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Dream On!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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I had a dream that Monoe was chasing me and then I had to make a red clay Monoe. WHAT DOES IT MEAAAN


Sort of.

In a dream about a year ago, I was wandering alone along a dirt path through a seemingly endless field of leafless, gray, skinny trees, (only slightly taller than me), and the sky was a fairly clear blue in the daytime. Along the way I met with Madotsuki, Monoko, and Monoe. They walked side by side, hands joined as they traveled, Monoko in the middle. I spoke casually with Monoe for a moment (I don't know what we discussed) before we parted ways and continued walking.

In a different dream, I was in a Chinatown with my father and sister at night. It seemed there was a festival, as there were many booths selling snacks and goods set up, firecrackers were being lit, and the streets were /very/ crowded, everyone touching shoulders while moving. My family and I went into a old appartement building, and on the second level, Masada was sitting alone in an empty room on the wooden floor, curled up and hugging his knees. Again, I don't remember the details of what we spoke about, but his tone seemed almost bitter, like someone giving up and coming to accept the imminent end of the world. Then there was screaming outside and we could see outside the tiny window that buildings were on fire, including the one we were in.

My dad started dragging me out the building, but during my last glance into Masada's room, I didn't see him anywhere. He hadn't run out of the building with us, and he could not have jumped through such a small window.


Er I mean to say "I've sort of had Yume Nikki dreams" in my post

Also OP maybe the Monoe that was chasing you was her ghost/spirit, and she intended to take your body so she could live again

Perhaps you made the clay Monoe as a different means for her to have a physical form I don't know haha


she wanted to be colorful for once in her life


I had a dream where Monoe and Monoko cornered me and raped me. I don't know if that counts, though.



File: 1330795444352.png (9.4 KB, 480x256, 笑顔.png)

i had a .flow dream once if it counts

to cut short, i haven't been able to play it since.


….Details please. ;a;


Mind cutting it long?


deets deets deets~


File: 1331491395034.png (3.19 KB, 68x107, yeaa.png)

it's really nothing that different from the game i guess. moreover it probably wasn't really THAT terrifying, but just the feeling when i was in it was enough to deter me from playing again.

i was sabitsuki (i think). everything was first-person. i was around that street with the doctor's office and everything. could see it up the road a bit. but i was stopped near where one of the doorless buildings would be, i guess, only someone had broken into it. of course, i go in. it's something like an old service station shop inside, only all busted-up and with the occasional smattering of blood and brains and that. there's a nondescript NPC near the back by another pretty wicked hole in the wall. we talk about whatever's behind it for a bit, then i head in. warps me to something like the plant labyrinth. there's that viney contraption with the plant man inside. only it's not the plant man, it's — for whatever reason — madotsuki in a wheelchair i guess. she's, like, REALLY dead. like, something after you jump off a building kind of splatted up dead. like a dumbass, i bust out the lead pipe and start smashing away at the weeds. the chair comes loose and falls out of the scrub. rolls forward on its own. turns around, headed for me, carrion and all. i start running, inducing a chase sort of like the corrupted school with her spawning at every exit i take without fail. the labyrinth just goes on and on; sometimes there are more corpses caught in the weeds. i get caught, something bad happens, i wake up, the end.

great fun.


I had another Yume Nikki dream. I was a toddler or little kid or something and I had an alcoholic blond mother(Which is kind of weird because I don't in real life) and I was on a spy mission and my fake mother fucked it up and revealed the secret entrance to the public and so I went into the entrance and saw Shitai-san there and asked him to cover it up. BUT HE WASN'T ON THE SECRET MISSION. He was actually the enemy of the spy mission and attacked me and I fell off a building and became Monoko and used my extra hands to have a better landing. And then I think I might have gotten hit by a car and died, but I am not really sure.


A couple years back when I was trying to show Yume Nikki to friends I had a few dreams with Masada in. True to the game he had no mouth and didn't really talk, you just understood his sentiments if he gestured. Nothing exciting happened. I saw him in a supermarket and got excited once but couldn't explain to anyone why. Other times he was just walking about or sitting somewhere in the dream, or we'd stand still and 'communicate' before I left to do something. He must be pretty easy to conjure up because dark figure with a pale face - I probably assigned Masada's identity to any number of nondescript figures at the time.


Recently I saw Madotsuki's sprite in my dreams, also one with Dokutsuki in it(Broken Bottles). It was funny, me and my family were in the car driving to the zoo when I saw Madotsukis(Each with one of the 24 effects) and they were in the lane beside us riding the bike effect. I waved to them but obviously since they were sprites they could only look at me. :D


Ah I remember having a dream with Dokutsuki in it. I have it written down somewhere. All I remember off the top of my head is that it had to do with an ice basement puzzle (think Pokemon games) and Nicolas Cage


Just the other night I had a fairly Yume Nikki related dream. Actually, it was kind of like some weird Minecraft/Yume Nikki combo.

