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I've been thinking about this for quite a long time. I'm a hikki and NEET, don't have an education and am disabled. What are some ways I could I get by when/if things go sour, or if I want to leave this lifestyle? I am probably too far gone already, but hopefully one of these can work for you. This topic gets discussed a lot in NEET/hikki communities, but I'm mentioning a lot stuff I don't see listed elsewhere. Don't believe anyone who tells you "bro you have to go out and work a job, sorry, that's life." Fuck that noise! Some of these are fully sustainable, some are risky, just for short-term cash, or a small amount of passive income. Some of these are kind of out there and and may not work well in practice.

(You'll want to read the first reply to this thread for a continuation, the body was way too long.)

>Pornographic artist/developer

Porn artists and porn game developers can make serious money through both commissions and Patreon. The more depraved/niche you're willing to do (gay, furry, scat etc.), the better the pay is. Porn games can also make a lot more money than just doing porn art.

>Boosting people, competitive vidya

I've done this when I was a GM Overwatch player, but I don't play that game anymore. With enough skill and time put in, you could sustain yourself completely with this. Hard part is getting a reputation at the beginning, you need to be patient. Should be smooth sailing from there, as long as major changes to the game don't fuck you up.

>Game cheat developer

Subscription private cheats. You can read and learn a lot about cheat development on forums like UnknownCheats. It's really not that hard; if you know C or C++, you're ready to get started. Cheat development is fun, too. Alternatively, use your undetected private cheat for boosting people more reliably.

>The Amazon affiliate program

This is a little complicated to explain here. It involves creating websites and SEO. You'll want to read this, it actually has some good information, explained better than I ever could: https://old.reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur/comments/5mzpz6/in_2016_i_made_31615415_via_the_amazon_affiliate/


Just write content on shit you know about, then slap ads on the site. Doesn't pay much unless you get lucky.

>T-shirt designs

Make a bunch of t-shirt designs normalfags would want to buy, put them all up for sale online. Not a lot of money to be made here (couple hundred a month if you're lucky), but completely passive.


There are online-only sites that pay you pretty decently for language translation. May be hard to get into.

>Teach English to Asian kids online

Don't need serious qualifications, just need to be good at English.

>Write other people's essays/papers

Surprisingly, this is legal. Don't know much else about it but I have heard you can make good money.

>Pretend to be a girl online

Obviously there is only so far you can go with this. As for how to exploit it for money, there are hundreds of different potential ways, use your imagination. You could probably even just… ask for money.

>Bug bounties

If you're a programmer, feeling confident and need money fast.

>Fan websites/wikis

As soon as a new game or other media series is announced, register and set up a fansite/wiki. Attract traffic and grow it and either put lots of ads on it, or possibly sell the site/domain. Very hit-or-miss, but read it worked for some people.



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>Create and sell random stock sound effects

Need a good audio setup, and need to be creative. Make random sounds for whatever use, license them. Definitely not a primary source of income, can be fun and generate passive income.

>Create and sell game assets on a game engine store

Like the above but more specific. Devs are lazy and will buy code snippets, shaders, models and sounds. Unity and Unreal have stores you can sell your assets on. A good way to use this method without leaving your house is to generate realistic models by 360'ing household objects and then decreasing the polycount. Note: you need certain software (and possibly equipment?) to do that, but otherwise it's low effort. You could also scan stuff from your front/back yard if you dare to go outside.

>Garry's Mod/multiplayer gaming stuff

Back when I played Garry's Mod people were making good money by selling scripts on a site called scriptfodder. It's basic Lua stuff, unbelivably easy. Often DarkRP-related. I think scriptfodder has been replaced by "gmodstore" now. That's not all you can do with Garry's Mod though. You can personally help people set up, run, or customize their servers (I've done this, works for other games too). You can also run your own server. You'll want something to stand out like exclusive content. People will donate for ranks/abilities/items, and little kids will ask to use their Mom's credit cards so they can have a power trip on your server. Semi-passive, but you need to check up on your admins.

