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If I'm successful financially, I think I might create a NEET house, as a safe space where NEETs can move out of their parents house, become a virtuoso of what they're passionate about, and/or be counseled on how to actually succeed at life. Eventually though, they will have to either use what they've learned to get a job and move out, or contribute to the household (I suspect it'd mostly be the later, since it's the safer option).

What do you think? Can someone learn to not be a leech on society in an environment like this, or would this inevitably reinforce their dependence on others? Would you be comfortable moving to such a place full of NEET strangers, even if shit hit the fan?


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>Can someone learn to not be a leech on society in an environment like this, or would this inevitably reinforce their dependence on others?
Some will, some won't.
The thing is, most (and notice I say 'most') NEETs are unemployed/out of school because of the shitty environment they live in. So it may be a good chance for them to grow in a more stable environment where they aren't expected to be completely functional society members and they can fuck up a bit while learning.

Then there's the fucking leeches who won't do shit.

If you're doing it, good luck, and keep us updated.


Well, it's not really a viable thing for me yet. I'm still in that part of my life where I need to avoid becoming a NEET myself. I'll stay optimistic though, and if I remember this place I definitely will update, if anything happens. Thanks for the advice.


That sounds really great, im sure that would do alot of people good.
Tough as said some will just be freeloaders, so you should be prepared to just cancel the whole operation at any point knowing that you might lose, money so dont do it unless you can afford to lose.

Good luck, i hope you can pull this off.


Hey, a topic on /n/ that isn't self-absorbed and/or 2edgy4me. That's always nice to see.
Good luck, OP. I genuinely hope you pull this off someday, or at least pass on the idea to someone who can, cause this sounds like it'd really help a lot of people. Keep us updated, man.


I've also had thoughts of doing this some day. It might be more useful to have a network of people doing this, rather than one single place.


If I can I'll do the same, see if I could get some neets to live with me and make something amazing…


Since I don't have anything better to do, how about we theorize how this would work.

Before we can even start, there are many dilemmas that must be addressed. For example, although NEET's are mostly harmless, many of them would eventually act-out in some way because they dislike the way they are living, hate their lack of self-confidence, or other issue's often correlated with NEET people. If a NEET minor has some kind of tamper-tantrum and someone gets hurt, or property is destroyed, who is liable? Most likely the head of the household.

How can this be addressed? The only solution I can think of is to disallow minors, but that's undesirable for obvious reasons. Thoughts?


File: 1453749343729.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, Bert and Bort.gif)

I think that before addressing that problem you should consider how to get people who don't do shit to work in the first place,


I dont think minors should be allowed, most of them will be in school anyway and still have chances to recover, there are dedicated services for that sort of thing.
I understand there are exceptions to this, but even if for purely legal reasons this seems reasonable.

For mental problems it would be good to have a certified psychiatrist on board.
Someone you can trust, i dont know if someone here has a psychology degree.

Ofcourse if this isnt taken too far then might well just be a hotel or so from a legal aspect, so certain problems might not even be applicable if they dont get out of hand.

Theres probably not too much trouble to be caused if people with serious mental problems keep taking their pills, most would be grateful and happy to be with others im sure.


You have a good point there. I think I agree with you on that. It probably is pretty important to have a psychologist on board, but that person would have to be very altruistic to be working with us. Then again, it probably wouldn't be that demanding, so maybe someone would be willing to do it in their free time.


Probably using positive reinforcement of some sort. As much as I hate tiered systems, I think it sounds reasonable to give those that contribute most to the household/community some privileges over those that seem to have no intention of doing anything productive.


>For mental problems it would be good to have a certified psychiatrist on board.
>Someone you can trust, i dont know if someone here has a psychology degree.

Psychiatrist =/= Psychologist
You would require a literal medical doctor, who specializes in the field of psychiatry.


there are some people who passed psychology but are not seeking employment in it or are currently unemployed for different reasons. i think it is unlikely a professional would come to live with us.


Question: What city would this be in? I'm assuming this wouldn't be in some high cost of living place like just about anywhere in California…right?

It might be best if we all work together to make this happen. I don't want anymore people to feel like we do. As long as these people don't act like some of the people on Wizardchan do (horrible people who aren't self concious at all who consider anyone who happens to have any miniscule form of success to be Chad Thundercock who must get the fuck out), they are welcome. Like seriously, even if you were employed at one point, have or have had friends of some sort, or maybe if you somehow manage to get laid on a regular basis, I still consider you a brother or a sister, and even if I didn't feel that way, you might be able to show us how you got that way.


