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What would your life look like if you lived exactly the way you wanted to? This question is based on something that I recently thought of and I'm interested in seeing people's responses.


I'd live in a late 1800s or so Victorian on a hill innawoods with a decent amount of land for hunting, fishing, agriculture, etc. Basically be far more self-sufficient than current. Ideally in New England somewheres, not terribly far from the coast. So like, Maine.

I'd spend most my time at home writing fantasy and supernatural suspense stories, tinkering around with retro electronics as a hobby, and then I'd also travel a tonne. There's this huge world out there that I'm just dying to explore.


Self sustaining hikikomori life while being able to dissociate into a Yume Nikki-like dreamscape at will.

If we're talking about real life scenarios.




Like >>2673 I would be 100% self sufficient but I'd either stay in my midwestern home or move to some place like Texas.

I'd raise a family and travel.


i would never have been born
i think that's the only way things could be alright


I would live in some really small, remote village with all of the practically necessary modern conveniences, and I would farm or something. Villages are great because everything you need is more or less in walking distance and everyone knows each other. There's people so it's not lonely, but they're all very familiar with each other which makes you feel comfortable. As someone who grew up in the suburbs I didn't get the freedom of everything being close by and the excitement of city and I didn't get the freedom and nature of a village. I wasn't even allowed to take a fucking walk around the neighborhood by myself.


That sort of close community is hard to enter if you're a total outsider though. Some people have the convenience of already having family in a village( making them already accepted) who they got to visit them as kids. Not me.


The thing that I crave the most is a sunny place, a good partner, and stability.

It would be cool if I could collaborate with my partner on creative projects, even if I had something menial to do during the day.

I guess it's kind of "white-picket-fence" but I'm a simple man.


being happy neets with primadona


I would live as a childless houswife with my boyfriend in a position with enough disposable income to freely travel atleast once every other year if we so choose and in a city(i've been enamored with the bustling activity, abilty to have tons of stuff in walking distance and overall urban beauty of well designed cities ever since i used to semi-regularly get taken to visit family in Toronto as a kid) with mostly moderate-cool weather, an actual chance of snow in the winter, and well generally i want a sense of safety and security i've realized in recent years that i've craved all my life. oh and i'd have a proper female body instead of this trashbag i'v been cursed with.

I'd generally spend most of my time pursuing/practicing my hobbies, taking care of the house, and cooking meals.


File: 1486613586203.jpg (9.9 KB, 274x184, images.jpg)

I guess I might add my own story here as well.

I'd like to marry a professional man with a career in medicine, law, or technology. I'd be receiving consistent work opportunities as a freelancer or self-employed individual. I'd live somewhere (probably doesn't exist) that's close to home, far away enough from noisy neighbors, and close enough to people to have things going on.

No kids.


A tiny, isolated cabin with renewable electricity, water and access to food

I want to get a job 12 to 15 hours a week to achieve this modest dream.
I'm too scared to talk to people and most of these jobs are retail. I hate going outside and meeting people the most.
I want to stay single because I distrust others and have no interest in anyone else.
Ideally, I would be completely independent and live a quiet life.


I'd want to live in an apartment building packed with friendly, supportive people who'd be great to hang out with, but would be okay with me retreating to the peace and quiet of my apartment whenever I wanted. Outside would be a crime-free city block with necessities a short walk away


This tbh


At this point I don't even know what could make me happy.


the same as right now, except in a country with:

-legal marijuana
-sex robots
-universal basic income
-fast food delivered
-digital currency
-electric cars

then i could literally never leave the house at all. right now i still need to leave the house to buy fast food and petrol, which makes me really angry. i also want free money without working for it.


Are you the anon that posted the link to this ghost board? Just curious.


No, that was me (a different person).


File: 1499528745888.png (19.08 KB, 220x220, haha.png)

Well to cut it short, I would choose to have never been born. That solves everything. Death doesn't solve everything because my body would be rotting somewhere and I'd have to worry about my consciousness and the endless possibilities after death, while never being born skips the needless suffering, pain and paranoia that would follow me all the way to the grave.

Now, if I don't have a choice, my ideal life can't really be known when I'm a hikki that hasn't even experienced any happiness and can't even begin to know the ideal in which I should be striving for. Ultimately I'm clueless and haven't experienced a single thing in life that I would consider worth being alive for even in a constant pure ideal form. I couldn't even muster up enough desire or knowledge to even meet an average or below average life, no matter which way I look at this the only answer is to not have been born.


File: 1499542429122.jpg (49.08 KB, 300x300, cfdd2d013f481e83acdc94a29a….jpg)

I would recommend checking out Buddhism, I think it'll appeal to you more than you may think. Theravada, at least.

From birth comes suffering and death. The teachings are for removing suffering from this life and culminate in becoming able to escape rebirth.


