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New board for the 2018 game.
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A lot of you were really pissed off regarding Yume Nikki Dream Diary at first, for a number of sometimes violently conflicting reasons, and I stepped back and let that play out for a while, but I'm restoring some order now. It's time for /yndd/ to calm down a few notches. Take another look at the site-wide rules and guidelines, and expect those to apply to this board from now on.

Flaming, lame trolling attempts, personal attacks, derailment, and other rule-breaking behavior will be moderated here starting now. This is not /ot/. Take a deep breath and cool off, or I will hand out warnings and bans.

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There's a new countdown on YNDD's site.
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>inb4 they leave the terrible Uboa event completely unchanged


I'm hoping that Kadowaka forced them to release the game incredibly quickly and they didn't have time to complete the entire game. It would still be a shitty launch but I'd at least respect it a bit more.


That part was inexcusable. How do you mangle the most iconic event in the game THAT badly? Like, most normalfags could tell you how the light flickering is supposed to work (they saw it in a Watchmojo video or something). I don't get how a team of "fans" could get it that wrong.


>caring about Memeboa


An imageboard named Uboachan giving a shit about Uboa? Impossible!

File: 1519478123207.jpg (1.78 MB, 2039x1378, 1501112880111.jpg)


Will this game ever get a Mac port? Some of us are stuck as Macfags for the time being, and want to experience this for themselves.
(My soul is crying)
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I'm sure you're not willing to give up, either.


>Yume Nikki is shitty modern art
>No it isn't, it's just a nice experience
>B-B-But shitty modern art

Excellent argument. Sadly no one is saying that so your argument is shit. Go away.


All you've ever given was your own opinion on what Yume Nikki is and isn't. Give me reasons why you made such an opinion and I'll give you some credit.


The game uses color and shape in interesting ways that create surreal visuals. The childish drawings imply some connection to Mado's mindset. How much the visuals say about Mado is up to interpretation, but as you play yn, you naturally contemplate this. The use of music also helps to create a very wide array of atmospheres and emotional landscapes. It's strangeness perfectly fits with the visuals. Some environments are heartwarming and cozy while others feel cold and sterile and others feel menacing or foreboding. This is done through sound and visuals. The sheer variety and constant transition from one feeling to the next keeps you on your toes constantly. You don't know what will be thrown at you next. The npcs both have personality and comes off as lifeless, which makes you simultaneously feel alone and like some alien presence is watching you. This constant feeling of isolation sometimes makes you feel lonely and other times makes you feel dread. This isolation also mirrors Mado's isolation in the real world. The vastness of the dreamworld contrasts with the claustrophobia of the real world in a captivating way that sticks with you. The interactivity is limited, but feels emotionally significant because of the roller coaster of emotions that this game puts you on. Killing some random npc is actually a bit sicking, which is only intensified by the scream sound effect. The heavy use of sound effects is also bizarre and adds another layer to the atmosphere. This game stimulates your visual and auditory senses constantly and pull you into its world through this.


Wine typically works fine for Unity games, and I keep hearing this is supposedly a Unity game, so use Wine, I guess.
Step 1. Install Wine.
Step 2. Install Steam into Wine.
Step 3. Get game via Mac Steam, because Steam's web browser is allergic to Wine.
Step 4. Install game into Steam on Wine.
Step 5. If game fails to run, refund while you still can?

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So what do you guys think of Yume nikki dream diary?
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A bit off topic but what happened to a thread made on this board around 3 hours ago about some dudes discussing yndd best value being the ost? Someone posted yndd’s ost there and I wanted to download it.

In relation to this thread, I still haven’t played it. 20€ is a lot for a fangame since I can get more promising games for less.


Guess op didn't like the response they got.


File: 1522523099004.png (499.88 KB, 806x1000, 1522103156955.png)


File: 1522525750054.png (639.96 KB, 949x1012, yume_nikki__mado_by_illite….png)

Thank you!


File: 1523664667525.jpg (351.19 KB, 1610x1050, hgbjmbgmjm.jpg)

Cons and pros (according to me; not necessarily objective):

- Bugs, glitches, lack of optimisation. This is mostly fixed now, but the release was unplayable.