>Question: What city would this be in? I'm assuming this wouldn't be in some high cost of living place like just about anywhere in California…right?

i think that there should be more than one location, people should split into groups based on region where they then pick a place based on location in proximity to the group and costs of living, plus other advantages like better scholarship or state benefits.


I'm already living in basically this form of situation, tho we're full up now. Last year I tried starting a second version of basically the same concept, but rental rules have gotten stricter in my area so it wasn't proving easy. I'd need more cash moners to get it to fly a second time.


Could you tell us how you set everything up? We could use all the info we could get.


It sorta migrated into that kind of situation. Just started out as me securing a decent-paying job and then apartment hunting. I was usedta $600/month studios or single bedroom slum apartments in my old town; discovered that the new town is much, much cheaper. Next thing I know I'm in a 4 bedroom house for less than that and like "the fuck do I do with all this space?"

So I contact some friends who I knew were in hard times and like "look, you can move in, I can cover everything for now, you just gotta pull your weight for basic chores and then we'll split rent/bills/etc once you get established". Couple friends took me up on the offer, I went with them over to the county services office and they applied for food stamps and medical and got help with resume writing and job hunting skills. Shortly thereafter the one ended up working at the same place I was, and the other never did get a job (she ended up dating someone and moving across state to live with him).

Since the beginning we've had roughly a dozen people in and out of here. The vast majority of them came from bad situations where they were just looking to gtfo (or literally being thrown out) and needed a spot to crash, reset, and figure out what to do with themselves from that point. I've also gone through 5 different jobs and have had periods of time where I found myself in NEET status over the same period; there's always been someone able to float things temporarily when they go south. It's not 100% ideal by any means, but it's definitely better than having parental pressures constantly dragging you down and making you feel particularly worthless.

Out of everyone who's been here we did have one major bump in the road. Had someone come in temporarily who was being kicked out of another group living situation; originally he was only going to be here for a month or so (we were full at the time as well). He shows up, plops down in the living room, and basically does nothing all day every day except play WoW. Normally that wouldn't even have been that big of an issue, just a bit of prodding here and there for "hey could ya grab the dishes?" or such, but we also discovered that he was a compulsive liar and would have his parents wire him money whenever he wanted to buy something (usually "somethings" that cost hundreds of dollars). He was telling them it was to help pay for rent and bills and living expenses, while he actually gave us nothing. After confronting him about it, we still gave him three months to either find a job and start paying his share of things or find another place to live. Kinda became a doormat for that whole situation for a bit, but such is a risk you have when you go into these things.

tl;dr cheap cost of living, walkable town, readily available social services, basic communal living ideology.

feel free to ask me anything about specifics


File: 1454702546988.png (1.06 MB, 1052x952, apartments.png)

Not OP, but I've been thinking about something like this too, so I decided to look up how much apartment buildings can cost. To my relief not all of them appear to cost over $1mil. Still, I have no clue what I'd have to do to afford something this price, or to pay it off monthly. Probably would have to settle with something cheaper that wouldn't be able to hold as many people.

You are a fucking hero. Thankyou for going through with something like this.

Like I said, not the OP, but I do have a few questions actually:

1. What is your standing with the locals? If I ever managed to pull something like this off, While I'm confident that I don't completely creep out people, I'm a bit afraid that we might bring in people who have no idea at all how to interact with people, which might get the city to evict us. Sure we could keep those people inside and teach them, but I'm even more afraid that we might accidentally get a sexually frustrated person on board who can't restrain themselves, which might also keep us from being able to accept female NEETS as well. Have you had any problems with keeping everyone in check with the locals? How did you all handle living together?

2. NEET usually goes together to some degree with computer savvy, meaning many people would probably end up straining the bandwidth. Maybe by some miracle in my area we could afford Google fiber, but how do you guys handle sharing the internet? Do you ask people to put bandwidth caps on their torrents?

