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Have any of you ever thought that you were born to be a reclusive, socially inept hikki? I know I was, given my circumstances and mental health. The universe placed us within our own trapped minds and didn't spare a wink.

But hey, at least it's peaceful living like this.


It's hard for me to imagine I could've turned out any other way.

I don't feel peaceful though. I feel awful.


Yes OP I feel I was crafted to become a hikikomori since birth given the isolation I had as a child making me have schizoid traits.
I feel awful but you only need to go outside to ralize how hollow and empty the normalfag world is.

The iniverse just loves to shit on me everything it does is to hurt me even the rare good things only cause belated injuries.


I love sitting


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Yea kinda I never want to leave my house if I can. I dont know how people enjoy going outside. I just feel so much better if I can stay in my home and not go anywhere. People always used to ask me to go out and stuff but I would always say I was busy(I wasnt but I just preferred staying home). I mean my circumstances(live ontop of a mountain,only child, various mental illnesses) didnt really help and just made me isolate more. I dont know how I would ever not be a recluse.


I feel unsettling hatred that just oozes out of other people, wherever I go and no matter what I do I make everyone disgusted with my presence.
It'l be fine as long as I never show myself around others.


It's so surreal to think that most people have lives and I don't. Even if I stopped being a hikki, I could never have a normal life, let alone a fulfilling life with nice memories.

Then there's the suicide option which is not that good because it would affect other people, not that anyone would miss me but I don't want to ruin anyone's mental health.

It's one of those things where you have no true solution, you have to make incredible efforts to be *normal* and barely even that, while people who started out in a better place have the means to do more. And when you draw the line at the end, who had the more important life? They don't give a fuck that the odds were against you since the beginning.


Hey hikki we do have lives just not normalfag ones but can still enjoy the isolation lifestyle if you cannot stand not being physically near people you are unlucky hikki because I really love being isolated from people :3
Fuck being "normal"


>>6421 yeah isolation is the best!


Same.Staying at home is much more preferable then going out and dealing with other people.


I've made my peace with it. Considering a lot of different factors, yes it was provably destined to be like this

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