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It's a subject that fascinated me in Junji Ito's short manga story "long dream," and something I've read a lot of interesting stories online about, but I had never really experienced it until about a year ago, after a long time of experimenting and trying to force one to happen to me. The story in this paste is a record of that dream I posted to another forum. It was extremely vivid and frankly scary as fuck and made me abandon my attempts. Have you ever had a long dream? Or maybe one that was fragmented and you kept going back to after waking up?



Who or what do you believe the recurrent old man from your dream was? Perhaps an old form of yourself?

Also, after reading about your dream, I’m a bit confused about your question. Do you mean dreams where you keep waking and falling back to sleep inside the dream, or just dreams that seem to take place through a considerable duration? I’ve had both of those situations multiple times.


File: 1489262473057.jpg (47.43 KB, 437x292, 1473115309973.jpg)


I meant more like dreams that seem to take place over an extremely long period of time. And about the old man, I still have no idea. I've tried to make sense of the dream, but I haven't the foggiest about most of it, especially the whole creepy aunt demon thing.


funny i see this now, ive been on a junji ito binge recently and just re-read long dream. ive never personally experienced it myself, but have heard accounts of similar things happening to people whove received critical injuries to the head. there was a post on reddit a while back where this guy detailed his entire life from the moment he was injured in a football game in college, having a wife, a son, and living into his middle ages only to wake up on the football field with a concussion, his whole "life" having been a dream. so it's definitely a thing that happens.


That post sounds really damn interesting. Can you link it?



Looks fake as fuck.


i guess theres no real way to tell since its anonymous and all, but regardless this kind of occurrence has been documented in the past


I don't have doubts such a thing may have documented in the past, but the way this guy relates sounds extremely fake and gay, to say the least. 10 years and living every single hour of every single day of every single year in only a few minutes? What, has his brain a quantum 6THZ processor to run all those instructions that fast? Had he said something along the lines of "I had the impression of living 10 years but always found it weird that things went so fast" I wouldn't have believed on his word, but at least I'd have admitted that'd have been plausible.


File: 1499525723196.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, welcome home.jpg)

I just had one. I always have long, strangely detailed and absurdly terrifying dreams with more recall than I'd like to have. It's too long in fact to post here, so:



The first paragraphs were so appealing to read. Once you compared it to “Angel’s egg”’s town I knew I would like your dream’s landscape. Now, the next part, when you enter the house, that is….. a different kind of ride. It seemed quite a soothing and introspective dream before, nonchalant exploration. Since you entered the house, it became unpleasant so fast. It is interesting how common it is for people’s minds to distort homes to unnerving perspectives inside dreams. It’s as if your own mind wants to challenge you on the place you should feel the safest. Your dream was quite entertaining to read, especial due to its imagery. Were you ever conscious that it was only a dream?


File: 1501651497140.jpg (23.12 KB, 400x400, silent.jpg)

Thank you. I'm very happy you read my dream.

The landscapes inside of my dreams are usually quite detailed and terrifying. Language does not really suffice to explain the element of terror. Every night I go to sleep I find myself in places that make The Mist look like happy hour. Angel's Egg represents a foreboding feeling for me with its abandoned and desolate nature so it often presents itself as a recurring location. I don't consider it a good or welcome setting for a dream, it really just signifies that a living hell is approaching. Signals such as this only serve to completely dismantle my sleeping state and end with me waking up in a pained frenzy. I can't recover from these dreams for a few hours as the level of detail they fall into is beyond words. Only the dreams that bring terror will go into such detail. The supposed good ones are just forgotten. As a result, my brain subconsciously wishes for nightmares and tries to manipulate itself whilst in a sleeping state towards it's own worst fears and nightmares. It's disappointingly and masochistically brutal, yet produces significant results.

I've never had a home myself, so I never dreamt of a home, only rooms and buildings which bear familiarity to the real world. My mind without a doubt challenges me every single night by subjecting me to evil and terrifying nightmares. I say this with complete assurance that my subconscious realizes that I am weak. It desires to strengthen my resolve through torture. Lately I can dream of the most despicable trash without batting an eye. Spiders can remove my eyes with their overgrown fangs and claws, Satan can spirit me away to hell on a boat made out of flesh, it's all just the same. I have grown accustomed to nightmares and they are the norm. Good dreams no longer represent their intentions or exist in a focused state.

I was completely conscious that it was a dream. Every dream for me is a lucid dream. I have complete control and awareness over my sleeping state despite the fact that I've never wished for it, and it's even more terrifying as a result. I experience sleep paralysis, hallucinations and nightmares nearly every single night and haven't felt relief in eons. It's fucking terrifying. I've adjusted to wake up during sleep 3 times per night to jot down happenings before returning to my dreams. These notes are so disgustingly detailed and familiar that I refuse to share them. The subconscious is a nightmare within itself.


Get therapy.


>These notes are so disgustingly detailed and familiar that I refuse to share them. The subconscious is a nightmare within itself.

As much as you don't want to, could you possibly post something from it? I find it really fascinating.


I think I had one tonight where I kept waking up into dreams. I only remember bits and pieces, but I woke up and went to my bathroom and was really afraid. I think I spent like 10 minutes looking in the mirror and pinching myself to make sure I still wasn't dreaming. I'm still not sure honestly. Everything has that "haze" that dreams have.


>Or maybe one that was fragmented and you kept going back to after waking up?
Definitely had one of these, but I don't remember anything of it.


Not really, but I had this one time where I was in sort of a boss fight and every time I died, I'd get booted out of the dream due to the sudden fear of dying (because it felt real)
Luckily, though, I was sleeping in such a position that the sun wasn't shining in my eyes, so I could force myself back and retry the exact same battle but with more knowledge


Feel like I had one the other night but I can't fucking remember anything about it other than feeling like I had been asleep for like a week when I finally got up.


Not in that kind of way. I had a couple of dreams that are "cut" to seem like they are taking place through multiple days if you know what i mean. It might be the fact that you can have multiple dreams in one night and they maybe blend into eachother at the end?
Definetely something i can relate to with my own dream experiences.


I have definitely had dreams that would resume from another dream from the previous night. I don't think have a single dream that feels like it lasts for longer than the time that has passed in real life is possible, at least not technically. It has already been proven empirically that dream time roughly equals real time because our eye movements in dreams are in sync to actual eye movement. All of that extra time are probably just false memories the mind has cooked up. Having false memories of having done something is no different than having actually done it, as far as the mind is concerned.

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