3. What are the general costs? Do you buy these people new clothes for occasions like going to a job interview, maybe going to places like Salvation Army to get clothes? Do you make them get cheap haircuts every several months? How did you manage to get food stamps?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions…


I was also invited to a situation like this. I was one of two people paying for the living of a few others. The first thing we made them do is get food stamps, because that takes less time than getting a job. But in California only a certain amount of food stamps can be given to a household. For most I find that getting financial aide from college works better for them at first than getting a job, but some people have "flippin burgers" written all over them to employers (don't know why).

We try to be understanding when things don't work and provide our NEETs an opportunity to learn from their mistakes without getting put down. We try to work on the emotional or mental problems that cause them to not be able to work, because we all relate to this situation and some of us are farther along on fixing it than others. We have been ripped off though, and all you can try to do is talk as a group and have everyone try to realize that one of these things are not like the other. It's happened so many times I have an eye for certain habits.

We have also helped roommates get SSI. It's not our place to really judge people for the anxieties that prevent them from working or going to school, or to judge if those anxieties are even real. Whether its a personality defect that causes them to lie or a real mental illness, all we care is that they help when asked. We literally all don't even care where the money comes from or who has it as long as we can all manage to live there and everyone does something to help and seems appreciative of the advantages they have here. If someone is doing more harm than good there is only so long we can give them a grace period, basically as long as we see them trying to make the situation better.

The person who I started this with found themselves in hard times, but myself and a new roommate we helped back onto their feet after one hard situation after another are now helping him in return for him helping so many.


For #2, it shouldn't be difficult to throttle the network speed per client using the router settings. Though, if you have a device used for playing movies, you might wanna allow that to be unrestricted.

OP here. Holy crap, those are awesome stories! Thank you very much for sharing!

Doesn't an apartment building seem like a bit much? It seems like a lot to invest in something that could very easily fall apart. I'd suggest starting more modestly with a 2-4 bedroom apartment and see how that works out. If you have something concrete and sustainable, you could start a nest egg to buy a bigger building, and work to improve the resale value of the building so that, if you have to take out a loan to get the new building, you have something to pay it (hopefully in full) with.


P.S. Also, remember that you probably don't need a bedroom for each person. Our kind doesn't usually demand a lot of space.


It is a bit much yes, I just want to have faith on how much something like this could grow, I'd definitely start out with an apartment first.


Yeah to be more specific, my group is more like anywhere between 3 and 7 people (thats the most and least it's been before) in a two bedroom apartment. We sort of treat the living room like a third bedroom. We had a couple of couples, they had the bedrooms.



1. At first, it was a bit rough. The town is pretty notorious for druggies, and I'm pretty sure most of the neighbors thought we were going to bring that kind of problem into the neighborhood. Over time tho, I've gotten to meet most of them and even go so far as to exchange tools and help with yardwork with our immediate neighbor. Just kinda had to explain the situation, who we are, what we do, and that basically quelled the fears. We do have a particularly irritating neighbor a few doors down who has on occasion tried to get the city to evict us for baseless reasons, but she doesn't seem to get along with literally anyone (older wealthy retiree who owns 4x city plots side-by-side, has a huge fence around her property, and seems to completely distrust any sort of rental concept, which uh.. 5 of the 9 houses on this block are, and she lives directly opposite a low-income apartment complex). Basically after the first year of paying rent on time, never having utilites disconnected, and actually doing some basic repair work on the property, our landlord decided that we're a good investment to have here and just sorta calls us whenever a complaint is made, usually something to the effect of "Yeah, it's about the lawn again, you've been mowing it, right? Figured as much. Thanks!"

1b. About teaching people how to interract with others, our local county services office does interview training, resume writing training, lessons on how to fill out applications, and a plethora of other services free of charge. Beyond that, jeeze I think most of the people who've been through here suffered from various mental illnesses. Depression, autism, PTSD, bipolar, anxiety… these things are absurdly common. A different place, but also through the county, provides free screenings and therapy to low-income individuals to help them with whatever issues they may have. It's an invaluable resource, because trained professionals tend to have a much wider arsenal of tools and concepts that can help people learn to interact with the world. As far as sexually frustrated individuals, that's never even come up but I'm pretty sure the rest of the house as a whole would show someone the curb if anyone tried to do anything without consent. For privacy's sake we do have latches on the insides of the bedroom doors.

