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Does anyone keep a physical diary for dreams? I usually write my dreams on my phone first thing when I wake up. But now I have this nice book and I wanna use that instead.

-Draw images of locations, maybe characters in dreams
-It's neat

-Can't revise so easy
-Someone can easily peer into your unstable psyche

What are your experiences with journaling? Any tips?
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Dreams from your childhood

Does anyone have any dreams they remember distinctly from their childhood?

OP had a dream where he traveled the world collecting really messed up and scary versions of Pokemon.
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Why you are never but NEVER supposed to use a toilet in a dream? How actually dangerous they are?
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Cello Chair Image

Where did this image of a Cello come from?


First instance: https://uboachan.net/yume/res/2242.html#2508
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gruesome dreams

anyone else have dreams of gory situations? i continually have dreams where my innards are spilling or I'm being shot to death in a school shooting, or chased by freakish monsters. no clue what the fuck this means but i was curious if anyone else here deals with this.
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Collaborative Dream

Pic Unrelated.

Basically we're each going to take a part of one of our dreams and mash it together into one big story. Ex: I'll take the landscape from one of my dreams and then the next person will take something from their dreams and that will be the next part of the story. If we wake up because of death, being scared, mind rape, ect. We start a new one.

Here we go.
"We wake up in a monochrome, steampunk world.
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Taking on personas in lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are a fantasy world that I retreat into, as the fantasy world is far more interesting than the real world. In real life, I got the nickname Ladybug (which even my parents call me) as a child because I always painted ladybugs on my cheeks (and I still sometimes do). While I work multiple highly unusual jobs in real life, I am always Ladybug in real life. In my lucid dreams, however, I often take on wild alter-egos, including circus acrobat Butterfly (with butterflies painted on my cheeks), intergalactic bounty hunter Dragonfly (with dragonflies painted on my cheeks), Medieval witch Moth (with moths painted on my cheeks), prehistoric cave-woman Firefly (with fireflies painted on my cheeks), WWI fighter pilot Lovebug (with lovebugs painted on my cheeks), superhero Bumblebee (with bumblebees painted on my cheeks), supervillain Wasp (with wasps painted on my cheeks), vampire slayer Doodlebug (with doodlebugs painted on my cheeks), and over-the-top, guitar-smashing rock star Junebug (with junebugs painted on my cheeks).

When I am myself (Ladybug) in lucid dreams, I often fly with ladybug wings through incredibly surreal environments (although, more recently, my lucid dreams have become increasingly dark, violent, and sinister, and my non-lucid dreams have followed suit).

It goes without saying that all of these lucid dreaming personas are wildly fantastical ones that could never manifest in real life. My circus acrobat persona Butterfly is the only one that has any basis in reality, as I grew up in a family of traveling carnies. However, I could never be a circus acrobat in real life. As a result of an extremely overactive pituitary gland, I am incredibly tall (I'm 7'2''), I have an enormously stocky, broad-shouldered frame, I have M cup breasts, and I wear women's size 24 shoes. Nobody would even be willing to let me ATTEMPT acrobatics. However, I should say that, when I take on these personas in my dreams, I still have the same body that I do in real life - but the rules of real-world physics, obviously, don't apply in dreams.

I sometimes also take on these personas in non-lucid dreams, although not as frequently.

Does anyone else have any recurring personas that they take on in their lucid dreams? What about in non-lucid dreams?
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Phantasm Project

We seek new members
gg /u8cptvcd

-Please read more at the Home and Synopsis page.
-Relevance of this being posted here is that we are a community purely centered around dreams and dreaming

Is this a cult or a religion?
-Although it's been described as a cult, I'd describe it as small group or a community instead.

How long has THE PHANTASM PROJECT been up?
-Formerly known as PROJECT:ESTELLE, it was very secretly active in around 2010 and before that. After that, the Project took a break, and is now back on track under a new name and new management.
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Drugs And Dreaming

Has anyone had experiences with drugs (OTC, prescribed, or otherwise) affecting dreams?
Dream quality, lucid dreaming, dreaming coherently…etc.
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What's good music to generate a dream
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spoky holow'en drem (ver spoky

k so.

this was fucking ages ago

but its one of the very few nightmares i rember.

so in this dream im playing some shitty hidden-object side scrolling flash game, with like a goofy hallowe'en theme. yknow, like pumpins and sheet ghosts and shit. and its running on a nasty old early 2000s lcd monitor. so the gay little bastard im controlling with my mouse collects 18/19 hallowe'en thingies, and i click at the edge of the screen. and suddenly, im on a screen that, in the dream, i've seen before, with two scarecrows made out of brown raster fabric, one of which is falling over on its rotten wood pole.

almost immediately after i load in the screen, though, the upright scarecrow starts flashing a myriad of different colours and fractals pegin to permeate its shitty clipart texture, stretching infinitely inwards to the point where the shitty lcd monitor shouldnt be able to display them but it does.

and the weirdest thing about it is? it gave me such an unimaginable sense of terror that i almost immediately woke up

pic is a shitty mockup but its close enough i guess

sorry if this posts sucks mad ass lol, im a newfag and have barely touched imageboards so dont really know the etiquette beyond whats listed in the rules please be nice
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Hey Uboachan, what's the best environment/conditions you have dreams in?

I usually find I can't have dreams if I'm not at home or if I've just read something before I've slept.
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Weird dreams

What are some weird dreams you've had?

There was this one dream I had last month. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Kamala Harris were in an auditorium getting nothing but boos. The crowd starts throwing lots of shit at them. Face masks, Fauci merch, BLM shirts, and Joe hats go flying on to the stage. I even thought I saw a Fauci figurine hit Joe in the face. And then all of a sudden, I'm in my living room. The place looks like it was decorated by Saint Nicholas himself. The smell of gingerbread fills the house, and outside was an entire blanket of snow covering my neighborhood at night time.

Then there was this one when I was a child. I was relaxing on sunbed outside the old house I use to live when I was in Greenlawn (Long Island). And then a dog comes up and stars nibbling on my foot. He makes this noise, that kind of sounded like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSUCKAAAAAAAAAA". I start running away screaming. And then I wake up in my sister's bed (I use to be scared to sleep alone).

So are there any weird dream stories that any of you would like to share?
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the dream structure and the collective unconscious

there is something about the red king that resembles the structure of a nightmare the same indistinct loud sound is something I've experienced in nightmares before waking up and the image itself looks something like what I see in a nightmare before waking up some figure enveloped in static. this is something beyond the mere imagination of man and more something that is an integral part of the dream function of the brain itself. That is why I like yume nikki. It's not imaginative it's merely a reflection of the human mind and it's working as mysterious as it may seem to ourselves.
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bepis bepissssss

bepis dream bepis
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dreams are demonic
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laptop thievery by strange men in dreams

I dreamt that I was sitting outside Runnymede station (A subway station in Toronto, which faces a small park) at night, while using my laptop for some purpose. I was on a picnic bench beside a mailbox. A strange, lanky man with short hair approached me, and began to converse with me in a gibberish language made up of pops and clicks, as well as occasional nonsense words. Although now in the waking world I don't recall having seen his face before then, it seemed to me in the dream that I was familiar with this fellow and his habits. Thinking it would be funny, I decided to reply back with pops and clicks of my own, despite not understanding what he was saying. After a bit of conversation, he stopped talking, let out an "ah!" and smiled, before moving forwards and stealing my laptop, running off into the night. I shouted "Hey! This guy's stealing my fucking laptop!", and gave chase. I noticed that he walked in a strange way, as though he was either mentally deficient or had shit his pants. I chased him across the small park over to the road, and after chasing him down the road for a bit (while occasionally getting a hold on the laptop, before it was fruitlessly yanked away), he threw the laptop back at me, which I expertly caught. I heard my Dad say "Nice catch!", which was odd, as I hadn't seen him in the dream. I then decided to make my way back home, but instead decided to try and teleport home. Just as I teleported, I woke up.
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What is the strangest dream you have ever had?
I once had a dream where I walked into a bathroom, I then proceeded to open a bathroom stall in the the stall a guy and a girl were having sex, I then proceed to the next stall and open that one same thing, I then open the third stall and there's a guy sitting on the toilet I then walk up to the guy, point a gun under his chin and blow his head off I then walk out of the stall and there's this guy behind a counter I point my gun at him but he grabs the barrel of my gun and we start wrestling over it, he then points the barrel of the gun under my chin and pulled the trigger then I woke up.
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Do you ever hear music in your dreams? I don't, but I was wondering about how common it is. Devil's trill is one example of original music being produced in somebody's head while they're dreaming. Has that ever happened to you?
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YN Syndrome Explained

Where did this whole “YN Syndrome” come from? I am currently trying as hard as I can to achieve my first lucid dream in more than 15 years. I have a world already created from scratch named Lucia with nearly the same eccentricity, density and gravity, an erratic weather system, three continents under a super continent, overpopulated by the trillions, and it does have a chaser population just to the northwest beyond the desert near the poles. Lucia is located in the constellation Cancer orbiting a yellow normal star. I tried my very best of my abilities, but needed advice. My goals: Explore all three continents 100%, unite all of our YN protagonists only so I can form a big enough army in preparation to take out the chasers populated from the northwest, and finally, stop global corruption using whatever we have with discretion while at the same time conquering my own fears. The planet I am going to may look like this, both from space and on land as a quick glimpse preview.
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I found some short talks on lucid yume / lucid yume (astral edition). They seem like sketchy signuptomymailinglistforfreedvd production wise, but the info seems legit. What do you think?
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Kvlt of Filth

I just had the most filthy dream.

My older brother and I found some sort of what I can only describe as a Black Metal Manse. It was all delapidated, uselessly Satanic, and treated like shit, and we enjoyed rummaging through all the crazy stuff, while I felt the powers of Lucifer growing within my Heart. It was in the basement, however, that we found a large plastic ziploc bag containing the severed head of an ex-Black Metal singer.

I told him to leave it downstairs, but no, he starts to carry the bag upstairs, and the stench of decay arose with it.

(My dad was also there, now, and the Manse was my dad's house…dreams)

My dad could be heard retching in the background, as I ran for the door ahead of my brother, wrenching it open and flooding the place with cool night air.

We raced out and around the side of the house, when he called out "Think fast!", and I turned to see the bag of liquifying head come sailing past me. Shrieking in a manner reminiscent of the singer himself, perhaps, I grew angry at being so frightened, and as my brother ran past me, down the moonlight path between our house and our neighbors, I snagged the bag by the non-ziploc end, and wheeled about, hurling it ahead of me with great eff-ort…causing the bag to impact the seal, splay open, and ejaculate the melting head of the dead man at my brother.

He looked stunned, as the bag was rent asunder and the head burst forward like the grimmest of zits, but none of the juice got on him (I was honestly worried about this, because it would be gross.)

We both ran ahead to the ravine our home backs onto, spots of grass slick with fatty dissolvings, when I spotted the grimacing head, long black hair matted against it's pale skin, and I cried out to my brother:

Kick it! Fucking kick it!

A swift boot to the face sent the severed surprised sailing into the interminable black woods, and only the sound of crashing foliage was indication of what dark happenings were going down that hill.
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In the span of half a year, I only had 2 normal dreams. Usually, when I wake up I can only remember the darkness that my eyelids/surroundings provide, thus I call them 'Blank Dreams'.

The strange thing, though, is that these 2 dreams of mine only came when I discussed my lack of normal dreams with my friends, on discord. Alas, after having dreams for 2 days, my 'Blank Dreams' returned.

Is this normal?
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The only dreams I've been getting

I mostly don't dream, probably something to do with how little I sleep, but when I do it's mostly on mornings I need to get up and dressed.
I think that I've gotten dressed and done everything I have to do, but then I'll get woken up properly, realise I've done nothing, and that I still wasted that time.
It is kind of cool to have a somewhat blended reality and dreamworld, though.
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a dream I had

I had this dream a few weeks ago, but I remember it clear as a day
I was on a village, and from what it seemed, my mind was processing some kind of montage going on there, as all the citizens there were just replaced by family members I knew and loved
I walked around that place, but nobody ever payed attention to me. I was just a nobody, and my presence didn't meant anything for my family anymore

After roaming around for a while, I climbed up a window, looking at the sky at the distance. I was all alone now, with no hopes of earning the trust of those people anymore. After all, I was nothing more but an akward outcast.

The dream ends with a loud thunder striking by a few blocks away from me, acting like an atom bomb of some kind

I might post a few other dreams I remember having soon enough here
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made a dream map

my dreams tend do have recurring locations and scenarios, the recurring locations fascinate me the most- they form a sort of dreamworld

some clarification - "marcy" is my old old elementary school - question marks by the connecting lines mean i'm not entirely sure if the places connect (by access)

thoughts? questions?
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"Long" dreams

It's a subject that fascinated me in Junji Ito's short manga story "long dream," and something I've read a lot of interesting stories online about, but I had never really experienced it until about a year ago, after a long time of experimenting and trying to force one to happen to me. The story in this paste is a record of that dream I posted to another forum. It was extremely vivid and frankly scary as fuck and made me abandon my attempts. Have you ever had a long dream? Or maybe one that was fragmented and you kept going back to after waking up?

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Almost ever time i dream it always takes place in an alternate version of the real world. Like some areas are based on real areas around my town and city but will be different from real life, but always the same in the dream world. There are places in the dream world that like a store that doesnt exist irl but it exists in the dream world and i go there all the time. or locations that i knoe exist in the dreamworld and i know I'll go there or be going there, its similar to real life but different somehow. I'm always going into the forest near where i live but in the dream world, and walking down trails to a river that always exists in the dream world but not irl. idk why i just felt like posting this. anyone have a similar experience?
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Sweet dreams are mad of this
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Other people's dream journals

I've been really into reading other peoples dreams, as well as my own, and i've been into it ever since i was a kid.
Are there any dream journal-esque books you guys recommend or do you know where i can buy other people's dream journals?
if this needs to be moved to somewhere like lit then my bad but that board is slow as shit
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Recurring Dreams

ever since i was 11, i've had recurring tornado dreams.
they always begin and end the same way, it's the middle of the dreams that change. the sky is overcast, i'm in a random vehicle, one of my relatives are driving the vehicle, and we try and cross a bridge over a river, surrounded by forest. as we're crossing, a tornado appears, scoops us off of the bridge, and flings us into the forest. the dream ends and i wake up as soon as i make physical contact with the woods. i feel pure electric terror every single time.
what are your recurring dreams?
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Hey guys, I've been having dreams about trying to have lucid dreams. I've even tried to have a lucid dream within a dream. It's fucking horrible. Tips please.
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Ever since i was a young child, i've constantly had dreams about a pink one eyed squid the size of a skyscraper. This squid, in a way, is my protector, usually saving me from nightmares. Here are the dreams i remember.

I believe this was the first dream i had involving it. I was standing on a giant green cliff (looking back, it looked a lot like the grass world in lsd dream emulator) when i heard a sound, sorta like a deep echoey howl. The enormous squid slowly floated past the cliff, and it's eye turned to me, and it spoke some unintelligible language. That's when i woke up.

I was having a nightmare where i was being chased by some dark monster. it gradually caught up to me, and it grabbed me in it's giant hand. it was about to eat me, when the squid wrapped it's giant tentacle around the monster's neck and strangled it to death. i thanked it, and it put it's tentacle on the ground, letting me climb up on it. I woke up after that.

That's all i can really think of. i'll add more, and also post a drawing i did of the squid.
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I once had a dream were I was out at night on the countryside with my parents. Suddenly we got attack by sentient black vines and then completly covered my parents,then they went after me then the started covering me and the vines were the last thing I saw after I woke up.
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Touhou Dreams

I've traveled many a url and I believe I have finally reached my destination to write down all my Touhou dreams that I have accumulated over the past year and a half. Dreams had been censored on /jp/ so this seems to be the most appropriate place to wright. I currently have 53 dreams to wright down during the creation of this thread, but I do expect and hope to have many more to jot down here. Feel free to ask questions, discuss these dreams, or wright down your own dreams involving Touhous in this thread.

I shall begin next post.
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Skeletons, Surgery, and Sudoku

I had a dream a while ago where I was a gynecologist performing surgery on a bunch of dusty skeletons in some dark chamber. I soon escaped, but was sentenced to the death penalty by some chess pieces. They made me wait in this room whose walls were covered in sudoku puzzles. When it was finally my turn to go, I screamed and ran down a flight of stairs and saw my great-grandmother. We went back upstairs to find my father's whole extended family protesting my execution. It was a sight.
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Hub worlds

Just last night I revisited the same place twice for the first time. I was walking around in a very dark place, I think I could see pillars and ruined buildings around me, but not much else, when it suddenly opened up to a shallow marsh underneath a moonlit sky that I had seen only a couple of nights before.

I've always wanted a place like YN's Nexus, though. There are dream characters that I've had some painful goodbyes with who I'd like to see again. By now I've probably forgotten most of them, as this was long before I started keeping a journal. I'm hopeless at dream incubation though, my dreams are just so random.

Do you guys have persistent realms? Places you like to go back to? If so, how do you do it?
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Lucid Chan

Yo guys,did you know that LucidChan is a thing? It's a whole image board devoted to Lucid dreaming! I thought that /yume/ would enjoy it! Check it out!


