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So, /yume/ and no lucid dreaming thread within 3 pages in sight. Gotta fix this. Since everyone here most probably already knows what lucid dreaming is, I won't post tutorial images and stuff like that, but rather make this a general advise/experience place.

So, what do you do to gain lucidity? How successful?


If I attain lucidity, it's out of pure luck. It never seems to last long enough for me to enjoy it, the dream starts fading away and I wake up shortly after it happens, although one time I got lucid and had the inexplicable idea in my head that I needed to wake up soon. I woke myself up then felt like an idiot for thinking something like that.


It'd be really helpful if uboachan could sticky a lucid dreaming tips thread!
I have rarely attained lucidity but it was usually when I did, I was falling asleep at unusual times, for example when it was too late, or straight after I just woke up.
Also, I had the same problem as >>747 because I keep waking up from lucid dreams because I get too excited.


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I have been trying to lucid dreams for months now. I had some success in the first few weeks by becoming partially lucid e.g knowing it is a dream but not having much control over anything or losing lucid lucidity very quickly.

I'm no longer as motivated as a was in the beginning and I can't even seem to become partially lucid lately.

However, my endeavor wasn't a complete failure. I continue to keep a dream diary and my dream recall has become so good that I can normally remember my dreams very clearly.


File: 1338374038753.jpg (85.03 KB, 700x444, LSDCAT.jpg)

So I had my first lucid dream that I can remember today, after having kept a dream diary for the past seven months approximately. My recall's gotten pretty good; before I could remember fuckall nothing of my dreams (and didn't even think I was dreaming, though now I'm not sure) while now I can write down more than a paragraph about my dreams pretty consistently (so long as I have the time when I wake up).

I was riding my bus to high school (note: now in college) when I woke up! I rolled around in bed, still sleepy, noticing that the sun was just beginning to rise. I checked the clock on my desk and saw that it was 3:00 AM. I was confused, so I looked again and saw it was 8:61 AM, and the numbers on the clock were kinda glitched-up and flashy. Then I realized I don't have a clock on my desk, and that I was dreaming since clocks often don't work right in dreams! I felt really weird all of a sudden, like I was moving through water, and tried to decide what to do. Unfortunately, the first thing I tried to do was pinch myself on the cheek, Mado-style, to make sure I was really asleep. (I woke up.)

So yeah, it was a really surreal experience and I'd love to be able to do it again, though hopefully while doing more things than waking myself up.



When you become lucid the first thing you want to do is stabilize the dream.
The best ways to do this are by either rubbing your hands together or spinning around in circles.
It will get rid of the feeling of waking up and will make things much more clearer.
Do this whenever you feel the dream beginning to collapse.



I'm seconding the spin-in-place suggestion.

The first time I realized I went lucid I was slowly starting to wake up and everything was fading to black. I imagined myself walking / spinning in place and I snapped right back into the dream. Everything suddenly became very detailed and vivid, it was a really surreal experience.

I've been lucid two more times since then but I'm a pretty "weak" dreamer. Like I'd try to manipulate reality and I'd have very little influence on my surroundings. I would try to change the color of things (like the sky) / conjure things / try to start flying but the results were so-so. Also, does anybody have judgement impairment when they're lucid? As in you realize you're dreaming and you have control… but some of the logic you have when you're awake just isn't there.

Also every single time I've gone lucid was right after I walked through a doorway. Like I'd exit a room and enter a hallway and then I would suddenly realize I was lucid, very abruptly and unprovoked. I'm not really sure what that means but I'm going to keep using that as a reality check I guess. Every time I go through a door irl I'll just do the "am I dreaming?" check and hope it sticks. I used to wear a ring and I would switch it back and forth between my left and right hands as a way to help me remember to do dream checks, but I never noticed the ring in my dreams.
Though the times I did those checks regularly were the three times I went lucid so I guess its effects can be really arbitrary? Just thinking about it a lot was a lot more helpful to me than light switches and noticing clocks I guess… but that's just me.


Hey oneironauts,

How long did you need to induce a lucide dream?
Also was your first coincidence or done by will?


I tried to keep a dream journal, but I'm a fast typist and a slow hand-writer. I write so slow that I lose much of the dream while writing. Keeping my laptop on my bedstand isn't practical.

I'm planning to buy a typewriter on ebay to keep next to my bed. Aside from being fucking awesome, it will also be a convenient way to quickly record my dreams before I lose them.


I used to have the same problem too. So I would quickly write down some trigger words that would help jog my memory later. "Odd flowers", "flooding house", etc. Usually that would be enough to bring back some imagery later.

You could also try recording your voice.


Coincidence and it took 2 weeks+ of many daily reality checks. Though I'm super bad at this so I might not be the best one to ask.


Whenever I attain lucidity (or, at least become aware that I am dreaming), something would bug me to wake up. It's like my subconcious has a subconcious or something.

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