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Dream On!
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This is a catch-all thread for miscellaneous dreams.

Drop your dreams that don't fit anywhere else in /yume/ here. They can be any type of dream about anything; lucid dreams, moody dreams, crazy dreams, fetish dreams, even trips/hallucinations, ANYTHING that doesn't need its own thread, post it here.

This way /yume/ won't be cluttered up with threads that never get responded to, and it'll be way easier and simpler for people to post their dreams since they won't have to start a new thread every single time; I want to hear more dreams from all of you and I encourage you to post them here no matter how short they are, and no matter how insignificant you think they are.


So, anything, huh? I'll start.

Well, one time I had a dream where I made a bunch of embarassing posts on 4chan under a personal username, I think I was supposed to be drunk or something when I did it. I was also walking down a dirt road lined with pine trees that looked like giant car air fresheners. I wanted to delete the posts, but the posts were the trees. When I tried to delete them, they kept getting farther and farther away from me.


I dreamt I was raped by Chris-Chan.

I'm honest, I tell you.


i dreamed i got captured by a cult let by tyler the creator
they raped dead horses and groped memorial statues
idk it was pretty scary i was strapped to a table the whole time


I was in a dream with 4 or 5 dream friends doing cool stuff, and near the end I got lucid and realized they'd disappear when I woke up. And they realized their world would disappear. So I tried not to wake up, and meanwhile one guy ("Kevin") disappeared because I couldn't remember how he looked.

…I also once dreamed I was in a bungie-jumping/karate/pole-jumping class.


I recently started my own dream diary.



I dreamed I married Marcus Mumford and we lived in a lovely estate just north of town. We had three children and a highland cow, and often went sailing.

pretty sweet setup, man.


This is a REALLY old dream, from when I was a little kid, but I had this dream that a boy and me went to this library full of old men, and he tried to rip their chins off so he could make an old man chin pyramid, and he pulled so hard his own hand came off.


Don't remember too much of it. Apart from that lizard thing… Rango, I think it's called? Anyway, I was in one of those Wild West saloons when in he comes. A few minutes later, some Wild West gunmen come in, and the next thing I know is that Rango has a laser sight on his revolver, and is pointing at one of the gunmen (who is Motorhead's Lemmy), but then he loses his mojo and turns into a bog-standard lizard. I sneak behind a table and run up the stairs, and suddenly I'm in a supermarket. So anyway, these birds made out of spaghetti fly past me and swarm the gunmen, I go to where the birds came from and saw one of my College teachers eating from a box of cereal. Yeah. Got a couple more if anyone's interested.


Hahaha wow. I just had a dream where I got an ADHD prescription for these tiny flat blue pills that for some reason came in a round blue bottle. I was looking for the dose instructions when I looked at the side-effects on the back. One of the lines said something along the lines of "do not masturbate to lolicon".

I was still going to do it. foreveralone.jpg


I had a dream when I was eaten by Uboa.
Really, I'm not kidding.


So me, my cousin, my aunt, and Tomo and Kagura from Azumanga Daioh were in a Wal-Mart backroom. We went around a corner to find a garden. Located throughout the dream were hand soap dispensers which restore your HP. We progressed through the backroom which was turning more into a factory, and we had to fight some robot bees and stuff. Me and Kagura were low on HP afterwards, so all of us backtracked to the garden. The soap dispenser in the garden was a little low, so I used some on myself and gave the rest to Kagura. Some more robot bees came and I don't really remember what happened afterwards.


An asian woman was giving me a blowjob. I asked her if it mattered whether I kept my pelvis on the mattress or if I kinked it upwards, and she said she didn't care, so I kinked it upwards. Also she only used her mouth so I told her she could use her hand too, because just the mouth didn't have enough stimulation. When I was just about to cum she suddenly grabbed my dick and tried to put it in her vagina to make herself pregnant, but luckily I foresaw this and I moved so that the cumblast shot off to the side in the air. It ruined my orgasm though, and I diplayed my disappointment to the woman.


my dreams are really long for some reason, would be too tl;dr




File: 1336209148417.jpg (39.4 KB, 800x670, -2248286_281971404.jpg)

Just a few hours ago, had some Inception-like thing. The general theme seemed to be that some uber-hacker mastermind decided to hack everything, and I had to stop him - if connected properly, I would in theory be able to connect to cyberspace while dreaming. So with some of my relatives we got on a jeep and started running away from his henchmen while doing the preparations. Finally, when everything was ready, they lowered one of the seats so I could sleep comfortably, and I fell asleep.

The point of view changed to one of my relatives, so I could drive the car, and feed myself hotdogs through a tube (wut) because I was sleeping for a very long time.

Meanwhile, in the dreamworld… or cyberspace within the dreamworld (I'll just call it level 2) I fought against his protection programs that looked like random girls and lolis to distract me. Apparently I won, and woke up in my house - there were a lot of computers around, and I felt totally stiff and drained from the long slumber. I slouched to one of the people who helped me, and saw him typing something on the screen - that hacker mastermind was still there, but he couldn't do anything now (he also had a screen nickname of Kira, lol). We had a chat with him about how he will come back and what is life… and I woke up.

pic unrelated.


I dreamt that I was in Singapore on holiday with my friend (native). We went to this one river and there were those sort of fisherman boats that you see in south-east Asia. For some reason, she had a different name which was Japanese. Anyway, we went to this supermarket and then suddenly everyone disappeared. I walked over to the cashier, only to find this… Chair. It had a helmet thing attached to it and screens surrounded it 180 degrees. It then started to persuade me to use it, curiously it had the voice of Paul McKenna. It then said "you have a nice smile". A screen appeared out of nowhere and moved to my front. It shown my Asian friend and I was like "…Michelle." So then I climbed in, the screens closed in around me. And then I woke up.


Dreamed that I killed my former roommate while performing open-heart surgery on him in the corner of my elementary school's gym. I chased off a crowd of onlookers by screaming that I was in the middle of an operation. Later, I was wandering around the school grounds, worried I would get arrested for killing someone. Suddenly I realized that the idea that I had killed someone like that was totally absurd and concluded it must have been a dream, without realizing I was still dreaming. Then I actually woke up.


Had a long dream last night with some sort of vague plot involving Dangan Ronpa and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? collaborating to ruin my childhood memories, which for some reason I thought was pretty cool (in the dream). A lot of stuff happened that made little sense and I can't remember anyways, but the highlight was when I realized I was dreaming and decided to try out that cool lucid dreaming stuff I'd read about. I started running up a tower in slow motion to see how it felt, and the sensation was extremely vivid and detailed and felt amazing. Then I jumped off the fourth story, everything faded to black, and I woke up feeling good. Hope I can dream like that again.


Sounds like something Tyler the Creator would do.


Here's a dream I had a while ago.

I was in an area of my town called Highland Square and I was in the Walgreens, when all of the sudden a guy with a shotgun came in and started shooting stuff. Terrified, I evaded him through the aisles and made my way out of the store. As I was running across the street, I saw him tailing me and shooting at other people. I ran across the street to a storefront on the other side and ran in. I think it was a pizza shop. I burst in, and jumped behind the counter of the shop. As I saw the gunman coming towards the store, I ran into the back room, and slid down a fireman's pole into a garage that was the Batcave. There were two Mexican mechanics that were working on a car. (probably the Batmobile but it could have been just an old Mustang) I jumped in and drove out onto the street, and the dream ended.


I was talking to a couple of female friends in a pink bedroom, and one of them had the weird name of "Commander"? I didn't know what the other one was. Anyway it had a door that went into my bedroom which was a creamy white and a couple of my male friends were there. So I spent a while alternating between the few until I got a call from a friend from the pink room. So I go back into there and one of my other friends disappeared and it was now white with absolutely nothing in. So I start asking her the stuff she likes, wants etc. I then start shaping the room to her wants, complete with closet full of her favourite clothes. But then I'm suddenly stuck in a different bed with someone I hardly know, in a coffee shop with windows at every fucking angle. I can't even reshape it.
So yeah. That was my dream.


I once had a dream that me,Giygas and a human version of Majora were friends and we had to invade a Wal-Mart for no reason.
And I was a Youkai called Alma.


When I was like five years old I had a dream that I walk to McDonalds. When I went inside there was a lot of people and none of them were facing me, even the employees behind the counter. I wait in line with my munnies and have still yet to see anyone's face. Once at the register I realize that everyone in the whole fucking place has black and white face paint on or some shit. I run out of McDonalds (without getting anything sadly) and get back home. As soon as I walk through the door I see my family with the same face paints and I wake up. I was afraid of McDonalds for a little while and I shat bricks the first time I saw KISS. I still don't know why I thought it was scary in the first place but I have always remembered that dream.


I was riding around a town on a monorail train. I realized I needed to get off at a certain stop, but the doors shut before I could and I got frustrated because I would have to ride all the way around the track to get back. I walked through the car to complain to the driver.

Later, some other person and I were climbing a mountain at Philmont Scout Ranch in the middle of the night. We weren't supposed to be doing this, but my companion was very excited. We finally reached a rocky plateau at the top, but staff members were waiting to catch us and we had to run away back down the mountain.

Later still, I had a device which could change the time of day by pushing "up" or "down" buttons. I pushed the up button a few times, advancing time, and watched the sky change. Then I got on my bike and started riding around. I ended up on a road so high up that long clouds hung just below either side of the path. By then it was sunset, and I became so absorbed in the pretty pink glow on top of the clouds that I wrecked my bike and nearly fell off the mountain.

Finally, I ended up back at my house, where I hauled my bike up into the elevated deck that's all that's left of my childhood treehouse. I advanced time to midday, with a very vivid shade of blue, then nighttime. I lay down and watched the moon, then started looking up information about it somehow and discovered it would be full in less than a week.

Just before I woke up, this whole adventure became a story I had posted on an erotic web site, and I was reading the members' reviews of it. Most of them liked it, although one person criticized it for some reason having to do with anime. Strangely, even though my alarm woke me up at this point, I kept "reading" the reviews in my head.

This was probably the prettiest dream I've had in a while — lots of bright colors. Also, very long. It was nice…


File: 1337480337159.jpg (52.98 KB, 429x568, alien.jpg)

By far the most disturbing dreams i had:

-One day i thought it was a good idea to eat a bunch of chicharron, the next day my stomach was like a motherfucking war zone. Anyways, i never got disturbing dreams while asleep and sick, just some annoying dreams like some sort of sound repeating infinitely and forcing me wake up. But this dream was different, it was an hellish landscape (you know, fire, lava, red ground, smoke, dead trees)fading out and a demonic face made out of corpses appearing, like some sort of unholy and twisted mosaic.

-Like a week later, i had this dream, it was not scary at all, just disturbing and somewhat sad. It was like some king of war documentary reporting the suffering of a bunch of children in a small village were a bomb detonated. The children were really injured and burned, but injured to the point that you could see their ribs and internal organs, burned faces,a kid even had his lower half of the body totally destroyed and just a bunch of bones could be seen. But all the children react to it like nothing at all happend to them, the mortally injured (at least they looked in that way)were just standing or sitting on the ground acting like normal kids with nothing to worry about.


File: 1337481437683.jpg (118.65 KB, 500x284, 1327981901077.jpg)

I thought of a more recent one, its wrestling related which is kind of funny.
- Me, my brother, and our friend were at some sort of fancy resturant with CM Punk(Pictured) and his friend Colt Cabana. All of us ordered burgers but when the waiter left a bunch of mafia dudes ran out of the kitchen and started shooting at us for no raisin! We jumped out of the resturant through the wall (LOL WAT) and weren't being chased I guess. We walked forever and a day and then my brother and friend got ran over by a truck or some shit. Then Colt said fuck this and flew away. All my teeth fell out and I woke up… Yeah I dunno what the fuck that was about.


Dreamed Jimi Hendrix taught me to play a bunch of songs (all in A pentatonic minor). Was very miffed when I woke up and they were just nonsense.

Also, I found prototypes for the unreleased Mega Drive version of Time Trax and its Tim Follin soundtrack (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqyEbu8cmMg). All in all, a very disappointing morning to wake up to.


Dreamed that I was at school and a policeman stopped a robber in front of hour classroom. I don't know how, that action activated a terrorist attack and some of my classmate died. I was really sorry for one of them particularly and I tried to cheer up her best friend, but she yelled at me saying that it was ok to be depressed and started freaking out. That was a huge background to this dream, but it wasn't so interesting anyways.


our classroom
Sorry, I just woke up.


File: 1338988824646.jpg (48.4 KB, 500x670, 1336702558777.jpg)

I had another one of my crazy jumping dreams last night. I was running around the department store of a mall, jumping to heights of more than 50 feet in the air. I could jump so high I could push up on the ceiling tiles. I took a short break to look at some winter jackets in the store. Then I resumed my madness, running out into the mall and doing slam-dunks in the air. I realized that I was famous for this and reminisced about being interviewed about my jumping ability. I met some friends who were chilling in the food court and one of them started asking my questions about the Wu-Tang Clan. It was a cool dream.


I had a dream that Jigen from Lupin III and I were in the ocean, trying to escape this giant worm/water monster thing. We weren't swimming so much as we were running and jumping with decreased gravity.

The Titanic was chugging along on the water above us, and after a bunch of hopeless running with the monster close on our tail, I had an idea. I swam/jumped up to the ship, pulled open this sort of flap that was on the bottom of it, and let all the ocean water surge into the ship. The ship sank into the water and landed right on top of the monster, killing it. After it died, all the water drained out of the ocean, and I remember seeing Jigen sit there trying to catch his breath, and thinking, "wait, Jigen can breathe air?!" because apparently I thought we were mermaids that could only breathe water, or something.

You heard it here first, folks. Jigen and I were the ones that sunk the Titanic, not an iceberg.


File: 1339598648361.png (65.74 KB, 268x276, 3099.png)

I remember several dreams I had about Libyan leader Colonel Qaddafi during the civil war. He was a nice guy and not as bad as the media portrays him. I wanted to save him from the imperialists and terrorists but unfortunately I wasn't, not in my dreams or real life


My dreams are random as fuck and my grammar sucks!

One dream I remember was that I was a girl called Aōiyme and I was sitting in the middle of a busy pavement crowded with people in buisness suits, I was playing with hair-gel when Rinnosuke from Touhou randomly walked past and I attempt to throw some hair-gel at him, it misses and he starts to notice me in the crowd. He sits down beside me and we start talking and we just sit there in the middle of the crowded pavement. He then kisses me and I then wake up.


I once had a dream where worms followed our family's car home after a road trip. They grew into gigantic colossal worms and started destroying everything in the neighbourhood. The only way to stop them was to bust out flamethrowers and torch them. This didn't kill them, but made them shrink to sizes small enough to stomp them out. Joy. Sounds like the plot of a B-movie.


I once dreamt that I lived in Ancient China. Everybody lived happily under the rule of the local magistrate, Darth Vader, except for the Yakuza. One day, the Yakuza decided to harass the restaurant beside my house. As a good and upstanding citizen, I went to plead for assistance from Darth Vader. We went back to the restaurant in his chariot, which was not pulled by any horses (must have ran on the force), after which we kicked the asses of the Yakuza. Fearing for my life, my family and Darth Vader told me to climb and hide in a twenty -storey 'Butterfly Tower', which looked just like a pagoda. After climbing about 15 storeys, I noticed there was a elevator and that the 15th storey was a carpark. Each floor was crowded with hobos for some reason, who mostly sat in a corner wearing their hooded jackets. On this floor, however, a bunch of them came at me and started crack their knuckles. I got into the elevator and went to the 20th floor. Upon exiting the elevator, I realised I was at the first storey of my house, and five black belts were getting ready to battle the Yakuza elite. I joined them, and as the two sides clashed, everything faded into white. Then I woke up.


File: 1340455122271.jpg (166.17 KB, 2048x1536, 475672_285863918151554_100….jpg)

I think I just went lucid for the first time?
I had a dream where I went shopping and I ran into a teacher that lot a lot of weight IRL, and she told me in the dream that her secret was some illegal chemical that made her left eye turn outwards (semi-wall-eyed) and loose vision, but then she lost 60 pounds in a week.
So I get home from that weird shopping trip, and I'm putting away stuff in my room, and I bumped into the cage that I kept my gerbil Rascal in. Rascal died a few months ago, and in the dream I was like "Huh, I thought I put his cage away ages ago…" and then Rascal popped his head out of his little house and ran into his exercise wheel and started running!
I realized that I was 100% definitely in a dream, and I got excited. "Holy crap, I'm in a dream! I'm lucid! Now I can fly and make fictional characters appear and go on adventures or something and visit dreamworlds like Madotsuki or have super powers!" I said that, but…I couldn't stop staring at my Rascal. I felt like now that I knew it was a dream, he would disappear if I looked away from him or a second or I blinked too much. So I gave up the chance to go do cool lucid things to hold my Gerbil one last time. I petted him and watched him run around, and then I took him to show mom and she was happy to see him again, too. Although it felt weird being lucid and talking to my mom but knowing she wasn't real. It didn't bother me with the gerbil, but talking to a fake dream mom was almost scary, even though she acted normally. Probably because I've seen Coraline a few too many times. Anyway, I guess showing Rascal to mom was a bit too much, because I woke up not long after that.


>Get out of bed
>Go to bathroom
>Whip out dick and start peeing
>No pee comes out and instead my entire groin feels warm
>Wake up for real
>Piss everywhere
>The sheets will never be clean again.


File: 1340521612722.png (3.96 KB, 768x672, secret[1].png)


:( that happened a few times when I was a kid, how embarrassing


An older man, a younger girl and I were running around fighting things like Chrono Trigger. We were wearing tattered clothing and fighting mutants in an abandoned factory just like one I had explored the previous day. The older guy looked like Cid from FFTA, only a little more serious. It was cool.


>old man chin pyramid
holy shit wat


Of all fucked-up dreams I've had, this one takes the cake and whacks it off their head.

Me and my brother are in a car with a window missing when a kid with an Afro jumps in while being dressed up as Rick Astley.
After an awkward and confusing drive, we end up in rural Scotland and I try to drive back to wherever we were (Think it was a shopping mall) but I couldn't because I was stuck with a mini Rick Astley with an Afro.



File: 1345307209980.jpg (112.16 KB, 1024x768, Toco Toucan.jpg)


the toucan is unimpressed with you and your rick afrostly


File: 1346557728683.png (12.04 KB, 170x432, dream toy.png)

I dreamt that I had a vagina. I also had this big ~1.5 foot long white, lumpy dildo that when I inserted it into my newfound vagina it would reach all the way up to my chest and it would send waves of sexual pleasure all around my body and not just my groin. It was weird because I usually never dream anything sexual, let alone switching genders. I'm not gay or anything either so, I dunno. I want to dream about it again tonight though.


It wasn't a wet dream either but I was obviously orgasming.

So I guess it's confirmed possible to have dry wet-dreams now I guess.


I once dreamt that I was actually alive.



File: 1347138870044.jpg (63.51 KB, 600x518, Kuroko.No.Basket.600.11595….jpg)

My dream last night.
No idea where it came from.
So good >_>


Last night I had a dream where the main character from Drive saved my life, but then he immediately ran off after a prostitute for some reason and left me in a brothel. I was sitting around in there when suddenly DEAD PROSTITUTE OUT OF NOWHERE. And then a werewolf showed up, but Goku came and turned it back into a human.

And for some reason it was Light from Death Note, and no one gave a shit that a) he was a werewolf and b) he just murdered a chick in cold blood. Apparently I was in some sort of alternate universe from the real ending of Death Note, where Light actually killed Near and basically ended up as the ruler of the world. And apparently he lived in this huge palace and someone was writing a manga about his life.

It got so meta that I woke up.


It was the last day of high school and the whole grade was in the school hall. Everyone was mucking around. I started trying to play "Fripperies" from the Katawa Shoujo soundtrack and I played it god-awful (it was just playing the treble part by ear and even getting that wrong) but suddenly everyone went quiet and started listening to me and I felt pressured to continue, so I kept playing while embarassing myself until the end, and after that it just went completely quiet until two of my friends came up and said the playing made them idzzy.


Strange dream #985:
Once I woke up and my room filled up with smoke.
I go downstairs, wondering what was going on.
I take a right turn, cursing the horrific abomination that is my punctuation skills.
The door is off it's hinges.
I enter the smoking kitchen.
I think: "What the fucktopus?!"
A noodleperson in a D-class uniform has broken in and set fire to my cereal.
The noodleperson has a ".w•" emoticon for a face.
I ponder: "What the… How the…"
I shout: "Get the fuck outta my house and stop burning my cereaaaaaaaaaal!!!!"
Noodleperson set fire to my koolaid.
Dream ends.

I also had a SCP-076 plushie.


Me again. ^_^"
Another weird dream.

I'm in the middle of what seems to be a car boot sale, it's winter and the cold air seems almost nostalgic.
A fairly large crowd seems to have gathered around a dark purple van, the owner of which is a fat women who seems to be in her 60s.
The women is wearing a T-shirt saying: "BETTY'S MIRACLE HEALING ICE JUICE".
Several people beside the van and fat women seem to be standing in a dark purple puddle of liquid. The liquid seems extremely cold and the people are bare-footed.
You're curious as to how standing in a puddle of ice cold water can heal, so you ask the fat women about the "Miracle healing ice juice".
"You want to know about my healing juice, eh? Well, well, well, you see, this juice of mine can heal anything! Now, now, you don't drink this marvelous miracle juice, you have to stand in it bare-footed while chanting the song!"
"The miracle marvel healing juice song of course! Why, let's all sing to spread the joy and fun of Betty's miracle healing ice juice! Oh, Betty's, Betty's ice juice-"
A girl with a maroon side-ponytail rushes towards the fat woman called Betty and begins to shriek accusations of lying and tricking everyone.
"Wyn! Wait up!"
A trucker in his 40s runs towards the shrieking teenager.
"Don't just randomly run off like that, Wyn. I thought somethi-"
"Now, now, now, young lady, Betty never lies about her products."
"Betty never lies, because Aunt Betty knows best."
I watch this little spectacle, amused at the little argument. The bizzare show escalated when Wyn began to violently beat "Aunt Betty" while still screaming.
Aunt Betty, seemed completly unfazed by all of this, however.
"Aunt Betty seems like some sorta kids entertainer, or mascot for a baking range."
While loudly thinking to my self, Aunt Betty seemed to have punched Wyn in the chest, sending the maroon haired screamer flying in to the van.
The trucker guy, who I presumed to be Wyn's father, seemed shocked at seeing her knocked into a van, rushed towards the almost unconcious girl.
"Oh dear, oh dear! Looks like she's going to need some of my miracle juice!"
"St-stay away f-from m-me, you s-stupid bitch."

Sorry if this is boring. It's just I felt like I needed to write this down to remember it.
And sorry for bad grammer, punctuation, spelling and weirdness.
And for being annoying.


I had a dream about someone I knew a long time ago, who was apparently a virtual Reality game designer now. She had made these torture games for me to play, where I was the one being tortured/having to be able to survive and maneuver through an area of obstacles and other people who were trying to shoot me with sniper rifles which I needed to stab to get points.

I had apparently beaten the game and I was walking around in a place that I thought was the VR "marketplace", and there was this woman who was talking about another game that was nearly identical, and offered me to give it a test run. As soon as I started playing I knew that the other person I knew had made this game too.

After the test run of the first level, I told the woman that I knew who had made this game. But for some reason I couldn't recall her name. I then began playing again, this time it was a level where I was strapped to a table and I was being lead down a conveyer belt, and there was a giant screen in the air where I thought I was watching myself being impaled by spikes.

At the end of the conveyer belt there was a wall, and I could see the belt slip between the wall and the floor in a small crack. I was stuck there.

After a few moments, I could hear the person that I knew from before was standing next to me, she whispered in my ear how if this wasn't going to be a mainstream game where other people were going to play, that she would have made the torturing levels last three times longer just for me.

I had a dream not too long ago where a 2d woman who was supposed to be my German teacher tongued my ear. It was the weirdest sensation.


had a dream last night where I was apparently a republic trooper who wasn't a clone during the Clone Wars. I was attacking a CIS compound by myself, and I had entered this room that had an elevator and a door at the far side. I was then ambushed by several normal battledroids, they were all painted in white. They wanted me to surrender. I noticed that I didn't have any ammunition for my guns left, and then there was three buttons that came up in my "heads up display" in front of me, one was "No" which was in red, the other was "fair" which was in blue, and the last was "yes" which was in green.I thought that No would mean that I would try to escape, but I kept thinking that they'd kill me before I would be able to get out the door. I decided to choose "fair".

They came up to me as I stood still, they took my weapons, put me in a wheelchair, and used some kind of laser/light hand restraints that put my hands in a weird position over my shoulders. They then wheeled me into a theatre that was brightly lit, and there was a bunch of people that were sitting down listening to someone speak. I didn't pay much attention to what was being said.

Then, Dr. House from the TV show, along with Dr. Foreman walked into the room, and came up to me. They wondered why my hands were like that, but I couldn't speak back to them for some reason. They left after a few moments of looking me over. I was then wheeled out of the theatre and into a long corridor, and then dumped into a place that looked like a janitorial room. I could see the cleaning supplies and whatnot, but there was also frost everywhere and the was strands of wires that were hanging from the ceiling in the back of the room.

After a minute or so of me laying on the floor, a woman came in, she kind of resembled the person I knew from the previous dream I posted; short stature, black hair, and very, very pale skin. Although this time, she was completely naked. She also had a bunch of tools I had never seen before in her hands that I had never seen before, which I assumed she was going to torture me with. She walked over to me and dragged me towards the entrance, and placed me against the wall. She then sat on my lap, and she told me that she wanted to know where I had hid the "package", and that if I didn't tell her that she was going to torture me.

I was very scared of her, as I had no idea what package she was speaking of, as I was only sent there to attack the compound. After a moment, she asked me if it was "behind the van" or somewhere else that she told me, I don't quite remember the second place.

Thinking quickly, I said that it was behind the van, and that if it wasn't there, it could have been the work of another "operative" that could have moved it somewhere else.

She called over some guards and told them to search behind the van, then told me that I better pray that it is there or I'd be dead.After a few more moments, they came back and told her that they had found the package.

She stood up laughing and giggling in an evil-like fashion, then pushed me over on my side. There was a giant block of ice that my head was resting on, and she hit me several times on the head with what I presumed to be a rubber mallet. It didn't really hurt, but I thought that she was going to kill me now that I was of no more use.

After hitting me a few more times, she took one of the dangling wires from the ceiling and placed it on my right hand, and I could feel the electricity shooting through my hand. At first it wasn't that painful, but after a few seconds it started to hurt my entire hand and up my arm.All the while she was still giggling telling me that the reason why it didn't hurt so much was because the room was too cold.

The dream then skipped, and then I was at some school-like lunch tables, sitting down. I then woke up about a minute later.


Weird dream #173:
Went to a turkey farm with my mom and brother, the turkey farm turns out to have closed years ago and is haunted!
Then I ended up being hired by the goverment to blow up the volcanic arc in a helecopter, before somehow ending up in a DS RPG game playing as Hulk Hogan and you had to fight a bunch of Triple Hs in hats.

You guys must be sick of me and my weird dreams. ^_^"


Not really. Though I can take over for you.


Weird dream #167:
I'm at school and two candy stalls are open on two different floors.
It's lunchtime and the candy stalls are going to close at one o' clock so I run to the nearest stall, when reaching there I discover that the woman running it is a selfish bitch who closed the stall earlier than she should have.
While running off to the floor with the other stall, I bump into my actual friend from High School who tells me that they've cut off the west stairwell. Desprate for whatever the stalls were selling, I thought about jumping out the window to the other floor, before being stopped by my teacher who starts talking about cameras and mountains.
After dealing with that, I bump into yet another teacher who seems to be hell-bent on cloning himself and starting "The Council of Issacs" with the school science lab. Thankfully the school janitor who for some reason was named Diablo managed to choke slam the idiot and lent me her floor sweaper to get there on time.
Finally I reach the stall and get some orange chewy candy before the teacher who wanted to clone himself fly through the window with Diablo the janitor screaming a war-cry.

For some reason it looked like sunset.
I've just realized I have bad luck in my dream and I walk weird like I'm a zombie. >_<"


I woke up in the middle of a zombie plague that had ravaged the whole of Britain. I wandered around, with bodies all around, when I saw a zombified Simon Pegg. He charged towards a riot cop, who then proceeded to cuff him. It was only after the cuffing when the riot-cop realised he was arresting Zombie-Pegg. I then found myself in my living room. I picked up the newspaper, which proceeded to tell me in televised news style how I had found a cure for the zombie plague - by hugging. A blur appears, and then I'm at a screen. On the screen there is a massive cell full of dozens of chimpanzees, almost all of them dressed in gimp suits. Suddenly, the view cut to the one chimp that wasn't in bondage. It appeared that I was now that monkey. I wandered around until I found an open door. I walked through it, triggering a containment breach alarm. A few guards appeared, to restrain me. Somehow, I had kung-fu powers in this dream, and as I kicked the asses of these guards, they disappeared. I took the hint and walked to an elevator. I press the red button and it brings me up. It turns out I am in a post-apocalyptic world, not unlike the original Fallout world. At the world map, I find that upon an ocean of irradiated lava, there is a patch of "safe" land. I start to jump there, only to fall short. A Fallout conversation piece appears, however there are no text or options, though something happens to bring the perspective down to me. I watch as my body falls into the lava, and slowly melts like ice-cream. It zooms back out, and I appear to start again. I take another leap onto the safe patch, land…
And wake up.