>And I apologize if this counts as shitposting
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The Raincoat Man

I see this figure in my dreams. Out of the corner of my eye, he looks like a man wearing a rain coat. When I've gotten a good look at him, he's actually a floating raincoat with some sort of strange light shining from where the head would be. On the surface of the light is the face of a man in his 30s or 40s. He's clean shaven with light green or bluish eyes & a 1000-yard stare, thin lips on a mouth in a constant neutral expression, with thin, light-brown eyebrows. The face kind of "floats" on the light, sliding slightly from place to place as it moves like the puck in air hockey. The light behind the face is kind of a bluish, greenish hue but mostly white.

Sorry in advance for MS paint but it was the best I could do. He doesn't have any hands, feet or legs, but has a shadow. I have a very specific recurring dream where I'm maybe 8 or at most 10, walking in a wooded area that looks like an area near my old home. A little girl with dark brown hair is with me. We pass a cactus with a large fruit and then spot the creature. I tell her to get down, but it hovers menacingly, looking for us. I don't know why I keep having the dream. The girl is wearing a pink or red white polkadot dress and sandals. I'm in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. She's short, maybe younger, and seems familiar but I can't identify who. It happen years apart, and don't doesn't correlate to anything like stress or life events. The earliest was when I was a teen. I'm not normally skittish. It will take this specific form and always ends with me waking up in a cold sweat w/ intense fear. Sometimes he will "hijack" other dreams by appearing in a crowd of people or just out of no where. In darkness, he's easy to miss, especially in rain but sometimes he appears in broad daylight, as is the case in the recurring dream, which feels lucid, almost like a memory.

WTF? Can anybody help me figure it out? Has anybody seen a similar figure before? Is there a rational explanation?
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Silent Places

My favourtie dreams are mostly, where I am alone. One time, I was waiting to catch a bus, that arrives in about ~5 hours in an empty city. I just walked around, found a train station with a street fighter arcade, played it a bit and just explored afterwards a bit more. Even the whole town looked very dreary I never felt so calm.
The other time, I was just walking a some farm roads at dawn, where I lived nearby. Somewhere I walked invisbile stairs and stopped to just sit in the air and watch the landscape. I feeled a soft, cold air on my skin.

I don't have many dreams like that, since my fucking ADHD mind can't stop to put some random shit all over the place.
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Half-asleep creations

Do any of you write/draw/do whatever other work while still asleep or in that in between phase when you’re technically awake but your mind isn’t?

It’s pretty rare, but I sometimes will have a sudden urge to write while being half asleep or wake up just to write something and fall asleep again right away. It usually happens when I dream or think of something that I want to remember or tell someone. Unfortunately I never last long enough to write something actually useful, and sometimes the things I write are so incoherent that I have to accept whatever I meant is lost.

Even half asleep I still know I must be fast and concise because I may fall back asleep any time and lose what I wanted to write down. Most times I still remember writing it after waking up, but there have been times I woke up with a notebook to my side, or my cellphone with a note app or a message app open, or find random things written by me that I have no recollection of noting them down. It’s like lucid dreaming but you’re writing in the real world.

I’ve lost most of these notes during the years, but I’ll post two that I still have. I don’t know their context and don’t remember why I wrote them. They’re stupid but I like reading them because they were written in a state of dream logic and it feels like someone else’s thoughts.

“A family photo that a group of people find out they all have the same one. In the picture, the mother and the father are the same, only the child is different in every photo, and the three are always in the same position with the same background behind.”

“I remember when I was a child, sometimes I found my grandma sleeping on my bed. But I understood why she wouldn’t want to sleep in hers. I too wouldn’t want to sleep on the place where I died.”
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Advice for Lucid Dreaming?

I've been trying to induce lucid dreaming for a while now, and I've looked up a lot of methods on doing so. Tried the WBTB method, but I always end up in terrifying nightmares that I can't wake out of and have little control over. Seems like I can't lucid dream when I want to, and I rarely get it when I'm not trying.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? If so, are there any ways to get around this and induce calm dreams?

Pic unrelated
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Exploding Head Syndrome

Does anyone else have exploding head syndrome? It started actually when I was first attempting lucid dreaming a few months back. It's a scary as hell wake up, sometimes it hurts my head.

Pic unrelated.
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Dreams that put a toll on you

A recent dream I had.

So there is this person who is living in our house (IRL) and she has a son. In my dream, the son died in some freak accident. We had the funeral and everything. Then a few days later, he was standing in our front hallway. We all thought he was a ghost, but it turns out his mom did black magic on him. When he dies, she can use a strand of his hair to resurrect him. I thought "Okay, But hopefully he won't die again soon

But he kept dying almost every other day! Finally, everybody was put through such emotional torment, that i screamed "I can't take this anymore!" to wake me up.

When I woke up, I found that I was Physically, Mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I just kinda sat there, with my eyes wide awake. I haven't been able to look at the kid with out getting emotional about the dream.

Has anybody else had any dreams that have put a toll on them?
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Dream Powers

I know some of you have them. Describe them here.

I can fly, or more accurately, 'float'. Basically, when I'm lucid dreaming, the ability to float is controlled my my mind like I'm flexing a muscle or something, and I can 'pull' myself up as if the ceiling is magnetic. If I 'pull' too hard, I slam into the ceiling and bounce off of it, so I have to kind of balance it out, pull hard enough to keep me suspended in the air but not so hard that I hit the ceiling. The hardest part is moving forward, I either swim in the air or kind of 'latch on' to something in the distance to pull myself towards it, but again, I have to make sure I don't pull to hard or else I'll slam into it. Sometimes I just float forward and balance myself to keep from touching the floor or ceiling. Flying in dreams is difficult to master but it's really fun once you get the hang of it.
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Reccuring theme in dreams

Hello, /yume/.

I seem to have been having a reccuring theme in my dreams, which is they almost always happen under ground.
Not a specific location underground, but just below the surface.
For example, underground military bunker, underground storage facility, underground floors of my former school(which dont exist),
underground mall floors, long wide underground concrete corridors, and a few more which i cant currently recall.

What does this mean? Why underground?
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I had a dream where it involved a same universe as Yume Nikki.

I was in a blue path surrounded with green trees, with the floor being similar to that of blue chunks of unknown substances, I walked in it, and saw Madotsuki, I touched her, ended up in the spawn, I saw her skin changed to bleach white, I touched her again and saw a broken Madotsuki with messed up limbs, and had a face like Monoko, It was so disturbing, it WOKE ME UP.

And this is a true dream.
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Dream blindness

There's something that's recurring in my dreams every now and then. Maybe once a month, once every two months, I don't actually know the frequency. I'm only aware of it because it happened repeated times. Anyway, what I'm talking about is that sometimes I have dreams where I can't open my eyes no matter how much I'd force myself. Sometimes I'd be able to open them just a bit and see ever so slightly, but it's very uncomfortable. Actually it's more like being unable to see anything with my eyes facing forward because of my eyelids, but I can see ever so slightly if I turn my gaze down.

Does this count as sleep paralysis? I don't think it does, I'm not technically awake. Has this happened to anyone else?
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I always wake up panicking, almost always, I never tell anyone this, because I don't make noise, only my last gf noticed. I dont know why I have nightmares daily, I never can remember what they are, I wish I could just remember once…..
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Have your dreams ever shifted to looking like Yume Nikki or a Yume Nikki fangame? Mine do sometimes, and I just woke up from a dream such as that.

(This first bit takes place at a playground in an apartment complex I lived at when I was much much younger) My brother had just got done throwing an axe at a girl at full strength, but he "didn't mean to kill her". However, it DID kill her, and the group she was in replaced her instantly with this princess-like girl. Long story short, she turned out to be an asshole with malicious intent towards us, and my brother and I decided we wanted to put her in an awful place. So some doors appeared, and I bet you've played enough Yume Nikki to know where this was going.

Now this is where the dream started looking like Yume Nikki. The first door I went through led me to this very light, sort of pastel blue, reception room. The guy was walking in place, right next to this odd looking door. The dream had begun to take place in third person, just like an RPG Maker game, so I could sort of see into the next room from above. I understood right away that I was in a hospital.

When I went through the door, there was no blood or anything, just a bunch of children with their brains visible. The whole brain visible from the top of their head. I initially thought something was wrong with them, but I heard a voice saying that they had been cured, so I tried interacting with them. While their heads seemed to move as I went about the room, as if they were watching me, I initially had no success in interacting with them, just like in Yume Nikki. However, once I tried interacting with specific characters enough times, they decided to hide inside these curtains around their beds. Every single one of the children did this.

There was one girl, though. She had always been inside the curtains to her bed, peeking out from time to time. The other patients appeared to be a little afraid of her. However, I decided to pull up a chair and dip myself under the curtains too, and I had a very one-sided conversation with her.

And that's when I woke up! Sometimes my dreams do that, and turn very Yume Nikki-like, despite me not having played the game in quite a while. Anyone else's dreams sometimes do this?
R: 6 / I: 1

Uncommon and undocumented dream signs

As you almost definitely know if you're here and reading this, the most well-known way to trigger a lucid dream is to realise that you're dreaming (DILD.) Aside from the run-of-the-mill reality checks like your hands, clocks and mirrors, I've read that keeping a dream journal can allow you to recognise recurring themes and events in your dreams. These are 'dream signs', and I guess the utility of them must be to trigger reality checks, or let you realise outright that you're dreaming. The stuff I mentioned above – like hands and clocks – these are common dream signs, ones that happen in everybody's dreams due to the parts of the brain that shut down during sleep, etc.

What I'm interested in are /yume/'s uncommon dream signs; recurring details in your dreams that you don't think everybody gets. Post them!

Additionally, what are some dream signs that you think everybody must get (due to the brain's weird power re-allocation during sleep) that nobody really talks about or are relatively undiscovered?
R: 4 / I: 1

Dreams messing with memory

So, lately, I've been finding it hard to differentiate what I do in a dream and what I do when I'm awake. It gets to the point of me constantly lacking a certain awareness I think lots of people have. I have some small form of MADD, but I don't think that really has to do with it. My memory's been getting really messed up, to the point of me finding it hard to remember what happened a few hours ago. For the most part, I can't remember my mornings at all.

Anyone else struggling with this? How do you deal with separating what's real and what's not?
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>Be me last night
>Mother comes into my room
>She's nicer than normal
>Think this is strange so I do a reality check
>Turns out I'm dreaming
>Don't have many lucid dreams so not thinking vividly
>Really need to pee
>About to take a massive piss out the window when I get a piece of advice
>"If you pee in a dream then you'll pee in real life"
>Not anxious to pee myself irl I try to wake up by shooting myself in the face
>Bullets feel insultingly weak but it eventually works
>Wake up, jump out of bed and run to the bathroom
>Breath a deep sigh of relief as I open the floodgates
>Walk back to my room, satisfied af
>Before I get back, a large bald man comes out of my sisters room and starts telling me about his holiday in Italy
>Do a reality check
>Mfw I'm still dreaming
>Mfw I wake up covered in piss
>Mfw my mother still hates me after all
R: 3 / I: 2
so once i had this dream where i was taking one in the bathroom stall of my high school when shoe strings started getting thrown over the stall door onto me irritating me but beforehand i was staring at what seemed to be these strange designs and engravings changing in the bathroom stall so i decided to finish up and walk out and then push the child in the yellow blank hoodie and blue jeans dont know the shoes but he had blonde hair and had a deformed face didnt realize till after i pushed him a phone flys out of his pocket and he catches it and says into it "yes he did it he pushed me" i walk out of {HIGH SCHOOL} bathroom then enter my {MIDDLE SCHOOL} hallway leading to the {MIDDLE SCHOOL} cafeteria. the hallway i mentioned is NOT the same hallway that connects to my cafeteria
anyways i continued into the cafeteria i noticed alot of people that i know outside of school and alot of people i know inside of school and some certain key elements of people would be highlighted and also staring at me as in disbelief of something, almost like seeing a ghost.
continued onward to victory i guess and walked up to the principal of my school {HIGH SCHOOL} and i begged her to let me back into school {KICKED OUT} she said no i continued on, an acquaintance of mine from the past was playing guitar to multiple females on the cafeteria table he was later to be found gay in real life year or two after dream irrelevant but interesting he also had no idea how to play guitar and never has.
i also see a shocked look on him but he doesnt notice myself until later.
start walking into blue locker back right outside of cafeteria. my view starts to shift to the floor slowly while bordering on blindless
-arc 1 over-
i awaken in a hog tie position with actual rope and im sitting there at the bottom of a stairwell of a nasty old shabby cellar i see a silhouette of light at the top of the stairwell shaping the light peaking through the cracks of a door, it opens.
down comes my friend we will call her madison she walks down and approaches me implying something about locating me cause i left facebook location on i guess this is a futuristic stalker scenario or something but it helped nonetheless she unties me and we maake a break for the exterior
tree's are infinitely tall or just really tall but it was dark couldnt tell we saw tiki {aztec meme monkey style} statues and such things and continued to be creeped out and continued forward we find a normal looking house and knock on the door in hopes of finding out something i could not tell you what it looked like but imagine a trailer park house so they answered and none other than more deformed faces from the original bathroom incident madison asked if they knew how to get to {so and so} and she must have not put two and two together i know i couldnt put two and two together until after i awoke for some reason. continuing the family woman pointed to a bed in the kitchen with just the frame nothing else it was metal rusty typical scary.
heard footsteps approaching very fast and grabbed arm of friend and found first dirt path and ran down it and eventually reached the end but this is where the gaps remain we turned a left off the dirt road onto actualy asphalt road and noticed a gas station around the bend to the left in this still slightly wooded area told madison "gps us home" {BLACK OUT}
i come to at the beginning of my street and i instantly ask madison how long it has been and she said "37 minutes" it could have been 47 but i know that it was around 40 of walking minutes which is very interesting information to be presented.
as we approached my house things started to become fluorescent points of interest i will add i saw my house turn into vegas lights except they had the dimness of black lights
as i walked down my driveway i noticed formations of vehicles "blinking" into different positions and combinations and patterns in my driveway as if being conveyed the past present and future, atleast my speculation leads me to believe.
i think the village people did something to me i'll touch on that in a second.
i walked up the steps and make my way to the door unlock it with key walk in and look into living room and see family members stacked up dead each with knives sticking out of a specific spot which was the neck of course. as i am repeating vulgarity in shock madison says "what what do you see?"
R: 5 / I: 2


I had this dream that was pretty strange, have no one else to tell to, so here it goes.
I was in this room, it was an office, everything was in this shade of blue.
I was under this table, hidding, people were white, plain white, like a 3d model.
They were walking all around the place, and to the wall on my right, Ranny (a friend of mine) was with a Bunny mask, standing still.
When I tried talk to him, but when I tried, the room was destroyed by a flood, and sunddenly, I was in a sea of blue and black, and I could not get to the top.

(Sorry for the poor writting, English is not my first language)
R: 67 / I: 10

Shit that makes you lose sleep:

Is there anything specific you need to adjust or NOT HAVE in the room in order to get to sleep?

For me it's dolls. I cannot sleep if there are any in the room. Stuffed animals and the like are fine, but I can't sleep if the empty husks of babies and children are in the room. Bonus fear if I know their eyes open and close. I have actually gotten so scared in the past that I hallucinated hearing dolls on the shelf talking.

I've been this way since I was about 5, and had two Raggedy Anne dolls on my shelf. Somehow I convinced myself they would mutilate me. I've gotten better, I used to not be able to sleep if I knew there were dolls in the hallway, or even the house. Now it's just the room. Anything with eyes watching me is unnerving, but dolls are the worst.

Also, I prefer the closet to be closed, but I can bear with that. Unlike dolls.
R: 7 / I: 2

Documentary Nightmares

Wow, it's been so long since i last visited this website but i've decided to stop by for some help on something that has been baffling me for awhile.

I notice that in the beginning of a lot of my nightmares i dream about watching a horrifying documentary of sorts narrated by a male voice that always sounds like Robert Stack from "Unsolved Mysteries". In fact half of the nightmare would play out like the show, including a gruesome and realistic body horror photo of the victim, a detailed description about what happened to them, along with the ominous low-key background music. Worst part that makes my spin still chill is when the camera zooms in and i can see more horrific details. I've only ever watched the episode about Rogest Cain but that was 4 years ago.

Documentary-type dreams i've had included a tiger with an extremely enlarged head and bulging glossy eyes due to a brain tumor, a kid crying in pain from numerous teeth growing out of his skin, and re-enactments of a murder/robbery taking place in real time inside my house.

I liked to watch a lot of documentaries when i was in middle school about medical mysteries or human bravery so i'm thinking that maybe the horror aspect didn't register with me until much later because of my fascination obscuring that perceived fear.

Has anyone else experienced these type of nightmares? What could they possibly represent since i see little discussion on these specific dreams.
R: 16 / I: 10
Post your dream journal
R: 6 / I: 1

Trigger odd dreams?

