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Happy Holidays!
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So I've been a hikki NEET since May 2015 or so, but that's gonna change in about 3 weeks.

I know 2 years isn't that much compared to most of you guys, but I'm scared. My already mediocre social skills have probably taken a hit since then, so I don't know how will I react around people etc.

These 2 years have been fun in the end, even though I've hardly done anything relevant at all. But now's time to be a member of society again and I'm not sure I can handle it.

I'll be studying software engineering if anyone's interested.

Has anyone here gone through something similar?


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>3 weeks
for me it is the same time I have left for summer vacation. Sadly time passes too fast. I wonder how I survived my 2 week summer vacations when I was a worker drone a few years ago.


well I was neet for half a year in 2015 as well.
It was only half a year because I enlisted in college for the same year.

>returning to normal life

If you mean by this that you officially have something to do all day long then I agree. However, College will not magically change your reclusiveness. I go to lectures, go home, do my homework and stay on my pc for the rest of the day. I have been there for 2 years already and only know a hand full of people. I do not have any friends there just aquaintances.

The only way to become a normal guy there is to make friends on your first day there. If this is your goal then just go and chat to all people in your class on the breaks in your first day. Try to find a clique to hang out with. It might ease your stress very much when it comes to team assignments and projects. It is not important to be super cool or popular because every class has more popular and less popular people. Try to find 2 or 3 people who are similar to you in personality and share classes with them. Those will be the guys you will do group assignments with. Be friendly to them and help them with their problems from time to time.

I did the mistake to not talk to anyone on day one. So nobody gave a shit about me from the beginning and I was always struggling to find a team for team projects and group assignments. I think people think I am a serial killer or school shooter or something.

Anyways, I wish you good luck and don't let the stress destroy you.


OP here.


Damn I fucked up. Anyway, just a few hours left until my 'new' life begins. I'll update this in a few days, see how it goes.

Very solid advice, I'm already preparing myself for the big day. Clithing, mindset, all that, so that I leave a good impression when I approach my classmates tomorrow.


classes begin for me tomorrow as well.
It was a nice vacation but sadly all good things come to an end.


You can do it, I went from hikki to semi-hikki after 8 years.


my first week after summer break is over and today I had a panic attack and left 4 hours before I should have. I am considering dropping out because it is totally not like I envisionned it to be.


Jesus dude it's only been a week.


May I ask what was the trigger for your attack?


Nothing is how you envisioned it. Keep going or you'll regret it. Don't throw your life away because things are a little uncomfortable at first. People can get used to anything, so give it enough time and you'll be fine.


I simply realized that I took the wrong subject for studying and that I can never work in this field, even if I somehow passed through the next few semesters.


Why did you start taking classes in something that doesn't interest you? Anyway, your major isn't set in stone yet so you can just change the classes you take in future semesters. As you should know, getting through college has to do with get enough credits. The more credits you get quickly, the faster you can graduate and the more money you save. If you change the course that you're heading in now, you should not have to spend that much more time.


I cannot just change subjects now. I do not have academic high school and I am limited to technical colleges now as my background is technical. The subject I took was the easiest there was but it requires tons of soft skills to get through.


>I do not have academic high school
Don't you mean I don't have an academic high school education? So were you a vocational independence program kid?


yes I did a technical vocational high school while learning a trade. This allows me to enter technical colleges but not universities. For universities I would have to go to a special school for another year.


Why didn't you just go to a regular high school? Seems like a poor decision on your parents part.


That's not helpful. Like, at all.


And what's stopping that?


It would mean that I would be away from my learned profession for another 1+4 years. Nobody will employ you again after beeing away so many years. I had my chance and I fucked it up


>Nobody will employ you again after beeing away so many years.
This is false.


My life is about to change the same way as well, not really looking forward to it but I am not trying to hate it


OP here again. I'm not sure what to say after these weeks, to be honest.

It's not going as I expected, I do miss my NEET days sometimes. I guess there's still a lot to be done about my social skills.

How's everyone else doing?



After 5 years, I finally went back to university.

I was thinking in give my best this time, but after one month i went back to the same routine of procrastination. I guess it's not so bad compared to 5 year ago, when i was depressed and having no conversations with the classmates.

Also trying to stop smoking this month, 2 weeks and counting.


I hope you realize the gravity of what you're doing - smoking addiction is one of the most difficult in the world. I know people who have quit heroin and meth cold turkey, but could NOT quit cigarettes.

I would say don't try to climb the mountain in one go without giving yourself breaks, or at least without patting yourself on the back. Don't live in next week. Live in "Can I do something today? This hour? This minute? to advance myself." Procrastination is a habit just like smoking - you can break it. You already know you can, you just have to make the decision.
The only true failure is when a mistake is made and nothing is learned, even if you drop out of university (because that's what procrastination will lead to - there's no point paying for uni when you're getting Fs or Ds) you will not have completely failed, because you learned that you can actually advance yourself, even if it wasn't to an outwardly-apparent point of material success.


File: 1508818986186.gif (915.23 KB, 500x333, eyes.gif)

feelsbad fell out of school after 2 years of freshman so just sit around house on computer mooching off parents for past like 5 years its pretty terrible demotivation over runs me OP hope you feel better


I've been a NEET for three years until a few months ago, although I suppose not technically since I was enrolled in school extremely part time.
I found work a few months ago. It kind of fucked me up at first, I was tired all the time because I had to learn to stay on a new schedule and manage things accordingly.
Now though, I don't feel so much different. It's nice to have friendly co-workers to talk to, it certainly makes me feel like I'm not completely inept but largely I feel exactly the same as I did when I was NEETing.
I make enough to pay rent, care for my animals, and save up a fair portion. Games and other things like that I used to spend my money on don't interest me anymore. Not really sure what I'm saving everything up for.


for retirement and careless neet life


File: 1508953874921.jpg (101.26 KB, 635x800, 1476648364425.jpg)

It's always good to have some backup-money that could get you through a month or two if the worst case scenario occured (like, say, you lose your job or your car breaks down, similiar to that)
But if you got enough money you can try out new things! Go travel or buy books about new topics you don't know much about, just to see if it interests you.


I went on a trip to Seattle recently, I felt happy just wandering around the streets. First time I had felt that way in a long time


OP here - once again.
Some days I just feel like quitting, I can't really stand dealing with people 5 days a week.

But I also know that I should get used to this since it will be the norm from now on. I'm not sure I miss my NEET days, but deep inside I know I don't want to go back. I do miss having all that free time to just to whatever and not worry about anything, though.

For people on a similar situation, try what this poster said. I can't say I'm the most popular guy, but at least I'm not completely alone either.

It's very interesting to hear your stories, please keep them coming.


I've noticed in the first few months of having the job that my bad social skills had taken a hit in the 3 years I'd been NEETing. There were little bits of fairly toxic behavior that I didn't really notice until about a month ago and I decided that I would simply do better.

I'm slightly better socially now and even online I seem to have eliminated a lot of the stuff I was prone to (part of the reason why I decided to start isolating myself in the first place).

The biggest problem I've got now is figuring out what the fuck to go back to school for, and also to figure out how to cut back on some of the bad habbits that I had while a NEET so I can wake up earlier despite having to work until late at night.


Do you have any idea of what you want to do, or not do?

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