File: 1352764024755.png (81.7 KB, 640x480, fruin11m.png)

Pic related: the bit of irradiated lava that invaded my dream and killed me: the elephant foot of Chernobyl.


I posted this in an astral projection thread on 4chan's /x/. I thought I should share it here as well.

I've never been able to astral project, but last night I had a dream that I astral projected. It started out as a normal dream. (relatively normal, all my dreams are pretty messed up) It was a pretty long dream and it had reached the end of the day and I was trying to go to sleep. That's when the I started to feel the vibrations that I normally felt when I tried to astral project in the past. I tried leaving my body and it worked! I was so happy that I finally did it!

I was outside of my body, but I was still in the same dreamworld and still had dream logic thinking the dreamworld was real, despite all the impossible things in it. While projecting, I could fly around and move through walls, but I was still able to touch things if I wanted. Some cartoon and anime characters from shows I watch were asleep in the rooms next to mine and they wouldn't be able to see me if they woke up, so I decided to try some things.

In the end I had a lot of fun and eventually woke up back in my body. I went about my day and talked to my friends, who were all talking about strange things they felt/saw/heard in the night. Very few details of what they actually felt/saw/heard were given and some of them seemed quite embarrassed. Eventually I woke up for real, a bit disappointed it was all a dream, but still in a happy about it being a very good dream.


Me again. U_U"
This time me and an alternate universe version of me are on a quest to kill Stephenie Meyer before she breaks into the SCP foundation website and make fanfiction about SCP-076.
Halfway through, I begin to think that if I don't kill Stephenie Meyer she could ruin one of my most beloved psychopaths forever, but what unholy abomination the Meyer produces could become comedic gold.
I then had a vision of 076 telling me that he will remove my spine with a chainsaw if I don't slay Meyer. Spurred on by this vision, me and Alternate Me (Who was wearing steampunk clothes for some reason) stormed on to destroy The One They Call Meyer!
We killed The Hateful Meyer with a stick.
In the end I didn't get my spine chainsawed, 076 has his dignity, and I realized Alternate Me is a thieving bitch who stole my Flandre Scarlet cospay outfit.

(This was one of the few of my recent dreams that doesn't have a subtle TVAE referance, instead it makes up for that with SCP foundation and Touhou. Kill me now.)


I had a dream where I woke up at the gate to this city, and there was a timer at the top left-hand corner of my viewpoint. I would run around this city until it ran out, at which point I would die, and restart back at the beginning.
I found some interesting things in this city. I went to a garbage processing plant with rows of garbage and giant metal doors that would open periodically, containing excavators that would push the trash. I also found I giant supermarket made of gold, and I was about to get some Ritz when a lady took the last box (keep in mind that at this point, I was running all over the goddamn place trying to find a way to stop the counter). I remember zooming through alleyways and a sort of park-esque town square. I remember ending up at my grandparents house and I explained to my grandfather the situation, to which he started to explain how to stop it very slowlike. I was running out of time and died again.
I don't remember exactly how many times I died or how many things I saw or did, but I'll never forget that dream…


all of my nightmares are about my mom

last night i yelled out at her in my sleep and it woke me up

i fell asleep again and dreamed about some girl in my eng class getting crucified


I have a weird habit of dreaming up stories. I'm aware that whatever visual scene I'm witnessing isn't -me-, and that it's a story, and often they become very fun to watch.

Last night I had a dream about a rebellious man, his little girl sidekick, his love interest, and a version of the USA where everyone is forced to be a consumer. In this world, there are strict social conventions where you must be interested in buying products and constantly show yourself to be a major consumer. If you don't, you face exclusion. There are also laws in place that force every citizen to fill a monthly quota of purchases from different venues. Ridiculous trends started popping up, like wigs and wrist-watches that produce holograms of dancing girls, and eventually the love interest got tired of them. Facing exclusion, she runs off with the rebellious man, who terrorizes the big city and lives in the slums with his little girl sidekick, who he rescued from the police when she was resisting filling her quota.

Funny dreams.


File: 1354045605510.png (88.37 KB, 640x384, sad35alt.png)

I had a dream a couple nights ago that Seisatsu and all the other mods got kidnapped somehow and had to relinquish their power. Then, a bunch of vengeful 15 year old girls took over and started blocking the IP addresses of the regulars on here so they could "clean up" Uboachan. This all happened without anyone knowing, and when I went to Uboachan I got what looked like a 404 page that said "umm what". After refreshing a few times, I got one that had a picture of a condescending anime chick on it and read "lol youre pretty desperate arent you faggot". After somehow getting to the main page (apparently these 15 year old girls weren't very good at banning people) it looked sort of like 4chan's main page, but all pink and glittery like some "soft grunge" blog from tumblr. This was apparently devastating to me because I started sobbing and collapsed and that woke me up.
I can't tell if this is an omen or if I just need to spend less time on the internet.


File: 1354061097923.png (119.06 KB, 425x474, Cynicalsnipes.png)


>1k get


File: 1354067790736.jpg (147.42 KB, 766x578, 1353634888034.jpg)

I didn't even notice that holy shit


File: 1355767031159.png (11.68 KB, 960x540, clarence.png)

I had another strange dream last night. I was staying in an upscale hotel and casino, and I found out about this rumor that a famous scam artist used to live there and I got really obsessive about him. During the dream, I got to watch some of his scams in third-person, for some reason.

Later, I met a girl a little younger than me and we became friends. She had a really sweet little sister that we played with.

We were playing on a lawn in front of a tall condominium building when, suddenly, all of the buildings started falling over. It was an earthquake. I grabbed her hand and she grabbed her little sister; we started running away from the tipping buildings. We ran across some sort of golf course, which was opening up with fault-lines and giant pools of water. I remember jumping over a spreading fault and grabbing the edge — it felt like chrome or thin, hard metal. We ran and ran as the world broke open. Water replaced the fault lines we'd jumped before. We had to swim now. Little yellow blocks replaced the safe land, like we were in a video game. Red ones were untouchable. We swam across and grabbed the yellow blocks.

This kept on going for a while. We reached some sort of city, eventually, full of strange-looking doors. A lot of them would just open to another door, which would do the same, endlessly. We were trying to figure out how to escape. Eventually we opened the right doors and went through. There we found a black void with rotating planets and some kind of vacuum sucking them in. Some small, grey, squid-like creature was chuckling at us. We immediately decided that he was the enemy; I had a feeling his name was Clarence, probably because it's Christmas-time and I like Penumbra.

We were sucked into the vacuum and wound up where we started again. Apparently, there were a lot of dead-ends where Clarence would just send you back to where you started. Eventually we re-traced our steps, took a different route, and wound up at some pristine, white, modern office building. Out front was a lady who looked like an older version of my friend. She came with us and said she was our, "sister". Apparently, every group who is chosen to take this journey is given a guide sister. She was silly and friendly, following us and giving us advice, but whenever we "died" we had to go all the way back and get her again. One time, we found a secret passage that took us to nearly the end of the journey. One door was left and we were on a giant yellow block, being hit by tidal waves. We went through the door and were immediately teleported back by Clarence. We realized we needed to have our sister with us to get to the end. We went back and tried to find her in the big office building, only to find that she was wearing a wig and pretending not to be our sister. We got sad and she immediately ripped off the wig, explaining that she thought we didn't want her anymore. We all made up and went out. After more water, more earthquakes, more doors, we finally approached our sister about the purpose of the journey. She said that it's something that will bring us to maturity, and that kids find maturity at different ages. We all understood, and she left, saying her job was finished here.

We did a few more puzzles and, when we nearly finished our crazy quest, we were locked in the space-vacuum room again. This time, however, I blacked out. I awoke to find Clarence, bright white with red outlines on a red background, smirking at me. He looked like a terribly done MS Paint drawing. He says something. Then he starts chasing after my friend and her little sister, who are now tiny, orange gummi bears; he's black and featureless on a grey background, now. Don't think this is too weird. The art style of the areas has been changing constantly throughout the dream. They weren't really gummi bears; they just looked like them.

Clarence was going to drill holes into their foreheads and kill them. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't catch them in time and save them, no matter how many times I tried. So, then, I woke up.

Egg nog dreams are fun.


Yesterday, I had a concept on a Yume Nikki game. That night, I had a dream where I was the main character, and I screwed around. The best thing I did was the Tower Lever Maze thing.


This one's from last night.

There's a cul de sac with apartment buildings surronding it, in one of the buildings, there's a gang of kids, all are roughly 13 years old. The leader is a kid with blond spiked hair wearing a leather jacket, I'm a girl with long blond messy as fuck hair(Which is kinda weird 'cause I'm usually a guy in my dreams)
The gang(Which had about six members) had apparently stolen a bunch of bowling balls and pins from a bowling alley and were planning on selling them to a store far away from the building.
As we were grabbing stuff like baseball bats and golf clubs to smash mail boxes on the way to the store, I went to a random kitchen to get water to put mud in, my fat old teacher from high school was sitting on a chair dressed in funeral clothes, grieving someone and saying stuff like: "She was only 64!" and "She always wore yellow stained clothes!"
Ignoring her, I get the water and go back to the hall were the rest of the gang were standing. After preparing, we run outside carrying the pins and balls in a rucksack, with bats, clubs, and spray cans in hand.
Half-way through our journey, my clothes randomly disappeared for no reason(This happens a lot in my dreams).
After that little bother, we finally reach the store and sell the pins and balls to a fat man called 'Hungry Joe' who then proceded to swallow on of the balls.
We return to the apartments to see a coffin in the middle of a patch of grass, surrounded by a yellowish stain. My fat teacher is digging a grave for the coffin in the patch of grass while wailing: "all she wanted was to keep an eye on those children!! I hope Pissabeth is in a better place!!"
I decided to throw the jug of muddy water at the coffin before me and the gang run back to the apartment block as the teacher screamed: "Marabelle Inset!! How dare you!"

(Merry Christmas Uboachan!)


I had a dream that I was turning into a woman and fondling my woman-tits and lactating and ejaculating out of my woman-penis. When I woke up I found that I had semen all over my pillow and bedsheets.


I had a dream where I was fighting the triads in San Francisco using finger guns whihc shot out real bullets.


I had a dream where I was trying to get away from some shadowy beast. I was running through a dark forest, and whenever I got to a new checkpoint it would respawn at some point in front of me in a golden light. After several tries I realized that it's spawn points were static so I could use them to escape without getting caught. Then I found a car and drove it. I crashed through a fence and there were several armed guards shooting their automatic assault rifles at me. I crashed into one of them and weaved my way through some old machinery and broken down cars. I circled around a large round building and was in an open area in the desert, the only thing stopping me from driving out into the desert was a chain-link fence. There was a large robot that looked like the Iron Man mk. 1 suit and it was firing missiles at me. I avoided them and drifted off of a cliff and landed on a suspending bridge going through the canyon. I backed into this garage that had several missiles in it. This was my destination. I got out of the car and the GTA SA mission complete jingle played.

Later on, I was in my house, and all the lights were out, my hands looks like someone had splatter black ink all over them. There were many girls there, all wearing dark red jackets and white shirts. At this point I realized I was dreaming and found one who had a jacket but no shirt I started groping her and fondling her nipples. I set her down on the couch and she is being totally nonresponsive to it all. My aunt shows up and tells me that whenever you dream, everyone you dream about is real people but you can only communicate through dreams if you're really close to them. I looked at my hand to make sure I was dreaming and everything was so much more clear than it was in real life. My hand and everything surrounding it was so crisp and clear. I look up and all the girls are gone, so I tell say aloud to my dream "I will close my eyes, when I open them, I want to be in another place." So I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I was awake.


Well I once was dreaming that my city was under attack by the bad guy from the old weird Rambo cartoon from the 80's, and we were running down the streets from that guy. Oddly everything around had some cool blue tint, making the situation calm when we felt rushing for our lives.



Sorry it took so long. These next couple of submissions are for you.

I had to rack my brain for a while to get them straight, as I don't normally write down any other dreams besides touhou dreams.

Here we go:

I was running away from something I don't quite remember inside of an industrial building/factory. Everything was all rusty and old looking, reminded me of the inside of the Ishimura from Dead Space.

Eventually, I came across this hole in the floor, just big enough for me to fit in to. I couldn't see what was down there, there was only darkness. Without thinking, I jumped into the hole, and I fell for a few moments, before popping into a room lit by an orange/red light source (I wasn't sure if it was a fire or a lamp), it looked similar to the rest of the place that I was in, but it had no other entrances other than the hole in ceiling from where I came from.

The only peculiar thing about it was that there was this "bed" at one end of the room, it had these silver spikes floating all around it, pointed downwards into it. I couldn't help but want to lie down on the bed. I somehow was able to get above it and lay down without hurting myself. I immediately tried to get up, but the spikes kept me from doing that.

At that same moment, I noticed that a 2d woman was now in the room walking towards me, she was wearing some sort of green ninja-esque outfit that showed off a very curvy and seductive figure.

I froze as she approached, and before I knew it she was right next to the bed. The spikes had disappeared, but I still didn't move. She leaned down and kissed me deeply, and I could feel her hand searching for the manhood in my pants.

At that point, the dream kinda turned into "Visual Novel" form, in that I could see some text on the left side(most of the text was just "mmmm" moaning noises and whatnot), and on the right was a nice 2d picture of my member, with the gloved, slender hand of that woman. She started pumping me, and I could still feel her kissing me, although the picture didn't move.

After a few minutes, I could feel myself going to come, and when I finally released, the picture changed and there was seed on me and on her hand. She didn't stop pumping me though, and kept going. I ended up coming 2 more times(the picture changed each time to show more stuff sprayed everywhere.) before I "blacked out" and woke up.

It was a pretty interesting dream.


I was going to work with my dad at this open construction site-type place. I had to pass through this trailer to get into the site. Inside the trailer I had to change to the uniform and when I got out everyone was wearing these police uniforms and there was a guy giving us orders to go do different things. Somehow I learned that it wasn't a construction site but some sort of staging ring for catching human traffickers or something. They had a bunch of women who volunteered to go inside these human-sized eggs because that is the standard way to transport prostitutes obviously. My mom was one of them.

For some reason, I think I wasn't high enough rank, but there wasn't any work left for me to do so I just sat in the grass and watched everything happen. I think I changed back into my normal clothes in this really hot and stuffy little trailer. Eventually a helicopter flew over and it was the human trafficker they expected. It landed behind a building and I had to go through the place where the women were being put into eggs and climb onto a fence to see. There were a bunch of guys in camo with guns waiting when the helicopter landed, and suddenly a firefight broke out. I was freaking the fuck out and stumbling to get off the fence and away.

The next thing I remember is someone announcing on an intercom how this whole operation was a sham. He's going through the financial history of the site's director and I guess there's a lot of shady transactions and fraud or something. I didn't really understand but he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Eventually he got to this multi-billion-dollar investment the director had made and everyone around was in an uproar. He then tells everyone the true purpose of the site is buried deep underneath it. Next I can see under the site and there's like a dark room full of machines. I think at this point a black hole formed down there and sucked the world in


File: 1362039818950.png (34.18 KB, 666x666, 1352859231921.png)

I was at the beach, and there was this huge crab. I told the person I was with "watch out, that crab has some pretty big claws." Then the crab started talking, he said in a sarcastic tone "ooh no, watch out for the big scary crab!" Immediately I apologized, saying "sorry, I didn't know you were a talking crab." And the crab is like "OH I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE A TALKING CRAB, yeah, never heard that before!"


Today I dreamed I was a big tornado but big as in obese. All the other tornados laughed. Later, it turns out I wasn't a tornado.


File: 1362530498545.jpg (7.11 KB, 215x234, lucy.jpg)

I dreamt something curious a couple of days ago.

I was walking down a monochrome suburb from an overhead perspective, and everything looked like it was drawn with a squiggly lead pencil. It sounded faintly like an ambient shore in the background with odd, calm percussions.
I went upwards through a small pathway between two houses, where a smiling Lucy from Peanuts stood.
Upon interaction she says non-audibly through a textbox bubble "Watch out for ___ and ___", (two forgotten male names).

Continuing upwards was a cross in the road going left and right, and the view goes into third person.
Going left, there's a booth with unintelligible words and flags (like finland/japan) on top and a boastful politician waving a confetti can around in a discus throwing motion.
On interaction, a honking gramophone flicks up from behind the booth counter flipping up and down briefly. Continued interaction and the politician sprayed the confetti can, attracting disembodied friendly grouped laughter and distorted hand clapping that faded in and out.
I walked around the booth and there was a large opening in the back of it, and the politicians' assistant hands over a block of writing paper and a pen with the words "single digit contest" appearing on top, and the only other word written on the first page was 'cool'.

Flipping through the pages showed other words, like 'cd-case' and a bunch of other words that I've forgotten. The politician interrupted and mentioned through textbox something like "it's mix-cd" as if revealing the answer.
After that the dream was over.


File: 1362943631955.png (8.77 KB, 551x305, blackdog.PNG)

Today I had normal dream, where me and mah family were travelling in the mountains. It was pretty normal dream, but some big, black dog started smelling my butt. I walked faster, 'til i said the guy who owned this dog "Hey, i think that dog is trying to bite me!"

Then the dog moved away from me and started crying, saying "He thinks I want to bite him!! Booo!" As it turned out, he was 1 year old baby, but had pretty big body.

Also, later my dad said that today dinner's soup is some "chinese cabbagy" or something. I said "awww, do I have to eat?" and dad said "YES."
- "But i hate chinese food!" (It makes me want to barf. No offence, chinies, but how the heck you eat these shrooms?!)
- "I don't care. You have to eat it."
Then i woke up and was glad that it's still morning.

I remember also my last dream, but i don't think you would want to read/hear it.


>I remember also my last dream, but i don't think you would want to read/hear it.

based on the dream you just posted i probably would.


I dreamt that I was trying to climb as high as I could along the side of a doorway. At the same time I was also controlling Knuckles in Sonic Adventure 2 trying to climb up a wall. It was like I was two people at once. I could hear Doctor Robotnik talking to "The President" about why the earth's rotation is going all out-of-whack. Eventually they concluded that it was the fault of the space-elevator they built and that they builtmit too fast and the influx of mass into the system knocked everything off-kilter.

At this point my crotch had been rubbing up against the doorway for quite some time due to my inability to climb any higher and it got the best of me and I blew my load all over my bed just as I was waking up.


File: 1363811142280.jpg (113.15 KB, 434x400, AYEDemo[1].jpg)


File: 1363826148285.jpg (80.92 KB, 320x405, ness.jpg)

Had a dream that all Wendy's fast food restaurants had a giant statue of Ness from Earthbound outside, sort of like the statue at a "Bob's Big Boy" restaurant. In the dream I was marveling at the Ness statue and taking pictures, but a bunch of darn kids kept climbing all over it like it was a jungle gym. Apparently the Ness statue was an Earthbound promotion from when the game came out, and the restaurants kept them up for all these years.

Why did I dream that I don't even eat fast food

The statue was just like this picture, pose and everything, except it was like 10 feet tall and he was wearing his black&yellow alternative outfit from smashbros


File: 1363929534030.png (90.31 KB, 1119x622, dream.png)

It was in the middle of the night, and I was walking around in some kind of lumberyard. I had thick rubber gloves and I was carrying a jar full of something disgusting. Four cats showed up. They wanted whatever was in the jar. I turned away for a second, and when I turned back the cats were dead. Giant mouths with long and spindly arms and legs approached me from every direction. I started to run. I dropped the jar. I followed the narrow pathways in between houses. The houses around me started to peel and crack. I could make out one house in the distance that was perfectly white. I ran towards it, and when I got inside I felt very safe. The dream changed its setting here and I can't remember any more of it.

I drew a picture of the mouth things and the alleyway in paint.


File: 1363975730250.jpg (16.54 KB, 258x195, 1363677438839.jpg)

Weirdest dream I ever had.

I was… I don't know where the hell I was. It seemed like a distortioned version of my school.

Some girls were fighting because of me; They liked me, so they were fighting 'to see who I prefer' or something like that. SOMETHING REALLY STUPID.

Strange thing is that I wasn't nervours or uneasy, but with the feeling of 'I don't want to be here right now. This is stupid. I don't even like those girls. This is boring.' - Like I wasn't feeling good at all (I wasn't in a Jerk attitude btw; just that I didn't like to be with those persons, as if I barely know them and I dislike them).
Then, my crush appears. In that moment everyone was wherever the fight was happening (which seemed to be in the hall on the ground floor), so I decide I was going to escape with her. I felt as well that I didn't want she to know I liked her and I wanted to be with her instead whoever the other girls were, but I asked her to accompany me and she agrees.

Then, everybody on the 'school' starts to chase us to take me to the fight, but we manage to avoid them for a while.
In a moment we weren't able to avoid them anymore. So, there we were my crush, me, and other two girls. In the end I leave with my crush but I never tell her I liked her.

Seriously, what the fuck?

tl;dr I dreamt I was pseudo-popular and it sucks.


It was the last day of finals week, and 3 days awake with the help of adderall and caffeine had me feeling pretty terrible at the end of the run. So, at the end, the sleep I had was legendary. I got DOUBLE sleep paralysis.

That's the fucked up part, because I'm not lying about double sleep paralysis. In my dream, I woke up on the bed I used to sleep in back at my parents' place. The layout of the house was like that of another, older house that dated back to my childhood, but the walls had the same pictures and design as her current house, and so it is hard to explain my exact setting in relativity to either house. There, I went about a normal day. I saw some friends from the area come by, and things were very socially lucid. I believed in the dream that I had woken from a nap, and for some reason this justified the outcome of what would be the rest of my dream.

I layed down in that bed, and as though I was hopping between worlds and/or realities, I proceeded to a true dreamlike state. I dream about creepy things, things that make me anxious, things that evoke catharsis. It's a shame that I usually forget them when I wake up, which happened here. I woke up in the bed that I was dreaming I slept in. So, in other words, I was still dreaming that I was in my bed (at my parents' "place").

I couldn't move at all. I remember seeing clouds of static appear before me, feeling footsteps, hearing voices accompanying those footsteps, and thinking that if I could move my arm and feel the blankets, I could activate my senses, and get out of this paralysis. I tried and finally, I broke out, and as I did that, I woke up in my real bed, face-down into my fucking pillow.

I still couldn't move. I got the energy to throw myself over to my side, where I watched the clock pass 25 minutes.


Not a dream, but i noticed, that since i "finished" yume nikki i have more wacky 'n' weird dreams that usual.


File: 1364298641336.jpg (46.83 KB, 500x351, Lil+B+tumblr_ltsci5avRX1qg….jpg)

I had a dream that before Lil B started making music he made a few Yume Nikki fangames. I played them and they were really good, so I was finally going to check out his music. It was just a dream but I still wanna give him a try now


File: 1364318366489.jpg (87.76 KB, 1280x736, 1350976354468.jpg)

At one point I tried to have Lucid dreams, and I'm pretty good at affecting myself.

I realized I was in a dream. I got excited because I knew I could do anything. But I couldn't think of anything to do. I also thought that the dream characters wouldn't want me fucking the dream up and that I should act as if I didn't know I was dreaming. I could see a pair of unfriendly car lights (like eyes) through the shutters of a window and then I woke up.

I also remember a nightmare I had when I was very young. Suffice to say it included a haunted manor, the mystery machine and the characters of Captain Planet. It ended with me and my mother melting (similarly to how wizards might do in Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim when they're killed) due to a snake-like thing coming out of a cursed sink.

In the latest one I remember I was with some people, some of them family members, and we were hiding underground. I prepared for an attack by making and/or preparing some empty "worlds" or areas. They were large real-world residential areas that were in good condition but seemingly uninhabited.
They were connected by "portals", mundane doors or other objects that acted as links between the areas. (Somewhat like the ones in YN.)
Then someone got shot, so we started escaping. We ran and ran and it seemed like they lost track of us. But we still had to hide in the deepest world we got into.

In another dream my country got nuked. And we could see the mushroom clouds. And I think I was at least partially relieved since I knew that I didn't have to worry about anything anymore.

In another one we were living in a house that was built right next to a specific giant river (I don't want to name real-world places) and there was a flood. After opening the main door, we could see the river right at our doorstep. Pretty much all we could see was the river.

In yet another one I wanted to buy bondage gear but the shopkeeper fucked me anally instead of letting me.


Wait, I forgot to mention that I felt good during/after the escaping dream. It was a crisis situation I prepared for and got through, which is a positive message.


Was that "Japanese Robotnik" or AOSTH Robotnik?

Yesterday i dreamt that i was in school and i was like "Hey, it's a dream!" and the rest of dream i tried to fly out of the window.



Just an advice due to all the conmotion of newfags, summerfags cancer and shit that has been here around thanks to Project Yumenikki, I would really recomend you to stop posting with something on the 'subject' since it makes you look like a retarded (no meant to offence though)

sage because off-topic



"conmotion of newfags, summerfags cancer and shit that has been here around thanks to Project Yumenikki" here.
I haven't heard of PYN until coming to uboachan.
I put dumb subjects on all of my posts. I really haven't seen anyone else doing this.

I meant to be original and make some people that see this laugh.

I dreamt of having littler brother that was tiny and pink and was annoying and i hate that dream.


Also i'm a bit sad.

When i was around 5 i had lotsa kinda creepy dreams.


File: 1364426075344.png (35.37 KB, 736x736, awesome-face.png)

I wanted to watch AVGN episode about some NES game called "Playboy".
So my family and i were before some kind of hyper-market, but walls were giant screens. My little brother was running around and i saw my old acquaitance* around. My dad told me to make my lil' bro watch the episode with them, so he won't be running around, and i was like "What? He's 5 and this game is called PLAYBOY!" and dad said "But he won't watch it, he will be here just so he won't be lost.
So i catched him and the episode started: as it turned out, the Playboy was some Baseball game (with quite nice faeux 3D graphics), but with gals in bikini instead of normal players. (You could zoom in and out) I probably waked up then.

*It was when i was 8-10. He had the same name i had. He had A's and B's while i had C's and D's, sometimes B. He had lotsa friends, while i was bullied. He was sporty while i weren't strong like, at all. (Thankfully, now I'm the size of a Barge.) He was to me like Poniko to Madotsuki. (A perfect boy) Now that i look at him, i hate him.

Pic unrelated beacuse i liek bananas.


File: 1364484238004.png (6.82 KB, 321x660, FAces of Evil.PNG)

Today i had another weird dream:

I was in my school's lunch room. There were my "friends" and i shown them I. M. Meen.
I was trying to translate the ending cutscene to Polish. (The I.M.Meen was actually standing in here)
I recorded my voice (I could do his voice!) and said "okay, now i have to make him lip-sync"
My friend tried to instead and made two frames some giant red faces, then he ran away. (The ones from the pic, transparent and all)
I was like "Goddamnit, i have to fix it now!"
I put his mouth from other frame on place, so he lip-synced now.

Then i get to the locker room and my "friend" said:
- "Why coming here so soon?"
- "Beacuse i had to lip-sync I. M. Meen."
- "What, my fix weren't enough?"
At this point i thought I'll kill him, but sadly, I woke up instead. :<


I woke up realizing I was under the foundation of some small shack, or something, with only a small window that people occasionally threw food into. That was my only contact with the outside. I was with two other people, one was a crying woman with child, the other was a volatile hillbilly with a shotgun. I gained there trust after having a gun pointed at me more often than I would have liked, and inspired them to remove the window and start digging the hole they made deeper. In the time it took, the woman's child died. I was small enough to get out, it was night and cameramen and people with microphones were waiting. It turns out I was under the foundation of a shack in a ditch. It turns out it was all a part of some game that my friends put me up to. I had no idea how long it had been since I saw the outside, I had seen death and experienced fear, but I was apparently rich from the prize money now. This one friend of mine was there. The hillbilly who escaped with me was angry that my friends had done this to me, and shot everyone including my friend. I walked down the road, unsure with what to do with my life.

Than I woke up from the dream.