Anyways, I was with my parents and we were in a desert biome. Nothing was made of blocks like in normally is in Minecraft, in fact it looked like a normal desert, but somehow I knew we were on a Minecraft map.

I then realized that we were actually in the White Desert, and that I was in Madotsuki's clothes, braids and all. I remember freaking out and saying something like "This is so cool! It's like I'm IN Yume Nikki!" And my parents replied rather apathetically with something like, "Oh, cool."

We then ventured over to a small community part of the map, which is the only part the truly resembled Minecraft (maybe something like the Shadow Town?). My parents started mining some nearby stone as it grew darker. Instead of mobs spawning, Torinigen spawned instead. One came after me, and I tried to get teh attention of my parents, but they just kept on mining.

Everything is a blur after that.


File: 1346683676721.png (598.88 KB, 705x482, 440.png)

I was looking at some guy who was about to enter a door called "Parade".

I casually say some other person close to me: "He better not come in there, because I know a game called .flow, that has an elevator to "Parade", and believe me, it's not going to be pretty at all…"

>mfw I wake up and realize it was a dream, so that "Parade" elevator was in my mind.


I dreamed last night that I could use the Neon effect. I changed the neon streetlights to green, then blue. However the dream ended abruptly because I was too excited about it. I was able to fly and no-clip through walls, too.


I once had a dream that I was being a bitch to my best friend for not knowing what Yume 2kki was. Then I glanced at the TV and saw Ib and Garry on TV and I was like "Oh I didn't know they made Ib into an anime."


File: 1349288664984.jpg (70.23 KB, 843x843, 1319476331606.jpg)

I had a dream that started out with a bunch of poorly drawn Yume Nikki + fangame protagonists standing in a row in front of this weird also poorly drawn beach. Then Urotsuki's head was bitten off Mami Tomoe style and a generic 2kki NPC scream sound played, and all of the protagonists moved off to the side like stage curtains and it faded to black.

Then, I woke up again in some sort of weird hallway where this kind of hectic, unsettling music was playing (Hospital Outskirts Music?) and Madotsuki's taxidermied, semi-rotten, cartoonish corpse was put up next to my mother's that looked like it was taken care of in the same fashion. I also couldn't see her head, but it looked blacked out, not completely gone. There was some creepy, pus filled blood settled at their feet, and Sabitsuki had wandered over and was now eating/drinking the blood (which had turned into some sort of gelatinous half liquid, ew) and complained about it being moldy.
It was so nasty and unsettlingly real that I woke up right afterwards and made a mad dash for the bathroom so I could puke. My dreams about Yume Nikki are never terribly pleasant.


>creates a theory that Usotsuki from Yume Nisshi wants to/did kill Trish and Pholus
>have a dream that I'm playing Yume Nisshi
>go into some sort of study room
>Pholus and Trish are both on a couch and are dead


Well, I had a dream where I was in the darker parts of the hospital in .flow and Sabitsuki was there. I was following her through until we suddenly got to the parade elevator.

When we arrived on the floor where all the children were, Sabi started to cry so I hugged her. Uber cute I know but Ibheard them Kaibutsu laughs and saw a huge mash of them and normal school children.

Out of no fucking no where I find a pipe and beat da fuq out of every living thing in the corridor. As each one was slain, the non-Kaibutsu kids had faces of people I knew; hated or loved. One of the final Kaibutsuhad the face of this kid I hated, so I literally pummeled his face to death and tore out his spine with my hands.

Then after Sabi ran towards me and hugged me, without saying a word. I started to literally sink into the floor. I looked up amd saw the corridor disappear from view.

I was then in an ex of mine's bedroom. Sabi was no longer herself but that same Ex. Scenes that occured there passed in a fast blur, stopping at parts where I remember being happy. Then, once the scenes stopped, I was on top of her, knife in hand, killing her, almost like it was some weird fetish. She was laughing as I did. No blood came out.

Soon she turned it on me amd stabbed me. Blood was pouring everywhere Nd she pushed me to my back and carressed me lovingly. Then the same thing happened as with Sabi, and I arrived on Smile(s balcony. I could zsee the black sky.

I sat up, and everyone I killed in the hospital corridor laid dead around me, and Sabi was clutched tightly on me.

I have no clue what this all meant but shit. Can anyone tell me?

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