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Happy Holidays!
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I absolutely hate everyone here. You are all whiny babies who do mental gymnastics in order to justify your inaction. You need to grow up before it`s too late, BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. Free yourselves from this desperation and torture and FIGHT against the cruel reality that surrounds you. BECAUSE. THERE. IS. NO. OTHER. OPTION!!!!!!!!!


Let me guess: "fighting" means working a soulless wageslave job and being exploited by the system? I dont mean to shame people who work, but its not exactly a heroic struggle.
I think "fighting" to you also means to accept laws and regulations of society, to stop complaining and do what people expect

How convenient, that this heroic fight to the death doesnt involve any *actual* risks.
How convenient that it mostly conforms to the system.


People really like to apply the word fight to cancer patients as well. As if its heroic to go on another year of chemo,
of course you will go on another year of chemo if the only other option is death.
Maybe you're not courageous. Maybe you're just scared.


File: 1672921201480.png (6.19 KB, 384x384, 1389589857906.png)

Doing my best man


File: 1672942576579.jpeg (75.79 KB, 500x500, 9793DB6B-706A-4F61-89E5-0….jpeg)

you know if someone wants to wallow in inaction, that’s their call right? That’s their life that they can do whatever the fuck they like with? You don’t have to like it, of course, but telling them to get the fuck up or die isn’t exactly the most motivating, especially since a lot of this board has chosen death anyway. If that’s how someone wants to spend their days it ain’t shit to the rest of us unless we’re like, close friends or family or something? Are you my family anon? If not, then get off my dick.


His fight probably includes going to the gym and talking to people who don’t like you about things you’re not interested in so you fit into society


The cruel reality that surrounds me cannot be fought because beyond having a girlfriend and friends, and asking myself what I really want and would make me happy is that I want a community and social cohesion I can belong to. I can put in the effort to be financially abundant and stable (in reality I will be 5 digits in debt and work a shitty office job) but it means nothing to me if it's among an ugly antisocial society which is what I live in, why would I use my tax dollars to support a culture and people I have no connection to and loathe to say the least. Running off into the woods and founding a hamlet with my internet buddies won't solve anything either and is still sticking your head into a hole. Everyone here has their reasons for being depressed or shut in, and couldn't overcome the traumas that seized their wills and souls. It's a bad argument in the context it's usually used in but how does my isolated lifestyle effect you or anyone? I don't wish ill will on you, you sound naively idealistic and clueless to how far a person can fall via reasons out of their control, I used to say the same things and you're right that some people like this are going through phases or can get back up again soon but that's just some.


File: 1675312097793.jpg (50.31 KB, 788x575, locked in 4l.jpg)

What if I already won the ratrace and can NEET in peace while having friends with similar backgrounds for life? Would you really join society if you were dealt a hand like this? Sorry I ain't built to be a slave. I don't take orders from no one. I'm going back to reading my books, playing my vidya, watching shows/movies/anime, working out, journaling, learning a foreign language, practice tulpamancy, cooking, taking walks in nature, talking with friends online if you don't mind. Catch you later.


Living the dream. How did you get it?


Dad gave me $1K so that I could gain some experience on the stock market. He expected me to lose it all, I turned it into $30K and bought myself a house in our home country. During this time my mom quit her job and started her own business, and dad bought some property in our home country. I'll be owning roughly around 6 apartments if my parents died today. But my dad plans on working for 5-6 more years, his goal is 16 apartments + medium size store at the bottom of the apartment complex. Either way my life will be stable unless the US decides to one day invade my home country which I doubt they'd have the balls to do it. Mind you we aren't rich, we are just smart with our money. Instead of buying 1 town house in the US, my dad bought 6 apartments in our home country instead. Quality of life isn't any worse either, much safer than the US, free healthcare. Only thing that's better in the US is the pay and electronics being cheap as fuck. My parents still judge me for being a NEET but since I'm the only child they've realized that it's either me NEETing or suicide so they don't want to mess with me. I'm being as frugal as I can so they don't get affected by my lifestyle. I'm going to move into my mom's house in a few months to help her out with chores, housework, and possibly work for her a few hours a day. If I don't like it I can always go back to my house and enjoy myself.

My parents are really disappointed though but that doesn't concern me. They expected me to become a programmer or something in the US making 6 digits owning a single house, starting a family, etc. They always say "that's not a way to live, you'll eventually get bored, working isn't always about the money" but I know I'm built different so I dismiss whatever they say to me. My uncle and grandfather was a full-time NEET, I grew up with them so maybe that's why I'm one. I can't relate to most NEETs, I've always had friends, hanged out with girls, I wasn't an outcast. I became a NEET because I felt like working 8 hours a day to come home only to watch Netflix for 3 hours wasn't a great life. I'd rather go to prison or be homeless than work.


Personally if I didn't have dual citizenship, I would join the military. Serve for 4-8 years, preferably in the Navy or the Air Force. Save all my money. Get on VA disability (at least 40%). Try to get a citizenship in a cheap country by marrying someone in South East Asia. Probably Philippines or Thailand. You'd roughly get out with 80K USD if you serve for 4 years and 200K USD if you served for 8 years. Put all that money into index funds, get on VA disability money ($400-500 a month is more than enough). And live in South East Asia with a cute chick.


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