Do any of you have any ideas on how to trigger certain types of dreams? Specifically dreams that are on the bizzare side of things? Not so much nightmare-esque, but just really trippy, insane type dreams. All of my dreams seem to be so socially oriented or dialogue heavy. I'd like to see some of the more asthetic. This is of course, assuming I can't lucid dream, but I am of course open to methods of accessing such dream types lucidly as well. Thank you for your time.
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Soda Before Bed

By tests, I've concluded that there's a 100% probability of having a nice dream if you consume a lot of energy right around the time you're planning on getting to sleep, even in fringe cases where I can only sleep for around 4 hours.
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This is the most terrifying dream I can ever remember having.

One of the most disturbing parts was that the dream started out with me doing extremely mundane things. Things I would do in real life. As though the dream wanted to settle me in comfortably before it terrified me. I was in a hotel on a high up floor. There may have been a convention going on. I was looking through a card binder and thinking about selling things. I go down to walk, by the stairs for some reason, and I see a young boy in one of the hallways. He might have been indian or something, he was certainly ethnic in any case. He looks lost, so I agree to help him find his parents.

As I walk through every single hall with the boy, I find some people crowding a particular door. A woman runs up seemingly trying to retrieve the boy, but she doesn't look like his mother. I asked if they were related. She said no and grabbed him away from me. So they throw the kid into the door and I hear teeth chomping and howling that pierced my soul. So I ran.

The rest of the dream was 3 days of survival, in real time, as the most gruesome depiction of hells hounds, seemingly somehow released by a middle eastern terrorist organization, covered the world devouring everyone. I ran with various packs of people camping for survival, Sei was separated from me after the first attack on our camp. I don't know what happened to him. I remember I jumped into a pool at some point and many hounds followed me in.

The hounds looked like they were made of darkness, muscle, and teeth, and resembled various dogs at different times, they morphed unnaturally.

Oh and the dream let me wake back up in what seemed like my bed in real life but actually was another dream. just a weird one though where there was some homeless chick living in my house watching DVDs with a bad speaker, but the speaker sound almost made me think of the dogs again, and THAN I actually woke up
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Ok so, guys, this dream is not mine, is from a friend (who doesnt speak english)
He told me he dreamed about he entered into a classic building, so, he entered into an elevator, he says there was someone behind him, but he couldn't turn around to saw who was that guy. he entered the elevator, and there was two womans on it.
He says one had blonde hair with a horsetail, and the other one has long brown hair, he told me the people who was behind him entered into the elevator too, but he didnt saw him entering, and was still behind him.
So.. the elevator started going up, until they get into floor 49, then, the elevator started to tremble, and going down, going down extremely fast. until it crashed and he wake up…
So, he decided to see what time was, it was exactly 11:49 P.M

So what do you think, he is asking of if this drea could have a meaning, and, if it has one, what does 49 number means in all of this?
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Miscellaneous Dreams Thread

This is a catch-all thread for miscellaneous dreams.

Drop your dreams that don't fit anywhere else in /yume/ here. They can be any type of dream about anything; lucid dreams, moody dreams, crazy dreams, fetish dreams, even trips/hallucinations, ANYTHING that doesn't need its own thread, post it here.

This way /yume/ won't be cluttered up with threads that never get responded to, and it'll be way easier and simpler for people to post their dreams since they won't have to start a new thread every single time; I want to hear more dreams from all of you and I encourage you to post them here no matter how short they are, and no matter how insignificant you think they are.
R: 7 / I: 5
wallpaper thread?
rate my oc
R: 2 / I: 1
So I've always had nightmares, but lately they've been more vivid and gruesome than the typical ones I've had.

I've been taking an SSRI for the past month, I'm wondering it that has anything to do with it, I'm unsure. Have any of you experienced dreams that are so vivid you can feel every single thing in it, despite those things not happening to you in real life? My last one involved me being split almost in two down the middle of my body, and it felt uncomfortable and painful and the two halfs would open as I walked and moved around. I also witnessed my boyfriend and my best friend in the same condition as well.

I don't know, I've always had them but the vivid detail and sense of pain I feel from them has been higher than normal.
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Lucia in Turmoil (Part 2 cont.)

I just made a 2-week time-lapse GIF for the updated map that if you can click on it, it will give you a rapid-fire sequence of events based on positive-neutral-negative outcomes we experienced up to this point. At first, the Lucians appear to be losing ground a little bit from several negative dream outcomes, but after some major encouragement, plus the advantage of using the high ground give them an advantage to push farther north just before reaching snow-capped territory. Autumn is setting in fast from the north, and heavy storms are battering the neutral eastern seaboard that is not my concern.

As of now given the last frame, this is where my dream people need further tactical assistance to either use the mountainous terrain and take the northernmost Soul Tower on the way (A), or a bottleneck one-way main road to attack the enemy capital, taking two of the remaining three Soul Towers with it (B). If they do not take either route within the next month, they will retreat to the continental border and reset the meter to 60/40 due to neutral dream outcomes or delayed reinforcements and supplies. (1st and 2nd image)

Looks like one of the high-ranked Chasers,(3rd image) a demon knight wants to challenge me in my dreams after I firmly rejected his offer to betray the Lucians to help my enemy win their soul harvesting movement, it would be high treason followed by automatic waking up with a swollen head. The duel will take place on Rockcrown Cliff (4th image) just not far from the Soul Tower northeast of the disputed continental border, and it will be a fight to the death type of dream starting whenever the next time I become lucid. This the first translated place I deciphered from my map into English. I have no experience in dream combat, so most certainly I will lose followed by waking up unless I get to know what stabilization is. I am advanced with the visualizing, checks, programmed events and story detail, but lack the in-dream techniques needed to survive extended REM stays.

Other high-ranked Chasers may join in to duel with me should I win somehow by luck or self-confidence. This type of dream is just as ambiguous as Madotsuki. I might just soon end up with her (not lethally) too if I cannot win my unintended dream war with beasts without a walk-through. Help would be appreciated, and I will thank you for any advice. The exact names of whom challenged me remains classified, and my dream story is still on going, so all images will just be generic sad faces for now.
R: 2 / I: 0

Lucia at War: Lucians vs. Chasers (2217 AD)

Hey, fellow lucid dreamers! My dream planet that I worked on for a long time from my visualization hiatus indicates there is going to be a war between my own dream characters I call Lucians versus Chasers, the source of our nightmares. I just whipped up a MS Paint map to show you what is happening while I was not there. In my last visit to that world, I was stationed at the Lucian capital as a coming of age prince on my way for coronation, but was besieged and left for dead by a local Chaser army. They let me go after I made a selfish decision to lose my ability to dream in exchange of not besieging again for a set period, and going back again before their terms are up would mean an all-out war that my “dream people” can’t win by themselves alone.

This map does not have translated locations yet because I still do not know much about the terrain other than the eleven Soul Towers and two metropolitan areas. These Soul Towers power up anyone’s abilities when near, but only under that respective faction’s control. There are 11 of them scattered about, and the goal in the next series of dreams anyone can participate is to capture all towers and then destroy its capital. The meter will tell you how close either faction is to winning that factors in population, towers controlled, and territory owned. This world is quite vast, even if you go at top speed on a prototype vehicle, it will still take you hours to reach the next destination, and driving is on the left hand.

Caution: Traveling in Lucia in anyone’s dreams including mine can be very dangerous, due to the extreme weather patterns that take place at certain times of the year, but anyone can force this phenomena either to their benefit or to wreak havoc over a wide area and stay there for a half-day. Speeds in futuristic versions of today’s vehicles and abilities related to agility can go over 400 km/h. In addition, for every minute going by, there is a ridiculously high chance the scenery or outcome of the event witnessed or not may change almost instantly because of the instability coming from thoughts. Every day on Lucia is equal to roughly this (45 mins daytime, 30 mins nighttime) in summer, and vice versa in winter (30 mins daytime, 45 mins nighttime). You suffer almost no social consequences only outside of a metropolitan area, but people in Lucia will remember your actions if you start causing chaos anywhere on their territory.

A brief info on the two factions:

Lucians – They look like any character wearing clothing from that era the planet’s current timeline takes place, but they take the forms from 2000’s-2010’s hand-drawn creations that come to life, and can be summoned at will, provided that the subconscious is capable of affirming to a lucid dreamer’s commands. Stoic, hospitable, strong-willed, physically fit and agile, they can take some punishment from their everyday failures. Their weakness is their vitality, because they simply cannot last long after taking too many hits or a critical strike on their heart. Because their soul energy is manifested from the Soul Towers dotted across their homeland, without them, they will slowly starve out of magical energy, and eventually perish like malnutrition.

Chasers – A wide variety of specimens ranging from humanoid-looking masquerades to full-blown Cthulhu-like manifestations of enormous proportions capable of unleashing untold destruction, and have already destroyed countless worlds in their wake for more than several millennia. Soulless in life, brutal in warfare, cunning in strategy, and unshakeable in loyalty, their sheer appearance can strike fear into many would-be adventurers into thinking twice about entering one’s fantasies. All they want is to steal soul energy from lucid dreamers and native inhabitants of the planets they colonized by destroying their power sources, becoming more powerful as they do so. If that fails, they use whatever means to kill them and harvest their souls to prevent the living from reaching the afterlife. Their weakness is by intimidating or hitting them where it hurts, because they overlook their weak points too often.

Support or remain neutral is up to the reader:

May I kindly ask which side in your next dream(s) are you on? Are you willing to save my dearly imagined planet from the foul creatures that haunt people’s dreams, or will you give yourself in to their cause, spread total misery, and leave me to take redemption upon my dream people? Think hard before making your choice, and state your interpretations/theories if you have any, I will tally it up on a per week basis, and whether or not I will move the meter and make any changes to this map when needed. It is okay to remain neutral if you are not interested; you can still provide me feedback. To prevent spoilers, I have to hide all three of them for story development purposes.


"Faith within the Moon" from Silver Dawn house in central Lucia.
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Dream Settings

I know this is kind of a hit-or-miss question, but it's worth a shot. Do your dreams ever take place in their own "world" or are they inconsistent or just regular places from your life. If they do take place in their own "world", can you describe it?

My dreams seem to take place in a somewhat more dilapidated variation of the state I grew up in with a few altered areas/new places. Also for some reason, all of the cars seem to be pre-2000.

By some miracle/coincidence, I found a picture on flickr that represents my dream setting very accurately. There is a junkyard that shows up often in my dreams that have hundreds of old cars crammed inside of it. My dreams are always in this weird vintage "filter" where everything is a blurred, brownish haze.

I keep procrastinating on mapping out the world, but for now that picture is the only thing I have in regards to visuals of it in real life.
R: 11 / I: 13


Let's post pictures of things that inspire you, or things you want to see/be/meet in your next dream.
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*Pic unrelated, just kinda cute*
I had a dream that my crush was starting talking to me and he was starting to like me. We walked under this really pretty tree on top of a hill and talked about things we liked. We would always be smiling but not in a creepy way, a comfortable way (for being in the dream). This "magical hill" was on a college campus of some sort? Then he suddenly disappeared; leaving notes and clues for me to find under this weird tree we hung out under. He had apparently been taken by some evil gang/tyrant/government or something and left me all of his… "clues" to complete. It was this whole crazy lucid adventure involving government conspiracy papers and rescuing my crush from this weird prison place where they held him captive… It was pretty intense and as much as I enjoyed my funny dream they of course never last; sadly.
R: 3 / I: 3
Is it possible to inherit the ability to remember dreams more easily from your relatives? My grandmother and I can remember our dreams pretty well.
Our dreams our pretty different though. My dreams are more like Mado's and Sabi's while her's are more like Chie's with a bit of Uro's.
We each have a place that keeps appearing in our dreams. Mine have the schools I went to in the past, including my current one. Her's involve this candy store similar to ones you would've gone too if you were a child in the 50's. Actually, lot of her dreams are about her childhood.
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A recent lucid dream I had. Many cats are involved.

A week ago, I surprised myself. I Tweeted that I should lucid dream, because I haven't done one in awhile, and on that same night, it happened. I guess i either got lucky or just by thinking about it before bed made it happen.
It started where I was in this Disney's Aladdin setting. I guess it was the Cave of Wonders because it has a large carpet and mounds of gold. I found a portal that leads to a different setting: a backyard with three grey tabby cats and a back and white cat, Angel/Boo, which is the cat that lives with me outside from my dream. That's when I started to become lucid. I took Angel with me and explored the backyard garden. There's a space, like a zoo exhibit, where a few breed of dogs were kept. A glass wall was separating me and my cat and the dogs. I can recognize a Great Dane and a few white Yorkshire Terriers in one. The others were a varied group of small white dogs. I recalled a memory I had where I didn't bother stopping to look in the garden in past dreams.
We went back to the backyard garden with the three cats. I decided to find out if one of these cats were Angel's real life friend, Gizmo. None of the cats are familiar, so I chose one that looks more like the cat I had in mind. Out of curiosity, I went to the back porch to see if I can fly off of it in my dragon-bird form I like to take when in a lucid dream. Slowly, I did succeed. After the transformation, I shrunk down to the size of a house-cat as soon as I flew to a window. I can smell someone cooking in the kitchen while floating above the dining room. When I entered the kitchen to see who's inside, where was an invisible person. The only thing I saw was a knife chopping mushrooms into slices while the gasoline stove behind it was turned on. Before I focused on changing my eyesight to see the person, I was pulled out of the house by some unknown force. After it placed me with the cats again in the backyard, I woke up.
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So, I can't even remember the last time I've had a good dream…I think my insomnia somehow fuels me to only have nightmares, and they're very extreme nightmares.

Does anyone else here only experience nightmares?

I sometimes implement them into things I do, such as art, writing, and ideas for my game I am making. So I don't mind it I guess..
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Bonjour je suis obèse
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A messed up dream I had in a hospital

So this dream I had in a hospital is creepy as hell and it very much so resembles some parts in .flow. I should say though that the hospital I had the dream in was a "different kind" of hospital so that should make things make a little more sense. (WARNING CONTAINS .flow SPOILERS)

So the dream starts with me waking up in my hospital bed (this is strange because all the other dreams I had there were set in my house). I woke up and after seeing the staff come around for their 15 minute checks I got up and went to use the bathroom . So I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I found it strange because my eyes were extremely bloodshot. I ignored this used the bathroom then left back to my bed. Soon after though my face felt wet so I went back to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror my eyes were bleeding. (This last part is really where it starts to resemble .flow) So I was in shock then in the mirror the reflection put his hands on his face and then looked up and smiled at me. Almost identical to the White Room event in .flow. I started freaking out but I calmed myself and left the bathroom to go talk to the night nurse. On my way to the door of my room everything started becoming more and more distorted until it started to look like a YN game. On my way to the nurses station I began to fall apart and decay like in the good ending of .flow.

This is by far one of the creepiest dreams I've had , but it did make me realize a YN game with some ties to that kind of hospital would work really really well.
R: 18 / I: 2

Rememberimg dreams.

Hello. I'm a newfag in this chan, but I only wanted to know if there's a way for remembering dreams. Thank you.
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Need help interpretaring this dream

(Sorry if there's another thread like this one, I accidentally clicked the New Topic button)

I had this dream some months ago that shocked me and still confuses me today.
In the dream, I was in an old city I used to live in. I was with my dad (who's company I don't appreciate as he is abusive) and two men in suits forced us to enter a 10 story building. Outside, the building looked like an apartments building, with windows and really abandoned-looking. We entered the building and inside it was nothing, not even the windows. It was empty.
The only thing it had was a staircase at the left side of it.
So my dad and I went up the stairs, and by the time we got to the fourth floor I could barely breath (I have asthma). We took a rest on the fourth floor, which somehow had a big window.
When we got to the top floor, my dad bought me an inhaler from a lady behind a wooden counter.
Before he could give the medicine to me I appeared in an elevator that was going up. Trapped, I pressed all the buttons the elevator had but they turned into pastel pink led lights.
Then I jumped off the building, while I was falling I looked at myself in the reflection of the windows of the building and woke up.

If anyone can help me interpret this dream that'd be awesome
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Do you guys ever recall memories from previous dreams in dreams youre currently having? I do all the time, yet I never recall memories from my real life in dreams. They're always memories from dreams I've had in the past without fail. I even recall memories from dreams I've had a year ago. Does anyone else experience this?
R: 10 / I: 1
Dreamed that I was being chased by three bogans. I tried my best to elude them. I went through an exposed concrete rainwater sewer system and reached a primary school. I knew I might get caught by a teacher or security guard or something, and since primary school teachers aren't known for their intelligence, get screamed and assaulted at for being a 'pedophile' even though I'm 20, but I decided it was worth the risk, and by the same token, that risk would repel those bogans anyway.

I discovered that the school had upped the security since I left it years ago and had a huge metal bar fence surrounding the whole thing. Anyway, I climbed that thing and thus began a thrilling escapade involving teacher evasion and peeping from around corners, etc. Whenever I ran, it was agonisingly slow and difficult, as if my legs were walking through honey. Anyway, it was really difficult, but I managed to see the opening to the gate. But alas, I thought to myself "Shit" because I saw those three bogans lurking in the whereabouts of those gates.