<bumbaloe> in my town, downtown
<bumbaloe> at the park
<bumbaloe> and there was a house there
<bumbaloe> I was with some friends
<bumbaloe> and one of my friends had his shirt off, and was incredibly hairy on his chest and shoulders
<bumbaloe> and I was deciding I would leave, and walk somewhere
<bumbaloe> but there was a crowd, so I ended up walking into the house
<bumbaloe> i set my stuff down so I could sit and wait for the crowd to dissipate
<bumbaloe> and then this woman came in
<bumbaloe> so I had to leave
<bumbaloe> and when I left I realized
<bumbaloe> I left my stuff
<bumbaloe> and I don't remember how it happened
<bumbaloe> but we were backpedaling
<bumbaloe> down the sidewalk
<bumbaloe> throwing knives back and forth at eachother
<bumbaloe> and after a few tosses
<bumbaloe> I decided I had enough flesh wounds and ran up to slit her neck
<bumbaloe> and she pulled out a gun
<bumbaloe> I ran diagonally across the road
<bumbaloe> there was a car coming towards me with its sunroof open
<bumbaloe> I jumped in
<bumbaloe> and said drive
<bumbaloe> it was a deluxe taxi
<bumbaloe> a few blocks later he gave me some coffee
<bumbaloe> the driver that is
<bumbaloe> he just had a tray attached to his belly
<bumbaloe> that he brewed coffee and hot chocolate on
<bumbaloe> I gave some change and woke up


I was in the UK to see my favorite musician Secede live (even though he's from the Netherlands). After the show he was meeting people, but he was just calling everybody names and said I looked like a weeaboo. He proceeded to puke from being too drunk. Next I'm in the streets of the UK, naked and lost, when someone tells me that I can get my bearings by looking at the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. I start heading toward the bridge, when a friend of mine I haven't talked to in years shows up and gives me a ride to his house (he doesn't live in the UK).

Next thing I know (maybe this is a different dream?), I'm watching these firefighters getting ready to put out a fire they think is going to happen. Sure enough a fire starts up, they use shovels to cover it with snow that's on the ground and successfully put out the fire. Me and this kid that were watching them clap for them and they clap too before wandering off. I realize that this all happened on a floating chunk of ice about 20 feet by 20 feet in the middle of the ocean. I have no idea where the firefighters went, but the kid is still there and I realize it's my mom in the body of a little boy. I have to help him get off the chunk of ice and back to land but I can't see anything but ocean. I decide I'll have to swim out until I find land and get help. I swim a ways but find a forest of dead trees poking out of the water blocking my path. I swim back to the ice and realize that now I can see land, and actually it looks like we're in the middle of a small lake in the suburbs. I shout for help and someone comes out on a jet ski. They kidnap the boy (my mom) and take them back to their house. I go after her but he comes out of the house and hits me over the head with a wooden club. I keep trying but he keeps hitting me with the club, and I'm feeling too lethargic and sleepy to fight back. Eventually I escape to the woods and decide I'll live there until I find an opening to rescue my mom. I find a creek and decide to settle next to it for now, and then find a bunch of abandoned fishing rods all over the place. I grab one and toss the line in the water. I pull it out and at the end of the line is this creepy crayfish-looking animal. I set it aside and decide I'll only eat it if I have to. I try to fish some more but keep catching the crayfish things. They keep trying to wander off too but I poke em back into a pile with the fishing pole. Then I wake up


I was in some underground facility (I thought it was Black Mesa even though with all those narrow corridors and bad illumination it looked more like Mars City from Doom 3), where some kind of accident happened. Now I don't remember how, but I was related to it. Anyway, I somehow got a kind of a protective suit which sadly protected only my hands and feet. I was trying to fight my way out of there. My enemies were gorillas and orangutans in similar protective suits, but thankfully they didn't try to fight me with fists but instead jumped on me and tried to bite. I was dealing with them quite easily - left hand in their mouth (god bless protective suit), right fist in their face/right leg in their body.
After quite some time and monkeys I've got myself a companion. I just knew of his presence, knew he was here and he was killing those monkeys with me. He was so good at killing monkeys, he literally was breaking their bones and left them paralyzed on the floor. I even instead of killing monkeys myself started just throwing/pushing them at him.
My last enemy was an old gray orangutan. After I threw him at my partner he was left lying with his limbs and neck broken. While I was passing near him I accidentally touched his body with my foot and rolled him on his back. Then I noticed that he was still alive, just paralyzed and silently crying. I sat near him and made a chopping motion with my hand near his neck, asking whether he wants me to finish him and end his suffering. He managed to shake his head meaning "no", then his neck opened and a small, just 10cm dick grew out of the opening. He then looked at me with imploringly. I didn't understand what he wanted and then my companion came near me, took off his boot and started masturbating that dick with his foot. I ran out of that room in disgust and shouted to my companion that he is a dirty faggot and that I won't let him touch or even get close to any of my belongings especially food (I had a backpack full of cans) for the rest of our lives and that he should be thankful that there are only 3 months left for us to live (because there were lethal levels of radiation) so he won't suffer too long.
Then I woke up.


><bumbaloe> and one of my friends had his shirt off, and was incredibly hairy on his chest and shoulders
You could even say that… every last inch of him is covered with HAIR!

><bumbaloe> I gave some change and woke up

Maybe he drove to reality station?

I don't remember much:
I was in AVGN's house (that was all gray and looked destroyed) with Tommy Wiseau. We saw his DVR and i was like "cool!" and Tommy destroyed it, and it exploded. I woke up thinking about how angry AVGN will be and that he will drop the F-Bombs at us (literally) and it's good YTP idea. I fell to sleep again, and i was still in there with Wiseau. Then AVGN came while drinking beer and i was like "Oh shit" and he was like "You destroyed my DVR? I don't care." Then i woke up.


Next dream:
I was dreaming that YouTube added new video resolution: 120p. (Hey, i can not only read in a dream, i can also do math in a dream!) I shouted for my brother to come, since my father's computer doesn't take YouTube really well.

And now, I'm gonna take you back to the past. (Like 2 years ago when i was such an idiot)

From my Yume Nikki: (text in the brackets are things i added now)
"In mah dream i was in some gray room, but it probably was white and gray was due to lighting. There was some woman (addon - It was Chell!) but i don't remember how she looked. I think we were going thru vent and we came to a room with Dr. Kleiner with big (round, they looked like from beggining of HL1.) doors and some screens with text that started to glow yellow, screens, not text. I think it was Aperture Science." HORRIBLE.


File: 1365888833485.png (92.09 KB, 227x241, Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at ….png)

>I sat near him and made a chopping motion with my hand near his neck, asking whether he wants me to finish him and end his suffering. He managed to shake his head meaning "no", then his neck opened and a small, just 10cm dick grew out of the opening. He then looked at me with imploringly.

Well that escalated quickly.


File: 1365988082636.jpg (12.75 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Last night I dreamt I was… dunno, a woman? I mean: Yes, it was a woman indeed, but I wasn't her at the same time. It was like I was watching her in 3rd person, but indeed I was her and at the same time I wasn't.

Then, some random dude appears in the village (seemed like a 17th century village) with his penis exposed, and tries to rape me/the woman.
I had a knife so I started stabbing him, but every time I stabbed, I felt the knife going inside me as well. It did hurt, but I kept doing it.

I can't tell you how it fucking feels to be stabbed man, but I woke up with the dizziest feeling in all my life and I almost puked.
The blade coming, cutting, tearing off your flesh as the cold metal nibbles your guts, slowly, painfully… THAT was a living nightmare.


My today's dream was… Yume Nikki game. I mean, i was walking around (with 3rd person camera like in YN) with Madotsuki, using effects and all.

Did you know that Masada spaceship was actually on the middle of this place with Barracks? Yeah, i didn't, too, but my brain do. Wait…


File: 1366152039550.jpg (177.57 KB, 1000x620, 6hueh.jpg)

Apparently I had another funny dream. woke up laughing so hard I couldn't breathe again. It was loud enough to wake mom in the next room, and I heard her laughing at me laughing at my dream. She came in and asked what happened but I just mumbled that she wouldn't understand and I went back to sleep. I can't remember for the life of me what was so damn funny about my dream. I think it involved my boyfriend and our friend Tyler, and I think it had something to do with Tyler saying "McDonalds Happy Meal" in a way that was apparently hilarious.

This happens to me way too often to be normal.


For some reason I dreamt I was Aizen's father (Bleach). Aizen was doing his things and I was commenting with Gin or something.

Next dream was Fate/Stay Night theme. I was watching Shirou chilling in some kind of bar. Meanwhile, Archer, who was Shirou's servant this time, (yes, Shirou with Shirou servant) got attacked by some kind of shadow that changed into Kotomine Kirei, after fighting for a while, the shadow turned into Semiramis (Fate apocrypha) and stabbed Archer in several places. leaving neon-like circles on them. Archer then hits the shadow and it vanishes, but comments he's not going to make it because of the neon wounds, and that he needs to warn Shirou.

Then Archer meets Shirou in the bar, tells him, and Shirou decides they need to find Sakura fast, because Sakura still has effects from being a Grail, and she can heal him. Meanwhile, I see some kind of scene with Rin.
It was kind of cool.


In case anyone was wondering what the dream was, I had to work for this company who claimed to want to stop poverty and save lives. I pretty much worked behind closed doors and there were shelves with what looked like mutated pears with white mould, and heads of African children. They were still alive but because they didn't have a voicebox, they mouthed out in pain, with tears rolling down their face. A day after I couldn't take anymore and I took a big shard of what looked like ivory, and first smashed down on the first head, flattening it and showing it to just be a skull, then I moved on to the other onw. The kid's head was painfully expanding, and it took a couple of hits at the crown of his head to collapse into a skull. I realised what I'd done, and I dropped the knife and ran back home. There were statues watching any entrance into the ground floor and the only thing that stood between my bedroom and the stairs was another statue. I ran around, looking for something that would help me stay safe but everywhere was empty. So I ran into my room, went to bed expecting to see ghosts of skulls. Then I jolted awake.


The dreams I had last night. First four followed a similar path. It would always be focused on someone they would be completely normal. But then they noticed me, and it was like I was looking at them through a fish-eye's lens. Then their facial features sort of… Changed. In an unsettling way. They would genuinely look at me like they're about to kill me. They would take steps, baring their teeth that look so much like angler fish. I was never able to move. They'd be a few feet away when I'd wake up. I had this sort of dream last night maybe four, five times. Different people but it was the same sort of thing. Another dream coming up.


Hokay, so the other dream I had. I was travelling to college. Only it had changed in the meantime to a retirement home, the whole LRC was literally the living room for these old people. I was on my way there when I bumped into a couple of nurses (unsmiling zombie women.) They looked at me and they called out a close friend of mine's name. I said "yes, what about him?" The nurse looked coldly at me and said "yeah he's dead. Anyway here's his inheritance in cheques." She starts handing them out to his family members. I'm stood there. And I shout out "you BITCH. My close friend's died and you just move straight onto the money?! Do you have any respect?!" She looks at me and tells me to leave. Not ask. Straight out orders me. I lash out at her, and I don't get a single hit on her before nurse 2 has pulled my arms from behind me. I keep ranting, trying to escape so I can pull one punch onto that heartless bitch when I see in a mirror on the wall, nurse 1 had pulled out a piece of cloth and started to strangle me with it. I woke up.


I had a dream once, more like a nightmare. The only bit that I remember from it is a very loud voice shouting at me. I was covered in sweat.


I just had another natural disaster nightmare – no, more like a supernatural disaster this time.

I was at my grandparents' house and my cousins, uncle, and aunt were there. I recalled – in the dream – having a disturbing nightmare the previous night. Not only that, but I suddenly felt as if I wasn't supposed to be there, that it wasn't my normal world, and that my extended family was a threat to me. I suspected they were either impostors or simply not "my" family, and that I was trapped in their timeline or reality.

I was laying on the bright green lawn in the backyard when my grandpa started telling me it was time to go out for dinner. Something in me sparked and I lit into a panic, refusing him wildly and telling him that it would end badly. He kept insisting that I had to go to dinner with the family, no matter how much I begged him to cancel it. He started circling me with a worried face (which still seemed threatening to me in some way) and I backed away. My grandma came out and they both told me that I was just having another psychotic break; that I needed to call some help, or at least just come have a normal family dinner. I ran away to the curb in front of the house (the yard doesn't have a fence) and spotted a book on the ground with a written-on, crumpled sheet of paper sticking out from between the pages. It was Hocus Pocus: one of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut books. I brought it to my grandfather's attention and he asked about it, then told me to ignore it. That's when I really freaked out.

I said, "It's by Kurt Vonnegut. What is it doing here?"

He proceeded to repeat the name back to me, but mispronounce Vo-ne-goot as Voh-kneegat. He then asked me one last time if I was going to go to dinner, because everyone was antsy and on the driveway, except for my mother, who "doesn't do that kind of family dinner".

I still refused and they eventually drove off without me. At that point, when I was lying on the grass alone again, I had some sort of mental flashback about a strange televised news report. It showed the silhouettes of fat, hawk-like creatures tracing contrails shaped like spirals and circles in a stormy sky. They swooped and screamed as they drew hazy, white patterns into the mottled black.

The flashback ended and the wind picked up. For an instant I knew I could fly; that those weren't birds that I saw, those were humans who didn't belong in this world. I focused really hard and felt my body lifting off the ground and gliding with the wind. I'd be carried aloft, where I'd trace the same hazy spirals that I saw in the flashback, and then set back down on the grass with feather-like gentleness. I experimented with this about six times before noticing that, in the blue sky behind me, was a circle-shaped contrail that I didn't make. It was growing and undulating ominously, like a tornado collecting in the sky. The wind kept getting worse, shaking the palm trees and the lake harder and harder. I panicked and ran to my mom, who was sitting on the other side of the lawn, reading.

"I can fly! It's the end of the world, mom! A tornado is coming," I shouted while grabbing her arm.

Then, I shit you not, Michael Myers with a guitar case came in out of nowhere and sat across her lap. Mom laughed, they made flirty comments, and then she followed me inside while pulling Michael by the arm.

"Twirl Mike inside, dear," she told me. I still don't get what that means.

The last thing I remember about the dream is that I slammed the door shut against the howling wind, locked it, and started trying to think of the best room to be in when the house was torn apart by a tornado.

I woke up with my heart pattering wildly and an ebbing fear.


File: 1368904438131.jpg (71.18 KB, 486x700, yab.jpg)

I dreamed I was Alec Baldwin, sort of. I was mayor of a town on a river (something like in the Hobbit; it was ON the river, and you had to take a bridge to it), and also some kind of god like the kid from the short story It's A Good Life. (Meaning, I could think of anything, and it would happen.)
I was a good mayor, but an awful person; I was emotionless, and stone-faced the entire dream (it was in third-person). Everyone in the town hated me, but the town itself was bustling, doing fantastic.

I walked places, and went to meetings. I ignored people glaring and sometimes shouting at me. I stood on the edge of the river, outside of town, staring at sunset, and magicked a sports car into existence when I needed to go back.
I met some girl or some person or whatever, and fell in love (somehow). Maybe I just thought (s)he was aesthetically well-done, more like a math formula than a painting.
I decided to give myself emotions, to make myself more human, and to truly find out what love is like. I woke up before I could.


I was mayor because my father had been mayor before me.

I didn't care about much; mayoring was as meaningless as everything else, and so I did it.
I did care, somewhat, about not "ruining" things, of being out of control, so while I could have bee the greatest mayor in the world, or turned the town into a seperate country, a seperate power, or destroyed the universe or whatever.

People knew, so they feared me, but I just stayed a mayor.


I had a dream about two years ago where I was a preteen boy who was urged by his parents to make friends with the girl next door. We became really close friends but I was a bit reluctant, I guess.

I was watching TV one night when on the news came some report of "holes" of varying sizes opening up in the air that apparently led to different worlds. The next day the girl decided it would be fun to do some exploration around the forest behind our houses. I think she saw the news, too.

We eventually found a patch in a hillside where the edges seemed to ripple. Upon looking at it from the front we came across one of those openings. I thought on the other side was a cliff over an underground lake because to the left and right I saw cave walls and stalagmites but I wasn't sure. When we looked up, there was open sky that had a milky orange color, and what looked like a couple of giant crows fighting in the air.

My friend exited the hole and fashioned a raft for us to cross the lake. The orange color of the area began to change into blues and teals as it somehow transformed into a narrow crystal cave.The dream ended when I looked back and saw that the hole we came in through had closed up.

Not really sure what to say about this… The whole dream had a Bridge to Terabithia feel to it. It was pretty.


I found out that a friend of mine was working on the island. In real life this would be slightly weird since she lives up north… whatever. Anyway I have this idea that I should come and visit her workplace, give her a wee surprise. So I start going around the island looking for her. At first I take a bus that takes me to Sandown. I look around but can't seem to find her. Then I go seriously west, on some open double-decker. I spend an hour at some big town looking when I find the place where I work. Only it turns out that she works in a different work place. Oops. I give her a call and she explains that she works in Cowes. So I go all the way to the tip of the River Medina, and wait… For something. Anyway I find this guy sailing towards me. I didn't know what he looked like, but the fact he was on a raft, wearing a hood and using a scythe as an oar sort of gave me an idea. So he beckons me onto the raft, and I realise that I'm being given a ride by the one and only Grim Reaper. Or maybe it was Charon. Obviously I'm a little surprised by this, and I ask him why he's giving me a lift. "Well, you've sent so many people my way that I'm taking you to see your friend, free of charge!"

He drops me off in Cowes, and I find the place where she works…only to find that the place has been shut for a good two hours. At this point it's something like 2 in the morning. At this point, I think "fuck it" and walk off to the shopping centre. For God knows whatever reason, it's still open, however there are just a couple of places open - a cafe and a food court. I only just reach the court when I woke up.


File: 1370931889128.jpg (113.32 KB, 605x600, 1ca4a1dd7659329f14a41b116a….jpg)

I went to a department store and they had a bunch of YN merchandise. I bought a Masada notebook


Yay another YN related dream, kinda. This time I was ostensibly experiencing an event in Yume 2kki (even though the world around me was very MMORPG-like). I was going down this strange rounded elevator to get to a new area in the MMORPG-like world. Suddenly the lights went out during the ride. Some questions came up asking me various trivia about memes. It felt really important. If I did bad on this the entire Yume 2kki world would be changed, there would be a lot more chasers and areas would be harder to get to. I knew all but one of em but the only response I got was "good enough" One of the two doors on the elevator opened up and I went inside.

I was in an underground room and everything was red. This part's a little hazy but I think there was some gas or something in the air that slowly knocked me out. After that I tried triggering the event again but it wouldn't work, so I figured it could only happen once.

I investigated throughout the MMORPG world and somehow, I got, like, this footage of a jet in first person. I saw the jet taking part in a huge battle overhead that was happening while I was first experiencing that event. The pilot saw me entering the elevator, reported it, and received orders to enter a volcano crater that lead down the mountain into the red room.

Thanks to the footage I knew the way to get back into the red room. I headed into the volcano and dropped inside the room, being careful not to get caught. I saw the pilot sitting at a desk there, who turned out to be a large black woman. She was having some sort of problem and I wanted to help her but I didn't want to get caught either. That's the last I really remember


I was inside "hell" or something like that to do some sort of secret mission. Everything had Doom 1 Graphics. The walls were made of stone.

I came to this door in a long hallway, went in, and found myself in an office typical of the 1920s/30s. Somebody I couldn't see said something about my duties being over or something, but I didn't pay too much attention and went back out where I came from.

Once out and back in the hallway, the door to the office swung open and a succubus came out. Once she saw me, she started to run to me, and I sped off the other way, trying to escape her. I saw and other door, opened it, and shut the door behind me, putting all my weight on it. there was no lock so all I could do was try to keep her from opening it with force.

The succubus was a lot stronger than I was, the struggle for me to keep the door closed and her away from me only lasted but 15 seconds total. She knocked me down to the floor, and straddled me.I woke up a few seconds later.


I was in a football stadium watching a game between 2 teams I didn't know. The game finished(I didn't even know who won.), and I went to the parking lot to get in my car. On the way there, I was ambushed by these three 2d witches and I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in their "lair". It looked like a big cave that had metallic structures on the walls and there was electronics everywhere.

I was just laying on the floor in the center of the lair, and before I got up one of the witches(She wore similar clothing to the witches in Sister Magic, had a large bust and long pink hair. She was 2d) laid down in front of me, spread my legs and brought her face to my crotch area.

I froze, and she quickly took the opportunity to pull my pants down. She said that she needed my "energy", and with that, she started fellating me right there.

I wanted to escape from her, but her technique felt so good and it sapped the strength from me. However, my vision became augmented and I suddenly had a Heads-up display. I woke up a few moments after that.


I was outside my house at night, there was an orange glow in the distance and I thought it was a forest fire or something. There was a black man across the street and he had a golden, glowing joint that he was smoking.

I don't quite remember what happened directly after that, but what I do remember is that I found myself in this surreal looking world/place that was entirely in a shade of greyish blue. I was running along a walkway seemingly suspended in midair, it was just a strip of a darker greyish blue than everything else.

I was apparently playing a series of "games" with a succubus, but I can not remember any of the games with the exception of the last one.

She pushed me to the ground and was trying to poke my eyes out with her fingers, so I held onto her wrists and tried pushing her back for dear life. As that was happening we were playing this puzzle game similar to bejeweled together, a black and white screen appeared wherever I was looking, and I was supposed to keep her from connecting three round spikey things together with my mind somehow, or else I would lose.

This went on for several agonizing minutes, until she finally connected three of those spikey things and I lost.

After that, she simply said "Good Game!" and "Let's play again!"

A scoring screen came up and I noticed that it said that the duration of the "match" was over seven hours and thirty minutes. I went back to the "character selection screen", where we both could chose characters to play as. They all looked generic.

But when we were about to start the match again, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to chose another guy so I went back to the character selection screen, and that was when I woke up.

I actually woke up with my arms feeling weird like I had actually been struggling against her during that final game.


I just had a great dream. The most stunningly beautiful asian girl was going to town on my cock, fo some reason the setting was an empty shopping mall. Then when I was just about to cum she slid down right to the base of my cock and sucked the cum out of me in a few long powerful sucks. Well thats all about I can remember.


File: 1373564943136.jpg (2.8 MB, 3648x2736, not the gift card too.jpg)

The other night I had a dream that I was home alone and Jolyene Kujo (from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure duh) broke into my house and stole all of my shoes and a gift card to hot topic. She said something like "Sorry kid, that's just how the cookie crumbles" and mentioned that she needed them to defeat a monster/save the world. I curled up in a corner and sobbed until my parents got home. I explained what happened and I was like "Mom we have to stop her we need to find her and get my stuff back". Mom told me to forget about it, I would never see my shoes again, and she needed them more than I did, ect. "NO MOM YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND"

I photoshopped together an approximation of the dream but it's missing my tears


I woke up this morning to this and was surprised and remembered all of it.

Main character is a normal looking guy in a toonified world. He works as a teacher in the city town he fell near. He apparently got there because while working construction in the desert he fell into quicksand and ended up here. He's lewd and perverted and there's a scene where he watches two people having sex through a small port hole styled window after being turned down by the woman when he asked if they wanted to do it. He goes about his daily teaching job with no enthusiasm.

Eventually he tries to get back to the real world by trying the quicksand he got here from and all it does is keep sending him back to the same spot in the toon world. While heading back (I think on some kind of flying device) you hear off screen someone say that they love him and that he is theirs. Suddenly the main character is under fire and is hit with a sticky ball of tape which takes his vehicle down. He's met with a character who is part shutter (in a guillotine style) with the face of a man on the shutter. The main character walks away from him and he asks him why he is walking away and why does he not remember him. The shutter man tells him he'll find out in time because he has nothing to go back to.

As the main character heads to the city he works in a strange blockade of chairs is set up and a telephone begins running around proclaiming his death throughout the city. He goes to characters who know him to try and prove he's alive. One think's he's a ghost and tells him to go away. The other (a cow character) disbelieves that just because he's here doesn't mean anything and anyone could look like they still had their head when they don't (meaning maybe a death by beheading was spread).

At this point I wake up. The entire story was done as a felt style kid's book despite the adult themes and I remember that the next book was not out yet.


Long post incoming.

I've been having a recurring dream where I turn into a demon and torment someone who tormented me. I had a piece of a white picket fence jabbed through my chest. I had a big knife and I was cutting myself up and laughing. I kept saying "I'll haunt you!" to the guy, who was terrified and running away from me, or at least trying to. I was ripping off my fingernails, then cutting off my fingers, then my hand. I slashed my own throat a few times. I had horns and I ripped one out and stabbed myself in the eye. Despite the brutality of it all, none of it hurt except the fence post in my chest. Finally, I was on a stage and the guy was all alone in a row of chairs watching. I hung myself on the stage, and I kept shouting "You did this!" He looked away and kept repeating "I can't deal with this!"

I remember waking up feeling angry that he wasn't looking when I hung myself.


Had a strange dream yesterday.

I was in a room with what appeared to be a chubby asian male, around my age. I'd never met anyone like this before in real life, yet in this dream we were friends. Both of us were locked inside a small classroom with no one else inside, and we were engaged in various conversations, though I can't recall about what. What really made this dream stand out was the imminent feeling of our deaths. There was a bomb on the door, ticking down to an explosion that would take the whole class out. Neither of us were scared, however. In fact, I remember heavily anticipating the coming explosion like it was a gift I'd ordered. Just before the bomb went off and I woke up, my partner looked over towards me with a smile and asked if I was ready.


File: 1376626707172.jpg (75.53 KB, 1075x720, 1372933352310.jpg)

I had a dream that I rode a flat board down a tar-covered hill into a river of blood. Right before I hit the river i had decapitated a dark-haired girl with my board, but I could tell until afterwards because It was in the middle of the night and it was very dark. I felt really bad afterwards.


At first it was one of many of those sorts of pleasant dreams, like the ones where you feel warm and comfortable. Its a bright sunny day, and I was at some sort of college setting, but it might have been abandoned because nobody was there but us. I was being led by two beautiful women who were showing me around the place.
However, it turned into a real horror when I was lead upstairs to a gallery of just nasty, vile shit… These things on the walls were all supposed to be mockeries of dead presidents, billionares who killed themselves in the most brutal ways, and celebrities.
The first exhibit was a picture of JFK and it looked like a demotivational done in Russian that for some reason CLEARLY said "JFK: Shouldve known when to shut the fuck up". For the record, I know no Russian.
And then the next two were motion pictures from a camera reel. One was a loop of some guy forcefully disemboweling himself, and then swinging his guts around before he died.
The other was a loop of another guy being spun around in this giant centrifuge and then coming out of it and crawling like a fucking spider over one of these blades then dying on the spot as his guts, too, went everywhere.
He even went so far as to try and put them all back in.


Morning of May 24th:
I had a dream involving pretty much all of my friends who were not at Fanime this weekend.

The beginning started the night before and I remember driving to that A&W/KFC on East Main, except instead it was a Jimboy's/KFC which sounds fucking awesome and needs to exist somewhere. However, the KFC half was "temporarily" closed, as was the Jimboys half. What was left were the workers, wearing those fast-food work hats and aprons in what looked like a corporate setting now that the restaurant moved out.

Instead of tables there were chairs, and instead of a kitchen behind the counter was a grey wall.

They led me around the back after I asked for work or something, and in back were their "temporary" rooms, which were awesomely decorated with anime fatheads, gundams, and stuff like that. These again were their temporary rooms which they had in compensation for their temporary unemployment, being that the restaurant was gone.

I remember taking a little drive on Greenhorn Road, also.

I "wake up" in Moms bed where I do feel the most comfortable. People were at my house, and my friends Darkin and Erinn were up first so they stayed to chat because they were moving soon. Then people came in and out of the room, as if to either check on me or to hang out and watch some fucked up programs on moms large screen television.

I get up to go to the bathroom and in the bath tub is this giant fucking rat the size of my puppy. I take my Louisville Slugger and beat at it and though it never hurts me or gets hurt it just keeps growing larger, gnarlier, and more feral. It crawls onto my foot and I kick it into a giant vat of white-out, then beat the lid shut like its a can of paint.

I forgot what we did with it, but it was something like transforming the vat into a "1" with a candle sticking off it, because it was part of the date "May 23, 2013" in celebration of my mothers birthday. We threw it all down this creek which washed up just under my balcony.

I went back into the house and walked to the living room, saying good morning to everyone, but it was 6pm sharp. Nobody seemed bothered by that, because after all they did just throw shit into a creek which was fun.

Im in the kitchen now, and I hear my sister Marianne bitch to Brent [Nikki Novak] about wanting Pickles on her sandwich. I look at the time at the analog clock in the kitchen and its 8 30, exactly the time I wake up from actually hearing her voice.


The events preceding this dream sequence are kind of personal to me, and in that, I don't wish yet to recall them, as they made me question why I was dreaming about who and where I was, and what was happening, so I'll start here.