1c. For handling living together, it can be tricky. Personality conflicts are bound to happen, especially with the more assertive mentalities. If issues start growing beyond a state where the involved individuals can deal with it themselves, we generally have a house meeting to discuss whatever's going on and jointly derive a solution. So long as everyone has a bit of space to call their own / a place to escape to if the need arises, people tend to open up a bit and become more comfortable with themselves and their environs.

2. Ah computers. We've shelled out for literally the best home internet service available in our area, which still barely cuts it for what we'd like. The general rule of thumb is to cap your torrents decently low so that it doesn't cause network hiccups. We also purchased a switch and installed Cat6 throughout the house because that was cheaper than shelling out for a top-end wifi router (we still do have a primary wifi network for guests, with a bandwidth-capped guest network available for visitors with lappies and the like). We also do have a central "htpc" that's probably more powerful than a lot of people's normal desktops and I've walked people thru how to set up specific folders on the network for sharing so they can watch their stuff in the living room and such. You don't have to be a networking genius to make everything play nice, but it's helpful to know basic windows and *nix networking commands and how local network infrastructure works. Also, pay close attention to what you're ordering when you sign up with an ISP; there are way too many out there that have semi-secret bandwidth caps or throttling, track and kick anyone using torrents for any reason, only allow limited numbers of connections, and other oddities. Read thru the fine print and search reviews in your specific area, because the same provider in different parts of the country can be a very different beast.




3. We go thrifting all the freakin' time. Not even due to need, but just because it's fun to see what you can find. The county services office also has loaner clothing available for job interviews if necessary, but that hasn't yet come up. We've cut each others' hair from time to time, but normally just grab a coupon to like Great Clips or some such when we notice it's time for a cut. Nobody's forcing anyone to get haircuts tho, and there doesn't seem to be as much of a problem with people who don't fit the exact stereotype of "ideal upstanding citizen" in this town. There's also a weekly adbook thing that comes in the mail that's full of coupons which is surprisingly useful. Food stamps are an interesting beast; if you say that you pay for your own food, then you're clear for the usual income-based requirements. If you say that you share food, then suddenly they need to know everyone in the houses names, ages, incomes, yadda yadda. Generally, we split household essentials (bread, milk, cereal, spices, etc) and then for personal stuff we buy it ourselves and write our name on it so others know not to nom it. When I explained the sitch to the caseworker, I was told then to mark it as paying for my own food. Later, I had my food stamps dropped during a phone interview to verify eligibility. It's an odd hit-or-miss situation. Even without them, we've only had one instance the entire time I've been here where we simply didn't have enough combined cash to do much more than ramen, and that lasted all of like a month until situations changed again.

And no problems about the questions, it's interesting to actually think on exactly what's been going on here. I've even done what you're doing before, looked into purchasing an apartment building and just setting it up as a safehouse style location to help people out, but I've got nowhere near the funds to even begin something like that (and then you also run into a lot of legal funtimes if you try to set it up in landlord/tenant style). Feel free to ask anything else that comes to mind!


>but I'm even more afraid that we might accidentally get a sexually frustrated person on board who can't restrain themselves, which might also keep us from being able to accept female NEETS as well. Have you had any problems with keeping everyone in check with the locals? How did you all handle living together?

I think relationships between roommates are more frightening than that. One relationships drama can tear a community apart, let alone if there is an "open" relationship. Get a bunch of people starting to make some of the closest relationships with likeminded peers of their lives and things start getting apocalyptic.

You are fucking brilliant! You're like me except you talk to people and make yourselves a good reputation.

We wound up all being too awkward to truly meet our neighbors, so we wound up being treated very suspiciously. We have moved since than and we do know at least one of our neighbors, they know exactly what our situation is too, and that has been helpful.

We have considered the idea of getting property or a large house. When we were talking about it we brought up the idea of trying to start a business together, bur I don't think any of us are educated enough to do that. So we'll work on that first. But we do have a number of individuals who's skill work together, namely computers. Programmers, graphic designers, illustrators, writers. We thought maybe we could make a game together, or at least some software to sell, especially for a phone. But we also need to take care of the current challenges in our lives that threaten our immediate livelyhood before we can even start making anything to sell, let alone consistently releasing more products. There is a long way til we can get near enough to that dream to grasp it.

I've recently been trying to let some people use our apartment as a means of transitioning out of the town I used to live in where jobs are more scarce and so is availability of internet and phone service. They will stay here til they get a job and than move into the same complex. Than we can have a bigger team of individuals with their own homes doing the same thing I am, and this will increase the amount of opportunities to do something bigger by combining our resources.


