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saya no uta
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File: 1379012169787.png (257.93 KB, 722x800, IMG_000627.png)


This thread is for:

- "What is this game, please help"
- "I just got this game and there is this bug that keeps happening, how do I fix it help"
- "Where can I download this game?"

And any other help that you might need. Please refrain from creating new threads just for a help request, rather than general discussion of a game - use this one instead!

Also: Please be as descriptive as possible when asking for help. Screen caps and error text copy-paste is the best way to get tailored answers.
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File: 1466316859704.jpg (13.83 KB, 256x170, 1464456092233s.jpg)

yes, need better weapon-respawns when in Coop!

Anyone knows how to do this?

Doom 1 remake with enhanced lightning and shaders!

File: 1472250005309.jpg (829.01 KB, 2026x2865, zaGOn7A.jpg)


Anybody into fighting games/interested in getting into them?

I've been playing them for maybe a year and a half just casually with a friend. I've got USFIV, KoF13 and GGXRD on steam but can't really play them since I live in the middle of nowhere and the netcode is garbage for long distance, so I generally stick to fightcade where I can play somebody with 240 or so ping at only 1-2 frames of delay. There's a ton of different fighting games (and shmups, beat em ups, puzzle games) you can play on there with amazing netcode completely for free

If there was enough interest maybe somebody could get a beginner's group together or something


I'd love to but I can't because I need to study for college. I will investigate how it works and if I can hop in, though.


For Fightcade all you gotta do is
-make an account
-download the client
-download some roms https://mega.nz/#F!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw (may as well grab all of them since sometimes it can be hard to tell right away which a game needs since some roms depend on other roms)
-put the roms in the rom folder
-start client, log in
-click a game's lobby on the left
-click the icon to the left of your name in the room to launch the game
-in the window that opens, in the upper left click Game -> Map game inputs and set your controls
-return back to lobby
-click the icon next to the name of whoever you want to challenge, if they accept, the game window will open and you'll be playing together! If you lose, press whatever you bound Start to to get back to the character select screen and fight again. If you've been winning and want to change characters, or need to reset the game for some other reason, press F3

Sounds like a bit of work but it's very straightforward once you get it set up. You can also change the amount of input delay in the fightcade window's Settings -> Smoothing/input lag. 1-3 seems like a safe bet for most, but if you're seeing teleporting or things acting strangely you might want to turn it up a few frames. Note that I'm in New Zealand and can play with my American friend at 1f delay with only the only bit of rollback. I could probably play on 2 without any rollback, but ehhhhhh…

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File: 1395444609281.gif (943.77 KB, 360x240, 1339335683716.gif)


Do you play FPSs Uboachan? Which one? Are you addicted?
I bet no one here does.
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Daily Reminder that Sgt Mk IV Did Nothing Wrong.


File: 1470975951876.jpg (124.73 KB, 794x1379, 7e29b768e291987d00a5ec0148….jpg)

Overwatch is fun.


File: 1472072659281.jpg (508.37 KB, 1280x1378, Overwatch2.jpg)

nah it isn't.
- No Coop-Mode
- no Story
- no Loot
- no progression
- no multiple weapons


File: 1472106057168.png (4.63 MB, 1600x900, brutal_doomage__by_helios4….png)

Brutal Doom v20 is a lot of fun.


You know what's even more fun? Doom

File: 1335567071367.jpg (258.77 KB, 800x640, doom2_unloved01.jpg)


If anyone here still plays Doom I/II, I recommend the Unloved megawad.

Has a hub/nexus level (your home), it's insanely well done for a doom map pack, it has a creepy and mindfucky story and an ending.


(GZDoom and Brutal Doom mod makes it even more difficult and enjoyable.)
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File: 1456654451653.jpg (71.06 KB, 436x393, earthdoomhumor1.jpg)

ok, need to vent a little.
The game is awesome!
(the Silent-Hill OST!! Yeah!!!)
It's been a long time I felt real Horror in a Doom wad besides this one

But whats with the disgusting vanilla- sounds?!
If I hear this low-fi Pistol sound one more time, I'll rip out my headphones and shredder the file!!!



you can add better sounds and even ammo-casings!
Link in the description:


I played lots of different DooM wads and "Unloved" one of the best of them.
I would recommended another horror wad 'dead.wire"


File: 1466317081816.jpg (381.77 KB, 1680x1039, 1466302616603.jpg)

Will try it today!


File: 1472072497248.jpg (72.54 KB, 640x640, 1471258251279.jpg)

File: 1471201457478.png (16.29 KB, 750x500, Sleeping Beauty.png)


Anyone out there have an opinion on absolutely any of Increpare's games?

Figured it deserved a thread considering as of right now he has 253 games on his website. Obviously a lot of those games are short games and many are joke games and some border on low quality, but there is still quite a bit of quality in his games. He even has so many games that there is to some extent recognizable periods in his work.

