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how the fuck do i talk to ppl irl (specifically at school)


first realize that people care infinitely more about themselves and their problems more than what you say/do. lead with appropriate questions then probe further. people will like you more if you seem interested in them and let them talk.


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find common ground. that’s always been my hack. even if the common ground is initially a long queue to something or being stuck in an elevator, you can make at least a little bit of chat out of that, and chances are if it’s in school or with someone in school, you’ll encounter them again and build something from there.


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That's what I asked myself anon. By the way, thanks for reminding me of the need for an Aphex Twin t-shirt, dammit.


What happened to this place?


Yeah what the hell are they doing on a NEET/hikikomori board asking about how to meet people at school?


Don't go acting like this is new
These posters belong here like bedbugs in a bed


time is moving on


sometimes I wonder what is becoming of the term hikki and neet


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You can be a recluse while in school. In places without mandatory attendance this often leads to absence from class. Nonetheless the person might try to overcome their anxiety and ask for advice. Stop gate keeping your mental disorder.


>Stop gate keeping


Introverted loser who likes to be inside all day and is into "nerd stuff" and memes. Everybody can be special and in the club!


what did it ever mean before that? seems like its more of the same, minus twitter memes and mainstream appeal… (failed normalfags?) maybe hikkis who are hikkis post 2020 are fake hikkis and pre-2020 hikkis are genuine approved hikkis that are worth a lot to collectors on ebay


NEETs were people without jobs, school, and training for jobs. Hikkis are shut-ins who seldom leave their house or room.


According to Saito's book on Hikikiomori, it almost always starts with school refusal in the teenage years. I agree on the distinction. I think NEET should be an economic term to distinguish people who don't participate in society much, and Hikikiomori is more of a mental issue preventing someone from leaving their house/room, which can have many causes.

I hope you don't drop out. It only gets harder and harder to recover the longer you're away from others. Good luck


I don't actually have any problem leaving my house/room, I just don't have any friends or money to do anything.

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