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I developed an internet "addiction" and I can't get out of it. There are many issues that have piled up since I started to ignore them. How can I replace the internet with something productive?


Simple. Stop paying the internet bills.


Can't do that, I still need it in certain situations.


It seems silly but I changed my computer password to nointernet just so I would think before going on the internet.


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I tried to limit my internet usage from 10 hours a day to 4 and it made me feel extremely depressed.


sounds silly to ask but have you tried just getting out and walking around for an hour? Leave your phone/device at home and walk for a bit. You don't even have to leave your house, about 2 years ago when I couldn't leave my house I would just pace around my house when no one was home. That makes at least half an hour of no internet time, and eventually you might be able to find other internet free time. Addiction can be hard to cope with but it's the little things that start to add up overtime.
Start out small and work your way up to somewhere you're comfortable with. Good luck anons


Start reading books. Find something else to fill your time with. I don’t know what else to tell you.
I don’t really see the issue with being a NEET and being addicted to the internet, considering it’s practically your window to the world.


play videos games to "seethe" your way back to reality. i was trying out wow recently but i really want to play ssbu to keep my mind focused.


Same. My advice is to completely get rid of anything that gives you access to the internet. This is the only way to get out of it. I was able to do it for a month but the instant I started using a computer I was addicted again. It's extremely difficult.


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I don't know your financial situation but i would consider seeking professional help with your addiction, they take it just as serious as any other addiction and it helped me greatly. I used to ruin my relationship with most people I know just to watch some stupid stuff on the internet until i got help through friends.


You're addicted to the internet because the internet is awesome.
Don't stop because of some bullshit you heard on the news


You first have to find out why you use the internet in an addicted way. Are you using it to calm down? Are you bored? Are you scared? Once you figure that out you need to find a way to get a productive hobby that replaces why you used the internet or fix the underlying issue that causes you to use the internet.

Since you said you need the internet in some situations I recommend a site blocker (cold turkey or leech blocker). You can make them block X sites from X-X hours.

Also you should look into how the internet is addiction so you can understand what you're up against


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I have this problem where I click on too many things I find interesting and then I never close the tab. So it gets to the point where I literally have thousands of tabs open and it takes my computer crashing and not saving the tab history for me to stop. Then a week goes by and I just uncontrollably start up again. Pic related is my current score


What extensions do you use for organizing tabs? When i reach around 100 on chrome with a 1920x1080 screen new tabs disappear and I can only reach them by ctrl+tab. Should I use another browser or is there a trick I'm not aware of?


try tree-style tabs in firefox

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