Sounds like something that would change my life. Sign me up! =)


I've got a couple more people I am weighing my options between so I'd say my place is full. I wonder where 218 lives and if he has room for more.


It seems in this scenario, no one would have enough privacy to wank off.


Bathrooms… man that was terrible good thing I managed to get my own room eventually.


Wank-off privacy is a trade off you have to make to live in a place where there are more roommates than bedrooms, which is expensive enough as it is. Generally apartments have bathrooms, and that's as private as it gets. Everyone just assumes that everyone else faps and doesn't think about it.

Also for the love of god, make sure there are enough bathrooms, for multiple reasons. I wouldn't stretch it any further than one bathroom (with shower!) per three people. Ideally two people per bedroom, maximum three (depending on how much space each person requires to function without accumulating stress, and the size of the room.) Obviously you can't move people in who can't adapt to maintain without their own private space.

These tips are based on my awful (and thankfully temporary) experience with allowing 8 people to live in my two-bed two-bath apartment (with constant visitors) during a period of severe circumstances.


Hopefully there's a lock on the bathroom door.

I've been on social anxiety forums, where doing this has been discussed but it always seemed like a fantasy.


If it doesn't have a lock, install one yourself.


Where do you find people that are interested in this?


People are gonna want their private space. There's nothing that creates tension more quickly than not having a space to escape to. You can make multiple people to a room work, but pretty much only if they're already really freakin' close.

Bathrooms are also important. People generally will be willing to share, but there's always the irritating times where someone's showering and someone else suddenly has to go. There's no hard number on how many people to a bathroom, but I'd say at least an additional half bath minimal for every additional 2 people. You also need to look out for things like hot water heater capacity and water pressure. Having multiple showers does nothing for you if trying to run both at the same time leaves both just trickling water, and trying to do back-to-back showers isn't gonna work if the how water runs out halfway through the first person's shower.

'course, some people are willing to save time by showering together, tho that's primarily couples or very close people.


The only door that had locks on it when we moved in here was the bathroom. All the bedroom latches I installed myself. A simple latch is like a quarter at Home Depot and we used an el cheapo electric screwdriver to actually mount the hardware.


Mostly the internet. I've never gone fishing for anyone or put out an ad on Craigslist (which would probably be an absolutely terrible idea); instead I'll be in a group chat or see something run across a feed where someone is discussing serious issues going on with their lives or a friend's life, and if I have the capacity at the time I'll usually chime up offering to help.


Sometimes it helped me find privacy if their was a park or business complex I hang out at during the evening. We made sure we lived near a bunch of things. Not for wanking but for emotional stuff. Part of how I started actually appreciating the outdoors.


Gotta admit, this sounds wonderful, not even to idealize. I just think I'm the type of person that would greatly benefit from a support network of people my age. It's a real shame that I am too socially stunted to ever find myself in such a situation because I could really see myself escaping the NEET hell otherwise.


Neets are good company though, sometimes, it helped me learn to socialize. When I decided I was ready to stop stagnating I basically moved in with some trusted internet friends. If you jump in you might find some of the most relatable and trusting people you never knew existed.


Well, if I had people in my life that cared about me and vice versa I don't think the NEET life would be hell at all. But since I've alienated all the great people I met online it's easy for me to believe that I'm not really friend material. Furthermore, everyone was scattered around the world so I'm really curious to as how you managed to get everyone together under one roof.


I had a couple friends growing up but at some point I just stopped talking to them. They're too normal and I just stay home most days doing nothing. If I was in a community like this I believe I'm make a lot of progress.


>Dreaming this hard.


P.S. If you ever wank in a shared bathroom, PLEASE clean it up! You'd think that'd be obvious, but someone in my dorm jizzed all over the stall, and then just left. Who does that!?

So yeah, don't be that guy. Please.

OP here.
Well, I kinda thought it was a dream too, but >>217 and >>224 have convinced me it's not quite as impossible as I imagined.

Regardless, I see nothing wrong with dreams, as long as the improbability doesn't discourage you. Even if you don't make it, you may make it halfway there, and that's still something.


File: 1454951886353.jpg (13.32 KB, 229x229, gensoudevice.jpg)

Here, have this specially designed machine with the appropiate hardware for your quest.


