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File: 1703486540869.png (1.23 MB, 860x645, nhkxmas.png)


must have and ideal tech setup for neets and hiki.
to start things off, id have to say
-desktop PC
-backup HDD or SSD
-2nd monitor for laptop
-CRT for retro games and films
-2nd computer or 2nd laptop for use as media server
-comfortable chair or recliner
-steam deck
-decent speakers
-mechanical keyboard thatll last


Why a steam deck if you're not going outside?


don’t have to get out of bed


but you have a laptop


File: 1703548024868.png (278.65 KB, 640x633, B23D8145-622F-4B93-8A80-16….png)

Sometimes the steam deck processes games better than the laptop. I don’t want my game loading at 5 frames per decade when I’m already in bed and sad


if we're talking about the perfect hikki setup though, wouldn't it make more sense to put the extra odd 500 dollars into a great laptop rather than a steam deck


A super comfy bed too, something better than all these generic boxed i foam mattresses


>CRT for retro games.
Unless you can fix it yourself, I would strongly advice against this. I don't even know how old these things are now, without any new being made, but they surely are reaching the age where the "blow shit up in your face"-phase begins. I wouldn't want one of those in my living room, it's a ticking time bomb.

>2nd laptop for use as media server

You can also buy Raspberry pi, they are pretty cheap.


CRTs aren't really explosive though


File: 1703924019836.jpg (24.49 KB, 360x387, borntosleepneverwork.jpg)

because of this >>7918
what kinda laptop would you recommend?
post a picture of what you have in mind please and thanks.
>it's a ticking time bomb.
ive never heard this only that theyre loud, ive already got one if i didnt already have one i wouldnt go out of my way to get one.
>You can also buy Raspberry pi, they are pretty cheap.
im not that technologically adept how would one even do this?


File: 1704395231108.png (127.97 KB, 369x401, sdfifgdsiurgeoirher.png)

>comfortable chair or recliner

I need this
my back hurts


same, what kinda chair do you use? i use a basic office chair i want a gamer chair since they seem to have the neck and leg support i need.
t. chronic pain


File: 1704407467853.jpg (704.92 KB, 2000x2000, 0724645_PE734545_S5.jpg)

pic related
it wasn't too bad at first but I've been using it for years and I need to take breaks from sitting

have you looked at any chairs/have any in mind in particular?


File: 1704416788054.jpeg (515.11 KB, 2048x1261, 94B7F14A-8DBD-4254-8EB4-5….jpeg)

do NOT get a gamer chair I had one for a year and that shit hurt my back more than my current regular office chair ever has. plus it kept stabbing me but I think that was something exclusive to that chair


File: 1704451007025.png (46.8 KB, 247x142, ultharcats.png)

ive been looking for a chair with a foot rest on it.


why a laptop if you already have a desktop? same for the minifridge. i don't see it's use if you already have a proper fridge unless you live with your parents or something and don't want to leave your room. but even then, they can be kinda annoying at night so i'd rather not have one.


File: 1704504461717.gif (326.26 KB, 300x200, sausage.gif)

so i can play games under my covers in my bed.
>why a mini-fridge
i dont like leaving my chair or room i sit for days, weeks on end in it.
its rlly difficult to shop for tech as a NEET cause i have different needs as opposed to normalfags, like i cant rlly go to some tech store or furniture store and say "yeah, ill be using this chair or desktop for weeks, months, years straight without turning it off or leaving the house" so which model will work best for me.


>i dont like leaving my chair or room i sit for days, weeks on end in it.
this will cause very inconvenient health issues later on. in any case, you can just look at reviews online and even order chairs online, no?


>"yeah, ill be using this chair or desktop for weeks, months, years straight without turning it off or leaving the house" so which model will work best for me.
You need those special 24/7 chairs that I think cost at least thousand bucks as a new one. I found one used once for free, it was pretty comfy.


Cheapskate's Guide is a great website that does exactly what it says on the tin.


I need a mobile chair that's not only comfortable to sit on while but sleep on too.


File: 1705512280370.png (424.54 KB, 1216x1604, sanriomelodykuromi.png)

thats why i want a foot & neck rest on mine.


