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bruh it all sucks ass i had a nervous breakdown because i couldnt find the fucking port for the fan controller on my new computer. im so fucking stressed all the time for no reason, my folks are really nice and all and im fine physically but i just for the life of me cannot be contented. every time i

get something cool or new or if i bake something or stuf like goddamnit i just cant help but worry that im going to break it or do it wrong or make it grimy or idk. like im a privileged mid class white kid but its genuinely crazy how anxious im getting like to the point of tears over shit that most people dont even have the privilege of owning jesus fuck help


also the folks put me in some distance education school because apparently im a lil delinquent so maybe isolation is the problem but im genuinely just not a very pleasant person so i don;t really see any applicable solutions.


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reminds me of this documentary about this eccentric mentally-ill NEET/hiki: here timestamped
hope things get better Op, keep us up to date.


bruh fr fr no cap ong homie bussin blog you got my g


>im genuinely just not a very pleasant person
Yeah, I can see that.


in my experience, spending MORE time by myself once highschool was over actually did wonders for anything I had going on somehow. I finally had the time to actually do what I wanted without having to be as drained and depressed all the time from being forced to do well in something I didn't personally see any benefit from. you just have to keep going, honestly. I actually talk to my own family now, I was extremely anti-social before due to the same sort of anxiety and mental anguish. It's still there but after some years I can somehow just do more things I couldn't now, more often, just more chilled out overall. I hope things get better for you naturally over time too, anon. try to just enjoy the ride


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Can vouch. Getting out of mandatory schooling was probably the best thing to happen to me. As soon as you're allowed to take things at your own pace, things get a lot easier to process (at least in my experience). I admit it helps if you have some quality of life backup like family able to support you, but the matter is just making it through is probably one of the most important things. I hope things improve, Op. You're doing great.


shut the fuck up frogfag, your kind has no power here.


I bet you can't even bench your bodyweight, limpwrist

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