This is bullshit, shouldn't the teachers have started raging on them already? Probably the mere fact that they're bogan already precludes them from being pedophiles I guess. Anyway, ideas started flowing through my head how I get past them and escape through the gates to my home. I wanted to avoid a situation where I had to fight them, or where they noticed me and followed me to my home.

They were split up and patrolling the area, so I thoguht it might be possible to ambush them one by one while they're out of sight of the other, and slash their neck from behind. But its pretty stupid to kill someone over just getting chased, that just makes things worse. I settled on waiting and spying on them until they left the gate area to patrol other areas. Then I would quickly dash out while their backs are turned and hide behind a low brick wall which marked the boundary of someone's suburban property. I'd crawl in the dust, keeping a low profile so I wouldn't pop out behind the wall, and climb over the next fence after checking I wasn't being seen, slowly making my way closer to my house. And thats the end of the dream. pic unrelated
R: 10 / I: 2
I want to create a game about my dreams. There are a couple ways I can do this:

> A) RPG Maker game

> B) Source engine (hl2 engine) mod, all dreams tied together into one long story
> C) Source engine individual maps for each dream

What do you guys think?
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Dreams sure are odd.

(Pic completely unrelated)

Dreams have always been kind of weird for me.
I tend to have dreams all over the place, I dreamed a lot more as a kid, and I don't that much now. If i do, I don't remember.
Thankfully, I haven't had any nightmares recently.
But my dreams are very realistic, as in, there things that could happen in my real life.
I've had dreams where my fiance left me, or we had a huge fight, or dreams where I just can't find him.
Last night I actually had one of these dreams, I was at our soon to me graduation ceremony, and I was doing some random preparations. The only reason I see for this is because we graduated just last month.
But anyway, the whole dream was just that I lost him in the crowd and couldn't find him.
I have a lot of dreams like that.
Thats not to say though I don't have good ones, I recently drempt of our soon to be wedding, which was lovely.
I guess you're seeing a pattern eh?
Yeah almost 100% of my dreams have my fiance in them.
Probably because he means so much to me!
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I had a strange dream.

I was literally just browsing /fg/ on uboachan in my dream, I kid you not. I had dug in to a lot of older posts on /fg/ I hadn't seen before where most of everything was incomplete, but I found one "joke" game that was just someone's completed fangame with a troll chipset.
I downloaded it and by accident, replaced the chipset with a really pretty one that magically filled all the requirements for the chipset because dreams are strange. Everything in the chipset is pastels and there are a lot of flower themes.
The game opens on a screen where your only option is to go up into razor wire and get your legs cut off and then it resets, and you do it again. You go up several times until the character is dragged by some unseen force to the title screen. And on the title screen the girl just sits there and dolls march toward her from both sides and disappear when they reach her. The final set of dolls has a somewhat mangled toy dog face on them.
When you hit new game and someone walks up to you and says its time to go home, so your character gets up and begins walking home, and this part of the dream gets really hazy because supposedly it's still a game, but I've switched to my "real world" perspective.
On my way home I talk to a 7 year old kid and… accidentally bring him home with me. That's not suspicious at all, no way. Thanks, dreams.
So, at this point I had accidentally brought like a 7 year old to my apartment that I double lock the front door to (because at one point someone through rocks in and nearly killed me, so I'm some paranoid hikkikomori)
The kid sees the state of my life and tries to teach me life lessons and stuff but I'm not buying it. To prove a point he goes into the back yard over my balcony and fucking fights the neighbor's goat. Me being the asshole I am, set a 10 minute alarm because I don't intend to watch, and if the alarm goes off and he's not back he's probably dead, I assume.
But I watch him the entire time and the fight takes long enough that the fucking alarm goes off while I'm watching and I look at it and then up to the kid and it puts me at unease.
And since dreams are inconsistent, the balcony is now a window at ground level and goat is dog. He pushes the 'dog' closer to the window and I start assisting in the fight and eventually tell it "hey goat," (Why does the goat have dog paws? It only occurred to me when I woke up.) "I'll trade you to get (boy's name that I forgot) back by showing you a pretty picture." and it agrees and the creator of the game messages me back "lol I've seen it before but ok" and then I woke up because of my real phone alarm.

I don't know, Ubuu. What do you make of this?
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Recently I had a dream that sparked up my interest in Yume Nikki again. Mostly because of how similar the situation was to Yume Nikki. I dunno tell me what you guys think…

So basically, I was in my car driving at night on a really dark, in the middle of nowhere road, (you know those ones with no houses, just surrounded by trees) and all of a sudden my headlights went out. I could still drive though. I saw a bright flashing light ahead of me on this narrow road, and though I probably should have avoided it I kind of just continued to drive into it. As the light got closer, I made out the image of what was coming toward me and it wasn't a car. It actually was a giant skull. Not like a cartoon one that's all white and shiny… this was like, a really dirty skull, with rotting skin still on it that was slowly peeling off. The skull was HUGE bigger than my car actually, and the light I saw were coming from the sockets in it's eyes, but I couldn't really see into the eyes, as the light was blinding almost to the extent of the sun. It opened it's decaying mouth as I got closer and before I could even slam on the brakes I was swallowed by it. Inside of it wasn't really a stomach or even anything that seemed related to the skull. It was just another road. But not a normal road, the road was pink, it looked kind of like stone. It was just floating in a black abyss. My car stopped moving and when I looked behind me there was no opening, or teeth where the skull swallowed me. It was just a cliff where the road ended. If I reversed my car an inch I would have fallen. So I instead just started to follow the pink road forward for what seemed like an hour, until I eventually woke up…

I don't know what it means but it reminded me so much of Yume Nikki, and I still don't know what's at the end of the pink windy road floating in the abyss. I'm wishing to have this dream again sometime so I can figure out what's at the end…

I dunno, I just thought this was the best place to leave this… Tell me what you guys think.
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Fake Lucid Dreaming?

I seem to keep having this problem of not knowing whether i'm actually lucid dreaming or if i'm just dreaming i am. I had a dream last night we're i woke up from my "lucid dream" into another dream. This is what happened:

I was walking through a house, not my real house but it was my house in the dream and something felt off. So I walked into a room and tried switching the light on and off. Nothing happened which told me it was a dream(i had gotten this trick from waking life). Once i realized it was a dream (and this has happened multiple other times too) i started finding it hard to even move or do something. Like walk out the door. I have to like force myself into it. Sometimes as soon as i realize i just wake up. So anyway i went walking. once i got outside it wasn't hard to move anymore so i tried to change from barefoot to sneakers. But i couldn't do it only sorta half way did it. Then i woke up and was in another dream. I had tried to quickly write down my dream but couldn't seem to do it. So i went back to sleep and had another dream.

Has anyone had similar issues with having it hard to continue dreaming? The lucid parts were kinda like it was automatically happening but also i had a bit of control over it at least mentally (the entire dream and not like my actual dream self had control. like a puppet). I'm really not sure if it was real or not. What do you think? Is this still considered lucid dreaming?
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Boring Dreams

I used to have control over my dreams. For some odd reason, I don't have that control anymore. And my dreams kind of suck now. I remember them but not much happens in them. My dreams used to be very vivid and full of life and now it's just dull and lifeless. So my question is, how would I go about fixing this?
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I had a pretty cool dream the other day. I was in a "maze-game" show that was kind of like being trapped in a giant, indiana jones themed ant's nest without the ants. There were chambers that me and a random person from school that was next to me had to either kill everything that was inside the chamber(they were just birds or these weird, evil, flying stressballs like in the pic), or just observe what was in it. The thing is, we could have technically not have done anything and just moved on and won, but for some reason we had do do something in each of them. The only thing we could do in these chambers were fight off the monsters with our bare hands or simply pass by. We could not explore them because the only accessible parts were a single pathway that was fenced on one side (we could see the entire chamber from out of the fence) and had a wall of rock on the other side, as if we were in an orb-shaped zoo. The dark, staircase tunnels that connected all of the chambers were all marked by a green EXIT sign, even though they infinitely led into another, similar chamber. I never won the game show. All the chambers just led into almost identical ones until I woke up. In fact the only reason for there being a game show was because when the dream started I thought "I'm in a game show" but other than that there was no evidence for it. Weird dream but I liked it.
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Thoughts On the Structure of Dreams and Using it for a Game

It has taken me a while to get myself to write this, and I don't feel all that inspired at the moment, but considering how obsessive I can be, if I don't just get this down and wait for a "perfect time", it will never happen.

For years now I have wanted to make a dream game. I would call it a Yume Nikki fangame but it will not be conservative and probably borrow very little from Yume Nikki, even though it is a huge inspiration (if that makes sense). I approached it from a few different angles. I decided it was going to be in 3D, and will contain many of my personal, recurring dream worlds. My ambition for this makes it a kind of "pet project" that everyone should just assume will never see the light of day.

Yume Nikki 3D by Zykov Eddy was important in giving me an art direction. My visions had previously been too good; I mean, the graphics would have taken too long to do anything useful with in a reasonable amount of time. The eduke 3D engine was quite perfect for Zykov Eddy's game, and the fact that it was free software was also a plus. The graphics were pleasing enough to look at, but did not require too much time or ingenuity, and the vagueness even added to it for obvious reasons.
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I usually have very mundane dreams, however there are a few that have stood out to me in their oddness.

I've heard dreams have meaning, the fuck could these mean?

A year or so back, I dreamed about being back at my middle school playground. It was completely empty and the sky looked just like it does before a bad storm. I remember it being relatively cool and windy. I was wearing sandals and for some reason I was chasing a seagull. As the seagull flies away, I look to my left and see a fat kid with his back to me.

Another strange dream I had was about being relocated by my family to a town called Meepo. It was on the mountain side and was only accessible through a narrow road, again, on a mountain side. When we got there, it was nighttime. The town was mostly devoid of inhabitants, and though every place was lit up, all the houses were one room or two, and those had no furniture. There were no streets or anything of the sort, the house were connected by walkways or bridges.

Another dream I had is a bit of a weird one. I was back at my high school gym's locker rooms, except the shower area was a huge fucking maze. It was steamy as shit and for some reason there were guys fucking and blowing each other off. As I progressed further into the maze, it got darker and colder, and the guys started acting more and more strangely (keep in mind, the guys were high school seniors). At one point, three guys looked at me in one of the darker areas. I hurried back to the exit, and on the way back there was no one at all.

Finally, the strangest dream I had was about some weird abandoned building in Russia, I think. (Never been to Russia.) It was a weird, pool-like area, except the pool was extremely shallow, and went into some weird sort of rectangular holes that led somewhere, but were far too small to traverse comfortbaly. Above those holes were two windows. There was a remarkably large opening leading to another room, but as I stepped in it I felt I probably shouldn't be going too far and left. All the while, I heard a noise like a tap dripping water.
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here's my dream.

i had a dream where i was poniko, and madotsuki kept turning on and off the lights. instead of turning into uboa, i turned into monoko and i was like "give me a hug" and she did so.
jp (attempted)-
R: 23 / I: 8
I've been having a ton of good dreams lately, so I think a thread is in order.
R: 4 / I: 0

Im not dreaming as much as i used to

So if you guys remember, last year I was talking about dreamscaping and how I found that I could lucid dream in such a way where I will literally build the entire dream's setting and/or re-enter dreams from any point in time.

But since ive gotten clean off opiates, its not happening anymore. I feel like a big part of my life is now empty and im not just talking about the opiates, but the dreams as well, because with the ability to dream like that, dreams were half my life. I want to know how it can be helped.
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A few of my dreams

I've always had very vivid dreams, and started writing them down about two years ago. They vary in length, and usually I wake up from them with an uncomfortable feeling, but writing them down helps, so maybe sharing will too.
I'll post them in replies.
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Schizo's dreams

I have spent a lot of time expanding my mind and dreams to have wonderful dreams every night. They are starting to get very long and detailed. I can even wake up and re-enter the same dream I left which makes my dreams even longer. Gonna put dreams I feel like sharing with other people in this thread.

The original setting of this dream was a high budget school in a semi futuristic setting. I was in a Fascist run country that took over the world using incredibly advanced technology that they stole and reverse engineered from a race of aliens called the Izzerot that tried to take over the earth a couple centuries prior. There were sentient and animal tier aliens spread across the planet. It seems that they were trying to change our ecosystem by putting in their species from their own planet which has caused major changes to a lot of environments. Their invasion failed due to the tenacity and technological strength of the Human race but the world was never the same and their were completely alien looking areas of the world along with alien slums and aliens hidden across the world.
The dream starts as a normal day in high school. My school was very nice and everyone their was expected to succeed greatly and was connected to the rest of the high class areas of the city by train. I did good enough in school to get by but I didn't have very many friends and the staff didn't like me.
One day I was running away from other students and I stumbled into an abandoned part of the school. I felt a lot of vibes that I shouldn't be here but something was calling to me. It must have been a miracle or fate for me to wonder into here with nobody around. I found a device and I immediately knew for some unknown reason that it was device that could stop time on activation. An alarm immediately went off and I panicked and activated it and ran to a classroom that wasn't being used. I felt a change going on in my head like I wondered into something that will change my life forever and that I'm probably already damned.
I looked out a window and could see staff wondering around the area I found the device and they seemed to be scanning the area I was in. "Perhaps they could tell I activated this thing" I thought to myself. I spent a lot of time in this room contemplating my existence. After some time I noticed that there was security outside the building I was in. An Idea sparked into my head and than I hid behind the a wall in the next room and waited for them to come in. They noticed the building I was in was broken into and came inside. My adrenaline started pumping and I activated the time stop device. I knocked out both of the people who came in, one I recognized as my principal and took their guns. When the device ran out I was on the roof.
"What have I done!, what am I doing!" These thoughts raced through my mind. I had no idea what to do. Their were a lot of students around at this time and they could see me in my school uniform with a gun running across the roof. Everyone seemed to be looking at me with this look of of amazement. Almost everyone I saw in my peer group seemed to be cheering me on. I decided to book it to the train station and rally as many people as I could to come with me, which I regret doing now, so many people will be damned by my actions but we were all living empty heartbreaking lives anyway.
I used the device to my hearts content to take out everyone in the way knowing they already knew I was here already. When I made it to the train I recognized someone their who I could trust and he helped gather other rebellious students to take off with me. I used this time to converse with other students and take a break but I didn't reveal to them the device, although thinking back I probably should have knowing that the time stop device was the only edge I had.
We decided that we would head to a half human half alien slum that was nearby to hide in and figure out our next plan of action. We were to break into the front of the automatic train and press the emergency break and than run 5-10 miles to get there.

>next post
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Chewky's Dream Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

So I vaguely recall having a thread dedicated to my dreams back in the day, and since it seems to have fallen off the board during the time where none of my dreams were interesting enough to write down I guess I'll just start up a new one. My dreams are getting too strange and uncomfortable not to write down.

Last night's dream was particularly uncomfortable in that for some reason, as I was spending time with my father and sister, someone mistook me for his wife. We'd been spending the day at a fair of some sorts, and decided to get something to eat. The restaurant seemed normal enough, though I had a moment where I suddenly recalled several other restaurant/shops that had appeared throughout my other dreams in a way that almost felt like I ran through all of them like old movie frames. Coming back to the restaurant, my dad and I moved up to the front of the line, where they seemed to sell all sorts of regular foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs, but with strange dream like twists to them (i.e. a few of the hot dogs had what looked like toothpaste on them, one of the burgers was pink, etc.). The dessert case, however, was totally normal. They had a cake fashioned in the same was as a cinnamon bun, with what I presumed to be a chocolate icing on it. My dad started joking about getting it with me and we both laughed so loudly it woke up my sister, who for some reason was in a stroller despite being older than me. Apparently she'd suddenly developed this rare disease where she started aging backwards, leaving us to take care of her as though she were a baby.

After getting our food and sitting down, I noticed we were rather cramped and began to look around the room for a better place to sit. It was then that I realized that the restaurant had been built in what looked like an old high school classroom, with a bunch of oddly shaped booths cramped into the corner. A rather stereotypical American woman leaned over with a red face and started shouting and calling us "incestuous bastards", in a thick southern accent. My dad and I were understandably confused, and my sister started wailing again at the loud noises. Suddenly the entire room warped and stretched around us, turning into what looked like my old elementary school's gym after the apocalypse. I stood up to leave, but suddenly a group of dancers filed into the middle of the gym, dressed in rags and spinning their partners around to a horribly off beat song. My dad turned and screamed at me, telling me that "maybe this wouldn't happen if I didn't wear those skimpy dresses" as if we'd been accused like this before. When I looked down to examine what I thought would be a cream colored tank top and shorts, I found instead a bright pink, almost foam like caricature of a dress. It barely went down to my thighs, which were clad in fishnets and looked eerily doll like. Upon my head was a blond wig and about a pound of makeup. As I went to scream I suddenly woke up, leaving me with a terribly disorienting case of exploding head syndrome.

Christ, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to be awake. I hate dysphoria inducing dreams.
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Dream Memory

Is it possible for people to remember their own dreams without the help of a dream diary? Is anyone else able to control this power besides me?

I've had somehow gained the ability to recall certain moments in dreams i had experienced a few days ago and even further back. They aren't specifically nightmares but more of like a hosh-posh of neutral dreams. Sometimes out of nowhere when i see or hear something specific, that certain object might trigger a recollection of a previous dream event that involved it.