- Too much 2spooky generic horror tropes. I understand why they decided to put more emphasis on the horror elements with this new kind of gameplay, but aside of what comes from the original game, it's the wrong kind of horror. Where the original had surreal Lynchian stuff as well as body⁄sexual horror motifs that gave the impression they would fit in a Japanese, Mesoamerican or other circumpacific folklore story, this has Silent Hill schools, slaughterhouses and evil beacons. And that's without even counting the mannequins and that Slenderman-looking shit, which felt like they were randomly inserted from some other game.

- Platforming and action sequences are an abomination.

- Too short, too linear, too many invisible walls. A little bit of free roaming sections in which you could just walk around and maybe see a thing or two without gaining anything would be nice.

- Visuals, in the dream worlds at least, could really benefit from a bit of stylisation and a bit less realism.

+⁄- The game has a lot of nostalgia targeting packed in. Plenty of Yume Nikki stuff in it consisted of what was basically cameos and Easter eggs (Monoko, FACE, the secret "ending", Aztec Rave Monkey, etc.). On the one hand, the game would be less enjoyable for me if those things weren't present, on the other, I think the way they were included was somewhat unsatisfying. Feels like plain fanservice, although I'm almost sure this is not the case (see below).

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1518216708851.jpg (39.17 KB, 1244x700, 2c07f05d65015566196987f537….jpg)


Mark my words, YN is going to be destroyed beyond redemption with this new game.

They have basically made a compendium of the most disgusting sexualizing artwork (miniskirt) and theories (HURR EVERYTHINK IS SEXUUL, SHE WUZ RAPED SEE? SHE'S CRYING IN FRONT OF KEEUKEEUKUN THIS MEANS SHE WUZ RAPED AND EVRYTHINK IS BCUZ OF THAT). And hamfisted bullying shit (just wait until you see the school scenario, 5 gold coins say it's going to be a guilt trip about how madotsuki was bullied by birdfaced girls). This is going to be youtuber bait, it's reputation tarnished. Ironic weebs are going to laugh at the whole concept while getting youtube money making facial reactions to "le epic weird weeb game".

This game has so many things wrong that the question is, what did they get right? This game is supposed to be about exploration, the player must decide by himself how is he feeling about it, the player must not have some tard theories hamfisted onto him by showing madotsuki cry or something like that.
>b-but muh normies won't figure things out without help
I don't give a fuck, the original game was emotion-less, madotsuki's facial expression didn't change, she didn't cry. This way you decided what zones and enviroments wanted to convey or meant. This is tainting and sullying the original game and madotsuki herself, we don't know why madotsuki refused to get out of her room or why she jumped off her balcony, AND THAT'S THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE, we shouldn't know. (And no, she wasn't raped, stop projecting your shitty fetishes and freudian fraud imagery onto madotsuki, you disgusting cuck).

Even thought I used some strong language I hope this thread doesn't get deleted because of it. It's just how I feel about this and I'd like to see how people here feel about this too.
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just wait a bit for the steam to blow over
yes, /yndd/ is /v/ central right now (if you don't believe this, search for ubuu/yn on /v/ archives, theres plenty of direct links here) for now, but i believe they will come and go at least after the hype has died down


It's been 3 weeks since release and no one gave a shit lmao


I had some high hopes for it, and I think it could have been better. I don't actually criticize Dream Diary for any of those reasons though, I criticize it for being too linear. Nothing about Yume Nikki should be linear. As far as ruining the community… well, who cares? The new game doesn't make the old one worse, and a bad community can't make you not enjoy it.


>disgusting sexualizing artwork
You gay son?


Not everyone likes cheap fanservice, anon.

File: 1519581648929.png (186.82 KB, 854x462, 1463665545769.png)


So now that it's out and it's pretty heartbreakingly goddamn trash, anybody got a link to the non-virus laden crack for it?
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I'm the anon who called it nothing special other than an art gallery. I meant it to define it's best points, being an artistically sound piece of work, but you have to admit, Yume Nikki is mostly a walking simulator. Yes, I understand how it drew you in with the music, visuals and interaction combined. It did everyone who liked the game. It did me.


