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Dear /hikki/

I wouldn't call myself a NEET since I have a job and go to college, but a lot of my friends from school don't really talk to me anymore, and I live in a small southern town where I don't really fit in. The only thing that really keeps me from feeling empty is a close long distance friend I've had for about 3 years now. She's gone to bed for tonight, so while browsing the web I came across this forum.

I looked at this board and I almost cried… I say almost because it's hard for me to cry anymore. A board of people, lonesome and in pain like she is, and at times like I am.

I know my words may be meaningless Hallmark nonsense you've heard a million times, but please keep trying. Keep trying to make friends. Keep trying to find your meaning in this otherwise meaningless existence, and find freedom in knowing it's meaning is for you to decide. Maybe I have no business posting here but my heart is telling me to reach out. Each and every one of you has potential to be something. I know it's hard, but try to find joy in every little victory. If you ask a girl out and get rejected, acknowledge your bravery. If you go for an interview and fail, correct what you did wrong and double down on what you know you did right. I'm just rambling now, and maybe I have no business commenting on your troubles, but it pains me to see lost souls with nowhere to turn, because I know how it feels. Please, if just one person hears me out, please try to have hope again. If anyone here needs someone to text to I've created a Discord account. Contact me at ApolloSanshiro #1110 on Discord.

Going to bed now. I'll check as soon as I can to see if anyone here has sent a friend request.

Best wishes to everyone,

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a qualified professional and I'm NOT substitute for a Suicide hotline or psychiatric professional. Please don't announce a planned suicide to me as I can't afford any legal liability.


Everything you wrote here is disgusting.



Uhhh what did I say that was so wrong? I'm just trying to help.



The problem here is the usual (pardon my words) motivational bullshit in the third paragraph of your OP post. If you would have even a remote understanding of how people with certain mental illness/conditions work, you would know that things like this would not only not motivate them, but could potentially make them feel even worse.

So please don't do it.

Your intentions are good, no doubt. You even admitted you're no expert on psychology or anything. But still, be careful to not to accidentally make things worse.


Thanks for your feedback anon. I normally don't open up like that and I instead choose my words more carefully, but I was scared of coming off too cold-hearted or insincere. I just wanted those who were troubled to know I believe in them, so I just spoke from the heart for once. I'm sorry that my approach was wrong, and I hope I didn't do more harm than good. I welcome any advice on how I can better reach out to someone who feels isolated and depressed.



Apart from being understanding and not treating them like it's their fault that they ended up how/where they are, there's not much you could do.

The only way to help these people would be to create an actually functional society that is worth being a part of. Which is not only pretty much impossible, but even the very little we have is progressively turning to shit, day by day, regardless of which part of the world you are in.


I agree there. One step forward, two steps back. I'm doing an okay job being part of society and I still hate it. That's why I can only imagine how it feels for those that have it worse. Thanks for your advice! I'll keep doing my best to help people find their way. I even got someone on my Discord a few days ago! Hooray!


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That's great. Regardless of how few people might find their way to your Discord, even if just a single one, you already did your part to make a difference.

Keep it up!


Thanks so much for your support! I also thought about creating a Discord server or Subreddit to bring people together on this topic. A meeting place for lonely, depressed, and troubled people, and people who want to help. I just don't know if I would be able to manage it, as I've never lead an online community before. If a similar community not counting /hikki/ exists I would love to hear about it!


Like the first post suggested, this whole thread is kind of unsettling.

For instance, you come a board for Hikkis and NEETs and right off the bat announce that you're neither and are in fact as far from Hikki/NEETdom as possible. On top of that, the usage of a name and elaboration on having a close friend is kinda of a faux pas throughout small boards.

I wouldn't advise the creation of a Discord or IRC. People are discussing their troubles here anonymously and slowly in a thread format because that's how they prefer to communicate. Anyone who would rather communicate with a name, real voice, and with a single chat string interface, would have moved away from boards long ago by joining one of the many other Discords, IRCs, Cytubes, or other servers that get advertised by outsiders on small boards. These servers almost always ends up falling victim to internal drama, trolling, and disagreements regarding administration, leading to division and formation of smaller servers, which eventually dissipate until nobody is talking to anyone anymore.

I don't believe you know what you're doing. Your motives may be earnest and well-meaning, but you're asserting yourself as sort of a leader figure for people who you don't know, who themselves are ingrained in to a web culture that you don't understand, without making any clear attempt to fit in. I don't mean to sound rude and I wish you well in your quest to help others, but the long established understanding among us is that no outside intervention or advice from anyone of any background can help us. Those of us who wanted help sought it out long ago. It failed. It just doesn't work for us.


I didn't go in with the mindset of a "leader", so I'm sorry if I came off that way. I mainly used a name because that's the name I chose to use for my Discord account, so using the default "anonymous" seemed kind of pointless this time. I just thought that if I made an earnest attempt to reach out, someone might give me a chance to be there for them, since that's what I wanted during a very troubled and lonely time in my life. I realize now that I acted too hastily in a community and culture I don't fully understand yet, I'm happy I made the attempt anyway, and I have no intention of giving up, but I'll be sure to think my actions through more from now on. Thanks again for you support and advice.

I do intend to return to 4Chan like boards from time to time, as I've enjoyed my time here so far. Any advice for how I should conduct myself? I've only occasionally posted on 4Chan from time to time and done a little lurking.

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