What must the electrical bill be for a place full of neets?


Well for reference, I live in an apartment of four where each person has their own computer. The electrical bill runs about $100 each month.


Varies by location, our is usually around $250. Once we thought maybe we could earn extra cash thru bitcoin mining and that skyrocketed it up to like $500 and therefore ended right quick.


So this is never happening?



I wouldn't quite say that. With certain recent developments, I'm going to be acquiring some property within the next two to three years or so.

I'm late to the party but…whatevs.

Basically, it's been my intent to do something as the OP and prior anons have discussed.

I'm not a NEET–40-70hrs a week job here–but I can empathize with the struggle and the issues that would drive anyone to that situation.

So…in my own small case, I'm going to make this happen. Some way.

I've got enough experience working and maneuvering the constructs that society has built for "normies" so…hopefully I can do my own small part to help others at least function in that.


I hope it works out, dude. I feel if I was a part of this I'd be willing to work and help out knowing their are others like me going through similar issues. I need the motivation.



>>1843 here. Thanks, anon.

I've been actively working toward this project for the last few years. Now that it is getting close to becoming a reality, I have to start looking at (for lack of a better term) recruiting persons for the house.

It's either going to be a 3 bed 2 bath, 1800+sqft home. Master bedroom is mine, of course. Has the bubble jet tub in the bath room so…that's mine.

The other two rooms are pretty big so i can fit two per. The living room is wide and open so we can rearrange that around for another one or two persons.

It has a nice front yard, a nice sizeable back yard with fruit trees we've planted throughout the year–nectarines, pears, lemons and grapes, and even an avocado tree. So plenty of space for communal BBQs.

The only issue here would now be coming up with communal house rules. It is my family home and will be acquired through a transfer of title due to some agreements…so I will need this house to not become a…mess. Which I understand not all NEETs will allow to happen but there is that possibility of some not having the standard of cleanliness some of us are used to.

So yeah…will be looking more at this board and topic in the coming few months once I have everything running.

And then having the rules set up and finding people that jive with the situation or are willing to work within the situation. Not work-work but contribute to the small community I try and build.


I check this thread every so often and it just makes me feel good knowing you all are around.


Stop trying to fix us, it's the NORPs that are broken.


yeah I bet you're really happy anon


Quiet you. I need this.


To the ones that say they've been in a living situation like this, what is the worst thing that has happened while living in a neet house?


Good Morning Anons,

>>1843 here again.

Just an update on the living stuffs.

With the amount of work I've been doing lately and the way I've looked at getting professional development accomplished, looks like early 2018 is the time line for getting this started.

Based out of Northern California–because So-Cal ain't Cali, yo–and have the good sense to have chosen to live somewhere where it's not oppressively hot during the summer. (I'm looking at you 916 area!)

I'll post updates and what not. And then the search begins for peeps.


>>1843 here again.

Holy eff this thread kinda slowed.

Anyhoo: firstly, happy festive season to those of you who celebrate.

Secondly: Update. By end of 2017, I will be looking at procuring a 3/4 bed property in the Sacramento area.

Two of those rooms are already spoken for so…have 1 or potentially 2 rooms available.

Should be, if everything works out properly, close to shopping and college–for those that partake.

I figure: cheaper mortgage rates, less expensive utilities, also close to sacanime…because yeah.

So…the dream is coming true. Just lots of hard work and dedication.


File: 1482195112450.png (396.44 KB, 1000x261, 1476064563874.png)

Good luck, anon. I would ask for a room, but I live pretty far away from there and I don't have any money to travel…

You're doing God's work. Happy Holidays!



>>1843 here. Well, the whole thing would kinda be an interview process.

Want to make sure we have someone that jives with the small community and whatnot.
Also, want to make sure there are no major self destructive habits or…potential law enforcement issues.

I am in a position where…if things work out and we find someone that is genuine about the work and wanting to be a contributing part, I would not be above ensuring that this person is able to get to us if need be.

Call it a bleeding heart complex…but, I've stood by too many times in life while bad shit was going down; can't live doing that any longer.

Also, I'm an amazing cook–even vegetarian if you so choose–so I'd be doing all the dinner cooking on weekdays, and all the meals on weekends.

Just keep in touch on here or if, you're interested, we can strike up a conversation. I'm always up for meeting new peeps.


