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I've always had very vivid dreams, and started writing them down about two years ago. They vary in length, and usually I wake up from them with an uncomfortable feeling, but writing them down helps, so maybe sharing will too.
I'll post them in replies.


I had a dream that a human was in love with a faulty AI that corrupted all electronics around it. The AI used to be part of the human's ship; but when it was discovered to be faulty, it was confined to a mechanized planet, far off from any human civilization. The human lost his license, and his ship for defending the AI.
The human spent a long time trying to find a way to get to that planet. Eventually the human got there, and realized the entire planet was corrupted. It took seconds for the human's stolen ship to become corrupted, too.
The planet was not meant for humans, but the AI kept the human alive, and the human lived surrounded by the AI.


I had a dream it was night time in a huge forest that three people were walking around. They weren't in a group, but they ended up in the same place, a big open clearing. First the younger man came there, then the woman, then the older man. None of them knew each other, and the younger man was sociable but neither of the other people were. The older man never even spoke, but the younger man tried to engage in small talk with them regardless, getting small responses from the woman and uncomfortable stares from the older man.
While they were in the middle of that a group of people descended from the forest surrounding them, led by possibly the most hagard-looking person I have ever seen. They said these three people had been trespassing, that this forest was not meant for people like them, and that they were going to throw them into Hell.
In part of the forest there was a tiny clearing; it was dark but covered in bioluminescence from all the plants and bugs around it, even the lake glowed. In the middle of the clearing was a massive, flattened-out rafflesia flower. Inside the flower there was a large, circular opening leading down to Hell.
The younger man accepted being taken to hell, I don't know why, he was just fine with it, even smiling. The older man started getting angry, mouthing the words "there's no sign saying we can't be here, how were we supposed to know!?" When I remember it he has a voice, but in my dream he didn't. The woman just ran, and kept running. I think she fell into Hell, but I'm not sure, she disappeared into the forest.
I walked into the clearing around Hell, the dream was going from my perspective now. Somehow I knew the group that had found the three had killed a lot of other people, and I retained my knowledge of the situation from having seen it all happen before, even though now I was actually a person. I walked forward, fell immediately into the lake, then got out and kept walking. It was suddenly daylight on a pathway in the side of a mountain, but if you looked back you could see the darkness and the heavily wooded forest. To the side was a huge desert.
I kept walking forward and I came to a big pile of gold pieces. When I moved it there were shoes, weapons, and strange objects organized neatly. I got confused and after a few minutes I felt forced to grab some of the objects, so I did, and I kept walking forward. Something in my head told me I failed, and I realized then I was trying to find the shoes of who the people had killed, how they did it, and what significant objects were involved.
The two men were there, the older one was upset and the younger one just smiled and said it was okay. They were surrounded by the forest people. I watched them walk back into the forest to be sent to Hell.


I was in a train station; there were people trying to kill me and everyone else there. We couldn't always see them, when we could they always looked different, but I recognized them. I knew those people. I didn't know why they wanted to kill us, I only knew that when we died they would be there, waiting for us in the afterlife.
When I woke up I felt like they would follow me out of the dream. It still bothers me sometimes.

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