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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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Since it's sometimes difficult to have a conversation about trying to exit the NEET lifestyle in /hikki/ without it getting derailed, I have created this new board for such conversations.

If you are trying to go back to school or get a job, or if you've exited NEETdom a while ago but are still having problems, this is now the place to talk about it.

File: 1618814624730.jpeg (74.82 KB, 620x620, despair.jpeg)


I just had a panic attack while attending an employment training course. I've had them before but this was the worst one yet, I feel like such a failure when everyone else there is perfectly fine with the tasks, and I'm not. Anyone else have experience with them? Have you been able to overcome them?


File: 1618842468239.png (356.11 KB, 497x544, 9234623874.png)

I remember having panic attacks when I was in school during those on the job training periods. I ran to hide in the toilets for hours. To combat this I wore earmuffs and closed myself in my thoughts. If you don't want to look like a retard like me you could instead just wear headphones and listen to some music to drive the same purpose. Though these measures didn't really help me that much so what do I know I'm unfit for work anyway. Sorry for retard text. Hopefully you can understand ._.

File: 1594319192576.jpg (246.21 KB, 2048x1152, 523807a524b2e4dd9b9ad51c00….jpg)


Post here whenever you make a good step. Today I talked to some old friends from school, one hour either side of pressing send was absolute hell but everything after that was almost hilariously easy and I had a good time.
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I'm still (nominally) trying to get my license and I'm 28! I got a permit to learn, but I can only learn with someone else in the car and it's too scary and my mum's car is too big and scary for me to learn/drive in.
I hope you did your best anyway!


Well, turns out the whole thing is a bit rigged in my country. Basically, you have to pass a test about driving theory and one about driving practice. To prepare for the test you must purchase classes, each class allows you to drive with a teacher for 45 minutes. Turns out the driving school has to milk a certain amount of money out of you or you won't pass the test. And at almost 1000€ spent (ran out of money) it wasn't enough for them so I tried two times to pass the actual test and no dice, the teachers are buddies with the people who test you (won't even try to hide it, the last time I overheard them talking about going to drink a few beers after they were done with me) and if you haven't paid enough you fail the exam because they already know how to "make you" fail. Amazing that this thing happens in an actual European country in 2021. So I still can't drive because I don't have money to pay the corruption tax…

On the bright side, I did complete my security guard training and I could potentially get a job soon. I don't think much will change, I'm already 27 and have lived like this my whole life, I don't even want to put effort to make friends or things like that. I've gotten to a point where I actively avoid it, it's like interacting with people more than necessary is a hassle for me. I just talk with some close friends and that's it. I have nothing in common with normies, what would be the point of becoming anything else than circumstantial acquaintances with them? I don't even know how people have the energy to make a worthwhile friendship with more than 1 or 2 friends. This is like that thing that happens to people who've been in jail for too long, they just stop considering any other lifestyle and go back to jail on purpose.


What do you feel that you could teach a normie, if anything?


I've successfully completed four weeks of uni. My other attempts over the past few years have barely lasted a week. A couple of people have spoken to me and I've tried talking to them but I feel like they'll eventually work out how defective I am and stop trying soon enough. One already has but the other one still says hi to me when we walk past each other.
Good work mate. I'm 27 and only have my learner's licence. We're also the personality type.
Good work on getting the debit card and also doing it on your own. I understand how doing that sort of stuff by yourself can be difficult.


What do you mean?

File: 1606777340837.png (574.19 KB, 450x600, ClipboardImage.png)


I was meditating upon the subject for a while and this is the conclusion I have to come to "to wish to live you must wish to die" wishing to live in the sense of "really living" you can't keep running and be safe in your castle, it's a rather colourless way to live one with no variations, very grey.

I mean 2 different things when I say "live and alive, "to "wish to live" you must "wish to die" that is to say wish to encounter your worst fear or whatever you have ran away from to hide in your castle, it's the only way to get colour, to embrace life you must embrace death, I do not mean this in a literal sense I mean life as in the positive aspects and death as in the hurdles and fears, one cannot exist without the other, you guys probably know all this stuff already though being able to identify if something is optimal doesn't mean you are incentivised or willing to enact it.

it seems there are 2 choices to continue this grey lifestyle or to try and do something.

this post probably sounds severely schizophrenic and I doubt I was able to get my point across, all of this was inspired by a chat with a former hikkineet I had, I will keep you lads in my prayers.


