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I'm a peaceful and squeamish guy. I even feel sorry for killing bugs
even so, I took an interest in the army and the navy (I'm not a yank). there's something so cool about their disciplined and hard life, how those institutions can whip people without courage, without a purpouse, a goal, or a skill into shape. it truly is a beautiful thing to behold. I like how they harden mind and body just so average joes can face the unexpected. plus you learn cool things too, from survival techniques to self-defense and trades
and hey, paying you to learn all these things is great

still, I can't even think about myself harming someone else, and that's the biggest downside. it's pretty much what they train you for, too. are there any other similar careers that teach you similar values but don't revolve around harming others? I was thinking about becoming a fireman or a park ranger. similar enough?


>interest in the army and the navy
>don't revolve around harming others

Well, there's the merchant navy, but as someone who is part of it, I would strongly advise you not to get involved. Let me elaborate.

They will teach you discipline. You will inevitably harden up. You will live the archetypal military life but without guns and fighting. And the money is really good, too. But then, once you are in, you will see an entirely new world of elitism, bureaucracy and corruption. From your superiors to the authorities, everyone's out there to not to let you do your job, and then blame you for even the smallest mistakes. You will be locked in, for months, with around 5-25 people, depending on the ship. And only 1 or 2 of these might be actually good and understanding individuals, the rest will be cold, rigid, burnt out human wrecks who always want to know (and do) better than you, and regardless of their rank, they will work hard to get you out of the way. By the first few weeks of your contract, you will have even the slightest optimism and motivation drained out of you. After a while, you will feel like you are a prisoner out in the middle of nowhere. After a while, you will realize that you are not even able to smile anymore. And shore-based people ("landlubbers") will not understand you. I lost practically everybody since I started this career, as the couldn't cope with me slowly becoming salty and life-weary, like pretty much all the sailors out there…

>I was thinking about becoming a fireman

Take this with a grain of salt, as I have some mild pyrophobia going on, but even with that aside, I believe this is unique among the "disciplined civilian" professions as it's demanding both physically and emotionally. And I mean EXTREMELY demanding. As you described yourself as "squeamish", I wouldn't suggest you this one either.

>or a park ranger

Now this sounds much better! (Implying you actually meant a forest/field ranger, and not a park warden.) Though, depending on the country you are from, you might still be armed (but, from what I understood, that itself would not be an issue for you), it's definitely the most peaceful choice. And to be honest, something that I would take up as well. Not quite as militaristic and orderly as some of the other options, of course, but, once you get used to being constantly exposed to the elements and nature, you could actually have a rather pleasant time.


I have a hard time dealing with people, and that's what I fear the most about being in the military
just what you said kinda gave away what types of people you can find there, and that's what I expected to: from sociopathic murder machines that jerk off to assault rifles to overgrown schoolyard bullies who act all grr big strong macho man
I wanna have a good time and meet nice people, like everyone else

so yeah fireman might be too much for me, and I always wanted to be a ranger. I love the outdoors. the problem is the job market. I'm not sure how stable and ample it is for rangers. getting a job as one seems difficult too (because of the requirements. they seem to surpass whatever you can learn at college), and I don't understand very well how to get a position either


>from sociopathic murder machines that jerk off to assault rifles to overgrown schoolyard bullies who act all grr big strong macho man

…and you forgot the "My life sucks, so I'll make sure everyone else's will do so as well!" people.

>the problem is the job market. I'm not sure how stable and ample it is for rangers

I would say pretty stable, given that one's really dedicated, which you seem to be. I could imagine the dropout rate to be really high. People take this up as it seems all serene and idyllic, only to leave after their first late autumn/winter out in the wilderness. Many people say how they are "outdoor type" and how they love nature, but they eventually learn the had way that there's a difference between going to hiking/camping whenever one feels like (and when the weather is nice), and being out in the wild all the time.

>they seem to surpass whatever you can learn at college

Certainly, it covers quite a broad range subjects. Forestry, biology, fire prevention and firefighting, and so on. But they will certainly train you. So you shouldn't really be worried about what you don't know yet, you will have ample time to learn everything.

>and I don't understand very well how to get a position either

As I don't know which country are you from, I can't really give any advice on this. But rangers are almost always under the command of the ministry of agriculture and forestry. So their office would be the first place I'd go.


sound advice and great numbers
thank you fren uwu
I'm argentinian btw


File: 1558457570804.jpg (3.76 MB, 2644x1835, 1534709737367.jpg)

You could try Bariloche, although I'm not sure whether they're hiring people or not, what with the economy fucked up and that shit.


>I'm argentinian btw

I see. In that case, I still can't give you any direct advice, as I'm from within the EU.

But good luck nonetheless, and keep us updated on your progress!


yo tampoco. hasta vi guardaparques que se quejaban de la falta de financiamiento a parques y reservas
creo que no elegis los puestos, te los asignan (te podes negar a los que te ofrezcan pero no podes elegir de entrada)
capaz podria trabajar en bariloche si estudiase en la universidad de rio negro pero me tendria que mudar y esperar a que empiece otro año
hay una facultad cerca de donde vivo y ademas abrieron inscripciones para segundo cuatrimestre asi que voy a probar ahi
I'm going for the ranger career. right at the uni inscription line as we speak. not precisely the uni I wanted to go, but I'll take what I can :)



Best of luck to you, and remember: during the training period, you will have to go through things that will feel like total bullshit. But don't give up, it is the way they do it with all military/paramilitary forces. Once you're done with it, it will be all worth it in the end!


I suppose things are different here
the reason why I didn't consider this college as my first choice it's because it's more focused towards reserch and scientific issues rather than law enforcement, and doesn't have much field work asignatures
though, there *is* an advanced intensive course for those who already have an associate degree decreed by the state, but it's mostly a filter


Well, you can also check whether you can transfer next year when they open the inscriptions again. UNRN isn't bad, although the lack of a proper campus can be annoying; I'm not quite sure how easy is to move here. Finding a proper house/department to rent (at a reasonable price) in a good area isn't as easy, but I've seen people renting to students at fairly good prices (around 10k ARS). Can't say how good these places are though.

Anyway, best of luck with that, keep us updated.

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