It's a recurring dream but only happened twice. It takes place in a room i'm more than familiar with. At this point, the bed has disappeared and I am on the floor. On the ceiling, written in some shit, are fractured notes made out to me. They read "they loved you", my name written dozens of times over itself as if in hate and spite, "This is hell", and "I hope you never find it in you to forgive yourself." Out from the ceiling crumbles a hole into the void, and a hole juts out from below it. And then from the top a demon comes, and his tongue unravels, forming a neuce. The feeling I have tells me not to go, but I honestly never moved. The first time, I used my conscience to ascend to a state of happiness to which the demon would go away and he said he'd pull me up to the heavens. The second time I was too frightened and I woke up in a sweat. These happened so far apart that the second time, the memory had come back as if repressed, and that I'd known what was going to happen, so in fear, as i said, I woke up.


So I had a dream tonight where I had to go and take my makeup exams. It was late evening. I was formally dressed up for the occasion. I felt that I had about 30 minutes to get to school in time, so I looked in the mirror and adjusted my snazzy suit.

But as I turned to leave, I looked again, and saw that my face was a hairy mess. I had forgotten to shave! Just like in real life I often neglect to shave. Frantically, I executed the standard shaving procedure: I soaked my facial hair in water and grabbed my razor. I could hardly see my reflection in the mirror. I saw some red - I cut myself in the chin during shaving, but it did not hurt. It was taking me an unusually long amount of time to shave. In my dream my facial fair was lush and dark, as opposed to sparse and light brown in real life. Still I did not want to look like a manly man with a beard - it just wasn't the me I knew. I had to stop multiple times to try to take off my jacket for fear it gets too wet from the water dripping from my chin and my razor. It must have taken me about 25 minutes to fully shave. I looked in the mirror again, saw the crudely shaved manly face and grinned at it as it grinned back. I was very stressed, but I comforted myself with the thought that I could take a taxi from the parking lot next to the nearby railway station to get to the secondary school quickly at a moderately high price.

As I left the flat, the dream weave tore up a bit. Images flashed of me sitting at my desk in the secondary school, about 30 minutes late to the finals. I felt great unease throughout the sequence.

The narrative stabilized soon after and I found myself on a train. It was large and spacey (and spacious) inside, and had a bit blocky walls (as opposed to the sleek, aerodynamic build of most modern trains), and large windows. The train was moving, as usual. And like all the trains I often dream of, it was completely empty. I was there, sitting on a window, somewhat stuck on (or in) it, as if both trying to escape and to remain in the train, feeling a great deal of discomfort.

My childhood friend appeared inside the train. He told me that he knew a trick. He removed the SIM card from his smartphone, then placed the phone on a large, very dark-blue matte square on the wall - a futuristic reader of some kind (that looked a bit like a laptop-sized LCD monitor that was turned off) - and the door to the next car opened. The friend then told me that smartphones with SIM cards removed are confused by the reader with group tickets. He then disappeared, possibly by going through the door to that special train car (a first-class car, only for people buying group and first class tickets). The dream then ended.

I just don't understand why I did not gain lucidity before going to the secondary school. I looked into the mirror TWICE. First time I saw the face of one guy I met on the internet, who I complimented on his facial hair. Of course it was blurry, but how could I not have told that it was not mine? The second time I'm pretty sure the face in the mirror was my uncle's. I normally avoid looking at myself smiling, I avoid that like a plague, so I would never grin at myself. My uncle does that a lot, though. Then there is the fact which I basically realized while dreaming but still did not care about: that it is middle of August, and the makeup exams are in September. I handwaved that as some teacher's caprice. Somehow I did NOT notice that I was still in my hometown, and that I no longer go to secondary school there, but to college located in a city 250 kilometers away that I could not possibly hope to reach within 30 minutes, much less 5 minutes by taxi. Well, at least the dream did not collapse completely, but instead turned into a small flashback from a couple years ago, when I was taking my finals, and then made me feel like I was 30 minutes late.

Why do I keep dreaming of trains? Apart from the fact that I travel by train quite a lot during school months, to-and-fro between the home town and the school city. And besides the fact that right now I am staying at most 200 meters away from a train station, and can probably hear the trains when my mother sneaks in in the late morning when I'm asleep to open the window in my room to let some fresh air in.

The trains have got to mean something.


I dreamt I was playing Skyrim for my little brother, and was helping him fend off a dragon in some sort of run-down town. This Dragon, strangely enough, had the head of a human woman, but still acted and sounded exactly like the ones from the game. I treated as if she was some sort of incredibly tough opponent, and kept fleeing from her instead of facing a confrontation. It also felt as if I was controlling a Dragon, and I flew into the air with her hot on my trail. To make matters worse, four more Dragons began to descend from the sky, though none of them looked as strange as the female Dragon. They fought amongst themselves, buying me enough time before they all turned their attention towards some poor sap on the ground. I ran back inside town, human apparently, and hid inside an abandoned old building. Looking through the windows, I could see the Dragons flying across the clouds.


(Tonight's dream was quite long and coherent as I'm pretty sure one smaller dream flowed into another, with one common theme acting as a seam holding the entirety together. I'm also getting very confident about my ability to recall dreams right after waking up if I write them down. I think I got many of the details down this time. This is going to be rather wordy, but I'll try to provide a TL;DR after boring, unnecessarily long descriptions which I will put in square parentheses.)

In general, tonight's dream felt uneventful. I started in a wintry forest, riding atop a passenger train which seemed to be the classic EN57 most commonly used for passenger transport in my country - antiquated and produced to this day since the 1960s, but still reliable (and probably cheaper than modern trains).

[I was wielding some powerful short-range weapon which seemed like something out of an arena shooter-styled video game; a flare gun of sorts, with 100 units of "ammo" available to me, with no visible magazine and no way (or need) to reload. The gun shot many red, glowing, powerful projectiles with a wide spread in a single shot which after traveling a short distance (about 10 meters?) would each explode into multiple smaller, fiery-reddish flares shooting out further forward, covering a large area with a large random deviation in the flares' trajectory and traveling about 20 meters before dissipating. So, it was effectively like a very short-ranged shotgun shooting out miniature shotguns shooting regular shotgun rounds. Or like the Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament, raised to the power of 2 and without the secondary fire mode. The projectiles looked a bit like the flares from the flare gun in Team Fortress 2, and much like that flare gun, I did not hear much of a noise when firing my weapon. It was a bit like the sound of launching multiple fireworks, only quieter. Neither did the gun seem to have any recoil, but then again, it was something straight out of an arena shooter, and these generally do not use recoil or any other such silly mechanics.]
>TL;DR I had a nice flare mortar-shotgun on me which was shooting beautiful and powerful red, damaging fireworks.

Anyway I did not really use this gun to kill anyone. The train I was riding on was passing some dwarf with a long, white beard wielding a carbine or a rifle (think Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper from Defense of the Ancients, only wearing the default Sniper clothes from DotA 2, sans the goggles, or headwear). He was perched on a plain three-stories-tall watchtower made of steel and concrete. I shot about 20-50 rounds in the air to greet him with a fireworks display of power.

[Now I vaguely remember having enacted the exact same scene before (riding on a train, shooting the fireworks gun in the sky to make a nice display) in one of my previous dreams, but that's irrelevant. It is also worth noting that in my country, the trains are powered not by electrified rails, like in Great Britain, for example, but by overhead contact wire. However, there were no visible wires above the tracks and neither do i recall there being any pantographs mounted upon the train, so there was no risk of me getting electrocuted. The train was seemingly propelled by generating power out of thin air, rather than by electric engine.]
>TL;DR I had a deja vu of riding on top of a train and shooting a fireworks gun. Also the train tracks were not electrified and there were no wires above me. The train was moving completely on its own.

Before I knew, something changed. I jumped off the train and continued along the tracks on foot as it drove off and disappeared behind the trees after a turn. I had no reason to be afraid of getting run over by a train anymore - indeed, instead of my flare shotgun, I was now equipped with an extremely powerful cyborg body used by Jack (Raiden) in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

[I'm actually pretty sure this was my subconscious' way of overcoming my constant fear of getting run over by a train when walking along or crossing the train tracks. Its reply was three words: "RULES OF NATURE". Associated with these words is the concept of simply throwing a 100-tonne machine in the air. And then cutting it to pieces if one wants to.]
TL;DR the cyborg body was there so I would not be afraid of being run over by a train.

(cont'd in the next post…)


File: 1377146397741.jpg (280.92 KB, 1000x563, where could I be going....JPG)


As I traveled, I met a few other cyborgs/cyborg ninjas. Unsurprisingly, since I was Raiden, they were styled a bit like the captains of Desperado Enforcement LLC. I remember a particular female one looking like Mistral without the additional arms. In general, these cyborgs treated me as an enemy, but we agreed that I was much more powerful than all of them combined, so we just walked along together, no fighting involved.

Oh, they also had a common theme going on with their names, much like many of the super soldier teams from the Metal Gear series. They were named after planets, like the lieutenants of Team Galactic from the fourth generation of Pokemon games. The cyborgs' names? Mars, Saturn… yep, Uranus as well. Incidentally, these similar names made the cyborgs blur together a bit for me, and they all seemed undistinguishable from one another after a while. I was also wondering where Jupiter went, as he/she was clearly missing.

The cyborgs and I exchanged some meaningless words with random people we passed (I felt that they were cyborgs as well) walking in the opposite direction. It felt like the train track was pretty crowded by this point, with so many people walking along it rather than next to it, or rather than simply taking a train like a civilized person.

Things shifted again after we reached a sharp turn which demarcated the end of the dream zone. I was still in Jack's cyborg body. Things really picked up. I was now riding a train to somewhere. Instead of standing on top of it, I was hiding between what looked like old, 20th century wooden cattle wagons - like the ones the Nazis from Germany and Austria used to transport people en masse to concentration camps, if you will. The surrounding area was the same as the last time (the woods), except it was no longer winter, and there was no snow. It felt like summer or spring, but not autumn.

I had a sense that I was going to somewhere of importance. For a brief moment, I pictured something like the Citadel from Half-Life 2 - a monstrous structure of great significance, housing underground train stations.

I finally managed to leave the woods zone for real. The train was moving through nice green meadows. Except on the meadows on both sides of the track, there were white gravestones scattered everywhere in sight. Still the sun was shining, and the graveyards felt really peaceful, serene and pleasant in their silent emptiness. The railway was inside a tree lane, with sparse young trees separating me and whoever might have been inside the train (I had a feeling that it was empty) from the graves.

On my way to the Destination, I passed by a point where one of my previous dreams ended: by an old-fashioned household, a miniature residence from around the 16th-17th century. It had white walls and visible wooden pillars jutting out here and there. It looked well-designed and well-built. It also felt really rustic, since we were in the countryside now. In that previous dream, I was chasing after something. I lost my trail on a wide dirt road next to the residence. This time, there was a railway on the road.

The train moved past that zone and I was getting ready to phase past a forcefield checkpoint, like the one put by the Combine on a large railway bridge in Half-Life 2.

At that point it was hard to tell what was happening, because the dream finally started to tear as I was beginning to wake up. I think I made it through the border, but I'm not sure. I was still on a train, but the area became a blur. I knew I was on a stealth mission and a radar appeared. In order to make it further in, I had to bypass… something, possibly a very powerful enemy, using a cloaking device in order to avoid detection. The tricky part was, I had to activate the cloak in just the right time, indicated physically on the radar as a zone in which I would have enough energy to move past the detection range, but the enemy also had a very long range from which it would automatically detect a cyborg using the device.

Time unraveled and it's hard to tell if I made it through one, two, three, or zero such enemies. The logic center of the brain came online and started questioning how such a smart radar would look like in a video game. At that point I woke up.

I think it's OK chain these posts together, since both are mine. I kinda want to point out the train leitmotif. I should probably make my own thread if I ever decide to write down another dream and it happens to have trains in it.


I was playing tour guide to a family of aliens that stood two foot taller than your's truly. It was fairly uneventful; when I came back to them to their hotel room, I filled their room with the toxic air that they breathe in place of our oxygen. I had my gas mask on, a la Metro 2033. Sleeping was relatively okay. What appeared to be a few days later, the aliens returned the favour by bringing me back to their planet as a guest. So they build me a room to stay in, modelled after their own hotel room. Night comes, and they come with me to hear feedback. All of a sudden, I start to choke in my bed. I get up and begin to grasp around the walls, looking for something, anything. It's at that point where I look behind me, and notice that not only am I completely alone, I'm also suffocating from a lack of oxygen. A moment later, I press something on the wall, and I wake up.
The strange thing was, when I woke up, I realised that I just turned on my bedroom light, and that I was actually gasping in air, as if I was choking in my sleep.


I had a dream I was playing a fighting game with a bunch of Uboachanners and Booger-chan smoked everyone at it. Like she did one move and it was a one hit KO.


My dream was set in a fantasy world, where a town in poverty was being plagued by horrible monsters. A young boy, the focus of the dream, set out to become a hero and help his town by slaying what he could. It was on his way up a staircase that he met a strange looking boy doing work. The boy looked as if he was made of silver dust particles, clearly not from around here. And indeed, he explained to our potential hero that he was actually a genie-like creature from another dimension, who crossed over some time ago and assimilated himself into this world. He went on to explain that when members of his people enter another plane, a massive, strange looking celestial body is left in the sky. The appearances of these vary depending on the personality of who crossed over, but tend to resemble crescent moons with large eyes on them. These moons will, in time, slowly fade away into stardust when those who originated them forget more and more of their home dimension.


I was with the Keions but Yui was invisible and naked. We were shopping around Wal-Mart trying to find some clothes for her but it took hours to find anything for her to wear. When we finally found clothes I started to doubt if she was really there, maybe just a figment of my imagination, but she did get the clothes and I was relieved. The last part of the dream I remember was us trying to run across the street with lots of traffic and it was really icy and dangerous, and I thought I saw a blood splatter in the road


File: 1378954591596.jpg (105.78 KB, 1122x1012, tumblr_lm8gswXbSD1qzaw2ro1….jpg)

I have recurring dreams of 'disturbing geometry'. A geometric shape, its corners usually smoothed so that they are not 'sharp', will take up the entirely of my attention. If you've ever closed your eyelids and rolled your eyes backward while facing a dim light… that is what the texture of these shapes looks like. They will without warning morph into different shapes and become very large or very small entirely or in random places. I call them disturbing because when these changes happen, with no pattern and sometimes in quick succession, I will begin feeling physically ill. It will go on until I wake up from the feeling of sickness.
If I try to go back to sleep, I start to feel as if my arms, legs, and/or head are now shrinking or growing near instantaneously before snapping back to their normal size. This also causes me to feel sick.

In relation to this dream, I found this article and its related subjects interesting:


I have nightmares sometimes, but it's not common that my traumas and fears stack up like that. This dream was very short, but was a nice mix of what I've grown to dislike so far:

Getting dirty, specifically a recollection of old childhood memories of getting covered in my own feces and being unable to clean myself - in the dream, I went to the toilet, a really large, two-storey one. After sitting to defecate, I somehow got really messy, some poop got on my hand and on my hip.

Fall from grace, having my privacy and personal space compromised, multiple people ganging up on me, being bullied - I walked up to the washbasin with my pants down, put my leg on the basin and started to remove the excrement from it. Some water dripped down on the tiled floor, but being in a dream, I did not feel getting wet much at all. It was then that I realized I was hearing someone talking. I looked on the stairs, and surely, my college friends - the most recent friends I remember having - were there, looking at me in disgust and exchanging short remarks. They walked down to me and started using the various facilities in the bathroom (wash basins, urinals) while saying unflattering things about me. One of them started playing with me by trying to punch me. This part sounds like the set of fears I gained in school years.

Having my mind read - this one is the more recent (and irrational) one. I encouraged the person to hit me, and when they did so by lightly tapping me on the cheek with their closed fist, I muttered to myself: 'I won' while smiling. He answered that I'm about to cry, revealing my true emotions. (Which I know were pretty obvious to read at that point, but still.) The gang then escorted me out the bathroom, and as we were walking up the stairs, one of them groped my butt with the intention of giving me a wedgie. Unsure what to do, I moaned lightly. Instead of causing the man to feel uncomfortable, he said that he did not know I was gay. That was pretty powerful, because I've recently acquired some homosexual fantasies in real life, although I'm not particularly uncomfortable about the fact. I wonder if my mind coils up on itself, working really hard to unravel the most basic of truths, for the sole purpose of not being easy to read. I'm probably paranoid.

Having my mind broken, losing control, reality breaking down, freaking out, incessant noise - these are more general. As the gang escorted me outside, we emerged into a school hallway, and the loud main part of the Requiem of a Dream theme started playing in my head and refused to stop. This theme alone, like the movie, is very distressing in itself to experience. We started walking to where I once was, possibly in a previous dream, or somewhere in the past. We arrived to the door to one of the classrooms, and surely, a person whom I recognized as myself, albeit a female version of one, was waiting there. One of the men pulled on her shoulder and directed her towards me. There was a sense of inevitability in this scene. Scared, I said 'Hello.', and the girl replied in kind. I noticed that she looked like Madotsuki. The short red skirt, the pink blouse with the pattern, the red shoes… She extended her right hand in a greeting, but I was too scared and pulled to the side, trying to escape into the classroom.

And then I woke up. I'm probably overanalyzing, although I have to say: this dream, while probably not detailing ALL of my fears, accidentally or not did a great job listing a lot of them. It's also the first time I've met Mado in my dreams, which is interesting. I did not get to shake her hand, though. :(

Oh, and my nightmares have one common theme: they occur whenever I'm too hot under blankets, and that's a signal to uncover myself a bit. But still, they are usually not as profound. They aren't usually worthy of writing down. I've only slept for two hours tonight, I should get back to sleep now, and not cover myself that much this time around.

I'm the "trainspotter" guy from >>1324 btw. The next time I have a dream which I decide I need to write down on Ubuu for some reason, I WILL be making a thread about it, because that's a lot of them, and I seem to post pretty regularly, although rarely.


File: 1380884203560.gif (3.29 KB, 80x130, tumblr_m3wtrtV84K1qmiycqo1….gif)

I had a .flow related dream, though I could barely remember anything about it except it involved Oreko. Apparently she was at a high-school and was being bullied. Sabi was somewhere too, and I got the feeling the two were incredibly close. I think the dream explained that Oreko got her helmet to protect her from the bullies.

Wish I'd remembered more.


In my dream, Snow was posting nude pictures online. I also went into a shower that was very small. Then I thought suicide would be nice.


Today, I was in some house. I don't remember why, but I locked myself in my room, sat on a bed and summoned Satan for some reason. Things got very red and blurry and hazy as a silhouette appeared before me. I almost passed out in a dream, and I'm amazed I didn't wake up. So I then chose to summon God. Basically the same thing happened, but this time everything was tinted blue/azure and I once again felt overpowering dizziness. How cliche. I felt as though I was drunk in a dream.

I also gained some amount of self-consciousness during these short moments. I can tell because I remember that part of my dream vividly without having made any conscious effort to remember it. This is rare for me, because I can't lucid dream at all. But when I do lucid dream, I find it very easy to remember these dreams - as though they were regular memories.

Basically I almost broke through and started to lucid dream. Almost. After that, the dream continued as normal. Something about running around in a house, talking with its denizens. Nothing stood out.


I had a dream me and Marilyn Manson had sex in different positions


I had a dream where I was on death row and about to be executed for murder. I recall myself being absolutely terrified and anxious about what was coming, and not feeling any guilt over my apparent crime. As if I was innocent. The dream got even stranger when I eventually managed to escape. I wound up near a large ravine of sorts, sort of like the grand canyon. I was with a crowd of tourists, while a flimsy bridge connected to the other side. The ravine itself wasn't too deep, and there seemed to be an open room down below that contained a turret gun. Despite having escaped, I still felt as I was going to die at any second, and made a panicked rush towards the bridge. At some point, I believe I fell, but instead of dying I just ran inside the room and used the turret against someone who was following me. Then I somehow got sent back to the prison. The last thing I did before waking up was running inside a bathroom and breaking down in front of someone there, as if they were the key to saving my life.

I remember feeling very relieved when I got up.


>I wound up near a large ravine of sorts, sort of like the grand canyon. I was with a crowd of tourists, while a flimsy bridge connected to the other side. The ravine itself wasn't too deep

Hey, I once had a dream that I was arrested in a very similar setting. Tons of touristy-lookin' people. Some kid got his skull bashed in with a metal baseball bat on one side of the canyon, and I just happened to be walking around on the other side with a bat in hand. I think mine was only a plastic wiffleball bat, but some little girl pointed at me and started yelling that I did it. I tried to demonstrate that it would be impossible for me to kill anybody with my wiffleball bat by hitting myself in the head with it, but I got arrested anyway.

It's almost like your dream picked up where mine left off.


*Twilight Zone music starts playing


the singularity is complete


Dearest, Yume,

for all who dwell in textual ruins, I have made a subreddit in which your dreams may linger for new audiences.

I do hope you can share with me.




Dear Lord, it slashed my link.


Sorry for pouble-dosting, gah!

Dream on


File: 1384056855037.jpg (161.1 KB, 369x465, 1363372487233.jpg)




My thoughts exactly. I've never touched reddit nor have I had a desire to.



Yeah, I posted that, and I hate reddit, too.

I was stoned and made one because they are such cunts there that I thouht maybe I could create something nice.

I was wrong, alas…


[1/2] I was conscripted into the British army, as it seemed that there was a civil war going on, and my training post was at this abandoned cathedral. There was tons of other troopers there, some of them were younger than me. One of which was this kid called Sam?
He was the butt of everybody's jokes; by the time I arrived, he was nearly at the end of his tether. I just came back from a makeshift target range when I see that he's collapsed. The drill sergeant was hauling him to his bunk bed (i say bunk bed for lack of a better word)
So there I am dusting myself off when I hear him stiring and sure enough, I find that he was fine all along, little sod was faking it. Probably to get away from training. So I go off to find the sarge, to tell him. Next thing I know, I hear this intense shouting as he drags Sam out of bed and into his office. He comes back, fuming, telling us that he'll kill us all. We laugh at that and then the sarge comes in. He really yells then, telling "Platoon A" to get out of his sight. There's me left, because I didn't know what platoon I was in. He looks at me dead in the eyes, and I can feel something like the fight or flight reflex, but he just grunts in irritation, so I salute and follow A.


[2/2] Then I think it was the next day, when I find that Sam is missing, probably AWOL. I wander around, and meet this one blonde chick, probably seventeen. I ask her that because I'm new, what do I do? She says that I should keep my head down, say "yes sir", and never complain. I thank her and then the sergeant beckons to me. I'm then told that I have to fill in his and my evaluation forms. (Fuck knows why.) So I'm looking for my form when I see a swastika on my picture. I'm literally like "what the fuck?!" It's literally a red swastika over a picture of me in my uniform, pulling a war face. I shout out "ey, who put a swastika over my picture?" Sure enough, some twat painted it over my evaluation image and the whiteboard, also having my picture, along with others. So I'm still looking when I find the information booklet (dunno what else to call it) and find someone called "Sam Driars", and "Date of birth: 14 September 2000" and "Date of Death: 7 June 2015". I'm just thinking to myself "god, what an idiot."
Then I think another day passes and it's back to training. This time I have to handle vehicles. In this term, it involves driving a Humvee. Through the city. I think I'm doing an abysmal job, since the corporal training me is literally laughing "I don't think you're cut out to be a driver" as I'm accidentally running over civilians.
Finally, I wake up as my Humvee finally manages to break outside the cathedral.


Old lurker, new poster. Regards.

Has anyone experienced a life review? I suppose it's similar to people having near death experiences and seeing their lives replay, except you don't have to be near death to experience it.

I've experienced this twice:

1. I dream I'm at my computer (how .flow of me). Realistic level of detail. A 6'3" shadow stands in the doorway (I'm 6'3"). Jungian shadow, dweller on the threshold? He's dressed like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. He raises his arm and points to me, tells me telepathically, "look at what you've become," and instantly my consciousness relocates to a corner of the ceiling, looking down at my body and Father Christmas from the vantage point of a security camera. My body, in drag, shrivels up like a corpse and I wake up.

In retrospect I identify Father Christmas as my Jungian shadow and my old dragbody as my anima. Compare Sir Lawrence Olivier's treatment of the bedroom scene in Hamlet for a similar shadow encounter that breaks the fourth wall (roles reversed). Compare again The Lovers, Trump VI in the tarot, the fourth-wall breaking Rider-Waite version. Enough.

2. In the stages before sleep my body enters paralysis and my astral body rises up from it (holographic sailor senshi transformation style fuck yeah: I have a male body and experience gender dysphoria, so it was nice to turn into a chick even on a subtle plane!) My astral consciousness transports or is transported to a scene from my childhood and I again survey from the ceiling. I see my childhood myopic world: my room, my LEGO. Y'all NEETs can relate (I kid). I was flooded with compassion for myself as I saw how much I've grown since. This compassion was not something I've experienced on the physical plane. I felt each time I was guided to these visions, these life reviews, by a benevolence that transcends our waking consciousness. The scene faded and "beneath" it was revealed something like source code: a text whose alphabet I couldn't decipher. Third time I've seen it and I've met others who've seen it too.

I woke up and was struck by the juxtaposition of that astral self-compassion and my waking state of depression.

Who has experienced such things? Similar things?


I almost died once, and all it was like was darkness. I almost drowned, remember seeing the sun shining at the water's surface, and blacking out. They resuscitated me on a floating platform in the middle of the lake.

As for weird things I've "seen", I meditate a lot, often before sleep. One time I met this peculiar man who wore a hoodie and had no face, just pinpoints of light for eyes. He wore bones around his necklace and wrists and never spoke, only pointed to where I needed to go. I wound up in a very open field outside the back exit of a train in a subway.


Sounds similar in ways to my pointer guy. Wonder if they're of the same ilk.



Tonight, I was climbing a stairwell to my flat, with my little brother following me (we live on the fourth floor in a block of flats). The stairwell was malformed and odd; the ceiling was too low or too high in places, and I had to crawl sometimes to get to the flat.

When I finally got in the flat, I tried to turn the light on. It was all dark, but I could see in the dark no problem. The flat looked all wrong, it had weird furniture in it, etc…

Anyway, when I flicked the light switch on, nothing happened, so I turned it on and off repeatedly. I noticed that the light did not come on, and only did so after a few seconds. It was there that I remembered such things occur in dreams: lighting does not work well, takes a while to update, and doing so requires a lot of effort.

So, for the first time in many months, a thought crossed my mind: "I'm dreaming! This is a dream!"

So what did I do? Nothing special, I tried not to do anything sudden, but I took a step inside the flat, and the very moment I did that, it started warping into a blur of bright colors. Just a few seconds later, the dream was completely destroyed.

I think that was, like, the fourth lucid dream I've had in my entire life. Too bad they always end almost instantly the moment I figure out I'm in control.

Fuck my life. I guess I'll just have to hold still the next time I somehow realize I'm in a dream, and to change the reality around me instead of trying to navigate it.


File: 1389077083655.gif (808.1 KB, 350x268, family photo.gif)

Last night I dreamed that I was going on a trip with my family and the planning process was getting stressful and tense and it was time to GO.
I woke up thought "Oh god I need to pack" and I got up and started grabbing things like my hairbrush, socks, 3DS…and then I realized that it was just a dream and I wasn't going anywhere.


I don't often read too much into dreams, as mine often turn out very random and unpredictable, but the scenarios I experienced last night seemed to have an unsettling coherency.

In the first one, I ended up running into old friends from earlier parts of my life, to find that they had each found girlfriends and were generally happy with the way their lives were going. It was sort of interesting to see how they got along with their partners and there were some other contextual details which I've mostly forgotten.

Later (I may have woken up in between dreams; not too sure) I was in a considerably more run-down location, contemplating paying an unattractive woman nearby to have sex with me. Though a part of me sensed this was a bad idea, even urging me to wake up, we ended up going through with it. After entering a bathroom stall, where things quickly became too lewd for my body to handle, I awoke suddenly.

Though my thoughts after getting up to clean myself lingered quite prominently on "What the fuck is wrong with me?", it wasn't for a while that I connected those events with the earlier dream. Deciding that I had dreamt enough for the night, I had a strong will to shower and start my day from there. However, I felt too hopelessly tired to anything and inevitably crawled back under covers.

Afterwards, I had a much more pleasant dream about playing video games with my one gay friend. Eventually though, I started to feel that I was letting him down by not being fun enough a companion, and lacking the energy to think of ways to be so. The dream ended with me clinging to my friend, desperately saying to him, "I'm sorry!"

I should perhaps add that this was my first relatively early sleep after weeks of habitually staying up past midnight.


I had a bizarre series of dreams involving zombies last night. The first followed an ancient asian zombie of some sort, who was all decrepit and mummified looking (I think I remember a thought process going on where this was the scariest looking type of zombie to me) Not only that, but even after so long this zombie had kept all his memories and humanity intact, so he wasn't mindless or evil. I'm not sure what happened next, I think it mostly involved him wandering around. The second one was far more intense. It was set during a zombie invasion, with the undead breaking into cities and houses, just utterly ravaging everything in their path. I was one of the survivors, alongside a group of other people trapped in the lower floor of a building. The most powerful part was at the end of the dream; the zombies had breached and broken in, but the worst part was how even though it seemed we were managing to hold them back, things suddenly went to hell as it turned out an entire flood of zombies were somehow coming in from the top of the building. I recall that we were all behind a glass door in what was either a small room or elevator, and the thing I remember before waking up was my lying on the floor, broken glass surrounding us, the crowd of zombies rushing in towards us. I was pointing a shotgun at my mouth.