>desktop pc
everything else no


File: 1705670177068.png (1.38 MB, 760x1080, idolacavrneskull.png)

but what will i use in bed? sometimes its too cold or hot and i dont wanna leave my bed thus the need for smaller devices.
maybe if i found a PC stand that could be moved around idk.


File: 1705680231792.jpeg (146.5 KB, 670x665, 9D3D2284-1AD7-4F96-B8B0-5….jpeg)

just make your bed the setup, genius. fit that entire PC tower in your bedsheets.


File: 1705683321839.png (52.62 KB, 260x177, ratherdie.png)

what kinda PC would you want/would you recommend?
you joke, but im considering it. my PC tower already sits on a stand with wheels so im halfway there.


File: 1705867938864.png (1.21 MB, 1254x1771, omospectre.png)

i hate /g/ and tech boards and tech forums in general, i just want information on what tech will last long, run well or at all, but they only want to flex their knowledge while providing little to no help.


I feel you. It's frustrating when I ask techies a simple question, but they leave me with more questions than answers.


File: 1706376362253-0.png (219.84 KB, 832x625, opsneetlair.png)

File: 1706376362253-1.png (4.59 MB, 2592x1944, 2ndtvasmonitor.png)

i moved my desk closer to my bed, as well as the other desk that i have my crt on.
once i get my second PC ill move it next to my main PC and put my laptop off to the side.
ill likely use this 2nd tv as a monitor when i get my 2nd PC only using the CRT for older games and films once i get the converter.
i have decent headphones, now im in search of either a soundbar or some decent speakers and a comfy chair.


The beauty of old monitors is that you can stare at them for hours at night without too much eye strain. Modern (insert new acronym here) monitors have so many lumens they could burn a hole through cardboard.


There is not and never will be a tech board for people like you. Sometimes you just can't help but go barking up the wrong tree though. It's like being told to go back to Tom's Hardware on HardForum.


>people like you


Nta but why are you on this board?


I cannot recommend getting a bigger portable battery pack enough. Since I stay without power regularly (voluntarily or not) it's awesome to have something with a 100 Watt USB-C port to charge whatever I need, be it my laptop, phones, lights, radios or even reviving rechargeable batteries.

You can get "palm"-sized 150Wh boxes with Li-ion cells and passive cooling for about $120 new. And yes, small "phone powerbanks" are overrated, they suck.


I can't afford this

Poorfag list

- Mid tier PC or laptop
- Comfy bed and heavy weighted blanket
- Headphones
- Recycled old PS2 controller
- Bookshelf for vidya, pirated CDs, books
- Trash can to dispose of waste and semen
- Plushies and blankets
- Hidden crawl space


explain this to me like im a retarded child please, what would you consider a mid-tier PC?
in that line of thought, itd be nice to have a satelite laptop just in case.


File: 1710546529550.png (445.36 KB, 830x622, setuppic.png)

got my new monitor, its so much better the old one.
im dicking with my t470 trying to figure out why the HDMI port wont register, its not a monitor or cable issue.


anything older gen and second hand with roughly decent enough specs to play a decade old game and watch videos online


File: 1717925085035.png (806.73 KB, 974x1200, gothstan.png)

i should be getting a new PC soon, my current GPU isn't up to standards it has issues running the very few new games i play.
once it arrives im going to use my current PC for films & shows, im looking into how to host a media server.
after that im gonna use my new PC strictly to play vidya.


i love hdds. i love the sound they make. it makes me feel like they're my silent living friends. i always feel warm when listening to my old hdd making that quiet crackling sound. it's like "hey, you're busy again reading those bytes for me? aw that's nice!". what upsets me is that when you launch some 10GB+ corporate monster of software hdds perform really bad. people didn't have to unlearn respect towards hdds, but they did. well great thanks they still make hdds, so i can trade some productivity for a good old friend. ssds are soulless to me. modern cyborg that comes to replace the "useless" remnants of past. i know ssds will win inevitably and hdds will fade into obscurity, but i'm still going to be the kinda guy to defend dregs against progressivists whose only purpose is to single mindedly hunt down and destroy anything that doesn't align with "their" idea of "progress", which is actually just a delusion instilled in them by malicious parties.


lovely post.


Personally I just don't trust SSDs. One of them crashed on me with no warning back in 2012, and I still haven't gotten over it. They're some sort of dark, demonic magic, forged in some infernal semiconductor foundry.

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