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Has this board ever helped you, or were you only trolled or harassed? Also, should I be doing more to remove destructive users from this board?

Honestly, I hate where this board is going and I want to change something. Whether that's stricter rules, or more trigger-happy per-board bans for hooligans, or shutting down /hikki/ and telling everyone to go somewhere else, or even another board reset, is yet to be decided.

We didn't have a board like this at the beginning of the site; one of the admins added the original NEET board on their own some years back. I wonder if that was a mistake. /hikki/ was an attempt to scrub that board of the problems which are now, again, affecting it. I feel like nothing has really changed.

Is this just a place where depressed people simultaneously insult and validate each other's misery, while keeping each other down? Is it really doing more harm than good? Or, is it just a few bad users being disingenuous and drowning out what could have been a decent atmosphere? I wanted this board to be helpful but I'm not sure if that's what it's doing.

I want to hear what the people here think before I make a decision about the future of /hikki/. But, I can't let things keep going as they are now. Be honest, am I slacking off too much with the bans? Or is the problem with this place deeper than that?


Nah, /hikki/ never talked me off a ledge or anything. Though it's a good place for serious discussions, if you've got a thick skin. I've never made a friend here, only partners for debate.
Honestly, people on ubuu don't seem to be all that disturbed. We see more long-winded arguements and trolling here than anything.
Your banhammer is working just fine. People just aren't really interested in advice. We're already low on posters and activity, getting more strict won't make anything better in that aspect.
Maybe ubuu doesn't need a board like this. Sure, we've got a lot of hikkis, but I don't think the userbase is interested in getting help from or helping one another anymore. We're all alright with where we're at.


I get that you're probably worried now about everything that is currently going on, but you can't let that emotion lead you to rash decisions. Hikki has never truly harmed anybody like cos has. Nobody dot doxed or anything, at least not to my knowledge. Going on a crusade against all perceived cancer will only lead to the site's destruction. Some of the best discussion on this board has been due to hikki. A lot of actually interesting things have been said there. I guess you call being entertaining helpful? This board is the meat of ubuu along with ot, so you shouldn't get rid of it or interfere too much. The rules in place now are good enough if you ask me. I haven't seen that much trolling on here actually, just actual discussion. Negativity, criticism, and good-intentions should not be lumped with harassment. Harassment is making creepy videos of somebody or for no reason calling somebody a faggot constantly.


This happens when the rules are too permissive. When anything is allowed, including attacking and disrespectful comments, people who would want to have polite/useful discussions leave due to the toxic culture. I believe that when an internet community's culture changes, people arrive/leave based on the culture; therefore, if a rules change is dramatic enough, you may see a major shift in the type of people who use your website. Look at a website like Quora and its BNBR policy for an example. However, a toxic culture may be too heavily associated with imageboards in the public eye for that to really be possible.

Of course, I'm mostly just talking out of my ass; I've never tried any of this stuff.


So what exactly do you want?


So, maybe I was being a little emotional. Should I just leave the negativity alone as a feature that can't really be separated from the themes of this board? Or could I do something to improve it?


There's literally nothing you can do. Propping up better boards is the best strategy, but I don't know how you could do that.


While everything you said about it is valid, it occasionally has meaningful conversation and I think that makes up for everything. I do think there needs to be more regulation of what goes on there to push it towards a more friendly and helpful atmosphere. In fact, I think there needs to be more regulation across the rest of the site too until current events blow over, otherwise we might start seeing unwelcome change to the culture.


The site culture has become much more tense since /yndd/. When I came here a month before, I was greeted very warmly, I think the veteran posters didn't feel threatened back then.

Maybe what we are seeing is just temporary, a September of sorts that will calm down once Dream Diary is out and has been judged.


I wouldn't really pay too much attention to /yndd/, it's a containment board sei wisely made so that posting didn't leak to other places. Basically, outsiders went to the board to complain about the game, different outsiders went to the board to fight against those who complained about the game, and real people from the community hate both and know that it won't last long.


whatever happens, please don't get rid of /hikki/

i would hate it if it was gone by the time i got over lurking and actually started posting

even if the conversation there is not always friendly, for me, it actually makes me feel a little better to read other people's similar feelings about the world


Alright, I will not destroy /hikki/. However, there seems to be a divide in opinion on whether or not there is anything to be done about it, so I'd like to hear more about that if anyone has specific ideas. Otherwise I'll continue to mostly leave it alone.


File: 1517954568523.png (143.55 KB, 500x428, best character coming thru.png)

/hikki/ is a paradox in that's it's meant to help people out, while most of the people/userbase are people that seek help themselves
Basically what i'm saying is that's there's little established "i got out of NEETdom" userbase that posts aside from those shit bragging threads that get everyone angry. Even if there's these types of users (there is), they probably just want to hang out at /ot/ rather than /hikki/ because there's not much reason to try to help an userbase that is mostly static and Status Quo-y from what i've seen.

I don't know what can be done to prevent this, but imageboards generally feel depressing to browse, even when you are in the fun areas.
>This board is the meat of ubuu along with ot
True, the activity has always been centered around /hikki/ and /ot/ before the YN:DD craze, because there is simply nothing left to discuss about YN. Yes, we could make that uboachan fangame (pls no) or do a fan update of Dickme Dicki but i think a lot of the userbase is centered and isolated in /hikki/ and /ot/ without any interaction with the rest of this site.
Plus it doesn't help that almost every ancient (named) user has sadly left.


Well I like image boards. Also, any thread made outside of hikki and ot are probably also from regulars. Nobody who has been around for a while sticks to one part of ubuu only. Recent is the only page I check.


Ultimately, if you ask everyone on /hikki/ what they like about it and what it should be about, you're probably going to get a lot of conflicting answers, and there's not a great deal anyone can do about that. I myself just like to talk about the NEET/hikikomori lifestyle, and all it ensues, and with talk about being a keyword here. I don't want any armchair diagnostician trying to 'fix' me with the same old empty platitudes they always give
But that's just my thoughts on the matter


I don't visit much anymore but I've met some of my closest friends from here.

This board has definitely helped me when I was down. There have been some pretty positive threads/posts about people improving their lives in the past which has given me some hope.

It's also nice to read about others in similar positions to your own and see how they are dealing with it.

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