So drug trips count as /yume/ material?

Awesome. I'm about to take 200 mg of benadryl, because I've heard it can cause horrifying delerium. I'm gonna put pictures of toriningen and other Yume Nikki creatures around my room, to see if I can summon them into existence. Will report back.


Okay, that pretty much sucked. I didn't hallucinate shit.


File: 1393528001458.jpg (99.79 KB, 537x720, IDK, just, awsome..jpg)

I'm always having violent or horrible dreams, so often actually that now it's just like watching a horror movie for me, which i like, so… This was one of the worst.
I was in a gigantic mansion with a bunch of dirty concrete halls, safety doors and old wood doors. I was with an old friend of mine and two brothers that i don't really know. As i tried to go with them through the doors to get out of them, i started to notice that they were just repeating themselves. After a bit, traps started activating that would send big fireballs down the hallway that could only be stopped by the doors. At a certain point, i have no idea why, but i decided that my companions were slowing me down so after a sprint i closed them in one of the trap hallways. I smelled the burning flesh and heard their sceams as they burned to their death. I know it's horrible, i just have no idea. In the end some way or an other i found the exit, and outside it was beautiful and green, there were butterflies and flowers; but something was wrong. Now i think it might of been the guilt, but as a matter of fact, i crawled under a little cage, the dream faded away, and i woke up. Shit man, i don't even know.


File: 1395888034449.gif (484.75 KB, 500x280, Hello MTV my name is Nano ….gif)

I've been having a lot of dreams over the last few months where I'm just…having a (at least somewhat) plausible text-conversation on skype. A few times, I actually woke up and fumbled in the dark to turn on my laptop to try to reply to a message from my dream. Other times, I remember a dream-conversation halfway through the day and think it was real. I even ended up bring up something to someone…stuff like "Hey, weren't you telling me that you were getting a new job soon?" "huh? no…" "oh oops never mind it was just a dream then".

It's kind of amusing but it's screwing with me. My though process when I try to answer one in the middle of the night is either "if I open it fast enough, it will still be here" or sometimes "my brain told me that I got a message on the computer!". It's funny how flawed my logic can be when I'm half asleep


>It's funny how flawed my logic can be when I'm half asleep

Yeah, one time while half asleep I was trying to figure out how the Wii board could measure the mass of a person because it always varies how many resources you get while stripmining, especially when the strips are really close together and the veins of ore could belong to one strip or the other.

Then I woke the rest of the way up and realize I was mistaking stripmining in Minecraft for a human being.


half asleep stories are fun

One time, alarm went off, I start flicking the lamp on and off, freak out because alarm sound isn't stopping. Remember that alarm sound comes from alarm and not lamp.


File: 1395894781036.jpg (54.16 KB, 500x335, funny-cartoon-logic-ariel-….jpg)

One time when I was half asleep, I thought I was a mermaid.
I was genuinely concerned as to how I was able to be out of water without dying. And what the person lying next to me thought about me being a mermaid.
I missed the ocean.
So, yeah, half asleep stories are fun.


File: 1396448878523.jpg (123.23 KB, 900x716, behind_the_green_door.jpg)

I walk outside a green door and make my way downhill of this secluded lonely house surrounded by mountains with my cousin

as we are walking we notice these metal structures that we begin to play on.
it launches me into the small bit of flowing water at the bottom of the hill when my cousin says "you know…when the water rises to here they say there is a demon around" and puts his hand at his waist level.

very quickly this water begins to rise and flow faster sweeping us into a mountain. flowing down this fast river is a building that was buried by the moutain i notice people on the inside looking like lost souls.

at the end of the river i notice baby cribs. all the people ive seen and these babies were the lives that the demon had taken. i say something to my cousin and no response, i turn to look at him and he was the demon.

he tries to take my life but the souls of those he had killed bind him. The green door reappears i run through it and im back where i started.

i walk into the house and the door vanishes… there is no more light outside, only inside.

the house consist of only 4 rooms and 4 people including myself, i speak to a woman in the house but i dont remember what she says.

one man is walking in circles around the house holding his face muttering something to himself, he seemed very unstable.

i grab him, my fingers sink into his body, and look at his face, it had no curves just a flat round surface with a painting of a distored face on it "be solid! become whole!" i yelled to this man but he continued pacing, muttering, and holding onto himself. he reached for a cyanide pill and swallowed. when i realized this i reached for something sweet and full of sugar to counter act it and saved his life.

The whole experience had left me anxious and filled my heart with pressure and made me uneasy. it became too much. i used my hand to puncture my chest and inserted my other hand as well, as i began to pull apart i let out this hi-pitched yell that sounded like it was off of an 8-bit video game and split myself in two.

afterward i felt relieved,saved…i wake up


File: 1396449283893.jpg (398.06 KB, 1280x960, Wasteland.jpg)

So it begins with me in my house watching the news when the reporter says there has been a war declared.
in a non-caring way i turn off the television and walk outside where it is my regular home town exept there are no streets, houses are further apart, and is a wasteland

so as i am driving with my friend in the car and notice in the rear view mirror that there are multiple explosions going off and i speed up to try to escape them.

i come across the place where they are launching these missiles and i meet the person in charge. i speak with him and he says in order to take shelter with them that i must join them. i put in my information as does my friend and when my record comes up they do not let join. i begin to taunt the man in charge and he forces me to leave.

im walking outside in the bright sun when i come across this screen in the dessert. it is showing me from behind, as i keep watching i notice to soldiers slowly walking up to me while carrying riffles. i try to run back to the door to escape them…i feel i piercing pain in my back, then i fall to the floor. cut off from all my senses i can only hear my thoughts all the while trying to hold onto what little life i had left as much as i could, i thought "this is the day i've been ignoring my whole life…the day im going to die…whats going to happen?…where am i going?…next time i open my eyes where will i be?

i wake up


Something wakes me up in the night and I fall back to sleep but soon imagine wandering around the Neon world. "This visualisation is too intense… Oh! I feel asleep." I become lucid and immediately spin around to make the dream vivid. I'm in darkness at the bottom of some small white stairs. Briefly I think about how long it has been since the last LD and what I should do. I jog up the stairs hoping to find a dream character. I enter a room like Madotsuki's (from the balcony) and it's night. In the middle of the room there is what seems to be a dark haired woman, dressed in purple, but she's heavily distorted and shifting while everything else is crystal clear. I ask, "What's wrong with your face?" As I draw near to look I feel a demonic presence blow out from her but instantly she is petrified to stone and I feel a peaceful reassuring calm and it's day. She's no longer distorted and looks exotic, evil but not frightening. (I've forgotten what she was wearing. It was hard to tell as stone.) There was a fair bit of writing engraved on her forehead in the most beautiful handwriting I've ever seen. I studied it for what felt like 10 seconds in complete awe. It was very joyous and energetic, like fire, a mix of sweeping curves and angles written in what looked very closely to cursive Hebrew, plated in shimmering gold. The dream begins to fade from a lack of interaction but I refuse to look away, hoping to memorise it. I wake up.


Alright guys its been a long time since Ive posted but I dreamscape a lot, and have been posting my dreams on a group that I made, wherein I wish to take all the dreams of people's posts and weave them together into a lucid story. Kind of like the top thread but not bit-for-bit. Its called the Dream Journal and yes it does absolutely pay homeage to Yume Nikki.

Ill start with the latest:
I was invited on a special outing with Franco and Ellie. They said, "today its the mountains," as if it was a regular thing to go traveling and exploring just about every day of our lives, which really seemed so natural to me. Normally, Id ask "why?" "huh?" "What do you mean the mountains?" but In my subconscious state where I hadnt yet realized I was dreaming, it just seemed natural, and thats a hard feeling to posess that you now know that youre not going to wake up every day to scale a mountaintop and look down from the heavens, or that youre not going to even go outside your radius without asking "why", just going away for no purpose. I remember having that feeling of wanting to do things and then just doing them but that was only when I was younger and my tiny world was huge to me.
We followed a road by the river to the end where these huge mountains scaled around the perimeter to make a huge bowl shaped lake. The mountains, which were all connected, were cut in such a way that a cliff dropped down quite high into the lake, so they were like levees which the mountains just seemed to have made. It was very colorful. The lake was really blue and the mountains a deep-toned brown with bright green moss and trees.
At the north end of the lake we set up three ropes to climb so we could jump down into the lake from the mountaintops, as again they were all cliffed into the lake. There happened to be one other kid up there, and for some reason, he was 2d, drawn like an anime character. The whole dream felt cartoonish and too fast-paced and unreal for this not to make sense. He was a bit of a pussy, and hed only climb 1/3rd of the way up and get scared and jump.

The middle rope was hung over a crevace and in those crevace were two huge spiders whose bodys looked like sea anenomies. They were just hanging around and now I saw why the kid probably didnt go up much higher, though the spiders were at the top. I jumped down, got the kid up my rope, and we walked straight and into the night. There was some sort of spider tribe and those two spiders from the cliff came. All of them had that sea-anenomie body but with a human face sort of resembling Puton from Doubutsu no Kuni, which means in other words they all had faces with handsome yet creepy features like a chiseled chin, high cheekbones, and curly roman hair. They had ordinary names and extraodinary honorifics like Joe, the Cliff King. It only lasted for like a second, because I guess they were just welcoming us.

Suddenly my mom called, and I just raced off on a bicycle because of that same mentality of just doing things being natural, but surely Id be back. I race down and finally ask where shes going because she was interrupting my adventure and she just told me to keep following her and we stopped at this shit kicker bar down that river road but on an off-path, and I'm just like "wow. I was just jumping down cliffs from mountaintops into a blue lake and now I gotta go here." But for some reason my control of the situation just locked up, and I just kept telling my mother that I straight up did not want to have been interrupted from that for some bullshit. But she says that we ARE in Kentucky (which we plan to visit in the summer, I have family there) and I might as well stay here. Of course there was a huge gap in that argument, "we're [here] so stay [at one specific location]" and so I just kind of turned around and forgot I had gone so far that it might be hard to find my way again. So then I woke up and had a wierd half dream.

I was "awake" in my room and mom had the TV blasted like only my stepdad does. The commercials just went on, and Jack in The Box was trying to do that whole "sex sells" thing by selling fish tacos, and some woman narrating throws a pun that just does not make me want fast food ever again, so I scream "MOM ITS FUCKING 5AM TURN OFF THE GODDAMN TV". An argument started to ensue then I realized that nothing even happened.


A tiger is sodomizing in the middle of a circus performance area. There is no one in the stands. It is a horrible hazing thing. The look on the guys face is hard to imagine (because it is so painful). My view cuts and moves like a film, getting different angles, moves and fades.


I am on a bus going to school, but there are very few people on the bus. It is a perfect day, the sun is bright, it is warm , but not hot; breezy. The sky is very blue and the grass is very green. We stop, the buses are not parked in lines like usual, but in a mess. When I get off the bus, There is a stool with a very right wing slogan on it at the bottom of the bus's stairs, all of the buses have them. Everyone is congregating everywhere, lots of people talking. I overheard a guy say that something makes him feek dinkely (he used the word as an emotion). The front area looks like my old elementary school. I go to the door, and I don't sign my name on a list that I am supposed to sign, and that everyone else has. The lady with the list looks at me funny, but lets me in. The inside looks like my local library. I see my friend Anon on a computer, along with someone else. On the computer he looks like he is playing dungeon crawl stone soup, in a programming text editor (jGrasp). I ask him why there are not as many people around as usaual at school. it had something to do with a supposed day off. He leaves, and the person that was sitting with him says "Do you know what Anon did last night" He points to a motivational poster with a picture of a wrestler's ass in short silver short shorts. The game on Anon's computer starts to play itself, and I can hear chanting, I yell at no one in particular "I DON'T KNOW!" and then the dream ends.


The setting seemed a lot like a spy movie kind of thing with a burn notice-y kind of feel. What I remember now is that I go to a school basketball game disguised as a special needs kid in a school gym uniform, and go to a set of bleachers that are not attached to any others, and in the middle of the court (how strange.) I see the person I'm supposed to meet at the top, he looks like a rainbow cloud version of flambo (from adventure time). This guy is supposed to be a devious bastard. We talk, instantly he knows who I am so we get to the point. I drive to Washington D.C. with my team. Somebody sees Bill Clinton driving, and flips him off, which leads to a three way chase to get the computer chip (This is about the time I knew too.) the rainbow cloud flambo and the bad guys actually trying to get the chip, the government chasing us for flipping off Bill Clinton, and us. On the way there, we had to go through a really dark tunnel with orange lights, and did a ramp jump onto a bridge that started telescoping inward. I am my teammate now, and I'm in the rainbow flambo room, where he has taped himself by one arm to a wall and keeps the room subzero and quiet so he can see breath and hear anyone coming. There is a snap and a scream in the distance, leaving the rainbow cloud flambo distracted. All of a sudden wooden stakes come through the wall, I know I have to get out of there fast. I take the chip and destroy it and get out of there, barely avoiding the other bad guys, I am outside trying to take one of the bad guys cars, all of them locked except for a shiny black BMW. There was a chase, with the song Cosmic Stream by Rico Zerone playing as music. Then I wake up.


hoope this isnt an entirely boring read
dream started with me being in high school again, i was in senior year, I was walking around the hallways when i first started the dream, no, i was at the graduating ceremony. I was in a classroom and all my classmates were there, and I remember being very sad that i wont see any of them again. There was some kind of speech given, and people were all happy and such. I got an A- as a grade average, and all the people were sitting in the desks but then all the girls were in another room, and all the boys were called in and for some weird reason they all paired up and walked out of the room, as if they were dating or something. So me and only a few other guys are in the other room, and I lay under the desk. But before this dream, was a dream that I had a gun and was fighting these other people with guns, but I had only a gun with metal pellets in it, a bb gun. I ran around shooting, reloading, getting shot etc. then this dream happened. After the speech was given and everyone was leaving in pairs, I become lucid. I felt like I was really there. I went down the hallway past all these younger students, I felt like I was way too old. And so I walk down the hallway to my old locker, but that was kat's locker so i walk back to my own locker and I have anime stuff all over the front of the locker, the locker morphs into a big storage bin and as i open it theres all this anime merch there, I pull it out into my backpack. I head towards the main gate which has he interior of a checkout lane at a grocery store, I get into an empty lane and am putting my merch on the belt, there is a huge shelf of yuru yuri something and tons of packs of anime stuff that i remember thinking must have cost hundreds of dollars, I wasnt fully lucid yet. So I reach into my pocket and pull out my old keys to my old car after the people behind my look confused as to why im checking out the contents in my backpack so I stuff it all back, and leave the checkout area. I notice a container of pills in my pocket, all small and purple that the label says 'take one every 5.5-6 hours daily. So I walk out of the place that seems as big as a shopping mall now, and notice my old car keys. I'm driving a bit, and I'm on a road with a huge hill, thinking over if this is real as im driving. I almost become lucid, but I convince myself I time traveled. I think over what this world must be like without considering it a dream. and as im driving down the road with a huge hill, I notice a car on the top of the hill/mountain and is probably 100 feet above the road, I watch it about 200ft in front of me, fall off the cliff, land on the road without exploding (i could feel myself expecting it to explode) and there is a second car on the top there and I dont wait for it to fall so I speed up past it. I'm now walking around this neighborhood with my dog, and my backpack. I think i might have driven my car into a lake, because I was climbing these rocks inside a lake that was around this persons property, I had my phone out and was thinking of what to write. my dog easily jumps into the water and swims to the big rock to get out, but I take the fence post, i climb on it and across to get to the big rock. Then later I'm behind the side of a house, looked like my own house, and I see a police officer limping holding his leg as if he'd been shot. I ask him if he needs help and if I should call 911, and he gives me this scary look. as if saying that that was a sarcastic or humorous statement. he says no hes fine and limps off. and the whole time im thinking about how much I know about the future that I want to tell everyone. I get out my phone and write to someone (i forget who) 'im a time traveller' and i think they responded with i dont believe you, and I start to write that obama will be president again and I think right then I became lucid and realized it was a dream, and sadly woke up there ;_;
effect gained: backpack, container of unknown pills


I had a dream a while ago that I got kidnapped by this cute witch lady. I was just walking home from the 7-Eleven when BAM, I get knocked out. Next thing I know I'm sitting in a forest with my hands tied behind my back.
Then the witch lady shows up and says "Oh, you're finally awake. I was wondering just how long you'd be out for."
I'm really confused and I ask her why she knocked me out and dragged me to some random forest. She replies by saying that nobody could hear us in the forest. I asked why she wanted privacy.
She replied with "So that way we can have sex of course."
I'm freaking out, not only because its against my will, but also because I had no clue how this would work. (seeing as how I'm a girl too.) I tell her this, and in response she "fixes the problem" my turning me into a boy. As soon as she did that she unzipped my pants and started jacking me off. It felt really good, but I hated it at the same time. So I was pretty horrified/pleased that she went on to giving me a blowjob. I was trying not to focus on the pleasure and tried instead to work my hands free.
Eventually though it got to the point where I was about to climax. When I was at that point though the witch said "Aw, about to cum already? But we haven't gotten to the fun part" and started to take her skirt and underwear off. Though by now I had managed to untie my hands, so I punched her in the face, zipped my pants back up, and ran as fast as I could.
I got far enough away from her and sat down. Only then I started to panic because I was stuck as a guy and I had no clue if the spell would wear off or if I'd be forced to live as a male for the rest of my life.

And then I woke up. I never have sexual dreams, so this was really weird.


In this dream I was Poniko. So I walk into my room. (which was a combo of Poniko's room and my real life room.) And I find that Uboa has disorganized all the books on my shelves. So I start screaming at him(?) that it took me forever to get those in just the right spots.
Then I just say fuck it and turn on my Gamecube to play Animal Crossing, and I sit on Uboa while I play. Apparently Uboa is a sentient beanbag chair.
Then I woke up.


I dreamed that I went into a public bathroom.

The room was long, rectangular, and donut shaped in that it wasn't a full room but was filled in the middle. There were sinks along he outside perimeter, except for the back wall which had stalls. The inner perimeter had urinals all along it with no dividing walls.

The room was full of young women. I had to pee so I went to the back and started peeing in one of the urinals where there wasn't many people around. Then I decided fuck it and grew super tall so that all the women could see me as I urinated, I made no effort to hide my junk. A crowd gathered around me.

The woman directly to my left had tan skin, dark hair, and was wearing a white bikini top and a black thong. The woman directly to my left had red hair, blue eyes, and was wearing jeans. They both had big round butts. I pulled them both in close against my body and squeezed their asses. My junk was still hanging out and I had a large erection. Then I woke up.


Well this was really weird

I sort of entered a dream while in meditative trance.
I appeared in a Sphongle concert, they were playing this:

I was kind of in trance still, and the music…it's like it was becoming more and more real, more tangible.
When it reached the point of maximum intensity, I travelled back in time and appeared in a movie theater showing Madoka Magica.

One of my old friends was there with me. I became lucid and told him that it was going to be really good. Also that he was going to left us in 3 years, and that another friend was going to left us in 1 year. Meanwhile, I thought the Madoka movie was strange, since it was showing Madoka walking on a frozen mountain, kind of a Northern Europe landscape, and I don't remember that happening in the series or movies.

Then I travelled back in time again, to 2000, where we were watching The Matrix for the first time, again, in a cinema. I was worried because me telling my friend things that hadn't happened yet, but also kind of excited.
While the movie was on, I did the same, telling them things that would happen in the future. Some more things happened then, I don't remember.
Then I woke up.

I think there's something missing here but I wanted to clear my thoughts on this.


I had a dream that I befriended a murderer after he effortlessly broke into my house and tried to stab me for a bit, but we talked about things and apparently he was feeling a bit lonely and was looking for a friend or something. It was pretty fun watching him do what he does best. I guess my brain recalled that one cutesy anime in which two schoolgirls form a tenuous friendship and one of them is an undercover special forces operative.


File: 1407701628631.jpg (72.97 KB, 659x660, 1404325687565.jpg)

I had a dream, last night, that I was suddenly in possession of a handgun and proceeded to repeatedly shoot myself in the stomach and once in my chest. I set an alarm on my phone for a half hour later and told by little brother, who was in another room, that when he heard the alarm to call 911. It was set for 30 minutes later because I wanted to assure that I was dead before anyone reached me. Though when time was almost up, I was still very much alive, and possibly getting better, so I set it for 30 minutes later. Not exactly sure if I felt let down.

It didn't feel like a nightmare or anything. I actually slept really well.


File: 1409106143653.jpg (326.6 KB, 1062x820, 1653150.jpg)

Welp, I had my first dream in a while that was not either A. utter nonsense or B. so lewd that I'd have trouble posting it on /d/. But I'm lazy so I'll just copy this: https://boards.4chan.org/m/thread/11282140#

"Actually, last night I dreamt of an odd mecha type, similar in an appearance to a Mannequin Doll (Pic related) but human-sized. The main draw was the control system. An ordinary human cannot fit in the so-called 'Doll', but a process was developed so that human consciousness could be copied into the unit. However, only one line of 'conscience' can be going at once, else when the conscience is switched back to the pilot it gets double-written (and thus they basically go insane). For this reason any time a 'Doll' is being used the pilot itself must be put in cryogenic stasis. Fortunately, if the 'Doll' is destroyed, the pilot can simply be brought back out of stasis and re-uploaded to another, albeit not having the memory of what has happened since."

Additional information from a conversation with my friend:

Friend: Neat. But why would the seperate consciousness existing cause it to go crazy?
Me: Because for the pilot to remember anything that happened, he has to be combined with his disembodied conscience again. And if you have a conscience running parallel, you basically have a double-write.
Friend: Oh. Hrm.
Me: Also, the general idea is that being uploaded to a Doll is a temporary measure. It's basically a mass-produced infantry combat unit not meant for long-term operation (Think of how Jackie Fisher's idea with the Incomparable class batlecruisers was that they'd basically trade off long-term existence for raw power). The most specialized offensive-oriented Dolls basically have no limiting factors whatsoever, and are designed to break into a fortification, annihilate everything, and then dock to a conscience transfer unit almost immediately afterward. They'd pretty much work themselves apart if they last any longer.


Periodically, I third person Lucid dream (I can see myself, and can interact with the area.) I can read the times and dates perfectly. so I go through life until that date and realize it was in my dream. I actually found out on October 15th last year, I'd meet a girl (via FB) who RP'd her own version of GLaDOS, and fall in love, then 1 month later, ask her out. the results? 9 to 10 month long relationship (so far).

tl;dr verison: I can see the future in my dreams, and predicted my lover.


I suppose I'll post this here since my throat is no longer suitable for posting dreams in.

I had a strange dream the other night, it was about an anime series, art of the time I was watching, part of the time I was a part of it to experiencing it through the eyes of the main character, part of the time I was only curing it playing on the TV from a different room, and part of the time it was a resource management strategy game. I saw all the events of the series out of order, the following is what I can piece together by trying to put them back in order.

So it starts off with an artificial planet that's actually a big flat disk with its own artificial gravity and its own artificial atmosphere generated by some machine in the center, although it's all one massive metal structure there are still forests and valleys and pastors in part of it, it's masses, the gravity is also downward facing rather than spherical, but the atmosphere is still spherical. Anyways, it starts off with the main character, some young girl out playing by small pond in an open grassy field outside of the city. Somehow she ends up interrupting a ritual or ceremony of some sort that is used to decide the next defender of the artificial planet but ends up getting herself chosen. Many people are unsure about this but they are certain that she is the one that has been chosen to be the next defender. The defender is always a girl but the old defender has grown quite old and needed to be replaced. When a girl becomes the defender she is granted the ability to transform into an entirely mechanical body and is extremely powerful, her job is to defend the planet from attacks, primarily from attacks from these giant mechanical humanoids that roam the galaxy wiping out artificial planets like there's. The power is actually given to her by a small tongue piercing with a red gem inside it that is given to her from the previous defender. One of the side effects of becoming the defender is that you lose your belly button and becomes a flat smooth surface where it used to be, but for some reason she does not lose it and instead forms a second piercing with a similar small red gem on her belly button. This disturbs many of the elders and council members because it could possibly signify something bad, but there's not really anything they can do about it. It seems that the girl was also rather low in terms of her class in society but now that she is the defender she was brought to some higher class, some mansion in the center of the planet. She also met some boy there that became the blatantly obvious love interest in anime. Anyways, there was a ship that shuttled back and forth between some awful desert planet with very high gravity and the artificial planet. Men on the ship were all miners and sailors (but of a spaceship rather than a seagoing ship) it seemed like a very rough place they were all perpetually drunk and talking shit about the awful desert planet and REAL gravity that they all seem to speak about with some sense of fear, although it all seemed mostly like tall tales and such. Anyways, her and the boy were both there, I don't remember why, all I remember is a trip to the desert planet and the quarry on it.


Anyways, there was also some sort of war going on, people from some other world invaded the artificial planet only in small raids at first but eventually it became a full one war. But for a long time it was a war that more involved politics than actual fighting, and the defender was helpless to do anything about it, there also seemed to be a large amount of corruption within the political leaders of the artificial planet which only made the situation worse. At this point many years have passed since the defender had first became the defender and she was a little girl anymore, she was maybe 18 to 20, and so was the boy. At this point it became a resource management game where I had to allocate resources to soldiers in such, but either I was really bad at the game or it was just impossible to win, because there were simply not enough resources to fight the number of incoming enemies. Even the defender had trouble fighting them off due to their sheer numbers but eventually they began to thin out. By that time it was too late, the corruption and war had attracted the giant mechanical humanoids who sought to destroy the world, not just a few of the but many of them, more than anyone had ever anticipated. The defender could not hold them off and was nearly destroyed. At this point I saw the dream from her point of view. She took one of the dead bodies of the giant mechanical humanoids and fused herself into it smashed open head and took control it's body amplifying her power hundreds of times, turning it from a red glow to a light blue. I remember when I saw it from her point of view feeling immense amounts of power pouring out of me into the lifeless machine taking control of it. She then used it to destroy all the other machines but in doing so the planet had already been destroyed, the gravity still functioned and the atmosphere was still held in place but the planet itself had been fractured and pieces and had begun to drift apart out of the atmosphere into space. (At this point I was watching again rather than experiencing) she had burned up all her power but was unable to recharge, as she drifted out into space (now disconnected from the giant mechanical humanoid) her body automatically switched into its mechanical defender form but had no power to do anything and she was stuck in a perpetual state of being shut off drifting through space while the planet she tried to defend broke apart and suffocated in the vacuum of space. I remember seeing the boy she loved on his knees at the edge of a piece of the planet as it exited the atmosphere looking back at the other broken pieces of the planet and up to the sky looking for her. I thought they would be together, I didn't think the series would end so tragically as this. But I suppose they were right, she wasn't just another ordinary defender, she was the last one.

Interestingly enough the story of how she became the defender and how she got the tongue and belly button piercing and her fond memories of first meeting the boy were something that came after the destruction of the world, after he was on his knees watching the world die and she was drifting through space possibly forever in a shutdown state. Perhaps that's the order it should have been in.


File: 1410310827386.jpg (48.39 KB, 800x600, zzzzRs6T8k.jpg)

So I had a dream last night partly about how the world was created and how the seasons started.

In the beginning the Earth was empty and barren but there was a giant glass castle that all life on earth was inside, but it was ruled by a horrible ice queen that kept everything either frozen or just very cold. She had a sculpture garden of frozen people and animals. Also, everything here was immortal because mortality was essentially frozen or refrigerated so everything kept indefinitely. Anyways, she decided to be frozen herself and hibernate for the next thousand years, so she set her most loyal servant to the task of brewing a potion of power and giving it to her while she slept so that when she woke she would still be at her full power and not lose any of it. I stole the recipe for the potion and rewrote it so that her servant was giving her nothing useful while I created the potion for myself so that I could have power. The potion mostly consisted of dragon bones which there were tons of lying around, mostly brown and crumbling into dust, pretty much gravel at this point. Anyways, 1000 years past and she woke up to find her powers very nearly faded, she blamed her servant of course for messing up the recipe and didn't even know that it was me who had stolen her power. With my new found power I decided to break down the glass castle and release its inhabitants to the world, I use my power to bring light and warmth to the world. Life spilled out of the castle into the world and the first spring began, plants grew everywhere across the planet and humans and animals bred and multiplied but lost their immortality, no longer being frozen and refrigerated. Things went well and continued into summer, they even built a statue of me and worshiped me like a God. It was probably because of this that the ice queen found out about it and she tried to freeze me, but I was far too powerful for her now and she could not do anything against me, but after being awake for so long she was regaining her powers and use them to begin cooling the world and so the first autumn began, as it became cold food supplies began to dwindle as things died on the vine. People began hording food supplies in the first harvest season ever and unprepared people began to die of freezing and starvation as winter set in. Still, she was not able to defeat me so she found that she was still able to create other entities, even more powerful than she was, so she created a giant storm, the first cloud, a monstrous being that rained down hail on the earth. I decided that if she could create something more powerful than herself I could create something more powerful than myself that was 100 times more powerful than what she created. So I created the sun and it lit up the world and spring began again. But the sun was so powerful I could not manipulate or change it, I had created a boulder that I could not move. And I had not done a very good job at creating the sun it was imperfect it only shone brightly for part of the year during spring and summer and then in fall and winter the cold weather that she had created took over. Not only that but it drew from my power to run and I couldn't shut it off, the same was true the storm clouds that she had created. We were both drained of much of our power and had no control over it, the seasons were a permanent fixture that we could not change or remove. Also I was female and that dream.

