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/usagi/ - U.S.A.G.I. Game Jam

Uboachan / Sushichan Associated Gamejam Initiative
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See newspost on Uboachan front page - PHP Developer Wanted to Develop Secret Weapon (to win the spam war)

File: 1645541330932.jpg (61.71 KB, 659x960, art-by-dontmindmeyo.jpg)


Put your project download links here by the end of the month! Projects will be showcased in March on the front of the site.
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Thanks everyone! It looks like we have some really cool stuff here. I'll make a news post soon!

File: 1641064116568.jpg (61.01 KB, 1024x679, madotsuki-yume-nikki-by-Ch….jpg)


The 2022 U.S.A.G.I. Game Jam now begins with the new year!

Announce your projects in this thread no later than January 8th. You can say as much or as little as you want, but you should at least include your project's name and a short blurb about it.

Project leaders should use a tripcode when posting in this board.

Feel free to also make a thread for your project. Now is the time to attract teammates if you will not be working solo. You can also use your thread to show off updates if you wish.

Since participation seems low, this will be a showcase rather than a contest.

A new sticky will be opened on February 21st for you to post your finished project downloads in.

Have at it!
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We are now closed for new projects. I'll treat any announcement in this thread or any thread in the board made by 1/10 as a valid entry.

File: 1637181301871.png (539.59 KB, 868x868, madotsuki-art-by-cocoa-and….png)


Welcome to the coordination board for the first ever U.S.A.G.I. Game Jam!
(Updated 11/17/2021)

The Uboachan / Sushichan Associated Gamejam Initiative is a video game creation and cultural exchange project between Uboachan and Sushichan. Anyone who considers themselves a user of Uboachan, Sushichan, or the associated IRC or Discord chats is allowed to participate in this jam, but all coordination, team building, and sharing of progress is to be done through the board. The 2022 game jam will be hosted here on Uboachan; if it is a success, next year will see the U.S.A.G.I. jam hosted on Sushichan.

Contestants can work individually, or recruit for teams. Your games should exemplify the spirit of one of the two imageboards; think spooky/creepy/weird/horror or calm/comfy. Bonus points for uniting these concepts. You are encouraged for this game jam to avoid the Yume Nikki Fangame formula.

(People interested in a game jam specifically for Yume Nikki Fangames should check out the wildly successful "Dream Jam" hosted once per year elsewhere, around the middle of each year and finishing on Yume Nikki's birthday.)

The Game Jam will formally begin on January 1st, and will conclude on February 28th. If you are looking for a team, you can make a thread to advertise your project here. You should start building your teams ASAP. Interested parties can post in your thread, and then your team can use whatever communication methods you want internally, but general conversation about the jam is to happen on the board. No associated Discord channel will be made. A thread to register your project will be opened on January 1st, and you will have 1 week to post in the thread to signal your participation.

Judging procedures and prizes, if any, are still TBD. We may also create a game jam page on itch.io to showcase the submissions.

Please post your questions or suggestions in this sticky. The opening post will be periodically updated with any new information, and the date at the top updated to reflect the last change.
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Damn, this caught me at a bad time. I'm already working on a game I have to finish

File: 1717146128688.png (9.83 KB, 63x150, alohaoe.png)



File: 1641541252811.png (3.07 MB, 1697x1215, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's a picture of what I have so far, I'm looking for pixel artists and story writers! Please email me or message me on discord (Botaniki#6496) if you're interested!

So far, the story will likely be about this massive tower which has a library filled of books documenting who is alive or dead in the world.
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looks pretty cool!


File: 1644087624872.png (1.07 MB, 1178x672, ClipboardImage.png)

The game has a nice 3rd and 1st person sections. The story itself is also heavily influenced by The Book of Enoch.

There's a bunch of different types of angels who are fighting one another, and using you to help in their fights as well!

Still looking for people interested in helping in any way, from art to music, all creative abilities welcome!


File: 1645141510972.png (529.25 KB, 758x708, Friends Together.png)

I've started releasing builds on gamejolt, and finalizing parts of the game! I'd love for people to join my discord and play through and give some critique if you'd like!


