all the links I could so everything should be working.
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God did this thread create nostalgia for me
Here's my trash dump, none of them are great but they used to be favorites
Too lazy for gameplay

1: A small talk at the back of beyond
>interactive fiction
You wake up. Alone, in a dark room. Alone? No, there is someone talking to you through a console. Will you respond?
Play online:

2: Till cows tear us apart
>interactive fiction
A road trip filled with adventure, romance and cows across a desert called Space.
Play online:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1549240573427.jpg (230.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Super Mario Bros X 2.0

Fan-made update to SMBX that includes a shitload of new characters, the ability to use lua scripts, and an improved level editor.


While I still don't think its as versatile as ROM hacking Super Mario World, it's definitely more beginner friendly. And of course it absolutely stomps on Mario Maker in terms of what you can do. Future updates will include a shitload of more enemies and gimmicks, along with easier lua integration.


File: 1550966628536.png (11.17 KB, 674x302, cLaRvB.png)

Beemis: The Curse of God
>Shoot 'em Up

Fun game with weird sense of humor and an art style not unlike Space Funeral's, can be finished in about an hour.

Download: https://blebgo.itch.io/beemis-the-curse-of-god

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/OHuTvOQH0QY?t=1311


File: 1550968251242.jpg (23.27 KB, 320x240, Nikujin_1.jpg)

>Action Platformer

Game by obscure dev ikiki, featuring really solid gameplay mechanics and nude ninjas.

Download: http://ikiki.la.coocan.jp/himoji/game/nikujin.zip

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo6p40RpzrU


File: 1556015578225.jpg (70.8 KB, 577x446, hakaiman.JPG)

Oh hell yeah, thanks for this post. Thought Ikiki's site was long gone. He made some cool games.

>Action stealth game
Stealth game that's less 'quiet sneaking around' and more using stealth to make opportunities to go in loud with bombs and guns and to manage aggro.

Download: http://ikiki.la.coocan.jp/himoji/game/hakaiman.zip


File: 1499052262913.jpg (61.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Haven't seen this mentioned on Uboachan yet, and don't really know where to post it, but if you haven't seen it yet, Petscop is pretty neat.



Isn't this more /x/ related?


It's unclear. It's creepy, sure, but there's no sign of anything explicitly paranormal.


It's a nice watch. Wish there was more though.


File: 1553622380026.gif (299.86 KB, 200x200, bump.gif)

Highly recommending this. I know crappy analysis videos by e-celebrities coming up when you search for it can be a turn off, but give it a chance. It's much more interesting than other stuff in it's "genera" (i.e. It's not Ben Drowned). It's also ongoing AFAIK.

File: 1526443631137.jpg (52.69 KB, 816x624, Milya.jpg)


I finished translating Milya. The game is, for some reason (i.e. the engine can't handle memory allocation with some textures), very prone to crashing, and although I managed to improve the overall time between crashes (a lot), it still happens from time to time. The good thing is that this game isn't that long and you don't need to save or anything like that anyway. But I insist that it crashes as a fault on the engine side, so please spare me the complains.

Milya in Japanese can be downloaded here:
(Link provided through lol's site http://rustlimbo.webcrow.jp/games/milya/index.html )

And the patch can be downloaded from here:
Just extract the files inside the original Milya folder, and when asked if you want to overwrite things, say yes to all.

Inside the ./www folder, you will find a copy of the original CommonEvents.json file, plus a backup of the english one. In case you want to switch to the original language again, all you have to do is copy the CommonEvents[EN/JP].json file, paste it inside the ./www data folder, and rename it to CommonEvents.json (overwriting the file there).

However, if you find that extracting a file is too difficult for you to handle, here's a download with the executable already patched:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A transcription of the game would be nice to have, thanks.


File: 1533525889616.png (471.06 KB, 600x600, 1465825224717-3.png)

I tried replaying Milya and writing down within the file all you see so you could follow the context, but unfortunately the crashings and need for adding jump points (more on this later) takes more time than I can actually put down for this. Instead, I'll write the general feeling of the game here.

I divided the game's text into what I called "branches". They aren't branches in the classical way (i.e. a byproduct of making a "choice" within the game), but rather just different loops that run when you start the game. When you play for the first time, you run what I call "branch 0", which will always be the first branch the player sees the first time they play the game.
Sometimes when playing, for example, "branch 2", two or three snips of text from "branch 05" will appear, before jumping back from where it left in "branch 2". This is what I denominated "Jump Points". This makes understanding the story more difficult, therefore by reading this script (which is in order and with corresponding text inside their respective branches), you will probably have a better understanding of the story than just by "playing the game".

With all that said, here's the file: https://pastebin.com/XeSJbFTN

And some context: Some of these branches (those that don't seem to be narrated by "the protagonist", i.e. a girl who goes to this café in a forest) are generally just text over a black background. The others are, as I mentioned, apparently narrated by the girl, who walks through different maps through passages, corridors, what looks like some forest path, a field, basements, etc.

If you want to discuss something or have doubts about anything in the file, feel free to ask and I'll try to fill as many holes as possible.


Thanks a lot for providing this.

I've only read the script once so I barely understand anything, but man, lol really loves his mind screw and disease plots, doesn't he? Either way, looks like I'm going to have to do a lot of rereading again to try and figure this one out…


According to lol's twitter, apparently he's remaking Milya in Unity (same engine AruMa KeteRa used) to be more functional


File: 1550158278625.jpg (120.9 KB, 400x300, 1415607861006.jpg)

You guys are free to use my translation (or improve it, if you feel like it) for the unity version. This is going to be a busy year so I'm not sure I'll have the time to do it.

File: 1485998294100.png (62.81 KB, 261x307, worlds.PNG)


rare/obscure/missing video games thread? im trying to find this one japanese pc game from like the 90's, i think it was more like an interactive book or something.
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Erisyes: https://mega.nz/#F!VMIECS5D!OOysuLztJzww-m35gaKCdA (First run the .exe and then the .hta from the zip file)
黒塗童話: https://mega.nz/#!hEpFHRgY!NQWEcpDjH4F-HBagI9zgyPb4kp4A90HWDZATysqbqd8
I didn't have a chance to really check them so I can't tell you they will work for sure, good luck.


I don't think I'll be able to get Erinyes to work.
黒塗童話0.9 works great so far.


Not sure why I can't get Erinyes to work. Also, anyone have Ib: Hardcore Edition, or all the games by nekomarieru? I can't seem to find them anymore.


I remember a game IV Fighter I think. It was about a girl in a hospital being attacked by syringes and stuff. Wish I could find it again.


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