File: 1521130858841.png (454.93 KB, 596x390, artguide.png)

Music, visuals and interaction were certainly part of the appeal, but if the game lacked npcs or if Madotsuki was less intriguing, the impact of the game would be far less. The dream world itself is part of Madotsuki's mind which makes you think about what sort of person Madotsuki is, and the real world itself is strange because Madotsuki never leaves her room and seemingly had very little to do. That's what characterization is. Even if we never get a clear view of who Madotsuki really is, we are given many clues and that's enough to make a real character that you can empathize with like you would a real human being. You don't have to know who Kikiyama is or what they intended when making it to be drawn in. You certainly don't need a, "charismatic", guide to explain anything to you for you to care or feel some sort of empathy for another human being.
>And as you can see here, this Uboa piece is a reflection of Kikiyama's inner inhibitions towards women both as a result of his high school experiences with a blond foreign exchange student and his strained relationship with his mother. Poniko transforming into a monstrous form more widely symbolizes how kikyama views the contrast between the facade superficial people put on compared to who they are on the inside. This type of symbolism is fairly common within the post-modernist digital new-wave movement. Moving on…
They're not the same thing.


Reminder: Sei said chill


I saw Sei naked




File: 1519895957539.jpg (333.62 KB, 1280x720, 20180228194026_1.jpg)


(Part 1/4, rest is the first couple replies)

-So I never pulled this much from the original game, but in this reimagining I am pretty sure there are strong themes here of gender identity. I know many people have joked about this theory before, but I think there's actual evidence here. The only bathrooms Madotsuki ever enters in YYDD are men's restrooms. To get the secret ending (and to finish the game) you have to activate the symbol of Venus aka the symbol representing female, and then enter into a giant Venus symbol to enter. In the sketchbook there's two pictures you get of Madotsuki that are practically the same, but one with her eyes closed and one with them open. Most related pictures are next to each other in her Dream Diary, but for this one a picture of her eyes closed are next to KyuuKyuu-kun, and her picture of her eyes open is a few pages later next to the picture of the feminine mannequin. Literally eyes closed next to the most phallic character in the game, eyes opened next to the character most with a 'female form'. Add to this the area you get the flute in the mall looks even more like a clinic than the original, and to add to this O-Man's updated look looks a lot more like a doctor, there's character's alluding to genitalia-esque objects on the walls, and E-Man who you go to see in the clinic gives you the Flute. I don't know quite yet on this one if I'm reaching here, but all I'll say is I never got this theory in the original but have it pretty strongly in YNDD.

-I'm going to cover this more in the following points, but I think Madotsuki is a shut-off NEET not because she was raped (I don't think there's evidence for that) or even because of gender identity things. I think it's more straight forward, she experienced multiple scars over the years that made her more reclusive and eventually just shut off from the world. Rather than one traumatic event she experienced several over-time events that made her close off. This also ties in well to unlocking the final door by re-experiencing everything and then when you go out of your apartment having to survive your inner fears (that shadow thing) to get the happy ending.

-Monoko is dead. In the original game the stop/start light changing her form was a bit suspicious and the specifics of the differences, but this remake somewhat spells it out where you can reach her by going to the world end event related to death to find her, and when we see her Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> like why are all the restrooms in the school's men's restrooms?

I'm sorry but isn't this literally a Unity game? It just could be a matter of lazy resources.


It'd actually be easier to make them NOT men's restrooms if it was because of laziness, as all they'd have to do is take out the urinals and replace them with bathroom stalls. More so how the bathrooms are laid out are actually different.


Well, maybe they didn't think about that, and by the time they did, they already made the urinal model. Most ot the dev team was probably male, so a mistake like that makes sense.


People are going to hate me for this, but I just noticed that after you finish the Mall World if you pay attention after the Mannequins surround Madotsuki she quite clearly jolts up awake, looks down, and rubs her crotch. I didn't notice that until I was just editing something right now. I'm not going to say any theories for it, just an observation.


Or no, sorry to bump this, she's just rubbing her eye but the camera makes it look more awkward than it actually is (and Madotsuki's weird skirt physics does make the skirt move making it look more like it, but I'm sure now it's just an eyerub. itsnothing.jpg, carry on.

File: 1519499197593.png (9.02 KB, 215x80, remorse.PNG)


This is literally me.
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Kiki the Lord and saviour updated his website though bon-bon.


File: 1519820532948.jpg (26.47 KB, 180x265, 1444057873408.jpg)


File: 1520239309377.gif (2.36 MB, 540x300, basically.gif)


File: 1520280467908.gif (1.79 MB, 240x196, noooo.gif)

They turned a game about exploration into a "horror" WITH INVISIBLE WALLS.


Supposedly kiki did the music and that's one of the few things people are liking about the game.