File: 1646193288270.png (389.66 KB, 1103x819, Nyx Priscilla stand.png)

Metatron's Library is now on Itch and Gamejolt! The game is completed and free! It's very light weight and can run on a potato or even a lemon!



File: 1639845850231.png (3.29 KB, 1280x720, mockup_cyberspace.png)


Anyone interested in collaborating on a Cyberspace themed adventure game? Aside from exploring and solving puzzles I think it would be fun to have a text input based dialogue system for interacting with Avatars you meet, kinda like old text adventures.

I've attached a mock up of what it could look like. This is just an example, each location in Cyberspace can feature their own style and concept. If you're interested, please share your thoughts. All skill levels are welcome! I'm considering using Adventure Game Studio but I'm open to using something else.


i really like the art style, i dont have any experience in adventure game studio but ill check it out. maybe ill help if i do.


File: 1639942627365.png (2.7 KB, 640x640, 彩夢.png)

Thanks! I haven't used AGS before either, but it seems to be the equivalent of RPG Maker for adventure games.


Is still opened the project?

File: 1641078196563.png (337.71 KB, 1616x910, eb3473051e94609ae78f5891b9….png)


here's a thread about my dumb game, for lack of a better name: "convulsion shooter".
i'll be working on and off on this wolfenstein 3d style first person shooter with a simplistic artstyle where on top of shooting you get to roam around small hubs talking to people. you have various stat bars like "blood" and "bladder" that you have to look after (there will be a piss button i can promise that)
i made a quick concept screenshot that shows off the artstyle i'm aiming for and the hud.
i've worked on stuff in the past and currently working on a "bigger" game on the side but it ain't gonna be ready in a while so i can freely change priorities between this and it.
currently i'm working on this by myself, coding, art, everything in between, but i'll accept if someone wants to make something, doesn't have to be good.
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Yeah I also realized that a lot of my time was spent on Textures and sprites rather than making a level / mechanics. (competent or not.)

Once most of the textures are done, though, you end up reusing common ones like dirt or stone. The time spent on them gets shorter fortunately.


File: 1645370773005.jpg (115.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

heyo, due to various unfortunate life situations i've had to severely cut down the game's scope and compromise in a ton of areas but it'll still be released next weekend!! https://youtu.be/xd-oZSoGUMg


File: 1645534573153.jpg (169.42 KB, 1600x1028, 2k-tans-revengence.jpg)

woah- this is cool, kind of inspirational ahahah


it's done! go download the game and source code here https://korkskrew2000.itch.io/convulsion-shooter
thank you anon, glad someone appreciates


File: 1646052112764.gif (179.89 KB, 323x240, 2k-tan-danse.gif)

oh wow i must have missed the drop, i'll have to check it out later today

File: 1644843033827.png (333.64 KB, 450x500, 1600699334649.png)


Please excuse the off topic thread, but this chance is too good to let it pass, because right now there are quite some skilled developers around here.