File: 1482298434408.jpg (46.02 KB, 600x750, 1422518608865.jpg)

I was thinking of doing something like this as well op. It will take me a couple years to get enough money, and honestly I'm not sure if anyone would go for it or not.

But I feel like it would be good to try. Many NEETs on imageboards have become my closest friends, and they and people like them don't deserve to live in bad homes.


File: 1489373231085.jpg (40.04 KB, 700x525, Evangelion_Anime_EVA_WALLP….jpg)

>>2420 here. Sorry for the delayed response and thank you so much for your offer. Did you have a good holiday?

As much as I'd love to join your community… I have a few commitments that I need to follow up on. If the offer is still on the table in two years or so, though, I'd be happy to take you up on it.

>Just keep in touch on here or if, you're interested, we can strike up a conversation

I'd like that a lot, Anon.

In any case, good luck!


Any updates on this?


And how do you find friends in here? I've been browsing imageboards for a while and I've never made any friends. I think that's mostly because I'm just a lurker.

discord: i want to die xd #1323

IF you have any nice server or just want to talk add me.


Have been thinking of the same thing, I am getting a few hundred USD in inheritance or innheritance equivalents and was scouting out a nice remote mountain village to build my neet-mansion and invite neets but kung flu got in the way.

I plan on buying a lot of land and building only the amount of rooms required and using the rest of the comfy mountain forest land for walks and such.


Where are you going to find a bunch of NEETs?
All your gonna get is homeless people.


easy, just ask for a little bit of money a month, say 100$, from what people are talking online, there are a lot of adults living with their parents, and guess they would be glad to send their 30 year old off to some kind of shared flat


That would be wonderful OP, I'm trapped with my parents in an isolated shithole town and I hate it. If I had somewhere I could fly to and never go back I would be so much happier.


>isolated shithole town
Sounds comfy. I live in a big city and I'm miserable. I wish I could move to some bumfuck hick town and live in some cabin in the woods away from society


living alone in privacy somewhere in the woods sounds cozy but the thought of needing a ride every time to go to town for groceries or necessities kills the neet. Comfy without having to run into people but also within walkable distance to stores is a good balance to me personally


I'd take advantage of your generosity anon, 99% of us would because we wouldn't be able to help it. You can't just stick a bunch of dysfunctional people in halfway home and expect meaningful things to come of it. If I'm a depressed, reclusive chud and my roomies are depressed, reclusive chuds, it's going to turn into a game where we inevitably avoid one another as often as possible because none of us want to roll the dice with burdensome social interactions.


This would be great
I've dreamt of this for a while
But I keep end up failing in life and dropping out of things
But I'll try and remember to come back here later at some point


File: 1650446199289.jpg (807.17 KB, 2812x1853, sdfer43564.jpg)

I used to think this was a good idea, and it is in a systemic sense. But as an individual I would advise you to focus on building general community and yourself up more. The sort of care that NEETs and Hikkis need takes a diligent village of mature people at minimum, and likely prolonged support from broader society. We are unfortunately a symptom of grand cultural problems that I don't want to bring up in this thread.
The solution is an equally grand systemic effort grounded in empathy to help us. I am a NEET who thanks to luck has gained some financial means over the past years, but nevertheless still lives at home. I have at various points given money to other NEETs. Even so, material support has yielded little results other than temporary happiness for recipients, which, while welcome, is not a solution.
I think a NEET house could work in principle if it was run and maintained by NEETs seeking a better life. The issue is that it requires non-NEETs to set up initially and be maintained for some indeterminate amount of time. Considering the highly volatile mental health conditions of many NEETs this is a job that simply requires more than 1 person, perhaps a particularly remarkable person could pull it off alone, and if that's you by all means, but it's not me, and it's not a lot of people.
If you're going to do it I wish you luck, but you are more likely to be successful if you get at least another person or two for support to establish a NEEThouse with. I do not wish for you to undergo the same emotional abuse at the hands of other NEETs that I have while trying to reach out and help. I provided more than money, I also provided a shoulder to cry on and a safe space. This backfired horribly as I'm not emotionally equipped to handle the abusive behaviors of other NEETs even though I empathize with their struggle deeply. This is something that would ideally involve some kind of trained mental health crises team, therapists, etc. Not to imply the mental health system always has the right answers, it doesn't, but in some cases some approaches can be helpful.

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