All of that spiritual fucking voodoo shit is just a mental cop-out and crutch for people who can't accept reality. How is some religious ideology going to make somebodies life happier other than brainwashing them into thinking that they are supposed to be content even if their life is shit. You're acting like a typical missionary, preying on people's emotional weakness.
If you haven't killed yourself yet, you must value your life at least a little bit. Unless you want the rest of your life to continue like this, you have two options. Actually committing suicide is the first. There is very little evidence to suggest that there is an after life or that anything will happen to your consciousness after death, so don't use a fear of the after life as an excuse. If you want to avoid the fear of death drink a lot of alcohol to lower your inhibitions and swallow a bottle or two of sleeping pills. You wont have to worry about anything and you'll die in your sleep. Doesn't that sound peaceful? The alternative, better option is just indulging in what ever you enjoy. Do you have any hobbies, if no, get some. Internet doesn't count. Find something you enjoy doing. Happiness isn't like light. Unhappiness is not the absence of happiness, it means that there is something actively making you miserable. Find whatever that is and take steps to root it out of your life.


>All of that spiritual fucking voodoo shit is just a mental cop-out and crutch for people who can't accept reality. How is some religious ideology going to make somebodies life happier other than brainwashing them into thinking that they are supposed to be content even if their life is shit. You're acting like a typical missionary, preying on people's emotional weakness.

Not at all. I'm speaking from experience. I'm merely suggesting what has worked for me, not pushing anything on anybody, simply informing them of this option. You are welcome to criticize mine and suggest your own, but nobody is going to benefit from what appears to be mere ignorant aggression.

There is no brainwashing. Some call Buddhism a philosophy rather than a religion. You just examine your own actions, views and ideas and see how they bring you stress, dissatisfaction or suffering, and rework them or drop them. Meditation gives you the clarity to find insight into even the smallest things causing you stress. It is similar to your view you mentioned of removing unhappiness to find pleasure. It's very much a path that is your own choice, the teachings are a guide to help you make more informed choices, and are taken on confidence when you see that they make sense or have benefited you, rather than blind faith. If you have any legitimate questions about Buddhism or my own practice, I would be happy to answer.


File: 1499546473240.png (12.88 KB, 300x300, 68808cb8ed804173a8d3ae5aa0….png)

Oh yes, I should add that if your main exposure to buddhism has been schools such as Pure Land or Tibetan, then I can very easily see how you could see it as weird voodoo stuff. I don't fully understand those ones myself yet. Theravada on the other hand I have found to be much more down to earth and straightforward.

There is even secular Buddhism if you are really, really repelled by anything that can't be measured by science.


File: 1499552520244.jpg (28.05 KB, 343x360, ha.jpg)

I cannot erase my fear of the after life. I don't truly believe in it and I believe that I will cease to exist upon death, but I was raised by extremist parents that had strange beliefs. They ran the home like a church and believed they were the chosen prophets of the apocalypse. They pounded and preached fear tactics and control into my head every day as a child, sending me to sleep every night with screaming tapes of preaching about revelations and the horror and evil of the world which made me experience sleep paralysis every night and gave me an extreme fear of the dark and demons. I have schizophrenia and experience voices/hallucinations that come from "Hell", so I can never get over it. I've already tried committing suicide in that method except with more pills, didn't work. If I had access to a gun I'd have a hole in my head right now. My "Unhappiness" isn't a root that can be chopped, it was my cocoon and my seed.

I used to meditate all the time, sometimes all day and night. I didn't use it to solve my problems though, I used it for escapism and built my own fantasy world that I lived in with imaginary friends and family. I had to stop after my parents found out, because they believe that meditating opens a window for demons to enter and possess the body and haunt the house. I was really into it at the time and was still able to find some form of happiness even if it wasn't real. When my parents caught me my dad dragged me by my hair out of bed and forced me face down onto the bathroom floor and tried giving me an exorcism, full with holy water, screaming and punches, treating me like a demon. They will kick me out of the house if they find out I'm doing that again. Their words, "I won't let you do that shit under my roof." When I tried explaining how it was harmless they claimed the computer is possessing me and brainwashing me with sin and shut off my internet for a month. I don't have a door to my room my dad broke it in half so I can't risk trying that again.


File: 1499559431009.jpg (32.98 KB, 644x480, 25a0d85d19b04d955f97e9f4fa….jpg)

Are you able to go for strolls or walk around anywhere away from family? Walking meditation is an option, if so. Nobody has to know. You simply focus on your footsteps while looking ahead, ie. left foot up, left foot down, right foot up, right foot down. You can break it up into more detailed movements, too.

I seem to be seeing quite a few people saying their family thinks meditation = demons, lately.


Be making 7 figures a year, married to a 10/10 girl with 3 children, getting pussy on the side especially while on business trips, really nice apartment in a nice city, actually be respected instead of shit on constantly for existing basically.


>self-sustaining well-known artist
>live in a big city
>get ps
>in an ltr or married


What are your hobbies?


-More willpower , no more being sucked into countless hours on social media or whatever the fuck and feeling "meh" all day , acttualy persue my hobbies or even make new ones. For example i have been wanting to brush up on my math stuff but i just dont feel it idk emotions are hard.

-No burnout , now that i got all this spare time on my hands , it whould also be nice to not burnout on my hobbies as i often do.