Praise the Sun!
Also, I'm interesting dream to have on Cirno Day


I dreamt that I was blowing a futa in public. I don't remember what she looked like but her dick was ~8 inches long and pretty thick too.

I had my mouth and lips around the head and was sort of mouthing it while stroking the shaft with my hands. Then she started to feel really hot so she started blowing air on her dick to cool herself off. It was then I realized we were in public and got embarrassed and woke up.


i used to write down my dreams in a dream diary but now i usually get up too early to have time to remember them fml…
today i had a really long dream (i slept in) where i was sleeping at my neighbors house in a tiny tent on the second floor. her mom was reading us storybooks (?) and then the story that was for me was haunted and i got taken away and then i was flying thru the house and everyone was looking for me…
next dream involved these non human men (they were brown and bald and ripped and wearing grey uniforms, they looked like they were made out of sand for some reason?) who were all kidnapped and taken to another planet. i was apparently one of the men…we were taken to this tunnel where these spaceships were parked. the ships had something done with them called commander mode?
all of us had small snowglobes that showed our home city in real-time and the ships were heading to all of our cities and destroying them using the special commander mode. it made it possible to fly straight thru the buildings and turn them into sand. i knew i was dreaming so i was not affected but all the men were crying because of their families…


I just had a dream… what the fuck…

So I was in some kind of rustic church, which was littered by graffitti inside, with names and passwords and memes and other shit. I was with a lot of people cluttering the church, all "gamers" of a certain game.

I entered a part of the game (mentally?) (also I'm sure it wasn't the beginning, wait does this thing even have a linear progression?) and it started with a cinematic of a Simpsons episode about Secondary Actor Bob raping a young Bart, while an old friend that went crazy IRL was watching (he was also raped IRL when he was young). The episode was nightmarish in style and accompanied by Drakengard music.

Then it finished and my old friend dissapeared, and some kind of FPS-action scene started, with Kite from .hack as the MC, with some kind of flaregun-rocketlauncher.

When it ends, I look "outside" of the game to the church and try one of the codes written in the church walls.

It started, I was controlling Sayaka mounted on a dragon in a 3D Bullet Hell stage, with touhou music. I was being attacked by pterodactyls shooting energy balls of different colors, it was pretty and fun. Sometimes Drakengard music mixed with the touhou tracks.
At the end of the stage the boss was Homura (makes sense, but I like Homura way more than Sayaka!) stading inside some kind of cage-machine, not giving any fucks about the situation.
The machine had some iron rods rotating from the center, the trick was to get between 2 of them and keep moving with them while shooting.

When I finish the boss Homura moves inside the cage and looks casually to an upward-right direction. Outside of the game, I look at the place she was looking at, and I find another code, but I wake up before trying it.

what the fuck


Thats just how dreams are man. Atleast you were able to remember it.


File: 1422992528583.png (439.63 KB, 496x579, drowning.png)

Anyone wanna help me make heads or tails on why some dream I had feels really sad even though I like dreams of this nature normally?

I don’t remember a good part of my dream but there was one point where people were jumping across a river and the funny thing was everyones faces were icons of friends I know onlines Skype icon and shit and I could tell in my dream who each one was. there were six people and there were three that were jumping across including myself and we were jumping to the other three who would catch the other person. We had to jump across twice for some reason I don’t really remember, and in my dream the person I jumped to caught me the first time but as I was jumping towards them again they didn't grab my hand as I slipped on the edge and sunk into the river and the river became an ocean.

And then the ocean started showing what seemed to be Rayquayza and then it twisted into other figures like a spiraling moon connected to various sorts of wires or pillars, and then it showed a white figure surrounded by ribbons and shit and I thought it was a really pretty dream but at the same time IDK it felt weird and sad for some reason.


File: 1422994381488.jpg (31.7 KB, 450x319, stock-photo-woman-by-the-p….jpg)

Knowing absolutely nothing about you and going by first impressions/interpretations, I would say that this dream represents
>being betrayed by someone
>being unable to trust others after that
>OR being suddenly and dramatically betrayed and not bothering with others at all
>dealing with loneliness/solitude/paranoia by playing vidya
>vidya personifies or becomes a person/object/concept that you can trust

Or you really like Pokingmen and one time someone left a group chat early and it made you sad. Idk.


I just woke up from a nightmare. I was of course in my bat winged form but even more so than usual, more werbat, walking on all fours was comfortable. Also I could breathe fire. Anyways, I was part of some magical academy and me and all the other classmates were given the option to go on a field trip to a place we would stay for a few days, it was part of a place where there used to be a kingdom that strictly ruled with magic and asserted the superiority of it over the land, so I was very interested in going. Anyways, after a hike through the woods we reached a small building overhanging an enormous lake set deeply into the mountains. In the center there was an island with a mansion. We took a blimp down to the mansion, the blimp was quite organ like. The inside the mansion as well was rather organ like, everything was accented with a plasticky dusty rose colored material that resembled flesh. And also bits of rounder material that was orange color, even so it was a rather nice mention, half the class went upstairs to the tour and the other half went down to the basement. In the basement I found an area sort of hidden away that had heart shaped beds made out of the same flesh like material, there were candles around them and they were engraved images of what I assume to be Cupids up around the walls, but they all had horrible protruding foreheads with scowling expressions looking down on the bed. Many of the doorways in the long winding maze of halls at spiderwebs over them, that were apparently made of acid like alien blood and would melt you if you tried to walk through them.

Then it began to get dark, I managed to find a flashlight but it was so dark that the darkness absorbed most of the light emitted. Even so I managed to find my way back out of the maze of doorways at spiderwebs to the main floor, I managed to find one of my classmates whom I was not well acquainted with named Anna, she recognized me from the class, probably because I was the one with bat wings but we decided to stick together because clearly being alone in the dark is the worst thing that could happen. Eventually we got separated and she went down a dead end hallway and screamed, I shown my flashlight down it but it wasn't powerful enough, by the time I got to the dead end of the hallway she wasn't there, there was no trace of her. Eventually I ran into another classmate, I didn't get her name but she was running from something, some voice that told her it was going to take her out one nail at a time. She was terrified, I remember putting my hands on either side of her face and looking her straight in the eyes and telling her we had to stick together, but everything would be fine. The pinky nail on her left hand was already bleeding. We managed to find our way to a very fancy oval-shaped bar somewhere on the main floor, there was no one tending it but he was very dimly lit and seemed like a good place to stick around and not get lost in the dark. She managed to get an energy drink out of the bar but something scared her, something she heard but I didn't or couldn't and she sprinted away from the bar, I called out to her and chased after, urging her to come back, not wanting a repeat of last, she did run back to the bar and took a long drink of the energy drink, I asked her what happened but she didn't respond. She was crying and I could see on the hand that was holding the energy drink that her pinky nail was now completely torn off and the ring finger nail was now bleeding.
Then I woke up.


File: 1427168327230.jpg (38.74 KB, 350x263, pet-carrier-2.jpg)

Last night's dream:

It was almost summer and I was helping my older brother with some yard work; cleaning up my dog's turds, pulling weeds, cutting grass, ect. I went inside to get a drink and there was a knock at the front door. I open it and Weird Al Yankovic is standing there.
"Hi I'm here to see your brother, is he home? I got him this cool shirt." Weird Al says, holding up a purple shirt with a pink Batman logo on it. It wasn't very cool…
I'm stunned and after a while I mumble something along the lines of "Oh, you're real?"
I then accept the reality that Weird AL has come to my house as if it was normal, and I take him to the yard. My brother is completely focused on doing yard work, and he has his earbuds in; so he doesn't notice us. Weird Al decides that he wants to prank my brother now, so we get a big bucket of ice water and sneak up on my brother and dump it on his head.
He's pissed and rips out his ear buds and turns around to yell at me, but then he sees Weird Al. My brother has the same sort of does-not-compute reaction that I did and just stares at him with his mouth hanging open for a while before saying "hi man what the heck are you doing here whats up"
Weird Al gives him the shirt and they small talk for a little while and then Weird Al leaves. Once he's gone, my brother complains that the shirt is too big for him.

The end.


I'm remembering this 17 hours after I dreamt it, so it might be hazy. But here goes:

I was in the supermarket buying things. The two things I remember that I had in my basket were a bottle of wine and a little cardboard pack of batteries and various pencils. I needed the pencils for some reason, so I broke open the packaging, got the contents out and threw away the cardboard it came in. When I went to the checkout, the lady said that I had 'voided' my shop because I had thrown away the cardboard packaging - which had the bar-code on it.

Somehow the dream changed to a scene where my friend was sitting in his dad's car and I was talking to him from outside. The next bit is unclear: he asked if I wanted him to write something on my hand, and I thought he was asking if I wanted a lift. So I said yes because I needed to get home. Then he wrote 'I was' in blue ball-point pen on my hand.

Then, his dad revs up the car and it appears as though a very strange game is playing out on a long, flat field: there are several parallel lines of charging animals (cows and horses, specifically), and the object of the game is to run across the path of a line of running animals without getting trampled. I do this successfully a few times.

The next bit I remember was being in a group of kids by a muddy hill that they were clambering up. Richard Dawkins was there (his book was the last thing I was reading before I went to bed that night) and I climbed up a tree.

My dream ended on an almost indescribable weirdness: there was an elastic, Asian-looking grotesque model. Like someone had made a plastic toy of Master Higuchi from The Tatami Galaxy. I was pushing down the elastic cheeks of this thing and asking myself: 'I wonder if his patience will be broken. I wonder if he'll get mad if I keep on doing this.' I think the weird doll thing was meant to be a monk in meditation and I was trying to disturb it so that I broke his concentration or something.

That was the first dream I'd had in weeks.


The night before last, I dreamt that I was pacing back and forth between that outdoor hallway in front of several various motel rooms. I seemed to be searching for something, but I can't remember what.

Right when I was about to give up and go, I saw someone's index finger tapping from the other side of a dark window that had a red, black and white wool blanket used as a curtain. I stared for a second before the door opened and there was a white man with gray hair and a gray mustache staring at me.

Not sure why, but seeing him and his facial expression gave me a feeling of pure terror. He was just staring blankly at me, but maybe I could feel his intent? Considering the next thing I knew, he was pulling on my leg, trying to drag me into his motel room. I kept trying to escape and scream for help, but no one came to my aid, even though there were clearly people inside the rooms.

After a while of screaming and pulling, I managed to escape and I hid behind a pillar. The man, however, went to his car and brought out a giant rifle, then grinned at me. Then I noped right out and reset (resetting seems to be a dream power I have. I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but a few months ago, my dream self has liked to.. sort of time travel back to a specific point in the dream when the going got rough. Retaining all memories, of course! There's nothing lucid about it, but it makes for some interesting dreams) to before I began to search for whatever I was searching for earlier.

I ran right out of the vicinity, and that's all I remember before waking up.


Hiyo! Anon from >>1977 back again with another dream.

This time I dreamt I was sitting down in the forest around my home, minding my own business. Then I could hear these two girls going up into space using a ship, and they sounded rather excited. Once they made it into space, their excitement only furthered, but then it crashed right into Earth. There was a pretty explosion that I didn't think too much of at first, but then I randomly heard that the debris from the explosion had the same effects of an atomic bomb.

Needless to say, that got me heading home, but not before I was surrounded by gray debris that I was trying my best not to breathe in. I finally DID manage to make it home, where my mom and grandma were, but my house was cluttered with a bunch of old rotting things I didn't remember… and my mom said that I was going to die, even though I said I didn't want to. Next thing I remember before waking up was seeing a mostly gray sky through the window, with the exception of a small blue patch near the end.

Maybe I'll make a thread for my dreams! I like to post them


I had a dream that I was walking down the road on my way home from school between two strips of farmland when I encountered a very fat man wearing a straw hat, overalls, and a yellow plaid shirt. He seemed very happy to see me, about the same time I got a text message asking when I would be home, which I ignored because asking when I'll be home will not get me home any faster. He asked if we could walk together down the road and I honestly preferred we didn't but it's not like there was anything I could do about it. Along the road we encountered many dangerous animals that we had to fight our way past and bits of tables and furniture with food set out on them, and eventually we got to the end of the stretch of road that was between two bits of farmland. Stepping across it I was suddenly moved back to the beginning of the road where I had met him. I once again got the same text message, he asked me the same thing, and we fought past the same wild animals and food… And after reaching the end of the road I found myself at the beginning of it again. I asked him what the hell was going on and he told me I was trapped here just like him as he had been for over 100 years in this time loop of walking down the road. At first I distrusted him, I thought he was behind this, why else would he be so happy to see me, but I eventually realized it was because he was trapped here alone for so long, and he was just as trapped as I was. But now that were there were two of us I thought perhaps it was possible to break the way this road worked, what if perhaps one of us walked off the far edge while the other went back to the beginning, perhaps then we would only be sent through not time and we could meet each other back there again. But suddenly the road became different, the wild animals were more ferocious, and there were different ones, even Minotaurs and dinosaurs. Then I suggested that perhaps we could use two tin cans of the string across it that you can communicate through, one of us would walk across the edge of it and the other would stay on the other side, but once again the road changed, there were suddenly no cans to be found anywhere and there were terribly dangerous wild animals everywhere.
No matter what we did the road was always change to make it impossible to try and break its spell, but even so whenever it would restart I would always get the text message asking me if I would be home soon… it gave me hope that I was still attached a reality in some way, that I really was in a time loop not completely severed from the universe… But perhaps that text message only existed to torment me further. Eventually we found a way to move sideways, away from the road, and he found a way to write scrolls that would transport us to any world described within what he wrote, so we decided we would send ourselves to other unreal worlds rather than be trapped in this one. We went somewhere to the north of the road, across a sea and over a bridge in a bay encircled in ice and up to the top of a mountain where there was a small room with a big metal door they could keep out even the most ferocious of creatures the road could create. I had the brass key to the door and he had the scrolls. We were crossing the bridge across the frigid bay when suddenly he slipped on a patch of ice dropping the key into the bay and the wind picked up and blew the scrolls out of my arms to the base of the mountain. I ran and grabbed the scrolls and he dived into the water after the key, but when I turned back to look he was eaten by a shark, sending him back to the beginning of the road, and then suddenly and immediately the bridge disappeared and the bay was frozen over with ice stretching high up in the air preventing anyone from getting through. He had the key to a door I could not open and I had the scrolls that only he could read… We were once again separated and trapped here.


i had a dream i was shit posting on uboachan


File: 1439562488402.jpg (428.83 KB, 1079x821, Yume.Nikki.full.934852.jpg)

I had a lucid dream last night or at least something close to one.

I was watching The Exorcist (a movie I've never actually seen more than a few scenes of) and in my dreams when I watch something I always go into the movie, game, video, whatever it might be. So I became part of this movie by being the protagonist and was becoming terrified because this voice, i suppose it was the devil, was in my head telling me really fucked up things and I kept seeing hints of this entity as well. The movie progressed and eventually I woke up from it, but i was still in a dream and the voice had stayed with me. It was like I had woken up from a nightmare pouring sweat and heart racing. So I was scared shitless sitting in the darkness so I ran out of my room, down the stairs and saw my mother was sitting in my living room watching TV. So I started talking to her about the dream and how scared I was. Eventually I woke up again and the voice was still there, still haunting me. I tried to close my eyes and ignore it this time but a face started appearing in my mine and that freaked me out. So again I ran out of my room again and down the stairs to the living room where my mother was. This happened about 4 or 5 more times I think. Some more stuff happened when talking with her but it was small things. Her going into the kitchen and making some food, me looking out the back door, etc. Eventually it dawned on me that this wasn't my home. It was my childhood home which made me immediately realize: Wow this is dumb. I'm in a dream. This thing can't hurt me.

Throughout the dream it had been dark and was all during night so I tried to change it to daytime or make it lighter but I couldn't. I tried just thinking about it being light outside and it didn't work. Then I imagined it becoming daytime as I walked out side, but that didn't work either. Eventually I gave up and tried to do other things but it still failed, so I just continued to walk outside and eventually a friend of mine was there and we talked. The voice was also there even once I knew I was dreaming but it didn't bother me much. Even still, there was a sense of urgency in the dream even after I wasn't scared anymore. I believe that is a partly why I couldn't control it very much as. In the past lucid dreams I've had controlling things and changing the dream itself was hard. So it's something I need to work on.

any tips on controlling lucid dreams?


File: 1440780810728.gif (223.12 KB, 500x275, tumblr_newcr672Ff1qezb5do1….gif)

I had a dream about someone I met on Uboachan that was rather unpleasant.

I hadn't heard from this friend in a few days even after attempting to contact them. I got worried and remembered they gave their address before they disappeared for some unrelated reason. So i went to find their house to check if they were alright. When I arrived it was a shack that looked abandoned. I walked up to the front door and thought I saw someone inside so I knocked. It turned out that my friend had been living in this little squatter community that took them in. I talked with the leader for a bit and he explained that they were missing and I became really freaked out and all of use (about 6 people including me) went out searching for them. There was no trace of why they had up and left so I was extremely worried. I was woken up before we found them.

It was extremely stressful and probably only happened because I often worry about them for health reasons and because Sometimes I feel like they don't see me as a friend. I even woke up crying a little because I was sure they were dead.


I had a dream that I went back to visit my old high school and it turns the Dean of the school was actually a warlock. He taught me arcane symbols and words and brought me out of the forest. He told me that within every tree there are flies that lived there, and every time a tree dies the flies moved to another tree where they become more condensed, very old trees have many flies. He brought me to a very old tree and cut it open, inside it were many human bones and part of a human body, still with flesh on it and even an eye in one socket, it was still alive, kept alive by the tree and the flies, kept there to be tormented for all eternity. Not just physically but mentally, trapped in some sort of arcane prison for the mind. It was based on this principle that witches warlocks could create an opening to a world outside the world, something that existed partly in mind and partly in body. Anointing me with some of the fly honey that the tree was filled with he allowed me access to a pocket dimension home to his covenant of witches warlocks. There I found many other people, I felt quite out of place being clearly the youngest, many of them were quite elderly but not all, some of them were only middle-aged or so. One of them, a quite elderly bald man was very adept at reading minds and looked into mine, evaluating me. Understanding arcane symbols and words was the first test, entering this place was the second, the third was… Something a bit difficult to describe… I had to go into a room, but it wasn't quite a room, it didn't quite physically exist it was… A place that existed… Or perhaps didn't exist… But it was connected with energies for outside the universe something cosmic… Something arcane… Something from or from before creation… Something in the mind or… Outside of it… I had to resonate with this “room” and the energy within it, I had to feel it within every fiber of my being. It was painful, felt like having needles stuck and every muscle in my body but I managed. This allowed me to be allowed into the covenant, the final thing was for them to take a deep and close look into my mind. They found Dormilia and I was afraid they might not like her, they might not like her in their covenant, and certainly some of them did frown with concern, but they said she must also pass the test and… When she entered the room she entered alone, leaving me standing outside the room. That is the second time that has ever happened in a dream. To her the room was not painful, it was warm, warm and comfortable enough that she could lie down and sleep inside it forever, she was told that rather than let the energy of the room into herself she had to merge with the energies of the room by letting her excess of energy out rather than in. The room became hot as a sauna, and then nearly on fire but she managed and then we were both part of the covenant.


File: 1443682217110.jpg (14.9 KB, 300x450, 45d406b94e9e156818ccefaf86….jpg)

Yesterday while I was taking a nap I had a dream that I was at my old house. When I looked at the back yard it looked like the setting Sun was static in a bunch of different colors yet it was still very bright outside. When I went in I looked out in the front yet the normal sun was rising, I told my mom and she said it was "a sign of the end." When I looked out at my backyard again it was night time and the moon was hanging over the earth and the craters were even darker, more plentiful, and defined than the actual moon.

There was an eventual transition (which I forgot) that lead to me flying to a very small planet (much like the star Punpun from Oyasumi Punpun, if you read it, dreams of building a house on) and watching something happen to the Earth.

This is about all I remember.


File: 1445353851451.jpg (76.51 KB, 453x435, 1348522304602.jpg)

I was in a ragtag military group, and we were clearing out a building. There was one officer in particular who was being an asshole to me, trying to get me killed.

We went upstairs and met some resistance around a corner. So one guy grabs his gun and starts blindfiring, and for some reason he needs water to keep up the fire. This makes sense somehow and three people, including me, go to start getting this guy water in water bottles.

At some point, I notice that the water I give is being poured back down on my head. I somehow know it's the asshole officer guy, so I just get up and meet him face to face. He laughs and takes another puff from his cigarette.

Right before he blows it out of his nose, I knock him down and block off his nostrils, so he tries to breathe it out of his mouth. I still have the water in my hand, so I pour that into his mouth, probably going into his throat, since he sounds like he's choking or drowning. I watch this for a while and then kick his face in.

I'd never felt so relieved.


File: 1446470453330.png (173.04 KB, 559x606, OH GOD WHAT DID I DO.png)

I've been back on neopets on a nostalgia binge recently (hmu at BoogerPrincess) and I had a dream about it last night.

I was in Neopets, it was either a first-person walk around game more like Second Life, or it was supposed to be a real place.
I went in another Neopet player's store to buy dubloons or some crap, and I was singing to myself and yelling random words. Basically I was off my ADHD meds, and trying to entertain myself by being as annoying as possible.
The owner refused to serve me because I was being annoying. They put up a "no singing and dancing" sign, and made me apologize. I did but I was really stiff and insincere about it. I AM VERY SORRY FOR DANCING.
The owner leaves, still wont let me shop. So I vandalize the store.


File: 1446559719153.jpg (44.82 KB, 418x419, 1345518112064.jpg)

I hate to double post a slow thread, but last night's dream was that Nickleodeon made a new live-action sitcom about wacky Mexican drug cartel. 10 year old yelling about minecraft and so random! while selling fake drugs. Like selling bags of oregano and caling it marajuana, or calling bags of sugar cocane. I guess to try to fix the drug problem? But also the kids were making thousands and thousands of dollars and buying crap like video games and ponies with it.

Good way to get yourselves killed, kids.


My dreams are crap usually so i dont bother with recalling or even posting.
This time i dreamed a girl was cosplaying as shodan from systemshock 2.
For some reason i started messing with her hair, i tried to stop but i had a hard time doing that, she seemed to like it.
The end


I had a dream there was loose skin on my cheek, so I pulled back on it and it revealed a third eye that was full of rheum and pus. Then I was in a field somewhere and woke up as I was about to get hit by a tractor.


File: 1455214422716.jpg (120.98 KB, 800x800, 0.jpg)

I've been having trouble sleeping properly lately, this has never happened before.
My dreams have been abstract and i vaguely remember them.
I'm also feeling very tired even after a night's sleep, i'm not sleeping straight, i'm waking up in between and then i go back to sleep again because i still feel tired, changing dreams.


File: 1455250956007.png (437.12 KB, 359x520, SwingofMemories-SDWS-EN-C-….png)

I was talking to my cousin about dreams today and he seems to dream a lot about Lake Erie, or some distorted dreamworld version of it were its full ship wrecks and there are names written in the sand that wash away the waves, he says it represents fading memories. But he also has dreams of our grandparents cottage on the edge of the lake being subsumed by the water. Thing is I've had lots of dreams of that happening as well. The beach gets smaller and smaller year after year. (Largely thanks to a company sucking up all the sand and using it to make concrete) Someday the cottage may actually sink into the lake. We have a lot of childhood memories attached that place, seeing it go would be very sad. They used to be a tire swing hanging from an enormous maple tree, the branch it was tied to was over a story high and you could swing in huge arcs on, but the swing is already gone and has been for a couple years now since the tree was destroyed in a storm.


File: 1455569323386.jpg (31.63 KB, 600x300, communist.jpg)

Nearing Viridian City, a mysterious man appears.

It is Justin Timberlake, sporting a "Hillary 2016" sign.

I immediately run away as fast as I can.

Professor Oak and Professor Birch were having a bong session back at Oak's Lab. Once they are done, they join me on my journey back to Viridian City, with "Bernie 2016" signs in hand.

Suddenly, a wild Jew appears. It is Bernie himself.

He tells us that he is in dire need of help in defeating The Donald, who is currently recovering from an orgy in his underground lair. We acquiesce, and pledge our lives to help Bernie in defeating Donarudo.

Everything goes pitch dark. Suddenly, we are teleported into an infernal arena, dotted with craggy mountaintops separating our minuscule band from our ultimate goal: the cavernous terminus of this wasteland, where The Donald resides.

Without a moment to catch our breath, a mighty roar resounds throughout the land. A smoldering beast made of brimstone, topped with hair spray, leaps into the air and wrests a firebrand from its waist-strung scabbard.

The Donald wastes no time in accosting Bernie with unbridled might. He fiercely stabs at the elderly socialist's breastplate, only to miss by a hair's length as the Brooklyn-born Democrat recoils backwards, stupefied.

Bernie throws a smattering of Jew gold at his opponent's feet, briefly distracting him. Realizing he is no match for The Donald, Bernie mounts his trusty Charizard and makes a beeline for the underworld's exit.

Donald snaps out of his confusion, and pursues his enemy over the volcanic hills of his demesne. Bernie's wings are clipped by Donald's furious bolts of political incorrectness, and is all but defeated by the time he enters the hellish realm's exit portal.

Once Bernie recovers from his injuries, we all fly home to the Soviet Union and live happily ever after.


Had a dream where I was dancing with my older brother. But I was embarrassed because I kept on getting the moves wrong. Thought I'd put it here since I lose my dream diary.


I had the weirdest dream in a while.

I don't remember how we got at it, but in some moment I was with my mom jumping a window and getting inside someone's kitchen, looking for some CDs we had to steal. Once we found them, we heard some police sirens, though we weren't sure if it was because of us. Nevertheless, we decided to play it safe, so we got the fuck out of it as fast as possible.
Once out, while walking through the city, we realize that some cops are coming this way, so we get inside a barber shop, and I ask how much would it cost to cut my hair. The employee replies "$30", and I am like "okay, cool", and we get out.
Then we get home and I save those CDs beside my bed, after writing what they were on cyrillic.

Okay, things jump again, and there's some kind of celebration, or something, and there's a really bizarre, lovecraftian creature there that looks like a giant slug (sightly bigger than a human) with hundred of little tentacles or something. Pretty bizarre, I don't remember exactly what it was but I do recall someone mentioning something like "oh yeah he's someone that because X magic/cause he finally turned into that shit", and was considered an old citizen with honors or something, but nobody wanted to be close to him.
So yeah, for whatever reason, I'm having dates with a cat that can turn herself into human, so we get horny or something and we decide to fuck. That's why we go to some kind of restaurant that had, for whatever reasons, some rooms there. So yeah, lovely doovey we get, and then when we get out we decide to eat something. Slug-chan then appears and eats too, and I passed him some stuff, like salt, or something.

Another jump, we're on the same restaurant and we see on the news that the monster got killed. It was pretty cool, with lots of Lovecraft-style scenes; the monster being inside an abandoned, corrupted house with lots of books and symbols here and there, on the bed, and some guys going there and shooting him after he devoured a man.
So yeah, then I find myself on some industrial building with long, wide corridors, and there are a lot of people participating in some kind of racing. Me and some guys that apparently were my friends start running at it. We start taking it easy because we knew everyone would just get tired and that's where we would give it our all, so for the meantime we just pass through people, touching girls in the boobs to move them away and open a path.
Long story short, we win, and we're all celebrating again in that restaurant. The cat that was supposed to be my GF tells me to do some kind of magic or something, and I realize I can make things tiny and put them inside a light bulb. So yeah, for some reason, we decide to put my "friends" inside it and insert them in my urethra. Don't ask me why.
In the end, those "firends" become the osomatsu sextuples and one of them, who had a guitar before the race, press a button and it starts playing a song. Then we're like "hey man, the fuck, I thought you could play it", and he replied, "well, I can, but only this song". Then he starts playing and my dream has an ending song, sang completely in japanese. I don't remember much of it but I remember the phrase "The northern-wall ate my parents". It was a pretty cool song too.


