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How good/poor is your hygiene?


I brush my teeth twice a day, once in the morning and before bed. I don't floss or use mouthwash, but I sometimes use a tongue scraper thing. Shower at least once a week. Only put on a pair of clean clothes after a shower, like I won't put on a new pair of clothes the next day after my shower. I use antiperspirant. Don't trim my nails very often, not until they get quite long. And I don't trim them, I chew them off. I shave when the length starts bothering me. Don't cut my hair, it being long comforts me in an odd way. I wash my hands pretty often, and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk that I sometimes compulsively use. I think that covers most hygiene stuff, right? So yea, it's kind of weird and all over the place.


Exceellent, I shower regularly and take very good care of my hygiene in general. Already got way too much shit going on, can't really afford bad habits to become a problem too.




i can't remember the last time i showered or cleaned my teeth, but it doesn't matter because i literally never leave the house except to get fast food


i shave my head and face completely bald, because for me it's a reminder of how free i am, when i lived with my horrible cunt parents i was forced to grow a neckbeard to hide my double chin, because my mum said she'd kick me out if i got fat, so i also had to always get dressed every time i left my room to hide my fat, but now that i'm alone i walk around naked with no facial hair at all to proudly show off my big fat gut and double chin to the world


I brush my teeth on average twice a day, shower anywhere from everyday if it's a good week to waiting 1-3 days in between showering. I also usually will put on deodorant right after drying off from taking a shower, cleaning out my ears as well, and I might brush my hair or not depending on how I feel. I'd say my hygiene isn't great but I'm sure there's others who's in far worse shape than I am.


are you american?


american, I take it.



/hikki/ is the weirdest place to bring your country shitflinging
what the fuck?


I shower at least once a day, often twice and they're usually proper showers as well. I'm quite lazy when it comes to shaving my facial hair though and struggle with brushing my teeth sadly, to the point that brushing them once a day for three days in a row is a significant achievemen.t


Take good care of your teeth. Use floss, brush it daily and carefully. You don't want to deal with rotting teeth, specially when you have little or no money. Brush your teeth, floss it, don't forget it. Don't forget it.


I take a shower every week (sometimes every two weeks). I brush my teeth after I poop. I always wash my hands before I eat because I usually finger my ass when its sweaty and my room in general is pretty gross. I never wash my foreskin but surprisingly there's no smeggy on it (I think I have developing phimosis though, since my skin is sort of attached to the side of my dick head)


File: 1588148303356.png (45.86 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


pls be satire


I have to shower about every three days otherwise my STD thing between my legs will get red and outbreak like hell.


How did you get an STD? Did you have sex? If so why did you have sex with someone with an STD?


I didn't know she had the STD!
I mean…I saw that she had the red greasy outbreak but didn't think anything of it…
She also had a fragment of toilet paper on her ass…


You really need to develop some self-respect. You shouldn't want to sex a std-ridden rando unable to properly clean its own ass. I bet you'll tell us she was handicap next


Respect is for faggots.


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I take a bath three or so times a month. I dont leave my house or my bed much so I dont stink.

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