I don't know how this ability slowly started to manifest but i think it has to do with me thinking over a lot of my dreams before i get up, hoping to write or draw them down in my diary, but never getting around to doing so anymore because of my ADD early in the morning.

I worry though that these recollections i'am storing in my memory bank might accidentally one day get mixed up with some of my real memories and cause me great confusion. It hasn't happened yet but i can't help but think about it on rare occasions.

Any advice or thoughts on this?

(pic unrelated)
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Discovery Allows Scientists to Induce Lucid Dreams in Subjects

Science has done it. Lucid dreaming gadgets now exist. How long before NEETs are addicted to lucid dreaming with their waifus in paradise?

>Scientists on Sunday said they had used a harmless electrical current to modify sleep so that an individual has "lucid dreams," a particularly powerful form of dreaming.

>The gadget comprises two small boxes with electrodes that are placed next to the skull and send a very weak, low-frequency electrical signal across the brain.

>"The effect… was only observed for 25 and 40Hz, both frequencies in the lower gamma frequency band," Voss said.

>Voss said, that it seemed inevitable that a similar device would one day be invented for consumers, enabling sleepers to latch onto lucid dreaming, for better or worse.

>"Although this is not something I am personally interested in, I am certain that it won't take long until such devices come out."

R: 79 / I: 50
Hey guys, if you ever draw something based off of your dreams post it here!

This is meant to be a continuation off of the old "Dream monsters" thread but now a bit more open-ended.

Weird environments / creatures / people / events, anything goes.
R: 5 / I: 1

Souvenirs from a Dream

I'm writing a story about a man who can visit people's dreams and take a souvenir from his surroundings back into the waking world.

What he pulls from the dream world is simply determined by who the dreamer is and what they're dreaming of. He's pulled out mannequins, teapots, cats, snow globes, and even a clock tower. Each dream is a sort of standalone chapter or story, building together into one larger narrative. Would people read this? I don't know. I'm just trying to make it cohesive at this point, but I'm mostly just trying to have fun with it!

Based off of your most memorable dream, what souvenir would a traveler take from your mind back into the world of the living? What significance would it have to you - would it's presence in the waking world be problematic in any way?
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My conciousness often hates me. It plays tricks on me. At some level, I fight myself. I remember being acutely aware of becoming lucid in a dream, and when I did all the protagonists in it looked at me with sinister intent. I had control of myself and the environment…

~but so did something else in the dream.

Mind you, I've experienced dreamscaping (otherwise known as dream walking), not by my own will unfortunately. I was pulled into a dream by a very, influential person I had met only once. Once I entered her dream, we recornized each other, she called me at 4am. We had traded numbers after the party we met, but had never talked to each other. I had just woken and was ready to just, put it aside as another dream… but that call confirmed it wasn't.

So I'm very acutely aware that dreams are more than what we think they are. and that we're far more capable than just interacting with our own consciousness. The question is then, to me, how do you know when your dreams are your own? How can you verify it? I just don't know… a token is not enough. Recordings, paper notes, all of that. Not enough. Being able to recall the dream doesn't help affirm whether it's yours or not. Without consistent ability to reach lucid control, it'd be impossible to truly identify it to my knowledge.

I can verify a dream state, and a dream state can be analyzed through sleep study… but there's no way to analyze whether or not the dream is yours. It makes dreamscaping impossible to believe and prove, but I know it is true. I know a lot of you who lucid dream know exactly what I'm talking about at one point of your life or another. A dream that's not yours, one you can't manipulate despite being able to manipulate your own space.

It's still your dream, a facsimile, but… you're not the source of it. You're just playing the data… It's my theory that non-lucid dreamers go through dreamwalking all the time, but without being aware of the dream state, it can occur millions, billions of times around the world without suspicion every night. In my experience, dream recall seems to be extremely strong when it happens. Perhaps because more of our conscious mind is in use during the experience. I'm not sure…

I don't expect this to be read or replied to. These questions have been floating in my mind for some time. The person I dreamwalked with, well, she's not been the most helpful. Despite how friendly she is, she has a strange feeling about me and won't trust easily. I saw something in her memory I should have never seen. I wish I hadn't. I felt bad for her. I'm associated with part of her that gives her pain… and I never asked to be.

If dreams can have this power over our hearts, are they really the random images we deem them to be? Sometimes, I think I know why we forget our dreams traditionally, despite them being good ones, or not… I think we're more powerful than what we think we are. Sometimes, I don't think we're human at all. Sometimes, I fear we dream because we are creators in our prison, and at night we play with something long lost to us, and it hurts to be reminded of it. We bury it. We let go… and for some reason, or hearts won't let us forget it when we succumb to rest.

What the hell are we…? Do I even want to know…
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ITT: Nightmares

I had a dream where I was in the house of a psychopathic barney or something. He had abstract/terrifying art, showed us (my family and one other family) a video of a man being killed by doctors, and he tried to set somebody on fire in his BBQ pit.

Through the whole dream I was like "Guys, this guy is psycho, lets leave!" but everybody else in my dream were being idiots and would say stuff like "No, lets stay for a little but"

so yeah. Nightmare thread.
>pic is somewhat not related
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I've been having a lot of bad dreams as of late, bad enough to the point where I'm often waking up multiple times throughout the night out of emotional anguish, hurt, or distress, and to where I don't feel rested despite getting around 8 hours of sleep altogether. Maybe posting about them here will help me to stop having them. Note that I'll post any good or neutral dreams that I have here as well.

I'll start on the next post.
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Dream I found interesting.

Alright…So, I found this on someones blog.
"Alright…So, I actually had this dream a few months ago, but I still remember it. That's how much of an impact it had on me. I mean, in case you couldn't tell by the last dream I told you guys about, my dreams usually are just strange. It's hard to comprehend them, and most of the time, I just laugh at them. But this dream was actually quite scary…And I don't mean in a way that was laughable afterwards, I mean I woke up sweating and was in a daze for pretty much the rest of the day.

The first half of it consisted of my family and I repeatedly going to this weird isolated restaurant in a cave. The restaurant didn't have any waiters/waitresses, and the food was just sorta left on the table for us. The "restaurant" was more of a cafe I guess, because it only served desserts, mainly cupcakes. Their desserts were incredible, and I often fought with my sisters over them. I suspected that the cafe was run by the "people" that I could sometimes see in the corners. They wore rags and demon masks like the one in the image, their masks were red, though. They would just sorta blend in the background, since there were so many of them, and watch us like hawks. I figured that since my family didn't seem at all bothered by them, that they were the owners of the cafe.

Anyways, at first everything seemed well and grand. Their desserts were great, my family and I always had fun conversations there…It seemed like a nice cafe. A little odd, but nice. But then…something happened. I can't remember this part very clearly, but I think what happened was I had one too many cupcakes. So one of the "demons" came over, reached into my throat, and took my stomach away. Or my taste buds, can't remember which. Anyways, needles too say, I was pretty flipping shocked…But I thought the "demon" was just joking about it, and that he didn't actually do what he just said he did. Since he did really quickly, and I didn't feel anything (Everything was sorta a blur during this part). Not to mention I wasn't y'know, DEAD EVEN THOUGH HE TOOK ONE OF MY VITAL ORGANS.

So, when my family and I walked out of the cafe, I laughed nervously and asked, "Hey, he was just joking, right?" But they just looked at me with serious/confused expressions. I passed it off as them trying to scare me at the time. But the more we went there, the more I wondered if it was actually a joke, or if this place was really that way. I began to wonder if this place really did punish their customers physically, and why my parents weren't telling me. I became more and more nervous and anxious, and suspected more and more that it was real. It was driving me insane. Until one day, we weren't allowed to go outside. Apparently the demons were doing something out there that no one was "allowed" to see. I was a little unnerved, but just shrugged it off like, "Okay. No biggie. No point in breaking that rule." Until I noticed my mom looked panicked, and then noticed I couldn't see my dad anywhere.

I panicked thinking that my dad went outside, so I rushed after him with the intentions of bringing him back before the demons noticed. But once I was outside, my dad was nowhere in sight. But one of the demons saw me, and they weren't pleased. I ran back to my family, and this time saw that my dad was there. My relief was cut short however, when I looked behind me and saw a demon. The demon began to tell me that I broke the rules, while my parents watched in horror. While in first person view, I saw my world going black, as the demon was killing me in some gruesome way I can't remember. I saw my parents crowding around me, but they weren't doing anything. They just kept on saying things to me like, "What's wrong?" "We won't understand if you don't tell us." "Tell us what's wrong." Every time I tried to speak however, nothing came out. What I wanted to say felt so obvious, yet so difficult to explain. There were so many things I wanted to say, but my voice wouldn't escape. And when it finally did, I woke up covered in sweat."
What do you think it means?
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Dreams flooding into real life?

Good morning/night/I-don't-even-know-anymore, fellow dreamers.

I'm new to Uboachan, and I can tell it's been pretty dried up here on /yume/ in recent years. But in all my *chan experiences, I've never found a board that I've felt so strongly drawn to, so I want to try and breathe some life back into this place (if that's OK) and hopefully ask a question of you all in the process–a question I've been wanting to ask for years, but hadn't until now found the right people to ask:

Do you ever have dreams whose characters seem to extend beyond sleep? That is, do any recurring characters from your dreams ever talk to you when you're awake? If so, what kinds of things do they say?

For me, it's been happening since I was about 11 years old, when I started having dreams about a little girl named Aria. One time she "followed" me out of my dreams, and to this day I still hear her voice in my head. I'm not really afraid of her–we talk a lot and she's actually a lovely person–but her intrusion on my waking(?) world has caused me a lot of problems, and I'm eager to find out whether anyone here has run into this kind of dream before.
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Waking up

anyone here have trouble getting out of dreams?
I never had, The second things turn slightly bad in a dream, I just suddenly wake, sitting up in bed. I had a dream last night when I was still on the verge of consciousness, and in the dream a bee flew past my head and clipped my ear, and just BAM! I was up and my heart was beating like crazy.
A few months ago, I had one where someone broke in, and I calmly hid in the bathroom and I was gonna escape out the window and hide at my brother's house across the street. I got to my bro's house, he wasn't home. Woke up so damn fast. Didn't even get to find out if the killer knew where I was/if he was following.
It's like my brain goes "welp, nothing to do here, abort mission!" I really appreciate that it does that, actually. None of my dreams ever verge into nightmare territory because even an omnimous situation never has a chance to get bad. If I'm having a good dream, I sleep heavier and only an alarm wakes me. So I get to experience all the wonder .A.

So anyway, how are you guys about waking up? Do you wake up when dreams get bad? or do you have a harder time when it gets bad and then you're stuck in the dream? Do you tend to wake from good dreams more easily, and miss the good stuff?how about night terrors? It all sounds so scary ;A; please, describe it in great detail for me.

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Crush Dreams Thread

Anyone have any dreams about their crush (or past crushes whatever) they'd like to share? Could be embarrassing or sexual or just random. I often find myself dreaming about the person I like shortly after I start liking them, so I'm curious.
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Astral Plane Log

Share places you've found in the astral.

I found a moonlit cliff with bare trees growing from its tip and black stone panther statues with curly hair in the style of Japanese shisha. People were there too.

· Were they really statues?
· The area is a few miles away from a factory.

Share yours!
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natural disasters

I had another one of these today, a dream about disasters. This time it was meteorites. I was in some kind of futuristic place when the first came. It was a small one, but big enough to make a massive blastwave that I could feel. There were lots of people around me, everyone was frightened. Then suddenly more of them came down all around us. I did manage to survive and when it was over I made out with a girl looking exactly like Olivia Thirlby in Dredd (best part of the dream I suppose) and we realized that these meteorites were send down by some evil force…

Anyway, I have a lot of these dreams. Usually they involve natural disasters: impact events, meteorites, enormous tsunamis, supertornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms and rarely it's nukes (which is man-made, but the only thing to equal the destruction). I was wondering if this is a common theme for anyone else. Normally I don't have nightmares but these dreams are the only ones that can actually wake me up and somewhat frighten me. The feeling of these dreams is also special, somehow they tend to be more realistic/vivid and more likely to include senses beside vision/sound such as touch and feeling temperature/gravity. The only other dreams like that are sex dreams and lucid dreams (and there definitely seems to be a greater chance of overlap between these different types of dreams). Disasters are not something that I worry about in daily life, but I find it striking that I have so many dreams about it.
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(Pic related) I had a dream last night Where i was going around town fighting creatures. The sky was unusually bright & gray; i met a girl a who needed my help or wanted me to be her servant or something we were going around fighting and looking for answers then a guy appeared out of nowhere and mentioned some sort of commitment to the girl i was traveling with i guess she wanted me to marry her; the way it was phrased it sounded as if she wanted me to be her's & HER'S Alone the guy wanted that outcome as well. I was trying to say yes but then the person gave me glimpse of various battles, etc i think that was his of way of making sure i say yes i'm pretty sure he was unaware of me gouing to accept her proposal regardless, I also saw a girl's head on the ground (Girl in the Pic). Maybe it could be a dormiloid. Can anyone give me insight on this?
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Dreamwalkers and netwalkers may find this book extremely helpful.

James Hillman - The Dream and the Underworld

His background is in Jungian analysis but he separates from Freud and Jung's propensity to interpret dreams literally - he sees that as losing them in translation. He advocates a feeling approach and speaks on mythic memory, much like TS Eliot and Joseph Campbell.


Explorers of varieties of dreamworlds may be interested in the Tibetan bardos, James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" (beast of a book, but it's a dream world not unlike YN games), and the media theories of Marshall McLuhan, who was inspired by Joyce and wrote of media technologies (radio, tv, he died before the internet) as states of consciousness. One of those guyss SE Lain should have introduced us to along with Vannevar Bush and John C. Lilly.


P.S. Y'all know about lucid dreaming and astral projection, rite?
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Hi there everybody.

I've been having really weird as hell, extremely coherent dreams. They all follow a setting, a storyline, with character development and everything. They're all very intense, usually involving genocide, suicide, or something similar. I would post it but my dreams are so detailed that it would likely require a lot more than one post in order to fill. Should I try it anyways? Does anyone else suffer from these odd, really extreme and coherent dreams?
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Last night I had a dream that me and my little sister and my partner went on a roadtrip to New York to see a friend of mine. We ended up in a camp which had all wooden cabins. It was almost like a miniature town, with shops and everything.

There was a gap in my dream. There was a line of people trying to enter a portal to enter into The Matrix (I watched The Matrix recently). We were having a huge battle in what looked like a high-school locker room. We threw large jelly dildos and other random items at each other in teams, kind of like dodgeball. At first, it was a lot of fun. Eventually, everyone grew bored and I began to talk to this one chubby Latina girl. We began to make out, because "The Matrix is not real, after all"
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I had a dream where i was in a something that resembled a classroom but head to toe it was white i remember walking around in the room then some white haired girl with pale skin and crimson eyes came into the room we were talking and then all of sudden we were having a battle, the battle felt like an rpg we were both using magic & swords towards the battle's climax she used a binding spell; chains arose from the ground. i was trapped with no way to escape. i came to realize that i couldn't escape she went in to a quick-draw like stance she took out her sword and was going to use zantetsuken. i saw coming closer and closer, in my mind i said "is the end?" she puts the sword away She giggles and says… "Just kidding! i was just trying to scare you." The girl was so beautiful i want her to be guardian/lover thus i call her Lilith i know she's here with me. i hope she loves me like i love her
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This is my first time on /yume/. As a child, I always had these dreams that were strange. At the time, I thought my dreams were strange and even scary, and I thought they may have had some connection to why I was always 'lost in my own world' and socially awkward. Year passed and I became more sociable and those dreams are rare now. I have dreams about weird stuff still, but not as dark or surreal as they used to be. I kind of miss those dreams and I feel like my artwork isn't enough to satisfy my need for something more fantastical than my pressuring reality of school. I want to try lucid dreaming, but I've no success so far. Any advice?
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Have you ever had a nocturnal emission, /yume/?

I haven't.
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A few days ago, I was on a five day break and so I decided that for two of those days, I would go dreamscaping.
Dreamscaping is a word I made up where I indulge in setting up a series of lucid dreams. Does anyone here know what I am talking about, and/or participate in the act of Dreamscaping?

I first had a dream which starts off in a geographically-familiar location that is modified, as most of my dreams are. I started the dream in a tree out in the gravel parking lot across from Union Hill Elementary, where an old couple sells trailers they scrap together. However, there is a club-like bar out there instead, and behind it is the pasture where every year we release balloons in memory of an old, dear friend Laura Freeman. I don't remember why I was with the people I was with, except for one important thing. We all came to this spot in a blink. Presumably this thought was derived from the fact that the dream started right here, and had no previous events. We just blinked over here. The events in between are fuzzy, but I remember going into the club and through the back where on the left, there is a corridor, configured like a house that always seems to recur in my dreams. Always, the first door on the left would be a room that elicited exotic and sometimes abhorrent elements of my dream. And this time the door was open, and the lights were warm. My mother was sitting by a desk, telling me something. I dont know what, but for some reason it led me to walk into town, and on the path, there were people on the hillside shooting arrows through my feet and hands as I walked, feeling nothing. I came back in a buggy, and thats when I realized my brother Mike wasn't there, and he never was. In a frightened and worried state, I knew I had to blink back to that moment which I started the dream. So, I ate a slice of cheese that brought me back to the past, at that moment, with me sitting on the same branch I had started off at in my dream. I went through the process over and over again, and tried to change my actions, and every time I got shot I would look for that slice of cheese and start over.