-More happy , no more states of severe apathy , just happy


-Being healthy , Living long is good if you have a good life

-Money/being rich, what can i say , money is great , just sit on a big pile of it , never work a day in my life and be free to persue my hobbies however and whenever i want (Techically still work but not a job) , also get stuff off higher quality (for example: upgrading my old tablet to a high end graphical tablet with display).
Money is ultimately means to and end , the end being a product/service.
Everyone wants stuff and money is the way to get it so its not that deep really. More money = more oppornuities = more opportunities = more opportunities for stuff that makes you happy = more happy

-Dont know if i should put this on physical or mental or neither but a GF sounds nice. Dont know how ideal GF whould look tbh. Could put it as physical as mental seems to consist of "inside my brain" stuff and physical outside my brain stuff. Whatever the case , girlfriend sounds nice


I believe living a pleasant life is possible, but I'd need to change many things in my past, starting with childhood.
The way it is now, no matter what happens, I will continue to feel regretful and maladjusted.


>living in a farm in Italy
>a tiny house made out of cob and bricks
>a garden full of fruits and vegetables, with many flower pots and vines
>many animals in the barn, and cute big dogs as pets
>realizing that it will never happen
>and if it happens, there's still be a sense of loneless, because the only thing missing is a loved one. And that you can't buy with money.


File: 1618191431324.jpg (1.71 MB, 1380x1374, img054.jpg)

If I can actually restart it from the beginning then it would be basically to live in pic related, just with amazon delivery and modern conveniences, but social media doesn't exist.
If I can't then just have enough money to be a neet until I die of heart attack at 50 or something, at this point there is no fixing this shit anyway.


I would live in an apartment in a big city where I work an office job every day from 6am to 9pm and have a kind and affectionate wife who I'd adopt two children with and maybe have a biological kid with too. Alternatively I would live in a place like >>6527


File: 1619743956447.png (199.97 KB, 405x405, renge.png)

a life like that portrayed in non non is definitely the idyllic dream. i lived in the middle of nowhere for a few sweet months when i was younger and vastly preferred it to the city life i always had prior, and the suburban hell i'll be stuck in forever now.


Basically my neet life right now, but I'm financially independent.


File: 1623789295332.jpg (75.9 KB, 728x728, 0fbab5f33372edf9b7e8e3ac28….jpg)

>can no longer imagine an ideal life


File: 1623910149391.jpg (124.95 KB, 900x600, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

I would live in my summer house if I could again. I spent a year in the middle of nowhere when I was 16, good times

I would stay up all night play ps1 final fantasy 7 on my crt TV or read manga and go to the beach at 6am with the grey sky and cold weather, just do nothing and sit there listening to music in my mp3. Sometimes take steaming hot instant noodles with me there. I would give anything to experience that sweet peaceful isolation again.


wow, that sounds amazing…


Seeing as no one said it has to be in reality, I'd like to live on the same property & yard I've always lived on, but:
>in a space severed from this world
>no neighbors
>it's only ever overcast or rainy
>the only inhabitants besides me are my 3 waifus and some living/talking stuffed animals
>assume I'm self-sufficient. cistern for the rainwater etc.
>and please for love of the nature gods, trees that are climbable


I'd have the same hope for the future I had as the kid. Shitty things would happen but I could always have hope for tomorrow.


Remotest home possible, even if I have to lose out on shit like internet or TV or whatever, I don't care if I'd have to live by lantern light or cook off of a camping stove or something, I'd just like to do my own thing in peace.
Can't bother anyone else if they can't bother me.


If only I could be the only human left, but still be able to use the internet. Sifting through archives that will never be updated.
If there was no one else I would go outside and wander the parts of my city I avoided. In the dewy warming-up morning I could go wherever I wanted, I could break into buildings I remember.
I'd be able to truly enjoy my surroundings


File: 1648252408224.jpg (35.29 KB, 370x699, cattosad.JPG)

sounds really nice

>If there was no one else I would go outside and wander the parts of my city I avoided

wow, i relate to this a lot. i remember being bullied and ignored by everyone in my life at 8th grade and i would spend my days wishing that i would be the only person in thw world, how i would eat all the food i want, walk where i want and play what playstation games i want at my local GameStop. i also wished for a female friend to acoompany me, only to comfort me, i really wanted to be comforted by someone else.

now that i think about it, it does sound nice.




i sometimes wish i could just like, hit pause on reality for a while, experience all sorts of things that i normally couldn't because society, money, time, whatever, and then unpause having gained all that experience and not aged


In my ideal life, I would be rich without working. First, I'd move out of my parent's home. Then I'd put all the bills in automatic payment, and I'd order a new PC online.
That's it. I'd be happy.


I'd be happy.

I can't think of anything else to say. Everything in the entire universe seems dull and unappealing. So in my ideal life, that wouldn't be the case?


Probably neet in my own place except in peak condition health, that's all I'd really want out of my "ideal" lifestyle.

I'd wake up tomorrow completely broke without my pc and in same position if it meant I could be my ideal version of healthy.

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