If you don't know Increpare his games are 1/3rd surreal/strange artsy games, 1/3rd puzzle games, and about 1/3rd joke games. Most of his artsy games feel very depressing and/or creepy.

His most famous games would likely include:
>Steven's Sausage Roll (Most recent ultrahard puzzle game)
>English Country Tune (Older puzzle game)
>Judith (Artsy linear story game about hiding secrets from your lover)
>In A Single Breath (Short and gimmicky, yet undeniably trippy game 3D game)
>Slave of God (Trippy club seizure simulator)

If you're completely new to his games I would personally recommend his 3D unity games first:
>Universal History of Light
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File: 1358292099931.jpg (123.73 KB, 600x480, 1357174768691.jpg)

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Reviving the thread from ye olde /og/. Share indie games here. Try to keep it to the free ones.

Include the game name, download link, game description, and preferably some footage of the game. Screenshot is fine too.

WANTED: I had a huge list of indie shmups, however I reformatted and no longer have the proper links. If anyone has any shmups they would like to share, do so.

Also I'm missing a few download links for some of these games. However I've updated all the links I could so everything should be working.
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File: 1469234380401.jpg (28.01 KB, 900x506, f1e235505b1c4d622db6231d5c….jpg)

>Twitch shooter

Really fun modernized arena shooter with SICK WALL FLIPS and other deep movement mechanics. Free on GOG and from the dev's website.



File: 1469234507117.png (111.14 KB, 347x260, GY7Qwa.png)

Momodora series

Very good series of games, the first two of which are free.

Momodora 1 is very similar to Cave Story in gameplay, and momo 2 takes on a more metroid-like experience. Very short games.

I would also highly recommend III and IV (especially IV).



File: 1469234773722.png (16.71 KB, 640x400, falafel-ss1.png)

A Mini Falafel Adventure
>platformer/action/light metroidvania

Genre pretty much says it all, but the game is fun and stylish with memorable boss fights.



File: 1471122121705.gif (2 MB, 476x270, JGLiHt.gif)

VERY lite-metroidvania, a bit Cave Story-esc.

You are a lazy crow and own a hotel and today you are getting inspected, so you better get everything in order, or they are gonna shut your place down.



File: 1471183512367.png (49.29 KB, 800x376, itchiobanner.png)

Fairy Lands: Rinka and the fairy gems
>[s]Match 3[/s] Match 2
From the creators of "Dreams of Dead" (an Yume Nikki fangame)
A game about cute fairies living in a cute fairy world (a bit Touhou-inspired). Just a nice casual game and it's completely kid friendly. no



File: 1469861143604.png (834.74 KB, 1200x700, 47621496_p0.png)


Shoujo Kidan - A girl's Eerie Story, by lol_rust.

It took my a good while to translate, particularly because I had to deal with a lot of problems related to the engine itself more than the translation. That's why the filesize is sightly bigger than the official japanese download (I had to add some RTP files). Either way, it's finally here.


TL;DR run it, if you see garbage, switch the locale to JP.
Just download the game, and run it. If you see mojibake, you will have to either switch your locale to japanese or use a third party program like applocale (or whatever works for the new windows). There's a way to fix this, and that is to encode all the shift_JIS filenames to Windows-1252, however I currently don't know any way to do this which isn't changing every single filename manually. I suspect some file extractors such as winrar can achieve this when extracting files in a non-japanese environment, however I'm not sure and I haven't tested it myself.

The game has 2 routes and an omake, meaning it has 3 endings. It isn't really hard, but it comes with hints so it's nothing unbeatable. I will reply any question if anybody has problems with it though.

Finally, I want to thank every single person who gave me a hand with this translation, for their effort and input. And although this work is finally published, I still accept input and criticism regarding the translation quality, so feel free to bring anything up in this thread or via mail.


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Not exactly, names in the japanese RM could hold up to only 6 characters, and あ is the default position for the cursor. The name is the equivalent of randomly smashing あ as a name. There's also a second name leading to the omake, and that is BBBBBB, which is the translation of いいいいいい, i.e. the next character following あ. The whole thing is a joke for those who randomly name their characters. The english RM can hold up to 11 characters, but people is lazy to fill the whole thing so it makes it nearly impossible to get as a route.


Still interesting.
I have a lot of things to try now. In the meantime while I was gathering info I've been drawing the girls. Maybe I'll share them later.


File: 1470949131925.jpg (38.3 KB, 959x961, 36769244.jpg)

What a great game! Pretty short though, I have to say. Though maybe I was spoiled by how damn huge .flow was.

Can't wait to see what lolrust does next. Thank you OP! This was worth the wait.