Then, in another dream, I was at a concert to go see the misfits. For some reason, Blink 182 was opening for them, and all the kiddies went to go see them. I wanted to get into the crowd but the floor was too packed, so I took a giant snow shovel and started shoveling people out of the crowd. The shovel and I got bigger and the people got tinier and paler, until they turned into particles of snow in my backyard. I went sledding on thousands of tiny, live particles of human snow. I woke up for a brief minute and during that time my mom said something about taking everyone on a trip. I said fuck that and went back to sleep. In my dream, I was sledding on the people when I was called up into the van for a special field trip to Apple hill. That is a place in the rural foothills where people come every fall to enjoy apple pie. But this time, we took the van, and chained two mattresses behind it in a linear fashion. On the left was a steep hill and on the right was a canyon into a riverbed. My sister kept on driving on the hill, as if gravity's pull was shared between the hillside and the ground. Then we would drive off the hill when the road curved, and then make it across and down into the canyon, and back up to the road. It was really fun. I slept for 16 hours both the nights I tried dreamscaping.
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Guys, even before I've played Yume Nikki, I have been having dreams about bird people. I suffer from some hallucination based mental problem, one of my hallucinations have told me they are like the "Prinee's of your world" which means when someone does a crime that isn't too terrible for death, they are turned into bird people and treated as slaves for 100 years. Does anyone else have dreams about bird people
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Hey guys, I had a dream where everyone on Uboachan met up and had a sleepover.

There was more sex than I would of imagined.
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Hello /yume/
I recently started another diary for my dreams (I tend to stop continuing them for a while then starting a new notebook again) but now I was starting thinking about if you guys have any form for your notes, or not.

I mean if you write down anything else than notes about your dreams at the morning or whenever you wake up, because I usually take notes of what did I eat before going to sleep, and also if I masturbated or not.
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I keep having this dream where I'm raping a little girl who I saw at a old camp I once went to. I can't get them to stop and I really don't like it. While I'm awake when I think about her I have ideas of brutally abusing her in awful ways and in my dreams I rape her mercilessly. I often see little girls who look like her and I can feel myself getting slightly aroused and I start biting my lip until they leave.

I really hate this guys, what should I do about it? I'm to scared to ask anyone else for help. I don't want to hurt kids…

>Pic not related
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Reoccurring dream people

Does anyone else have a reoccurring dream person in their dreams? Picture unrelated.

Someone I call "the kind man" always stays in my dreams. He's, well, kind, but everything he does is also somehow really depressed. He seems to be aware of the fact that this is all a dream and he asks me not to wake up sometimes and tells me that being awake is painful.

I am able to do strange things in my dreams when he's around. If he asks me to "tell him a story", I can change the setting of the dream to a completely different world. Sometimes with his presence I'm able to take aspects of previous dreams to aid me, or suddenly develop some reality editing in my dream. I can never do this without his presence. When I ask him about it, he's always evasive and implies that I'm "remembering" something, though he also tells me that as a human I'll never understand even if he told me.

He's very into duality- in fact I think he's manifested in my dreams as a completely different reoccurring figure I call "the cruel man" who appears only to take my will in the dream and have me do his bidding. He's admitted this to me, though he's only admitted this to me as a roundabout manner. Specifically he's told me that "every dream is merely a kinder nightmare" or something along the lines.

Anyone else have something like this?
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Has anyone dreamed of collect effects ? I have but in my dream I'm invited but I don't remember how I was invited though. So now I'm in a mansion courtyard and I only have 5 effects and there's other people looking for effects as well. I keep looking and I'm panicking but I don't why until I get my seventh. I remembered us contestants were given a time limit. So I finally get the 12th and times up. Every gathers around somewhere (I don't remember) and I remember a creature I think it was maybe a skeleton I don't remember again. So the winners leave and the creature tells the ones who are left that they have to stay. I try to run and I see a broken bridge connecting to my only way out. Then I wake up.

The next day I have the same dream but this time I collected all the effects. But when I try to walk away the creature stands in front of me and I don't remember if it laughed or told me something. I was running to try to get to the other side but then I was standing on a chunk of the bridge and I was falling. Then I woke up. O3O

After all that I never had a dream like that again. But I still remember I didn't see the winners actually leave so I suspect the same thing happened to them or maybe they did actually leave.
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dream caught on film i guess

i made an artsy fartsy little short film based on a dream i had, if you can even call it a short film.

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Not a typo

You float up, and reach the edge of the cliff overlooking the forest below.

The men and dogs are miles away.

You are tired from the journey and alight on the ground, which is at the edge of a board-walk. The ground is slick with a recent rain, and patches of melted ice and slush are everywhere.

The air is moist, and freezing cold, when you step onto the board-walk, and see that beyond the railing is a large body of water, with a boat slowly making it's way across.

The lights from the boat seem like a good party, but you know you will never go there.

Following the wet and icy board-walk, you encounter a man and two twin children, who seem to know something important, but who never say anything about it, only give you knowing looks as the man, one small hand clutched in each of his, proudly marches along with his darlings in tow.

They definitely know something.

You wind up and around on this board-walk, until the rising slope takes you to the glass double-doors of the building you saw from far off in the forest. The building which acted as your beacon of escape, as it were.

The lights from inside seem inviting, as you open one of the glass doors with a soft whoosh, and step in, instantly becoming one with the interior environment.

You breathe onto your chilly fingers, and look around your immediate surroundings.

It seems like an apartment building from the outside, but if it is, they are sure lucky to have a whole selection of department stores on the first floor of the building.

You roam amongst the emptying halls.

The halls are emptying because of the hour, and you think that perhaps the only sorts of people who would not be rushing to pay for their shopping would be the people who live here, who would casually be sauntering over to the elevators by the food court, to go up a floor, since they are new to that building, and aren't sure if using the stairs will set off the fire alarm or something.

You pass by a few citizens, and note the wary looks they give you, and the lack of eye contact they maintain.

They are wary of you, and you seem to offend them.

You aren't finding any stores open any longer, and so, moving straight through the building, you emerge through the front doors.

You are wandering down streets you've never heard of, and you see people often glare at you suspiciously.

They look like they are working with the group following you.

Winter has left this place, and the grass is dry, yet lush and green.

You know you won't get anywhere useful on foot, so you get onto a city bus.
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My first meaningful dream.

Last night I had my first "loose tooth dream". In the dream, I was walking around a very dark shopping plaza that I didn't really recognize. I was just aimlessly walking around the parking lot, looking at the stores; all of the stores had completely black windows that I couldn't see through, and there wasn't any sort of entrance to any of them. The roofs to the plazas stores were all connected as a normal plaza would, but it was dark purple with each store having strange red text above them that I couldn't read. It didn't look like any sort of language I've ever seen before. The sky was pitch black, and everything outside of the plaza seemed very dark; I could tell there was something out there, but I couldn't tell what. Anyways, as I was walking around, I noticed one of my teeth was very loose; I fiddled with it with my tongue, as I would in real life, to see how stable it was. Then it just fell out; the tooth wasn't white, as they are in real life, but it was a light beige with dark, dirty spots that contrasted greatly with how dark everything else in the dream was. Then, more teeth started falling out; however, I still kept all of my teeth (minus the first one that fell out); it just looked like teeth kept falling out of my mouth. I picked up as many as I could and just started running as far away from the plaza as I could for some reason that I can't really remember; then I just woke up really suddenly.

I'm pretty much certain that this dream is about how stressful I've been lately about certain things that have been going on in my life recently, like my sister becoming mentally unstable and being unsure if she'll ever be "normal" again, being on the verge of diabetes and having to do a complete u-turn with my health, and not to mention the instability of me actually being able to get a job in what I want to do, which is game design/creation, which is about the most popular job on the fucking planet, and the fact that I have pretty much no skill in anything other than designing things.

I know this is kinda long and stupid, but I just feel like I need to share this with people because this is the first time in my life when a dream of mine actually has to do with something going on in the waking world as opposed to being about video games or random garbage that my brain tossed together for no reason.

Thanks for reading.
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I've done it. I've done it. I'm so happy I'm making my own thread because oh god I hope I have more to post in the future. Maybe eventually actual comics, or an animation.
I've done it!
After months and months of dreaming nonsense in anime and manga, I've finally had a coherent dream. Perfectly coherent. It made sense. There was a plot. The characters had motivations and personalities and quirks. It was… it was funny. There were jokes. And they were good. There were still a few blurry edges, but BY GOD most of it was so clear.
I dreamed of two episodes of a romantic comedy, and I would have watched them had they actually existed.
I'm so happy.
The main character was kind of a selfish jerk, and I think a mangaka. He was quiet. He was spying on a coworker, some cute girl who was an assistant to his team. He read her diary after work each day, possibly through astral projection. She always seemed to write about a cuter guy at work (although she actually like the main character), and so he gets jealous. He starts acting colder towards her, and she gets all heartbroken. The cuter guy did like the girl, and when he almost asks her out, he finds out about her crush for the main character, and then he's heartbroken. There's another girl (who can fly?) who starts making a move on the M.C., and a couple other characters I'm forgetting now.
There were a bunch of totally weird egg references; the MC was eating eggs and rice a lot, maybe oyakodon, with more ko; the journal girl threw eggs at a wall when she was mad.
I don't remember most of it. But oh my god yes. Yes. All these dumb dreams are coming together.
I dreamed a fucking anime.
Oh god this is so pathetic.
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Eurochewky's Subconscious Adventures

So I've been having enough weird dreams lately that I figured I'd make my own thread for them. Feel free to take a shot at being Freud - your guess is as good as mine on what all this shit means.

Just last night I had a dream that I was washing my face at night and apparently didn't put enough moisturizer on, because my skin felt awful and itchy afterwards. I went to go do something else for a bit then came back to the bathroom to take a peek at my face, only to find two deep cracks in my skin. They weren't literally cracked like how a vase would be, they resembled what happens when you bend a rectangular eraser backwards and rip it, but not enough to break it. They were fleshy and surprisingly not bloody, but they burned even more intensely when I looked at them. Suddenly someone reached over and pulled on the skin, like they were trying to split my skin even further. Sure enough it did, and it burned even more, but there was still no bleeding. I started screaming and crying and someone handed me one of those pre-made face masks, and when I put it on it healed the gashes instantly. I joked about how important it was to stay hydrated.

I woke up in a cold sweat and slathered lotion on after my shower like my life depended on it. Fuck that dream. ;_;
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Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams are dreams you have while straddling the fence of consciousness with drugs, namely opioids. Pipe dreams are the trippiest and most immersible dreams I have had.

Let's have a discussion about pipe dreams and how you have experienced them. If you're an artist or a writer, try to render your pipe dreams.

BTW in case you were wondering, the artist here is Zdzislaw Beksinski.
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Post a dream you've had recently. I'll go first.

There was this new kid show coming out, it was really similar to barney. I thought it was the dumbest idea. However, My mother found out that the set was being open to public for a day. I decided it could be fun to go on the set of a kid show. So we went. Luckily the set was in our area. When we arrived, there was our family and 2 other families. The set was also just a house, it looked completely normal. He went up to the door and knocked, a purple… thing… answered the door. He scared me. He offered to show us inside. Everybody went in. I noticed the painting he had on the wall. They were either surreal, or had a grey alien-like creature with glowing eyes and an open mouth. I wanted to leave, but he convinced us to not leave. The creature wanted to show us a movie, everybody else wanted him to show them the movie. He… Smiled… This was weird because he was just a guy in a costume… Or at least, I thought that’s what he was. He turned on the movie… We saw a man laying down on a doctor’s table. Then the “doctors” came in. (We weren’t sure if they were doctors or not) Then they got a knife. They didn’t make any measurements or anything. They just started cutting the guy open. The video got more and more gruesome as it went on. ( I forgot the rest of the dream but he tried to barbeque somebody)

>pic unrelated
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A webcomic about dreams

Currently, I am planning a project for which I will work on a web comic which takes the elements of real dreams that my friends have written down in a journal. I will inscribe the most horrible of nightmares in stark contrast to the ecstacy of a lucid dream. I plan for the dreams to mesh, such as in a way "Ultra Heaven" seemed to do.

So let's get some general discussion about how we identify with nightmares, what parts of dreams are significant to us, what it felt like. Any topic that doesn't necessarily involve describing your dreams step by step unless you feel the need to.

And for the artists of this board, we should discuss illustration tips. I personally like to overlay everything with a grainy diffused brush which I use the burn tool to, for example, inscribe shit into walls.

Pic is sort of unrelated. This is the kind of art style I have, so this sort of stuff will be written into this.
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Can anyone interpret my dream?

I was in a classroom. I was a cat. I was in a staring contest with a dog. The dog was also me. Then a man walked in. The man looked like me. But the man was a woman. And then a bird flew in. The bird was Madotsuki. It clawed my eyes out. Then someone pissed on me and I woke up. I got out of bed then suddenly woke up again.

Picture is mfw I woke up a second time
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Okay, I've been really lazy in keeping a dream diary, and of late I have been unable to lucid dream. Now I'm no longer even able to remember my dreams in vivid detail. So in this thread I'm going to try to motivate myself to write every morning, no matter how fragmented it is. Just anything I can remember.

I don't know why I think posting it on the internet will help me, but what ever.
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Last night I had a dream I was with my brother and his friend, wandering through a maze. Well, actually, I met up with him later, haha! We met up by this area in the maze where it was sort of musty and dark with some pipes hanging out of the ground that were beginning to rust.

We hopped off of there (literally) and came to a cliff that loomed over a black pit that seemed bottomless. My brother tried to hop into there and swim across? But just fell down and then respawned right next to us looking kind of frustrated. I laughed and told him I would show him how it's done, then hopped into the pit and almost floated to the gate when I dropped down into the pit. It was like an endless stream of darkness and when I finally could see, it was a blue outline of myself hitting the concrete bottom.

To my surprise I hadn't died, when I had come to I was in an ice cream shop with my brother and the other guy that was with us. The girls running the shop were rather cute but got angry when the guy tagging along said he wouldn't pay but I ended up convincing him to give them a quarter.

We left and the other guy just vanished for some reason? It was just me and my brother left and I was conquering all the puzzles that the maze had to throw at us with ease! He was getting sort of jealous though and smashed a couple bricks and to our surprise this lady popped out and began to chase us.

She chased us for a while and finally got us into a literal corner and said she was going to kill us. I began to cry and that went on for a very long time.

I don't really remember anything else about the dream after that.
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I think this board would be more appropriate for this…

I can see the future in my dreams. It's not like vivid by any means but I get little glimpses and flashes of things I don't understand but are clearly my life. Sure enough in the near future I will experience this event and clearly remember what is going on. I can do different things if I don't like the outcome and it changes everything, but if I continue on with what was in the dream the memory of it just increases and increases. I can follow what I did in the dream until I make a mistake in which the memory fades as I have taken a different route than the path in my dream.

It's really confusing and scary.
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Show me your true form!

So every time I dream I have a pare of bat wings, but I was wondering if other people had some alternate form they took on in there dreams.

I did once dream that everyone in the world was transmutated into there true form; and it was awesome.

So I'm curious to here what you guys have to say.

in b4 othrekin thread
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I had a mild Inception experience!!

I had a 2 layer dream (Keep this in mind my phone was almost dead as I was going to sleep and I always Lucid dream so I sometimes don't know what reality/dream) in the first dream I was sitting in my room then I heard my phone ringing and I thought it was ringing in real-life so I woke up to answer it not realizing I was still in a second dream so after a while of trying to talk on the phone it died so i thought i was really awake then I heard my front door to my house open and I woke up yet again and I checked my phone to see if it was really dead and it wasn't…
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Hello. I lucid dream very rarely, but recently the times I lucid dream it's always the same one.
I actually don't know if what I'm having is a lucid dream. Everything seems pretty clear and deep, and I know it's a dream but I feel like I can't control my body.

I was wondering if someone could tell me if there was maybe some kind of meaning behind this.

I appear to be in a very quiet, empty place. Everywhere I look is grey, it feels like I need to blink or squint a couple of times because everything is just that one shade.

After a moment or two, I turn around(and that's one of the things I remember ALWAYS doing in this dream: turning around.) and see in the distance a tree with a leopard sat under it. Looks as though it's quite a bit away from where I'm stood, but I know what it is. The tree has pale pink flowers coating it's branches. Looks nice. The leopard doesn't seem to be doing anything, it's just sat there staring at me.