>Publish a highly controversial book or game

Write an extremely offensive/misleading/controversial book. Don't pour your heart and soul into it obviously, since this is a real hit-or-miss strategy. Publish it, then post about it on sites like reddit where people get triggered easily. Do absolutely everything in your power to make sure it gets attention. Use social media bots, pay people to talk about it if you must. Remember: all publicity is good publicity. This kind of strategy also works with heavily controversial games, but is harder and riskier for more potential payoff. Try to get the anti-SJW crowd interested in your game.

>Exploit outrage-hungry gamers and reactionaries through YouTube

Gamers and reactionaries are just *starving* for outrage. Politics in muh games. Manufacture misleading "SJWS ARE OFFENDED AT X!!!" videos for your own monetary gain. Misrepresent a few tweets by nobodies as snowflakes everywhere throwing a fit. One example is the "SJWS TRIGGERED OVER DOOM 2016!" thing that blew up. Ramble on and repeat yourself for 10 minutes about how either the SJWs are being owned by X game, or X game is shoving politics, the devs are SJWs etc. saying absolutely nothing of real substance. Daily low-effort videos. Ad money + make a Patreon.

>Exploit textual content and memes through YouTube

You ever seen those channels that read out AskReddit threads and memes using TTS? They're garbage but get so many views and so much money, it's disgusting. And they can be 99.9% automated. You can even run multiple channels at the same time for extra cash. Write scripts to create video out of other content. Maximizing automation here is an untapped goldmine, imo. Lots of people are still doing part of the process manually. YouTube says "monetizing automated content is not good, guys!," but does not actually give a shit since automated channels bring in a lot of money.

>TIP: Relocate to a cheaper country or area since you don't have a salary

You can get by on *very* little in, say, Bulgaria. Or live like a king there on a below-average US salary. Great idea if you're already an EU citizen, not so much if you're a US citizen like me.

Feel free to add more ideas if you have any.


>>TIP: Relocate to a cheaper country or area since you don't have a salary
This is called being a digital nomad. I wouldn’t recommend it, as it’s somewhat difficult to get out of if you ever change your mind about being a hikki/shut-in.
Amazon is probably the most “consistent” of the options you listed.


Somebody know how to make money as a freelance programmer? i know python3


Go on disability welfare and move to a different country.


Live off of plasma donations.


Become a mod but get paid for it.


>cant draw
>havent written a line of code since college (very basic stuff)
>terrified of human interaction
>only good at games where boosting isnt a thing
>not good enough at those games to actually win money
where does motivation come from and how do i get some


>T-shirt designs

I made my first sale on Redbubble today. Got $2.89 US



They banned me for posting a pepe shirt which is retarded because the whole site is filled with halfchan memes.


Try NoFap and/or a dopamine detox.
Pepe is banned because he triggers Jews.


This. If you can handle a trip to the clinic every so often, there are people who will pay you for your bodily fluids. You can live like a female, except through blood/plasma/sperm donations. You can also get into clinical trials if they're worth the risk. My brother made $1300 in a week doing one of these, and only ran a 101.1F fever.

>Create and sell random stock sound effects
This also works for music. I know a guy who knows a guy who makes 6 figures off of royalties from beats he makes in his basement.


File: 1613168981601.png (89.34 KB, 335x348, 1613159522574.png)

I'm a female, no one ever gave me money for it, how do I even get the money just for being a girl? Is that even a real thing?


As they said, use your imagination. There's innumerable ways to take advantage of degenerates on the internet for their money.


You can sell used panties and bras.


I'd just like to add onto the drawing part, if you don't like outright shilling yourself constantly on social media and have a Pixiv account you can open requests which is kind of like a really casual commissions system. It's passive enough if you already upload normal art on a consistent basis, so people will take notice if they browse through your profile and like what they see.

Please don't degrade yourself just to make some money, it'll only lead to trouble down the line. There's a huge issue with younger women going into "sex work" and then being unable to lead normal lives due to their information + tits literally out in the open, not to mention the harassment etc. It's really not worth the trouble. Drawing shitty furry scat is more tolerable than that.