File: 1470977611007.png (179.92 KB, 1024x600, working.png)

Thank you. Gidan feels much longer because it's more story-driven than Kidan (and there are a few details I'd rather keep secret until the release), so I hope it will compensate for how short kidan feels. It will take a good while though, it has 142 maps while kidan had only around ~40, and a lot of text I will be translating practically without any help. I'm working on it already though.


I can't wait, thank you for your work!

File: 1440357376172.png (293.64 KB, 1000x625, secret habitat.png)


Recently, Strangethink has deleted all their games, without any known reason. Some of their games were Abstract Ritual and Secret Habitat. I have a version of Secret Habitat. Does anyone have some of the other games? If so, please upload and link here.



File: 1444086217377.jpg (292.23 KB, 1920x1080, ritual.jpg)


File: 1444106249388.jpg (46.7 KB, 640x480, 1392441673725.jpg)

Time for dolphin porn


File: 1471025132175.png (737.85 KB, 1280x720, These Monsters.png)

Recently just played his relatively new game, These Monsters, which seems pretty similar to Abstract Ritual and Bad Climbing, which is likely why he why he removed the originals.

I don't quite understand how to beat it and just end up going in circles but seems interesting.

Also Secret Habitat has beautiful art I often use for inspiration. Amazing how his procedural art system can make such dynamic and unique pieces.


File: 1471028939495.jpg (44.14 KB, 626x627, The Pyramid Gate.jpg)

Do any of you have a copy of The Pyramid Gate or the Art Machine?

File: 1354380329474.bmp (900.05 KB, 640x480, grass area.bmp)


So, Lisa another game made in RPG maker. I'd probably describe it as a surrealistic adventure game with an Earthbound-like aesthetic; the game could be compared a bit to Yume Nikki, since it leaves a lot up to interpretation, isn't too clear about your goals, and has a nexus, with multiple locations available from the get-go. I'd say Lisa's more structured though, since it does spell out small bits of the plot for you, and the way to advance is a bit linear at points. The game can also be somewhat disturbing, though I probably wouldn't call it horror. I suppose it might scare some, though for most, it'd probably just make you feel rather uncomfortable.

game link:
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File: 1435972345285.png (87.26 KB, 591x278, hheh.png)


(armpit poster) this makes me incredibly happy.


I started up the game not too long ago, and Lisa won't stop going left. If I push right, she merely stops, and won't move right at all. Is there a way to stop this?


Yes, don't use enter as your interacting key, and minimize/maximize until it is fixed.


Disconnect any periferics you have and try again.

File: 1402027046880.png (15.36 KB, 96x96, ココ.png)

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Recently a Japanese language game on Vector that has received some attention and well-regard. Soon, it will be translated. Now, by who? We don't know! Not by me, that's for sure! But rest assured, it will be translated soon (I predict within 1 month or two). When that happens, a torrent link will be posted in this page to distribute the translated version. If anyone wants to take the translated version and upload it to somewhere like Mediafire, be my guest, since the torrent will probably die soon after it is first released.

For now, I give you a picture of the main character, Koko.
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Uploaded bury.7z (7zip archive) to the IPFS network with the IPFS key QmZhpyoqRocNsZ6AWofbVcigiANcgnpUBbokB9qLipsGkU and propagated to several nodes.

You can install IPFS yourself or download through the public gateway. (Installing IPFS and downloading the file yourself will strengthen the file's availability.)

* More info about IPFS: https://ipfs.io/
* Download Bury through the IPFS gateway: https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmZhpyoqRocNsZ6AWofbVcigiANcgnpUBbokB9qLipsGkU/ (save as bury.7z)


Whatever the motivation I hope it makes enough sense and allows future access more easily. If >>4485 is the case I kind of expect translation problems in the vain of that spanish RPG -Can't remember which- where the author wanted to translate his exact vision and ended up with a muddled hard to understand work, which makes the potential public just dig around for a fan translation.

I thank thee kindly for the gateway, I have IPFS already set up but after that bit my experience with it is just some head scratching and acceptance of failure.


File: 1470405818036.gif (4.79 MB, 400x225, hacking.gif)

I'll help you swordfish


I'm curious now.
Do you remember anything else about that Spanish RPG? What it was about? Was it another RPGMaker game or?


File: 1470415797262.jpg (864.76 KB, 713x1023, WH40_Sisters-LivingSaint.jpg)

It was a pen and paper traditional RPG, sorry for the inconvenience.
I can't remember its name for the life of me, but it was apparently crunchy -mechanics heavy- as hell but fun to carry out; the fluff -lore, setting- relied on overpowered/champion-like characters with an assortment of big powers fueled by their energy or something along those lines. Think shonen anime moves but represented in a more classical mythical painting not unlike pic related. My mind is pretty fuzzy about it to be honest.

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