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Who else gets social anxiety from buffet tables? Every time my family drags me to a shitty hotel, or a shitty cruise, or a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, or any kind of group event, I always dread the buffet. I just want to get seated at a table, have a guy come to me and ask what I want, bring me what I want and go away. I don't want to stand up, and grab a plate, and worry about looking like I don't know what i'm doing, and spend a bit a of time just looking everything over before put like two tiny portions of bread and pasta just so that I can get it over with as fast as possible. Not only that, but the whole format seems so wasteful to me. Just to save some money on man power they'd be willing to let so much food go cold and go to waste? Never mind if they would dare to warm food up multiple times. Actually good buffets are already bad enough. I'm not alone on this, right?


buffets can be fun, anon. isn't serving yourself more hikki than talking to a waiter? i get way more anxious rehearsing my order in my head over and over than thinking about someone in line behind me at a buffet.


I get where you're coming from, op. First couple of times I went to a buffet I was worried about looking super greedy. Then again, I've only ever gone to Chinese places and most of what I was concerned with was cultural disparities. What I did was try everything once, decide what I liked, and then reliably stick to those few things I decided on whenever we went. Doing that definitely helped for me, at least.
My feelings are about the same as >>4138 though. Going to a restaurant vs a buffet is way different, because I don't want to seem like a burden to the people working there.


File: 1512686417514.jpg (267.31 KB, 850x1198, __archer_and_toosaka_rin_f….jpg)

I get paranoid about dropping the plate or tripping or embarrassing myself in some way. I'm like an insect or rodent. If I have my own little spot and I don't have to move from it, I could be comfortable with any situation. At the buffet table, you don't have to actual talk to anybody, but you're still interacting with them. I don't like the idea of a lot of a people looking at and judging me, even if I know I'm just paranoid. A one on one interaction is totally easy for me. More than that is nerve-wracking. I can do it, just not comfortably.
When I go out to eat, I want to be comfortable. I want to pick one thing and make literally no other decisions than that. I want to move as little as possible. It's so fucking easy. I want to be served. If I'm giving them money, I at least expect some service.


A plethora of choices, freedom to pick whatever you want, and y'all want someone to wait on you hand and foot instead? How lazy can one get?


>more hikki
Hikki's don't even leave their house.


File: 1512698309118.jpg (176.68 KB, 850x729, __chen_and_yakumo_ran_the_….jpg)

For a long time technological innovation was forwent in favor of salve labor. Why build a sewage system when you could shit in a chamber pot and throw it into the street? Why build an automatic fan when you could just have a slave boy operate one from the corner of the room? Romans had sewage systems and yet for hundreds of years after people chose to just rely on the easiest option. Those are the depths of human sloth. So ya, that's how. At least i'm not thaaaat bad. A menu gives me choice enough. Once I pick something I like to live with decision and indulge in that one thing. I'm not a sample kind of guy anon.


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I like buffets because I can spend a lot of time putting a lot of delicious food on my plate. Then I can sit down and eat for a while without being expected to talk to people.


Ugh, you don't get it. Talking to people isn't as bad as that feeling of exposure and vulnerability.


I probably don't understand what you feel. But I feel much more anxious ordering food at anywhere else where I actually have to speak to restaurant staff. At a buffet I can just take what I want, and I generally have a clear idea of what food I want.


So you don't hate walking in large crowds and having people look at you?


File: 1522805228553.jpg (118.26 KB, 1280x720, Shokugeki-no-Soma-14-18.jpg)

I too hate buffet tables. I feel extremely self conscious whenever I conduct myself around them. Always confused which way I should circle the tables, as people always end up going the wrong way. I always feel awkward when plating up, nervous that I'm going to make a mess or taking too long. I always dread the possibility of tripping and begin to concentrate too much on how I'm walking resulting in me looking extremely weird. I always end up forgetting a piece of cutlery or a serviette that I didn't see was being handed out at the beginning of the line and have to fight my way back to grab it. My anxiety grows the longer I stay and people begin to look at my miserable face with contempt. I end up giving up and retreating back to my table as soon as I can without plating everything that I want because I hate the situation so much. I never end up enjoying the meal anyway because it is simply a hodge podge of random ingredients that don't work together and would much rather prefer ordering something better from a menu.


Finally somebody gets it. Moving around tons of people while you're all holding plates and taking stuff is infinitely more uncomfortable and awkward than sitting in a stationary position and having things set on the table for you.

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