Well you have to be hot.


Ik it sounds overplayed and whatever but start an onlyfans. Even if your not hella famous you can still make a decent amount of money


I feel like that's kinda a trade off though. I know if I was female I wouldn't feel comfortable putting that kinda shit on the internet. Onlyfans is for people who don't feel shame, or are just really desperate I feel like.


I'm the one who asked "How to get money for being female" and, personally, I'm not built to put up with degenerates, stalkers, and do things I find degrading (like sex work, farming simps, etc.) I would prefer something more discreet, I think I'll stick to drawing fetish art or making websites.


>Try NoFap and/or a dopamine detox.

Not the person you gave the advice to but:
Did you nofap/dopamine detox them? Did those acttualy work for you? are you sure its more than placebo? Any advice for either one or both.

Also in terms of nofap , while i havent done it ,i think its important to not fall in the "nofap makes basically a demigod" trap or even worse go full SR and then go even further into the rabbit hole and end up at "w*men are succubi trying to steal men`s magic cock juice and prevent them from accending to Nevada (just buy a plane ticket lol) or somthing"


I dont understand this mentality that someone who has worked in sexwork shouldnt get employed , like whats the reasoning. Its not like putting your tits online makes your code magically worse, who fucking cares? why?

Who is gonna recognise you as "the girl who does sexwork online" , like what 2 people that went to the restaurant once , went "this woman looks similar to that girl online , might even be her , thats neat" and buy their usual 2 number 9s with extra dip or pepperoni pizza.

I am not saying that what you are saying is wrong , i just dont understand why employers wont hire sexworkers.

(Not the person you replied to)


File: 1617009682434.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I agree , on the internet its best to remain faceless , nameless and bodyless in general. What i mean by that is "they dont know how you look and dont know your irl name and personal info"

For example if you decide to get political , as you do and someone gets offended they cant attempt to call the company you work at and go
"umm… hey guys… so i had a political debate with one of your employees , he goes by the handle u/JokerMama69 , his real life name is Ion Popescu , and um… this guy is a [Insert political ideology] , can you pls fire him , thanx"

(from what I heard this happens to all sides of the political debates)

Or someone Jonny Galinder making you to play the blue whale challange and threatening you that they will kill you if you dont (if they follow up or not thats something else, but it will be much harder to follow up if they dont know who tf you even are)

And god knows what.


If you draw smut you can get a lot more followers if people know you're female. So pick a feminine name and post pictures of your hand while drawing with nail polish on. Goes for guys with feminine hands too.



Amazon affiliate program isn't good any more, as once they became the dominant online shop that destroyed their competitors, they cut the commission rates to their affiliates. You're better off with other affiliate programs. Wicked Fire, Black Hat World, Top Gold Forum and AffLift are good forums to learn affiliate marketing.


File: 1620831583563.jpg (151.56 KB, 936x936, bukowski.jpg)

Half-inspired by this OP, I wrote 3 books and am working on a 4th. Just trying to be funny but yeah I guess that they are kinda edgy/controversial. Have not tried to generate Reddit tears part of the OP yet, am trying to share them among the chans and various other places first. I guess once this last one is finished I will take a shot in the dark at the big social media sites trying to generate butthurt over them but honestly I just enjoy writing.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08YJBKRCZ — # 3
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LTQNNW4 — # 2
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08J2R4LD8 — # 1


https://anonymousfiles.io/OCtxc6hY/ — book 1
https://anonymousfiles.io/8pAXwQ62/ — book 2
https://anonymousfiles.io/0NeTFxcA/ — book 3


Proud of you, anon!


>Game cheat developer
Where can I go to see the business side of this? UnknownCheats is against selling.