I understand what you mean OP and would like to point out that you can paint this grey to whatever you want and however you want.
You can even do it from home, while still being a hikki neet. It only depends on what you do, how often you do it and how much you invest into it. You could even work from home. Well I hope to read future updates on your doing and thank you for your prayers, I have some use for them currently.


Nothing wrong with schizophrenia tbh.


i agree to an extent but the good has to outweigh the bad to be worth it, some of us are hikkis because before the hikki life there was too much bad and absolutely nothing good


>the good has to outweigh the bad to be worth it
Not op but I don't agree. If I were given the choice between a life of 3/4 bad + 1/4 good and a life completely neutral I would take the first easily.



File: 1584584511308.gif (949.41 KB, 500x282, 1581947843406.gif)


just when I was turning my life around a global pandemic hits
how are you living through the covid madness, bros? I still gotta commute to work lmao
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I've put on so much weight since all I do is comfort eat, sleep, clean and go to work. I've lost interests in the hobbies I had been trying to build up since I finally found a job. My job has been awful, normies really harassed me over toilet paper and now it's everything. Cried through all of my shift the other day, but kept going so I'm happy with that effort. I just wanna call in sick everyday but I have so much to pay off, not working isn't an option. My mental health and physical health has gone down the drain. I have no motivation to exercise and I'm almost twice the size I was at the start of lockdown. I dunno how I'm gonna keep going at this rate. I just need a break.


Was a NEET for 2+ years until I got a job at a pretty hip bar in March. Literally employed for 2 weeks when they terminated everyone. Right back where I was, and managing depressive symptoms without insurance has been tough. I was able to get back into school this semester though, I'm really making an effort not to die. It's super tough though, with unmedicated ADHD and bipolar 2, I'm hoping to get insurance next month but all that stuff is such a headache.


I hope things turn around for you guys.


File: 1610591420814.jpg (72.37 KB, 624x468, DDkVgnZUQAAJ6eQ.jpg)

Damn, do I ever feel the "hard work being undone" sentiment. It feels like you've built up this armor over years of work and it just took one loose link to pull it loose and make it fall apart. I believe in you though, and I hope the conventions you go to someday are great.

I gained 20+ lbs since lockdown. It's shit. I can't advise you on an individual diet, but as an EXTREMELY general thing, consider cutting down on added sugar and empty carbs, and try more whole/sprouted grains and lean proteins. There are ways to make it tasty and filling, I assure you, anon. But I know it's hard. And I know it's easier to just…eat it away. And I'm very sorry it's happened to you too.

And for everyone, maybe it's just the weed and wine that I've picked up in lockdown, obligatory "do as I say not as I do" disclaimer here I still hope you're doing okay, even if you're not thriving. I know you'll get through this. Eat your vegetables and all that. But seriously, if we made it through NEETdom, we'll make it through this.


File: 1616570557801.png (9.28 KB, 125x124, 1609325119285.png)

I'm a non-hikki NEET and I hate being quarantined for weeks at a time. I don't even want to fucking interact with people, I just wanna go outside and not have to spend all my time inside four walls.

File: 1614226957392.png (113.83 KB, 320x400, 51ec118a44a58abd03c6aa76f4….png)


i have been a NEET for most of the last decade, apart from a seasonal part-time job some years ago which i quit after a few months. i recently was hired full-time for a mostly WFH office job. how can i cope with suddenly having to work for eight hours a day? i can't relax because i know i'm just going to have to do it again tomorrow. i feel like i have no free time any more. what are some strategies i can use to avoid suicide? i miss those carefree days already…


Quit if you can't handle it


Congrats on getting a job anon!
I’m thinking that maybe some clear distinction between work and home (like dedicating a room/ some space to work and only work) could help, as it get you into the work mindset and also gives a reason to get though the work day (to come back into comfy hole at the end of it). Also remind yourself the that you are now capable of finacially independance (or kind of is) thanks to your job by saving up and treating yourself sometimes sounds like a good idea as well.