File: 1456087585470.jpg (133.05 KB, 640x640, 0.jpg)

Today i had a dream with a girl, she was near me the entire dream and it felt like i was laying my head on her lap.
I've only opened my eyes once or maybe twice so i can't recall her face but she had a somewhat fringy dark hair.
It was a very pleasant dream, at last i could properly rest in a while.
I want to repay the favor someday.


File: 1456514229930.jpg (16.85 KB, 402x316, 547547.jpg)

Had a dream that my veins were somehow bleeding scars onto my skin. They'd burn whenever someone touched them or when I entered the bath slightly, but the weirdest part was that they'd turn a bright blue whenever light was shown on them. Then for some reason I was in some all-girls school and one of the girls there had a grudge against me and was trying all she could to harm or kill me. Her motives were unclear. Anyways, eventually escaped from that place before she managed to kill me, and we had (somehow) actually became friends, but had nowhere to stay for the rest of the year. So I wandered into the mountains looking for an apartment or abandoned building or something in what looked like the wild west, only with so many rundown trains that people built upon and called apartments. This part was really confusing, but cool as I kept on jumping from one apartment to the next, or catching trains to entirely new areas. Kinda felt like that part in Monsters Inc. where they're traveling through all those doors into new areas. I kept on trying to look for a place that didn't have cobras and other snakes, but they were everywhere I went. The people there just sorta brushed them off, but I was scared of them coming into my bed, so I was currently homeless and having trouble finding a place to stay.
Eventually met some cool surfer dude and his friends, and they all brought me to this pool of light in the night. Let the waves rock me as I stayed underwater for awhile there, watching him and his friends have fun under the moon, smiling.
The rest of it I can't remember.


File: 1456770519916.jpg (49.97 KB, 500x281, 0.jpg)

Had a nightmare today, I feel a bit strange right now and i'll explain why later on, almost didn't post about it but here it goes anyway.

I dreamed i had a teen sister apparently, she resembled Nunnally a bit and she was blind as well, so i assumed it was her.
I remember hearing some loud noises coming from an apartment next to mine and i sensed something bad was going on so i slammed the door open and barged in and i saw she was being raped and DP'd by two young men.
After some fighting i managed to make them run away, she was so scared and in shock, so i grabbed her and brought her back home to sleep with me.
After i managed to sleep, i heard the noises again and woke up (in the dream) so i immediately went to the same apartment, there a fat and old guy (around 50yo maybe) was groping her while she was crying.
I brought the guy down but he showed me his gun, i managed to throw it away and pick up, shooting him several times in the chest area, near his heart.
After confirming he was dead, i grabbed her again to return home and just as we were passing around his body he grabbed my leg and smiled at my face. Then i woke up IRL.

I`d feel really bad from what i saw but after i woke up i noticed a loud noise resembling the one i heard in the dream and it turns out it`s some workers doing some street repairs here where i live, that explains why my dreams got disturbed and i feel like i've been steamrolled in my sleep.
Damn it. I'll catch up with sleeptime later.


I dreamed that version 14.5 of YN was released, but it could only be seen in a CRT TV.


I dreamt I was a faggot, but now I remember I don't like Undertale.


File: 1456827113164.jpg (4.33 KB, 300x200, inst_gross_fagott.jpg)

You should follow your dreams, anon. No one should stop you from becoming a musical instrument.


I dreamt i was playing futsal somewhere indoors, then a guy in a suit came and started looking at me playing. When the match was over he came to me and asked if i wouldn't like to be part of a team he was coaching and then i agreed.
His team had some stars on it and it was a proper football team, we were in a championship already and the prize was a trip to a japan.
I remember entering the pitch with my teammates and then i asked the coach if i was on the bench. He confirmed it and there i sat, the game began and less than two minutes in drogba scored and we celebrated on the bench. Then i woke up.


>dreams of being a player in a dream team
>gets put on the bench and wakes up before savoring the prize

Your dream was a jerk.


File: 1457395172783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.55 KB, 978x550, 0150724172059.jpg)

Today i dreamt i was attending a class on my old english course but we were having a religious study for some reason, the classroom wasn't too big and i was talking a bit with two guys directly to my right, they looked like my friends i guess but we didn't speak much.
As the teacher was lecturing something on the catholic church, the girl sitting right in front of me slowly turned around and started talking to me in whispers to not be found out, i couldn't hear so we brought our faces closer. We were whispering so close to each other i felt this urge to grab her face and deep kiss her on the spot… the way we were talking was so sensual i couldn't help.. then she did it instead, she grabbed my face and french-kissed me like a wild animal would.
It was so good, i could swear it wasn't a dream. Between some moanings here and there we finally stopped kissing and she had such a horny expression… then she told me there would be much more on the way back home.

Then i woke up.
My right arm was wet because i was kissing it in my sleep, haha.


Dreamt someone discovered i was the reincarnation of a God, so he brought me to a place resembling egypt and the pyramids where a ritual had to be performed and maybe i needed to be mumified.
Some sort of ritual began, i stood in one of the pyramids and thousands were chanting the God's name, then i woke up.


File: 1458265275033.png (126.12 KB, 597x494, 1328668237355.png)

some interesting dreams I remember from this year

1. after an extremely painful platformer-dream with a touch of dark souls, I wake up in a pool of my own blood unable to move as every muscle in my body hurts. My friend is a doctor and rushes to apply bandages shouting "There's still the extra stage! THERE IS ONE MORE STAGE!"

2. Earth is divided into two factions who are at war with each other; people who worship Satan and people who worship me, the god. I think the war is stupid and meet with Satan at his castle to go to his sauna together.

3. Another platformer-style dream where I explore a massive castle searching for powerups and avoiding death, which was extremely difficult due to the number of traps and enemies scattered around. I obtain flight and breeze through the rest of the castle. (I eventually met a person who turned everything to lava and killed me, though)

I also remember running away from a toriningen once, but she caught up in a split-second and tore me apart. How exciting!


File: 1458350328561.jpg (411.2 KB, 1920x1080, 1283787881016.jpg)

I had a dream that was somewhat similar to the Fallout universe

There was a ship, like a starship and there was a war or something and the ship ended up crashing on the surface in a city or perhaps just a small town, but whatever, the adults all went down to the lower deck to try and fix something but ended up getting either killed, locked out or were forced to abandon ship for some reason. The lower deck and underbelly of the ship was sealed off and the generation of children lived inside the ship, with food synthesizers and such so they had no trouble surviving but they had no idea how to run the ship or anything. An entire generation lived like this and had children of their own, among them was me. By this time the world had settled down a bit, it was kind of like the world in Fallout but instead of 90% bandits and 10% normal people it was the other way around, 90% normal people and about 10% bandits, still fairly lawless and dangerous. The underside of the ship became somewhat inhabited, it became a large open air market using the ship is a roof of sorts. We saw many people buying and selling goods that we had no access to, and selling supplies and salvage from the ship that belong to us. The Council that sort of existed wanted to take back the ship by force but we didn't really have anything to do it with, it was my suggestion that we first send a spy out of our ship into the market to gather what information we could since we had very little knowledge of our own ship and of the world outside. Originally they chose the two of my generation that scored highest socially but after reviewing the decision they realize they were incompetent and they sent me instead since it was my idea in the first place and no one else really seemed thrilled about going outside. Blending it wasn't too hard, especially with the mass of people at the market, the market also had armed guards scattered around the place, but there never seemed to be really any violence, we could observe the market and such from our windows. I managed to meet some other kids my age, and explained that wasn't from around here and asked what they knew about the ship. They said that it was from before the war, that the ship was filled with treasures, artifacts, and technology that had been lost, but that the people living inside were too selfish and greedy to share it with anyone and would rather hide inside the ship forever. They also told me that it was a mining and manufacturing ship, designed to draw up resources from other planets and was capable of manufacturing into almost anything, the ship had on board blueprints for basically every technology imaginable. That was very interesting news, no one on board even knew this was a mining ship or that we had any manufacturing. With that we could possibly repair the ship and get it up off the ground and away from the rats that would look to steal what belongs to us.


Been having this really weird thing where my dreams are really nice and heartwarming only to have a small, creepy detail cause everything to go to shit.

First one I was hanging out with my sister and her friends. We were hanging out in some kind of forest area, barbecuing I think. Was wary of them at first, but grew to like them. Then we were in an apartment room and I realized I had to leave (presumably to go to the bathroom or something) Joked around with my sister's friends for a bit and opened the door. This was where things went dark. Aside from a small patch of the red and black tiled floor lit by a broken light, I couldn't see anything. In front of me, standing on the patch, was a small crouched man slowly sweeping. His back was turned to me. I got a super ominous feeling, so I closed the door. Went up to my sister and asked her if she could come with me cause I didn't want to go alone. She said, "of course" but I realized I didn't want to put her in danger so I just decided not to go or something. Later found out there was a criminal in the area, and decided the dude in the hallway was probably the ghost of the criminal (don't ask how we got to that conclusion I have no idea.) One of sister's friends tries to leave room, lets ghost guy in. Ghost guy beats up friend and his brothers, then turns to us. Wake up. Get scared cause I don't see or hear my family anywhere, but find them soon. Realize they're still sleeping and it's like 5 in the morning. Try to go back to sleep, but can't; too paranoid.

'Nother one was where I was exploring the city with my sisters and mom. Can't remember much of the first half, but it mainly just consisted of my older sister and I goofing around. Remember collecting peices of chewed up gum around the city with my older sis, but that was about it. Then went into haunted house with mom. Picked up a penny and looked at the face on it. Creepy wide eyes with small pupils, small head. Looked more like a bug than human. Stare at face, now in full color (purple somewhere), zigzagging across my vision. Closing in on me. Staring wide eyed at me the entire time, not blinking. Decide it would be a bad idea to blink, so I make sure to keep watching it intently.Look to my side and realize what I thought was my reflection was now staring right at me, fully human. Flinched a little, and said hello to doppelganger. Doppelganger just started at me, almost glaring. Walk over to doppelganger, and it shrinks as I get closer, mutilating in appearance. Eyes become googly and wide, and it's head is now way larger. Resembles face on penny. I try to touch it, doppelganger attacks me. Wake up. Again, way too early in the day, so I try to go back to sleep. Exhausted, but I can't sleep. I don't feel like myself, and I can't stop imagining the doppelganger hiding somewhere. It's weird looking yourself straight in the eyes.

I probably sound super out of it right now. But other than the nightmares, I feel fine. Just sleepy and lazy cause of the sun.


*Large head
*Stared at me


File: 1459447841266.jpg (98.95 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o4wadvDYak1qhwvdmo1….jpg)

Took a nap today and dreamt that some dude on the street asked me to buy lotion for him. So I did. Went to the grocery store and everything. Ungrateful little prick didn't even say thank you, but it was amusing so that's okay.


Last night I dreamt that I was at a gay bar. I don't particularly know why I was at a gay bar because that isn't really the sort of place I would expect to meet people that I want to meet. I was going home with this man who appeared to be 30-40. He was skinny and white and had brown hair. He might have been 40 if he was a particularly youthful-looking 40 year old. He took me out to his car which either indicated that he had money or gave the appearance that he had money. Before we left I asked him if I could ask him one question. He said okay so I asked him where we were going and where his home was. He told me that I suppose I'll find out when we get there, which struck me as either serious stranger danger as a result of not telling me the place we were going as though I wouldn't find out (like he was going to bind me or tie me up when we got there or something) or it was just total social awkwardness (a lot of the guys I talk to are socially awkward). I said okay and got in the car anyway (?). About halfway there (I don't know how we were halfway there given that I didn't know we were going, but WE WERE HALFWAY THERE) I decided that I didn't want to do this anymore so I opened the door and jumped out of the moving car which I was successful at because I'm a badass. I then ran a few blocks to get into my apartment and I don't think he made an effort to follow me. Then I woke up and realized that because I was dreaming I could have let him have his way with me and it wouldn't affect me at all in the real world but I didn't because I thought I wasn't dreaming. Shit. I'm not even attracted to human bodies anyway, just have an awesome personality.


I was skiing in some mountains when I came across three hollow trees, each with a single toadstool large enough to fill the diameter of the tree trunk. I wanted to investigate them a bit closer, but I was afraid I would get attacked by faeries for trespassing.


I saw a gorilla attacking a baby gorilla. Eventually, the adult bit into the baby's neck and killed it. I later saw the same scenario occur with some black wolves I saw. Not wanting to see the small pup get killed, I pacified the older wolf by patting it.


File: 1465518352726.png (1.92 MB, 669x1000, dd.png)

Had a weird dream. I only remember bits of it, the small details that really added to the intensity were forgotten soon after waking up.

I was at a kind of college or something, for some time now.
The staff were important people, I don't know how or why, but they were important people, and me, even though just a student, there was a big governmental secret and I was part of it as I was in touch with them.

The most important guy involved in that secret at the college was an exact physical copy of John Noble (Thanks Fringe).

I was doing normal stuff I can't remember (Just that it was normal and unrelated to the secret, I don't even know what the secret was actually, I just know that I knew in the dream.).

Then without transition I'm at the college, everything is normal, but I know something happened and I don't know exactly what, I just have a feeling that the entire universe had restarted. Like, as if it had suddenly been destroyed for a split second, and then got back to normal.

Weird feeling.
Anyway, after the universe has been destroyed, I continued my life on the campus as if nothing happened.
But I'm (in the dream) an unruly student (It's supposed to be a college from the outside but it actually is more like highschool in class), so the John Noble guy summoned me and was really mad at me for that, it was as if he didn't knew me at all.
At this moment I felt like nobody at the college knew the secret anymore, he somehow forgot about the secret, and everybody who knew about it here forgot about it.

So I told myself I had to tell him everything, the entire dream now had an eerie vibe to it.
I knew I had to tell him, but somehow I never got to tell him before waking up. I was watching him from afar, I could have went to see him, but somehow I didn't.

That's the weird frustrating thing that happen in my dreams, I want to do something, but I don't actually do it even though I'm entirely focused on the fact I want to do it. Like being semi-conscious but still not being able to control the dream.

Anyway, pretty frustrating I didn't get to know the end of the story, to know what happened, to know what the secret actually was.
I get the feeling it was a science related governmental secret, but I'm not sure I could have made this up by the fact a John Noble looking guy was here.

I'm also pretty sure we weren't against the government but with it.

I still want to know the end of that story.


Dreams I remember are few and far between, but the ones I do are very short and very detailed.

One that always comes first when I try to remember my dreams goes as follows: I was in a field of wheat sitting in a school desk late in the afternoon. To my back was the corner of a large concrete building. On the desk was a laptop, and it was opened to some forum filled with diagrams of… things, I only really remember there being a screwdriver, and it appeared to be running a very old OS since the only colors were white, cyan, black, and pink. After a second of this scene I hear my mom yell for me to get a shower. I then respond I will and continue browsing. My dad then requests the same, angrier than she was. I say I will, start getting out of the chair, and the dream ends.

The whole thing was about 5 seconds.


File: 1469201370364.png (280.89 KB, 259x547, 1467265199713.png)

I had an odd dream last night. I've been thinking about it non stop since I woke up, so I remember most of it.

I was a tied-up teenage girl, in a room with other tied up hostages.
Some lanky, very pale guy with long black hair opened the door and called for me and another lady. He told the lady to go do something such as clean the floors, while he grabbed me and tried to touch me in wrong places.

I started to run away, but he would not let go. I could still move easily but his hand was still holding onto my arm.

Finally, the dream cuts to a scene where we're both at a bar. I believe I was being clingy and wanted to talk to him but he would ignore me or tell me to go away.


I made a website for my dream diary.
My writing isn't particularly good, though.


Nice! I'm reading it now.


File: 1476925293691.jpg (75.86 KB, 500x500, 1468244930133.jpg)

I often times wake up when something really good happens to me. I realise that what has just happened to me is simply too good to be true and therefore can't be anything more than just a dream. It is not a nice way to start the day.
I hope that one day I will be surprised to see that it's not just a dream.


>Sitting in a car as a passenger, it appears I have a chaffeur driving me somewhere
>More or less in the middle of nowhere
>No lights, not even the car headlights
>Paved road, to the left a sort of valley
>Forest to the right
>While all of this is happening, I am seeing something that can only be described as darker than night in the air, almost like a cloud, with lightning shooting out
>I ask the driver what that thing is
>"oh that? that's the Alpha Portal"
>dream transitions
>I'm outside a supermarket, about to head in, and I look up
>Not even sure if I can call it a cloud
>more like a tear in space, seeming infinitely large, but only as large as your fist if you put it right in front of your face
>it sort of… reached out in a way, sort of like veins, or tendrils
>around the edges were this reddish, rusty colour
>I'm so shocked by it that I fall backwards, just staring at it
>everyone else just goes on their way, like they're used to it


When I was a kid I had a pretty interesting dream. I was filming some sort of documentary on the show office with a girl that was supposed to be my partner. While filming one of the scenes I noticed a black guy who worked for NBC staring at me like a hawk and pointing his middle finger at me. Somehow I knew he wanted to kill me and that he was a robot. I run away and am suddenly back in my house. I frantically try to look for a place to hide from a robotic black man when I look below me and see a whole group of characters like batman and Tyler Perry greeting me in celebration of something. I freak out and start screaming about how we are all going to die. And then I woke up in a cold sweat.


File: 1483627712148.png (5.81 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I have some sort of strange inability to dream, if at all. I had an undaignosed fictional disease that went unsolved since childhood. It isn't contagious unlike typical infections, but one that haunts my mind caused by typical Chasers. No exact species of what kind of Chaser I was pursued by, but it got me somehow when I lowered my guard down. It left me stricken with an indoor fever personality, and if I were to dream now, I will most likely be surrounded by various Chasers from every corner of the universe.

This image here is my only dream sign. If I see any bio-hazard sign ever again, then I better be prepared for them on any given night in the near future. I'm currently in my 20's.


Get your life together man.
When I was a little kid I often had dreams about getting lost and trying to get back home by walking or driving around. In one of them I was riding my bike on this sort of old pathway in the woods and some pedophilic ex-cons made a pass at me. I got away from them, but my bike fell in some deep mud pit and was completely broken. After wandering around in some abandoned building next to the pit I got my bike out of it and after fixing it enough to be usable I went back on my way.


File: 1484104486780.jpg (884.99 KB, 673x1012, owl_painting_by_imanika-d6….jpg)

My dreams, pleasant and unpleasant, cool and weird, tend to end, instead of conclude. Almost always (but not always) I am rudely awakened by reality, interrupting my dream.

Not that I dislike real life, but I wish The Dream Maker or Sir Reality would time themselves a little better.


I had a dream where I was attacked by a Japanese ghost called a shikome. I brutually fought it with my bare hands, ripped it's head off and put it on a stake. I then excorsized the demon.


File: 1486750646471.jpg (89.71 KB, 417x300, 2293341_1325205162007.69re….jpg)

I'm not really complaining since I'm pretty much love sexy shit and jacking off and all of that but I've been having a lot more sex dreams lately and that's even with me masturbating everyday/every few days.

Last night I put a cock ring on, don't know why those things weird me out since I normally freak out from anything that makes me numb, and I started leaking out a ton of precum, I was almost pissing precum out my dick.

And the night before, my dream was me was having sex with a pregnant woman. She just got on her back, spread her legs and I just buried myself into her. I think she was telling me to not worry about a condom either.

I hope I have more sexy dreams.

Pretty awesome dreams even though I'm not into cock rings or fucking knocked up girls.


File: 1486933096090.jpg (20.21 KB, 400x267, wut.jpg)


File: 1487917040982.png (335.07 KB, 600x480, ClipboardImage.png)


>I started leaking out a ton of precum, I was almost pissing precum out my dick.

too hot for /yume/


I dreamed that I was part of a survival game.
We were 50 persons, almost everyone was a teenager.
We were left alone in a cabin. But there was something wrong with thay world.

If someone was left aside, that person would disappeare; them souls forever lost in that fantasy world. Nobody wanted to be alone, it was terrifying.

But that wasn't the real challenge. There was a "world" for everyone in the group, each individual world represented or worse fear, or for some it was just a reflection of our subconscious. (cont)



Everyone who was close to us in the group were dragged into our "world". It was always a life or death situation; what happened to the "losers" depended on the nature of the world.

Nobody wanted to be dragged, but loners were often bullied in the real world. Also there was the fear of disappearing.

The first world I was dragged into it was a huge one. That girl had a creative imagination and a lot of friends. Almost everyone from the main group was there.

It was a labyrinth and those who couldn't made it to the other side would remain forever as a character/idea in her mind. The place was full of magic plants and animals. Pretty things trying to get me lost.



One of the few people who wasn't dragged that first time was a big guy. He was mostly a calm loner.

The huge guy was getting bullied for being asocial, some punks were trying to beat him up.

One of my friends wanted to do something and so we did (thought i didn't wanted to).

We were dragged to his world later that night. It was a huge castle and we needed to get out by breaking the walls (because he was strong and that was the only thing he was proud of).

He helped us to get out.



Then there was the race world. The guy was really skinny and could run fast.

We had to hold hands and run together, if someone was left behind, they lose.

The three of my group made it, and we were celebrating it. Then the world's owner asked where were our others two friends.

We were five; the losers had their existences wiped.



The last world was mine. I was standing in the center of a pentagram, all of the people who got dragged were around me. We were in a small room, four walls completly closed.

They were my three friends, the big guy, the punks who bullied him and a few more.

I had to make a decision, and was given one contract to read for each one.

Every possibility seemed good for me (being faster and stronger, not being dragged, i think also food and medicine supplies). But when i tried to read what would each one mean for the others i would get distracted by a peircing scream in my ears and my sight would fail.

It was awful, i was tempted to chose whatever so it could stop; but i couldn't that night.

When we were back at the cabin one of the girls who got dragged in my world complained about it; because she never talked to me before. I apologised to her and said it was because i was looking at her a few nights ago and trying to deduce what kind of world was in her mind.

I wake up after that, tought i would have liked to stay some more and have the chance to take a chose from that contract.

(Sorry for the shitty english, is not my first lenguage and i suck at it)


File: 1488032549386.jpg (193.58 KB, 1000x1000, h3899.jpg)

The survival game was real.
You were the last survivor, the winner, while everyone else was wiped from existence. The only trace left of them is a memory of a weird dream you had, that you believe was just conjured up by your imagination.


I also used to have dreams where I would fuck a faceless fat girl and while I usually dream in color, this was in black and white. Only once have I actually cum in such dreams but I never had a wet dream in my life since I fap too much.

Another dream I had was that I walked in on a couple fucking. The dude and chick were cool as fuck, they gave me a shitload of lube so I could fap or even join them in bed. I remember the lube being super thick and smelling like candy and they squeezed it out of a bottle into my hands.

Yea, I'm pretty obsessed with fucking.


File: 1489487587402.jpg (15.33 KB, 600x500, musicsheet.jpg)

One evening in a snowy town, I borrowed a piano sheet from a music store.

A year after, a dream paused a moment so a woman could remind me it was soon due.

Another year has passed; it hasn't been returned yet.


Return it already.


File: 1491244936719.jpg (397.46 KB, 2118x1920, 1445218643022.jpg)

I had a dream last night that was very nostalgic. I don't remember the beginning parts, but afterwards I was a kid again in this really beautiful neighborhood. It was like everything had this slightest hint of bluish-green over it, and there were trees and plants everywhere, but it wasn't really overgrown except in a few spots. I spent all day exploring the city, until nighttime came.

The streetlights came on and the place was absolutely beautiful. All the kids that lived there were still outside and talking and standing around in little groups, but I didn't speak with or go up to any of them. Eventually I remembered that I was invited to the house of this girl I liked (and she was someone I actually knew in real life at one point). So I strolled through the streets, just taking in the sights till I hit her house. She had the biggest home on her block. It looked almost like a greek temple with pillars in the front. I stood outside and looked in through the window. She was there with some friends of mine laughing at some cartoon or anime they were watching on a giant TV. I stood back for a second and I thought "it's late, I should go." So I turned and kept walking up the street, and I kept muttering to myself "it always turns out this way." I woke up once I hit the steps of my house.

Just a little bonus part. It turned out I actually had a false awakening. When I woke up in my bed, everything was dark and I realized I was wrapped up tightly under my covers. Someone was standing next to my bed, I think. I heard a faint whisper that was almost inaudible. It said, "You shouldn't do that." Over and over. I started panicking hard and woke up covered by my blankets again, which caused another mini heart attack. But after uncovering myself I saw it was morning.


File: 1491266127046.jpg (555.42 KB, 750x549, ad71f8fdebc1454dda50dbcc83….jpg)

Your dream's backgrounds sound somewhat reminiscent of Yume Nikki itself.

Damn, I shouldn't have read the last paragraph right when I'm laying in bed waiting to fall asleep.


Yeah, in retrospect it does remind me of that area from yume nikki a bit. And honestly, the first part of the dream barring me not entering the girl's house was really nostalgic and comforting to the point that I really don't feel freaked out about the false awakening part and would happily experience it again if it meant I got to go back. Another area it kind of reminds me of is a happier, comfier version of the dark city from .flow, if you've ever played it.


Well, I confirmed last night that melatonin gives me crazy nightmares. I had a short dream that involved a series of doors in this deep darkness. One door in particular drew my attention. It was this unassuming, brown wooden door. As I approached it I saw the wood on it warp into these twisting and screaming mouths that covered its entire surface. A voice called out to me. I don't remember its exact words, but it said something like "this is legion, do you stand against them?" I told it yes and touched the door. The entire thing shattered, and the voice said something else I don't remember. Then the darkness opened up in front of me, and I saw one of someone's eyes shut tight. It opened and stared directly at me while the voice screamed something. I woke up, but the creepy thing is I kept seeing that eye in my other dreams.


I keep having super vivid dreams about my nails breaking off at about the halfway part where they're stuck to my fingers. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't, but I'm always surprised to see they're in tact when I wake up. It freaks me out. Also it's usually through shaking someone's hand or touching someone else normally, but they just break off into a chipped mess, sometimes even bleeding.


File: 1494020368273.jpg (202.52 KB, 427x500, 4de4df263e1b5bf6863097ed80….jpg)

I had a dream when I was in an art exhibition. The floor, roof and walls were all white. Every artwork was on the top or a stair. I climbed one and there was an old man who told me Here's a painting of Monet in is last year of life, but the artwork looked like a cubist painting except it was all white and black.

Guess this is normal considering I saw a Chagall exhibition and restarted playing .flow the last week.


crazy nuts


I've got a few short ones from a while ago.

>go on youtube and see a video that i think is degenerate in some way

>comment "hitler was right" and somebody replies in a joking manner
>type a reply as i say it out loud
>no, really! hitler was right! hitler was right!
>think about how fucked up things are and start sobbing while i just repeat "hitler was right" over and over

>argue about politics with an ugly as fuck tranny or crossdresser or whatever with a shitton of makeup on

>bitbull with gigantic droopy balls the size of pillows walks in
>while we're still talking tranny gets on the ground and tries to get the dog to fuck him
>i pay no mind to this but i stare at the balls and wonder how they could possibly be that big

>be in a courtroom or bank or some kind of office

>there's this kike standing there with a fancy suite on and he looks smug as fuck
>he's jewed me in some way and i'm fucking pissed
>start ranting and raving at him about how he's a worthless kike, he deserves six gorillion gas chambers, the holohoax should have happened, anything i could think of that might trigger an adf tier jew
>people walking and working nearby but i don't care
>he just stands there with that smug look on his face and doesn't care how much i verbally abuse him
>get worried that he might be planning something and wake up

I also had a dream that Trump got assassinated, but I don't remember much. Basically everyone was really depressed about it and didn't want to admint they saw it coming.


File: 1497138696376.jpg (295.09 KB, 245x230, 3a7780d1d4ef2ecf26c210cc29….jpg)

I once dreamed that my PC came alive and read my browsing history to my family.

I cried even when I woke up.


I dreamt I was Elliot Rodger's girlfriend…?


File: 1499134925907.jpg (76.47 KB, 634x564, bernd.jpg)

You were given the honor of being the girlfriend of the supreme gentleman.


File: 1499892088099.png (169.51 KB, 382x434, Screenshot from 2017-02-11….png)

I had a dream that I went to the supermarket with my sister. Later, I slid across the supermarket floor on my belly, propelling myself by pushing against the floor with milk bottles.



File: 1506001300745.gif (84.02 KB, 253x230, tumblr_ogr1w5wkeq1snwujro1….gif)

In the last 10 days I've had 5 similar dreams. The story and setting was wildly different for all of them, but in every one of them I was about to have sex with someone, then suddenly the person loses interest before we engage in anything and instead I watch them have sex with someone else. I am so tired of these dreams. Just let me have a good ending for once. I'm literally getting cucked in all of my dreams now. An even worse part is that in 3 out of 5 dreams the person looked exactly like my boyfriend but I was aware it wasn't him. In the other two they were characters from visual novels I've played recently.


