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Hello Neet, I am or was Neet. I have always had a social anxiety since school and I still hate going out, but have learned to overcome that and can actually socialize enough to get around and can even enjoy meeting new people. I love the Neet lifestyle, even if I don't intend to totally isolate myself from friends or family. To me the Neet lifestyle is being able to live my life without social obligations and needing to work all my time away while then just doing drugs and shit inbetween shifts because I am either too tired to do anything or just have a few free hours a day. This leave me, just as it does many other, with just the weekends to do anything, to be myself and to relax and unwind. In fact I am not as productive as I wish I was on my days off because I need to rest from working all week. So even when I am not working, my full time job interferes with my personal life.
So now what I want to know is how anyone here gets by financially without depending on family or others. My family will not support me and mooching off friends can only go so far before they get sick of your shit. I can stand working part time, but not full. In fact I hate part time too, but at-least I get some of my time back, but that still means I need to make more per hour to make up for working less. Either that or I need to make income aside from that job.
I really don't make much as it is at my job. Just over minimum wage. So I can make the same wage doing practically anything, with more benefits depending on where I go. If I worked part time then I would make half my current income and would only need to supplement it a few hundred dollars a month to have the same revenue that I currently have.
Now ideas I have had start with
A. working extra hard while I save some money. This isn't a long term thing as I hate working. I could get a job as a call center rep part time and work weekends. I just want to save some money for a camper van and for a certificate program in my states marijuana industry. I would preferably use it to work for myself, but with the mega corporations already opening up I can't imagine that would be to doable. Aside from consulting work for home ops.
B. Sell on ebay. I am looking at some products that I can get in bulk to sell as supplies and materials for various projects. IDK how well they truly sell and will check the recently sold on ebay before committing. Aside from that I would resell things that I know can be flipped like popular cameras, bikes, recent electronics. If the price is right and there's a market for it. I would sell on ebay, craigslist and at flea markets. This of course will take up time. I can pack and ship items before and after work. Perhaps even get someone else to drop them off for me. But meeting people for craigslist sales may be difficult and collecting items from say craigslist free or yard sales would be time consuming too. So it's fare to say that I would need to start slowly while I work full or part time and then slowly reduce my work schedule until I am making enough to just quit.
C. Internet surveys and testing webpages. I know internet surveys aren't very profitable. If I am lucky it would generate $100 or so a month. But I can still sort of do it while Neeting around my room or camper in my underwear smoking weed and watching anime. I see that you can make like $10 per site for testing webpages. And they claim you can do about two sites per hour. That there is better than my hourly pay if I can net 2 surveys an hour. I plan on trying this very soon and seeing how fruitful it really is.
D. I want to do crypto mining. After working extra hard for a few months and saving money, buying my camper van and maybe taking the cannabis certificate I would set up a crypto mining rig and join a mining pool. I would also get into altcoin icos and trading.
Anyways, sorry for the long post. I am sure this has been inquired before, but I am really looking for other suggestions and/or experiences with some of what I listed along with an idea of if it was worth it.


I would rather say daytrading. WIth mining you will earn nothing but daytrading is the thing to do if you live in a jurisdiction with no capital gains tax. The volatility is giantic and you basically just have to bad news, then buy, then wait until it goes up and sell on the peaks. If you did this from January until now, you would have made shittons of cash.

Mining will not give you much profit in most cases. You would basically need cheap electricity (China) or free cooling (Greenland) for your server farms.


Interesting. I have thought of trading, but am clueless on it. I just read through here https://www.thebalance.com/day-trading-4074032. I think it is a viable option, but I know I will need to take my time understanding the market and testing strategies. And it would appear that forex is the cheapest market to get started on. Definitely going to look more into this.


>internet surveys while you're NEETing

1) botnet
2) GNU/Linux
3) Autism
4) Don't mix your love and your work. If you start letting that encroach on your NEETing, kiss your enjoyment of it goodbye, as it will always be in the back of your head. Though I work full time, I put in my hours, and I drop it like a fucking rock - at home I don't think about work until my alarm is getting me up the next day, and that makes my time at home much more enjoyable. Just my two pence.


To make any money with cryptocurrency you'd need to basically set up an entire server farm, and even then good luck maintaining more income over electricity costs. The only quick riches from that were those who dived into bitcoin really early on.

If you're in the US, do recall that pot is still illegal at the federal level. Risky business, that.

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