t. An useless, jobless uni student


i'm having a really difficult time coping with this. last night i fell asleep in my chair for an hour after work, and when i woke up i was so angry that i had lost an hour of my now-precious free time i wanted to scream. i can't actually fully relax after work, knowing i have another eight hours of it tomorrow, so my week feels like one long slog where there's no real delineation between days. i can't stop thinking about how much i hate this, i hate having to work, i hate work, i hate that i'm being forced to do this, i hate that i'm forced to interact with people, i hate having to learn all this shit i don't care about, i hate hate hate hate every single part of this. i'm terrified that this is just the start of some slow lobotomy and soon i won't even have the energy to hate it, that i'll end up resigning myself to having the majority of my time and energy stolen from me and spend the next 40 years toiling away like this. i can't see full-time employment as being part of a life worth living for me.
i want to at least tough it out until i can move out or something, but whenever i think about "just a few more months" the fear that i might be saying that for the rest of my life comes back. and then, once i've already moved out, won't i be stuck here even further, unable to quit or i'll lose my home? is there a way to live without working? can i just buy a trailer somewhere and live off of savings forever?
i don't know what to do. this is unbearable, the alternatives are unbearable, i can't imagine a future that is bearable.


we're in the same boat. but i encourage myself with little tidbits of silent comfort. i hope they are useful to you:

being optimistic (its kinda hard tbh), my job helped me organize my life better and be more active. it sorta forced me to use my spare time to do shit i actually wanted to do or better myself instead of just mindlessly wasting time using my computer. and coming home tired af made me forget how dark was that void of watching the days passing me by while i waited to wither away into oblivion
now my time is valuable. for me and others

and my hard work will hopefully be a stern lesson to my future self:
-some people do this and more simply to survive
-my comfy newly acquired job is a stroll in the park compared to what i could be doing
-you *were* able to work like an ox, and you took it like a man

by the way, and please dont take this the wrong way, you would miss your job at the office if you were an ironworker like me. and i say this because i had an office job before

best of luck, and keep on keeping on


Steal office supplies, fuck around on your computer, take a lot of bathroom breaks. Alternatively, >>200.

File: 1616378419213.png (11.26 KB, 611x560, 1487434160617.png)


im an ironworker. my job is quite tough

im not cut out for industrial labour. while i have no problem doing rural labour i feel like i should have a thicker skin and just be able to do whatever is expected of me with my body. i feel like i should be grateful for having a good unionized job with decent employers. but i cant
i dislike it greatly
even slow days tire me the fuck out
and the manager has 0 mercy with the newbies

all around me ive built a hispanic macho image of myself to protect my soft, emotional core. and this rough shell tells me to suck it up and take it, to absorb the pain and the exhaustion and forge myself into a tougher man. but my inner self just wants to be a shut in, focus myself in my career (park ranger) and finish it to finally fuck off to the woods

can you please give me words of encouragment? or at least tell me what you would do in my position?


Get a different job?


will do
but its not that easy
i already have a good deal here even if i dont like it
like i said, it makes me feel ungrateful to leave this job since its rare to have unionized, steady work in a recession and as a third worlder


Anon, you should be proud of yourself for working as hard as you do but it's also good to be mindful of your limitations.

Is there a way you can set a goal to work towards at work? Like a promotion/payrise/contract/saving money to a certain amount etc? Having goals like that helps some people in the workplace.

Or set a time limit? Say something to yourself like "I'm going to stick this out for X months and review- how I'm feeling, how those last few X months have been, where my financial situation is at, what other job/study opportunities are available?


well, promotions are mostly out of the window, since they are experience-based, and i dont plan to stay here long-term
saving money is closer to my end goal. since my career is not very well paid i plan to make investments, so having a good amount of cash hoarded will help me immensely. thanks for reminding me
the time limit is a great help too. enduring this semester at college and checking how im feeling and hows my gpa doing are a good measuring post. plus i think i can get more outdoorsy jobs if i look into them

damn, your advice was very solid. thanks a lot


>can you please give me words of encouragment?
All I can say is, be careful with mental exhaustion. Sorry.

