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I'm not a hikki, but struggle with similar issues such as anxiety, isolation, alienation from others, loneliness etc… I can relate to a lot of people here. Because of some of my behaviour, I've started to wonder if I'm neurodivergent, possibly having autism or ADHD.

Some of these being:
- Hyperactive thoughts and restlesness due to it, and in this state going completely in an automatic mode
- Spacing out a lot, excessive daydreaming and maladaptive daydreaming
- Sensory sensitiveness, mostly to noise and I often experience a sensory overload and a shut down
- Very limited interests, if I don't have internal motivation to do something, I'm completely disinterested in it and have an extremely hard time completing it
- Liking sameness and getting distressed and annoyed when it's disturbed
- Difficulty recognizing what I'm exactly feeling, same with my desires and needs
- Clumsiness, often bumping to objects, poor motor skills.
- Liking and preferring being alone

There's a lot still to figure out but that's something… I'd say I'm quite emotionally intelligent, people often say that I'm good at conversing and they like talking to me because of that (in writing but still), so that makes me doubt it.. I also learnt to speak normally and to write at a quite young age too with ease. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just imagining it all, trying to make excuses for my inadequacy and laziness…

I've noticed that there are many neurodivergent people around, so that's why I'm posting this here… I'm planning to read more about it, but if anyone would like, I'm interested in hearing others' thoughts about this and experiences with such. Feel free to vent here too.


File: 1687098838100.jpg (62.4 KB, 474x354, mentally.jpg)

I always had the feeling that all those mental illnesses are just completly made-up bullshit to frame people who dont fit in with society.

>Hyperactive thoughts

I consume a lot of media, read alot of articles and drink a lot of caffeine so my mind is always running, but I never experienced a "automatic mode"
>spacing out
I only space out when I have nothing to do and have to wait for something to happen like in the waiting room for a doctor.
>sensory sensitiveness
I do hate loud crowds of people.
>limited interests
I like vidya, music, history and technology
>liking sameness
I actually really hate repetitive and redundant routines. I completly hate it sitting in the same room with the same retards and doing the same shit for years. If I would have to work I would become something like a trucker or pilot where I always visit new places and meet new people.
>feeling, desires, needs
Because of depression I mostly feel numb and dont have any plans for the future.
I am a skilled craftsman. I renovated my own Hikki-Apartment with a new floor, installed a full kitchen completly alone and I also fix and pimp my old car.
>preferring being alone
I avoid people because they always want your money or grift and scam in some way or another. I have never met a real cool comrade who really wants to help and chill with you.

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