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Hey, fellow lucid dreamers! My dream planet that I worked on for a long time from my visualization hiatus indicates there is going to be a war between my own dream characters I call Lucians versus Chasers, the source of our nightmares. I just whipped up a MS Paint map to show you what is happening while I was not there. In my last visit to that world, I was stationed at the Lucian capital as a coming of age prince on my way for coronation, but was besieged and left for dead by a local Chaser army. They let me go after I made a selfish decision to lose my ability to dream in exchange of not besieging again for a set period, and going back again before their terms are up would mean an all-out war that my “dream people” can’t win by themselves alone.

This map does not have translated locations yet because I still do not know much about the terrain other than the eleven Soul Towers and two metropolitan areas. These Soul Towers power up anyone’s abilities when near, but only under that respective faction’s control. There are 11 of them scattered about, and the goal in the next series of dreams anyone can participate is to capture all towers and then destroy its capital. The meter will tell you how close either faction is to winning that factors in population, towers controlled, and territory owned. This world is quite vast, even if you go at top speed on a prototype vehicle, it will still take you hours to reach the next destination, and driving is on the left hand.

Caution: Traveling in Lucia in anyone’s dreams including mine can be very dangerous, due to the extreme weather patterns that take place at certain times of the year, but anyone can force this phenomena either to their benefit or to wreak havoc over a wide area and stay there for a half-day. Speeds in futuristic versions of today’s vehicles and abilities related to agility can go over 400 km/h. In addition, for every minute going by, there is a ridiculously high chance the scenery or outcome of the event witnessed or not may change almost instantly because of the instability coming from thoughts. Every day on Lucia is equal to roughly this (45 mins daytime, 30 mins nighttime) in summer, and vice versa in winter (30 mins daytime, 45 mins nighttime). You suffer almost no social consequences only outside of a metropolitan area, but people in Lucia will remember your actions if you start causing chaos anywhere on their territory.

A brief info on the two factions:

Lucians – They look like any character wearing clothing from that era the planet’s current timeline takes place, but they take the forms from 2000’s-2010’s hand-drawn creations that come to life, and can be summoned at will, provided that the subconscious is capable of affirming to a lucid dreamer’s commands. Stoic, hospitable, strong-willed, physically fit and agile, they can take some punishment from their everyday failures. Their weakness is their vitality, because they simply cannot last long after taking too many hits or a critical strike on their heart. Because their soul energy is manifested from the Soul Towers dotted across their homeland, without them, they will slowly starve out of magical energy, and eventually perish like malnutrition.

Chasers – A wide variety of specimens ranging from humanoid-looking masquerades to full-blown Cthulhu-like manifestations of enormous proportions capable of unleashing untold destruction, and have already destroyed countless worlds in their wake for more than several millennia. Soulless in life, brutal in warfare, cunning in strategy, and unshakeable in loyalty, their sheer appearance can strike fear into many would-be adventurers into thinking twice about entering one’s fantasies. All they want is to steal soul energy from lucid dreamers and native inhabitants of the planets they colonized by destroying their power sources, becoming more powerful as they do so. If that fails, they use whatever means to kill them and harvest their souls to prevent the living from reaching the afterlife. Their weakness is by intimidating or hitting them where it hurts, because they overlook their weak points too often.

Support or remain neutral is up to the reader:

May I kindly ask which side in your next dream(s) are you on? Are you willing to save my dearly imagined planet from the foul creatures that haunt people’s dreams, or will you give yourself in to their cause, spread total misery, and leave me to take redemption upon my dream people? Think hard before making your choice, and state your interpretations/theories if you have any, I will tally it up on a per week basis, and whether or not I will move the meter and make any changes to this map when needed. It is okay to remain neutral if you are not interested; you can still provide me feedback. To prevent spoilers, I have to hide all three of them for story development purposes.


"Faith within the Moon" from Silver Dawn house in central Lucia.


This is fascinating. Unfortunately I can barely recognise when I'm dreaming, let alone something this advanced. This is the first I'm seeing of this, but it seems as if this has been a long running thing from what you've said. Would it be possible to get a run down of the previous threads assuming there are any?


Go ahead, I don't mind.

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