File: 1622814548078.jpg (470.4 KB, 979x977, 1613006694222.jpg)

It's not really something you can build in a short timeframe with low effort, or even an asocial thing, like OP seems to imply. You need contact with people to janny forums or to help you program, aka, running your own business. I'd really just recommend working from home at that point instead. Not to mention you can get fucked in the ass in jail for potential tax evasion, messing with IP, selling malware, etc. There are some low effort games like any Valve game or Minecraft, but not only is it very saturated, you run the risk of your cheeto getting cracked because of said saturation, which leads back to the requiring effort part.
>Where can I go
Nowhere that I know of. And IMO that's a good thing, cheating is cancer and cancer should be universal (free). perhaps the only exclusive help you would get on such a place are DRM measures, but you can learn that yourself.


Thanks anon!


it's already the second time i try to learn about seo, building sites, affiliates etc. and i'm almost giving up, it's all so confusing, everyone tries to be as vague as possible to avoid competition, every time i find a post explaining something it's always for people that are already running a site and is full of technical jargons.
obviously googling it is useless because of all the people trying to sell you their courses and services


Damn that's pretty disappointing. I was worried about the tax evasion part, figured you could just use crypto but I don't know much about that area. I will probably look into cheat dev for fun anyway, I guess not for a living though. Thanks anon.


It sounds like you know a thing or two about porn commissions. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to get into the business?

Back in 2019, I advertised that I was willing to do things like same size vore, dacryphilia or loli art but no one responded (even though I had about 48 followers on Instagram who followed me even when I posted ecchi art). I'm on places like Newgrounds and DeviantArt but still no one is interested in my shit!

Like, what the fuck?! I thought porn commissions were super easy to do? And I'm not even against doing porn commissions because I have some weird ass fetishes that I could capitalize on, but nothing seems to be happening!


File: 1628685128796.jpg (363.85 KB, 1920x1080, M4HfAPz.jpg)

I'm not that anon, but I think the dynamics of the commission market have changed a lot over the years. People are more likely to commission people they know and artists recommended to them by friends. There's also a social aspect to it. There's a big chunk of commissioners who enjoy watching their commissions be drawn on stream, although not all are like this.

The days of just posting porn and getting a flood in your inbox are over, now that it has become less taboo and more artists are willing to do it. Even in the hay days, having 48 followers wasn't really enough, especially on non-porn sites. Also since there's more competition now, your style, content and characters have to be really unique. Being good at drawing is not enough though. To grow your following you need to engage with other artists and your fans as much as possible, chatting and possibly doing requests, collabs and trades.

Most people use Discord now to socialize. Talk to your commissioners and get to know where they like to hang out. People with different fetishes tend to have very different hobbies so I can't really tell you where to look. Websites have become a waste of time though unless you're getting your dick sucked by the algorithm. I just upload my stuff to imageboorus and share it where people are actively sharing art and talking to each other because that's where people are actually finding stuff. Search for what you're drawing into Yandex Images and Google and see what sites come up. Why isn't your art on those sites? Newgrounds is a hole in the wall and DeviantArt has been long dead. They rarely come up in search results.

If you have other skills, that's also a good way to grab people's attention, such as making a game, comic, channel, streaming or using AI to do something new people haven't seen before. At the end of the day, it's not the porn that's really important it's being a parasocial entertainer people enjoy being around.


File: 1643473407175.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1000, 86399989_p0.png)

How plausible is it for me to make money(preferably about or above 1k$ a month) translating stuff? As you can see, I already know english, my mother tongue too, though I doubt anybody would request a translation of it, and I am currently learning japanese. I'd rather not translate porn games, but I will if there isn't a way for me to earn a living off of translating non-sexual content.
In addition, where and how should I get started, and what language could I learn in the future to make easy translation money?


if you're asking in the first place you're not qualified. nothing is easy.


File: 1643487056719.png (7 MB, 3496x4961, 85556221_p0.png)

What a stupid reply


File: 1643547607326.jpg (3.19 MB, 1353x1920, 1643487056719.jpg)

What a stupid reply


File: 1643580442752.png (277.7 KB, 621x428, ダークネス1.png)


Here are PDF and txtfiles of the 4th book. It's also on Amazon. I don't plan on writing anymore. Sometimes I give them away like this on other -chans too




I will read.


Very cool!

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