So, I start waking towards this odd pairing. I feel happy as soon as I take the first step towards the tree and leopard. The leopard doesn't seem to be a threat and from where I'm stood I don't think of it as an issue. I come close to a point where I begin to admire the tree's petals slowly fluttering down to meet the leopard sat beneath it.
It's around this point I stop myself to understand that the closer I got to the tree, the more petals were falling. I can feel my face dropping to a more shocked, serious expression as if I'd witnessed a murder take place or something.
Now the tree looked somehow darker, and less attractive.
It was wilting as the distance between us grew shorter, and I knew this. I didn't feel happy anymore.

I've had this dream on more than two occasions now. (I guess that doesn't seem like a lot but I hardly ever remember dreams but I remember this one perfectly so it's stuck with me)

The reason I doubt this was a lucid dream is because I am led to believe you have full control over your body in those kinds of dreams.
In this dream that was not the case, but I felt as if I was watching myself move without having any control; or I only have control over my facial expressions and the mood I was in. Everything I saw looked clear to me.

Thinking back to the dream now I wonder what might've happened if I'd gotten closer. My body stops itself before that can happen and freezes up, and then I just wake up.

Sorry if this was boring to read, but I'm really interested in knowing if this has any meaning behind it.

Pic somewhat related.
R: 4 / I: 1

Need Help... please

How does one dream cuz I cant for the life of me and my life is pretty bleak all ready I just want to escape…
R: 31 / I: 1

Upsetting events in dreams

ITT something that happened in your dream, that really upset or disturbed you afterwards.

I was standing in a playground I vaguely remember playing in as a child. Suddenly my point of view turned into a bird's eye view, and I moved further and further away from the scene, revealing that the me standing in the playground was still a child. Autumn leaves started whirling in the wind, and the dream cut to black.
I was in a hospital bed, being wheeled through some sort of hospital place at an incredible speed. The corridors were off-white and grimy, and the doors were painted a sickly shade of green and had little wire glass windows in them. Everything looked horribly sticky and dirty, almost as if the place had been recently abandoned. The light was dim. As I was being rushed through these corridors, I heard a voice exclaim something like "You know this place."
I woke up feeling rather disturbed.
R: 21 / I: 4

Yume Nikki Dreams

I had a dream that Monoe was chasing me and then I had to make a red clay Monoe. WHAT DOES IT MEAAAN
R: 1 / I: 0
I dreamed I was Madotsuki.
I was sitting alone in my room and thinking about the dreams/places/charas, then I understood everything and I was so happy, I just wanted to go outside and reveal the meaning of my life to others …then I woke up and I forgot every single piece of information I had in the dream.

Soooo sad.

Sorry for my bad english.
R: 6 / I: 1

fever dreams/hallucinations

A really bad fever was responsible for the only hallucination I've ever had in my life. Basically I was up really late and didn't notice that I was starting to have chills (because it was winter, oops). So I went to bed, but instead of closing my eyes and going to sleep, I guess I either started hallucinating, or was dreaming with my eyes open, either one. I couldn't move at all.

The dream/halucination I had isn't much to talk about, though. I dreamed about freaking HETALIA of all things, just random characters showing up and talking in front of my face. I've never even seen Hetalia.

Anyway, do you guys ever have weird dreams (or hallucinations) when you get really sick?

Pic unrelated.
R: 2 / I: 1

Black Ceasar: The next Schlock

I'm only around for a few more days, but as I promised in the 'dreams and dormilla' thread, I've created my own thread to discuss my dreams. I will be gone for appx. 3 weeks at minimum starting weds of this week.

>awaken as Ceasar

>Be kicking it Cannibal holocaust style among my personal harem of slaves
>Hear that the assembly wants me
>Go to a building that looks like it came out of the set of a 70's italian B-horror movie
>Hear from the assembly that a disease has appeared in one of the southern towns
>order it closed down, they say its not enough. Become frustrated and decide to close the city down and then burn it to the ground, promising to build something grander instead.
>Take the auguries to find out if this is a good idea.
>Find out that not only do I die soon, but I'll be followed by three successively worse barracks emperors.
>frightened by what I hear, I cut his head off with a sword suddenly before he can finish.
>attend nightly cannibal feast per usual
>become deathly ill for no apparent reason, convinced I've been poisoned, order several people burned alive in wicker baskets
>Lose consciousness as Ceasar as I wake up into my normal life

What wonderful adventure will you cook up next, O wacky brain of mine?
R: 4 / I: 1

The Meaning of Your Dream

So does anyone here do dream interpretations? This is more of a board that talks about dreams rather than analyze them. But what if I proposed this thread as an interpretation thread? And no bullshit interpretations either, please. like you ate a pancake in your dream and it means UR GAYT!!! or something. I wish this to be a serious thread.

Plus sometimes, you wake up feeling like your sleep-self is trying to tell you something and you just gotta know what it means.

picture unrelate

i cant do interpretations, but sometimes i wish i could because i have some seriously emotional, vivid dreams.
R: 4 / I: 1

Lucid dream like a boss

Be like madotsuki - the guide

from 9gag.
I think it would fit here perfectly.
R: 11 / I: 2
I don't dream anymore, and when I do, my dreams are just me living through a normal day. What's this mean? :C
R: 3 / I: 0

Influencing the Content of Your Dreams

So, I often dream about fandoms (not intentionally). They're usually my most fun dreams. As of the past couple weeks, I've really been enjoying the Portal 2 fandom, especially Wheatley (pic related). After about a week of no dreams about Portal 2 whatsoever (and some pretty boring dreams), I thought I'd try and intentionally have a dream about Wheatley.

I meditated on it in the daytime and at night used a method sort of like a MILD, but repeated to myself that I'd have a dream about Wheatley instead of repeating that I'd have a lucid dream. However, for about a week, I had no results. Then, one night, I had a dream about a guy that looked a lot like one of the popular "human" forms of Wheatley, but acted nothing like him. The next night I had a dream about GLaDOS, but not Wheatley. It's a bit frustrating.

To make it more annoying, if I so much as look at a picture of a Lupin III character before I go to sleep, I'll probably dream about them.

How successful have you guys been at influencing your dreams? Dream control methods and fandoms in dreams can be posted too, I guess.
R: 10 / I: 2
So, /yume/ and no lucid dreaming thread within 3 pages in sight. Gotta fix this. Since everyone here most probably already knows what lucid dreaming is, I won't post tutorial images and stuff like that, but rather make this a general advise/experience place.

So, what do you do to gain lucidity? How successful?
R: 31 / I: 2
Hi fellow dreamers.

I want to share with you something strange that has been happening to me for a couple of months. Before that, I never remembered my dreams but since then, I'm always waking up in the same place and I have the freedom to move as if I was awake.

At first, I just doze off, not knowing what was actually happening but I've been exploring this world for a month now. After telling some people about that, they said it would be a good idea to take notes of my dreams and I started a blog about that.

I always wake up in Alice's house. According to her, she's the one who created me.

Here is the link to the blog: http://411ce.blogspot.com/

Is there other people here who dream of a persistent world?
R: 15 / I: 2
>that feel when you fall in love in a dream

That's like the most fucked up thing this world can throw at you. Has it ever happened to you?

That happened to me a few months ago; I dreamt that I met this amazing guy and we started dating and fell in love and towards the end of my dream we fucked and I fell asleep in his arms sigh and it was amazing.

And then I woke up alone and cold and realized it was a dream and I actually felt so awful and ached like I was heart broken. I felt like I had actually lost someone who meant so much to me and it was the worst feeling in the world and I just wanted to go back to sleep and be with him again although he didn't actually exist.
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I just realized a link to the DREAM DIARY thread on the Dream vs Dream forums would be quite appropriate for this board.
R: 7 / I: 2
How do I get erotic/wet dreams more often?

Picture not related.
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pic unrelated

Sometimes, I have dreams where i'm walking around like i'm sleepwalking. My eyes would be half-lidded and i can't see anything clearly, and it's all blurry.

In this one dream where i am in that situation, I was in a library and kept bumping into shelves because i couldn't see at all. When i tried to open my eyes to see better, they started to hurt and forced themselves back into that half-lidded state. It was like I couldn't control my eyes at all.

Has anyone ever experienced something like that?
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Teamwork, kinda.

>Lurking on Uboachan
>Click a random board, it's /yume/
>Remember last might dream
Oh shit that dream was awesome. gotta do something with that.

Ok so, this isn't my first dream like that, but it was one of the bests.
First part was, me and my friends were in some kind of space shit. We were all magicians (just imagine magicians from different games/anime series, the only one I remember is Magicka's.) We all did different magic, but used it with each others to make the ship work! Well, I say a ship, but it was more like, a small appartment.
….ok that's a weird dream.

The second part… wait, no, it was likely to be another dream.
I remember me and my brother, in a school.
The school is some assassin training school. So, me and my bro decided to train melee fight.
I don't remember what he used, most likely one sword or wooden pole. I used a sword and a fire axe. So we foungt a bit, ad I beated him.
Then, we went to the front of the school to train sniping, from a window to some waiter in the restaurent in fromt of the school. So, my brother headshotted the waiter with a rifle, and somehow the blood got all over our faces, even though the restaurant was pretty far. I didn't want to make my lips toucch because they were full of blood.
Then I woke up, but with drool on my lips.
Oh, and, when someone died or was injured, that person was almost instantly healed/replaced.

….sorry, first post in this board. I know it's pretty bad.
R: 6 / I: 1
Hey guys, do you think there are "types" of dreamers? Or classifications? (I'm sure there's a way to word this better…) Like there being such a thing as a Type A dreamer, Type B etc. Or is it completely special / unique?

I'm more of a slow / detailed narrative / dull colors kind of dreamer while my friend has extremely colorful nonsense dreams (for example).

What would your hypothetical type/classification/whatever be?
R: 6 / I: 0

Can't stand up straight sometimes

I get this a lot in dreams, and have done for years and years so I'm curious if anyone else has experienced it.

What happens is I can't quite see something in my dream and realise I can't get a better look because I'm hunched over and my head won't look upwards. When I try to correct my posture it gets worse until I'm on my knees and eventually pass out face down on the ground while others in the dream observe. It's really distressing because my body feels genuinely restricted and the people in my dream won't understand what's happening to me. I'll struggle and struggle to regain normal posture like I need to hide the problem out of embarrassment or to stop them thinking I'm somehow the wrong person.

I don't usually wake up with sleep paralysis and I've never been curled up or with my chin pressed to my chest like in the dream. Neither myself nor anyone I know has a disability irl similar to this so I don't think it's some underlying trauma or memory.
R: 1 / I: 0
suggestion: be able to upload images simply by pasting a url to the image hosted elsewhere instead of having to save it then upload manually
R: 2 / I: 0
I keep having this same damn dream. I'm not really sure if it means anything or not. It seems that almost every other night I have this dream in which I am laying in a field, I stand up and I look around but there is nothing in else area but a tree far off in the distance. I run to the tree but almost as soon as I reach it I wake up. It's not always like this, sometimes I will encounter people I know IRL on the way to the tree. I will see somebody and wave at them but other then that it's the same everytime.
Perhaps you could offer me some interpretation?
R: 23 / I: 4
How does /yume/ deal with nightmares? Other than not sleeping.
R: 1 / I: 0


I don't know about anyone else, but there are some things in my dreams it seems I am just not allowed to do.
For example, I am not allowed to cross a street, even if my dream takes me that way. When I try to cross the street, it first feels like I am walking through molasses. Then when I hit the middle of the road I will get a horrible case of vertigo, fall down, and be subsequently run over in graphic detail (For a while I got run over by a steamroller). Now, in maybe 9/10 of the dreams I remember, I die. Usually a few times per dream, but that's fine, it doesn't usually hurt. Unless I cross the street. Then it hurts, a lot. Not enough to wake me up mind you, so it just goes on and on.

Does anyone else have things in their dreams that they just cannot do, and attempting to do said action results in horrible consequences?
R: 5 / I: 0
I had a dream Maria, Scott, Butch, and Dokursuki went into a house where abamdoned roommates of some person captured people and had a civilization in the house's basement. Kinda like Ao Oni. But they all survived.
R: 11 / I: 0

Lack of Dreams?

Felt like making a thread since I didn't notice one about this particular subject.

Does anyone else just… not have memorable dreams? I haven't had notable dream for about ten years. I have a book beside where I sleep to try to record anything I remember, but when I wake up it's usually nothingness. When I was ten or so I remember dreaming about falling out the window with a pumkpin head and ending up on the floor, and also having random nightmares after playing some PS1 Casper game, but after that I don't think I've ever really 'dreamt'.

At most, I can only remember dreaming about doing trivial, mundane things that I always do.

I do usually just sit in bed for a few hours and just think up stuff, like story ideas, that's always fun. But even when I do that, my imagination… it's like, I can't picture anything, it's all in words and descriptions in my head.

So yeaahhh. Anyone else feeling left out about lack of good dreams? Or would any dreamers happen to have any advice at having interesting dreams and remembering them?

Also picture unrelated I suppose.
R: 3 / I: 0
I keep on having dreams where everyone is laughing at me. Sometimes I hear the laughter during the day and it keeps getting louder and louder. It's nerve-wracking. What do you guys make of this?

Pic unrelated apparently you need to post an image to post a thread on this chan these days.
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Disturbing dreams

Guys, I died in dream recently.

I went on some kind of attraction, it had been broken and I feel down. And died.
Even if the "Respawn?" window appeared, I was still scared, and woke up, and couldn't move a muscle.

What in the world could that mean?

And today's dream had scary castle and count Dracula. And some fapable girl who tried to… seduce him and succeeded!
Dracula, though, couldn't have boner and used his hands with giant claws on the girl.

pic unrelated
R: 1 / I: 0
I had a dream where Tomoe Mami was fighting against Charlotte. Mami was dressed in a motorcycler's suit.

She was on a metal dock and Charlotte just came out of no where to attack her. No entering of the witch world or seed finding or anything. It just came out. Suddenly, my point of view was put behind her.

And then Mami turned around and looked right at me (I was watching it like a movie) and said "Have I seen(or met, I'm not sure exactly what she said) you before?" and then I thought to myself "true or false" and Mami said "True,".

Then she took out one of her rifles and turned to Charlotte. I still don't know if she killed Charlotte or not.

pic unrelated
R: 2 / I: 0


Had a dream the other day about Einstein, I was in a small room with this scientist giving a short lecture. He explained to me that even though people aren't related to Einstein in any way, they can still naturally inherit his (or anyone else's) D.N.A. He explained it in a reasonable and rational way that seemed realistically possible, but when I woke up, I forgot everything that was explained to me. But it felt so calm and natural, like I just discovered the secret life and the universe.
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Podcast on lucid dreaming

Hello /yume/, I don't usually visit this board but I heard this the other day and thought it was relevant.
R: 18 / I: 5
These guys seem to be my protectors. I only dream of them when I am sick. They are several stories tall and the last time I saw them, one ripped open a house and pulled out a giant worm (which was small compared to the protectors but still perceptively giant) and crushed it in its hand. I woke up feeling great. They are extra careful about causing as little damage to their surroundings as possible. Credit for the art goes to a friend.
R: 0 / I: 0
i had a dream about yume nikki was in retail in dsiware in my 3ds and some levels look like its from the game and i remeber going in poniko's house and was messing with the light. pic unrelated
R: 1 / I: 0
A lot of my dreams have to do with fighting and combat, check this shit out.

The other night, I had a dream there was this dark knight in the window of a castle, I went up there and beat the shit out of him and tore his armor off… Under the armor it was Optimus Prime, who I proceeded to punch in the mouth-plate.

Last night I dreamt I was on the swingset of an old playground I remember from my childhood, yeah, and there was cows in the field nearby. I saw a big-ass bull stand on its hind legs and actually PUNCH a cow, and it pointed at the cow and said "omae wa MOO shindeiru."
R: 1 / I: 0
I had this one dream that I remember from my childhood.
I was walking through the local mall, which was strangely empty. I headed for the exit, and I opened the door. I fell.
I was sliding through this large black tube, and i saw windows flashing by. It was reddish outside. suddenly, I stopped in a cave. I looked out of a hole, and I saw a red Mars-like landscape. That was when I woke up.

R: 2 / I: 0
I had a dream I was in this big house. It looked unfinished because there was nothing covering the walls, so it was all simple untreated wood. The weather outside is completely dark, and I swear i hear thunder outside.
Anyways, every door I open reveals a hockey mask-clad guy clutching a chainsaw, yelling like a maniac. I close the door immediately, and i turn around to the window. There is a small child on a sofa. He's silent, as if he is in shock. Then there's a shot of me and the kid nearing one of the doors, with the chainsaw guy bursting out, grabbing us both. While he carries me and the child inside the room i get a quick glance at a table. Then I woke up.

R: 0 / I: 0
I had a dream last night.

