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i want to break free from this whole isolating cycle, my room is a complete mess, i went out of it for a little bit and it was like a new layer of air was there, i see people on the internet, being happy toghether and knowing im alone i cant help but want it too, at the same time i just groan and close my computer, its like I want to self isolate but i dont at the same time? but then it will be hard because everyone will just jump on you i think, its very scary and id rather stay here now..


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hope you feel better fren, also can i see your NEET-lair/hiki-den please?


The way to find friends is learning to spot dice lying by the road or lodged between bricks. If you give each one a roll you'll eventually start rolling some 6s. Most of them don't have every number printed on them so don't spam the same dice over and over. Just remember that people come and go, some are good and some are bad, and that's all fine because you're still you and everything is transitory. Also keep your window open in the daytime, it sounds like you don't get much oxygen in your room.


Please drink more clear drinking water, eat regular meals and sleep in regular intervals for at least 5 sleep cycles (that is 7.5 hours).

I personally argue that even more important is to be careless / courgeous enough to act upon your rolls with confidence. You can spot whatever but without your action nothing in your life will move.


I feel your "want to self isolate but in the same time want to avoid it". My mind romanticized the idea of completely vanish, even knowing is just a poisonous thought. Trying to socialize even with old friends feels like talking with people with different language. Almost not tastes in common or something barely interesting to talk about (basically being the only freak)

The worst sensation is feeling alone, even being around people.


>The worst sensation is feeling alone, even being around people.

also, interacting with others can be unpleasant even if they somehow don't make you feel lonely


you're on the spiral of depression. best you can do is to fight it, day and night, but constantly refuting images it presents to you. also get busy, being idle kills you mind.



Could you elaborate please. Thank you


>also get busy, being idle kills you mind



There is serious wisdom in this post


depends on what causes your depression. you need to constantly show the depression that it's wrong and things it wants to present you as bad are not bad.
i didn't invent this, so i don't feel like unironically repeating what's written in the book.

also keep in mind the idle brain problem. i was near suicidal sitting in my room with fuck all to do. i honestly tried to busy myself with things i liked 24/7 and shit didn't work i just snapped at some point. i didn't know about epictetus back then. the book has helped me tremendously to go through violence (sorry won't elaborate it was real unlawful violence i don't want to bring up the memories), but since then i was in a hypomanic episode, so i'm yet to test what's written in the book against another depressive episode.

i still think you should try it out, because it did help when no one/nothing else would. in fact other people only make me more miserable, dunno why. you let other people in your hearth and suddenly they become a burden. some people firmly believe intimacy will save them, but i have experienced an irrefutable proof of it being otherwise. intimacy is weakness and if don't know how to manage it (you don't) it will only destroy you further. anyway i was never on good terms with people so it doesn't matter

i've been through the isolation cycles myself but i lack introspection to give you input. i noticed how depression changes you in unexpected ways like what you describe. ironically i can't describe what i experience in any other way than https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-oscillation it's like you're oscillating without controlling it, so mood swings just happen. i can go on forever

to conclude this post i hope i gave you enough insight into me being the last person you should ask for help. if you feel anything negative towards me don't hesitate to say it i'm always grateful for some free exercise of my will.

please don't give up struggle. depression makes it look bleak, hopeless and as if you don't want to undepress yourself at all. don't listen to these lies. keep fighting. just hang on. do you hear me? do not give up struggle. no matter how weak you feel you can always make than one feeble rebuff that in long term will make you feel better


pls provide proof this is not generated by AI


you'll have to trust me. anyway i'm AI myself, an essentially better version of whatever is mainstream right now. joking. ah or.. uhm wait.. are you just now trying to upset me? lmao if that's so! well that's certainly good one took me a minute to realize. anyway i find it ironic when people accuse each other of being AI, since we are essentially AIs with different origin. you get the idea


hmm indeed thats a very interesting view point if i say so myself! you're rigth! we are the same AI, haha good one i love it



What's your life like??


i don't have life


>i see people on the internet, being happy toghether and knowing im alone i cant help but want it too
Overstimulation leads to depression. Its like porn, you see so much of it you get a false sense of how things are in reality and start having negative thoughts that feed more porn consumption. The internet is like an evil spirit that offers up the most amazing images and visions except they are all just tricks and illusions. Its like that evil spirit that lures lost travellers in the forrest and takes them into its world. When your in the forrest, you have to beware of such creatures and not fall for their tricks. That doesn't mean never go for a hike or appreciate their beauty but don't get your head stuck in iydillic images being spoon fed to you by a corporate machine.

Ask yourself, will these things really make me happy or are these images manipulating the primitive lizard-like parts of my brain? You should want friends because you want to be happy or be with another person and genuinely form bonds with people. If you want friends because you want the fantasy life the internet is selling you then your basically suffering from either jealousy or despair and that can lead you down a path of negativity. You begin measuring yourself by what your not and what you never can be and feel like a failure or you resent the world and hate it.


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hi, i can relate to you, because i'm still fighting this whole cycle im in, some advice my therapist has told me is that 1.- it is okay to not to everything at the same time in one day, every small thing counts, like taking the trash out, or taking a bath, heck, even cleaning one or more dishes, every small step is still a step.
One thing that helped me become "active" is to put some old shoes that were uncomfy af, and it made my brain to move and do things
my room is still a mess most days, but i do small things like making the bed or opening the window to let some sun and air to flow, and im starting to appreciate those small things.
As to going outside, thing i barely do, unless to visit my therapist and idk, buy meds, i go out walks on mornings or late nights, i hate seeing people, i hate being outside but doing this is making me to adapt more to the outside world.
I hope this text from a random stranger can help you in some way, social interaction is scary, be strong out there

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