>or at least tell me what you would do in my position?

I'd quit if I thought the pay wasn't worth it but you said you're unionized and got good employers so…

File: 1611219703255.jpg (138.16 KB, 758x1024, 1581793142591.jpg)


technically not a NEET now, but has been one on/off ever since i was 18. I have many things to say, ill just condense everything here.
so, it feels like i have accomplished nothing, other then start my GED, no job yet, no funds saved and getting one would be very overwhelming and the previous job i had at a store was horrible.

do you know any good jobs for a sperg recluse? I was thinking videogame QA, agoraphobia limits my choice in employment aswell.

also, i feel like i wasted all my free time doing nothing, and not even having much fun, just on youtube, discord and videogames mindlessly watching, playing and talking to people on discord but that ends up making me feel alienated since i dont feel i can be genuine, theres no place where i can say whats on my mind and just have an honest conversation, im re-discovering image boards again, this place seems like gold, sad that im only discovering good things such as yume nikki and uboachan when i was post NEET. As another anon posted, im thinking of looking into IRC/fediverse aswell to discover small comfy internet bunkers.

i wish i would have done things differently and discovered things earlier, too bad i cant get nostalgic about these things now, oh well.

unrelated but, im thinking of making a yume nikki inspired game, i dont want to be the "ideas guy" anymore, and i want to finally create SOMETHING in my life, i dont want to be lazy and passive no longer, im not motivated by fame, or money, just a drive to create and my imagination. Im not going to quit when i come across a obstacle. I have no skills, but i will MAKE skills if i have to!

this probably sounds like a autistic ramble, it probably is.


Good luck


If you're a big guy try security
Being a guard is a boring ass job but it pays decent

File: 1587612593716.png (7.34 KB, 300x300, cddb04a579edc770110ff0f2.png)


For five years I've been slowly decaying: I've lost my health, dropped University, twice, and my relationships with my family is in shatters. Also what bothers me is that people I knew (I don't have any contacts left) now have good jobs, some of them their own families, while I still simply just run away from all problems I encounter.

I tried to do something with it so many times, but it never really worked out. I'm not sure whether anything can be done now, but I can try one more time.

To change the pace I will go to a local library tomorrow, so I can be closer to other people, will spend some time learning (or doing) something actually useful and will try to build up courage to make up with my family.
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File: 1610990695646.jpeg (123.25 KB, 768x1024, f4a640cabe8b03fdc3c6fe98.jpeg)

Things are as bad as they could be.
An integration with Russia is slowly but surely underway.
Every potential our country had with the current government has been burnt out.
Repressions are getting worse and worse, now things are bad to the point of creating concentration camps for protesters.
And it isn't going to stop because Lukashenko said "I'll make sure that 2020 never repeats itself".
Big companies expect that by the end of 2021 the devaluation will be approximately 250% compared to the current (bad) state of affairs.

And with all of this my life has .. stopped. I don't workout anymore, don't leave my apartment, don't plan for anything in the future. My life now consist of waking up, cooking, reading books or news and going to sleep again.

I consider starting to cut myself again butbutbutbut it is almost as lowest as I can get.. well, I don't have anything else to say, only that when (if) the protests are going to flare up again I will most likely be there.


Glad to hear from you, anon but it sounds like a lot of stuff happened, do you care to elaborate? Could they really get away with something like concentration camps?
Your current state does not sound healthy indeed. I wish I could say something encouraging but I really don't know what. The drop in your motivation is only understandable. I hope you won't harm yourself and can manage to take care of yourself once more.