Since years I am interested in creating a game too and in the past few days I finally decided to stop only thinking about it and give it a try.
The problem is that I can't draw, compose, or program. In the past I have been told that my writing is quite good, but unfortunately this was always regarding my native language, which is not English. I am aware that I can't do all of that on my own, no developer creates their own art, their own music, does the coding and the writing. Still I would like to make a game with as much of my touch as possible, but I wonder how I can do that. I thought about throwing money at somebody for the art and at somebody for the music, so I could still tell them what I want, how it should look like and how it should sound. What I ask myself is if it is possible to create a game without programing? I know there are different RPG makers, but do they really require no coding at all? I have an idea for an RPG, so it would fit, but I know nothing about all the different RPG makers and often read stuff like it is restricting regarding what it can and can't and that it is hard to give a game your own touch with it, which makes me unsure if it would be a good choice. A other idea would be a visual novel, but as you surely already guessed, I have once again no idea regarding how to do that.
I have time and I have money and I would like to create the world myself, be it with writing, clicking it together in RPG maker or somehow else. Can somebody of you point me in a direction of how to tackle this? I would be glad for any help at all, like where to get a software for creating, how to decide which to use, where to find somebody to commission for art and music, how to get my creativity flowing, their own experience about creating one, how to learn necessary skills and so on.
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You mention that you are good at writing, which is a fantastic skill to have that works hand-in-hand with game development. I make use of my writing skills to come up with short byte-sized stories, locations, concepts and characters that could work as potential ideas for a future game. The three short games that I have made for example, were a combination of one idea intermixing with another. Thinking about it, if you can muster, try to write up your own short stories and concepts and try to build a minor five-minute game out of it, or the like and see where that leads you. The game does not need to be good pre se, but it needs to be working as intended. I believe that this tactic will aid you in understanding RPG Maker, if you plan to use it.
Lastly, a piece of advice. Just like any other skill, developing a video-game is not going to be easy to get into and will take time to master. It requires plenty of patience, time and most importantly: realistic expectations. I think I speak for everyone, when I say that we all thought out first idea was going to be next biggest hit that everyone was going to talk about. I personally daydreamed all the time about how my first RPG was going to be the game that bested the likes of the Fallout series, created a legacy like Yume Nikki and was going to spawn a fanbase as massive as Touhou Project. Yes, I had crazy expectations and then found out that the game I was working on, for a whole year might I add, had barely even featured a finished level, with half of my time spent on constant arguments with myself on if a running animation looked nice. It was a mess and I had to sever the plug and think of a new project altogether. These scenarios are going to happen in one way, or another, but as with all things, you can only get better by making mistakes.
That is all I can think about in the top of my head. This ended up being a massive wall-o-text then I thought it was going to be, but I hope I had been able to lend some helpful advice, if not then well… I need to prepare the clown makeup.


File: 1644948336617.jpg (775.5 KB, 2500x1718, 1596911693-924.jpg)

Hello, thank you that you take your time to give me some aid.

RPG Maker MV sounds like a good starting point, I will give it a try. What would be an advanced engine though? I surely won't lay my hands on it, because I know nothing about developing a game yet, but you mentioning this made me curious what kind of engines are out there, how they are different from each other and what would be a next step to RPG Maker, or even alternatives, because you said I could even decide against using it.

Good point right there, I think trying to build a scenario first will help to decide on a certain stile that can fit the story, its characters, the narrative and all.

Well I am good at writing in my native language, which is German, not English. Maybe I could think of the story in my native tongue and then write it down in English or write it in German and then translate.
I think I will go with that as a start, I have an idea for a RPG and I guess to start learning RPG Maker I could make few of the locations I have in mind and other stuff. Perhaps I can make each of it into a few minutes game, just as you said. This could be a good training ground.

Thanks for the heads up, I will keep that in mind to keep my motivation going.

Yes, this gave me quite a few things to think about and look into, thank you.


Might not be nice to hear but writing alone won't get you far in game developement.
Most games require programming, art and music, usually when people invest time into one of those 3 they will have a rough idea about story already so you won't just find a team makign a game only missing a writer.
On the other hand money goes a long way, if you're ready to pay well you will find decent people willing to work, especially artists just be careful to not get scammed, potentially free asset packs might be viable too.
As for "programming" RPG maker is definetely more simple than actual coding and there are easy to use engines for visual novels too.
The thign that concerns me (no offense) is that you didn't seem to look those up yourself yet. I saw a lot of people just talking about all their ideas on imageboards and never following up.
If you actually wan't to make a game you need to commit and do someeffort, just download rpg maker or whatever, maybe you fail who cares but if you wait for strangers to show you the "easy way" before starting you will probably never start


Hi, I'm a full time game developer. I saw this post on the main page and decided to give some insight.

>I am aware that I can't do all of that on my own, no developer creates their own art, their own music, does the coding and the writing.

I have no idea where you heard that, but it's false. You can absolutely do everything by yourself, the main issue with this is that it's never going to be as "high-quality" as someone who takes their time to focus in a single one of those things. That being said, even though it's not the ABSOLUTE BEST quality, you can still achieve some pretty good results, and the more you work on these skills the better you will get at them.

>What I ask myself is if it is possible to create a game without programing?

Apart from the RPG Makers out there, here are some tools that you can look into:

Construct 2 (or Construct 3): This is what I use daily to make games. The programming on it uses what we call "events", much as RPG maker, but you can make any type of game on it. It also has what they call "premade behaviors", which mean you can just add an image to your game, add a behavior to it (for instance, a platformer behavior), a solid ground and you can already move it around.