I saw this guy go to bed. I couldn't determine its gender because it was all blurred out.
He begins to convulse, as if in a nightmare. Then he begins to morph to several different things. first a toriningen, then Monoe, before settling on Madotsuki. Mado wakes up, opens the door to the nexus, and walks in. She goes into the snow world door. She then walks into the Igloo where Kamakurako is. Kamakurako wakes up upon her entrance, and their eyes meet. I woke up at that point.
R: 1 / I: 0

My dream that I had awhile ago

The first thing I remember was going into this smaller type of sort of `home` restaurant (I guess..) and asking for a job. This woman (Maybe..) in her 50`s ish told me that there was already a dishwasher and didn`t need another. She was something of a bigger lady. I talked to the dishwasher and her and eventually something was worked out where he would take a week long vacation and I would take over to make some money. The thing is that the job starts early in the morning at around 8. It was already pretty late and I am just not a morning person so I guess I decided to stay there for the night, or for the week. I`m not sure what the conditions for rent were.. Whatever. I guess I had moved my stuff in there too, because for some reason I was trapped in that place. Maybe I was in a completely different city than my parents, and maybe I didn`t have my own place. It`s not terribly important I guess, dreams don`t have to be logical. It`s more the feeling that it gives you. It`s not how you get there, rather it`s getting there itself that is important. Anyway, so I`ve set the scene.

Well, I guess I remember one part in between but nothing super significant seemed to happen. As I was about to take a shower, the dishwasher told me not to smoke pot in the shower. …I don`t know. I`ve done it a couple times in real life and it feels amazing. Why something so silly is in this nightmare I don`t know. My dreams can get pretty absurd. Anyway he said that he did it a couple times and because there`s a hole or something in the shower the smell escaped and the owner got pissed off.

What happened sometime after was that I basically raped. I wasn`t anally raped, but if any of you have seen `throat fucking` porn, that was what happened to me. Those that haven`t seen it, you probably get the idea. I saw this from a 3rd person; I`m not sure whether I saw an image of me being raped or whether it was like a video, kind of. Sometimes in dreams you just know something happened to you, or you just know something is a certain way. I think I assumed in the dream that he was only starting off with the throat fucking and would go for more next time. So yeah.

The woman wasn`t really a woman, but it turned out to be some sort of terrifying, brutish thing. It was some sort of monster. Not monster in a comical way though, it was really the stuff of nightmares. I don`t think I ever got a good look at it. It was sort of a faceless morphing thing, maybe. It seemed to have some masculine traits, but it also had feminine ones too. Though it had a penis, I don`t think it was a male. I don`t think it had a gender

I`m a pretty skinny guy so this thing was a lot bigger than me. Like I mentioned earlier, for some reason I was trapped in the house with the thing. I remember fearing for my life and talking to it. The whole time thinking that if I fought back it would kill me, even though I knew that it would probably kill me eventually. Eventually I threw caution to the wind and started taking swings at it, and trying to hit it with objects around the room. I forget which objects exactly. It was just laughing at me and either blocking the hits or brushing them off like they were nothing.

That`s the last thing I remember. Pretty messed up.
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I don't normally have dreams that have anything to do with fiction that I deal with in real life, but for once I had a dream with Madotsuki in it.

Pic unrelated.

Well, actually, I was playing Yume Nikki again and I was posting a thread telling everyone about how the lack of information about her and the lack of updated information about contacts with Kikiyama is incredibly depressing. It was short, and I didn't have time to get an answer before waking up to some sleep paralysis.

That itself was a weird experience, because I didn't actually open my eyes. My mind's eye saw all these odd creatures rotating around me and passing by as I was drawn back up into the waking world.

Before falling down to nap, I was busy brooding over the magic of Yume Nikki's community on me having been lost after reading all those joke theories, despite the experience of playing the game never having diminished a bit. So I figured I'd share this little bit of dreamstuffs with you guys, since it happens to be relevant to the board.

I've also been having some incredible REM rebound lately, I've been dreaming before falling asleep and hallucinating during the daytime.
R: 18 / I: 5

Recouuring themes or subjects in dreams

Excuse me if there is already such a thread, But I'd like to make one where we don't discuss individual dreams, just common things that happen/are present in your dreams.

Common subjects of my Dreams:
-My pets. This is THE MOST COMMON BY FAR. Even as a kid, most of my dreams were about my pets. I can't count how many I've had about my dog coco, she's probably in like, half or more of my dreams. Also I've had a dream about every rodent pet I've ever had escaping within a week of getting it in real life. I recently had a cute dream where my gerbil Rascal learned to read <3

-Daft Punk and Daft Punk accessories. I'm not obsessed, but they pop up alot in my dreams, sometimes it involves the band themselves, or just daft punk related merch.

-Amusement Parks <3

-This godforsaken place. I've never had a Yume Nikki dream, but I've had a few dreams about Uboachan. How does that work?

-Watching anime or Playing Videogames. nothing interesting happens, it just goes on like real life ._.

-Eating too much food (usually icecream) and then being all "waaah why did I do that I'm gonna get faaaaaat", but then I wake up and I don't get fat.

-very very cute things. Most of my dreams are cute.

Wow, not that I really think about it, I never really have bad dreams. And when I do, they're not consistent.

So anyway, everyone! What topics are common in your dreams?
R: 3 / I: 0

Pic is unrelated

I had a dream that I had a dream that I had a dream playing Yume Nikki, and I had to steal Mado's knife, and she lived next to me. Her sole life depended on that knife, and the screen kept blinking when I tried to force it away from her. When I finally did, I ran out her door but she caught up to me, triggering a fullscreen event that was BRICKSHATTING SCARY.

It kinda looked like the exorcist girl and the Ring girl and smile.jpg all in one. Well, the fullscreen event had the smile.jpg smile, the Exorcists girl's face, and the Ring girl's hair. (Apparently it was "Rosie from Peanuts".)

When that dream was over I ate spaghetti and went to some holiday party to tell you about it.

When that dream was over, I don't remember.

And then I woke up.
R: 0 / I: 0

Real Life Decisions Extending Into Dreams

I had a dream about Brandish for the SNES. Basically I'm at a thrift store riffling through a box of cartridge-only games. I'm competing against another collector; the cart he picks is the US release, whereas I end up with the Super Famicom Planetbuster release w/ the purple label.

Despite not having the proper system to play, I'm overjoyed since I know the SNES Brandish is a screen-rotating piece of shit.

What do you think /yume/, is this the unconscious desire for Brandish to be a good game (solely based on the ass-shots of the cover art)? Should I instead channel my desires wisely into the purchase of the psp version, even if I don't own a psp?
R: 6 / I: 1

Sharing Dreams

Since /yume/ seems to be dying slowly how about we start a discussion.

Plain and simple, do you think shared dreaming is possible? I'm not talking about that weird spiritual stuff like astral projection. I'm talking about through normal methods. Twins occasionally have the same dreams, messages are be unconsciously sent and received through skin touch. Like if you were lying on someone while sleeping could your mind communicate whats going on and essentially link your two minds? Or what about through technological means? Like if we could actually transfer brain signals electronically.
R: 0 / I: 0
A few nights ago, I had the first lucid dream I've had since I was a kid. This was a real shock to me, especially considering just how dull and lifeless my dreams are now (or how bad my "dream memory" has gotten?) compared to the intensely vivid dreams of my youth. This particular dream just came out of nowhere. I immediately tried to control my dream by summoning someone, and I was partially successful before I woke up suddenly.

Ever since, I've been trying to have more lucid dreams. I've read up a bit on different sites related to the topic and have started keeping a dream journal. But a lot of the information I've seen out there has been somewhat generalized or vague. Since it seems a lot of people here have lucid dreams and can control them, I thought I'd ask for more specific advice here. Any particular sleeping/eating habits I should be going for to trigger these kinds of dreams?

The picture of Nurse Tewi is absolutely related if I can get this lucid dreaming thing to work.
R: 0 / I: 0


Pic unrelated..
But hey guys… For the fans of LSD Emulator to the PSX, another fan game is called SOUP (Link at the bottom of this page: http://www.autofish.net/shrines/lsd/index.html
Just if interested.
R: 0 / I: 0

3 dreams

1.So this one dream I had I was on one of the moons of Jupiter. It's the one with the surface of ice and an ocean beneath it. So I'm in the ocean beneath the ice, I can't see my own body so I don't know what I look like, but I'm moving through the water. It's very, very, very dark. There is a lot of movement around me, and a faint noise. A creature with a very slim body like an eel comes at me and I manage to dodge, the creature is fast however, and turns on a dime. I wished that I could evolve a drill and burrow through the ice to the surface to escape, except I just wished the idea in my head i didnt say all those words. So I have my drill now and get to the surface. It's very windy and just as dark. There are hundreds of pixel sized stars in the background. And a 200x200 ball that is the sun. there are creatures rolling around on the surface, being knocked by the wind. an eagle like thing swoops at me, i idea wish again but for wings and claws. i fly up and drive my claws into its back. its warm, and very gooey. like fresh taffy. its blood is a deep purple.

2. the oh-so-common "my teeth fell out" dream. in the dream i wake up from sleeping and head to my bathroom. i'm going to brush my teeth and I open my mouth to inspect my teeth (irl i have a cavity forming so i check on it 1st thing) all my teeth look like graham crackers that have been dipped in milk. they are learning side to side, brown, and crumbly looking. i get scared seeing it. i push my teeth with my tongue and my front teeth crumble off half way and fall out of my mouth. thudding into the sink. i start crying and rubbing my arm in my mouth and getting all the graham crackers out.

3. i dreamed i was in an outside setting. a park sort of thing. im on a bench with other people and other benches with more people. about 5 rows with 2 benches each we are facing a hill, no one is moving or talking. the sun is setting so the sky is changing color. one half is darker than the other. there is a loud noise like metal twisting and a tank fall from the top of the hill and lands on most of the people. i run over the benches and sit by the corner of the hill. (the hill is a pretty sharp "L") the tank rolls by. i hear screaming and shouting, the sky is filled with smoke. bottom half glowing red and yellow. i crawl under one of the benches and there's a pillow i use to hide myself with. the ground is now a wooden floor and the bench a bed. i hear the door kick open and soldier comes in and shoot the people in the room. (similar to the anime scene in kill bill when the girls mother dies) i get dragged out by the hair and shot. now im in a train station (before those events happened?) people are calm. the train station is very tall. blue and tan bricks in an interlacing pattern. i feel a familiar presence. I spot my mom walking quickly down the wall. i catch up and seeings crying, shooing me away saying "dont follow me, dont follow me" there is a door up ahead. i keep pulling at her asking her where she's going. i let her go in and i just stand amongst all the people. then i realized she was committing suicide. now im in cellar, there's dead bodies in it and im hiding from more soldiers (this dream is all over the place) then i wake up.
R: 8 / I: 0

This dream literally makes no sense.

Pic unrelated, but seriously, I feel like this might be a dream FRAGMENT or something, But I remembered this an typed it down before I could forget it.

in this dream, I am a little black haired girl in a kimono (was only able to tell due to a nearby mirror) standing before
two caskets with two men who looked like feudal lords inside. everyone looks releived for some reason,
then a man comes up to me and hands me a paintbrush and says "go ahead, turn a nighting gale into a phoenix".
so i hesitantly step forward and place the brush on an altar betweeen the caskets and light it on fire, the flames from the brush look like a beautiful bird and everyone applauds me.
then a middle aged woman in a kimono rushes upstairs and yells at me
"what do you think you're doing up here, Kanai?!". The man who gave me the brush pats the
woman on the shoulder and said "Its okay, shes seen Zeus now". to which she replied with
"Oh…Okay". The dream ended with the man turning to me and smiling as he told me
"Okay, little kanai, you can go play now"

I'm seriously weirded out by this dream because it made no sense to me, Do you have any ideas, /yume/?
R: 1 / I: 1

Dream Palette

What are the colors in your dreams? Show me your color palette of a recent dream, recurring dream, etc.
R: 3 / I: 0


Any one else have those dreams where they are talking to a girl/guy that you want to date? Not a person in real life, but a person in your dreams.

Well I just had one of those dreams, and they always suck after wards what with waking up realizing its not real.
Heres the insult to injury though, I swear, that dream was real. I remember the entire dream from beginning to end in perfect detail. I remember what I said, I remember what she said, I remember what I was going to say to ask her out, I remember where we were, and for the most part, the dream was a perfect mimic of real life.

Oh did I mention she was amazingly hot?

Thanks /yume/ for listening to my rant, i'mma go cry now that I almost got to 1st base with my subconscious.
R: 2 / I: 0
Last night I had a dream where me and some people from my class went to this camp ground. It was winter and the snow was as high as the tree tops. My friend had a baby (Not in real life) and she put the baby on a tree branch and left to get fire wood. I brought my laptop so i could play Broken Bottles and the screen went black. I put it by the baby and the baby cooed and the word "hello" went on the screen. I typed in "Who is this?" and It said "Your Name is Lenore." and I typed in "Yes. Who is this?" and the conversation went on for a long time and I learned I was Satan of nightmares. I make people have nightmares. It told me the power I had and I went on a killing spree using my mind to make peoples heads explode. Giving them Nightmares.
R: 8 / I: 2

Online dream blog

Who has a Dream Blog?
Sawlogs is a really good one

R: 7 / I: 0
Hey /yume/, I have a question.

When you record your dreams, do you put the date of the night you had the dream or the date of the following morning?
R: 24 / I: 9

Dream Tattoos

Last night I had dreams about a friend of mine and I told her about it. She asked me a very good question.

I've never seen many of her tattoos, but shes told me about them; I just cant remember if I did.

So /yume/, for those of you with tattoos, are they on you in your dreams?
R: 9 / I: 2
I feel more alive in my dreams than I do in reality. When I don't remember my dreams it feels like I've forgotten some important aspect in my life. However, all my dreams include are death and destruction or other such unpleasant things.

Any suggestions?
R: 3 / I: 1

A returning dream

Last week I had this dream about a nice little village. I walked through it peacefully until I realized something strange on my right arm. There was a couple of band aids UNDER my skin pressing against it from the inside so you could tell what it was… Then suddenly I heard a voice saying something like "there is a way to heal yourself" and then all of the sudden a giant black shadow like monster - the first time it was a dragon without eyes in the last dream I had it was a giant black shadow like dog without eyes - anayway these monsters did the same exactly thing. They opened their jaws and roared the shit out of me… but I stood still. Then the band aids got more and more and I thought OH MY GOD and after a while they disappeared completely. The monsters then closed their jaws and vanished into nothing. After that I woke up…. I wouldn't mind something like dreams and shit but man… this was intense AND I dreamed it twice in a week not once in a week…
R: 4 / I: 0

I'm almost always having dreams were I'm multi colored, or eyes and boxes are surrounding me. Sometimes I'll have a dream were an event is happening and it'll be kinda happy, but then I'll see a box at the end and I wake up feeling scared. Does anyone know what these mean?
R: 1 / I: 0
When I was a little girl around 7 to 9 years old I would lucid dream a lot. But still in all my dreams I guy whos face was always covered in shadow would grab my shoulders and yell "WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!" and I'd wake up. Slowly he got in my dreams more. When I was running from a monster he would grab my hand and fly me away from it. He wore a baseball cap backwards and his face was covered in bangs and a shadow. Anyone else have the same dude in his or her dreams multiple times? Also Thats how he looks. I was only a little girl so of coarse he looks strange.
R: 5 / I: 1

Yume Nikki Dream.

Last night I had a dream than I was madotsuki. I explored a very surreal world full of things in Yume Nikki and things my own mind made up, all of it very surreal. I don't remember anything specific before this point though. At one point I went into an elevator on the side of a featureless apartment, I came up to an office sort of place that had a couple of creatures I didn't recognize, Masada was there too. I went through an elevator on the other side of the room and wound up on a small planet with the drowning man from the area you get the witch effect from floating in space. I came back, told masada to record it. Then as I go to leave I suddenly spaz out and leave and enter the room over and over again. The planet changed each time, like I somehow new it would. Then all of the sudden I was outside at the apartment balcony again. Just as I walk to leave, I feel my stomach burst on the inside, I clutch my stomach (me still being madotsuki) and I feel my stomach get warm and bloated, almost like I was pregnant. Then I woke up. After I woke up the feeling was still there, my stomach has been feeling funny ever since.
Just thought I'd share that. Go have a field day with your theories on what it means.
R: 5 / I: 0
Please excuse my bad writing, I just had to mention this since it had been
disturbing me for the past few weeks.

I had a nightmare that stigmata-like bruises appeared on my feet
and then my mom appeared with a giant nail and hammer. She started to hammer
the nail on to my feet and it created a large hole in the middle of my feet.
It was very deep that I could put my hand through it and touch the floor.
It was so revolting that I almost threw up, but I didn't feel any pain or bleed.

Later, my mom told me she found this wonderful group and that I should join.
It sounded like a cult so I told my mother that I wasn't interested. Then at night when
I was about to go to sleep, these people wearing hooded robes came into my room
and kidnapped me. They took me to a old, dilapidated building,I saw my mom waiting in the building.
They said that I needed to give birth and attempted to rape me. I tried to fight back, but they all held me down
and I started crying. My mom then started saying "Don't cry! This is going to help you"
Then they crucified me.

After hours of suffering, a very handsome but old (well, old compared to me. like in his 40's) man
and my dad came into the building. The man murdered all the cult followers(except my mom) and carried me
out of the building. I woke up after that.

I'm not religious or anything like that. And I have a very good relationship with my mother
so it was weird that she was part of the cult. I also don't get along with my dad at all, so I don't
understand why he was also trying to help me. Does this
mean anything or I just have
fucked up dreams?