File: 1611180647226.jpeg (218.09 KB, 1024x768, 4f74301950545ddeffdcd2e5.jpeg)

I'm not sure, it is just so awful.. everything.
Do you remember that article about the raped woman? There was another case in October, long after massive protests, though now they did it to a man.
There were also some proofs that the Russian police is working in our country as well. And the Russian government always tries to discredit our leaders and tries to help Lukashenko. And there are also some Russian military equipment and forces used in our country on borders with Ukraine.
Also do you remember when I told you about political murders in our country in the 90es? Well, they didn't stop. Lukashenko gave KGB 1.5 million dollars to kill his another opponent in 2013. And they did kill him in 2016, exactly in the same way they were discussing it in the leaked conversation, even though his opponent, Pavel Sheremet, was in Ukraine at that time. KGB also wanted to kill another Lukashenko's opponent in Germany, but they weren't able to.
It is also extremely likely that Lukashenko planned to make a provocation by forcing his own militia to kill some of our police to make it look like protesters did it and use army to forcefully stop protests altogether, though the whole thing is not clear for now.
Oh, it was also announced that soon will be disclosed information which proves that the official version about the terrorist attack in our metro in 2011 was false, which is extremely concerning.
And concentration camps, yes, they are making them right now.

At this point I just gave up on everything.


Anon I don't knwo if you've considered this but you probably qualify for political asylum in another country. If you could get into the EU (not Poland, their own gov is very authoritarian rn: and explain to the immigration office that you were afraid of being put in a concentration camp they'd probably believe you. The EU has been heavily criticizing Belarus. Only consider my idea seriously if it's possible and you both want to are able to emotionally.


File: 1612718760195.jpeg (786.48 KB, 2579x1821, 6bfa14c9e1cb521e9d22f1f1.jpeg)

Yes, I thought about it, but it is not going to happen, at least not now. I'm eligible for an asylum as much as everyone else in this country: I wasn't persecuted, nor was I even arrested and the couple of times I had to run away during protests don't count. Well, I have relatives in Latvia and if things go south I'll ask them to shelter me for some time, I don't think they would say no.
However, it is easier for me to get a job here and, if not, to continue NEET lifestyle. So I'm not going to do it now.
Also tomorrow I get the last task from an employer and if all goes well I will get a job soon, finally.

File: 1598405831117.png (361.69 KB, 1440x900, 068 - PqBzCnJ.png)


Did anyone else escape NEET life and now just finds it even more lonely and isolating? I honestly haven't posted here or on any other chans in years. After nearly decade of being a NEET from 16 to 24, I did manage to get my life together. I have a job and am in a good university working towards my PHD, I'm what people would consider a "success" in that regards but its just lonely.

I can't relate to normal people, they don't have the same shared experience of growing up a NEET and being fucked in the head for so long. I can't make any connection with these people that has any meaning beyond the superficial. Meanwhile internet culture has completely left me behind and is weird and foreign to me, and honestly not interested in getting involved in most of whatever people are angry about.

I miss those days of feeling connected to others through the screen. At least I had others who understood back then.
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Same, social media has killed so much of what made the internet magical to me. I hope you find refuge in various bunkers and alternets anon


Do they even exist nowadays? I have been a drifter for years, searching for a place to belong but I find nothing.


File: 1610841489291.jpeg (2.33 MB, 3535x1988, beach_city.jpeg)

some of the fedverse sites (as in federated network, not glowing people) are kinda good. IRC can still be good if you know where to go, but its quite cliquey and people are very protective of their own little patches, wary of new ppl. i really think that the higher the barrier to entry (as in; technical knowledge) the better the community tends to be, for me personally anyway. i use discord to talk to friends from the realworld but its absolute trash, i hate the design and and the stupid little noises it makes.
People always complain that the internet that we all know is dead, but obviously it is. the wild west was never going to last forever, its just gone more self-hosted. there isn't a company on the face of this earth that would host the shit we all used to talk about circa 2005.
Seek and ye shall find dudes !


I have been seeking for years and found nothing, but thank you.


>I can't make any connection with these people that has any meaning beyond the superficial.
Do you try to fit in with society or are you actually trying to bond with people? If the former, then it's no wonder lol. Unironically be yourself and keep an open mind, but have a resolve of steel and be prepared to be treated like a weirdo by oversocialized people. You'll eventually find at least someone similar to yourself.

I dunno man, I'd love to not *have* to work, but wage society demands so. Being a NEET doesn't necessarily imply being a hikki, you know?

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