File: 1513082265893-0.jpg (80.52 KB, 662x900, lobby.jpg)

I had a dream recently, which started like a documentary, with the stereoptypical background voice talking about the "marvelous Thailand", which apparently looked like Singapore, had Japanese Empire Army flags all over the place, and people were speaking chinese or vietnamese, couldn't tell. I then started walking down the stone-paved road in some narrow alleyway, brightly lit by sunlight, bordered by tall buildings on each side, with all sorts of shops open.

Weird thing is: there were customers (who were speaking that chinese/viet gibberish), attentively checking what was on the shelves and talking to each other, but there were no cashiers or shop owners. The moment I turned away to look at these shops, and then looked straight ahead again, there was no alleyway. Ahead of me were railroad tracks, extending through some plain with yellow-ish grass, an old train carriage on the tracks, even more grass on the left, some soviet-style utility building made of white bricks, with an ornament made of red bricks on the right, along with some cheap pedestrian road that's just asphalt poured on the dirt. I decided to go right and follow the asphalted road, and when I turned right, I saw a large train station, that also was oddly reminiscent of soviet architecture. Its perimeter was barriered off by a rather tall fence, plated with grey-coloured metal plates, the air around which was extremely hot, as it slightly quivered, like when you open a window at winter. A strong, loud electric hum could also be heard, which made me think that the fence must had been electrified. I looked at the station again, made sure there was no possible entrance, and turned back to where I was.

At the place of the alleyway was another train car, with its door open. I entered it. It was dimly lit, with half-transparent windows covered in dirt being the only light source, and the light didn't seem to really illuminate anything, it's like all the particles were immediately absorbed by the pitch-black surroundings, making it so that window was simply a white-ish square patch in almost complete darkness. The air was also quite stuffy, making it hard to breathe. I opened the door that was in front of me, leaving the small pre-entrance lobby of a train car, only to find another one exactly like this one behind the door. I went through the doorway, and opened another door, and then another one, lots of different doors, until I noticed that the rooms were getting progressively smaller. In one of such rooms, I found a device that resembled a segway or a gyroscooter, except it was made of ribbed metal panels, and had a pedal which you had to press on with your leg for it to move forward. Once I did that, a Call of Duty indicator that pops out when there's a grenade nearby appears in my vision, and I rapidly start stepping on the pedal, blasting through one room after another, simply clipping through doors and walls, while there's shooting and explosions happening behind me. Once I arrived to the smallest carriage possible, I got off and started crawling through the vent-like doorway. I pushed against a wall, and could finally see some light. I got out, except there was no train behind me, just a wall - I landed onto some crates filled with oranges.

I got down from these, and took a look around - I was in some U-shaped open pavillion, which arched around the railroad tracks, serving as an end-destination or a roadblock. I stealthily creeped around other crates, until my position was perpendicular to the tracks. This was when I decided to peek out and see what was on them. On these tracks stood a traincar, blocking all the space between the two ends of the U-shaped pavilion, making this area look like an O, with a table in front of it, covered with food. At the table sat people in military uniforms and some more or less famous political leaders and dictators of XX century like Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevara, Mao, Pinochet, Hitler and others, reenacting the Last Supper scene. For some reason I found a grenade in my hand, and tossed it right into the feast, taking cover behind a crate. Once it had exploded, I looked out to find that all the people turned into stone busts, now scattered around the area by explosion.

This was when I woke up.


I had a dream I hired a really really cute maid to do my housekeeping once or twice a week. One morning she offered to do breakfast as well since she noticed I didn't eat any. While she told me about price, we stared into each other's eyes and was about to tell me "you know what, you're kind of cute". She didn't manage to finish the sentence as I tried to kiss her, but she moved her head away.

Not sure if we fucked or if I forced myself into her afterwards. Damn.


The city is Fallout, still relatively intact. darkness around every corner, elite holed up in towers.

i'm at a black tie party at a big screen movie theater. i'm bored and hot and take off my blazer. PT is by my side and we're on our way get drinks.

run into E on our way to the bar, she's wearing an understated vintage dress. we make meaningful eye contact and in that moment i'm just as much of a fool for her as i was those sad springs. awkard looks are exchanged and we go our separate ways.

"who's that?"

"E, my ex, I told you about her a while back?"

"oh okay."

drinks are drunk. at some point PT peels off to do his own thing. i drain my glass and feel compelled to go to the backroom for some reason…

and there's PT, his fists dripping white conductive fluid. he's beaten E half to death - her scrawny synth body contorts and twitches on the floor in a pool of oil and mechanical detritus. their heads both turn my way, eyes both red. E holds my gaze plaintively, like she's begging for me to undo this; PT gazes at me with pride and affection, like a good dog might gaze at its master. they open their mouths to speak…

a sense of impending evil washes over me. I run! run! RUN! back through the party, knocking over waiters with trays of snacks. parking lot reached. car hijacked. I am suddenly a passable (if reckless) driver and hightail it back to the apartment. the driveway seems empty but I blink and E's body is there…

her frailness wrapped in the remnants of a power armor frame. her head cocks to the side, crying oily black tears at me.

I scream and wake up.


I think of myself as someone who's totally not spiritual, very sceptical of the supernatural, so it feels dumb to ask but… has anyone tried dream-related tricks? I suppose I'm asking for actual magic. Like has anyone tried contacting someone else through dreams? How did it turn out? Have you attempted to use dreams for any other effect in real life? Asking because I have a friend who has nothing but mundane dreams about real life or 'in underwear in public' scenarios that make them feel anxious/self-conscious, but mine are basically an isekai fan's wet dream/god-mode sandbox and I want this to rub off on them. I tried to arrange us to go to sleep at the same time and we would try to 'call' each other but our NEET body clocks are never synched.
I suppose it's not possible otherwise it would be a known phenomenon in human history.


File: 1521802537511.png (182.88 KB, 386x406, 1452224530268.png)

I keep having dreams that involve me being forced back into school. Typically it's because my hick school's diploma doesn't count anymore (I graduated high school 7 years ago) and my whole class needs to go back for some classes and tests to get a real diploma. Every time I have this dream it involves me walking out and going home because I'm to dumb to pass any of the tests with me telling myself "I'm already a loser working fast food, not like a real diploma would change anything"

I've been having dreams like this almost every week for the past 1-2 years.


i have about 93 dreams written down and none of them are as cute as this


File: 1522692152691.png (10.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I had a dream where many things happened, but this one part is the one I recall the most, because of how odd it was.
I was in the hall of the elementary school I assisted when I was a kid. There was an ex-classmate of my highschool years there, playing Vaka Vanha Väinämöinen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JRaBoiN0_A ) on a very odd version of a 7? stringed kantele; but although it looked extremely homemade, the weird thing was that it wasn't a traditional kantele, because the chords crossed and overlapped in a very odd mess of steel. It looked more like a piece of wood with a branch in the middle from where all the chords parted and crossed on the corners of the wooden plank (I tried drawing it, excuse me for my poor skills). And even so, it sounded as magical as a real one.
She asked me if I wanted to play, and I naturally knew, though with some doubt, which chord played which note. I played the very basic melody of Väinämöinen first, and then started again but adding the harmonics as well. I remember she looked surprised and I commented the song was about 2000 years old.

I remember every single movement I executed with my fingers and the note placement was coherent. Hell, I was even able to play with the chords in the corners (which added high-tone harmonics). The sensation was similar, if not the same, of that I have when I play guitar or any other plucked string instrument. And it was so vivid that, if I had the very same instrument on my hands right now, I could play the melody again.


File: 1527692339310.png (785.71 KB, 743x422, Son of dracula 2.PNG)

Had a dream last night about finding an album that didn't exist on a highway at night I used to frequently visit, here's a recreation of the artwork by me or the best I could do. It was a sequel to the James Ferraro album "Son of Dracula" the squeal in the dream was very minimal with lots of goopey slime sounds & robotic female voices drilling in & out, okay all I got to say dream log over *signing out*



I also love James Ferraro, albeit his later works (FSV and later)


i had a dream about being in some temple (probably) and hanging out with some people(edited)
dont really remember what we were talking about
but suddenly
one of them says
its time for you to go home
5 seconds later
i wake up


Tonight, I had a violent dream.
I was in our house together with mom and dad. Dad hurt mom for some reason, really badly, and I grabbed a rock and slammed it on his head.
I tried to kill him, but all he did was laughing. As I was smashing the rock against his head with all my force, all he said was "you can't kill me, you're powerless". Then, he grabbed my neck and snapped it.

That being said, my father is long dead, mom was raising me alone. I guess I wanted a redemption, as mom was giving all her time and love to him, not me, until I turned 16. I'm 25 now, still craving for love she doesn't want to give me because I'm too old now.

I don't like the dreams that reflect my own mental state. They're too dark.


File: 1540311135498.jpg (2.3 MB, 1944x2592, Statue_of_Xochipilli_(From….jpg)

I woke up from this dream maybe 25 minutes ago.

I remember that it was a survival "game" involving a huge amount of people. One part I feel had a largely or entirely black segment of players riding a bus when all of a sudden the front of it caught fire and everyone had to escape. People were screaming and crying as the bus was going up in flames; I think even babies were somehow part of this twisted competition. There was a vague knowledge that it hadn't started out this dangerous, that to have gotten to this point you had to have come very far. I would say were in the burning bus you were about half way through the game.

The most vivid part was that the rest of us left by this point were in a massive, bright gym-like room with a huge "tower" for lack of better words in the middle that I think we had been living and sleeping in for some time. I (or whoever I was looking through; perspective changes rapidly in dreams) had come out from one part, using stairs to get around the area. I THINK there was still an option to quit the game entirely for the earlier part of this "challenge". I'm not sure what we were supposed to do exactly, I think maybe it was a scavenger hunt to survive. I believe the answer turned out to be some plant or key that unlocked something.

The thing I do remember is that there had at one point been something of a forest or at least a number of trees around. By this round a cult had formed among the survivors and they chopped down all the trees at least partly out of desperation to find the answer. They worshipped evil looking grey stone statues outside the locked door inside to the temple.

By the time we had found whatever needed to be found I "knew" that they had condemned the Earth to die to global warming and/or mass suffocation through chopping the trees down. I felt guilty for even being a human after that, wishing we had searched a bit harder and wished that I had left the round as maybe this would have canceled out the effect somehow, as I had vowed to stay with the game until the end. The ceiling and parts of the walls began flaking and dropping off which made everyone scramble towards the tower. I think a number of people near the top of it were impaled on steel spike death traps some point in the game. We all entered the tower, which had transformed into a massive pyramidal Mesoamerican temple.

It was very dim in comparison to the outside, and may have been one of those "larger on the inside" deals. The doors had locked behind us. There was ominous chanting coming from all around us, but I knew it was coming ultimately from the four dark stone statues inside the pyramid, just a few feet away. They were the creators of all this - Mesoamerican gods, the true rulers of the universe. I looked up at the beige stone ceiling and knew that it was rigged to fall down and crush us and felt we had too little time to find anything before it did. The gods cruelly continued to chant. They wanted sport out of our deaths.


File: 1542849890569.jpg (172.38 KB, 850x519, __haru_original_drawn_by_r….jpg)

I just had a nightmare while taking a nap.

I was back in high school and riding this massive bus. On our route was an elderly woman who kept walking onto the road in front of her house because her mind wasn't quite all there. We kept almost hitting her on multiple occasions. In school I was much more vocal and honest than I remember being back then. I was having in depth conversations about my my issue with forming new relationships. One girl lectures me on being more open or some of the usual thing you hear. After she finishes another boy plainly tells me i'm just an asshole. "How, what do I do to anyone"? "You use avoidant energy to keep people away". This explanation is convincing to me.

I'm back on the bus and talking to the boy, the sun is setting. A lot of what he says seems to make sense. We get to the woman's house and see her walking towards us. We scream. This time the brakes don't stop on time and we collide.

Her body instantly collapses into a flurry of red paste and gore spreading everywhere. We were all mortified and unsure of whether to keep going or call the cops. We do the later and a cleanup team show up. They use these hoses to propel the guts and blood way off the road. They put some hoses in the bus too as a protocol and I figured it's for if someone got blood on them. I use it for some reason. We drive past the remains and I see the faint outline of a skeleton in the mess. The strongest feeling was of the visceral disgust at the body and how callous everyone and myself seemed to become instantly. I thought this would be the end of our drive, but we just kept going. I think music was playing and when the driver asked us if we to turn it down, we unanimously declined. The music helped. We got on a highway and just went on and on. The driver was determined to finish the route as fast as possible and a police car started chasing us. Five cars fall from an overpass and collide on top of each other. The bus circles around the crash and moves onward. I feel like there's some kind of bad luck bent on killing me before I get home.

I then see a younger boy and an older girl in a room with a shaky ceiling fan. I got the sense that there some kind of, "world project meltdown", where technology and scientific experiments suddenly malfunction or explode in a way that kills people. The girl and boy are spinning around and dancing. The chord of the fan somehow gets wrapped around her neck and tightens around as the fan spins. The boy doesn't know what's going on and sees her turn purple. He tries to spin her in the opposite direction, but he's too light and weak, so he just starts to spin in the same direction as the fanin imitation. I think I heard her pleading.


Had some edgy dream where I'm in post apocalyptic world infested by some monstrous mutants or something… don't remember what those creatures really were, but the interesting part is that for some reason they were all in severe physical pain from the very birth, so it was like some object of worship to them.
When they captured me I got my limbs torn off and then they would fry me on a big frying pan in volcano.
You could say I got culturally enriched.


I started a dream journal a couple of months ago to take drawing/writing ideas but when i wake up it's always an erculean task to write down with an understandable handwriting what i remember about the dream.
The last things i wrote on it are "Fat chimpanzee wearing a puffy white shirt and a flat wooden mask of a horned ram demon" and "Turkish Aliens. Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptian but with spaceships". While i have no damn clue what the latter is referring to, i vaguely remember the shape of the primate.
Maybe i'll draw him someday.


File: 1550622505434.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1080, 1516026052837.png)

I started a dream diary when I was around 12 and never completely stopped (excepted to some occasions, I'm 23 now) and the more I worked on my diaries, the clearer and longer my dreams became (I had dreams that lasted days (in one night of course)). Not too long ago, I dreamt I was someone completely different in a strange port city where everything was kinda bluish (like sunlight underwater in a pool on a clear day) everyone acted kinda normal, but there was floating,glowing particles all around the city which made it quite awesome-looking. I tried interracting with people who seemed to know me but everyone acted kinda too weird so my taste so I just stuck to exploring instead. I saw very strange fish like creatures flying around that were kinda scary but didn't seem to be hostile. I went back to my "home" and saw that I lived in a rad penthouse with an amazing view. The colors were so trippy I wish real life looked like that. Anyway this place looked so fucking cool I wish I could just decide to dream about this place again. It's cool to have a dream where you just explore since more than half of my dreams are more like stories unraveling that I take part of.


One of the few dreams I've remembered was one where I was in some mechanic's garage. I had no idea how I got there other than that I had been kidnapped and was being kept there for labor. A lanky old man, the boss, came in and gave me this evil smile as he asked what I was doing. I told him I was going to run away back home. His gaze turned somewhere behind me, distant, and he flatly said "It'll take you 'till the evening noon." Then he pinned me to the floor and started tickling me so hard it hurt. I just repeated "I won't go. I won't go," over and over hoping he'd stop. After a few seconds something clicked in the back of my mind that this had to be a dream but I couldn't wake up. It took me a little while longer before I managed to force myself awake.


i noticed i have a lot of dreams where i kill someone out of distrust by implailing them in the neck
the most recent one was just random dude who seemed friendly in a world like rust i also remember them being cute


File: 1557980047812.png (31.49 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I remember having this one dream where there's an ad for chocolate pudding, and John lennon was in the ad as well. Even though the year was 2045 that the ad takes place in. Yeah, it's plain odd.
(Doodle unrelated)


I had a dream where me and my mom were looking for apartments and one of them struck my interest so we go down to the landlord and I touch a knick knack on the counter and a policewoman comes out of nowhere and handcuffs me from the front. She takes me to a police station (that really fucking big, like 20 stories) and on the way to the 15th floor I see two friends of mine who are trying to get a marriage certificate (the boy had a tuxedo and the girl had a dress on). After that I started screaming that she’s not a real cop (she wasn’t) and that I don’t want to die and she’s an assassin and all that then she holds me up above a ledge and said “do you want to die here?” I sweep her leg and stomp her head in. “No but you will”
After saying that I immediately get shot in the head by two cops.


That sounds awesome. Maybe not the best way to go bt still badass


had a dream where I shot my girlfriend in the face on the street. there were people surrounding us standing. after I shot here the ppl didn't react at all. I dropped the gun and ran down the street, dunno what happened then


I've always been into online-webseries and ARG-like stuff, this came to me after brushing up on some of that and reading the last chapters of Exodus.

The series focused on the antics of some animals. It was done a lot like a puppet show with stuffed animals being the puppets aside from the worm character, where a real worm was used for him. It was episodic, each episode covering the general shenanigans the animals get into in their daily lives, things getting strange near the end, and then ultimately resolving and continuing to the next episode like nothing ever happened. There were a few reoccurring elements, the big one being a pile of human bones in one of the settings.

About halfway through the series their would be the classic, "character spends the day raising a child" episode. The child was a large black egg. When things get strange, the egg is seemingly cloned out of no where by another character, a mix up occurs, and the characters can't figure out which one is the original egg and which is the fake. Without knowing which, they choose one egg and smash the other.

A few episode later, an episode would start by focusing on the human bones and then proceed into a flashback. The bones were the bones of an ancient Israelite. We first see the man as God makes his covenant with Moses and the Hebrews and then, several thousand years later, god speaking to this nameless man telling him that humanity is no longer the beings he wishes to make a covenant with and tells the man he will end mankind and find a new chosen people. The episode ends with a serene shot of the black egg by the human bones as the voice of the Hebrew man wonders about the fate of the world in the future.

The next, and last episode in my dream, things get serious much quicker in the episode. While the series has mostly been innocent with hints of dark in each episode, a character reveals that they knew about God's plan to create a new chosen people. This character purposefully copied the black egg, revealed to be the seed for God's chosen people, and replaced the original with it. By doing this, the characters would have some way of influencing the next chosen people.

Weird dream for sure. I've always wanted to make a webseries/ARG of my own, but I think this stuff is a little to out there for me to use.


File: 1592780711369.jpg (48.39 KB, 840x472, download.jpg)

Had a dream today about there being insects of all variety randomly generating on my skin or around me, some were insects that weren't real, ones I can specifically remember are brown sand grain size spiders with only heads and four legs, as well as pea sized ladybugs with "mecha-like" arm attachments being created and crawling out from between my toes of all places.

Sometimes they would generate under my feet as I walked and shatter like plastic when I unintentionally stepped on them.


last night i had a dream there was a live action yume nikki movie and it was weirder than game, but it was also quite funny


I keep dreaming that I'm back in highschool and there are people who clip through the floor and keep trying to pull me down. Sometimes they succeed and pull me into a dusty concrete basement.


I've been playing some fgs and they probably influenced my dream.
There is a dark, pitch black place with a few black benches with a white outline. When you sit on a bench for a few minutes, you get transported to a dream world (every person has their own dream world). There is also a bench in a corner where you can sit with other people and enter a shared dream world. I sit there with two friends. We arrive at a hallway with multiple doors. The first door leads to an empty shop. We take some things and leave. Another door leads to a room with giant toys on a white background. They are all copies of the same toy in a row and they are moving to the left in a loop. The last room we visit is a bedroom, it is very ugly with clashing colors, beige and bright colors, the window is open. After this we return to the real world and the dream ends.


File: 1641459768854.png (178.51 KB, 640x320, Untitlafaed.png)

I typed this up years ago but recently remembered it. Found myself walking through my hometown a short while ago and it strangely felt a lot like that dream, like almost deja vu. The crazy thing is that I found a house that looked almost exactly like the one I had described in the dream, down to the pillars out front and big window. I've never been in that part of town so there's no way I had seen it before and then dreamed about it. I don't know if I'll investigate it any further since I already felt weird thinking I should snap a pic of it, but it'd be funny if some old childhood friend was living there. It was a nice little bit of nostalgia on a cold day. Happy New Years and keep dreaming.


Is this thread still a thing? Or has it decayed into the dream world?

Around a year ago, I began writing my dreams down in realtively detailed notes. It gave me some sort of surreal perspective on my life, that became was much needed at the time. (Self therapy, yay!).

Suddenly I stopped writing my dreams down, and it became increasingly difficult to remember them, as time passed.

But it didn't end there, and now, just recently, I'm beginning to remember my dreams again, and I'll do my best to write them down.

Maybe I'll share some of them here, into the abyss.


File: 1652311900501.png (36.21 KB, 291x252, 2854_8e8a0e77760e173f.png)

I'll read what you have to share.

I find it odd the board dedicated to dreaming on a site dedicated to a video game about dreaming is one of the most silent ones there. The whole place is silent right now but /yume/ moreso.


Basically, I’m standing on a long, infinite pillar. Everywhere is dark. Also, Komi is in front of me for whatever reason. This dream has literally no meaning.


I like posting dreams as greentext because it aligns well with the way I write my dream diary.
>Browsing osint sites, see slavefinder.com
>Remember an old ubuu /x/ thread where we were trying to track down a japanese girl called Kuroki Noeki who was probably sold into slavery
>It was a long thread but the case ran cold and it hadn't been posted in for years
>Ask a private investigator to help me use the the slavefinder website to track her down
>He needs info, I have a fluffy hello kitty style traumacore plushie with info like her name and some sort of 3 letter code written on it (737), the slavefinder form required you circle one of several 3 letter numbers and one of them was 737
>This isn't very much info, go to pull up the ubuu thread on his computer for him
>It's not there
>Searching the catalog for her name has just one thread (deleted but accessible) with only 1 reply ("rip" or something). Thread image is a crop of her getting fucked by a fat japanese man, has the title "NOEKI IS A GAY PORN GROUP 💀"
>Remember there was investigations on reddit too because there was a long reddit thread screencap in the ubuu thread, go to look for it
>Every search result for kuroki noeki is that image
>Get an absolutely horrible feeling in my heart, noeki was never a real person, the story was fabricated from jav screenshots and no one was able to find out because of the language barrier to the japanese internet
I realise now I'm awake that human trafficking for porn is a thing that happens. I want to go back to that same dreamworld and save her.


File: 1663835954197.png (118.45 KB, 202x298, Screenshot_11.png)

so i have recurring dreams of being trapped in mmo worlds that converge in some way with real life, (you lose you die in real life kind of deal) and usually nothing really eventful comes from them, but the other week i had this really awful dream where i was banished to the ends of the game world for being indirectly responsible for the "cutemolds" incident, which i have no memory of what even happened, just the name and the fact that it caused horrible inhumane things to happen. i could also only remember the overwhelming guilt as a result of creating cutemolds and i think by the end of the dream i was going to kill myself. pretty cool dream though


File: 1664041225389.jpg (740.91 KB, 2048x2778, f43a9dc6151347b81daca13690….jpg)

I had a pretty strange dream a few months ago. Unfortunately I don't remember the details and the only place I wrote it into after experiencing died.
Before I get into it, I want to explain something about myself. My entire life I've had a very special and deep relationship with the concept of anime girls. I discovered them at a very young age, used them to cope with horrible living conditions, I've "fallen in love" with specific anime girls several times in my life before, both tried to kill myself and stopped myself from suicide because of them, and I spent the ages 9-12 doing nothing but fantasizing about them. I had no friends, did not even talk to others and only communicated by nodding and shaking my head. I spent about 18-20 hours every day doing nothing but fantasizing about anime girls and how my relationship with them would be thoroughout those years.

In my dream I was in my old house from a few years ago, for some reason the layout of my bedroom was how it was right when I had first moved in, not how I had left it when I moved out. I was talking with a friend on IRC about cute anime girls for some reason, after some quality discussion he logged off and then I closed my computer and sat down on my bed. I looked outside through the window and saw that there was no sky or scenery, just endless void and a single big white moon right in the middle of it. I don't think anything existed in that world other than my house(or maybe just my room?) and that moon far out there. I was slightly unnerved by the sight, but I ignored it and tried to go to sleep. Right when I was about to fall asleep, my phone suddenly started ringing.(it might have been a flip phone?) I was annoyed, and ignored it for a while until I saw that the caller wouldn't give it up, so I reached out for my phone, the caller had some sort of stereotypical anime girl name. (the name wasn't really "clear", like it could just change at will or something, I think my brain may have intentionally made it that way) I refused the call and shut my phone off, then laid in bed again. Immediately after having done so, the call continued despite my closing the phone. And then somehow I started receiving two calls at the same time, from two different people with anime girl names. Then three, then five, then ten, then dozens and it kept up until it reached the hundreds and then thousands. Somehow I knew they were all anime girls, or at least that's what they probably were. The more they increased the higher the pressure on "reality" was, and I could feel their anger at me not picking up the phone. After the number of the anime girls calling me reached the hundreds the scenery outside of the window started changing, I think it all slowly became red and there was a constantly increasing number of eyes(their eyes) looking straight down at me from outside the window, trying to pressure me into answering, and also demanding the reason for why I have not already done so. I was naturally freaking the fuck right out, I just hid under the blankets while the sound of the calls gets louder and louder and their gazes and anger intensify in unison. I was trembling full force under the blankets, and I shouted 「something」out to 「someone」outside of my bedroom, but inside the house, hoping for some sort of affirmation and safety. I got an answer, and it was just what I wanted to hear, but there was something discreetly off about the voice and it filled me with fear. I woke up immediately afterwards.

An interesting thing here is that in my entire life this was the first time I had ever shown an expression of fear in a dream before. There were plenty of times that I was scared in a dream, and times where I jumped out of bed and looked around my room furiously, but I had never done something expressing fear in a dream before. Not even in that dream I had where I was covered in hundreds of spiders small and large, up to 10 times my size in fact, had I shown any signs of fear, despite feeling it. I have severe arachnophobia and I even jumped straight out of bed after that dream. Even now, about half a year after this dream, I have not shown any expressions of fear in a dream other than in this particular one. I'm thinking that it might have been because of all of my guilt regarding this particular subject, but honestly who really knows? I'd need to have more dreams about this to really understand what was so special about it.


had a short dream of a multiplayer Minecraft server where I upped all the diamond spawn rates and the worlds were generated like a floating island, don't remember too much of it though but you kept your items on death.


File: 1681231423544.gif (187.21 KB, 1024x800, fat2.gif)


Once or twice a week, I dream of a recurring location, a large two storey house with a mirrored structure.
One particular room in this house has a small area, usually a very cramped bedroom. If you lie in the bed at specific times, a secret entrance opens into a futuristic bath, where a young ghost girl csn speak to you. She is so kind, but her exact words always fade upon awakening.
NPCs in the dream will desperately try to keep me away from the room that leads to her. They do not acknowledge her existence, but are very unsubtle in trying to keep us apart.
In every dream where I succeed in befriending the ghost girl, the other dream NPCs will immediately despise me, as if I had done something unspeakably vile.


I keep dreaming about nothing? Or i don't dream at all. It is just black and a horrible feeling sometimes and i wake up.
I also used to get harassed by a giant spider that was upclose and it scared me a ton to the point i wake up and try to throw off the spider away from me and my bed. I screamed once i think.
I do rarely have a dream where i meet and hang out with an old friend from a past memory but it always ends horribly and i feel horrible, we end up fighting or something or they say something mean.
I did have a really rare "nice" Dream though i think i had tears when i woke up anyway it was like instead of fighting with a friend or being attacked by a giant spider and waking up, it was like an old memory but instead of being insulted they said they understood the pain i went through and that just existing in general is really tough for me, i think i even got hugged.
if this doesn't go here i am sorry i am new.


File: 1693551101357.jpg (26.99 KB, 680x510, Fs7MKjaaAAQ0sOu.jpg)

I was in the changing room before PE class with my other class mates, girls and boys. We were just sitting around for a while with two of the teachers and vaped out of long straws and hoses.

Since we can't change together, the guys had to go to the next room this time. On previous occasions it seems to have been the other way around. I searched for my shoes, but couldn't find them in the chaos that ensued. We changed in our sports clothes and I just kept my sneakers on.

After everyone was already gone, Osaka came over from the other room. She proposed, that we should skip classes and do some sort of ritual instead. I was down for it, but then I woke up.


File: 1707097865100.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1280, 1538032807179.png)

I had a dream two nights ago that I was running up this street back to my house. I was deathly afraid of something that was chasing me, but every time I turned around there was nothing there. Then I finally reached the street my home is on, I looked up the road, and everything was supremely dark except for the line of streetlights burning like orange stars and slightly illuminating the darkness, and I felt numb but at peace. It looked kind of like this picture, except everything was much darker.

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