GB Studio: This is a lot like RPG Maker, but it makes games for the Gameboy/Gameboy Color. I cannot recommend it enough, especially for anyone getting into game development. Since graphics are only 4 colors and it only has small tiles, it's much MUCH easier to draw something here than any other tool. This is a great tool for learning simple pixel art and basic programming (since it also uses events).

GameMaker Studio 2: This one is a bit more advanced, but there are a ton of tutorials online, enough that you can get a simple game working no problem. It uses "GML", which is programming, but it's their own language. It also has what they call a "drag and drop" functionality that works somewhat like the events in Construct or RPG Maker, but I wouldn't advise using it - you'd rather learn actual GML since there's a lot more tutorials for it anyway.
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File: 1645534242355.gif (345.37 KB, 600x680, 1603871886013.gif)

Thanks for your post, every feedback is appreciated.
I don't intend to join a development team, so this won't be an issue. Good point regarding scamming, maybe I could pay after they have done their work, or at least pay half before and the other half after, but not everything before.
Thank you for the information that there are engines for visual novels that don't require coding. I will look into RPG Maker for the RPG and one of those tools for the VN. My plan is to be able to do as much as possible on my own, but I will most likely commission somebody for art and somebody for music. Before I will take a look at the asset packs and royalty free websites, maybe they have something fitting.
No offense taken, I understand what you mean, I have seen that a lot myself. I just saw the current situation as a huge chance to gain valuable information, given the fact that there are game devs around right now, this is why I opened this thread.

Some valuable information, thank you for that.
I started to write down stuff a few days ago, like characters, locations, scenes, dialog and so on, just all the stuff that has been in my head for now. I am actually still on it, afterwards I intend to take a look at all of that software that has been mentioned. The GDD looks very great, as you said it would make it way easier to explain what I try to do. For example I could send somebody who I want to commission for sprites the character description and the GDD to give them a lead.

File: 1641149613957.webm (2.53 MB, 1024x778, paper.webm)


Paper project is a comfy relaxing game that really doesn't really have a sense of direction so far. Honestly not too sure where it will end up, but maybe some suggestions from the community will help me figure something out!

Down the line once things are figured out a bit more I can take some community mspaint style drawings and place them into the game. More on that later.

But yeah! Hopefully this goes somewhere. If you wanted to join as a 2D artist, 3D artist, or programmer, feel free to post in this thread.

Feel free to share and ideas in this thread as well.


Oh yeah! And here is the link to the project on github. https://github.com/SunrealJam/PaperProject


File: 1641150721225-0.png (73.16 KB, 512x512, CirnoTest.png)

File: 1641150721225-1.png (144.58 KB, 821x810, Example.png)

Art Contributions:

If you were interested in drawing something for the game, you can use this Cirno as a reference. See she is actually made up of about 16 separate images that combine to make the full character. The black outline is 4px in width.

Here is an example of the images separated: https://files.catbox.moe/vog3gi.zip

Though maybe not all sprites need to be done like this.


Though not all sprites need to be this high quality. I was thinking it might be fun to have a bunch of characters in similar quality to the /v/ermin thing that was popular for a little while. https://vermin.fandom.com/wiki//v/ermin_Wiki?file=Battle_example_3


Your game looks really cool OP. I don't have any skills to help but I really love the paper art style. I've never seen an indie game with this art style before. You nailed it!

File: 1641339747386.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.69 KB, 510x376, RJIAc89vVp8.jpg)


Me and my boy Dunkleshreken will work on a puzzle-ish game, you play as some kid in a nice backyard and you have to discover a demon living in there somewhere to get killed. Next level you play the kid of the next family who moved there, the backyard will be slightly different due to time and you might have to find another demon there.
The title with (x) will be the number of victims in the game, not sure how many we will do yet lol.

We didn't start yet so just a placeholder image


File: 1641792821719-0.gif (4.32 KB, 216x72, boe_walkcycle2.gif)

File: 1641792821719-1.gif (39.49 KB, 480x432, cave_mockup7.gif)

we have assets I swear whoever said we didn't was lying.


Evil masada is real lol jokes aside nice sprite work, i love the colours


looking nice and eerie. good luck

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