I'm not saying it's proof that kiki was really involved, though. The public's reaction to the soundtrack could just be a chicken and egg sort of thing.

File: 1519705104535-0.png (555.22 KB, 1024x1024, diary_pages_text.png)

File: 1519705104535-1.png (720.59 KB, 1024x1024, Notebook1.png)


ripped the textures for the diary pages and scattered open notebooks in mado's room. can anyone translate?
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File: 1520195265459.gif (2.56 MB, 480x480, 1520190523511.gif)

Those theories get no traction whatsoever. It's all in your head. The only theory that wasn't a one liner was an essay made by some faggot that just got ignored.
That being said, the new game has no room for theories. It's all clear cut (except for Monoe was raped meme), the prologue is basically a retcon of the original ending and the ending is just Mado giving up on her hikki ways.




For English speakers regarding the images in OP: Yeah, nothing really that deep to look at here. Check out the link in >>2195 , that's the original work one of the pictures is sourced from (found thanks to Japanese anon). It's a book with a main character who is a female student, but other than that I don't think there's a bigger connection.


I actually like the unironic queer theories, I just want more variety in our shitposting. It does not take much effort.
>Mado jumped off of a building
>a guy jumped off of the WTC
>the whole game is a metaphor for 9/11
>Masada is Osama bin Laden, who also was tall and did not have a mouth
>Poniko is the fat guy with the hairy tits that planned the whole thing
>some things in the game look vaguely like towers or airplanes
Just like that, it's fresh, it's stupid, and it's annoying. Easy.

Yeah, the new game doesn't give you much to chew on. The doubt that followed you throughout the original and the shock of the ending, that's why we're talking about YN over a decade later. Dream Diary is mainly meme fuel, it doesn't really make you feel like you need to know more. When it's done it's done.


File: 1519425235822.jpg (39.91 KB, 420x388, 1465799486072.jpg)


It finally released Ubuu, what did you think about Kikiyama's seminal release?

Looks pretty bad, to be honest.
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Even if you somehow have a problem with it it's barely noticeable most of the time.
But what I really liked is the little sigh of relief when she wakes up form a nightmare


I can't believe what i'm about to say, but even .flow (which is as edgy it can be) felt way lighter in terms of color palette & hostiles compared to YNDD. Almost every single NPC from the original now hunts you down. And the eyeball world is now some dark alleyway with walking Anonymous™ people in the background, leading to some epik chase while some music straight out of DmC plays. Some puzzles are nice but its frustrating not being able to explore the little that they gave us because you need some item in the other side of the world, which leads to the best part: the backtracking in this game is just shit. You walk in, there's no way out, which is really annoying. The presentation was actually nice, its just that the actual meat of the game (and Mado's autistic look) detract so much from the experience.


Bruuuh the music kicks ass. I feel like the person who was in charge of the arrangements was incredibly passionate. It's undoubtedly the best part of the game. The barrack's settlement theme after it becomes habited by NPCs again made me tear up a little bit.
I loved the distant school bells when you go through the beginning of the school world and you are outside.
The soft rain you can hear outside your room's sliding door is so pleasant.

The music and sounds were truly beautiful.


Great soundtrack and ambience. Ok controls, decent graphics. I actually *liked* the references to Ao Oni, Ib, Silent Hill, and prolly others I didn't catch. Dark forest area with the witches was prolly my favorite. That or playing with Monoko. Really wish they woulda included a flight scene on the rooftop of the mall. Some segments were a bit laggy which is probably a fault of the engine; ain't nothing in here that HL2 didn't do over a decade ago. I really wish there was simply *more* to it. You could spend hours wandering and exploring in the original… this one has very little replay value once you've collected everything. It's also way too easy. If you're gonna have puzzles, don't make the solutions so dang obvious.

Worth the money? Eh sure. Wasn't terribly expensive. Best thing since sliced bread? Nah. Stands above a lot of hipster tripe, but there are many things better than it (including the original).


I hate the platforming parts of this game. Mado keeps missing all the jumps and it is SO infuriating, especially at the mannequins part. You know, the one where YOU HAVE TO JUMP OVER A LOT OF GAPS WHILE BEING CHASED BY THINGS THAT INSTAKILL YOU WHEN THEY GET NEAR YOU IN THE DARK.

It pretends to be a horror, but is actually a rage game.

At least the music is nice.

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